Irish Times: Cold Fusion One Technology That Could Save Planet

It’s not a huge endorsement, but in an article written by Paddy Woodworth in the Irish Times, cold fusion is listed as one of five technologies that could be used to save the planet from global warming. The article is here:

The five technologies listed as technological solutions to climate change are: wind power, solar, biomass, tidal, and . . . “cold nuclear fusion.”

Regarding cold nuclear fusion, Woodworth writes:

“The holy grail of technophiles. Cold fusion could produce vast amounts of energy at much lower risk than nuclear fission and produces very little waste. The trouble is that no one knows how to do it.”

It’s a change to see this kind of endorsement, however minor — when for so long cold fusion has been the butt of jokes and held up as an example of “junk science.”

Still, I think he is a bit behind the times when he writes that no one knows how to do it.

  • Andrea Rossi – December 9th, 2015 at 2:47 PM

    Robert P:

    We are not looking to a Sterling Engine, but to a jet engine.

    Anyway, as I said, we are at the beginning of a long and difficult R&D with this subject and any answer would be premature.

    Warm Regards


    • Albert D. Kallal

      Cool –

      However, that answer is limited the context of the question –
      yes they are looking at some type of LENR powered jet engine.

      My bets are the first LENR powered plane will be a hybrid
      (an electrical fan jet with a LENR power pack producing electric).

      So the above comments by Rossi in no way eliminates previous
      statements that Rossi is looking at the Carnot cycle (a heat engine). That suggests
      the likely candidate is a sterling engine. DEKA’s becon 10 natural gas unit
      that provides heat (and electricity as a by-product) is still a match made in heaven
      for LENR.

      So I think the JET engine is really at just the “thought”
      process. And Airbus did file a patent for such a heat engine.
      I still suggest that LENR + a carnot type of engine will be the first commercial means of
      producing electricity from LENR.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • If there is major media coverage in March of a positive Rossi one year beta test, maybe the Segway inventor will give Rossi a call. That would be a much better idea than his pogo stick on wheels.

        • Did I not just say that?
          The main problem being that the oceans would be used as cooling pools.

      • Omega Z

        Sterling Engine’s are to inefficient for aircraft.
        There once was a prototype Sterling design of 40% efficiency, but was never built or proven. Regardless, it was a monstrosity that would require a C-130 for transport with very long cables to power a commercial electric aircraft. The C-130 being jet fueled of course. 🙂

        You could possibly power a jet engine with extreme temps of an E-cat X.
        Like water superheated jettisons steam from an opening, You merely replace the water with compressed air.

        This is primarily what a Jet engine does. It compresses air at the intake, the fuel superheats the air & jettisons out the exhaust. Without the compressed air, a jet engine has no thrust. Just a lowly flame. The compressed air causes the fuel to burn at extreme temps superheating the air that creates the thrust.

        The E-cat X would superheat the compressed air creating the same result.
        There are 3 ways to start a Jet engine.
        1) A generator cart the powers an electric motor that wraps the turbines to like 1300 rpm’s to compress the air then spark ignition.
        2) A start cart blower that forces air into the turbines to like 1300 rpm’s to compress the air then spark ignition.
        3) If your airborne with enough altitude, dive to induce compression & the turbine to like 1300 rpm’s to compress the air then ignition. Make sure you pack a parachute as this doesn’t always far well. 🙂
        My understanding is 1300 rpm’s is the minimum requirement. Once the Jet engine ignites, the rpm’s are far greater then that.

  • GreenWin

    Sorry, but Woodworth’s last sentence (quoted above) reveals him to be either a disinfop-awn or a mor-awn. Take your pick… 🙂

    At some future time tracking the slow, cogitated introduction of humanity’s most disruptive technology will make a cosmic anthropological study. The script is supremely written, balancing economic calamity against social welfare. It is both a boon to human beings and a challenge to the shepherds. More fun than anthropological Parcheesi!

