Mats Lewan Announces New Energy World Symposium in Stockholm, June 2016 (Provided E-Cat Test 'Clearly Positive')

Today author and journalist Mats Lewan has announced that the first conference of the New Energy World Symposium will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on June 21, 2016 — providing that the result’s of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat plant are ‘clearly positive.’ More information here:

From the announcement:

… abundant, cheap, carbon-free and clean—may change the world. It promises Planet Earth clean water, zero-emission vehicles with unlimited mileage, a solution to the climate crisis and much more (read more below).

At the New Energy World Symposium, holding its first session on June 21 in Stockholm, Sweden, high-profile speakers (see below) will address the disruptive implications that this energy source will have for industry, finance and society.

PRE-REGISTER NOW to be among the first ever to prepare for the radical changes that energy disruption will bring. Participants who pre-register receive a 10% discount on the symposium fee.

Speakers announced so far are: Mats Lewan, Jed Rothwell, Brian Josephson (Emeritus Professor of Physics, Cambridge University), Jean-François Geneste (Vice-President Chief scientist, Airbus Group), Harry Frank (Professor in innovation management within energy at Mälardalen University College, Sweden), and Bob Greenyer (Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project).

There are other speakers, not yet announced, slated also: a technical expert, a financial expert, and a research expert.

Mats Lewan writes in this blog entry ( that initially the number of attendees would be limited to 500, but that could be adjusted upwards if interest justifies it. He also states:

“The one-year test is being undertaken by the aforementioned Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his US industrial partner Industrial Heat, and should be concluded in March 2016. The results should be released shortly afterwards, controlled by a third-party certifying institute based on scrupulous peer review.

Since I have covered the development of Rossi’s energy device, the E-Cat, I know that there are good reasons to believe that the the technology is valid and that positive testimonials from the ongoing test, that I have received, are true.”

  • Gerard McEk

    I hope Rossi will be one of the speakers too. Anyway I have pre-registered. Let it be ‘positive’!

    • Private Citizen

      Stockholm in the summer sounds good in and of itself.

    • Alan Smith

      I expect to be there too Gerard. Look forward to sharing a glass or two with you.

      • Gerard McEk

        Would be nice Alan, also because it will have been ‘positive’. We surely will drink a glass on that!

  • Zephir

    This is just all wrong. The scientists shouldn’t wait for A.Rossi, but they should do and publish their own research. We have thousands of publications collected already – it’s more than enough for qualified decision about feasibility of cold fusion.

    If the scientists decided to ignore it, it just means, they don’t trust their own results and work. I can see lotta cowardliness and also calculation in their reference to E-Cat tests, which cannot be verified anyway. It’s the scientists, who should lead the research of new findings. Are we really paying scientists for waiting for results of private entrepreneurs?

    • f sedei

      Your “better to be safe than sorry” position is highly respected among many scientists and professionals. But, without a contrary position we would still be looking at the Moon instead of traveling to and from it. Loosen up on Rossi, and maybe patience will prevail. In the meantime, try to enjoy the ride. In the end you always have the luxury of saying to all we believers “I TOLD YOU SO”

      • Zephir

        I just wanted to point to contemporary situation in physics, where the existence of physical phenomena is judged by scarce reports of private companies working at megawatt scale. It’s like the dismissal of general relativity, until the GPS satellites will not pay for itself.

    • Brent Buckner

      It’s not a scientific conference.

      I don’t find anything wrong with not finalizing payments until after “the result of an important ongoing one-year full scale commercial test of the energy source should be released.” Some people may not want to pay to attend a symposium where “high-profile speakers will address the disruptive implications that this energy source will have for industry, finance and society” unless there’s a catalyst such as the prior presentation of that result.

    • GreenWin

      Zephir, those of us long critical of $B of public money invested in hot fusion agree. Consensus science has kept LENR stigmatized since Johnny Huizenga’s illiterate excretion: “The Scientific Fiasco…”

      One explanation for this mass ignorance is simple: cold fusion and derivatives is in many western countries an issue of national security.

      • Zephir

        On the contrary, the dependence on volative oil prices/reserves is what threatens the national security of most countries the most. Not to say about global warming and environment pollution problems, etc..

        IMO the main obstacle in research of cold fusion are the scientists itself – particularly these ones, who are already engaged in alternative methods of energy production/conversion/transport and/or storage have good reason for to ignore the cold fusion at all cost…

  • georgehants

    The most important thing is that Mats does everything possible to raise the value of my first edition, signed copy of An Impossible Invention.
    All this publicity can only help, just need Mr.Rossi to announce a fantastically successful test and I can book my World cruise.

    • GreenWin

      Well put George. However take caution in booking that cruise. Residents of Penzance Harbour are oft considered pirates of some order.

      • georgehants

        Morning, the Pirates of Penzance are a motley crew, but regarding Cold Fusion there would certainly be a few people walking the plank.

  • raindeer

    The most likely scenario is that the current test leaves us with unclear results and we never get to know exactly what happened. Rossi then continues working on his new E-Cat X, which is even more promising, to keep every ones attention. New tests are conducted with unclear results, and the story repeats.

    • I fear this scenario too…

    • LarryJ

      Why is it that people adopt such a negative outlook towards such a promising technology? We already know from the Lugano report that the reaction is nuclear and that it produces a cop > 1 with what appeared to be an uncontrolled reactor. That alone puts the current game score at Lunatics 1 Cowards 0.

      Is it the fear of disappointment that keeps your cup half empty? Even if the test results were inconclusive it would mark a huge achievement and the recognition of a new scientific door that we didn’t even know existed. It is the start of an entirely new field of research and it’s possibilities are unbounded in terms of what it means for a beleaguered eco system and economy. It is aptly named the New Fire and it’s impact on modern society will be no less than the discovery of fire by our primitive ancestors. Not only that but we are talking months to a year or two for it’s introduction, not decades. Be happy and thank your lucky stars that you get to watch it unfold. So few are in your position.