New Interview with Rossi Presented by Vessela Nikolova at Italian Parliament Meeting

Vessela Nikolova has reported on her blog (see here: that she made a presentation to a meeting at the Italian Parliament building to a workshop hosted by Italian Senator Domenico Scilipoti and for that meeting she presented a brief interview with Andrea Rossi from inside his shipping container.

In the interview Andrea Rossi gave an update of how the testing was going on both the 1MW plant and the E-Cat X. For readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics, there’s not much new information given by AR, but it’s interesting to see him talking in person (in his native Italian; English subtitles are provided).

The general takeaway for me was that there is still a long way to go with the development of the E-Cat X — Rossi said that they needed a dedicated lab for its development — and and that the 1 MW plant test is still unpredictable, but Rossi said they still expect it to end in late February 2016.

  • LookMoo

    IF the eCat had NOT performed as expected they would have stopped it and try to fix it. Actually, the project have never gone further to this practical workload test if not performed well during lab-tests.

    The questions is if current solution is stable enough to serve as platform for commercialisation, …that’s a totally different ballgame.

    The situation can be compared to the infancy of the air travel epoch. Where the Wright brothers proved that heavier than air flight cold be made (to compared to Luguano eCat tests) but there was some serious work to be done before the flying machines of world war I (WWI) could see the light of day.

    • SG

      When Rossi refers to “results might be positive or negative,” it would be illogical to assume this refers to the performance, but logical to assume this refers to whether the plant is ready and reliable enough for widespread deployment. He has never clarified this specifically, but I think this is the only position that makes sense. Otherwise, the “customer” would have kicked them out long ago. The mere fact that the test continues speaks volumes.

      • Bob

        Actually, Rossi has clarified this. He stated that if something is not useful, then it is nothing. This was his answer when he was specifically asked about the 1 year test concerning the “Rossi Effect” versus it only being a durability test.
        I agree 100% Agaricus above. The advancement of this potentially clean energy supply is being held back seriously by this one year test. Tom Darden seems to be an intelligent person. One normally does not rise to his position of wealth without having a good mind of reason. I find it really hard to believe, that he, having first hand information about the most revolutionary energy technology we have ever known, it “Ho Humming” it and is of the mind if this one year test runs one day short, then the whole ball will be dropped. I find it unreasonable to think that he is leaving the entire project to one man, who has shown glimpse of great ingenuity in creation has proven to be not very good at finance / business.
        Elon Musk did not say “when the home battery pack is has performed for 400 days, I will then publicly announce it and put it on the market. If it only runs 300 days, I am going to call it a failure.” He put a team on it and once it was known that it was working and only engineering issues needed worked out, he started his marketing campaign. He did not leave it to one person who does not even let his closest engineering associate and head of R&D handle the fuel mixture.
        This will make for a very interesting read once the entire story is fully known.
        As always…. we wait.

        • nietsnie

          I suspect that, if Rossi had his druthers when he originally decided to go public with his ideas, he would have chosen to be known to potential investors – but not as well known to the public. To me, at least, there is no doubt that the ‘Rossi effect’ is real. But, from an engineering standpoint, as a technology it is premature. This year-long test is not about the Rossi effect, it is about whether it can be made useful in the short term. Right now somebody has to watch it 24/7 and periodically something unexpected, and potentially dangerous, happens. It won’t be generally useful until it can operate reliably when no-one is watching.

          As a result of going public the way he did – he got the funding he needed to continue to develop – but he also created a peanut gallery (us…) of people who think of themselves as knowledgeable without actually having any experience with it whatsoever: no knowledge of what has already gone wrong; no knowledge of the potential for calamity if something unexpectedly fails. And, as he has said, something periodically *does* still unexpectedly fail.

          I imagine Rossi to be in a position as if he has invented the first steam engine. Except – in the internet age where thousands of people could see the positive implications of it but were not privy to the potential for disaster. In his tests, the release valve on the boiler periodically fails, or some rivets pop out – and there is temporary panic in the shipping container as they desperately try to prevent an explosion. Yet, the online peanut gallery, knowing nothing of the day-to-day, desperately wants one in their basement immediately. All the problems are resolvable. It will only take time to overcome them. Good for Rossi for not cashing in before it’s actually ready.

          • Agaricus

            Richard Trevithick was the mechanical genius who built the first practical steam locomotive in 1804, following experiments with various stationary engines and then a steam carriage. He worked more or less alone and his accomplishment was remarkable. However, his machines were crude, inefficient and dangerous, and he completely failed to develop his initial basic design to the point of everyday practicality, and eventually moved on to other distractions.

            However, once the principle had been demonstrated, and the ‘secrets’ became known, others such as Blenkinsop and Hedley picked up the ball, closely followed by George and Robert Stevenson, Timothy Hackworth (who learned the basics directly from Hedley) and then a host of others. Collectively, these men innovated and competed to quickly turn out design after design, each incorporating radical improvements that made steam locomotion as efficient as it could be, but also safe and practical.

