‘Our Response to A Rossi’ (Proatom.ru Reports on Successful Russian LENR Systems)

A post titled “Our Response to A Rossi” on the Russian Proatom.ru website by Alexander Prosvirnov reports on various apparently successful LENR experiments that have taken place in Russia recently, and focuses on the work of a team led by Anatoly Klimov who have reported success with a “plasma vortex” system which reportedly could produce a COP of 3-10.

The article can be read in Russian here: http://www.proatom.ru/modules.php?file=article&name=News&sid=6384 Following are some Google translated excerpts.

Scientists of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures (High Temperatures RAS), Anatoly Klimov and his team have created a plasma vortex reactor, which received a sevenfold excess output on power consumption, as well as direct evidence transmutation of elements . . .

Today we know 7 research groups in Russia and abroad, who, regardless of A. Rossi AG Parkhomov conducted successful experiments with nickel-hydrogen and nickel-lithium alloy aluminum hydride systems. [3] There were other than nickel-hydrogen LENY systems new installation on a different principle

Among other things, the article states that Nissan motor company sent people to the recent LENR conference to Shochi, Russia to keep abreast of all the work reported, and it also claims that the US Congress has been funding LENR experts from former Soviet countries “for example SV Adamenko from Kiev (author installation of “Proton-21″) is now working at the Livermore lab.” This is the first I have heard this report, and I rather doubt that US Congress is specifically funding LENR research as such — maybe they have funded some research by scientists who happen to have done LENR work.

It is also reports that the Russian institute of aviation motors is interested in LENR.

  • Christina

    Well, it seems the world is catching up. I hope Rossi will be ready to industrialize on 02-29-16.


  • Gerard McEk

    I hope this will make western countries awake. But how would they know?
    Recently the Dutch government held an inquiery called (translated) ‘The National Science Agenda’. Everyone could ask questions directed to different major subjects,with the aim to plan future development and focus. One of major subjects was Science. I wrote a small article about LENR. Today I got an invitation to come to the official publication of it in The Hague on the 27th of November. I found out that there were asked 11,700 questions. 4 Questions oft hose were about LENR. These will be answered, but they were summarized in one ‘collection subject’ consisting of 32 other questions about nuclear fission and fusion energy. In that summary LENR nor Cold Fusion was mentioned, so I am not hopeful.

    • Gerald

      They know or they are blinded. Royal dutch shell still has a lot to say in Holland. And they supported lern public for a lomg Time. Combine shell with phillips and the company you worked for as lern core builders and a dream team is born… Indeed i’m dreaming, but as a dutchman myself i know when there is money to Be made the dutch will kick in big Time.

      • Agaricus

        Here in the UK our government will ignore all developments in the field and if challenged will deny that LENR is real, de-fund any gov/uni researchers who get involved, remove all ‘feed-in tarriffs’ for non-nuclear-fission energy and having successfully killed all home-grown alternatives to nuclear fission and fracking will finally be forced to allow National Grid to buy hundreds of cold fusion reactors from China, Holland, Sweden, Germany and probably even the US, in order to stop the lights going out.

  • In my oppinion this is the best news this year!

    7 independent teams all getting excess heat!

  • Russia is a great country and Americans should try to make Russia our close friends, not our advisaries. We need to see the world through their eyes and history of being invaded by Germany and others. If Russia, China, and the USA become allies, who could oppose that dynamic trio? All three countries are very interested in LENR and all have the talent to make it work.

    • HS61AF91

      Otlichnoe predlozhenie, zelayu uspecha!

    • Bob Greenyer

      Russia lost 27,000,000 in the second world war – the largest single sacrifice – this should never be forgotten

      • f sedei

        Don’t forget the 20 million souls who perished under the despot Stalin’s rule. The current animosity is against the Russian and Chinese tyrannical leadership which prevents the suggested alliance, not their people.

        • malkom700

          History is not the feats of but also the tragedies series on each side.

