Self-Interest and LENR (Edmund Storms)

Thanks to Georgehants for pointing out this comment from Edmund Storms on Peter Gluck’s Ego Out site regarding the initial reception of LENR/Cold Fusion when Dr. Storms was working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA.

The comment can be found here, along with Peter’s usual excellent roundup of news and comment on the current status of LENR:

I watched how the attitude toward LENR changed at LANL. I watched as tolerance changed to hostility. The change was not based on lack of reproducibility. I and many other people were able to cause the effect. Besides, many phenomenon are initially difficult to control and are not rejected for this reason. The rejectors only used this claim as a fig leaf to hide another reason. I believe the rejection had a more sinter reason. The real reason was simply protection of self interest, initially by people funded by the hot fusion program.

In 1989, hot fusion was in trouble because Congress was getting increasingly impatient with the slow progress. I believe certain very powerful people realized that LENR would siphon funds away from hot fusion and eventually kill it. They could not make this fear public so they set about convincing the public that LENR was bad science, which was easy to do. This was power politics at its worst. This worked because Fleischmann and the rest of us were playing the honest game of understanding nature for everyone’s benefit. In contrast, a few powerful people were only protecting themselves using any dishonest tool they could find. We and they were not playing by the same rules and we still aren’t.

We see this process unfolding every day in Congress and being applied to a range of issues. Facts and what is real do not count in government these days. Self-interest rules. We in LENR have not created a self-interest for anyone of importance outside of a few groups having special needs, such as NASA. Even these groups have to hide their work to avoid being tarred by the bad science claim. In short, no one of importance needs LENR. Once the need is demonstrated, the attitude will change instantly. Perhaps Rossi will show that need or perhaps another country will create the need for the US to take an interest. We have to wait and see where the need is revealed before we can expect acceptance.

Looking back through the history of science and technological development, I suppose there has always been an element of self-interest behind the innovations that have had major impacts on the world. Many of the inventors and industrialists were people of great ambition who wanted to make their mark on the world, and get ahead of the competition. Probably cold fusion is not the only casualty of self-interest getting in the way of an important idea — but Storms seems optimistic that at some point some important person or country’s self-interest will cause them to latch on to LENR and bring it out into the light of day.

  • Owen Geiger

    China’s need for clean energy sure seems like a big motivator.

    • Brokeeper

      Today visitors must stand in front of an older picture of Beijing for a background shot.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Nice to have this insight.

    • Axil Axil

      Could you give me an insight or two? Could this be true?


      Scott Jantz

      “My reading of Parkhomov’s work has convinced me the secret sauce is the pretreatment of the Ni powder. His powder was 30 years old and when it ran out he started having problems getting excess heat.”

      Here is some of my questions:

      Was Parkhomov’e powder special in some way? Has Parkhomov lost his LENR magic? Why haven’t your tests reactors exploded as happened in the first test run?

      Don’t you consider fuel pretreatment as critical in the success of the LENR reaction?

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yes, good point. Pearlman’s catalyst is palladium hydroxide, Pd(OH)2 that reduces to finely divided palladium metal in the presence of hydrogen. Perhaps the old nickel has some nickel oxide on its surface that reduces to finely divided nickel metal in the presence of hydrogen.

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Perhaps it would be better to use nickel oxides (or precursors of them) with a larger charge of lithium aluminum hydride that would reduce to finely divided nickel metal.

          • Agaricus

            … or nickel hydride could be used directly, which then decomposes into nano-nickel particles and hydrogen when heated. The possibilities, if not infinite, are many and varied, especially when EM stimulation/damping is thrown into the mix.

            It seems that only a systematised program of ‘trial and error’ is likely to home in on the ‘best’ ways to create excess heat, rather than educated guesswork. It’s likely that Rossi’s ‘years in the wilderness’ were spent doing precisely that, which is why he appears so confident that, with his head start, no-one else will be able to replicate his secrets before they have been tied up by patents and products hitting the market.

          • clovis ray

            Hi, guys
            All good ideas, i believe Dr.R went through the same exploration of different recipes. heck you guys might find one that is more energetic, than his present formula.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi Axil,

        You are asking if an opinion is true?

        What I know is that we seemingly got evidence of excess heat in the GS4 experiment which had his Ni and LiAlH4 (not pre-treated) – but this was based on thermometry. The experiment was short and the powders must have shown no transmutations since all samples that were sent for double blind analysis showed no material change from natural.

        We have now published 4 x EDX, 2 x ICPMS and 4X SEM of Parkhomov’s Ni and one less EDX/SEM of his LiAlH4. Our analysis across several independent parties matches that published by AP.

        Parkhomov is, as far as I know, fully funded – and then has gone – for all intense and purposes – dark, read into that what you will.

        Most of our experiments have pressure monitors and free volume. This in combination with careful loading and conservative thermal profiles which have adjusted as we progress.

