Rossi Planning a Commercial (as Well as Technological) Revolution

Now Andrea Rossi has made an apparently spectacular breakthrough with the E-Cat he seems to be turning his mind not just to technological revolution, but commercial revolution. Here are some comments he made yesterday on this topic.

“My dream is a product for everybody that makes everybody make money with it. I am also studying a commercial system that will allow everybody to make money with the E-Cat. I dream a product that extends the benefits of it to everybody. Until I will not arrive to this point my work will not have been terminated.I want to make not only a revolution in the energy field, but also in the commercial field. F9.”

“I am preparing a commercial revolution to make of the E-Cat a money maker for a mass of persons. A totally new commercial system fit for the E-Cat.
Let me study on this.I have an idea, but it too is maturing.”

“To explain I give just 2 examples:
1- example of pruduct that has made everybody make money: the computer
2- example of small individual entity that developed such a product and grew up: Apple
About the particulars of what we are setting up ( F9) it is not the case to disclose them now”.

Andrea Rossi has always been interested in making a practical difference in people’s lives with his technology, and not just success in the laboratory. Now, in additional to making products, it sounds like he is thinking of ways to change the world of commerce, and making everyone wealthy with the E-Cat. This is quite a tall order indeed.

But maybe not so surprising, or far fetched. I have always thought that if we could get products into the marketplace that made the production of energy a trivial thing in terms of expense and complexity, that our whole economic system would need to change, as so much of the cost the goods and services we used is based on the cost of the energy needed to provide them.

I am, however, a bit confused about what Rossi means when he wants people to use the E-Cat to make money. If he means selling energy back to the grid with an E-Cat, that would not make sense if everyone has E-Cats producing excess electricity, since there would then be no need for the grid.

Maybe he’s thinking of some elaborate sales or referral plan where people can make money selling E-Cats to their neighbors and friends, thus pushing the tech quickly into the marketplace. But that wouldn’t last long, and the benefits would be mainly for the initial seller.

When Rossi gives the example of the computer and Apple as a product and company that have helped people make money, the computer has certainly had a vast economic impact, and provided great benefits around the world but I’m not so sure that Apple would be an example of a company that has helped lots of people make money. Their products are very expensive.

So I guess we’ll have to wait to find out exactly what he means here. Maybe it’s a flash in the pan idea that won’t amount to much when faced with the realities of the cold hard world of commerce — but perhaps he really will come up with something really revolutionary. For now I think this commercial plan will have to be a secondary issue. The first order of the day is going to have to get the products working successfully.

  • Bob

    I must assume that Rossi is stating that people used computers (not necessarily Apple) to do business. Some people used computers for graphics, writing books, doing accounting and then more technical jobs such as CAD, CAM, FEA etc. So the computer became a tool for others to make money.
    It is hard to see how the eCat would move into that same comparison. A computer can do many different things, accounting programs, engineering programs, graphics, etc. But the eCat makes power. So while one may be able to start a business making some type of product and do so because they have a lower cost power supply, it is unlikely that this will have much of an impact for most. All the people that used computers would not have benefited much if the power to run that computer was completely free, without cost. It is such a small part of the equation. I.E. no engineer stated “I could not become an engineer because electricity was not available or too costly”. No one was prohibited from writing a novel because the electric typewriter used too much electricity. A manufacturing facility could save large amounts, but how many people are going to start manufacturing companies? Not many.. Very few. Even if they did, electricity is a commodity. Once low cost power is available everyone will have it. So the advantage of low cost power is no longer an advantage over competition, they will have it also! Low cost power may lower prices, but it will not make all people Henry Ford overnight.
    Therefore this is another “Fabianism”. Defined by Rossi jumping projects and making assumptions about things that are not within common reality. Rossi’s imagination has lept to another project before even the first is complete, and it may be one of those that “is simply not workable in the normal world”.
    I applaud him for his intentions, but it is unlikely that the eCat will be a main tool for income to the masses. Almost everyone owns a car in the USA. Most of these people require a car to work, either commuting from home or business travel. These cars COST everyone money, they do not bring in money. Unless you are a delivery / truck driver, your car is not a source of income. I do not see the eCat being any different. So unless he thinks everyone will become delivery drivers, the eCat will not be a blue collar source of income.
    So again, I hope that Rossi stays the course and insures that Darden has a 1 MW plant to publicly announce in two months. One should walk before they run or they will stumble and skin their knee (or worse).
    A new week, going into a new year…. I continue to wait…..especially for some new announcement from Darden.

    • reader22b

      A simple drop-in power source will be very useful.

  • Combine a cheap, versatile and long lasting energy source with extremely high energy density, with the maker movement.

    • Mats002

      You mean like 3D printers at home for different materials using open source CAD drawings for everyone for free? Patent offices can close down, IP will be hard to defend, as for music and computer programs.

      • Bob

        One may be able to make a product on a 3D printer for personal use, but they cannot make them and sell to the public if someone else has a patent on it. (At least they are supposed to pay royalties) So making items for oneself is OK, but it does not make you money. To make money, you must add value and then sell to someone else. Patent offices will still exist because people will still need patent protection.. just like Rossi… or many (like China) would start making the product and sell for less.

        Also, with 3D printers, the electricity is still a small cost component. One still has to purchase the printer, the software, know how to program the software and then the real cost is the polymers used by the printer. Remember, electricity is a commodity, not a product (unless you are a utility) So once low cost power is available to the public, it is no longer a competitive advantage. An individual thinks he can compete because he now has an almost free electrical source. The cost of the electricity is minute compared to the other components. Larger companies will purchase in bulk, have hundreds of 3D printers and put him out of business, using the same low cost eCats for power.
        Henry Ford did not make it over night by making small production runs, he made a thousand cars a day. Apple made it my strict patent protection and proprietary components and massive marketing campaigns, not cheap prices and small volume runs.
        We have to understand, electricity is a commodity. Unless you are a steel smelter or other huge entity that requires huge amounts of power, electricity will not make you money, it is a cost of doing business.
        If you are not in business now, you will not be in business simply because of cheap electricity.
        It is possible that 3rd world countries could take advantage of the almost slave labor conditions to start mass production because they could now have power available to run large manufacturing facilities and cheap power to transport those goods from the interior to export at the coast line. This will not help western world countries and is debatable if it will help third world. It depends on who runs the factories. If they are fair and treat the people correctly, it will help them. If they treat the people like slaves, it will not help much. We see this in some parts of the world now.
        No, the eCat will not be a major source of income for the majority of people. It could reduce the cost of living to the western world and possibly provide clean water to the third world if powers that be let it. I doubt that ISIS would spend any money for clean water in their territories, they will spend it on terrorism.
        I continue to wait for the public announcement from Darden….

        • One day 3d printers will be ‘good enough’ just like digital cameras. That’s when people will understand.

          • Omega Z

            One day, 3D printers will be Cheap.
            But oh that refill cartridge$$$$$$

          • bachcole

            Some enterprising company may even give away the 3D printers.

