Rossi: Leonardo Corp. Gathers Scientific Committee of 'Top Level Scientists and Engineers'

Here is another comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today by Andrea Rossi which seems to reflect a growing level of confidence regarding the technological development of the E-Cat, and the ability of Leonardo Corporation to industrialize the technology.

Andrea Rossi
January 21st, 2016 at 9:09 AM
Jarrod Kennedy:
at 09.00 a.m. of Thursday, January 2016:
1 MW E-Cat: stable, some leakage promptly repaired during the last night.
E-Cat X: operating and technologically improving with the US engineer now in the scientific commettee of Leonardo Corporation that has connections with an important aerospace concern. The technology is definitely improving. By the way: I have gathered in Leonardo Corporation a scientific commettee made by a team of top level scientists and engineers to improve our R&D capacity: these persons, that have honoured us accepting the appointment, are from USA, Europe, Japan, India. We must fight to obtain and perpetuate positive results and remain the number 1 of the sector for ever. Also the management of Leonardo Corporation has been reinforced substantially.
Warm Regards,

In a post last week, Rossi indicated that there was preparation for staffing taking place at Leonardo with this comment:

Andrea Rossi
January 16th, 2016 at 9:03 AM
Yes, we already have set up the Team that will lead Leonardo Corporation, with women and men each of them belonging to the top level of her/his specialization.
The management is composed by divisions covering manufacturing, sales, R&D, distribution, sales, legal, financial, PR. Yes, I will be the CEO, but there will be also a BOD under the control of the ownership.
The whole is, obviously, under condition of F9, but the names are already there and each of the selected persons has already accepted the role that has been proposed.
Warm Regards,

Of course, all this information is coming from our one main source at this point: Andrea Rossi, and we don’t have much outside corroboration for this activity. The only other person who has commented on some of the organizational activity going on in connection with the commercialization of the E-Cat is Rossi’s right hand engineer Fulvio Fabiani who told Mats Lewan this:

“About 10 or 15 top level managers are involved—surely there is Rossi and Darden, but I don’t know them all well. Is not of my concern. I think it’s right to keep things compartmentalized to avoid information leaks.”

“In discussions on Internet forums everyone says they are slow, but I only see people really devoting all their resources and all their time to make this happen. So many people talk, but they don’t even know what it means to industrialize an object like that.”

To my mind, if the Rossi effect is real (which I believe it is), and if Andrea Rossi has been able to convince others about its reality and viability as superior energy technology, then the kinds of things he is describing here make a great deal of sense. If Leonardo is planning a worldwide release of the E-Cat, and if they want to continue to improve and adapt the technology, then naturally they will have to get organized on many fronts to make sure they can accomplish their goals.

At this point, we can’t know if they will succeed commercially, but it sounds from what Rossi is saying that they are taking the next phase of operations very seriously.

  • Bob Greenyer

    He said he has sales AND sales – whilst for most products this is a good idea – but in the case of a proven E-Cat, I think he would be needing a no sales department…

    • atanguy

      “he would be needing a no sales department… ”
      What do you mean by that?

      • Bob Greenyer


        To fend off requests from every one that wants cheap, non-polluting energy :-

        1. so that he can focus on commercial businesses first where it is easier to protect the IP

        2. to enable a ramp in manufacturing capacity whilst keeping customers on hold that otherwise may initiate competition if their desire is not satisfied promptly

        He needs a big sales team to manage expectations and maximise his stakeholders return and protection.

  • We have to change the public perception of LENR from a negative joke to a positive fad; like turing poison ivy into a rose bush. Then everyone will want one in their backyard.

    • LarryJ

      Industry will see if first. That will go a long way towards selling the general public on the reality of the tech. There will probably be a lot of pressure brought to bear by the general public for domestic reactors once they see the benefits of the industrial reactors and discover that the only holdup for home units is certification. We will probably see home units by 2018. That will give industry a year to prove the tech but it could well happen sooner.

  • PS I hate to bring this up folks, but LENR would be the perfect technology to make the U.S. military’s plans for a fleet of laser equipped drones work. The E-Cat X produces intense light and electricity and heat, and all three could be used to keep a drone in the air for a full year, firing laser beams again and again and again without refueling. The down side of LENR is the weapons revolution it will create. See story below.

    • ecatworld

      F9 is his shorthand code for a disclaimer: “results could be positive or negative.”

      • And what does “F9” stand for? Is it a short for something?