        Personally I consider fuel pre-treatment to be EXTREMELY important. We plan to pre-treat in line with Parkhomov advice / Rossi patent in next GS5 series run.

        • magicsnd1

          Bob, I have to point out that the GS4 fuel (supplied by AP) was pre-baked and mixed according to his instructions.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Ooops, MY BAD, please accept my sincere apologies – serve me right for not checking the facts – I did go to the experiment thread to check it was Parkhomov fuel – but must have overlooked that.

            Axil… What Alan said!

  • While Storms is right I think things are changing. The number of people (including important powerful people) having strong motivations like financial opportunity and environment stewardship AND awareness of LENR is growing rapidly.

    For instance I think it’s pretty clear that a number of governments are aware of LENR and will jump on it as soon as they are convinced it is real. If they haven’t already. They’d be stupid not to for a million reasons. Commercial entities like Airbus will probably go even faster though.

    The big question is who breaks down the wall first. Is it Industrial Heat despite their caution, Brillouin despite trailing in technology or some dark horse? Probably it’ll be relatively quiet up through March but after that it’s going to be fun.

    • it is an error to say “the government” think or know. It have no brain. It is a collection of selfish people.

      The problem with LENR memeplex is that it is very difficultly propagated.

      It is hard for the idea “LENR is real” to be accepted, but given the evidence competent people can be convinced quickly if approached by competent people.

      the problem is that it is very improbable that someone will try to convince someone else that can harm his life… his boss, his editor, his client…

      So the ideas of LENR circulate between people who trust each others and are not in hierarchic or dependence relation.

      The terrorism agains LENR is really the evil that academic have organized agains LENR and whicj is responsible of the current mass ignorance and denial.

      any stupid claim agains LENR is accepted whatever absurd or kiddish it is, because they know no critic will be allowed, and every supporting claims is ignored by fear to be punished.

      read how far it can go

    • psi2u2


  • Alan DeAngelis

    The pedigreed institutions set LENR back a quarter of a century. A reranking of the world’s
    universities is needed to prevent this from happening again.

  • Oystein Lande

    Also some build their whole career of being known as the debunker of Cold Fusion, like Steven Koonin, who came to be known as one of the important ones who debunked CF.

    In 1989 Dr. Steven E. Koonin of CALTECH (where he was then an employee) called the F&P claim a result of “incompetence and delusion of Pons and Fleischmann”. And the physcists at the APS meeting in Baltimore 3.May 1989 bursted into applause.

    So one of the greatest scientists of calorimetry in the 20th century, Martin Fleischmann, was incompetent when it came to measure…..excess heat by calorimetry. What an irony.

    The debunking of cold fusion by the physics community was a Shame of science, and the biggest mistake in science of the 20th century. CF was actually a new discovery, that could have solved much of the global warming problem. But physicists turned their back on Fleischmann and Pons way too early. F&P where right in their excess heat measurements, energies far beyond possible chemical artifacts. But physicists are just like people in general: don’t like changes, especially from “outsiders”.

    The problem in 1989 and which possibly still exists, is that physicists thinks there are no possibilities of “mysterious” nuclear reactions that would not produce expected gamma rays. The complete herecy of 1989 was that two chemists dared to claim some new unthinkable discovery within the area of physics. Like some outsiders trying to learn the dear physicists something completely new. Well, It took only 40 days for the physicists to shoot them down. Would not help If they had a new theory to explain it. Actually, It would make it only worse, since it would be inconcievable that some non physicists where to both discover a new phenomenon and have the theory to explain it. All physicists knew and still know that with nuclear reactions and fusion follows gamma radiation, and none where measured. So it had to be a pure chemical effect or measurement errors. But nature is full of surprises , and we have not reached the end of science..yet..

    • Alan DeAngelis

      “ But nature is full of surprises , and we have not reached the end of science..yet..”

      Yes, and here’s another one that Caltech dismissed (4:30 min in the video):
      The T.T. Brown effect.

  • SG

    Wise words from a wise man. I’ve always appreciated how Dr. Storms can elucidate an issue with remarkable clarity of thought. Here is a man whose life has been accentuated–if not defined–by the twists and turns of the mysterious and amazing story of cold fusion / LENR.

  • Warthog

    Storms is criticizing hot fusion physicists, not Rossi. And it was obvious from the start that Rossi “did” have control problems. Late info seems to indicate that the control problem has been overcome.

    And Storms is simply stating a truth….he and others “have” caused the effect….but only sporadically. The hot physicists in control of the DOE funding “levers” used that supposed “fault” to criticize and not fund LENR (despite the fact that in BOTH tech reviews done by the DOE recommended that funding be done).

    • clovis ray

      hi, buddy.
      I know it’s all unfair, but guys please help keep this effect in truth, and honesty, these things or ours, we don’t have to build it up, it will stand or fall on it’s own merits. i feel everything is going well, in fact i feel it could not be better, on course and ahead of schedule. why mess with perfection, we’re all impatent, but all good things takes time.

