Gates, Other Billionaires Form Breakthrough Energy Coalition to Fund Innovations in Clean Energy

Bill Gates, along with other tech billionaires such as Jack Ma. Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others have formed the Breakthrough Energy Coalition with the purpose of funding  basic research to provide clean energy technologies that will allow for a carbon-free future.

Here’s a link to the Breakthrough Energy Coalition’s website ( with some excerpts:

We will form a network of private capital committed to building a structure that will allow informed decisions to help accelerate the change to the advanced energy future our planet needs. Success requires a partnership of increased government research, with a transparent and workable structure to objectively evaluate those projects, and committed private-sector investors willing to support the innovative ideas that come out of the public research pipeline . . .

Together we will focus on early stage companies that have the potential of an energy future that produces near zero carbon emissions and provides everyone with affordable, reliable energy. . .

We are looking for outliers both in developing novel technologies AND in innovations which enable current technologies to be dramatically more efficient, scalable, or cheaper. . .

Because the foundation of these innovations will likely come through government research pipelines, we will focus our investments on those countries that have committed to increase the size of those pipelines by participating in the international initiative known as Mission Innovation.[another initiative announced at the ICC conference in Paris]

There has been speculation here on ECW about whether Gates would announce funding for LENR here, and he hasn’t done that — but the outline of this program shows that LENR could well be one of the types of energy technologies funded here, since it is novel, clean and has the potential to provide reliable affordable energy to everyone.

I still am of the opinion that E-Cat is far ahead of the competition in the LENR field, and I doubt that Andrea Rossi will be going to the Breakthrough Energy Coalition for funding, since he seems to want to be the master of his own destiny, but there could be other LENR companies taking a different approach that will. So all in all, I would think this fund could be encouraging to LENR inventors and entrepreneurs.

  • georgehants

    The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they’ve found it
    Terry Pratchett

  • georgehants

    Science reports contain hundreds on the Paris climate talks, a search reveals not a single one contains the words Cold Fusion or LENR.

  • Gerard McEk

    I think it would be smart of AR to ask for support of this group. The massive expansion he has in mind would be more easily achieved when he does this, as well as keeping himself ahead of the competition. On the other hand will funding be restricted to conditions AR may not like. I am sure that e.g. Brillouin will be one of the first that will ask for funding, so if AR does not want to join he may soon face fierce compatitors. We will see where it leads to.

  • Gunnar Lindberg

    If Rossi has a secret that will help to combat the greenhouse effect, now it is the right time for him to give it to the people of the world. He has to give up the idea that he shall achieve a commercial breakthrough by himself. It is not only a silly thought, it is also selfish action that may result in millions of avoidable deaths.

    • bachcole

      OMG, wait while I run and get my violin so I can play a sad song. “Oh, the humanity . . .” What drama!

      • GreenWin

        Rog, didn’t know you played. I’ll bet there’s a reed player and a closet drummer in our midst. Barry S. plays a bit o’ piano, me a raggedy kazoo, and we know a friend who’s got some costumes in the barn. Whaddya say after a triumphant E-Cat test, we put on a show!

        Maybe the good Dottore will serve as music Conductor. 🙂

    • If we defeat the greenhouse effect, the Earth will turn into a giant frozen ball of ice and snow and we will all die. Satellite measurements show the Earth has not warmed to any unusual or alarming extend. Earth measurements don’t count because they are skewed by placement of a limited number of measuring devices. We have warmed the Earth due to land use change because cities and roads collect and retain more heat than forests. There is no evidence at all that CO2 is a powerful greenhouse gas. All the evidence suggest CO2 is a very weak and ineffective greenhouse gas that has little measurable effect in Earth temperatures. Water vapor and water droplets in the form of clouds are the real greenhouse agents and without water we would not exist. We are made of water, CO2, and mud. CO2 feeds plants which feed our bodies and become us. We are peas and carrots and wheat, meat, milk, eggs, etc. in a different form. All those things require CO2 and water, and a strong greenhouse effect to keep us from freezing. If Earth can have a major ice age when CO2 levels were 10 times higher than they are today, then I would not put global warming due to CO2 at the top of my list of worries. I would put overpopulation, war, financial collapse, global cooling, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, disease, terrorism, and other threats far ahead of global warming. But those threats do not fit in as well with the Left Wing agenda or with making money selling worthless, energy inefficient windmills.