  • GreenWin

    Mark, the haques claiming to be “journalists” in this sim have little bothered to grok the present definition of holy grail. From the infants at Wikidpedia:

    “The Holy Grail is a dish, plate, stone, or cup that is part of an important theme of Arthurian literature.
    According to legend, it has special powers, and is designed to provide
    happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance.”

    The above are all containers, indicating a perception of life confined by material vessel. LENR is anything BUT. It is instead, the dispensing of such vessel allowing its energy to flow freely to all who will benefit.

    • HS61AF91

      Heinlein, grok, good.

  • Gerard McEk

    Well, it is not bad that he has picked-up this rumor, others will start digging deeper in it (as they should). Maybe it will start the journalistic ball rolling finally.

  • Seeing as cold nuclear fusion, comes a the end of a list.
    Of Mechanisms that will have very little affect on “global warming”.
    Then I would see it as a major contributor to warming of every one.

  • Jarea

    I have put my two cents there!. Go go LENR!

  • Omega Z

    It will be many years before LENR effects the price of Oil.

    The Rockefeller’s and others saw the oil glut coming is the reason they sold out of most of their oil investments. Just following the old rule sell high, buy low.
    It also made for good news bites.

    Some like Warren Buffet sold his Oil investments, but bought into Oil transport. A Railroad that transports the Oil that should have been transported by the Keystone. It pays to have friends in high places. Buffet increased the net worth of his investment firm by $15 Billion within a few months.

    Spoiler: If next September/October it appears a Republican will win the White House, Buffet will dump the Railroad, because it becomes probable the Keystone will be built & Buffet stands to lose the increased valuation of $15 Billion.

    • Roland

      If you’re the Saudi oil minister and become aware of an emergent technology that will make your business obsolete well before you can pump and sell your known reserves you face a strategic decision.

      That decision does have an immediate impact on oil pricing, as we are currently witnessing. When your vast reserves will become grossly devalued in the near future you pump as much oil as possible before the storm breaks over you and crushes your economy.

      For the first time in over 50 years the world’s swing producer has responded to lower prices by increasing production and destroying the cartel they built to control pricing. What aspect of this eludes you?

      • Omega Z

        The current price of oil is based on current market conditions. It is not based on what may be 20 years from now. Let bullets fly between Saudi’s & Iran tomorrow & see how quickly the price jumps to over $100 a barrel.

        This is Geopolitical between the Saudi’s(+?) & Iran. The Saudi’s have increased production from 8m to 11m barrels a day offsetting the Iranian production cuts since the tightening of the economic screws. That was the primary plan & to do it without oil prices skyrocketing. Accomplished!

        Phase 2 was lower oil prices. A double whammy to Iran in reduced sales at reduced revenue per barrel. This was accomplished by a major increase in U.S. production. And yet many still think U.S. fracking was the target. U.S. production has hardly dropped at all. Less then 300K barrels a day. And they keep drilling even at current prices.

        U.S. production is set to increase in 2016 with 500K barrels a day from the Gulf. The Shale fields are sitting on another 1 million barrels that can be put into production on 30 days notice. At the same time, the U.S. & Canada are prepping Mexico for additional production & actions are already in the works.(A Major pipeline by-Canadian firm? You know who). Meanwhile, the Saudi’s are still trying to increase production to tap more of Iran’s market share. To continue the financial squeeze on Iran. Note the more barrels the Saudi’s sell, the less they need to earn per barrel for budgetary purposes.

        This is all Geopolitical. It has nothing to do with LENR. This all began Prior to Rossi’s 3rd party test. The Western hemisphere is flush with oil & natural gas & is positioned to export. There is no need to transport oil from half way around the world. The small amount of Oil bought from the Saudi’s is likely due to balance of payments for Western products along with Commercial & Military aircraft & such that they need.

        Note the Saudi’s are aware of LENR. A few Saudi business people(usually indicates Royal family members) are invested in Rossi’s E-cat as licensees to sell E-cats as according to Roger Green. They also need electricity.