            Unfortunately, as a lone inventor, Rossi parallels Trevithic rather than the Stevensons, and progress will be glacial until the likes of Hedley, Hackworth, the Stevensons and the rest all become involved.

          • nietsnie

            Yes, I think you’re probably right that someone else might be able to get it to market faster, and it will doubtless be perfected by someone else. But, Rossi has devoted many years of his life to this project and I can completely understand why he’d want to see it through. Plus, there’s still major invention going on here. From all I can tell the e-cat a year ago is quite different from the one today. Really, the problem is not that Rossi is still perfecting his idea – it’s that we already know about it.

          • HS61AF91

            Agree, and would expand that AR has the know-how, financing, and savvy of IH backing up his work. That is a clear advantage over Richard Trevithick.

          • Omega Z

            Rossi didn’t want to go public when he did.
            Rossi did this for his friend Focardi who’s health was in question.
            Focardi wanted it to go public while he was still with us.
            Focardi confirmed it was he that wanted to go public early.
            The cost of friendship.

        • HS61AF91

          The battery pack is of a known reality; electricity and battery storage thereof.
          Our Dr. Rossi is dealing with an as yet unknown reality to the public at large, and providing heat, far from providig a battery’s electrical output.
          Thus the comparison is apples and oranges.
          I am very more excited that the further engineering of E-Cat design will bring the reality of LENR type energy release into the public’s eyes and thus create the needed reality, or acceptance of the new energetic paradigm!

        • Omega Z

          Bob, A 1 year test of a new technology of this sort is actually very short & necessary. In Fact, It could be a regulatory requirement before mass production and sales would be legally allowed. Note there is nothing to directly compare it to.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    Domenico Scilipoti… the English translation will be arduous, but should the indictments (the latest for corruption, but also ties to the ‘ndrangheta are mentioned) and guilty verdicts matter? A politician who changed sides at least three times. Not the most credible and desirable presenter IMHO, unfortunately. Maybe ‘better than nothing’?

    • Gerard McEk

      Dominico has at least a flexible mind! 🙂

      • Bob Greenyer

        Facts are facts until the facts change.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        Ja, flexible like chewing gum…

    • georgehants

      If he changed sides for a personal advantage then he is unworthy.
      If he changed sides to follow his conscious of what is best for the electorate then he is a very good man.

  • From Mr Rossi demeanour,
    I glean that he has confidence of a man who knows
    that he is on the right track.
    Trouble Is….I have the demeanour of a child awaiting Christmass.

    • Omega Z

      That’s easy to Fix. Just take on the demeanor of the parent maxing out the credit cards on Christmas.

    • Agaricus

      He is on a right track. E-cat X is another track that is only being followed up as a sideline. How many other possible fuels and reactor configurations are not being realised because the greatest discovery of the millennium is being slowly and painstakingly developed by just one man and his technicians?

  • Agaricus

    It’s pretty clear that the pilot plant is producing useful heat, and it has long since negated any possibility of cheating or ‘conventional’ explanation. Whether or not it meets some arbitrary performance level by the test end date is frankly irrelevant. What is relevant is, having proven the viability of Rossi’s e-cat as an industrial energy source, how the engineering development necessary to create a commercially attractive first product as quickly as possible will be conducted.

    IMO, Rossi is effectively wasting his very valuable time nursing the 1MW plant towards the end of the test run – something that could be done by a well trained lieutenant in constant contact with him. Instead he should be in an engineering lab leading a team or teams of competent physicists and engineers developing his ideas in parallel. He should NOT be waiting for the results of the pilot run before following up other avenues, and says himself that e-cat X for instance should be being developed in a dedicated lab.

    LENR is simply too important for this slow, plodding approach, which I can only assume results from Tom Darden’s apparent lack of any sense of urgency, which in turn seems to be severely limiting the resources available to Rossi. Undoubtedly other things are happening in background, but employing Rossi to nurse the 1MW plant instead of pushing the project forward on multiple tracks seems to me to be a failure on Darden’s part that could result in massive loss of opportunity.

    • Brent Buckner

      OTOH, it could come from Rossi feeling a need to be on-site and do that nursing. I don’t think we’ve ever had an indication from Rossi that he feels that IH is providing him with insufficient resources.

    • Owen Geiger

      The stakes are very high and apparently Rossi feels he needs to be there 16 hrs./day. It’s his baby and so I can understand his passionate concern.

      I wouldn’t describe the current approach as plodding. Just look at all the breakthroughs that have been made in the last 6-9 months. And remember there are multiple projects going on in parallel.

      • Agaricus

        The stakes are certainly high, but in a wider sense that isn’t dependent on the pilot plant getting a ‘pass mark’ – unless of course this has been tied by IH to major investment from some third party. Fulvio Fabiani has described Rossi’s enormous creativity – a talent that obviously can’t be expressed fully while he is spending 16 hours a day in his container.