      • Billy Jackson

        unfortunately any true conversation about climate change will get tied up into political arguments. the true tragedy is that both sides of the isle in the USA have muddied those waters so thoroughly that anyone can point out a study and claim it as the truth. What to believe when both sides lie? or cherry pick the statics they want while ignoring any statistics that damage their views.

        • Putting the political arguments aside, I don’t think there is any factual, proven, scientific basis for the kind of alarmism and hysteria coming from the Climate Change crowd. All of their predictions have proven wrong. If you conduct an experiment and the results keep contradicting your hypothesis, you should suspect that your basic assumptions may be false. Instead of following logic and the scientific method, they expand their theory with a million and one loopholes, more loopholes than a rodeo in fact, to allow for failure of their predictions. Scientists are paid to find results that fit their Climate Change religion and fired and slanders if they show signs of doubting the Climate Change religion. It is like astrology, which has loopholes all over the place. Is astrology more science or more religion? We do know stars and the Earth and the moon exist, but do they really produce the kind of influence on us that astrologers claim? BTW What’s your sign?

          • Billy Jackson

            Unfortunately Chris the debate holds no interest to me. If it happens it happens.. if it doesn’t then it doesn’t. worst that happens is people die. things change. life goes on.. just not for the people who were not prepared.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            You forgot to “put the political arguments aside” (:

          • Failure to use the scientific method is a basic SCIENCE argument that all real scientists understand. You cannot rely on sloppy and silly anecdotal evidence and will speculation to do real science. If you brainwash the ignorant unteachable masses into believing that hurricanes, floods, and droughts only started to happen after the invention of the internal combustion engine, then you are in the realm of George Orwell’s worst nightmare.

          • Christophe, I’m in france.
            since few weeks I’ve seen media coverage of Russia/Turkey/Isis stories, or Ukraine stories, of COP21. I only have access to more alternative versions than most French…

            I really start to believe in George Orwell vision… I did not take it seriously, even snowden, until recently.
            Media are the problem. the are manipulative and biased above anything even the most “conspiracy fan” can imagine.

            since few days I’ve heard thing so absurd, inhuman, by people I appreciate , because of media bias, that I’m afraid. Fascism started that way.

            and worst of all, is it is not a conspiracy, just … self interests and sincere ideology.

          • These people want to raise the cost of food so high with their policies that only the rich, like Al Gore, will be able to eat. They want to make us gruel eating vegans, because that is part of their cult religion. Think I am kidding? See…


          • More generally I doubt the people we accuse of conspiracy are trying anything serious…

            they just try to defend a comfortable position, intellectually (I’m right), economically (I’m paid for that), and for syuccess (this is my achievement)…

            Gore is a politician who lost an election, and found a way to be a world leader. Admitting he is wrong, getting more reasonable, less drammatic, will make him lose any interest for the world, lose funding, lose occasion to meet important people…

            Remove AGW alarm, and you ruin the billions of many NGO, many academics, many green business, many fund managers, many gov agencies and you reduce the credibility of many religious leaders, many politicians.

            Remove hot fusion, and you ruin only few academics, some bilion of big physics.

            I remember of a study about (Protestant) Priest who did not believe in God. They kept their position not only because they could not earn their life anyway else, but mostly because they were respected and could have very interesting philosophical discussion with people, and also could help people…

            By the way, they maintain a system in which they don’t believe.

          • When I say “want to”, I don’t mean that is their conscious goal. They are just such selfish, out of touch, empty headed people that they never think of the negative consequences of their actions. I remember a number of years ago an actor on the set of a movie wanted to impress the girls in the cast and took a movie prop-gun loaded with blanks and shot himself in the head, thinking that blanks are safe. Of course the hot supersonic gases coming out of the barrel of the gun bored a hole in his head and the actor died on the spot. He didn’t want to die, but he was just so thoughtless and careless he committed suicide without realizing what he was doing. The environmental community is dominated by people like that. That is why “green” has become a dirty word.

          • georgehants

            Christopher, it would seem that all you say is being preached directly from our scientists, 98% I am led to believe support GW propaganda.
            I am led to believe that 95% of scientists preach that Cold Fusion is impossible and a scam.
            It would seem there is strong Evidence that the
            “ignorant unteachable masses” all start with the scientific community.
            Would you have any suggestions about what must be done to stop the completely unscientific stance in science today before the 1984 scenario becomes even more of a Fact than it already is?