      • Warthog

        My worry is the damage done the the process of science by the fake memes perpetrated by those stifling LENR research. The whole idea that “there has to be a theory explaining it” before a discovery is termed “real” is completely antithetical to the practice of good science, and puts into place a “scientific priesthood” who “bless” or “curse” fields of research work by granting or denying funding (or hiring, or promotion).

  • pg


    • GreenWin

      All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of [little] conscience to remain [vocal].

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Storms is good careful scientist

  • I think Ed is spot on. MIT got 20 million for hot fusion research, $0 for Cold Fusion. Ernie Moniz sent back private donated money from a well known corporation. Anything CF done at MIT is the work of Peter Hagelstein and Mitchell Swartz (who no longer works there, hasn’t for a while).

    • Alain Samoun

      We should remember this Ernie Moniz name in the future…

      • Axil Axil

        All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

        Edmund Burke

        • Alain Samoun

          I think it was a quote from Thomas Jefferson? Anyway they will hear us when times come…

      • To make matters worse he is one of Obama’s science advisors.

  • US_Citizen71

    I tend to agree the US government likely has been more involved than we have seen. The SPAWAR experiments would have given some fundamental knowledge and ideas of potential. The MIC has been good at keeping secrets, so it is reasonable to believe that it is keeping the government’s involvement in LENR secret to this point. If one removes the tunnel vision of the ending point being cheap plentiful energy for the world and take a wider view. I think it is apparent that the road to the end is surrounded by massive disruption of the world order. That disruption could make current energy producing countries do desperate things if the change is to swift.

    I don’t believe the announcement of LENR being real will make oil worthless, but it will help to put a much lower cap on the maximum price per barrel. The cap could cause severe disruption of oil economies and the domino effect from the economic disruption could cause any number of problems. Wars have been started for less.

    • The Military-Industrial-Complex was not the problem, except by it’s weakness.
      Today the US MIC is in ruin, lost in bureaucracy and self-interest, unable to builld anything efficient.
      Anyway on LENR it did a fair job, given the academic pressure, the media pressure.

      The real complex that cause this tragedy is the
      Academic-Media-Complex, a name to reuse the AMC.
      It have billions of public money, huge self interests, and great ideologies to protects those interest. LENR is not the only tragedy caused.

      In france the AMC, incarnated by subsidized press, by public researcher, protected by politically correct groupthink and NGO, put us in a cognitive dead end where we cannot understand how far we are wrong, and which push us to blame everything else what is important, asking us to go further and deeper in stupidity, to protect the safe places, the economic rents, of the AMC.

      Why is there so many conspiracy fan everywhere ? because media and researcher don’t do their job to explain us the reality…
      they hide us the reality, invent fairy tales that , with some reinformation, are easily debunked.
      the problem is that most “debunkers” have vested interest too and once they prove you you are fooled, they fool you more.

      MIC is of the old world.
      real evil today is the AMC.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Alain, completely agreed. Just to add a data point, in Finland, situation is different, here AMC is not powerful. Government has always ignored academia, and what comes to media, it is weakened, currently, because of downsizing because of digitalisation. Government listens to companies, voters and “the world” (part of which is the foreign AMC you talk about; but only part).

        • right, the AMC starts from the West and mostly US.

          Many people said LENR denial is an US affair which spread like flu,to EU and further.

          At the sides of the West, Italy, Scandinavia, India, Japan, it’s power is limited, and express randomly.

          MIC do exist but their power is overstated today. Recently it seems that Russia was able to “reboot” it’s MIC, producing newer lighter more effective weaponry, while US MIC falls in complexity and bureaucracy.

          In France and US, I am amazed by the difference between the desperate AMC and associated slave-State, and the ingenuity of the population, who can build and survive in that psychiatric hospital.

          All we wait is the explosion of that system, like the collapse in 1983 of the Soviet system.

          Read that translation

          I don’t see any “Gorbatchev” able to avoid the noisy collapse.

  • Omega Z

    Are you confusing Dr. Edmund Storms with the Steorn’s Orbo?

  • georgehants

    What is undeniable and clear to us all, if we are honest and awake is that our society is corrupt to it’s depths.
    Cold Fusion is just the one area that we look at more closely.
    It is my opinion that a cleansing of that corruption would be logically sensible for not only the sake of what is left of science, but for our whole communities.
    “The fall of Empire, gentlemen, is a massive thing, however, and not
    easily fought. It is dictated by a rising bureaucracy, a receding
    initiative, a freezing of caste, a damming of curiosity—a hundred other
    factors. It has been going on, as I have said, for centuries, and it is
    too majestic and massive a movement to stop.”
    Isaac Asimov, Foundation
    “What is it about the government and its agents and employees that they
    can lie to us with impunity, but we risk being sent to jail if we lie to
    Andrew P. Napolitano,
    Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History
    “The history of patents includes a wealth of attempts to reward friends
    of the government and restrict or control dangerous technologies.”
    James Boyle,
    The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

    • Owen Geiger

      Hey George. Did you ever see the graphic that shows how about 16 families own large/controlling interest of almost every major bank and corporation? Here’s just one example:
      Search google images for other examples.