    • Paul

      Probably he is nursing because the success of this plant is a step to fulfill the agreement with IH. If it is so, no success no money… or broken agreement. I think that IH uses Rossi as a false target, probably his role is very marginal now. Otherwise why IH took La Gatta, Violante and others?

    • Bob

      I agree 100%. It also does not make much business sense from Darden to have so much at stake resting on the shoulders of one person. Fabiani(sp?) even stated in his interview that Rossi does not let anyone handle the fuel mixture! Not even his long term assistant engineer!
      Tom Darden’s involvement gives me hope. But I am coming to the realization that his hands must be greatly tied. I am of the thought that Rossi made the contract with IH to where he kept complete control over the development and product information. It was once stated that IH was able to produce eCats without Rossi. While this may be generally true, it did not explicitly state that they could produce the fuel mixture without Rossi.
      So based upon what tid bits of information we receive, I would guess that Darden provides some funding, but has little to no say over what is going on. This drama is not developing like a normal business venture would. I personally am certain that the secret customer is not an unrelated entity. It will turn out to be a Darden owned subsidiary. I am encouraged that Fabiani (sp?) stated that a “major certification company” was involved, but that is yet to be seen.
      If it takes Rossi nursing the plant and the test is for durability (what else could it be for?), then the test will most definitely be a negative. For it to require so close attention, it is not ready for public commercialization in February.
      As always… we wait!

      • Agaricus

        You could be right, in which case I am unfairly blaming Darden for Rossi’s inability to delegate. Either way it’s not good for the cold fusion revolution.

        As you suggest, it is unlikely that some unrelated business concern would act as a guinea pig for Rossi’s unproven reactor, let alone would provide the facilities to develop new devices, so a Cherokee-owned company has to be suspected.

        I’m not expecting any denouement to this mystery when the counter times out, so as you say – we wait (muffling the occasional scream of frustration).

        • Omega Z

          Peter, Cherokee is an investment fund. Not a manufacturer. And Industrial heat is a VC concern to invest in Rossi type endeavors. Beyond that, I wouldn’t doubt it’s a business concern known to them from past business connections. In Brown field remediation, they probably have many that they have contracted out work to.

          • Agaricus

            OZ – I find it rather difficult to imagine that Darden’s networking skills may have been enough to persuade some outside business to take the risk of allowing their existing heat source to be replaced by an untested device, let alone allow IH’s ‘mad professor’ to play with other – possibly nuclear – devices on their premises.

            It seems much more likely that Darden may have used some funds from IH or directly from Cherokee to acquire some suitable going concern such as a laundry, brewery, paper mill or other heat-requiring plant where temporary loss of heat wouldn’t be too damaging. This may have been on the basis that this acquisition would become a valuable investment in the event that the e-cat pans out, but at worst the business could be sold on at cost to recoup the funds.

            Ownership by Cherokee, or more likely by IH, would also mean that Darden would be able to allow potential customers or investors to examine the plant in operation (or even install their own instruments), or could perform radical upgrades involving downtime for the business whenever required, without having to negotiate with owners who might otherwise be (to say the least) reluctant.

          • Omega Z

            Peter, As to Darden’s networking skills, you may want to reevaluate.
            I don’t know how many properties have come into Cherokee’s possession & disposed of, but they currently retain possession of nearly 700.

            That means that he convinced investors nearly 700 times to invest in toxic polluted property with the premise that they could remediate and turn these properties into parks, playgrounds & housing developments & turn a healthy profit. This is not someone you want to go into a sales meeting with. At least not without me to watch your back.

            In Dardens remediation work, he would be doing business with a large number of companies that would use heat in the clean up of soil & materials removed from these properties. Considering the number of projects, likely he would have a close relationship with many. Only 1 would be necessary to recruit for a test.

            As to the customer & the use of the 1MW E-cat, This would be easy to blend with current operations without much disruption. 1MW is merely big enough to be a proof of industrial use, but in reality, 1MW isn’t a whole lot of energy in itself for industrial use. Note: Edit Laundry from your list. That’s not industrial. 🙂

            Note that Skeptics are going to take issue with any business connections with IH/Darden & more so if it’s someone of Rossi’s acquaintance. In blogland, Who the referee is will be very important. In businessland, Cherokee & the referee will be the important factor. The skeptics are of no concern.

      • Omega Z

        Actually, it did state that Darden could produce the fuel mixture without Rossi. However, that was a couple years ago & this will have been and continue to be refined. It is a work in progress. Tho Rossi doesn’t share this info with those within his R&D group, I’d bet he does pass this on to Darden.

        Any loss of knowledge should something happen to Rossi would be those things not yet worked out in his mind. That and his thought process. There is nothing strange about keeping ones cards close to their chest & is common among other LENR experimentalists as in general research everywhere.