          • georgehants

            Christopher,many thanks, once again to sort out Fact from fiction one has to dig deeper and deeper.
            Wonderful World

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      If you have been following Dr. Rossi for any length of time please understand his strong belief in the free market. It is my opinion he believes the fastest and most efficient way to introduce the world to his E-Cat is through the free market system. This can only be achieved by the use of nongovernmental and/or non crony capitalistic enterprises.

      • Christina


        The free market is best with the caveat that laws should be put in place that ensure love of neighbor.

        Socialism has hurt every country that went down its crooked road and we’ve had it since the world was ruled by kings and emperors.


        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Right on! The free market capitalistic system is the best system, if, it is regulated, especially for crony capitalism.

    • Billy Jackson

      sooner or later it will leak. while i support rossi and industrial heat and wish them in best of luck in trying to find a product that wont be reverse engineered.. i don’t believe they have a chance in hell of pulling it off.

      even if it is the lowest price.. someone somewhere will reverse engineer it simply to explore its secrets.. at this point if all we have been told about the research and the amount of people doing said research at IH and else where.. its no longer a matter of IF but WHEN the e-cat’s secrets are released to the public

      • Omega Z

        I don’t think they(IH/Rossi) are trying to develop a product that can’t be reverse engineered. They know that isn’t possible. Those who do will still need to create their own process & file their own IP followed by pilot tests. Also, Rossi knows there will be competitors. Not if, but when…

        However, one needs to work out most of the problems before going to market. A premature launch could result in a catastrophe that would not only impact IH/Rossi, but any others that follow. Regulations & laws that could seriously cripple the launch of LENR could easily result from a bad launch.
        Everyone needs to think about that when pushing for a fast launch.

        • Billy Jackson

          i massively agree Omega. i know the pain of waiting, watching and wanting from our past few years here..and its hard to be patient but it is moving forward one step at a time.

  • bachcole

    I am going to bet that there will be no mention of LENR, which is OK with me. I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  • Billy Jackson

    I believe what we are seeing here is the foundation for change. Today’s giants of industry and some of the richest people on the planet are willing to stand by and support those seeking to change the destructive path that big oil has put us on.

    While LENR and the E-cat are not mentioned the undertone itself is enough to put those who would stand in the path of progress, for the sake of power and wealth. will soon find themselves butting heads with people who will not easily be swept aside with a idle threats and minor bits of money.

    A line has been drawn in the dirt…I think the first shots of the big oil vs new energy wars have just been fired.

    • GreenWin

      The question then is, why do Bill and pals (e.g. Carl & Larry Page, French, Italian, Japan, U.S. governments) continue to hide LENR? Is “big oil” a euphemism for a different, far more daunting enemy? After all, big oil is already IN the LENR biz and stands to make continued profits.

      On a side note, a gratuitous plug: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens opens December 18.

      Perhaps today… The Force is With Us.

      • Billy Jackson

        GreenWin. I cant answer that with anything but a wandering opinion based mess. All i will state is that in the past i stated the big fight is not in getting LENR acknowledge but the fight for control or regulation by entrenched interest.. i think this was the first of those shots..

        (going on the 17th!! midnight show! :P)

        • builditnow

          Just consider the history of Gates and Zuckerberger stealing technology from others, and getting away with it, you can be sure they are wanting to own LENR if they believe in it.

          • Omega Z

            Not a credible or verifiable source, But-
            I read a post on a blog somewhere that Bill Gates actually met Andrea Rossi. Well, you can read anything somewhere, Right.

            The only reason I took note was it said SPARKS FLEW-
            Rossi didn’t take to Bill Gates At All. This supposedly took place before Bill Gates went to meet with the ENEA in Italy.

            Given Rossi’s disposition of people out to take his technology & Bill Gates tendency to take/steel people’s technology makes one wonder if this didn’t actually happen.

          • builditnow

            Proof that M$ and Bill will screw you whenever possible.
            Omega Z, I could believe that “sparks flew”, if there was such a meeting. Bill’s success has been based on driving extremely hard bargains, or, simply stealing.
            I know for a fact, first hand from a directly involved person, that M$ stole the concept of windows 2, 3.0, 3.1, 98 from HP. M$ later sued HP because HP released their “windows like” product, very similar to windoze, and M$ lost hopelessness in court as HP easily proved it was HP’s technology that M$ stole from HP.

