Video of Mats Lewan LENR Webinar, Jan. 16, 2016 (Richard B. Fox)

The following post was submitted by Richard B. Fox, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

I have posted the entire Mats Lewan webinar on January 16 to YouTube, the link is

It is also part of the Energy Issue page on my campaign website,


ENERGY: Cold Fusion For Clean Nuclear Energy

“The energy crisis has been with us since the early 1970’s. Now fracking and free-market enterprise are bringing prices down. But, there are concerns about fracking’s environmental impacts and the larger issue of carbon-based energy and global warming.

“Happily, a new technology is on the horizon that bids to solve these problems, cold fusion. This technology produces nuclear energy by hydrogen fusion, just like the energy we get from the sun, but does it at a few hundred degrees, not a few million degrees like the sun. This is something that can operate safely and cleanly, without any radioactivity or radioactive waste or carbon emission, in our electric power plants, our industrial plants, and ultimately even in our homes to provide heat, cooling, and light and cars to provide transportation. These generators can run for months without re-fueling.

“This is not a fantasy, I have seen it with my own eyes and held a cold fusion nuclear reactor in my own hands at the Brillouin Energy Corporation here in the Bay Area. Cold fusion has been tested and proven repeatedly here in Silicon Valley at the world famous Stanford Research International laboratories.”

Richard B. Fox, M.D., J.D., Candidate for Congress, Silicon Valley

  • Sanjeev

    Very nice for new comers in this field.

  • Bob Greenyer


  • LindbergofSwed

    Interesting to hear the history behind and that Mats actually have an important part of it bringing Kullander and Rossi together, which made gaining interest maybe leading to eventually to IH, thanks Mats

  • Roland

    For viewers who’s first contact with LENR is watching this web cast I think one important clarification is in order around the subject of radioactivity detected in LENR experiments in general, and E-cats in particular.

    From Rossi’s first public demonstration thru the Lugano test, and one would assume during the current tests as a matter of both prudence and data acquisition, instruments to detect radiations emanating from the apparatus have been a constant feature. To the best of my knowledge the only radiation detected so far comes from measurements of low level gamma radiation when the reactor is breached immediately after being operational, and that this dissipates down to background in about 30 minutes in both the immediate surroundings and the apparatus itself.

    To the degree that radiation hazards are generally very poorly understood by the general public to begin with it is important to note that E-cats pose no calculable health threat additional to normal background radiation at any of the levels detected to date during public demonstrations.

    During the investigation of the three SPAWAR meltdowns no residual radiations were detected the day after (all 3 occurred at night after everyone had gone home) even though they were energetic enough to melt through the apparatus, the table on which they sat and several inches into the concrete floor.

    While it’s almost guaranteed that alternative highly exothermic LENR systems will emerge out of a more robust theoretical understanding it can only be called speculative to hypothesize about dangerous radioactive events that threaten the general public.

    That caveat aside; Mats thank you not only for today’s presentation but more importantly for your curiosity and professional courage as a journalist for digging in for all those years when so few others did and for cleaving to the data in the face of considerable criticism.

    I also think that character does matter so thank you for building relationships with the principals involved and offering us your assessments of them as people.

  • Gerard McEk

    This was a nice overview of the LENR/Cold Fusion subject Mats, thanks for that. As Roland, below, said: your courage to write about this is very much appreciated!

  • Thanks everyone for your interest in my presentation. Unfortunately I had not prepared enough and forgot two thing that I would have liked to mention, so let me add them here:

    1. When scientists say cold fusion is impossible according to known laws of physics, since you need millions of degrees to overcome the Coulomb barrier (electrostatic repulsion between the positively charged nuclei), this ‘fact’ refers only to fusion between two nuclei moving freely in vacuum. However, ‘Cold Fusion’ (we don’t even know if it’s fusion, just that it must be a nuclear phenomenon) or LENR, occur in solid or possibly liquid matter, meaning that the conditions are significantly different.

    2. The experiment by Rossi that convinced me most (one of the four where I made the measurements) was on October 6, 2011, when the E-Cat, after a few hours of start-up, was put in ‘self-sustained mode’ meaning that all electric input, except for the control system, was detached, and the water inside the E-Cat continued to boil for almost four hours, even though fresh water was continuously added by a pump. You could feel the boiling inside, output temp was 114 degrees centigrade, and the temperature on the surface of the well insulated E-Cat remain around 60 to 85 degrees centigrade. Try to repeat that without adding heat! Only possible if you had heat stored in melted salt inside, but Rossi opened the E-Cat after the test and there was no such thing inside. See also:

    Another detail: Energy released per atom through fission is larger than from fusion, contrary to what I said. The reason is that the diagram I showed illustrates energy per nucleon, and large nuclei (releasing energy through fission) contain a high number of nucleons whereas small nuclei (releasing energy through fusion) contain few nucleons.