        “It will turn out to be a Darden owned subsidiary.” Do you know something about Darden that no one else does. There is zero evidence Darden owns anything that would be industrial manufacturing.

        That said, It is very likely someone known to them through Dardens or Rossi’s business dealings at some point in the past. It would be the best possible to keep it concealed.

        As to requiring Rossi’s personal attention, It is the 1st of a kind product untested in real world use. First hand knowledge of real world problems as they arise is the best way for Rossi to learn from it & fix the issue’s.

        At the begging of the Test, It was not ready for Industrial use. If it were, there would be no need for such a pilot plant test. It is it’s sole purpose. To prepare it for Industrial use.

    • Leonard Weinstein

      I think the time in the pilot plant is where Rossi does his thinking best. The small amount of “nursing” time appears to not take much of the total time there, and he is in communication with aids to put new ideas in practice. That is where he came up with e-cat X. Breakthrough technology always take a fairly long time to establish, and Rossi is doing better than most as to speed.

    • LuFong

      I agree with your post but I also think Rossi actually likes being couped up in the 1MW plant for a year. I think Rossi likens the test (my own observation) to the year he spent in prison, which if I recall from An Impossible Invention by Mats Lewan, Rossi considered a very prolific and productive time and where he hatched the Rossi Effect. I think Darden basically realizes that Rossi marches to his own drummer and so Darden does whatever he can to help him out but is generally powerless.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Perhaps. Although sometimes unsure who the prisoners this time, him or us:-)

        • LuFong

          How true!

    • Omega Z

      Agaricus, You need to think like (VC)Big Money. They have a different perspective. NOTE: Liquid Assets: are liquid if it’s easy to sell/convert to cash without loss of value.

      OK, Dr. Rossi. We’ve had our own people work along side you, Ran our own tests, and they assure us the Rossi effect is real with an effective COP>6. As you know, things in a lab setting do not always transfer to the real world.

      We have 100’s of Million$ in liquid assets that we can immediately use to build factories with robots for mass production. But, Before doing that, we need absolute proof that it can be harnessed for real world production in an Industrial setting. Without that absolute proof, we aren’t building any factories with robots.

      What we propose is you build a pilot plant. Place it in an Industrial setting for 400 days. The test will be concluded when you reach 400 days, 350 operational days or exceed 50 days downtime. Which ever comes first. At which point we will analyze all the data & determine if the product is ready & viable for Industrial use.

      Thus Rossi is not wasting time. He is where he should be. Making every effort to assure a positive outcome of the pilot plant test. The Big money to make everything happen depends on it.

      Rossi has said several times that this test is critical giving an urgent feeling similar to the test performed for Industrial heat in 2013/14. This test is a goal line. It likely determines if & how much additional R&D funding is forth coming.

  • Omega Z

    Some may find this of interest.
    I have a breakdown on the IPC code on Industrial Heats patent filing.(Cold Fusion)
    IPC: H05B 1/02 (2006.01), G21B 3/00 (2006.01)

    H –>Electricity
    05->Electric Techniques Not Otherwise Provided For
    B –>Electric Heating; Electric Light Not Otherwise Provided For
    1 –>Details of electric heating devices
    02–>Automatic switching arrangements specially adapted to heating apparatus
    G –>Physics
    21->Nuclear Physics; Nuclear Engineering
    B –>Fusion Reactors
    3 –>Low-temperature nuclear fusion reactors, e.g. alleged cold fusion reactors

    Patent Link-

    • Timar

      Very interesting. So it wasn’t a clueless examiner who “accidentally” granted the patent, like some skeptics were suggesting. They knew perfectly well what it was about: G21B 3/00. Doesn’t get any more explicit.

      • Omega Z

        I was kind of surprised, but after reflecting on it, an examiner would know immediately how to treat such an application. Right.

  • Brent Buckner

    Nice confirmation that there haven’t been recent outages pushing back the estimated time to conclusion of the e-cat test!

    • Agaricus

      I think the idea is that the plant runs between certain dates, at the end of which outages and reduced power intervals are totalled up to result in either a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’ according to some arbitrary, pre-agreed figures.

      • Brent Buckner

        Other folks (e.g. ) have thought that the test could be declared complete as soon as there have been 350 days of normal operation (i.e. no need to complete full 400 days if there have been 350 days of normal operation and less than 50 days of outages/substandard power). I think that’s one of the reasons for the “est.” on the countdown on the right-hand side of the page.

        • Brokeeper

          Brent that was my astute reasoning (Ha!) based on the date range information given before the four 250 E-Cat reactors were announced to have started in February (AR announced that to Frank in April, I think). Obviously there’s a fudge factor I (maybe we) were not aware of. What I think had happened is a new deadline was reset after deciding to switch over to the newer 250KWH reactors from the 100 plus 10KW/H units. I do believe he mentioned he had run those for a short period of time before the 250’s. Otherwise, I don’t know how the math can work out.
          Please, anyone set me straight if this is incorrect. At least, I did say it was speculative. 🙂

          • Omega Z

            “Rossi mentioned he had run those for a short period of time”
            To be certain they worked & were available as back up.
            As to the actual start time, the start date probably became official after a short shake down operation to be certain the 1mW was ready for the test. This probably took place in November & the start date commenced in February.