      • What I mean is making the E-Cat technology available as a very cheap module—a little bit like the micro computer Raspberry Pi—will let innovators and ‘makers’ all over the world invent and create a large number of yet unknown and not-yet-thought-of products and objects. An acceleration of the already intensively growing maker movement.

        • artefact

          I can’t wait for the never recharge robots.

          • Omega Z

            Recharge or Recharge.
            No need to plug it in for a recharge, but you will need to recharge the fuel annually.

          • artefact

            Annually probably when it arrives on the market. It is a timeframe set by Rossi. I guess In the years to come that can be extended so that I will not have to do anything until I get me a new version of it.

        • HS61AF91

          I’ve always known that energy, free or near free like lenr, will enable a new era, for all. It enables a stop to fighting each other, and negates making profit above all else.

  • Billy Jackson

    I think the term everybody should be taken with a grain of salt. I do
    not think he means literally EVERY PERSON but more in the lines of
    anyone seeking to make money using the e-cat should be able to in some

    Power is a limiting factor in a lot of ways. Our modern
    world simply cant exist without some form of power as we move forward we
    are going to need more and more of it.

    a cheap mobile source of power that lasts 30+ days with a high output would enable us to do things that we cant right now so yes there are plenty of ways to make money using the ecat for those who wish to get into that side of it.

  • “I am, however, a bit confused about what Rossi means when he wants people to use the E-Cat to make money. If he means selling energy back to the grid with an E-Cat, that would not make sense if everyone has E-Cats producing excess electricity, since there would then be no need for the grid.”

    Yes, but it will take decades to get rid off the grid, so for a minimum of 10 to 20 years ordinary people will be able to make money,…perhaps. The problem with that is that the grid decides what to pay you, so I would not expect much. Maybe he just means saving money and retail stores selling his product in vast quantities.

    • Monty

      probably he is also talking about the new possibilities arriving with the e-cat.
      everybody will have access to energy in different forms at the same time (!) and can take advantage of that.

      • US_Citizen71

        Someone will have install and sell the heated driveways that a home E-Cat would allow to be run cheaply for instance. Would come in real handy this time of year.

    • Omega Z

      Note Electricity is of the nature that there needs to be demand or there is no where for that energy to go except back feeding & blowing things up.
      Besides that, If you want to use my grid, you need to pay for that.

      You can use my truck & provide your own gas, but I still want maintenance & user fees. I have expenses & people to pay.

  • Obvious

    A penny saved is a penny earned.

    • Omega Z

      And thus, everyone makes money from this.

  • LindbergofSwed

    It will be nice to see the big masses reaction when this hits the market. People will realice this is their solution to the climatechange. It would be nice to be in it somehow. I would love to sell it.

  • Christina

    Use the e-cat model in intra-solar system ships.
    Have every westerner who wants to do so invest in those ships.
    When the ships come home with new discoveries have everyone who invested get paid.
    Invested $5? Get back $500.
    Not every ship will come back with a payload, but enough might to make this work.
    Of course, the very first thing is that the ships are safe for those mining the solar system.


  • Jas

    Musicians and artists will benefit greatly from this technology. Imagine the type of art that can be done with lasers, holograms and other effects. Any location you could imagine. No need for power leads or noisy generators. Outdoor music festivals would benefit too.

    • Stephen

      Yup that’s so true and also inspiring! My parents are potters and I can well imagine this technology helping them. I wonder what artistic and creative ideas will be imagined. Both large scale productions and festivals and locally. It will be much more affordable for small arts and music and theatre groups etc to produce and develope their work and more affordable for others to try out a new creative hobby. That could be great for communities.

  • Alain Samoun

    I wonder what a Saudi prince thinks of making money with an E-Cat? And what about a CEO of a fission nuclear industry company or the Koch brothers? This beautiful world with free energy won’t please everybody, to the point that it may never happens.

    • clovis ray

      yep, it going to be verrrry interesting indeed, back on the edge of my seat,again.

    • Roland

      If various observers are correct the Saudis are already suffering due to the eminent deployment of LENR and given their inability to generate wealth by any means other than the carbon biz they, and a number of similarly positioned nations, are headed for the geopolitical dumpster. I, for one, won’t miss them or shed a single tear.

      The nuclear power biz will disappear; good riddance to a conceptual framework and technology built specifically around provisioning nuclear weapons.

      The Koch brothers will fight dirty, as is their wont, and with any luck they and others of their ilk be crushed due to intransigence.

      As to stopping the train before it leaves the station; Rossi considered this long ago and has taken appropriate measures, including the current relationship with Tom Darden whom we can expect has also given this some thought.

  • LilyLover

    Well, dear Dr. Andrea cannot speak too much.
    Although he might have crossed the technological barrier, he still hasn’t crossed the assassination barrier. So, subtle must he be.
    Very aptly making his point – PC, Apple & Changing economies
    With the blessings of mother Earth and her love for all her children, I’ll take the moral liberty to explain Andrea’s desires and conundrums.
    1. PC – Nobody had it. Big giant buildings with multimillions spent for housing, programming or operating those. 1 day’s pay-check for supercomputing capabilities. Handheld computer. Sub $20 Raspberry Pi.
    2. Apple – Starting small, capitalized on cutism-deficit in gadget industry and made a well respected and beloved end-user products. Glamorized quasi-Linux OS. Formidable benchmarking gadget for polished-ness.
    3. Changing economies – No, not selling energy back to grid. Not saving a few dollars per month on gasoline. Not providing cheap heat or electricity. What is our energy cost? $300 month? Make that zero. Will that affect your life? Not much.

    With that introduction, let me assure you that good doctor is neither shallow nor less than cunning in making sure that he does his best for the maximum good for the most.

    Most of you are US/UK centric folks that talk about selling back energy to grid and saving money. That’s not even significant. Do you know why are you rich? Why do you have enough time to spend on this website, whereas the Master of Science guy in an Indian/Mexican/Argentinian call center is on tech-support for your community college-drop out wife? Why the guy in SA is picking the precious exotic beans for 8 hours a day that I can buy for 5 minutes spent in office surfing the internet? Disparity. Military power. We employ financial engineering, loot $100, give back $3 in charity, focus on what we give back to look good in the eyes of our children and misguide the loyalty of young men and women to carry out standing threats or “command presence” around the globe.

    1. Ultra cheap laser weapons and guardian domes – make everyone strong and unexploitable.
    A Mexican teachers’ one hour of classroom will fetch him/her 5 bags of oranges. The US will also CONTINUE to get rewarded in the same manner but everyone else will begin to become affluent.
    Perhaps, this is what most old Americans don’t like to hear – their relative importance will approach global average and standard deviation of global average importance of any human being will drastically diminish.

    2. Once that happens, large machines will produce everything for free, elite programmers of machines will be rewarded with beautiful wives or husbands. Capitalistic parasitism will end. Rentism will become immoral again. People can live happily without work or with 10% of work or with 1 hour of work per day doable from anywhere in the World while on perpetual vacations.