        The earliest that LENR could impact Oil prices is if they start building LENR powered maritime ships. Even that is over a decade away & LENR isn’t that much different from some existing ship propulsion systems. Other transportation is even farther down the road. Much more R&D is necessary.

        The REAL question is will LENR be ready before Oil runs out.

  • psi2u2

    “The trouble is that no one knows how to do it.”

    Argh. Has the internet been invented? Apparently not.

    • Sanjeev

      He is still in denial. Or he simply wrote what he religiously believes instead of taking the trouble of googling who actually knows how to do it.

      These days journalism is about opinions and brain washing instead of fact reporting.

      • EmTee

        It is more complicated. I tried many times to improve the German LENR Wikipeda article, but those doorkeepers only accept certain sources of information, the so called mainstream media and science and voilà, the loop is ready: Wikipedia -> young researchers or journalists -> Mainstream -> Wikipedia … Only the evidence of real life products will change this.

        • Sanjeev

          And that’s why we have the LENR KB wiki hosted here on ECW. No need for wikipedia monkey business, if you need genuine LENR info 🙂

      • kdk

        To me, it’s mind boggling when somebody spends a couple hours researching cold fusion and almost invariably see the heaps of empirical data supporting its reality… you’d think that more people would pick up on the fact that something interesting is happening.

        It’s safer to one’s immediate reputation to toe the wikipravda and academic line about it not being possible. I guess we don’t know how many people have been quietly following LENR in less public venues.

      • GreenWin

        Sorry about the repetition – paste did not display.

        • GreenWin

          10 years, $1Billion dollars and this experiment, like those of the past 62+ years barely produces a plasma lasting 0.10 seconds. It yields ZERO useful energy and is, according to the experimenter’s own goals, 29.9 seconds short of proving hot fusion to be anything but a high tech con job.

          The petulance displayed by hot fusionists refusing to accept evidence they’ve gone down the wrong road bolsters galactic skeptics doubting the intelligence of the human race. Our “experts” insisting they know thermonuclear physics is like having blackface minstrels represent human behavior. We can, and MUST do better!

  • MasterBlaster7

    Someone should send Irish times a link to ecatworld.

    • bachcole

      And you are incapable of doing that?

      • Anthony Richards

        Well, I added a comment to the article, with a link to this site.

  • Hi all

    In to Rheulan

    On the matter of “global warming” you need to understand the radiative model of earth.

    Climate change is not caused by us heating the planet it is caused by our insulating it!

    There is no major extra energy being put in by the few billion humans compared to solar heating we receive every day, even if we were to increase our energy output by millions of times what we do now, it would not amount to a 10th of what a single bunch of sunspots do every time they appear.

    The earth receives energy from multiple sources, a minute speck from human activity, a small amount more from the Earth’s molten core and tidal effects but 99.9999999% is the sun.

    The earth is like a person it radiates energy. It has a steady input of energy from all its sources and radiates most of it back out. A small amount is absorbed by our weather systems in the form of evaporated sea water and plant growth and respiration. Some gets stored in animal. growth Much plant and animal growth ends in biological detritus which gets turned over millions of years in to fossil fuels and rock. But all these factors are all small amounts.

    Like a person as long as it can radiate out as much energy as it receives all is well. The problem comes when it cannot radiate as much as it receives.

    For a person as you overheat and your cooling mechanisms like sweating are overcome it pushes your life beyond sustainable levels and you die.

    For a planet, such changes in radiative levels happen quite often over millions and billions of years. Ice ages and Global warming events have happened many times in the earth’s history they all resulted in radical changes in both climate and weather patterns. To understand this you need to read up your chaos theory and great attractors, examples of attractors in the current climate are the Jet Stream, and Gulf Stream, the El Ninio is an oscillating periodic attractor. There are lots of others. These are what give you your weather. But for the Gulf Stream London’s weather would be the same as Moscow.

    The current Climate effect is because we have chucked an extra duvet on the planet in the form mainly of CO2 though Methane and other human activity produced gasses can and do increase the insulating effect.