          • Brokeeper

            OZ, That is as good an explanation as one probably can get out of it all. Thanks.

        • Omega Z

          350 days of operation out of 400. Once 350 days of “operation” are completed without exceeding a total of 400 days, the test can be concluded as far as data collection goes.

          The “est” is 1.) Frank doesn’t know the exact start date, and 2.) the end date will be extended to account for any downtime if it doesn’t exceed 400 days.

  • nietsnie

    Is anyone else reminded of an interview with an astronaut on the space station? Maybe it’s his hair…

  • AdrianAshfield

    Several obvious points have been left out by the commenters here.
    As far as is known, Rossi doesn’t even know how long the fuel will last.

    It is certainly necessary to examine the inside of the Tigers in order to know what modifications will be required for a commercial unit. He has had a lot of leaks and things that will require detailed attention. This can’t be done until the end of the test when the insides can be examined.

    Presumably analysis of the spent fuel after the test will provide much data useful for understanding the process and firming up a theory.

    So it is really impossible to speed up progress. The test has to run its course and more money/facilities would not help. Much better to wait a few months than sell equipment that is not reliable. It obviously works well enough to continue the program but what we don’t know is the COP.

    • Bob Greenyer

      You are right and for the right reasons.

      When I was at Piantellis lab, thanks to the crowd, He had an experiment that he claimed had been producing excess for the best part of 2 years. He said he wanted it to run for another two, so that he could see more of what happened to the material in that time.

      This might be frustrating for some, but it is the right thing to do.

      • Bob

        Running a long term test is logical. However only one test being conducted, the time frame arbitrarily set to 400 days and then stating that if it does not run for 350 days out of the 400 that the test is a failure and that LENR cannot be confirmed due to pipe leaks, coil burn out, etc. is not logical.
        A durability test for the 1MW plant is logical. To not have a smaller reactor running a parallel test with qualified personal, test instruments and true peer review to confirm the LENR / Cold Fusion / Rossi Effect at the same time is totally illogical. Especially when funding and equipment do not seem to be an issue. Under lab controlled conditions, surely much more can be learned versus some plant at a secret customer, with no one else handling the fuel and who really knows what test equipment.
        There are two questions that IH / Darden must answer for themselves….
        1) Is LENR/Cold Fusion/ i.e. the eCat REAL and the effect truly “over unity”. Regardless is the eCat springs a leak or burns out a coil, they must surely prove this for themselves.
        2) Is the 1MW eCat powered plant design ready for commercialization. (Thus the current durability test)
        Some might state that the Lugano test answered #1. However, if I was sinking millions into this venture, would I rely on this test? I would ask Bob Greenyer if he would sink millions into a prototype production unit based upon the Lugano test and it’s report or would he require a much more thorough test and confirmation? (Perhaps this has been done, but not made public, who knows? Although it seems Rossi would have hinted at it)
        So if #1 has not been done, I do not see why #2 would be the logical first step. Rossi himself has stated that “the skeptics could be right, he cannot prove them wrong” and that the 1MW plant test is the “F9” positive / negative litmus test for the Rossi Effect. If Darden has at least a major say in the project, you would think he would have other people involved with the fuel mixture. Yet we are told otherwise.
        My main gripe about this whole drama is that it is not quite logical considering most business plans, practices and approach. However, Rossi is not your typical businessman for sure and sometimes a genius seems close to insanity!
        We continue to wait….

        • Roland

          Has it occurred to you that internally in IH there is zero doubt about the reality of LENR and this test is all about engineering a reliable product while exploring the potentialities of advanced designs between addressing breakdowns that have little to do with the functioning of the reactors themselves.

          The F9 mantra has nothing to do with the reality of a functioning LENR device and everything to do with developing longterm product reliability with a device that doesn’t require constant babysitting by a dedicated team.