            The way this went down is that HP brought in M$ to show them their technology in order to develop a partnership. That is the kind of partnership you get from M$ and Bill Gates. The same goes for Zuckerberg.

            Could this “Energy Coalition” be the next salvo in the attempt to suppress and control LENR.

            Support you local open LENR researcher so we all get the secrets!

      • builditnow

        Curiously, Carl Page was with the Brillouin “presentation” given in the capital building, Washington DC, a few weeks back, (assuming this information has been independently verified). Carl is brother of Larry, one of the google founders.

        Also, Musk stays with “friends” when his is here in silly con valley, I’ve heard that the google boys and Musk are good friends, just speculation.
        Perhaps they (the Energy Coalition) are giving more time for their billionaire friends to make a profit on LENR and dump the losses on the little guys.

  • gregha

    See comment on BG’s blog by Heiner Prahm flagging LENR:

    • GreenWin

      gregha, there are professionals in the world who are expert at parsing political speech. Notice that the official Gates announcement contains only three instances of the word “Climate.” This may or may not be in support of Billy’s speculation below.

    • Mats002

      I wrote there too, hope you all do.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        Actually this is a great suggestion. While I think these big
        “gestures” are in fact gestures to make the impression that such leaders are
        doing their part, the rise of LENR at this point in time means increased possibilities that such people may well latch on to LENR.

        In many ways however, LENR is the ultimate death blow to
        the UN and their instance on a global CO2 tax (and just look at the millions
        and billions that counties are pledging at the UN conference in Paris this week!).

        LENR means little need for the US military to gallivant
        around in the middle east (we not need their oil). LENR means that developing
        nations can adopt clean energy. LENR means that governments stand to lose HUGE n that there are massive taxes on carbon based fuels.

        Worse LENR stands as a solution to global warming without
        billions having to be pledged to the UN, and without the need for governments
        to find ever more ways to tax and fleece your pockets. A simple investment of a
        SMALL fraction of what’s been pledged at the Paris climate conference would result n LENR being out in the wild in no time flat.

        Given that such leaders openly state that global warming
        is the worst and impending doom to mankind, the wall of silence on LENR is VERY elling. In many ways, LENR is game over for the CO2 tax scam, and as a result ame over for the UN. Few if anyone on this warming bandwagon wishes to speak of LENR.

        So a HUGE political and social resistance to LENR exists.
        They lose nearly everything by adopting LENR. And we even saw such vilification of Pons and Fleishman in their day.

        So yes, I think we can all play a part in posting on such
        sites, and compared to just one year ago, I find it is FAR more easy to convince
        people of LENR.

        Just quoting the results and papers from Russia, China,
        the recent patent by the US Navy. And even some presentations at CERN? The ball is really starting to roll on LENR, and with a call for investment into technology, then the timing of the rise of LENR as a solution could not be better.

        LENR is the story of our lifetime, and of our generation.
        Likely the largest story in the last 500 years, and what such a technology can
        do for mankind.
        It is beyond exciting to follow this story!

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Albert D. Kallal

    Kind of sad – funding for global warming is now the SAME as
    cancer funding (about now 20 billion per year!)

    LENR is clearly the future energy source, and yet we
    spend billions on global warming junk.

    The simple matter is the science community continues to
    sell out the public on LENR – a VERY sad state of affairs.

    With such HUGE funding on global warming, you would think
    some funds would flow into LENR – but not a word, not a peep!

    In other words, if global warming is the HUGE and most
    pressing problem of the day, then LENR warrets attention, and yet we see
    nothing but a wall of silence.

    In a fitting way, the wall of silence is an indictment of
    the science community and how it been derailed for political means, not really
    doing the right thing.

    However, things are starting to change – the LENR snowball is starting to bounce down the mountain – lets hope it continues to gather momentum.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • bachcole

      How many people have died (not the only metric for a failed policy, but a good one) because the wasted efforts and garbage science regarding AGW? I am going to take a wild guess and say zero. Likewise how many people have died because of global warming, if such even exists? Very close to zero. So, whether global warming is real or not, the body count is still zero, or close to it.

