The Water Crystal — Cavitation and LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil

The Water Crystal

At 34:00 into this video show, Mark LeClair, the president and driving force behind Nanospire begins his presentation describing the production of fusion using cavitation. I contend that insight can be gleaned about unveiling the mysteries revolving around Rydberg matter and what gives Rydberg matter its LENR capabilities.

It seems to me that the multi-segmented structure of the graphite like hexagonal plates or cells connected in a long unicellular line is what is imported to collect and store large amounts of polariton energy. The water crystal that LeClair talks about is comprised of the same plate like ensemble as Rydberg matter but with O-H pairs forming the plates instead of just H.

LeClair states that he has seen the water crystal undergoing tremendous stress but it seems to be protected by a Bose Condensate based protective shield that absorbs and distributes all the energy that it generates through nuclear reactions. This shield keeps the crystal together under crushing accelerations as it eats through and digests material. The Water Crystal is attracted electrostatically to sharp edged holes and sharp edges. They track along the field lines that these sharp edges produce. This could be why the nickel micro particles used in the E-Cat LENR fuel requires the surface be pitted with large amounts of nano cracks generated in fuel reprocessing.

LeClair also states that the water crystal produces pressures some 10000 times greater than the center of the sun and yet the water crystal stays intact to eat through meters of material.

The polariton shield is in deed resistant to cosmological levels of heat and pressure more that any material that ITER can ever deploy.

Such resistance to hellish extremes in both pressures and temperatures must be a result of the magnetic forces that we know that a polariton soliton can generate.

This Polariton shield must also protects Holmlid’s Rydberg matter when he produces his nuclear effects since his Rydberg matter persists over many laser shots.

How can a flimsy collection of atoms that form Rydberg matter stay together inside Holmlid’s nuclear maelstrom?

This new concept that LeClair has now generously donated to our growing collection of LENR miracles can be added to our treasure trove. Now known, it now can be joyously placed into my LENR bag of dreams, our toolkit of the future, as a impenetrable shield that protects LENR star ships as it passes through stars, planets, and comets at light speed unaffected and unafraid as if those cosmic obstructions were not even there.

To awaken from these dreams and back to our analysis, Holmlid states that is takes weeks of laser irradiation to make Rydberg matter active. He does not see that his concept about only the physical structure of the Rydberg matter itself produces Hot Fusion effects is illogical. If only shape and/or the crystals dimensionality causes hot fusion were true, then Rydberg matter would produce fusion immediately after the first shot of the laser when Holmlid’s reactor started up. Topology never changes no matter how long that you shine a laser on it. Something must be added over time to make Rydberg matter come alive.

The laser must pump energy into the Rydberg crystal for weeks to develop that Bose condensate EMF based polariton cover that makes the Rydberg matter active. And the reaction is LENR and not hot fusion.

LeClair gets that power level up on the first shot because of the huge power production potential generated by the cavitation bubble.

The polariton soliton must remain connected to the water crystal when it is confined inside the reactor. But the polariton shield can disconnect and uncloak from the water crystal somehow and be able to pass through the walls of the reactor, float free, and exist on its own, sustained on it own energy stores. This free floating soliton might be an instance of dark matter.

At the end of his presentation, LeClair takes a shot at the Lattice theory of LENR. One of his experiments produced fusion with just water. Because of the liquid only environment, he then rejects all theories for LENR that are based on lattice production of LENR effects such as W&L theory.

LeClair seems to be of split mind between Hot and Cold nuclear processes in his reaction. Sometimes he says that he is producing hot fusion and sometimes he thinks he is doing LENR. It could be that his process is a combined hot and cold fusion mechanism.

Axil Axil

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Thanks Axil very interesting.

  • HS61AF91

    ” … a impenetrable shield that protects LENR star ships as it passes through
    stars, planets, and comets at light speed unaffected and unafraid as if
    those cosmic obstructions were not even there. …. ” so that’s how they do it! Make it happen, knowing it will. Dreams come true, when you know they are real. Thanks Axil, very inspiring.