          • Bob

            To some of the above responses…. please remember these are just my thoughts and not meant to be derogatory nor abusive!.
            Money should not be an issue. MFMP has done excellent work with almost no money. 10 million + would cover many, many tests of a smaller reactor.
            Indeed IH/Darden may have zero doubt. We just do not know why they would have zero doubt. Publicly, there has been no release test data that provides that. Lugano was very interesting and added a lot of credibility. However the test and report was flawed. Enough so that I personally would not sink millions without some aspects of it being clarified. (If I had millions!)
            The Lugano groups silence on the matter is also interesting. My thoughts (complete conjecture here) is that they could not perform confirmation tests as Rossi may have refused to give them more fuel. Even the Lugano test, Rossi handled the fuel, he does not let Fabiani handle the fuel, so it is doubtful that he would give Lugano testers more fuel to run tests. If he is too busy to go there to handle the fuel, they cannot run the tests.
            Rossi was specifically asked about confirming the LENR / Rossi Effect versus the test being a durability test. He was the one that stated he could not prove the skeptics wrong and that this test was to confirm the Rossi test. He is also the one that always states the test could still be negative. Failures in pipes, coils etc. would not be a negative failure. Not even for a durability test. It would simply be an indication that some components needed a little tweaking. I agree, that a unit should run a year without any structural maintenance. But for a prototype to be deemed a failure is unlikely.
            If a product is so tempermental that only one person in the world, babysitting it 16 hours per day is required, then either the design is totally bad or the one person is somewhat paranoid and will not let anyone else handle the system. I realize it is his baby and he is closely connected to it. But for this test to have any chance of proving the plant is ready, it cannot rely upon him being there 16 hours per day.
            Past and current IPhones have always been given to a test group for prototype testing. Steve Jobs did say, I am the only one who will test the prototype. Apple would give working protoypes to certain people for field testing. Occasionally, one would be left at a bar and someone would pick it up and a big story would break!
            Again, my simply my opinion, but this seems to have “too many apples in one basket” for most business plans from a company with the experience and size of Tom Darden. (If he has much control. It could very well be that Rossi is keeping everything legally binding to him and Mr. Darden cannot do much at this time other than provide some money and the secret customer where the plant is being tested)
            We continue to wait……

        • Bob Greenyer

          There is a scientific success and a commercial success, Rossi has always said that the market will decide – what if there are really expensive fuel elements that are needed to make it work, perhaps they maybe easily reprocessed at the end of the run, this could make or break the product.

        • Omega Z

          “if it does not run for 350 days out of the 400 that the test is a failure”
          A Negative is not necessarily a Failure. Maybe just not ready for prime time Industrial use. As Rossi is still using the same 4/250kW reactors would indicate it would merely warrant additional design & engineering. A delay that many would be discouraged by, but it is what it is. It took Apple 6 years to get the 1st I-Phone to market due to engineering issues & reliability concern. Bringing a premature product to market can have dire effects.

          COP: I’m certain a minimum COP had already been determined prior to this test. Otherwise, Such a test($$$) would have been ridiculous to even start. IH/Darden are certain of the effect. This is about real world reliability as lab results do not always translate to real world use.

          As to only (1) test being conducted. There is only 1 Rossi. Being a prototype industrial product, it requires his personal attention. First hand knowledge of issues developing in real time far outweighs any 2nd hand info.

          Then there’s the financial situation. This test is not cheap. Tho Rossi has a (VC)Financial backer, They do not have bottomless pockets. Regardless, even the Government has performance goals. Additional funding is provided according to meeting these goals. And believe me, The U.S. Government seems to believe they have bottomless pockets of money.

          As to your “main gripe”, It is logical considering this is a 1st of it’s kind. Similar to the I-Phone. Step by Step goals to be met. If such a product already existed on the market and this was just an reiteration, Nobody would even be paying attention. Model Ver-2.0 will arrive when it arrives.

        • Jarea

          Totally agree with you Bob. Well said!

    • Brokeeper

      Andrea Rossi

      28th, 2015 at 9:40 PM

      The charge has been calculated to resist for 370 days. To see
      if my calculations were exact, we have to wait for the completion of the tests
      on course.
      Warm Regards,

      He’s testing his calculations for the fuel to last a year. He must know approximations from past experiments.

    • Omega Z

      I agree, A million$ & a dozen employees or a Billion$ & a 1000 employees. A year operation test will still take a year.
      As to the reliability issues, according to Rossi, most of these are being remedied as they go. He has also indicated that continued issues are different. Not the same recurring. There us only 1 way to discover these issues. Testing. That requires time…

  • I cannot believe the cost of producing oil is this high. If true, we need LENR more than ever.


    *OPEC decision on quotas could destroy the cartel*

    “I do not think when OPEC made the decision to hold production that they expected prices would stay down as long as they have; some OPEC nations need a significantly higher price to break even. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates the break-even price needed on crude oil. Below is a list of some nations and what they need in price for OPEC members to break even (the current price is around $41 a barrel):”

    Iran: $131

    Venezuela: $118

    Russia: $105

    Saudi Arabia: $104

    Kuwait: $78


    • pg

      That is not the price of oil production, but it is the needed price for these countries to implement all their social policies and break even with the country budget.

      • I should have read it more carefully. I gazed at the numbers and went into a state of shock. I thought Saudi Arabia could pump oil for about $5 a barrel. When the oil money dries up, the Saudi Kingdom will be overthrown and the nation will likely become like one big broke ISIS.

        • Omega Z

          Due to media cool-aid, People’s view of the Saudi’s is greatly skewed.
          The Saudi’s are pro-western, but as with many countries(Especially the M.E.), a portion of their population isn’t & supports radicals. By the same token, you will find the same within all Western nations.

