LENR-Invest Raises $810,000 in Securities Offering

Thanks to Veblin for posting a link to an article on the Octa Finance website which covers news in business and finance. See here: http://www.octafinance.com/lenr-invest-fund-ii-filing-brandon-j-stewart-submitted-dec-4-form-d/

The article refers to a securities offering made by LENR-Invest, LLC to raise funds for investments in the LENR field. The article links to a Series D form filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission which reports that $810,000 has been raised in this offering so far.

The form can be accessed here: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1659385/000165938515000001/xslFormDX01/primary_doc.xml

LENR-Invest states on its website that it is comprised of two sister companies, one based in Switzerland, and one in the United States, and that so far it has invested in key companies such as Brillouin Energy, LENR Cars, Lenuco and NichEnergy.

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  • georgehants

    $810,000 approximately equal to the coffee allowance of hot fusion for one day.
    Obama’s motorcade for global warming conference costs $784,000 – and the contracts offer ‘no sustainability’ guarantees

    • Gerard McEk

      Yes, it’s unfair isn’t it? It is not much. For LENR reseach at least a thousand fold is needed.

      • builditnow

        Some suspect that the Gates billionaire energy fund is actually an attempt to take over LENR while the public is asleep. If this is true, then billions could be being invested, and …. us little guys will be expected to pay all this back many many times over. All just speculation.

        • Bob Greenyer

          This is a real risk.

  • Hi all

    From little acorns Great Oaks grow. I wonder what the initial investment in Microsoft or Google or Amazon or Facebook was? I wonder how much those initial investors made? I wonder what they thought about the risk levels?

    It is a bet people. You place your money and take the risk, or you don’t.

    Kind Regards walker

    • Jouni Tuomela

      So nice, if we are allowed to see the speed of investing in this.

      • Jouni Tuomela

        as we all know,
        the second derivate of length is acceleration.

        • Hi all

          I was taught the second derivative of position not length is acceleration. The first derivative is velocity, the third derivative is surge or jerk, the fourth derivative is jounce, the fifth is crackle, the sixth is pop, the seventh is lock and the eighth is drop. I cannot remember the higher order derivatives after that, long long time ago doing engineering maths. I only ever remember using position, velocity, acceleration, surge and jounce in practical engineering, though I used quite complex equations on ballistics and things I signed an NDA about.

          Kind Regards walker

          • Jouni Tuomela

            So sorry, and thanks!
            Me not even integratring anymore 🙂

          • Jouni Tuomela

            So sorry for giving false information. Thank you Ian for correcting. Never have heard of even third derivate of anything.
            BR Jouni

          • Hi all

            In reply to Jouni Tuomela on the matter of using third and even fourth derivatives of position.

            Surge or jerk is the rate of increase or decrease of acceleration, sometimes in oscillation.

            There are very few cases in real life where the third and fourth derivatives are used.

            An interesting case is fairground rides, where vectors can become very complex, and where rates of spin can cause sudden variations in rate of acceleration. Controlling these to ensure the ride is exciting without being dangerous or uncomfortable is important in reducing the vomit factor of a ride.

            Another is in fluid management. In certain aspects of some propulsion systems in ballistic rocketry and some systems of ballistics where there are secondary and tertiary propulsion systems. Surge and possibly jounce may be used in positioning satellites. I believe you may also find surge and jounce used in certain types of drone systems, this is of particular importance in the automated control of such systems where multiple propulsion sources each with their own rotary effects as well as propulsion effects. Controlling only velocity and acceleration might not be enough to get an accurate model for the AI to work with and a more complex simulation up to the third and fourth derivative becomes necessary.

            One occasion where you might experience jerk or surge in day to day life is when the moment of overcoming inertia and or friction when you push an object. Another would be Jerk you feel when a break in a car suddenly applies in a lock up yet another would be when a turbo kicks in.

            Vibration in accelerating machinery is an example of unwanted effects of jerk.

            Kind Regards walker

          • Jouni Tuomela

            Many thanks Mr Walker!

  • I think my investment fund has about 1/300th of that.

  • Omega Z

    Notice of this post-
    Some suspect that the Gates billionaire energy fund is actually an attempt to take over LENR while the public is asleep.

    The Individual is usually shut out of investments like LENR in the beginning unless you have a fortune to put at risk to begin with and can afford to walk away a loser. It’s hard for the little guy to get in on purpose. To protect you should the investment fail. Besides, a start-up needs Big money & bothering with the little guy is seldom worth their effort.

    Investment tools such as LLC’s can be used for many little guys to get in. But be realistic that any such investment early on is high risk. Consider any investment gone from the beginning. Thus the only surprise is should it actually pay off.

    As to the minimum investment amount, LENR Invest is $60K. For Industrial Heat, that minimum was set at $0. However, none of this is a Guarantee of being able to invest in LENR. It only prepares you should the opportunity arises. Such an opportunity would likely require quite a large investment sum without which, you’ll still find yourself shut out..

    Your most likely opportunity to invest in LENR is if an IPO takes place like with Facebook among others. It’s just another stock investment.

    As to things such as “Gates Billionaire Energy Fund”..
    This was a given from the beginning. What do you think Industrial Heat is all about. They can bring together huge investment clients in a very short time. When this takes off, they don’t have time to mess with kick-starter groups. Big investors can quickly dispose of liquid assets for cash or leverage them for major financing overnight where as you may have pocket change.

    Your reality will be cheaper energy. Just because the Big boys will finance all this will not prevent that. In a free market system, Someone always thinks they can do it cheaper. $40 Oil & there are those who are still drilling.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Whilst annoying for some, setting a bar at $60k is sensible for the company seeking support for it’s plan. One could imagine that it was perhaps fewer than 10 entities that contributed to the total – and so messaging these vested interests is far easier. If the minimum was say $1000, then there could be over 800 people to please, at this stage there is a risk that the executives/company ends up devoting all their time to communication with investors and no effort is spared for the shareholder value building work.