        • ecatworld

          A while ago, some reader as a joke suggested to Rossi hitting the F9 key on the keyboard to insert the text “results could be positive or negative”

          • Warthog

            Exactly when has capitalism “violently take(n)over….others’ markets”? Concrete historical examples, please.

        • timycelyn

          Nope. It just came out of some casual joking around on JONP where people (tongue in cheek I suspect) sympathised with him that he didn’t have a function key he could press to churn out that statement – like press F9 or something….

          So he decided to just type F9 and the regulars got to know that’s what he meant.

        • Rene

          It’s is the metaphor of “Darmok, his eyes open”. It is a symbol that has meaning solely in the context of those who have experienced it at the time of its making.
          F9 came about, as several people described, to be a placeholder symbol for “results may be positive or negative”.

    • bfast

      I missed the part where the E=Cat X produces intense light. Where is the source for that? I know that Blacklight does, if e-cat X does as well, it would be evidence that these are the same scientific phenomenon.

      Ultimately, however, there is very little correlation between “intense light” and laser. Further, I don’t think that Rossi or Darden would be interested in seeing the e-cat involved in weaponry, even defensive weaponry, early in its development. That just goes against who these two people seem to be.

      • Rossi himself has said again and again that the E-Cat X produces intense light and suggested it could be used for high efficiency (street?) lighting as well as producing heat and electricity.

        • Jonnyb

          I missed that as well can anyone else confirm it? I thought the E-cat would supply electricity to power the lights? BLP’s device is meant to produce light.

          • Even the low efficiency original E-Cat produced intense light. Defkalion Green Technologies once installed a high temperature resistant window on their LENR reactor as an experiment. As soon as the LENR reaction started, the reactor lit up like the Sun, the heat resistant window melted, and as the hydrogen gas escaped and the air rushed in the reaction came to a abrupt halt. You would expect intense light with any fusion reaction. That is why it is not a good idea to stare at a hydrogen bomb test.

          • LarryJ

            See my response to bfast above.

      • LarryJ

        From Mats Lewan’s interview of Fulvio Fabiani

        Talking about the validity of the E-Cat technology, Fabiani continues:

        “With the failures, I found myself having to believe in it. Why?
        Because when something fails, you see the behavior of the object. The next time you adjust it, then you see that it behaves very differently. And then you realize that it is something unique. We have it all filmed, which still cannot be disclosed. We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a
        very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive.

        * E-Cat X
        is an experimental high-temperature reactor based on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology, which supposedly would produce both heat and light.


    • Lasers are just one possibility – anti-personnel masers, rail guns, acoustic weapons, EMP projectors, particle beam weapons and probably half a dozen secret weapons technologies will ‘benefit’ from a compact source of electrical power.

      • GreenWin

        DARPA’s Blue Wolf UUV program needs a power source. They’re hiring!

    • Observer

      You should be more concerned about what your crazy neighbor is building in his garage.

      You are more likely to be killed by someone you know rather than by someone you do not know.

      • Imagine if the USA, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, ISIS controlled Syria, and Taliban controlled Afghanistan all have very low cost around-the-world capable cruise missiles and drones.

        • Observer

          You do not understand the consequences of the combination of all current developing technology: Imagine if everyone with a soldering iron had very low cost around-the-world capable cruise missiles and drones.

          In the end the only thing that keeps humanity civilized is people who believe in civilization. Those who worship destruction come and go and do their damage, but their philosophy is not self-sustaining. The reason civil behavior has been able to survive is because the belief in civil behavior is self-sustaining.

          • I agree with the general sentiment, but wars and irrational behavior can last a very long time and do allot of damage before spells of civilized behavior comes back. When ISIS members behead people for not believing in Islam, kill their own mothers for asking them to quit fighting, burn to death their own troops for the crime of not fighting until death, and when the Taliban kill children in mass numbers because they go to a school that is not quite Muslin enough, then the advent of cheap around the world missiles concerns me. We had all better learn to get along with each other or we will all be killed by our own technology; that is not even including the suspected and as yet unproven threat of artificial intelligence. The combination of mass human religion based insanity, LENR propelled weapons, nuclear weapons, cheap biological weapons, and chemical weapons is a real threat. That is all I am saying.

          • US_Citizen71

            Extremism flourishes when people’s needs are not being met. Adoption of LENR would allow the basic needs food, water, medicine to be met for many more people easily. This would damper extremism in itself. The destructive extremism we are seeing all over the world today will burn itself out on its own it may take a generation but it will go away. The more they kill the fewer there are to maintain the cause and perpetuate the next generation. As the population’s numbers decrease the percentage of people getting their needs met increases damping extremism. ISIS does not have the resources to feed everyone forever war is not good for agriculture and no large amount of trade is going into their area.