        • georgehants

          Please read my comment above.
          Evidence is always far more important than propaganda.

          • f sedei

            Rather than disputing history, I think I’ll stick with scientific evidence. Thanks.

          • georgehants

            You have written “The current animosity” what has that got to do with History, should we still blame the Germans or Japanese for past crimes?

      • Jouni Tuomela

        We Finns (I was only a dream in my fathers testicles at that time though), believe that most were killed by us? 🙂
        No, but we did our best, as we already have some experiences on russian rule.

        • Frechette

          Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is one of my heroes.

      • Frechette

        It should also not be forgotten that in the summer of 1941 the Red Army was poised to invade Germany but that Hitler beat him to the punch by a preemptive strike.
        Read “Ice Breaker” by Victor Suvorov and “Der Wortbruch Hitler, Stalin und der Zweite Weltkrieg” by Werner Maser.

    • kdk

      Eh, honestly they have a long history of border spats and wars with neighboring countries. E.g., Finland definitely wasn’t an Axis power. .02

      Honestly, they’d be after the former bloc countries whether or not they were being courted by NATO.

    • georgehants

      As I have put up earlier, our Russian friends have offered to work with a World wide alliance against all terrorism, the Americans and of course the UK have refused if the US in not in charge and able to install puppet governments everywhere they go.
      If they do not have a lackey government regardless of what the population wants then they will destroy the country.

    • Anon2012_2014


      Your forum should not be the place for a political discussion, no matter how well intentioned. This is an LENR forum.

      I suggest deleting all these political comments as they are noise that hides the signal.

      The Russian article by Klimov was a report by the same team that was at ICCF-19. The Google translate is hard to read, but I believe it indicates progress in their technology.


      • f sedei

        Well said!

  • Bob Greenyer


  • Fyodor

    Is there any information in the article about temperature or power levels?

  • Gerrit

    Teams that report successful replications are LENR believers who can’t be trusted. Only teams that will not try a LENR replication can be trusted and none of those have reported a successsful LENR replication.

    • sadly, that’s the reality 🙁

      We need one of those teams to bring their device to a big well known university, let’s say MIT or Caltech, and let them measure and give instructions to replicate it themself.

  • georgehants

    Wonderful day

  • We need one of those teams to bring their device to a big well known university, let’s say MIT or Caltech, or german max planck institute and let them measure and give instructions to replicate it themself.

  • Brokeeper

    The true catalyst to world LENR is the Rossi catalyst (R-Cat).

  • HS61AF91

    Otlichnoe – OUTSTANDING
    predlozhenie – PROPOSAL
    Zelayu – I WISH IT
    uspecha! SUCCESS!

  • HS61AF91

    Izvenite, Ya daval Otvet, i togda zhe chto vy yzhe dalval. Spasibo chasmemorz.

    Please excuse, I answered, and only then did I see you already have. Thanks, chasmemorz.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yeah, you know the world is total BS when the institutions that disparaged history’s greatest discovery are held in high esteem.

  • Roger Barker

    When will these guys do a public demonstration like Rossi did? Claims are just that, claims. if
    you’re serious about LENR do a proper demonstration and show us what you’ve got. The world’s
    sleeping and if you’ve got what it takes then you can wake the sheep up. Show us what you got!

    I’ll always support those who are working with LENR. However the question is when will we
    be able to see some public tests, demos or whatever. If they ever put up a live feed, I’ll surely be
    watching to see what happens.

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • Frechette

    Nonsense… I base my statement on the book “Ice Breaker” written by former USSR Military Officer Victor Suvorov. A precis for this work was presented at the US Naval Academy.


    As well as the German Historian Werner Maser who wrote “Der Wortbruch
    Hitler Stalin und der Zweite Weltkrieg”.

    What is the basis for your assertions?

  • psi2u2

    Agreed, but sometimes it is nice to let the conversation wander a bit for the sake of variety. Frank is, in my opinion, wise to allow some wandering.