      This sort of thing just breeds corruption of all types — price fixing, bribing gov agencies to get dodgy products approved, etc. etc.

      • My position is that it is a smokescreen, a problem of past centuries (I mean 19th).

        Make this kind of scheme for NGO, ideologies, “clubs to save the planet”, and you will find that there is only ONE dominant club that rules the AMC, the one of US politically correct, the one which decided of news in Ukraine, Syria, Libya.
        It is not mostly US state, but NGO and clubs who decide of what is “good” or “evil”.

        This is why it is essential that there is no “planet government”, or Orwell will be right.
        There should be place on earth where the values of CNN, Greenpeace, HRW, NED, AAAS, do not rule, even if i don’t agree with those values.

      • georgehants

        Thanks Owen, today the danger is far more pronounced as American and UK seem to have become so egomaniac that if they cannot control the whole Middle East as just another state, then they will destroy it all, leaving chaos and millions of suffering family’s from the IS radicals they have created.
        If we do not respect Russia and other countries with the equal right to live their lives how they choose then this will lead to catastrophe, I think.
        Cold Fusion is just a symptom of the deep troubles that our elite masters who seem completely out of sane control, have led us all into.
        People such as Storms above and your good-self can only take a horse to water but never make it drink.

  • Omega Z

    As Dr. Storms points out,
    “The real reason was simply protection of self interest, initially by people funded by the hot fusion program.”
    “In 1989, hot fusion was in trouble because Congress was getting increasingly impatient with the slow progress.”
    There became another self interest.The Governments-

    In the mid 80’s, President Reagan negotiated a massive reduction in Nuclear Weapons.
    In late 1989, the Berlin wall came down. To be followed by the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December of 1991.

    These factors led to 100’s of Nuclear Physicist being out of work in multiple Nations. These people don’t need decades of research & study to build bombs. They already know how. This concern was in the Mainstream Media for quite some time and there was a lot of concern that some of these Physicist’s would find themselves employed in other countries resulting in a major proliferation Nuclear Weapons.

    These concerns led to a massive international collaboration to put Nuclear Physicist to work. The project used to accomplish this was Hot Fusion.
    Who do you suppose pressed this agenda onto the politicians.
    Cold Fusion/LENR was a threat to this effort.

    • Mats002

      So ITER is a daycare for nuke engineers to prevent them from making bombs?

      • Omega Z

        In it’s infancy, I think many thought it a good idea to explore, But in time politicians started asking questions.

        Then due to circumstances, it did become a daycare for unemployed nuke engineers & Nuclear Physicist. To be fair to these people, Most would never go have gone rogue in this manner. The concern was if just a few did then???

  • builditnow

    Be careful what you wish for.
    Some speculate that the Gates billionaire energy fund announced a week or so back is really a group of billionaires attempting to take over LENR while the public is asleep.
    Are you sure you want the likes of Gates, Zuckerberg etc. figuring out a way to make LENR expensive so they can pocket many more billions.

    If this sounds a bit risky to you, support the open source LENR researchers with money, time, equipment, ideas etc. and start your own experiments.

    • Brokeeper

      I believe AR and TD are very aware of the cloaked wolves.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    In his insightful book, Autonomy and Rigid Character, the psychiatrist David Shapiro points out that sadists almost always presents themselves as just being “helpful”. Reading this may help us better understand how the “philanthropists” who control the world manipulate us.

  • Brokeeper

    I think you said “beware of wolves in sheep clothing”.

  • Alain Samoun


    I pretty much share your post about the need to get rid of sociopaths and to replace the current economic system that leads to the ruin of humanity if not its disparition.
    One point where I think that you are wrong is the thorium reactor, that the nuclear industry is touting as a newer safer form of nuclear power: See this site that is run by a nuclear Chief Engineer who will explain why it is not a solution:

  • Omega Z

    Linda, There is No free energy. Everything has a cost.
    The Majority of people are clueless to costs & how the market works.
    Years ago, I had a heavy duty work truck that needed all new wheel bearings. Sets for both left/right front and back. There is a bearing manufacturer where I live & I had worked for them & have done work for this Corporation as a contractor.

    I went to their Office & priced these bearings. They priced them at $24 & change. The same price they sell to distributors for. I asked, is that for each, & they said no. That’s for the full set. I was dumb founded by how cheap they were. This is nasty dirty hot work. However, they didn’t manufacture them at this facility & didn’t have them in stock. They only transfer stock between sister plants on an annual bases & it would be nearly a year before I could obtain them.

    Yeah, I needed them now, So I go to the local automotive parts store. $48 plus tax. EACH. That equates to over $200. That’s 8 times what the corporation sold them for. I asked, Why do they cost so much. His answer. It’s that dam high union labor & corporate greed.
    This is the narrative the average person leaves with. However, the numbers totally contradict this.