          • I agree in general with many of your points, but disagree that Islamic extremism is fueled by poverty. Saudi Arabia is the biggest funder of ISIS and the Taliban, and Saudi Arabia is rich. Poverty fuels communist revolutions, not religious wars. ISIS members are having fun, not trying to get out of poverty. Religion gives people a rush of inspiration and if your religion and philosophy tells you to rape women to make them more Muslim, then you get young male recruits. There is nothing rational about ISIS. Seeking to escape poverty is a rational desire. Destroying your own country and your own family in the name of any religion is irrational. All I am saying is that irrational minds and high technology are a dangerous combination.

          • Observer

            ISIS burned alive their own soldiers for engaging in a strategic retreat. The atrocities they committed against others they now commit against themselves. Where they hoped to spread their religion, they only bring grief and disillusionment. When they experience a period of weakness, the masses will turn against them. And God’s will will be done.

          • You are both righ, as it is clear the troops of fundamentalism are mostly people whose need are not ful filled.

            part of those need are clearly economic, and hernando de soto make point on it


            part of the need, like in France is also more emotional, like the need of a future, of recognition, of project.
            there is many more people today who want to enter French army, than in ISIS. Some also try to get to help Kurds, or Dombass rebels, or to oppose airport or dam building (ZAD).
            those people are more victim of the end of religion and the end of politics.
            Politics is dead as ideology and today I only see the green mathusians ideology and ISIS-like apolalypticianism.

            We need a start-trek spirit for western rich youth to feel they are human, and price-reducing technology to make emerging countries youth able to fulfil basic needs.

            We also need western and emerging world to be unlocked from the old cast of 1960 generation (or heir) who trust all power, whether it is Ben Ali in tunisia, or retired cast in france, who put all the cost and all the regulation on the young to maintain their lifestyle.

          • Slad
    • LarryJ

      All technologies are a double edged sword. They all solve some problems while creating new ones and that is unlikely to ever change. On the whole though, technology always improves productivity and the general standard of living.

  • Gerard McEk

    Yes, it sounds that AR is more and more positive. I hope we soon will know. BTW if is assumed that the test of the plant must run for 300 days, then in the beginning of February the test time will be over. Obviously there has been some delays, especially in the beginning, but mid Feb. would be a good guess! :))

    • Yes, it sound like Rossi is now confident the test will end positive, and is starting to prepare for the big bang.

    • Jonnyb

      They should have a good idea by analysing the data they have already collected to know if the results are positive or negative. Even if all units run out of fuel now they at least understand how long the units can run for, costs etc. Improvements will happen. If the results had defiantly been negative I would have pulled the plug by now and gone onto something else like E-Cat X. The fact that they are concentrating on both, and others, is enough to convince me all is well. Assuming they are telling the truth, I am pretty sure they are.

      • Mats002

        How would a negative be possible now? Of course there are spare modules and backups. The tech must be able to go the last mile.

        Dangerous radiation could stop the show but that would bring in government and bring some brighter light on the situation. Health problem alone should not stop the mission.

        But then again, a good drama takes turns not foreseen.

        • Jonnyb

          Exactly Mats002, negative is unlikely without them already knowing, well in my opinion. They could just be keeping quiet and working on something else, but I think not.

        • Roland

          Failure to run 350 days out of 400 breaks the contract’s parameters of success. This is business, the science of LENR was settled with the ‘ash’ analysis post Lugano.

        • LarryJ

          Rossi has said that they plan a massive industrialization. I believe this is deemed necessary to reduce disruption in the marketplace. Once people are convinced this tech is real there will be a stampede to adopt it. To not adopt it would be to abandon your business to the competition that has much lower input costs. If every business that wants one can take delivery within a reasonable timeframe then the disruption will be minimal. To achieve this will require them to have massive production facilities in place the day they announce their first delivery date. That means someone has to put a huge amount of money on the line before even one unit is delivered. What would happen if they started a massive production and discovered a major flaw? They will only get one chance to do this right.

          The one year test is designed to give the investors confidence that they can do this. It is an exercise in due diligence, not science.

      • Gerard McEk

        I agree that while the plant is running data can be collected and the report can be prepared, based on a positive outcome. If I would be as certain ad Andrea, I would have done that. AR must have been pretty sure about the outcome, otherwise he wouldn’t have decided to sit a whole year in a bloody container.