    3. Old money despises relative importance being diminished, just as they despise hyperinflation that brings them down to commoners’ levels. But this time they cannot do anything about it. Participate in global abundance or stay away from it, but they cannot hold others hostage through student debt or credit card debt or rent-debt. Those days will be gone.

    4. Just as with the advent of PC, free photo viewing, more people took more photos and used their random frivolous moments for happiness. Today a guy in Bhutan can afford to share more photos than the kings of 1800s or the Royalties of the 1950s. PC changed word processing. PC changed need for $150/hr “spreadsheet-makers” to entry level salaried shared outputs at superb finished level products. Thus reshaping the economy.

    5. People will buy E-Cat not as a means for social revolution but as a means of savings for themselves. Uniquely, this invention will undo the global injustices with willing participation and adoption by the masses. This will have single handedly changed the nature of revolutions and established moral order in the society. For this, I call him, NOT Dr. Rossi, but St. Andrea.

    6. Once people love their E-Cat, they’ll love for immediate benefits and after mental evolution and acceptance of equality, they’ll love the E-Cat as a force for good. Earth will conclusively have an answer to the question – Will humanity kill itself to Extinction or will it evolve to Logan’s Run without red dot?

    7. Economics – salary of the near future – will be based on “fraction of commodities futures contract” – and after abundance, we will join other advanced civilizations wherein money doesn’t exist. Everything desired is “just there”. Like mobile communication has dropped from few dollars per hour to few dollars per year – and now with various apps – practically free or even a step further – thought about to get paid for using our service and watching our ads – the E-Cat with cheap energy will eradicate money and thereby the money-monopolies or money-profiteering. It’ll allow us to value what matters the most – each other.

    E-Cat will become the symbol of Age of Aquarius wtih elevated human hearts, eliminated sufferings and plentiful abundance to everyone’s content.
    Then we’ll aspire to reach out into the Universe and help out other primitive species. We are at the foothills of the exponential graphs of progress.

    My dear E-Catters, this is no less significant and no less true, than the peace this knowledge brings to my heart knowing that the good change has happened and no force in the world can reverse it now!!!



    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I hope Rossi is not hinting at Multi-Level Marketing.

      • Alain Samoun

        Well, to think of it, you maybe right: A small expensive gadget making enough power to light you garage or charge your phone/tablet – Look Ma: No battery! Like Orbo?

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Multi-level marketing is a quick way to saturate a market, but it’s inefficient and employs too many middle men. The E-Cat does not need that. It will sell itself. Rossi should copy Tesla Motors and eliminate the middle man, but allow other companies to offer “apps” or products that rely on the E-Cat for energy….like water-heaters, hvac, distillers, boat-motors, autos, etc.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        I mean some companies use computers to control their elevators. Some use computers to control their indoor greenhouse. Some companies use computers to do their payroll. So the “use” of the computer is near unlimited. And thus any company using a computer to control a hot-tub, a commercial greenhouse etc. have thus build products for sell and to make
        money based on the computer.

        The same goes for a heating module. A company can now sell greenhouses that are heated by LENR. A company can build a camping barbeque that is powered by LENR. A company can build a hot tub that’s powered by LENR. A company can build a dryer that comes with a LENR module. A company can build an air conditioning system with a LENR module. A company can build a home or camping refrigerator. A company can build a module to keep your car
        toasty warm in the winter without you needing a garage.

        The list of “products” that one can choose to build using computers, or I this case a LENR module is really nearly un-limited. Virtually any product that requires energy will be a product that will OPEN many doors for people to create new companies and services.

        I mean, nearly every company had to do payroll before computers came along, but a HUGE number of payroll service companies sprang up by taking advantage of the computer revolution.

        Much of the opportunities in the computer revolution was looking around for business that HAD NOT YET computerized, and purchasing such companies, introducing computers and as a result you can double or even by larger factors increase the worth of such business.

        I mean, you ever heard of eBay to sell things? So computers open many doors for people and business to make money.

        I mean what product or company does not use energy in some form?

        I mean a noise free solid state device that produces lots of energy likely has MORE uses then batteries – and batteries are HUGE business and can be found in an astounding array of products. Cell Phones, or camping lights anyone?

        There is little if any doubt that LENR has at LEAST the number of uses compared to batteries, and in fact far more, since LENR can be used for heating and air conditioning.

        So from hot water heaters, to camping stoves, to say some street lights that run for years without external power or maintains is only scratching the surface here.

        So little if any surprise what Rossi is talking about – I see near endless possibilities with LENR and always have.

        The simple fact is likely MORE business sprang up as a result of the computer industry – it IS NOT the computer makers that make all the money, but those companies that USE computers to deliver products, be it eBay, or some company selling computerized greenhouses.

        I kind thought this is why everyone has always been so excited by LENR and I OFTEN made parallels to the computer revolution since I see the impact of this technology likely to be LARGER than the computer revolution!

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

        • Mats002

          Brilliant analysis Albert! The problem with computerization was that it was hard to assess what companies had most to gain by computerization. Of course the larger payrolls the better businesscase but some types of business had more to gain then others and add to that some business was easier to win than others.

          With energy it might look easier to know where to go: the more energy hungry, the more to gain, but again what should YOU shoot for? Aim too high and you loose to the big players, aim too low and you are ahead of time in that market place. How to find your niche in an energy revolution?

          • Albert D. Kallal

            Actually, you can well see many a business that will benefit, and those that will not benefit from computers. Can’t say I saw the rise of Amazon to sell books, it WAS the result of some young grads studying what product would be “most” easy to sell and ship to consumers via the internet – and they were right!

            And on a smaller level I MUST as a matter of action find where a business will and will not benefit by the introduction of computers. The “higher” the amount of EXISTING processes in the company that are NOT computerized and CAN be computerized certainly points one to low hanging fruit.

            A major courier company used to have a building with about 8 floors of people answering the phone (for package tracking). When they introduced their on-line web package tracking, they saved 10 million dollars in the FIRST year! (and that building full of people is NOT required!). They likely paid for their software in ONE MONTH of using that system!

            So computers automate business process just like production lines and robots do for the factory floor. A 1950’s food plant that produces can food goods was ALREADY VERY highly automated, and introduction of a new production line based on new robots etc. likely will NOT increase production of that 1950’s plant that produced can goods. However, in the area of “handling” the output of the cans such as automated boxing and automated warehouse parts – then large gains still do exist.

            So this is a great example of automation AFTER the product been made:


            The above is a plant in Mexico.

            Being a software consultant means it easy for me to spot WHERE a company will benefit from computers. In fact, if cannot spot “where” the savings can be had, then I cannot do work for that company! You can ONLY make a pitch to the company boss WHEN my work costs LESS than the benefits + cost of computers and software in question.

            A company NEVER is going to hire an employee if that employee costs MORE than the value they create for that company (else they will be losing money by hiring you!). This same basic “cost” considering is done by any business owner on a daily basis. This applies to purchasing computer systems, hiring people, or even purchasing a photo-copier. The benefits MUST outweigh the costs.