      On the other hand, the exact same kind mental prison and denial exists with regard to health and especially cancer, and the body count is huge. The number of people in the USA alone who have died from heart disease because of a blind worship of the medical community and their pharmaceutical, reductionistic paradigm probably rivals the number of people in Africa who die of malaria. This is why I am very perfectly happy with Gates and other rich people DISbelieving in LENR. The more they disbelieve, the more Rossi and company is going to embarrass the hell out of them, and the more the elites are embarrassed, the more that people will come to question their “betters” and start thinking for themselves and realize that they have been betrayed by their own tendency to let other people do their thinking for them. The truth is out there; most people just don’t want to look for it; they think that they already have the truth, or at least someone they foolishly trust has it.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        Actually, millions of people have starved due to this STIPID
        warming policy.

        A perfect example is bio fuels. We burn billions of tons of food in our cars – all under the guise of global warming. In Germanly the price of beer and other food stuffs has rose – you guessed it – this is due to
        barley and other food stuffs being turned into bio fuels.

        In Italy, prices of pasta have gone up – you guessed it,
        they are burninig durhan wheat as bio fuels! (this is nuts – good quality wheat in cars!!!).

        We seeing food riots return all over the world, and based
        MOSTLY on this stupid policy and miss-use of resources.

        From Word Bank report:

        Biofuels behind food price hikes: leaked World Bank report

        Biofuels have caused world food prices to increase by 75
        percent, according to the findings of an unpublished World Bank report
        published in The Guardian newspaper.

        The daily said the report was finished in April but was not
        published to avoid embarrassing the US government, which has claimed
        plant-derived fuels have pushed up prices by only three percent.

        Biofuels, which supporters claim are a “greener”
        alternative to using fossil fuel and cut greenhouse gas emissions, and rising
        food prices will be on the agenda when G8 leaders meet in Japan next week for
        their annual summit.

        The report’s author, a senior World Bank economist, assessed
        that contrary to claims, increased demand from India and China has not been the
        cause of rising food prices.

        “Rapid income growth in developing countries has not
        led to large increases in global grain consumption and was not a major factor
        responsible for the large price increases,” the report said.

        The European Union has mandated using biofuels for up to 10
        percent of all transport fuels by 2020 as part of an increase in use of
        renewable energy.

        All petrol and diesel in Britain has had to include a
        biofuels component of at least 2.5 percent since April this year.

        “Without the increase in biofuels, global wheat and
        maize stocks would not have declined appreciably and price increases due to
        other factors would have been moderate,” the report said.

        It added that the drive for biofuels has distorted food
        markets by diverting grain away from food for fuel, encouraging farmers to set
        aside land for its production, and sparked financial speculation on grains.

        “The basket of food prices examined in the study rose
        by 140 percent between 2002 and this February

        “The report estimates that higher energy and fertilizer
        prices accounted for an increase of only 15 percent, while biofuels have been
        responsible for a 75 percent jump over that period.”

        The simple matter is we seeing food riots return to parts
        of the globe. Worse, in the USA there are still HUGE mandates to burn food in cars – exactly how stupid is this?

        When you spend billions on a NON problem, then REAL
        problems don’t’ get solved. History shows this OVER and OVER!

        So yes, the current fixation on AGW means we spend billions
        on non problems, and REAL problems don’t get solved. And we seeing people stave to death as a result.

        We saw the same thing occur with DDT – likely 30 million
        lives been lost by not using DDT.

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

        • Warthog

          “Biofuels have caused world food prices to increase by 75
          percent, according to the findings of an unpublished World Bank report
          published in The Guardian newspaper.”

          LOL. Quoting an “unpublished report” as some kind of proof….ludicrous.

          “Biofuels” usage actually INCREASES the amount of available food. Take, for instance, ethanol from corn. The ONLY part of the corn that is “burned” is the “sugar” fraction. The rest of the corn (fats/proteins) remain after the fermentation step, and enter the food chain, either as animal feed or human food.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            You’re missing my point 100% here.

            The case for bio fuels does not rest on ONE World Bank
            report. Even Greenpeace has NOW reversed their position on bio fuels.

            Hint: try using google on this issue.

            You are suggesting that no consequences exist by using up
            (and wearing out) a perfectly good tractor that can produce food, but using the results for burning fuel in a car? Makes no sense.