          Note the Saudi’s have a (20 year)plan in effect to transition to a non or mostly non dependence on Oil exports. You’ll notice on occasion that they deport foreign workers replacing them with their own citizens. Kuwait or Qatar is following suit tho not as defined as of yet. The Saudi’s are also aware of LENR. Some of the Royal family are invested sub-licensee’s.(Roger Green)

          The Saudi’s are not targeting U.S. (fracking*) tho some will be of collateral damage. Their target is Iran & then Russia due to support of Syria. As to Fracking, The Saudi’s are in hopes of obtaining this U.S. developed technology themselves. Their easy accessible oil is slowly depleting. Fracking will be necessary for the Saudi’s in the near future. Their present average production costs range between $10/$15. Only slightly lower then U.S. costs(Non deep water). When speaking of $40 costs in the U.S., that is for new virgin oil fields. Major investments in new Trunk/Hub pipelines account for most of this. The costs greatly decline with additional wells.

          Fracking- Is a 100 year old technology. It has merely been greatly improved & continues to do so. It is becoming cleaner & safer everyday. Incidentally, it takes a few years for these new advancements to make it into the oil fields. In a few years, they’ll no longer need to dispose of these fluids & chemicals by injection in deep wells. They’ll all be reclaimed & recycled & eliminate the vast quantities of water needed. Prior to using hydraulics for fracking, they used an explosive. Oil wells have always been fracked.

          • MWerner

            My first job out of college was with Schlumberger Well Services, working in the Gulf of Mexico. As part of my job, we used shaped explosive charges to perforate the steel well casing. (funny how the rough necks found somewhere else to hang out when we got the blasting caps out).
            Anyway, perforating the well casing results in a few dozen holes that penetrate a couple of tens of inches into the oil bearing formation. Perforating is still the first step when preparing to frack a well. It allows the fluids to flow into (and out of) the formation. The volume and pressure of the fluids used cause fractures in the rock formation that propagate many feet away from the well bore.
            Characterizing well perforation as similar to hydraulic fracturing is way over simplifying the process. They were just starting to work with fracking in the early 1980’s when I was blowing holes in oil wells.

          • Omega Z

            Agree, it’s over simplified. But this is a blog of primarily other interests. As to Fracking, It goes back to at least the 1930’s. I had an uncle who fracked wells in the 50’s.

            In the mid 70’s, they were using a jell type of explosive mixed with steel shot & sand that blew back into the cracks to help hold them open for oil to ooze out to the main bore. Some times, they will double frack or refrack at some period months or years later.

            Hydraulic fracking isn’t just the pressure but chemicals that dissolve a portion of the lime etc opening it up even more. It also contains sand & ceramic disc to maintain the gaps. Ceramic’s are cheaper then steel shot & doesn’t brake down as fast providing a very long lifespan.

            The biggest advancement is actually the drilling process today. They can drill down then go horizontal covering a vast area with a single well instead of drilling many. They may even do multiple horizontal somewhat like bicycle wheel spoking patterns. Without this technical ability, even hydraulic fracking wouldn’t make much difference compared to the past.

            Note horizontal drilling was of great interest in 1980’s and they even studied the feasibility of using lasers for this purpose. It was quickly ruled out due to cost. I’m aware of this because I was present during some of the discussions..

        • Albert D. Kallal

          Stll, the “costs” of running their respective countries shows that oil is their fuel and life blood that keeps everything going. Like most things, the budgets balloon to the size of their income and then often more. So those numbers ARE important – they point out that their cost of oil is not the most important factor, but what the cost of running their countries are, and how oil fuels that cost.

          And it also important to keep in mind that the oil majors in the USA did not cause nor fund the miracle of hydraulic fracturing – it was the smaller independents (my point is the majors really did not want such large amounts of oil to appear into the market since it reduces their bottom line).

          LENR is a huge threat to Russia, and major oil production nations. Thankfully, LENR will roll out rather slow at first, and the transition to LENR will not (at first) be too disruptive. The first causalities will be coal, and natural gas.

          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • Omega Z

            Most of them have revenues other then oil so the numbers aren’t completely accurate. But as you say, those numbers ARE important as they do make up the bulk of the Government budgets. Probably if you knocked $15 to $20 off would be more precise. Varying by country of course.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    At least Rossi said recently that he’s running 3 copies of E-cat X,plus the 1MW.

    • Omega Z

      There is also other R&D taking place outside the facility that Rossi is held in. At least Rossi has indicated that on JONP…

  • nietsnie

    But, Clovis – how many times has it almost blown up but was saved because someone was watching it 24/7? We don’t really know but we do know that they’ve had a spat of trouble with it on a periodic basis. In particular, we know that parts have unexpectedly broken down due to the combination of heat and corrosion. But, what we don’t know is whether the software has always prevented runaways.