            So finding the benefits is the ONLY real way to find work! What company would NOT throw money at me to build them something that saves MORE then what I cost? (how can anyone refuse that concept?).

            Companies purchase billions of dollars of computers and software because it saves them MORE then what that purchase costs! Really very simple! (without this simple concept, the company will go bankrupt).

            If a company has a 20 year old “DOS” based payroll program, and I walk in and pitch them to re-write that software in some newfangled version of windows? No sale!!! This is because software does not rust, and the 20 year old payroll program they have runs just fine. A re-write will NOT save them money! However, there ARE THINGS I can do to the payroll system that will save them LOTS of money – and thus I will walk out with a signed contract. And I can do this without re-writing that old DOS program! In fact I likely can come up with numbers that will result in them saving MORE labor and time then what the whole payroll system saves them now! (and that’s without re-writing the existing system!). How one does this is far too long of a explain here and is rather off topic.

            In effect, I can’t really do any work unless the benefits and cost reductions I offer are GREATER then what I cost to build a software system.

            And the same approach in looking at companies and products can and will benefit from LENR is much the same process that any business owner has to make on a daily basis.

            In other words, there is an endless number of products that will benefit from LENR because those purchasing such products will receive MORE benefits then the cost of such a purchase – really not a whole lot different than using computers to save money, or a car to deliver and expand the market area of a small pizza shop. The simple purchase of a car can expand the ability of that small pizza shop to service many customers.

            Of course now with LENR, the pizza oven is LENR powered, and so is the LENR powered drone that will deliver pizza all day long without needing a battery re-charge for that drone! So they can replace the car for delivery, and not have to pay for gas or electric to cook the pizza – LENR will replace two major systems in this example pizza system.

            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • Agaricus

            In order for ‘everyone’ to make money, participation would be necessary. This pretty much rules out the current industrial trajectory as the world of industry is pretty much closed to non-specialists. No matter how many glossy leaflets I send to my local paper mill, they will not buy their cold fusion boilers through me (or from the other hundreds of hopeful ‘agents’ who bombard them with identical leaflets, for the promised 1% commission).

            So Rossi seems to be back on his original track with e-cat x — domestic boilers/heaters. The market is of course huge and it’s possible he is envisaging some kind of ‘network marketing’ scheme, but I hope not.

            I am preparing a commercial revolution to make of the E-Cat a money maker for a mass of persons. A totally new commercial system fit for the E-Cat.” seems to point more towards some idea about maintenance – perhaps an army of ‘IH-certified’ fitters who will carry out some simple tasks and replace the cartridge in the millions of ‘home units’ he envisages selling.

            However without industrial sales to run up a safety record, specifically of ‘e-cat x’ based products of which we have heard no mention, certification of home units is more than likely to prove very problematic. But not only that. While industrial boilers would eventually threaten the fossil fuel and nuclear industries, and so might give rise to some spanners being chucked into the works by the potential losers, home power and heating units (and the other uses they could be adapted to) would be so potentially disruptive to vested interests that powerful politicians would block them at every turn on a variety of mostly specious ‘safety concerns’. In practice that could be the end of the CF story for several years while the big boys rearrange the scenery.

          • GreenWin

            The process of reading Rossi tea leaves strikes me as guided misdirection. As for the E-Cat industrial product concluding a one year burn-in – IH, Darden, UK investors etc. have IP rights to manufacture and sell such products commercially. The only market with certifiable track record of (E-Cat) operation is the industrial heat market.

            Mr. Darden, being a lawyer has a legal and fiduciary obligation to the combined investors. Given his track record of business success and presence on boards of environmentally conscious companies, it is reasonable to assume he will see the E-Cat through to market.

            As for the E-Cat X which appears to be some variation of the industrial design, there is little chance it will be certifiably “commercial” until well after the IH product is established. While it is wonderful to envision a heat/electric Raspberry Pie component — it will take some senior level management to bring it to market.

            I commiserate with Bob – many here have been waiting six decades for the hot fusionists to demonstrate anything close to useful energy. They have not. And so, we continue to wait. And throw taxpayer funding into its abyss.

          • As far as I know, no senior level management was required to bring Raspberry Pi to market. In millions.

          • GreenWin

            Mats, I mean experienced entrepreneurs and advisers who, like Darden, have experience and connections in business (profit or not.) By example, the Raspberry Pie Foundation has a seasoned Board including:

            David Cleevely – Chairman
            Jack Lang – Vice-Chair Co-Founder
            David Braben – Co-Founder
            Louis Glass Co-Founder
            Pete Lomas Esq.
            Alan Mycroft – Co-Founder

            It always helps to have a supporting cast. Then again, guys like Edison hired attorneys and claimed credit for other peoples’ work.

          • You’re right GreenWin.

    • Bob

      Paradise was not lost, it never was…
      American Indian tribes fought wars long before Europeans came.
      African tribes fought long before Europeans colonized.
      China’s history is full of war.
      Polynesian Island nations fought continously.
      Germanic tribes fought the Romans
      Ghengis Khan fought everyone
      Persians versus Greeks
      and on and on and on…
      No matter what there will be disparity. Hopefully the world can eventually make the gap smaller, but there will always be some. Disparity is not solely monetary. It is education, it s religion, it is ethnic, it locality, it land, it is water, it is minerals, it is insanity.
      You mention programmers getting beautiful wifes as a reward? What about those wives! Are they souless beings with their only worth as female mates! I shake my head at that.
      There will always be some need for menial work. Some one will have to take out the trash so to speak. One will say, use robots! Someone has to make the robots! Use robots to do that!…. it is a nevering ending pragmatism. At some point someone has to work and they will want more rewards than those who do not work. Thus disparity exists.
      Then you have the power hungry. Some want power more than money. Look at many politicians and government leaders around the world. They do not need money, yet they grapple for power. Do you think Putin needs more money? Do you think the North Korean dictator needs more money, more free energy, more vacation? There are those in this world that seek nothing but power.
      Rather it be lack of education, societal learning or even ethnic disparity, there will always be disparity and conflict. It is human nature. We might use our intelligence (that which makes humans different that carnivorous animals) to reduce this conflict and disparity, but we cannot completely change our nature. A line in the Avengers movie is quite true! The evil Loki, demanding eveyrone to bow before him states that “there is NO one like me!” An old man who lived the holocaust stands and states “There are ALWAYS men like you!” Unfortunately, the eCat will not change this human nature.

      It can make life better and be a great benefit, just like atomic energy had the potential. That same potential can destroy the world as well. Who know s what ISIS or a dictator could do with unlimited, compact and portable energy? Sometimes what we wish for does not always turn out the way we desire.
      The eCat will not be the salvation of the world, no more so than was whale oil, the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, the air plane, the electrical motor, the xRay, atomic power or solar power or wind power.