    Does this 8 fold increase in cost reflect greed. As a former business person, I honestly can’t say it does. There are a lot of costs between the Factory & the consumer. To know for certain, you would need to know all the variables & this would be necessary for every product sold in various regions.
    As far as greed goes. You will find that equally prevalent among all incomes.

  • Warthog

    LOL…humanity has made huge progress by the implementation of “controlled greed” (the patent process). Prior to that, innovators had to keep their processes secret in order to profit from them. Quite frequently, major discoveries were lost, often for centuries.

    “Market forces” will ALWAYS exist, and cannot “be controlled”. Markets exist even in the most controlled of socialist/communist societies. The only difference is that the markets are open (as in capitalist countries) or “black” (in all countries where attempts are made to “control” them, even capitalist ones).

    The whole idea of FOSS sounds wonderful, but it is a pimple on the butt of “greed based” enterprises like Intel, Apple, Microsoft (or Ford, GE). What you and all socialist-thinkers fail to realize is that the free enterprise mechanism puts the “sociopaths” in competition WITH EACH OTHER. What you need to fear (rightfully) are MONOPOLISTS who seek to limit competition. In a free market, ALL approaches to organization, be it capitalism, FOSS, “communitarianism” and whatever else are free to establish themselves and to succeed or to fail.

  • builditnow

    Linda, since it has now been identified that about 3% of the population have a psychopathic brain, i.e. don’t feel any empathy for others, that is quite a large number of people. The psychopathic brain can now be clearly identified with a brain scan.
    A psychopathic brain could result in a sociopath in many cases, although, not always.

    I agree with you that our systems currently promote these psychopaths into the control positions of our society. Any wonder why our corporations, governments, military etc. all behave like psychopaths. Because they are run by them.
    This is quite a significant issue to deal with.

  • georgehants

    Linda, thank you for a most informed and deep reply, I will note two things, one my continued support of an altruistic society means that my post was not ” inadvertently” looking for any one of our leaders to take responsibility for changing a sad situation, it was aimed directly at that very point.
    Second, I have in general a very logical and simple mind that tends to only concentrate on the clear Facts of a situation in very uncomplicated terms.
    For example the Cold Fusion story is Factually a disaster for society, therefore, what must change to correct the problem.
    I leave it to better thinkers than myself to analyse the causes etc. and lead to the best course of action, as you have done so well in your reply.

  • Agaricus

    Thanks for a very insightful post. You shed some light on the activities of the “vampires who feed on us while we sleep”, and in the end, this is probably the only real defense against these creatures. Only spreading awareness of both the interconnected maneuverings of the sociopaths, and the means by which they seek to deflect close examination of their activities, can bring about a loosening of their control.

    It is a combination of ignorance and the active vilification or ridicule of those whose awareness rises above this, that the ruling elite can maintain their grip. As more and more people shake off cognitive dissonance and become able to see the patterns enslaving them, and reject their own pavlovian responses to conditioning phrases such as ‘conspiracy theorist’, I believe that the process of sloughing off the parasites is already underway.

  • LuFong

    While very well written and no doubt there is some truth to your contentions, I believe you are overstating your case and promoting your own views. First of all it is Ed Storms you should be responding to and not GeorgeHants. Secondly it’s not true that cold fusion was tamped down because of self-interest.

    Sure there are wealthy and powerful people in industry and science who have worked and continue to work against competing technologies including cold fusion. But how do you explain that Toyota hired Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman and spent $40 million
    dollars researching cold fusion? How do you explain that despite hiring these two and spending $40 million they had very little to show for this? Sociopaths?

    No we still live in a capitalistic and open society (on the whole) and our nature is BOTH self-interest and altruism, a byproduct of our evolutionary development. In such an environment you can only suppress something so far because the potential for profit and the potential for scientific discovery and technological advancement is always there. Andrea Rossi is a fine example of this and he is the first to acknowledge the role the US has played in helping him develop his technology.

    Developing cold fusion and LENR is a difficult and lengthy process. Rossi has been at it since 2008 or so and appears to have made huge leaps but still does not really have a commercial product on the market (maybe soon?). To attribute this apparent lack of results to evil doers and to use it to promote your own views (and self-interest) is just contrary to facts.

    • georgehants

      LuFong, sorry if you made a mistake in thinking I was claiming Storms comment, I below have put my view as I often do.
      The rest of your comment would be more believable if it contained the remotest Evidence against the proven corruption of Cold Fusion for 25+ years. or Evidence of this corrupt capitalistic society of greed and self-interest promoting the Research and investigation of Cold Fusion for the benefit of society.
      “Developing cold fusion and LENR is a difficult and lengthy process” if it is corruptly debunked, denied and refused any central establishment funding.
      Perhaps you would like to rewrite your comment without all the trying to gloss over the Truth.