    • Roland

      350 runtime days within a total framework of 400 days.

      Hence the ambiguity about when the test ends and Frank’s best guess for the rundown clock.

      • Gerard McEk

        As far as I know, the original contract was 300 days continuous delivery of 1 MW plus 50 recovery days max in case something goes wro

  • Mats002

    Either all this is true or it all ends soon, there is not much room for inbetweens.

    • Gerald

      Indeed. I wonder how he keeps everything secret. The more people the more possible leaks. Only explanation that come to mind that he is backupped by a goverment agency like nasa. The people who are contracted or say they will join must have some evidence or do have nothing to lose like their job.

      • Mats002

        Most people change job based on thrust and paycheck without any deep technical due diligence. Thrust is the glue but also the weak spot. It can easily be broken if the tech fails to deliver. We saw that happen to SHT last year, and Defkalion before that. The higher promise the larger fall…

        • Gerald

          You are right with a lot of people I guess, but in my workfield technical people don’t just go. They must be certain its in their nature.If you trust someone its oke, but Rossi is a new player a new biznis with a lot of what ifs. We will see in a few month, i believe him, but I know I’m cloudid because I am still angry that what happend in 1989 and LERN could explain a lot of thing happening in nature. For my its not onl;y cheap energy.

      • radvar

        Serious people involved in serious matters can take NDA’s seriously.

        On one extreme, people can get thrown in jail for violating government secrecy oaths.

        On the other extreme, people who sign NDA’s about a new cat video website may not feel very constrained.

        Rossi’s NDA situation is probably somewhere in between.

    • deleo77

      I wonder how this could go on for another few months without some type of concrete evidence one way or the other, but I have said that before.

      • Mats002

        E-Cat A (for Anti gravity) and Obama together with Putin in the board? Hard to see a next level that would keep my attention.

  • Robert Ellefson

    Rossi says: “We must fight to obtain and perpetuate positive results and remain the number 1 of the sector for ever.”

    Why is it imperative that Rossi “remain the number 1 of the sector for ever”? Is there not going to be enough business demand to keep a large number of LENR vendors busy and profitable for a long time to come? Is there no limit to the quantity of money and influence that Rossi wishes to accumulate? It would seem that Rossi has chosen Smaug as his spirit animal.

    I’m continually astounded at the number of people here who admire and defend this aspiration, as if it were merely another fictional story of an underdog prevailing against the odds. It’s not fiction, nor a game, and real people are suffering and dying while Rossi continues his quest for world domination, rather than spreading the life-saving knowledge that he is hoarding. Reverence for this unrestrained greed saddens and dismays me.

    • GreenWin

      Dawkins and Darwin weep alongside you Bob.

    • Observer

      The lives LENR saves will be nothing compared to the increase in human population it will foster. We will increase our population until we have the same percentage of people on the edge of survival. We do this because existence is the ultimate gift and suffering has never been a good excuse not to be.

    • Brent Buckner

      You wrote: “Why is it imperative that Rossi “remain the number 1 of the sector for ever”?”

      The charitable interpretation is that he believes it because he trusts himself and his team to distribute the results relatively inexpensively/wisely – he may be worried about anyone else leading the field being less ethical.

    • Axil Axil

      How long will it take science to turn their minds to the reality of LENR? How many years will science deny that LENR actually exists even in the face of the E-Cat on the market? How long will the bean counters need to wait before they can hire scientists who can redirect their research from particle physics to solid state physics. Rossi may have a 20 year head start on those who minds are permanently closed.

    • David Taylor-Fuller

      Why should it. Also while I am no Rossi Interpreter. I think the correct interpretation of what he said is he wishes to remain at the vanguard of LENR Technology development forever. He is not satisfied with simply building the E-CAT or E-CATX and delivering that to market and then sitting on his laurels. He will continue to investigate flushing out all the potential technologies that LENR can enable. Now I am not sure if that means IH/Leonardo corp will research develop and manufacture everything. On the contrary I think as far as Rossi has communicated it is obvious that he has no problems with partnering with others to get technology developed and manufactured.

      One selfish reason for wanting to remain THE vanguard of LENR technology is he will get a cut of all future technology deployment. Personally I dont care. If he takes the money EARNED from deploying E-CATs and re invests it into the company to bring even more new technology to market then no one has a legitimate complaint if he takes a cut of all profits from that new technology.

      Stop thinking about the economic pie as being fixed. It isnt. That doesnt mean all profit making endeavors grow the entire economic pie. It does mean that there are some profit making endeavors that can grow the entire economic pie.