      I do not worry now about bad use of the eCat… I only continue to wait …

      • LilyLover

        “Paradise was not lost, it never was…”
        It never has been … but it will be.
        “… gap smaller… ”
        Yes. No ideal World but pretty damn close.
        If you sit in high tower and leech off of my efforts, there will be a cause for bloody mess.
        If you sit in a 101′ tower and I sit in 100′ tower and we spend one hour per day in programming machines, there is no cause for bloodlust. Very very high amount of insanity will be needed for in-fighting.
        “Disparity is not solely monetary. It is education…”
        I’ll offer free education of all kind of the highest quality, for free. I promise.
        “…it s religion…”
        with suffering brought down to zero we can spend 39 non-working hours a week to discuss your religion vs my religion … debate and discuss and get enlightened. I’d hope you’d abandon it altogether, but if not, it’s better to discuss religion 39 hours and live happy life than to perform drudgery and praise the “lord”.
        “…it is ethnic, it locality, it land… ”
        Won’t matter after equalization of importance through equalization of buying power.
        “…it is water, it is minerals…”
        Ambient condensed water with cheap energy, plentiful minerals with 100% recycle or alternate usages and lack of need…
        “…it is insanity….”
        Free education, free healthcare and happy life with unlimited vacations – you’ll see how the insanity goes down with happiness.
        “You mention programmers getting beautiful wifes as a
        reward? What about those wives! Are they souless beings with their
        only worth as female mates! I shake my head at that.”
        Or husbands. Or both highly skilled programmers get each other.
        Today, beautiful people marry old money. or Randomly beautiful people get rewarded for being movie-stars in the controlled World of managed dissatisfaction. No merit. Pure frivolism gets rewarded.All I’m saying is – quality of heart will matter not just looks. You/I made my point 180 degrees of the intention.
        “There will always be some need for menial work. Some one will have to take out
        the trash so to speak. One will say, use robots! Someone has to make
        the robots! Use robots to do that!…. it is a nevering ending
        Cops, when not responding to crimes, will make the robots, the last menial task.
        Commit a crime and become a cop.
        Make good robots and get freedom from copdom.
        Not enough cops? Institute 2 hour volunteerism for 25 to 30 years of age.
        Use random numbers for selection.
        Few working is better than all working needlessly.
        “At some point someone has to work and they will want more
        rewards than those who do not work. Thus disparity exists.”
        Yet, disparity can be managed easily with advent of abundance, rather than in the face of scarcity.
        Disparity management becomes a fun game rather than life or death revolts.
        “Then you have the power hungry. Some want power more than money. Look at
        many politicians and government leaders around the world.”
        I’ll take care of that, if general happiness doesn’t win it over.
        “They do not need money, yet they grapple for power. Do you think Putin needs more money?”
        They may not personally need money, but they want it for their people.
        Do you think Putin will garner even 1% of the support when all become rich, satisfied and happy?
        “Do you think the North Korean dictator needs more money, more
        free energy, more vacation? There are those in this world that seek
        nothing but power.”
        Same, the thunder from under the exploitation-cpitalizers goes away with happy abundance.
        “Rather it be lack of education, societal
        I’ll teach every subject to everyone to the highest quality.
        “…there will always be disparity and conflict. It is human nature.”
        That’s what you have been taught. And you are wrong.
        Besides random violence, do you see people in Monaco killing each other for fun?
        It’s not human nature. Revenge against injustice has been the human nature. Hence the old-World conflicts.
        Me big parasite – me want money – me do nothing => Conflicts.
        Happy abundance -> conflicts->zero.
        We might use our intelligence (that which makes humans different that carnivorous animals) to reduce this conflict and disparity, but we cannot completely change our nature.”
        Perhaps that’s your nature. I’ll make sure that after all the “conflict-loving-oldies” die out, all the new generation will become puzzled at that odd “nature” of the past uncivilization.
        “A line in the Avengers movie is quite true! The evil Loki, demanding
        eveyrone to bow before him states that “there is NO one like me!” An
        old man who lived the holocaust stands and states “There are ALWAYS men
        like you!” Unfortunately, the eCat will not change this human nature.”
        These open source elite mathematicians or programmers or society will always show those people – “see, s/he’s better than you, and humbler than you, so, shut up, live happily.”
        The supply of coward underlings will be empty. With knowledge, all will be brave like Caesar and insubordinate to anyone with false-pride. Love will move mountains, fear won’t move a mustard.
        “…It can make life better and be a great benefit, just like atomic energy
        had the potential. That same potential can destroy the world as well.
        Who know s what ISIS or a dictator could do with unlimited, compact and
        portable energy? Sometimes what we wish for does not always turn out
        the way we desire.”
        A keen reader greatly understands the meaning of …
        Ultra cheap laser weapons and guardian domes – make everyone strong and unexploitable.
        “…The eCat will not be the salvation of the
        world, no more so than was whale oil, the steam engine, the internal
        combustion engine, the air plane, the electrical motor, the xRay, atomic
        power or solar power or wind power.”
        That’s where you fail to estimate the potential or impending changes that the E-Cat is about to bring.
        The changes I mentioned will not happen because of E-Cat but they will be forced upon us because of E-Cat. For once, remember that we could have achieved all of that despite of E-Cat. The “human nature” of parasites needed vast disparity.
        This wantonness of the few will be extinguished by the E-Cat AND THAT WILL CAUSE ALL THE CHANGES.


        “I do not worry now about bad use of the eCat…”
        Because the nature of the E-Cat itself eliminated all bad uses and is truly a progressive agent for humanity.

        Perhaps your age or your limited “bounded rationality” keeps you hopeless, but believe me gladly – I am right and you are wrong.

        Humbly and Lovingly,

        • HS61AF91

          Right on, LL. You’re shooting 1000%

        • many good point, both of you, but I share LilyLover optimism mostly.

          I advise you reading “The Next Convergence” by Michael Spencer, to understand how works a technology transition, here a catchup.

          The LENr revolution will be like the industrial or agrarian revolution.

          as always first it will make rich, no less rich, and poor much more richer.

          Comparatively people will feel a change in hierarchy, even if nobody will loose (except position).

          For me the great change will not be that people will not work (they will work less for annoying jos, and as much for passion works like entrepreneurs, sport monitors, university teachers or researchers) it should be that “care of people” works will be more valuable than “paperworks” or “push the button” works.

          It is very hard to make “care work” be better paid, despite it is harder than “paper jobs”, because “care works” need less education and can be done by anybody desperate enough to be kind with his client.
          However more and more people today (even poor, but helped by social system) cannot be polite, kind, empathic, and thus failed to care of people (nurse, babysitters, elder care, sales, phone support, home/office support).
          If there is “basic income”, the will be nobody desperate enough to be polite, despite his bad temper. People with good empathic nature will be appreciated, like people good in math, or quick to decide.

