China Commits to Reducing Emissions by Making Coal Plants More Efficient

The New York Times is reporting that the Chinese cabinet has committed to cutting pollution from its coal fired plants by 60 per cent, by retrofitting its coal-powered power plants to be more efficient, and onsume less coal in the electricity generation process. See the article here:

From the article:

The cabinet, the State Council, said Wednesday that the upgrades to coal-fired power plants would mean a reduction in raw coal use of around 100 million metric tons. That is consistent with an earlier policy plan announced by the government that said new coal-fired power generating units would consume about 300 grams of coal per kilowatt-hour on average. The power industry accounts for about half of China’s annual coal use.

China seems to be pursuing an “all-of-the-above” strategy of trying to solve its pollution problems and reduce carbon emissions. They are involved with wind, solar and nuclear projects, and now increasing the efficiency of coal plants.

How about LENR? We know that Tom Darden has been working in China, and he wants to use LENR to eliminate the need for coal. While there have been documented meetings between Darden and Chinese government officials, there has been little public mention from the Chinese government as a solution to their energy needs. Perhaps that’s to be expected, even if they were interested. Few people want to publicly endorse a technology that is not proven to work in the marketplace, and we are still waiting for that confirmation, although the signs seem positive.

  • The USA has natural gas, which is a relatively clean bridge-fuel to hold us over until LENR and simplified hot fusion can take over. If China had as much natural gas as we do, the air in Beijing would be a whole lot cleaner.

  • Gerard McEk

    The relationship between A.R. and IH is unclear to me. Why would IH need a patent if they work closely together with A.R.? Would IH develope their own reactor? Would AR and IH share also the new developments of the Leonardo Company like the Tigers and E-cat X? Are they compatitors?
    We know that A.R. has transferred some knowledge to IH and that IH were able to construct and demonstrate their own reactor. Looking to the patent it is probably the Hot-cat version.
    I would love to know what the relationship is between the two parties!

    • ecatworld

      My best understanding is that Leonardo is the IP owner and IH has both distribution and manufacturing rights for the E-Cat in the USA (maybe North America) and China. We don’t know exactly who makes up Leonardo Corporation — back in 2012 Rossi said that it had become part of an Investors Trust, but no details were given.

  • georgehants

    With less than three months to go before Mr. Rossi hopefully completes his test period, it is looking more likely that no announcement is going to come from anywhere in the World confirming, unarguably, the practical existence of Cold Fusion beyond the strong Evidence we have at present.
    This I find very disappointing with the huge number of investigations that must be going on Globally.
    Excluding the usual crazy black projects being conducted by those psychologically disturbed secret society’s we call government, it seems inconceivable that some other entity’s have not yet reached a point where conformation can be announced.

  • Brokeeper

    Frank, I had asked my son’s girlfriend; the niece of China’s Deputy Director of Emergency Management of the State Council general office, Li Guozhou; if he had heard of Rossi and
    LENR. His response (with her permission) was “We do know of such projects.”

    • ecatworld

      Interesting, BK — thanks.