            You are talking about BILLIONS of dollars of fertilizers
            and pesticides used for creating fuel in place of fuel. Not to mention the
            MASSIVE amounts of water etc. being used here. The price of fertilizers has SORED in recent years.

            The result is large increases in the “input” costs to
            grow food. This LARGE diversion of resources away from food most certainly does effect food costs. The idea that mass diversion of resources that can be used to grow food does not affect food costs is beyond silly

            And even WORSE is that like oil, most of the major
            foodstuffs are traded as commodities. We are all aware that being able to
            divert food into fuel is a commodities and traders dream! Recently outside of New York they found a HUGE yard full of millions of tons of Aluminum. (traders were purchasing huge amounts and pulling them off the market – and then with huge price increase then selling the raw
            aluminum on the open market. A small shortage can cause HUGE price spikes.

            This is exactly what has occurred due to bio fuels.

            Small shortages in food can cause HUGE price spikes and increases
            (due to how the trading markets work).

            As noted, burring Durham wheat in cars as Italy is doing
            is beyond nuts (and pasta etc. gone up due to this). But hey, the commodity traders love this! Just divert more wheat to cars, and the price spikes!

            And it is not only corn, but the SIMPLE fact that you
            taking resources “off line” from producing food to that of creating fuel (the resources you speak of are perfectly able to create food).

            Taking basic foodstuffs such as corn and consuming LARGE
            amounts for bio fuel MOST certainly effects the cost of these food stuffs.

            The air able land, the human labor, the huge amounts of
            water (a huge issues), the huge amounts of fuel, the huge amounts of fertilizer are ALL NOW being used to create fuel in place of food.

            ALL OF these resources are DIRECT competition for resources
            that can be used to grow food.

            You don’t need some World Bank food report, but some
            simple reasoning shows how terrible of a policy this is.

            In Las Vegas, the hotels LOVE cheap airline flights because
            it keeps their hotels full. And the reverse exists – Airlines want low cost
            hotels – so they both do things to attempt to lower the cost of resources that help their bottom line. So you have to consider competing resources and their complements.

            Diverting MASSIVE resources that can be used to grow food
            MOST certainly does and HAS effected the cost of food stuffs in the world markets
            – there are MANY reports on this issue.

            I like Glenn Becks take on this:
            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • Warthog

            I grew up on a farm, and for some time we raised corn (and later soybeans). My brother worked the family farm for years. My information comes direct from having followed farm issues from agricultural information sources for my entire life (though farming wasn’t my career choice), not green garbage. Your “information” simply isn’t. The most likely cause of price increases is financial speculation in the farm futures market, and not anything at all to do with “hard” factors. No other factors are necessary.

            I will repeat my point…..use of food crops to derive biofuels INCREASES the total amount of food available. These crops are planted IN ADDITION to those used for export, not in place of them. This is exactly why the amount of fertilizer, fuel, etc used has increased, as has the acreage of additional land put into production. The vast majority of energy that goes into crop production comes from natural gas, not petroleum. There has been no “diversion”….if that there had been, then energy/fertilizer use would NOT HAVE INCREASED.

  • Adam Lepczak

    So – if the Ecat’s validation is only few months away it appears that our political and economical elites are clueless and useless. Rather than organizing an another pointless meeting, just send bunch of emissaries to North Carolina, no? Here is my idea: $ 500 billion to fund Ecat/Rossi on a “Project Manhattan” scale in order to rapidly research/deploy LENR tech. DONE! No stupid meetings necessary.

    • Gunnar Lindberg

      I expect no massive support to a man with so many secrets, a man who spends most of the day in a container at an undisclosed location in an attempt to commercialize his invention.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        I like this picture of the „man in a container“. Reminds me of Diogenes of Sinope in his barrel.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I think they would be better off going to Florida, there is no way someone can get from a shipping container and back in a few hours having seen a concert in Florida without the container being in Florida.

      • Study: “Vegetarians Less Healthy, Lower Quality Of Life Than Meat-Eaters”

        I lived in India for five years and I have seen what low protein diets do to people’s bodies and brains. Vegans are trying to make themselves into cows by eating only plants and that does not work in any positive way. Al Gore is now a vegan and lives in a giant mansion in Montecito. He burns up huge amounts of fossil fuels jetting all over the world and a I believe he still has a second large mansion on the East Coast. He thinks being a vegan and putting a few symbolic solar panels on his roof makes up for him being a resource hog.