          I don’t believe there will be no work, even if like some say most intellectual and physical jobs are replaced by robots and computers…
          I think that teachers as we know today will be replaced by reversed school, with MOOC studied at home or in open schools, with peer-help in forum, with artifical intelligence help, but there will be a great need of professional teachers to help kids go further, to overcome deep problems, or to push them to extreme competence when they demand it.
          same for psychiatrist who could be helped by AI, by facebook modules, by computer drivers, by google now modules, detecting troubles, silently proposing cognitive cure (news, articles, books, films, online chat with AI)… but for extreme case, beyont the research and developement of those AI, theer will be need for “care of people” experts.

          If all the material goods are made by bots, if the house is cleaned by bots, if the house is designed by an AI, and printed in 3D from walls to gadgets… people will have time to travel and visiots other cultures.

          there will be a need for tourist guides, for sport monitors, for companions.

          If this world wil provide you all you need, there will be a need for blogger to talk about what you need, about who to ask it…

          maybe blogger, influencers, will replace media and salesmen… as it is starting to happen…

          money is only work, so if things are getting cheaper, people will need less work to have the same, or will consume more and continue working much…

    • Omega Z

      Uhh, laser weapons are not cheap. However, cheap energy will benefit those who can afford to build them as this makes them cheap to operate.

      And perpetual vacations. You mean the end of humanity.
      People enjoy vacation as it gets away from the norm. Perpetual vacation would soon take on the cover of another job that you can’t escape from.

      A dozen years ago a guy fresh out of basic was bragging that today’s troops were better then in the past because the Military had substantially increased the training.

      About 10 years prior to this guys statement, A General said they had to substantially step up training because, that’s what it took to get new recruits into shape comparable to past recruits. They simply were less fit when inducted. Probably from spending to much time playing video games in Mom/Dads basement instead of being physically active.

      Perspective: Is something you need to work on. The U.S. being less then 5% of the World population provides 50% of all the worlds Pharmaceutical R&D. The U.S. consumer pays 300/400% mark up on drugs so that poor countries can obtain them for less then it costs to manufacture them. Sometimes only covering the costs to transport them to their country.

      The U.S. transfer about $1 trillion a year to other countries by various schemes. But It’s OK that you don’t know this. Few Americans are aware either. Only should it stop would you be aware.

      Regardless, As to energy, it makes up about 10% of GDP in all it’s uses. That is all the gains & benefits you will see with the exception of a few new uses. Everything else is fantasy.

  • Observer

    “Unanoid” is Haitian for “humanoid” and “Energetici” is Italian for “Energy”. The closest thing Haiti has to humanoids are zombies. LENR excess energy usually manifests itself as heat. So the name of the company translates to “Heat after death”, which is the LENR phrase for energy output after the input power is turned off. Hepu is a county in Beihai, China; while Egu is a township in China. Toyota and Mitsubish(i?) are Japanese. English is not the first language of the poster “Umanoid”. And why “unity” instead of “unit”?

    The plot thickens!

    • Mats002

      Indeed Observer, this is a thriller!

  • Bob Matulis

    Cheap clean energy would make productivity per capita greatly increase. Increased productivity makes everyone wealthier. For example huge gains in farm productivity over the last couple centuries has made people more “food wealthy” Expand that to most everything else with affordable high density power coupled with robotics

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Omega Z

      This video is very misleading out of context.
      They merely use a credits/rations system in place of currency.

      Ones rank or station determined the number of credits/rations they receive. There was still wealth and an elitist hierarchy. There were grandiose homes for the elite & bare bones basics for those at the bottom. There were even a few in poverty who refused to conform or contribute to society in any way.

      They merely achieved a technological point where greed could be greatly suppressed.. But the system still requires a stick & carrot approach.
      credits/rations a rose is still a rose…

      • Alan DeAngelis

        It is entertaining but yeah, more than likely it is propaganda from the “technetronic” elite who flatter themselves by thinking that the world will be a better place if there is a one world hive run by them.
        The sort of thinking that leads to worthless top-down hot fusion projects.

        • Omega Z

          The Star Trek scenario is actually an improvement over what we have.
          It just isn’t the Utopia that many confuse it to be.

  • pg

    I’ll go against the flow, but to me this is cause for some concern. It is like he is not involved with IH any more and he is in need of a new investor, therefore raising the tune of his claims, which is something that he had not done for a long time. Hope I am wrong about it, but I guess we’ll know in 2 months what to make of it.

    • pg

      Or in the best case scenario that he has already found a new and much bigger investor that is allowing him to think of this stuff. Hope this is the case.

      • Mats002

        If Rossi has the goods it is very likely others already have it or are near to have it. Therefore if Rossi has the goods he must deliver soon or not at all because others will deliver soon.

        If Rossi not has it, it is very likely no-one else has it and the show will go on with higher and higher claims to a point where Rossi is like Keshe, a guy already having all Rossi has and more. See keshefoundation for where it will go in this scenario.

        To me the watershed of those two scenarios are close ahead. I think the last chapter of this story will be written during 2016. True or False? I believe True but it is a thriller!

        • pg

          I am unfortunately well aware of Keshe. I agree will not be long before we know.

      • Omega Z

        Industrial Heat is likely a portion of Leonardo. Leonardo being an umbrella of investors. Separate but one. Being an LLC, Industrial Heat, should things go south can just dissolve & go away. However, if things work out, they are a part of Leonardo Investors & management. Woodford is in a similar situation as they are invested in Leonardo by way of Industrial heat. This arrangement limits those who could come after them for liability should thing go bad.

  • Jonas

    The way I see it, Rossi is not a great economist or business man, is more of a scientist/entrepreneur, and generally lacks the business side.

    An efficient LENR system will basically lower energy cost.s.
    You may think: “I only pay X$ for electricity + X$ for gasoline, that’s not much”.

    Well, energy is a major component in producing everything you buy, including houses and food and cars and computers and clothes.

    Energy is also a major cost component of any transportation mode, whether its cargo ships, airplanes, trucks or trains.

    I didn’t make any calculations, but I would guess that a (almost) free energy source will lower the cost of living by anywhere between 10-30%, depending on where you live and your lifestyle.

    And the bottom line is that lowering the cost of living is generally equal to “getting richer”, assuming your income stays the same.

    Your income would suffer if you work in the oil/gas industry, but otherwise it should stay the same. Not to mention the millions of jobs created by this new “LENR” industry.

    • Omega Z

      Energy is about 10-15% of the economy. That is what we use for all needs. Transportation or products. You will not recover all that. The LENR devices themselves will consume some of that savings along with occasional refueling.

      Beyond that, Yes, what you save in energy costs is like getting a raise.(Everyone will make money from this dependent on perspective) All will benefit according to the difference in what there individual savings are.

      • theer is a controversy about the share of energy in economy.

        the consensu is about 10%, but some economis like Gael Giraud

        propose that it is 60% of growth which come from energy availability

        some observation in China seems even to say that production is proportional to energy availability.

        maybe the two numbers are not incompatible as one is the share, and the other is the elasticity of GdP to energy consumption.