    Reading a bit of Chaos theory may give you an idea of the risks. The current Climate model has us shifting toward a warming event leading to the polar ice caps melting, last time that happened our land mass reduced in size by average of about 10 miles in land on all coast, note in some cases the coast moved hundreds of miles in land. However if I say you read your Chaos theory, then you realise earth climate is like spinning top, knock it and it could go anywhere, ice age, swamp age, desert age, knock it hard enough and you get Venus everything dead, molten lead on the surface.

    Anyway to get back to the point, the radiative model means adding energy does not cause global warming, insulting does.

    Kind Regards walker

    • Well done.

    • f sedei

      Nicely explained. Thanks.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    The E-Cat can stand on its own. It doesn’t have to ride the coat tails of Enron inspired science.×300.jpg

  • Hi all

    In reply to fact police

    I will change the figure in edit to the figures you gave.

    Thank you for the correction I just knew the number was less than 0.1%

    See, it is sometimes useful to have a little pedantry 😉

    Kind Regards walker

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • Hi all

    In reply to Fact Police: Second correction done. As you said I was off 9% in some of my figures.

    Always happy to put in any corrections.

    Kind regards walker

    • GreenWin

      Meanwhile, Antarctica home to 85% fresh water and 95% ALL ice on Earth, continues to expand ~2% per decade – an 8% total GROWTH since start of satellite record 37 years ago. Antarctic sea ice extent reached 7.27M square miles this year – slightly below the astonishing record set last year. Human-made insulation does not work well around the South pole.

      • Omega Z

        Cheap energy is not cheap when you waste it.
        i.e. Gasoline at 30 cents a gallon becomes quite expensive if I leave my engine running 24/7.

        That said, You will find people wasting energy in some cases initially, but reality will cause a correction. As an example, It has been suggested by some that they wont need to suffer the cost of insulating their homes. Insulation serves purposes other then just energy savings. It provides comfort as in no hot/cold drafty spots as well as sound mitigation. It’s also been suggested that we heat highways in the winter. That Idea will quickly pass when they require a $2 per mile tax per person to implement such an plan.

        And people will not drive aimlessly around just because they no longer need to fill up every few hundred miles. Transport vehicles cost money as do the costs of maintaining them which correlates to the mileage & use.

        However, should people be determined to be wasteful anyway, they will soon find that the new energy is not so cheap. Nickel & Lithium are supply and demand driven. As such, just like fossil energy, cost is not determined by how much is left in the ground to be extracted.

        In my opinion, It takes some pretty shallow thinking to believe people would build $o much hardware & waste so much energy as to cause global warming. Even if the energy is cheap, the hardware & everything else is not.

      • malkom700

        There will always be pros and cons, but we have to accept what the specializes scientists are saying on the global situation.

  • Zephir

    Because A. Rossi experienced exploded E-Cat reactor which released some neutrons. It’s probably the runaway branch of cold fusion, which usually doesn’t occur or the escaping neutrons are usually of so low energy, they can be thermalized and trapped into lattice. But it apparently cannot be avoided when working with E-Cat in larger quantities. There is even potential for triggering of hot fusion bomb with cold fusion igniter. It would be quite a problem, because the chemical components of both cold fusion, both hot fusion are readily accessible. Such a bomb could be abused even with terrorist individuals – not just states or organized groups.

    • Omega Z

      Zephir, Rossi’s E-cat does not explode. It just melts down. There’s an image of that floating around on the net.

      The chance of explosion was eliminated when he disposed of the hydrogen tank. It is that tank of hydrogen that had the potential to explode. Not the E-cat reactor. There is not enough hydrogen in the reactor to explode.

      Thus, if someone wanted an explosion, they could just purchase a tank of hydrogen & the E-cat is totally unnecessary. Any thing could be used as the ignition of the hydrogen tank.