      The only thing I am worried about is if we will see anything definitive from Rossi come the end of this obviously positive test. While I like the idea behind the ECAT-X I am of the mind set that we should be finishing the task infront of us before moving on to other things.

      • Mats002

        Rossi is not a young guy, he would know by now that life has an end. I don’t understand that statement, it is wierd.

      • TomR

        If the safety certification were given to the domestic heater now we would be able to buy one within months, not years. It is ready for production.

        • LindbergofSwed

          Do you know if Rossi have more power in than out (measured in form of electricity) now with his e-cat X? That would be the ultimate proof of the Rossi effect.

          • LarryJ

            Rossi has not yet released any specific information about the ecat-x beyond that it can be made very small, is responsive to control, electricity is not generated by steam and the ratio of heat to electricity can be controlled. Today he commented that he is using it to generate light as a test load but did not specify exactly how. The only ultimate proof of the Rossi effect to date that I am aware of is the Lugano report which was carefully controlled and is unequivocal in its conclusions.

    • LilyLover

      If you are small and number two in quality / technology, the market will crush you to extinction. Once the market does that, the new status-quo guards will divert public money to ITER 2.0. The next revolutionary change will be delayed by a few more decades.
      Rossi doesn’t want to be Tesla 2.0. The harsh reality of today’s market is, you have to have “_____est” in some area to survive.
      More than World domination, the necessity of continued existence is the force behind Rossi’s #1ism. He is fighting a battle far bigger than his personal selfishness.
      He does not want to win the battle and lose the war.
      He’s going to make sure, immediate micro-charity does not get in the way of long term mega-charity.
      And most lives that could be saved, could still be saved without his technology. Why is the World keen on shoving off all the burden and guilt onto our dear Dr.? Be thankful that he still is philanthropic person. There is a 50% chance that in his shoes, having received bad treatment from the World, I could have turned into Dr. Evil. with vengeance.
      So, at maximum, being thankful towards neutral Rossi, is all that the society could expect from him.
      I and we are 200% confident that dear Dr. is gonna do a lot more than than Oscar Schindler, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela combined. This is not blind faith.
      Just as market prices-in future prospects into present valuation, people are not only front-loading, but are pre-loading Dr. Rossi with the burden of charity. Typically, charity begins after sufficient success, so, please let him make SOME money before expecting him to start the largest charity.
      Blaming him for lives that could have been saved is belittling his goodness.
      Please be patient. And do your part – Once the product is available – spread the word – abundance has arrived!

      • LilyLover

        The cost of raising a child to graduation is much larger in “developed” World (are we not supposed to progress further?); especially as a fraction of lifetime-earning and even more so in the light of paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.
        There is a direct relationship between fraction of cost of lifetime-earnings in terms of cost of raising a child to graduation to the affordability of number of kids.
        Divorce liability, wanting to get the best for children, and isolated family-structure and lack of granny-pressure further compound the reduced levels of multiplication.
        When we move away from real work, set eyes on fake-goals, value little what matters the most, this becomes the natural consequence.
        Limited-prosperity, not prosperity itself, is the reason for population decline. E-Cat will fix even that!!

      • clovis ray

        Very well said Lilly lover, it’s hard for some to hear the truth, when they have been lied too for so long, exciting times ahead,

    • Jarea

      I agree with you. This is something i have already said many times. It is OK to want and fight to be the first but delaying execution because of possible future competency is like not walking because having fear of falling. Besides, you have the patents that will give you protection. Rossi has the R&D and knowledge that puts you ahead. I think the people who invest in Leonardo would also want to see some money coming from a product.
      I think Rossi generates this problem himself by publicizing its intern research results. A better approach would be to just tell the people how wonderful is your product once you have a fix release date (a big type-Apple announcement). A second point, is the ethic of, for example, telling a dying-thirsty person that you have a product to extract water, telling him that you want to improve this and that, keeping the product out of market and secret.
      A good company is a company that commits and execute its products, moreover in a field as LENR where it is supposed to be an impossible invention. I always have a bad feelings when i hear more news about the good EcatX chaging the topic of the product release to a new horizon of years in the future.

    • clovis ray

      Bullocks, with a capital B

    • Albert D. Kallal

      Why does Ford want to make the best cars and be #1?

      Why does a musician want to make the best most loved music in the world?

      Why does Apple want to be the best smartphone maker?

      Next time you eat some food, use a computer, or drive a car for what possible reason would you
      not want the best car or food for the money?