        • Omega Z

          “60% of growth” In context, 60% is probably on the low side. Nearly all growth is dependent on energy availability & price. Then again, there are other factors involved.

          As to “Energy is about 10-15% of the economy”
          In retrospect, I should have phrased it different. Also, the percent is probably high. Also refers to the U.S. as I’m not that familiar with world energy statistic breakdowns.

          I was referring to product cost associated with energy. i.e. If it costs $3 to grow a bushel of corn, $1 of that is due to energy costs. Which of course varies with the energy price as does the percentage of product cost. Food is also 1 of the energy intensive products.

          With current Oil, Natural gas and coal prices all being down, it probably accounts for 10% of U.S. economic costs maybe less at the present. In essence, We are already benefiting from cheaper energy. The U.S. could probably realize an additional Trillion$ in cost savings when fully transitioned to LENR.

          That will take decades which presents a new situation. As people only gradually see these savings, they will gradually add new toys to their toy chest. In 20/30 years, will they appreciate or even recognize this savings?

  • EEStorFanFibb

    While I’m sure there are many well funded entities out there that are chasing Rossi – some of which might even pass him to commercialization… I find it hard to believe you are one of them. But it’s always fun to imagine we are about to see LENR finally go to market. If you are for real I wish you good luck. If you are FOS then to hell with you for getting my hopes up. 🙂

  • EEStorFanFibb

    “we found out the magic”…. Sounds like Defkalion all over again… :p

  • Omega Z

    Current energy makes up between 10% and 15% of the Economy.
    Somewhere in that mix will be the Average savings. How that breaks down varies by product. Some products are energy intensive & others not so much. Your savings will depend on the products you use.

    Your biggest visible savings will be at the Individual level. Cheaper utilities.
    Residential makes up about 22% of energy use. The rest is Commercial, Industrial and Transportation among other things. Expect to see less visible gains in this area. Some of their savings will be passed to the consumer. Some to higher wages without price increases to the consumer.

    Greenhouse produce costs more then farm grown. It’s more labor & infrastructure intensive. It’s able to compete because of transport costs from 100’s or 1000’s of miles away for farm raised produce. Those transport costs will decline substantially. Greenhouse productivity(Labor cost) will need to greatly improve to compete.

    All said & done, Savings are going to be a mixed bag for the developed nations. However, you have a great argument against carbon taxes.

    The undeveloped or developing countries have the most to gain. Unlike the developed nations, they haven’t had the benefit of plentiful energy the rest of us have had. Should they scrape enough resources together to build a water treatment plant, they can not afford market priced energy to operate it. Gradually over a few decades, their standards of living will improve. It will not happen overnight. But at least with cheap plentiful energy, it can At least begin which is unlikely without it.

    • georgehants

      Omega, very insightful comment, the Truth is beautiful when well written.
      Will Cold Fusion be allowed to be freely distributed to those that need it most, or from patents, profits and greed be retained solely for the rich nations to wallow in their heated swimming pools etc. while others, as now, suffer unnecessarily?

    • LindbergofSwed

      With this kind of energy everything will change. You cant compare to what is possible today.

      • Omega Z

        You can compare everything. And by doing so, you can see the difference between wishful thinking & reality.
        Many here look at Rossi’s Hot-cat & think, That’s enough energy, I can run my entire home on that. All my heating, cooling & electrical needs and melt the snow off my sidewalk & driveway etc, etc….

        I look at Rossi’s Hot-cat & think, That’s enough energy to fry me up some bacon & eggs. Perhaps I’ll whip me up some hash browns 1st, because I can’t do both at once because It is only enough energy to power 1 burner. After breakfast, I’ll wait 2 hours for it to heat enough water for my morning shower. That’s all I can do is wait, because I have no power for anything else.

        Comparing is how you know what kind of energy you truly have. That Hot-cat produces enough energy to supply 2/3rds my needs every month. But it doesn’t supply all my needs at a given moment. I’ll need many Hot-cats & I will be wasting huge amounts of energy. Cheap energy is no longer cheap. The answer to this situation is a micro-grid.

        I’m aware of this by comparing wishful thinking with reality. We can determine a reasonable guesstimate of transitioning by comparing market realities. It is not how fast you can build something, but how fast it can be absorbed.

        Skipping over the decade or 2 of preparation, we will discontinue building 84 million IC cars & build 84 million Ev’s a year. It will take a minimum of 15 years to replace all the IC cars. We could build Ev’s faster, but you would merely end up with 1000’s of acres with millions of Ev’s setting in storage. The consumer just doesn’t have the financial means to absorb them all. Wishful thinking doesn’t change that.

  • C. Kirk

    I’m very skeptical, but I was also very skeptical when Dr. rossi gave the first demos of the Ecat…… you never know but I highly doubt you’ll have a product on the market by april… just as I highly doubted Blacklight Power would have a suncell on the market by Jan 2015…….etc, etc

  • William D. Fleming

    I made money in my career by using computers. I am far from wealthy, but I can’t imagine performing all the work I did without computers. Besides that, I was able to charge less so my clients saved money. I think that may be what Rossi means: nearly everyone profits hugely from computers, and nearly everyone will benefit from cold fusion. The worldwide effect will be enormous.

    It is not adequate to just consider current energy use and say that there will be a certain percentage reduction in cost of that energy. Billions of new projects will become possible. We’ll be able to do numerous things that have not even been thought of at present.

    At first computers were used mainly for business record-keeping. People were probably saying: “Five percent of my costs are for record-keeping. A computer would save me part of that and I’ll profit by a modest amount.” But a plethora of new applications have been found and everyone on the planet has benefited enormously.

  • Bob

    I wonder what the current eCat license holders think of this new project? They paid some significant money to obtain distribution rights, although some have had their licenses pulled.
    This would seem to be a bit of evidence of a break from IH / Darden, although we really have no idea. Mainly because we really have no idea what Rossi is thinking concerning this new commercial revolution. However I cannot imagine that it could possibly make the current license holders too happy. But again who knows? I feel this is probably another “Fabianism”. 🙂
    A new day is well on it’s way and I continue to wait for news of true significance…..

    • Billy Jackson

      I thought the licenses were bought back or surrendered with money returned? I think a few held on to them. In the end we don’t have many details on that side of things as we lack the contract to examine. What IF games are only fun if we have some form of hard facts to base them on.

      I would imagine that at the time of the license, common sense would dictate that the final commercial form of the e-cat 1.0 is what will be licensed not individual experimental production runs?

  • Thomas Baccei

    It seems to me that a relatively minor change in the energy cost/ pollution factor in economics is going to be immense beyond any possible prediction. Think of water and desalination. Any businessman knows that adding even 1% to profitability would be a major factor in creating many industries. LENR would bring a major shift in geo-politics. It will challenge the foundations of investment markets around the world. See LENR-City for thoughts on that.