        It’s a crazy world where symbolism rules and reality is ignored. If you wish to shrink your brain with a vegan diet, then go ahead, but don’t force your religion on other people.

  • NT

    So will MFMP apply for a chunk of these upcoming grant fundings?

    • bachcole

      Fabulous, spectacular, right-on question!!

    • Bob Greenyer

      We’ll try – but with the main proponent of it (Bill Gates), lobbying hard for much longer patents on energy related inventions, we would have to find a way to make supporting the project more attractive to their way of thinking, whist rigidly maintaining our NO NDA, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, OPEN, INCLUSIVE and ideally LIVE research ethos.

      • NT

        Go for it Bob as nothing to loose and perhaps everything to gain. Besides MFMP’s application for some of these funds to study LENR will go a long way in telling us and the world something about these financiers…

        • Bob Greenyer

          Well, I know for a fact that Ratan Tata has been desperate to find a non-carbon alternative energy solution for India since 2005.

          Of course, the big internet companies would love a way to run their data centres and delivery pipelines with practically free, feel-good energy – especially if they had a slice of the IP.

          At the moment, it is just a statement of intent that seams to be at least contingent on governments playing nice … there does not seam to be any means to apply for grants – maybe it will not be grants – the wording looks more like traditional seed/angel/VC etc funding – which would mean the project would have to restructure in a way to allow that – but there is no way we can consider compromising our openness, independence and community interest structure.

          • NT

            If they would cause MFMP to compromise your transparency then no, that will show the world their intentions are not what they seem. Lets hope and pray they cooperate – for the world!

          • Bob Greenyer


  • Nelson Vogel

    Propose all reading e-catworld massively write to [email protected] world’s CEOs asking them to keep focus on LENR technology research, instead of playing more time and money hiding it from public knowledge, while Earth climate is under risk of collapse.

    • malkom700

      This is an extremely insightful comment, I mean, I can only congratulate you, but unfortunately no one has yet presented a working mechanism. Maybe next spring we will then convene another climate summit.

  • Observer

    Who fears the hammer?

    Ante up and put your finger down.

  • Observer

    If you are heavily invested in conventional fossil and alternative energy (solar, wind, nuclear, etc) and you believe Rossi has the goods, then what you are looking for right now is someone to be left holding the bag. I know, lets start an investment group to buy up all the bad investments.

  • These people are fools who have no idea what they are doing. They never connect the dots; they never think about the consequences of their actions, and they never face the provable facts. They live in a fantasy world. Their “intent” is irrelevant . They mean well, but they are so delusional and out of touch that have already killed millions of innocent people with their mistakes (biofuels = malnutrition on a massive scale), and have helped drive a number of countries to economic collapse (Spain, Greece). They never feel guilty or apologize. The renewable energy/Climate Change fad is a flaky religion of the decadent rich. China has real problems with air pollution, soot, chemicals in the air, etc. CO2 is not poisoning China. Ordinary air pollution is a different topic. LENR can make Chinese cities livable again. Wanting a clean and safe planet and demonizing CO2, the very stuff we are made of and that creates life, are two quite different things.

  • Frechette

    If Rossi’s 1 MW reactor becomes a resounding commercial success the Greens will find a reason to shut it down. You can count on it.

    • GreenWin

      Greens consist of Kale, Swiss Chard, Mustard, Collard, Cabbage, Broccoli, Red & Green Romaine lettuce, and Spinach. Even in the hands of the mighty sailor Popeye, how could mere vegetable matter “shut down” the formidable carrier of Dr. Rossi and crew??

      • Omega Z

        I can fully understand these Greens being concerned.
        Imagine our concern if someone wanted to eliminate our food source.

    • Mats002
    • Albert D. Kallal

      The response of the leftist green will be MOST interesting. I don’t think they can shut down or stop LENR – but when you look at the CO2 global warming scam, it may well be possible to slow down LENR and prevent adopting LENR by many years.
      Albert Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • Frechette

        My guess is that should domestic LENR heating reactors come into widespread use the Greens will scream that the planet is heating up causing the oceans to rise. Remember they would like everyone to freeze in the dark except them of course. I have come across past reports claiming the planet can only sustain a certain minimum amount of man made thermal radiation. Heat is going to become the new pollutant.