  • Zephir

    This is example of homology used at the place of analogy. The cold fusion has nothing to do with water crystal and Holmlid’s experiments, as Holmlid himself stated clearly: he understands physics, Axil Axil not. There is fuzzy boundary between “food for thoughs” and “distraction of focus”.

    Nevertheless the mechanism of cold fusion is really analogous to some effect, which we can observe within water clusters. Before ten years American researcher John Kanzius announced,
    that the salty water generates lotta hydrogen under action of polarized radiowaves at 14 MHz. With respect to energy density of radiowaves (5.10E-8 eV) the splitting of water molecules requires ~ 1.3 eV, so it’s as improbable and “miraculous” from thermodynamic perspective as the cold fusion runing at few electronVolts.

    It indicates, both phenomena are actually driven with the similar underlying physical mechanism, similar to nanocavitation involving mutual collisions of water clusters, not individual molecules. During this electrolysis also the thermodynamically metastable mixture of hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide is formed, which indicates, the excess of energy is greatly buffered –
    the hydrogen peroxide would otherwise decompose. For me it’s also interesting, that according to Kanzius this electrolysis runs with overunity yield. But I repeat: these phenomena are SIMILAR to cold fusion mechanism, they’re not running during it.

    • Zephir

      LeClairs fusion experiments are described here
      It’s evident, they’re similar to sonofusion, i.e. hot fusion at small scale of microcavities, therefore they have nothing to do with cold fusion lattice mechanisms.

      Why it’s harmful to mix experimental findings done at different conditions? Because it will obscure the actual mechanism of cold fusion and it will prolong the research of its practical exploitation. The confusion of various models is typical attitude of mainstream physicists, who have nowhere to hurry, until their money are going, so that they’re delaying the research of cold fusion, superconductivity, etc. by many decades.

      • f sedei

        A very astute and accurate summation. Thank you. Researchers, take heed.

  • Zephir

    Regarding the Rydberg matter – it’s physical nonsense: the Rydberg states require very low matter density and energy of radiowaves for being able to survive. It’s just another example of application of fancy trendy concept (tachyon, polyneutron, monopoles) outside the scope of its own actual validity.

    • Axil Axil

      The structure and method of formation of Rydberg matter have been determined by others besides Holmlid.

      • Zephir

        Links? Do you know, what is characteristic for Rydberg matter? How it differs from normal matter?

  • Axil Axil

    LeClair is considered by most of the old school LENR advocates as at best an eccentric and a maverick. But isn’t this put down what science places on the heads of the Cold Fusion advocates themselves? Can the pot call the kettle black?

    Ed Storms analyzed the transmutation products generated in LeClair’s experiments and this imprimatur of authenticity bolstered by Ed’s reputation lends credence to the results that LeClair claims in his experiments. Like the unworldly transmutation results that have come out of the Lugano demo, can the amazing claims produced by LeClair be trusted? It seems to me that Ed Storms unblemished and longstanding reputation as a scientist lends credence to the amazing claims that the LeClair experiments have produced. How can cavitation produce transuranic elements let alone lead. But with the advent of Holmlid’s experiments which are amazing in their own rite, involving Rydberg matter, it is worth a second look at the mechanisms that LeClair is claiming. This is why I set the post under discussion in the context of a compare and contrast relationship with Holmlid’s claims. There is a definite and striking parallel between what LeClair claims and what Holmlid claims.

    One insight that might come out of the comparison between LeClair’s work and Holmlid’s experiment is to try to understand why Holmlid’s experiments are so difficult to replicate whereas cavitation happens every time right from the get go. I believe that the answer to this question might lead to major insights into the mechanisms of LENR.

    I am also going to suggest a cure for the radiation problem that LeClair has discussed in his research and I wanted to set the predicate in the LeClair post as a foundation to that suggestion.

    • Gerard McEk

      How long would these ENP exist? Would it benefit to Holmids experiments if it is first ‘treated’ with cavitation ENP’s?

      • Axil Axil

        You have hit the nail on the button. In the near future, I will propose a hybrid cavitation/E-Cat hybrid reactor where the cavitator is the Mouse producing the ENP’s and the Cats that use them to increase COP.