  • Owen Geiger

    Rossi’s latest comments sounds like he’s devising a dual purpose energy
    generator that outputs heat, electricity or some combo of the
    two. Imagine a handheld sized unit that you carry around and everything plugs
    into it. Or, since any size is possible by stacking more or fewer
    wafers, use a pocket sized version that keeps your hands warm and also
    plugs into your computer, etc. Everyone will eventually have a larger unit to power and heat homes and businesses.

    The business revolution Rossi describes may be a simple extension of what I just said. People in developing countries will have a small power pack (portable energy generator) that they can use to power their phone, sewing machine or any other small machine. Rich countries can afford to buy large home units or appliances with the E-Cat generator built in — like furnaces, refrigerators and air conditioners. An affordable lightweight portable generator will vastly improve the lives of countless millions who don’t have reliable/affordable grid connections.

    This breakthrough also opens the door to
    electric vehicles in just a few years hopefully. Just pair the energy
    generator to a matching sized battery. Just imagine the market for this
    technology!! It seems the wafers are made with low cost materials like
    nickel, and can be mass produced much more easily than the alumina oxide tube versions we’ve seen. This is surely the
    greatest invention of all time. It will give us near infinite low cost
    portable heat and power independent of the grid.

  • Jonnyb

    Has anyone else noticed that Thunder Fusion seems to have changed their description of the process. It is now ‘full combustion of Fossil Fuels or others’. Seems to have changed to me, maybe to get over the Patient Issues or maybe something different to LENR? any ideas?

    • Andreas Moraitis

      They changed their name to “Thunder Energies Corporation” some time ago. On their new website they mention the “Santilli Combustion” process, as is utilized in MagneGas, but they are still talking about neutron sources and nuclear synthesis. So they avoid speaking of fusion while keeping the nuclear aspect. That could be due to tactical, but as well scientific reasons.

      BTW: MagneGas (led by Ruggero Santilli’s son Ermanno) recently experienced a vicious attack by an anonymous author on SeekingAlpha, which caused the stock to plunge by more than 20 percent. A prospect of what we can expect in the forthcoming years.

      • Agaricus

        Blog attacks are probably at the mild end of what any company close to launching a novel energy product can expect.

      • Jonnyb


  • jousterusa

    These comments from Rossi make me happy I invested in a domain called e-cat I think it will become quite valuable pretty soon.

    • Agaricus

      Ah, but do you have a white van as well, Joe?

      I hope your forward-thinking investment pays off very soon – for all our sakes.

      • Omega Z

        I think Joe is just thinking about selling the dot com to the highest bidder.

        • Agaricus

          Er, yes OZ, I think I managed to work that out, thanks. The first line is just a feeble joke.

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • LarryJ

    Woodford Patient Capital Trust (Yahoo symbol WPCT.L) is a publicly
    traded venture capital fund that can be purchased through any broker who
    trades on the London Stock Exchange. They have a small $50 million
    position in Industrial Heat about half of which is in this venture
    fund. Although the position is small a fund of this nature can do very
    well with just one home run. The fund managers claim they did a 2.5 year
    due diligence on IH and since they had the acumen to invest in IH I
    suspect they may have more than one home run in this portfolio which is
    mostly hi tech startups like Industrial Heat. The current share price is
    around £1.00 so 100 shares cost around $150 plus commissions and a
    small tax called a stamp tax.

    I am not a financial adviser. This fund is highly speculative and I do hold a position.

    • Mats002

      Me too, I bought some shares of WPCT a few months ago.

    • bachcole

      Is the “stamp tax” only for Americans; do the Brits still think that we are going to pay for Seven Years War (or French and Indian War)? (:->)

      Your saying “They have a small $50 million position in Industrial Heat about half of which is in this venture fund.” makes it sound like half of the fund is in Industrial Heat. No. This means that half of Woodford’s money in I.H. comes from this particular fund. Big difference. The amount of the fund invested in I.H. is still like 1.72%

      If I invested $100, and I.H.’s value increased by 100 times (not an impossible amount), my share would now be $270.28. Nice but not freaking fantastic.

      • LarryJ

        The stamp tax applies to one and all. If memory serves it is 0.5% on the purchase and does not apply to the sale.

        I could have stated the “Small Position” more clearly. The 50 million position is a small part of the combined WPCT funds and not IH. Thank you for clarifying.

        Your math is a bit shaky on the last point. If your $100 position doubled, ie increased 2 fold, you would have about $200. If it increased 100 fold, which as you point out is not impossible given the enormity of the tech then you would have about 100 x 100 or $10,000 from your $100 investment. If you truly had faith in the tech and the parties involved and decided to grab the brass ring and invest $10,000 then you would have 10,000 x 100 or $1,000,000. Not quite so shabby as you implied and some might say “freaking fantastic”.

  • Agaricus

    The trouble is that it is precisely because the EU (for example) has to import fuels or build new nukes to meet its energy needs, that opposition to anything that disrupts these highly profitable industries will be so intense. Corporations do not respond to the good of the populations they live off, or even common sense, but only to profits, and many politicians act on the basis of their personal interest, or are weak and easily persuaded by corporate lobbyists.

    I don’t believe that cold fusion will be blocked forever – only for as long as it takes for the current energy industries (and ultimately the banks that own them) to gain complete control of the technology. This would be relatively easy, probably by using their pocketed politicians to designate CF as a potentially dangerous nuclear technology and hence subject to monopoly control backed up by State power.

  • georgehants

    Mr. Rossi needs to get his skates on. I think.

    Tech›Science & Research

    World’s biggest radio telescope and first-ever quantum satellite: China’s top 5 scientific plans for 2016

    Is China a new a new superpower in physics? Chinese scientists saw a great leap forward in 2015. Pharmaceutical chemist Tu Youyou won the nation’s first Nobel Prize
    in natural science. The work on quantum teleportation by Professor Pan
    Jianwei’s team was regarded as the most important breakthrough of the
    year in physics, and the discovery of the Weyl fermion, a ghost particle that could be used to build a quantum computer, also made a huge splash in scientific research circles.

    • GreenWin

      “…the Weyl fermion, a ghost particle…” First we get “The God Particle” (Higgs,) and now this. Who we gonna call?? Wishes for a Happy New Year George!

      • georgehants

        GreenWin, The only area of science (Quantum) where (in general) real, clever scientists seem to be able to work and open-mindedly progress into the unknown, they must clear out all the usual half-wits etc. and throw them back to the rest of science.
        Many good Wishes to you and yours for 2016 and well beyond.

  • LarryJ

    You are assuming that the balance of the portfolio will remain worthless. I would argue that if the managers of this fund had the acumen and intestinal fortitude to invest in IH then there is very likely more than 1 home run in this portfolio of approximately 50 high tech startups. I think it is probably a good investment even without IH but with IH it could truly soar. Rossi put his house on the line. Surely you could spare $100. Where’s your sense of adventure. How many times in your life to do think you will be on the inside track like you are right now. The coward dies a thousand deaths the valiant dies but once. I follow your posts. You know what’s on the line here. The world’s economy will soar. Time to put a tiny bit of money where your mouth/heart is.