      • Zephir

        /* Rossi’s E-cat does not explode. It just melts down */

        Franc Acland already dedicated whole post to this event, IMO you’re not informed well about it

        What I don’t like is, when someone insist something in the moment, when he apparently has not all pieces of information collected – it’s easier to recognize from your posts, than you may think. You should spend less time with posting, more with reading.

        • Omega Z

          That discussion relates to Rossi’s early E-cats with the hydrogen bottle connected to it. Rossi & Focardi were still adjusting hydrogen pressure(from a tank) to the reactors at that time. The current E-cat uses a hydride.

          A reactor with a total charge of just a few grams of which hydrogen is but a small portion. This wouldn’t even be chemically equivalent of a firecracker.
          From E-cat World- LENR Knowledge Base
          First Test
          The first test took place in November 2012. In this test the E-Cat reactor under test was destroyed when it went into a thermal runaway condition, and eventually melted down.
          A photo cited by Rossi: a Hot-Cat exhibits a hot-spot during a destructive test, in 2012. This is 1 of many Rossi has had self destruct.

          Note there is another photo that is more descriptive, but I don’t recall where it was. It showed the hole meted in the side of the reactor casing.
          A Description from Rossi himself-link

          During the destructive tests we arrived to reach temperatures in the range of 2,000 Celsius degrees, when the “mouse” excited too much the E-Cat, and it is gone out of control, in the sense that we have not been able to stop the raise of the temperature (we arrived on purpose to that level, because we wanted to study this kind of situation). A nuclear Physicist, analyzing the registration of the data, has calculated that the increase of temperature (from 1,000 Celsius to 2,000 Celsius in about 10 seconds), considering the surface that has increased of such temperature, has implied a power of 1 MW, while the Mouse had a mean power of 1.3 kW. Look at the photo you have given the link of, and imagine that the cylinder was cherry red, then in 10 seconds all the cylinder became white-blue, starting from the white dot, where is placed the charge, you see in the photo (after 1 second) becoming totally white-blue in the following 9 seconds, and then an explosion and the ceramic inside (which is a ceramic that melts at 2,000 Celsius) turned into a red, brilliant powder made of small stones, like rubys. When we opened the reactor, part of the AISI 310 SS steel was not molten, but sublimated and recondensed in form of microscopic drops of steel.
          The ceramic core most likely exploded or fractured from pressure caused by the extreme temperatures. Regardless, this isn’t much of an explosion even if it were an explosion at a 800 psi. The psi isn’t the significant factor here. It is the volume which in this case is very small and the density of the material. Any shrapnel from the ceramic would simply have to little kinetic energy to do any real harm. If in close proximity this could take out an eye if you’re not wearing safety glasses or maybe even cut you. The outer steel shell prevents either from happening.

          A tractor trailer tire on the other hand at just 130 psi should it explode can kill you. If it should blow the retainer ring off, it can decapitate or cut you in half.

          The E-cat ceramic core is not a viable bomb. A Bic lighter has more explosive potential then the small amount of hydrogen in the reactor, There are far more things in the average home that can be more destructive that are easily & cheaply accessible for dirty deeds. Fortunately for us, those of this intent aren’t intelligent enough to realize that.

          I am much more concerned of the 2000`C temperature as far as safety is concerned. It should be designed for containment. Note these Hot-cats are rated at 3.5kW.

  • e-dog
  • e-dog

    so much coverage… rossi???

  • IN FACT the only hope to save the Paris Accord and the work it intends to support to save the planet is both cold fusion and plankton

    • Omega Z

      Hey Russ,

      I think I recently read an article about salmon returning to spawn in record numbers in a Alaskan river. That wasn’t some of your doings was it?

  • CaptainP

    I found something interesting. We know that in the middle ages there were alchemists who were working on transmutations, for example:

    Moreover, it appears they were even able to perform transmutations and one of such events was done on the kings court and noted in art.
    Also Sendivogius wrote few books about it.

    I think it would be good to review – (article? 🙂 all allchemy middleage books. Perhaps there could be some clue. 😉
    And maybe this could be also good material to study for LENR students. 😀