      • LuFong

        Sorry George but it’s my impression that Linda was attributing the lengthy quote to you and not to Ed Storms. As to the rest of your points I think my post speaks for itself. Sorry if there was misunderstanding.

        • georgehants

          No problem, I see how you could have thought that.

    • clovis ray

      I totaly agree,Lufong. well said.

    • Oystein Lande

      Regarding F&P being funded by Toyota (IMRA) :

      As the story goes the funding was actually depending very much on a single person, Minuro Toyoda. One of the good, rich ones that has visited this earth.

      The Institut Minoru de Recherche Avancée (IMRA) was first established in Valbonne/Nice, France in 1986. At the inception of the international IMRA network, Mr. Minoru Toyoda set forth the guiding principal of “World Harmony through the Development and Sharing of Science and Technology”, through its research, development of new technologies, and global partnerships.

      About why IMRA abandoned cold fusion research, despite they clearly established a scientific phenomenon (yet not useable results): The money ran out, it is as simple as that. No threats, no conspiracy, no nothing. Only no money. When their sponsor Minoru Toyoda died the funds dried up.

      IMRA in France was financed by Technova a subsidiary of Toyota corp. Fleischmann and Pons were there to scale up their system’s energy production and to make it reliable, make it a commercial product. They did produce results, but it was not enough to make a real commercial product out of it.

      Without real money, they couldn’t get a step further. They already had produced compelling evidence that the anomalous heat effect was real. Had they had $120million funding back then, the world would have looked different today.

      Minuro Toyoda was clearly very interested in cold fusion, as shown by the ISCMNS memorial Contribution Award, “Minoru Toyoda Gold Medal”. (Medal is made of 18 carat gold )

      Even at the morning of his death, the story goes that he was briefed on the latest info on CF development.
      Profile of late Minoru Toyoda (1916-1992):
      He was the former president of Aishinseiki Co., one of Toyota Group Big Companies. He was also founder of IMRA-Japan, IMRA-Europe, Technova Inc., TEET Foundation, and others which have supported CMNS/CF research activities since 1989 through now (2007-2008):

      a) ICCF3 at Nagoya was financially supported by his aid.

      b) IMRA-Japan started CF research soon after Fleischmann-Pons announcement in 1989.

      c) IMRA-Europe provided CF research laboratory to stay and study for Dr. S. Pons, Dr. M.

      Fleischmann, Dr. E. Yamaguchi, and others who have made great scientific contribution

      for CMNS/CF experimental studies.

      d) IMRA-Japan provided laboratory building for the New Hydrogen Energy Project

      (1993-1998) of Japanese Governmental Budget (MITI/NEDO). Many Japanese and

      over-sea researchers stayed in Shin-Sapporo NHE laboratory for the Project.

      e) The TEET (Thermal and Electric Energy Technology) Foundation has been awarding

      Grant-in-Aid for several selected CMNS/CF researchers in Japan every year since 1993).

      f) Technova Inc. is a Think-Tank including activity in new energy researches as CMNS/CF.

      Note: Toyoda is the family name of founders of Toyota Motor Group Companies.

      • LuFong

        Thank you for this additional background information. I still think though that for $40 million F&P would have produced something more than what they did even if it was not commercial. Imagine if MFMP had 1/100th of that budget. All of this leads me to believe that cold fusion is hard, very hard, and that progress is slow because of this and not because of ‘Sociopaths’. We had something posted a short while ago from someone in related to the NRL (?) who stated that it was only after something like 10 conditions were met that they managed to get a repeatable effect (and this was no doubt after looking at all the other research).

        • psi2u2

          I think both explanations have some merit. Clearly, the phenomenon is experimentally challenging. That is clear. That does not mean, however, that there was not collusion to destroy it. It seems clear to me that that happened as well. The hot fusion scientists were clearly threatened by the idea that one could bypass their giant expensive projects and produce “fusion” or something like it on a desktop at room temperatures. It is understandable that they were threatened by this.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I am not ready to
    give up on free market capitalism; it can be saved by aggressive regulation of
    the infection of crony capitalism.

  • MasterBlaster7

    Military application is fairly obvious. Tanks and all motorized military vehicles with practically unlimited range. The army would LOVE to have that. Just a simple one….the STRYKER can run on batteries to be super quiet. Just use LENR to recharge the batteries. Point being, there are some immediate military applications that would be obvious to the brass right now…you don’t need to dig or be clever with LENR for unforeseeable applications…although I bet they will find new applications.

    • Alain Samoun

      See LENR + US Navy

    • Zack Iszard

      In addition to the drive systems for ground vehicles, Lasers and Railguns on smaller platforms. Laser tanks? Railgun artillery? A mobile laser-based anti-air and anti-missile system would completely shift the air-scape, as would aircraft-mounted lasers.

      Note here that these applications don’t apply much to the US Navy, unless you count supplementing fission energy. LENR has a LONG way to go before it can supplant fission reactor systems in ships and subs for practicality, reliability, and energy density. Eventually, though, it will happen.