    Thanks everyone for your attention.

    • Omega Z

      No, Thank you Mats for the presentation…

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Thank Mats. You did a fine job and maybe Brian Josephson will bring up that first point at the New Energy World Symposium.

      “Nuclear and high energy physicists seem to be unaware of the fact that phenomena in materials are not always as reproducible as are phenomena in their field. Transistors are a good example of variability in solid state devices.”

      Brian Josephson

      From his comment here.

    • clovis ray

      Thanks Mats,
      I knew you would do a good job, and your follow up was great as well. all of your work serves as a reference manual for further students of the rossi effect, what a great name for this world shaking discovery, nice read as well.

    • Thomas Kaminski

      Great job on the Webinar, Mats. I watched it with a small group of engineers and hackers at Sector67, a hackerspace in Madison, Wisconsin. The group was skeptical about Rossi in general, asking “If this is real, why doesn’t he just release the units for the world to see”. They do believe that there is something worth investigating.

      I liked the question and answer session at the end of the presentation best. Your comment about you being the only major journalist writing about LENR mirrors my feelings about me being the only engineer locally excited about LENR. I feel the evidence is overwhelming.

      By the way, Sector67’s “mascot”, a cat appropriately named “Tesla”, enjoyed the talk, too.

      • Tesla_X

        Good Kitty!

        Yes, Rossi should release these…ideally for residential CHP applications, since the utility price for natural gas precludes good economics there today.

        Something like this is a game changer, and could be easily netmetered or combined with some energy storage and used to supplement hot water production in any house.

        If it is real and viable, it will still take years to roll out. Such is the nature of all new products.

        I look forward to seeing how this tech will evolve.

  • Mats002

    I have a question for Mats or if anyone else know the answer:
    To my knowledge the team behind the Lugano test and report has not answered any questions except a few general statements in connection to the Swedish Radio black-painting peace.
    Why are they so silent? What are they doing know? Will they ever discuss their findings in public? It is kind of strange that they disappeared from the scene after publishing of the Lugano report. Are they under NDA?

    • Andreas Moraitis

      As far as I remember, one of them submitted a few answers to a blog but then they became silent. There have been rumours that they continued their research after the completion of the Lugano test with an own reactor. In case that this project was the last part of the Elforsk program, which had originally been scheduled until the end of 2015, it seems possible that they are still under NDA. But even if not so, I could imagine that they are not happy about the obvious flaws of the test. The main problem was IMO that the dummy run had to be stopped before the operating temperature was reached – so that there was no data which could be used to cross-check the thermometry. The testers could not know that before, but under this condition they would perhaps been better advised if they had refused to proceed.

      • Kazm

        I’m not sure how to read your comment. Are you for or against or neutral about cold fusion?

        • Andreas Moraitis

          It does not depend on me but on nature if CF/LENR works or not. From this point of view, being “for” or “against” it would make no sense. I am observing the field because I consider it interesting – so “neutral” might be the best description (rather of the ‘neutrino’ than of the ‘neutron’ type, in my case… ;-).

          The Lugano report left some open questions, not all of which have been addressed by the authors so far. That’s why we need additional information. If Roland is correct with his above post, we will hopefully see it sooner or later.

    • Roland

      They are working on a design that initiates and controls LENR with field effects, no heat, and the first apparatus went exponential (sound familiar?). They’re working on ver. 2.0.

      • Mats002

        Interesting, where did you get that information? Do you have personal connections with them?

  • Paolo Moleman

    I think this would have moved faster if Rossi could have gotten the US patent earlier. They did not want to give him the patent. Rossi seems to be a determined guy who does not give up. If you think some people do not want him to fail – look what they did to Nikolai Tesla.

    • Owen Geiger

      Yet some people still criticize him for being too slow or not giving it all away. These same people have probably never brought a complex project to market or accomplished much in life or they wouldn’t be so critical. Things always take longer than expected. Just imagine the entrenched special interests he’s up against. Geez. Give him a break.

  • Kazm

    It is not Rossi or anyone closely involved with him that will release any data. It is an independent third party consisting of a person from a professional institution does that kind of evaluation that is recording and checking what the one megawatt plant is doing in the private industrial setting where the E-Cat is supplying power. And it is not clear when or who is to get the results/evaluation of the test. The results may just be used as a cross reference with Rossi’s data to help in further development of the E-Cat. Development of such a new kind of energy source understandably takes time. We all must be patient.

    • sam

      Thanks for the information
      You would think that Tom Darden
      and others with money invested
      would want test results ASAP.
      That they would spend the money to get them asap
      and keep the project moving.