    • Zephir

      /* comparison between LeClair’s work and Holmlid’s experiment is to try to understand */

      The Holmlid’s experiments run at much higher energy density than the LeClair’s experiment, so that they’re even more close to hot fusion and the muons (i.e. second generation of particles) can be formed. The low average energy of his laser shouldn’t deceive you, because this energy gets released during very brief pulses. On this trick the femtosecond spectroscopy and wake field accelerators are based. Such a laser pulses were already proven effective for generation of antimatter and many exotic particles, which can be formed only during highly energetic particle collisions.

  • Axil Axil

    This Exotic Neutral Particle(ENP) behavior is illustrated when LeClair relates how a clear plastic dish that was stored in a desk drawer under the experiment about a foot away from his tabletop experiment.

    The steel and wood desktop would have shielded the plastic dish from charged particles, alpha particles and low level radiation. Neutrons might get through the desktop but the weird tracks etched into the plastic dish look like the tracks produced by the ENP generated in other LENR experiments. We know what neutrons look like when they pit CR-39 particle detection strips. They look like craters, not like long wavy filamentary tracks.

    LeClair also remarks about the tremendous amounts of magnetic signatures that even the non magnetic material retains after transmutation. Even nonmagnetic material showed magnetism.

    • Zephir

      IMO these “wavy filamentary tracks” are actually tight spirals. The were observed during another transmutations too. They could be still formed with normal particles which are in extraordinarily high-spin state, so that their own magnetic field deforms their path. Sorta like spinning ball exerting Magnus force in sport, notably association football, table tennis etc…

  • Zephir

    /* Because of the liquid only environment, he then rejects all theories
    for LENR that are based on lattice production of LENR effects such as
    W&L theory */

    This is wrong conclusion (or interpretation of LeClair’s conclusion), because LeClair experiments are done under different conditions, than the cold fusion experiments. LeClair experiments produce many neutrons, wheres the production of neutrons during lattice fusion is quite rare.

  • georgehants

    Wonderful page of pure constructive scientific discussion, a joy to witness.

  • EmTee

    what about this?

    Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable
    Gödel’s incompleteness theorems are connected to unsolvable calculations in quantum physics.

  • Axil Axil

    I have a fear that the Exotic Neutral Particle (ENP) can float free in the air and cause nuclear reactions if the experimenter is unfortunate enough to breathed them into his lungs. I wonder if this is what happened to LeClair. I don’t think that the tracks that LeClair points to in his plastic dishes are from radiation. These tracks may be derived from nuclear reactions that were catalyzed in the plastic itself after the ENP got into the plastic and produced particles from a LENR reaction.

    This mechanism was seen in John Fishers experiments where tens of thousands of alpha particles were detected with their paths all pointing back to a central source.

    • Zephir

      /* is unfortunate enough to breathed them into his lungs */


  • Axil Axil

    As you know, quarks are monopoles. Quarks make up protons. When a proton is exposed to a monopole magnetic field, it will decay.
    Monopole catalysis of proton decay

    Because Holmlid is seeing mesons, this a strong indicator that an Exotic Neutral Particle is producing a monopole field to disrupt protons.

  • Axil Axil

    The Study of Cavitation Bubble- Surface Plasmon Resonance
    Interaction For LENR and Biochemical processes

    This paper explains how the cavitation bubble produces Surface Pasmon Polaritons (SPP)

  • Axil Axil
    Non-collider searches for stable massive particles

    The theoretical motivation for exotic stable massive particles (SMPs) and the results of SMP searches at non-collider facilities are reviewed. SMPs are defined such that they would be sufficiently long-lived so as to still exist in the cosmos either as Big Bang relics or secondary collision products, and sufficiently massive such that they are typically beyond the reach of any conceivable accelerator-based experiment. The discovery of SMPs would address a number of important questions in modern physics, such as the origin and composition of dark matter and the unification of the fundamental forces. This review outlines the scenarios predicting SMPs and the techniques used at non-collider experiments to look for SMPs in cosmic rays and bound in matter. The limits so far obtained on the fluxes and matter densities of SMPs which possess various detection-relevant properties such as electric and magnetic charge are given.

    Holmlid should read this paper. It shows what can produce pions without using a collider.