  • Oystein Lande

    “The rest of humanity is mostly unaware that it is the Sociopath, and the Sociopath alone who ultimately decides what is and shall be produced in our world. ”

    Haha, no idea what you are trying to say, but Count me in as one of “the rest of humanity”…

    You mean all rich and powerfull are psychopaths?
    Or no one can become rich and powerfull and not at the same time become ultimately a sociopath (or psychopath – another term for the same sickness)?
    In that case we are all screwed, haha..

    Luckily for all of us the world and life is more complex and more random.

  • Albert D. Kallal

    I always been curious what happened to the Toyota efforts. I
    recall a quote from P or F that stated they had made progress and a few more
    years of research was required. In other words, good progress was being made.

    The issue or problem of self-interest does exist. Recall
    the India government had a LENR program – again due to interests of the
    existing nuclear industry, the program was let go.

    And the same occurred in France (1990’s). They had a LENR
    program that was producing ever better results. Problem is their HUGE nuclear
    industry (over 80% of their energy comes from nuclear). A VERY large number of
    jobs and opportunity exist in France for nuclear energy. One day the group
    looking at LENR simply stated – why are we researching something that will eliminate
    most of our jobs? This is stupid! So they canned the program.

    It is “often” a difficult choice. Recall the SLEW of mini
    computer companies that stood to lose HUGE from the PC revolution. How you
    going to sell a $100,000 minicomputer when a $3000 desktop can replace that
    computer? So Sperry, Digital, Honeywell and a long list really are out of the computer
    market. And IBM waited – but eventually realized they better join the party.
    (and boy, did IBM join the party!). They owned the PC desktop market for years!

    So for traditional computer makers viewed the rise of PC
    as a threat and this view was short sited. Sperry, or Digital or SUN by
    embracing the PC revolution COULD have done very well. Just look at how Dell
    become a multi-billion dollar company. So say in the case of France, they could
    have went full speed with LENR. The result would be that major parts of the
    existing nuclear industry would have to be let go. However the France government
    simply could have regulated LENR – only government issued devices need be
    allowed – this act thus could save their jobs, and create a whole new industry.

    However, if you are making buggy whips, or mini
    computers, then all you can really do is view the desktop computer or cars a
    bad thing.

    And during probation, the gangsters made HUGE fortunes with
    bootleg booze! Capone saw the end of probation and the party was going to end!
    So Capone took all his money and moved it into gambling and casinos! A brilliant
    move on his part! (they are still in that business today!).

    The same thing occurred with Sony. They had just
    purchased MGM for their music and movie rights. At the same time this stupid
    things called MP3 music came along. They viewed MP3 as the evil energy, while
    Apple embraced MP3 music on their players (iPod). The “key” here was Apple embraced
    and allowed their players to consume MP3, but their music store was locked down
    and propitiatory. Sony executives COULD NOT get their mind around building players
    that allowed bootleg music. As a result, Apple ate their bacon and is now by
    far the largest supplier of music – they dwarf Sony. And most purchase music from
    the Apple store – and they don’t use MP3 – but an Apple format.

    My point is that it is VERY hard to let go of existing
    self-interests when a new technology comes along.

    LENR is out of the bag. It is coming!

    I think recent history (Apple, IBM, and Dell for example)
    shows that embracing the new technologies tends to be a better choice than ignoring
    the technology.

    Sony had the music industry in their pocket, but lost it
    to Apple. And companies like Digital, or Sperry etc. had much of the computer industry
    – they could just not see how successful the Dell model could be. Anyone of
    those computer companies could have easy beat Dell to the market.

    LENR is in the same boat. Most of the existing energy industries
    see LENR as a threat. However, the winners will be ones that embrace LENR full
    speed ahead – much like Apple and Dell did in their respective industries that
    were undergoing huge changes.

    The ONLY difference with LENR is that governments view
    LENR as the worst possible threat to their tax base – CO2 taxes and the
    billions of pledges at the Paris climate summit shows this intent. They don’t
    want LENR anymore then Sperry hated PC’s

    The simple matter is that LENR needs capital – millions of
    dollars. Again: MILLIONS of dollars. As awareness increases, then capital will
    follow and flow into LENR – it just a matter of time.

    LENR will result in another Microsoft or Google – it’s just
    a matter of time.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Brokeeper

      Good points Albert.
      While working as an IBM employee in Kingston NY, in the early 90’s, the mainframe business took a drastic downsize hit because of the PC domination. Fortunately, I and many others were offered very fair early retirement/severance packages before its
      large manufacturing plant closed. I used it to help kick-start a new career using
      the very PCs that caused my discharge.