    • Omega Z

      “But, what we don’t know is whether the software has always prevented runaways.”

      Yes we do. Rossi built only 4/250kW reactors. No spares.
      Had the reactors went into runaway, the test would be over.
      Unless something has changed & Rossi hasn’t told us, once a reactor goes into runaway, there is no stopping it.

      As to explosions. The E-cat merely melts down. No explosion. Thus, an explosion would involve excessive steam pressure. Again, If that happened, Test over.

      • nietsnie


        I’m surprised that it is known how many reactors of which variety Rossi has built within the past year. How do we know that?


        I did not say that it had happened, only that we don’t know how often it has *almost* happened but didn’t because it was being constantly watched.

        Also, Rossi has indicated that in some of his ‘extreme’ tests there were high energy neutron emissions when a reactor unexpectedly went runaway. I suppose the proper term for that isn’t particularly ‘explosion’. But, it does show that at the extreme end of the technology a runaway is potentially deadly.

        • nietsnie

          Not sure why the site software added double quotes and equal signs to my copies of your statements, Omega Z. But, they are unintentional.

          • Omega Z

            I didn’t say you said this happened.
            I was merely responding to the “We don’t Know” of your post.

            I also qualified the- a runaway can’t be stopped- with unless this has changed & Rossi hasn’t said as such.

            So with the Info available & the qualifier I have provided, we can conclude there has been no runaway reactors.
            Rossi posted on JONP that ONLY 4/250kW reactors have been built & they are the ones in the pilot test. There are no spares or backup 250kW reactors according to Rossi. He has the smaller E-cats for backup, but to date, they haven’t been needed.

            Rossi has also said that all issues have been of an external nature & not involved the E-cat reactors. Many times he has said they have problems with leaks springing up, Thus a post of mine above, they should have brought in an experienced steam pipe fitter.

            It is my opinion that they may need to bring in expertise from skilled tradesman of real world experience. These people will say, if you want problems, go by what the book tells you. If not, take My advice. See, the problem is skilled tradesman have dealt with the problems in various situations & found a fix for them. However, these people don’t write the books.

            Other issues may be electronic in nature or the pumps etc.. Again experienced skilled tradesman probably already have the answers.

            And-Don’t sweat the double quotes etc. Different OS, browsers & versions can produce strange results. Even double posting.

  • Brokeeper

    Yes, perhaps resist depletion.

  • Omega Z

    Many times it appears that the problem comes from springing leaks.
    Possibly they should have brought in a specialist in steam pipe fitting. Seriously.

  • adriano

    lol Did you guys know that Scilipoti is used as an insult in italian politic? Domenico Scilipoti is one of the most hated and infamous italian politics. He switch parties like he switch his socks. So funny to see people like him being used on this forum. It makes you understand how simple it is dceive people. lol have a nice day

    • Omega Z

      Actually, Few here have any idea who Scilipoti even is beyond being a politician aware of LENR.

      As far as switching parties, Hey, It worked for former President Bill Clinton.
      Point being it is common in the U.S.. In fact many select their party affiliation by where they 1st run for office. Thus Bill Clinton switched from a registered Republican to Democrat before running for Governor of Arkansas. It was a democrat leaning State. Your proof, Simple people can be deceived thinking they understand the workings of politics.

  • Antonio Saavedra Narváez

    Jesus fucking Christ, Scilipoti… The expert on “Medicina Complementare del Consiglio Superiore di Sanità” and “Medicine non convenzionali”.


    Clap, clap, clap.

    Now I see LENR as scientific as homeopathy.


  • Albert D. Kallal

    I do find the interview interesting in how “subdued” Rossi
    seems to be. In other words we see effort by Rossi to “downplay” the success current
    1mw plant. I find this a bit “strange”, and am “somewhat” perplexed as to why
    Rossi takes this stance.
    I suppose like in poker, when you have a winning hand,
    the LAST thing you do is jump round like a child who just won the game. Still,
    I not quite sure what to make of Rossi’s “caution” we see in this interview.

    As several here pointed out, it is unlikely the plant
    would be running if it could not produce useful energy, so that’s good news.

    However, I am somewhat perplexed at the “caution” Rossi displays
    in this interview – not sure what to make of this caution.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Jarea

    My comments. Not to be rude.
    My impression is that this is more a friendly and unofficial interview, which is not well prepared. I would recommend Rossi to take care about the public appereance and indirect marketing he does with those videos. He should take advantage and use every chance to project a serious and good impression. If he think that this is irrelevant, then he is, in my opinion, wrong and if he just forget those points then he should contract somebody that thinks that for him.
    I dont expect to see him with a suit and with some logos behind but a better quality of the sound and video and a kind of guideline in the interview, would be appreciated.
    What do you think?

  • David van der Zande

    Italy is also one of the most corrupted countries in Europe, criminals have infiltrated the government on all levels possible.