  • GreenWin

    Everybody’s got a musical bone in ’em. Listen to Ruth Gorden teach Harold in (Hal Ashby’s film) “Harold and Maude” – you just gotta pick your instrument, and join the band.

    Little different from joining a renegade band of geeks, dreamers, philanthropists, good souls, and scientists dedicated to bringing a New Fire to humanity. 🙂

  • GreenWin

    I’ve heard a rumor about the new breed of wealthy folks. They learned that giving it away is more fun than makin’ it. Can’t quite remember the rumorist — might’ve been the Red Hot Chili Peppers…

  • GreenWin

    You may have the “game” part correct, Nelson.

  • malkom700

    Maybe it was functioning mechanism, but did not give out all the information and may not be operated continuously. But really had to a lot more money would be invested in research.

  • georgehants

    ‘Global warming the greatest scam in history’ claims founder of Weather Channel
    THE debate about climate change is finished –
    because it has been categorically proved NOT to exist, one of the
    world’s best known climate change sceptic has claimed.
    John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, shocked academics
    by insisting the theory of man-made climate change was no longer
    scientifically credible.
    Instead, what ‘little evidence’ there is
    for rising global temperatures points to a ‘natural phenomenon’ within a
    developing eco-system.

  • GreenWin

    Andy! Seasons Greetings ole friend. You’re correct noting the insidious effect of egg upon the noggin. However, I disagree the shipping container could be secreted in a carrier container ship. In any case, Dr. Rossi probably worries more about UVB than attack by broccoli or Swiss Char.

  • Stephen

    Wow when you see the names associated with this initiative it’s amazing. This seams like a huge opportunity for the world to get to grips with these issues. I like that it is a consortium of great investors supporting a diverse consortium of ideas. I agree with What Andrea Rossi has often said that LENR and the e-cat will best work in synergy with other technologies and this can lead to far better optimisations and better uses of those technologies in the future.

    I was very glad to see that they are looking at the bigger picture beyond energy generation too. Although energy generation is a big part of it, it is so much more than that. Even if energy can be generated super efficiently and is no longer a bottle neck in our needs other bottle necks will start to take over. Transport shipping and congestion issues will certainly come up, as well as agriculture generation issues and living location issues and likely many more. They are all part of the impact of this kind of technology change and with careful thinking and well considered optimal application of the technology things should go well but not considering the issues in advance could result in problems and conflicts further down the line. Imagine millions of personal cars traveling anywhere more or less for free on the highway for example, do we build wider and more highways? (A pretty bad option for land use considerations) Or find a smarter solution. Another example it will be cheap to transport food maybe but also possible to more easily grow it locally.

    • Omega Z

      All those names make for Great News Bites.
      Just don’t expect much to actually be accomplished.

  • Mats002

    That AR is not the only one with useful LENR, that Brillouin also have it.
    I can be more specific in Swedish if you like 🙂

  • So now cows are causing the end of the world? I thought it was the internal combustion engine? All farming releases CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide, all greenhouse gases. But do those greenhouse gases really matter that much? NO! The world is overpopulated and we need to control population through birth control, not through starving people to death. The very same people preaching global warming holocaust promote biofuels which are eroding away our topsoil so fast that in less than 100 years our food producing capacity will collapse. We have many worries and we need to promote correct solutions. Trying to control people’s diets is not a correct solution and will lead to the overthrow of governments who try to use such methods. Humans are naturally omnivores, not naturally vegetarian, and we have the intestinal plumbing to prove it.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “Enron had already profited from trading sulfur dioxide credits and saw the potential for even greater profits from trading what would become known as “carbon credits”.”

  • Frechette

    When I talk of the Greens I refer to the German Political Party Bundnis 90 Die Grunen. They are the radicals that helped shut down the nuclear industry in Germany causing electric rates to triple. They are also the party which called for the legalization of pedophilia in the 1970s and 80s. Bendit Cohen is a pedophile, has written a book about it, is one of the founders of the party and sits today in the European Parliament. He isn’t the only one incidentally. In the US he would be behind bars and be put on a life long watch list which is as it should be.

    If that makes me a bigot because I can’t stand these creatures I wear the badge proudly irregardless of what you think.

  • I suggest you Google *Moderating Climate Change Hysteria* and read it carefully.