      Adjustments in life are constant, however compensation must be provided for those employees affected by new technological disruptions other than short term unemployment. IBM at least saw the importance of social responsibility to their employees. I only hope the coal companies will be as benevolent, but I doubt that will happen. The federal government will have to step in and provide some re-education and other compensation when coal is shut off. Additionally, I hope trust funds will be set up, by the LENR manufacturers and other green energy producers, specifically for those that sacrificed with sweat and tear their lives to keep this country operating. This will benefit everyone.

    • Oystein Lande

      If you still Wonder what happened to F&P and their “Toyota” efforts in France, you may read my answer to LuFong below….

      • Albert D. Kallal

        Most interesting – thanks for those notes on P&F. In
        fact, if I was ANY company, I would be rather ZEALOUS to get my hands on that
        research. We are talking a good number of years of research by two VERY
        talented people. And that research represents millions of dollars of
        investment. And years of time!

        So that research is a gold mine of data and information on

        I suspect Toyota has that research under tight wraps, and
        they don’t realize how insanely valuable that research is!

        I wonder if Toyota will re-visit LENR as it gains momentum –
        such research could save them years of effort. They likely could start a whole
        new division just on LENR – especially in the area of a LENR powered car.

        Perhaps the efforts of the P&F saga is not over – Toyota
        could be sitting on a gold mine they don’t know they own!

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • psi2u2

    “a more sinter reason.” Proofread alert.

  • psi2u2

    Very nice statement.

    • psi2u2

      Except I disagree with your including “global warming” in this context. The science is not nearly so clear as we are being told. Other than that, you are right that sociopaths tend to control our world. The rest of us should not let them.

      • some consider sociopath as handicapped mentally, not only by lack of empathy, but also by lack of self-control.
        One advantage for opponents is that their lack of self control make them predictable and controllable once you understand who they are.

        There are many other toxic personalities, if not all.

        One is the “paranoid” family of personality, which at small degree give very committed and responsible manager, and at highest level hardcore fundamentalists. My personal vision, enhanced by some personal experience recently, is that they rule the world more coherently, more drammatically than the sociopath.

        sociopath are animal that don’t work together and neutralize each others once you set good rules. Economist, bitcoin blockchain, know how to manage those rats.

        paranoid are people who are deeply comitted in values, and see intention in any of your acts.
        If you oppose them you are a monster, who deserve to die, who is funded by satan or by oil companies, who have no respect for God, your mother, the Science, ot the Planet.
        They feel moral to eliminate you by academic extermination, by peer review fraud, by tweaking the data, because you are THE EVIL.

        they frighten me more than the sociopath because they can work in pack, they coordinate, adapt their ideology to work in group, and can convince innocent people not individually to exploit them but in mass to subdue them, especially the empathic masses.

        To face those priest of the true Truth against the nasty Devil, you have few personalities.
        Empathic follow them because they share the feeling of those priest.
        Schizoid clearly see the fraud, but do nothing else thinking it is wrong.
        The sociopath are not sensible to their “charm”, but can exploit those priest and their victims to make money and get power.
        Obsessional will capture their values and transform them in obsessions, enforcing rules at optimal radicality and bureaucracy level.
        Finally only the rebel/passive-aggressive will oppose them, because they don’t love orders, don’t love pack. Schizoid can give them arguments.

        any similarity with current story out of LENR is not a coincidence.

        You will recognize some personalities.

        model of personalities is Process-Communication.

        those personalities are simply strategies to solve problems, and vary in amplitude and over time , whether you are comfortable, challenged, abused.

        at small degree it is not disease, and if you can change of personality depending on the problem it is good. But normally when challenged/stressed you have a prefered strategy. Only when comfortable you choose less mastered strategies.

  • psi2u2

    But how do you define “bribery.” This is a notoriously difficult and culturally specific idea. I’m not saying that bribery isn’t bad, only that distinguishing it from other, more innocuous forms of transaction is not always easy to do. And also, modern societies have quite distinct ideas of what constitutes or does not constitute “bribery.”

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Can we agree unlimited campaign contributions for elected office is going in the wrong direction? I like your suggestion about wealth and elected office, put their assets in a trust before they serve, all increases in their net worth while serving will go to the Salvation Army. Capital punishment for bribery and insider trading is a bit severe but a mandatory ten year sentence would make it harsh enough so that anyone would tend to stay away from the grey areas. By the way, the Supreme Court just ruled insider trading is now legal. It seems to me we are headed in the wrong direction.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    bachcole, sorry I meant this for you. Can we agree unlimited campaign contributions for elected office is going in the wrong direction? I like your suggestion about wealth and elected office, put their assets in a trust before they serve, all increases in their net worth while serving will go to the Salvation Army. Capital punishment for bribery and insider trading is a bit severe but a mandatory ten year sentence would make it harsh enough so that anyone would tend to stay away from the grey areas. By the way, the Supreme Court just ruled insider trading is now legal. It seems to me we are headed in the wrong direction.

    • bachcole

      When the Founding Fathers founded the country, we didn’t have the problem of monster corporations. The Constitution needs to be amended to deal with monster corporations.