    It is my contention that Rydberg matter produces these exotic stable massive particles (SMPs) as an nanometric topological antenna that receives and stores EMF in the context of a bose condensate.

    As you know, quarks are monopoles. Quarks make up protons. When a proton is exposed to a monopole magnetic field, it will decay.
    Monopole catalysis of proton decay

    Because Holmlid is seeing mesons, this a strong indicator that an Exotic Neutral Particle is producing a monopole field to disrupt protons.

  • Mats002

    I hope for an answer to this statement from Zephir: “Rydberg matter is based on formation of LOWER energy state between atoms than normal – whereas the cold fusion requires formation of HIGHER energy state between atoms instead. Rydberg matter is the state, where the electrons encircle atoms along larger paths than normally, whereas the cold fusion requires the opposite. Rydberg matter requires cooling and careful dosage of microwave energy in milielectronVolt regime for keeping metastable state of atoms, wheres the cold fusion struggles for the opposite.”

    Piantelli discovered LENR when trying to COOL his brain cells on a Ni rod, why then would he find heat?

    • Zephir

      It was some exception, I guess – the E-Cat fusion is USUALLY controlled with temperature and initiated by heating. And I’ve read somewhat different story about finding of Piantelli: it didn’t involve the liquid hellium

      • Mats002

        “It started with this biophysics experiment,” Piantelli said. “This machine changes the electromagnetic state on a cellular level. If you put a biological cell in this machine, you can see the effect. It eliminates cell division, cancer, melanoma. I’ve been working on cancer research for 18 years. We are making devices, based on these experiments, on demand. They are being used now in clinical trials in a local hospital. During these experiments with a piece of nickel material inside,” Piantelli said, “the temperature went up when pressure went down. According to Boyle’s law, this should not occur. This is an anomaly. The temperature went up near 160 C, 433 K. It happened on August 16, 1989. I remember the day clearly because it was the same day as the famous horse race here in Siena. The experiment was destroyed because of the extreme temperature”

        He was not trying to cool a cell sample then, I understand that he was decreasing the cell dividing mechanism, probably in room temperature in a low pressure H atmosphere. Did he add some EMF or radiation also?

        Why would Rydberg matter make excess heat if it is a state of lower energy, would be interesting to see an answer from Axil on this.

        • Mats002

          But then again the text starts with:
          Piantelli’s story began when he was using a cryogenic device to perform a biophysics experiment. What is the definition on cryogenic – is it not cooling as in deep freeze?

          • Zephir

            Well, OK – I just read about temperature 160 C, highly above cryogenic and about “biophysical” experiment, which I believe run at biological temperatures. You got better information in this extent.

  • GreenWin

    The LeClair Effect as noted in their website overview provides some interesting clues to electrogravitic propulsion systems. Better yet is the Nassikas II conical SC thruster as described by Dr. Paul LaViolette. Electrogravitics will do better than LENR for propulsion as once started they appear able to loop at COP3+. Superconduction eliminates heat conversion. Nice (if it works.)

  • Axil Axil

    Magnetic monopole experiment at CERN could rewrite laws of physics

    “Pinfold says the discovery of electronic monopoles will open up a whole new future for materials and technology if scientists can produce large numbers of them. “Monopoles could make materials strong enough to withstand a nuclear explosion and could also enable magnetic levitation.”

    This is what has been seen in LeClair’s experiments. The monopole field produced at the head of the water crystal can withstand nuclear bomb level energy. Why the monopole field can be so durable as a material shield is not clear to me yet.

    • Mats002

      So what did they find? It was 5 years ago and they hoped for an answer in data from 2011.

      • Axil Axil

        IT is doubtful that a dirac monopole could exist for very long because it is so heavy. Its mass is 10^^18 GeV. There is a direct relationship between the mass of a particle and how long it can live.

        But a ‘t Hooft–Polyakov monopole that is built from scratch might last a long time if it is constantly supplied with energy from nuclear reactions that it causes. To produce this type of monopole, a particle of rydberg matter must be excited by EMF for a long time to develop the high power levels necessary to produce nuclear activities.

        The trails of these monopoles are seen in the ash that comes out of LENR experiments.