      In other words, you saying let’s all give up on being excellent and doing a great job. The result
      is crappy computers, crappy cars, and even crappy food! In fact you adopting a formula for a crappy life!

      So you confused why people want to be the best at what they do?

      Next time you fly in a plane, you be VERY happy that the people who made the plane wanted to make the best and most safe plane.

      On the other hand, if you give up on anything of excellence in life that amazing people in this
      world have to offer?

      Well then then you relegated yourself to a life of mediocracy and commonality. Great vision – let’s turn the world in to a bland grey pile of crap!

      In effect you saying you hate greatness and wonderful things in this world, and thus you confused by people who want to the best and remain the best at what they do.

      Based on your logic and reasoning, then I suggest that you purchase the worst food, the worst cars, and the worst clothing, and complete forget about anyone with a vision and a commitment
      to excellence.

      It is the VERY existence of that commitment of excellence that given the world all the great things we have. It called hard work and passion to be the best at whatever you do EVERY day!

      I cannot imagine anyway not admiring someone being committed to the best that they can be in
      It is this EXACT drive and commitment to be the best and NOT following everyone that brings out greatness in life, be for those producing food, cars or even how we produce energy.

      Why would anyone of vision and talent not want to be the best and remain the best at what they do? Why would anyone want to be a follower of everyone else? Those who never committed to anything of excellence are the few that cannot grasp and understand how great people are great because they are driven to do the best and be the best at what they do.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Omega Z

      Robert, It’s just business.

      Would you expect,
      I strive to be number 2.
      I want to make the second best product.

      • Mats002

        What about “for ever”? That last part is not business language.

        • Omega Z

          Wouldn’t you want your greatest achievement to be remembered forever.

          People want to be remembered when gone. I want my children to run my business when I’m gone & their children after them to continue what I began. People want their names on libraries to commemorate their achievements so people will remember them when gone.

          It all follows human nature. It’s as close as one can get to living forever. If only in memory. It is only an issue if someone wants to make an issue of it.

          • Omega Z

            Merely the end of 1 scarcity. There are many. In fact plentiful energy will make them appear sooner rather then latter.

  • Rene


  • GreenWin

    Somebody needs to tell China it’s no longer communist.

    “The Communist Party of China (CPC) is a great Marxist
    political party. For eighty-one years, the CPC has led the Chinese people through hard
    and tortuous struggles which gained the great victory of the new
    democratic revolution, the socialist transformation and the socialist
    construction. For eighty-one years, the Party has combined the universal
    truths of the Marxism-Leninism with the practical situation of the
    Chinese revolution and construction.”

    China is a minority rule country with 2% population members of CPC.

    • Fascism: A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralizedautocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

      Merriam-Webster dictionary

    • orsobubu

      Absolutely. Communism in China is a bourgeoise ideology apt to maintain the control over worker’s class, like “democracy” in western economies.

      • ecatworld

        This conversation is getting a long way off topic.

  • William D. Fleming

    What is called capitalism is nothing more than people around the world pooling resources in order to accomplish works too large for individuals. Not really an “ism”, it is just the natural evolvement of the free market enabled by larger populations, and better communication and transportation. Stock markets are just one of many specialised markets needed in a complex society–without them trading would still go on, just less efficiently.

    Wily and motivated traders and innovators have always gotten rich but their richness has not caused poverty to others–it’s just the opposite. Instead of feeling envy and resentment toward people like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Andrea Rossi, etc., what I feel is gratitude for their contributions. It’s a happier state of mind.

  • LarryJ

    Exactly! All countries in the developed world are concerned about replacing aging human resources due to falling birth rates. It is one reason that Germany was so welcoming of Syrian refugees.

  • LarryJ

    In the context of Rossi’s blog
    F9 = If results are positive but could also be negative

  • Stephen

    I think this is very good news for the technology development of LENR generally as we go forward. Its one thing to have a dream its another thing to be a maker, taking that thing made to the industrial level is another thing altogether. Its unusual to find each of those characters in any individuals but there are many here that have one or even two of them I think. I think Andrea Rossi is one of those very rare types who combine all those attributes. With this step from Industrialisation to Research company he is even taking the next step beyond industrialisation as well. If that company is willing to invest massively in this kind of new innovative technologies and ideas in ways that have been missing elsewhere all these past years that can only be a good thing.

    While we are not yet in a StarTrek society perhaps a good way forward for new technology is with two parallel approaches:

    1. Large companies that very importantly should have good ethics as a driving principle and are able to invest strongly in the specific high end technology to find ways to improve and diversify the technology, improve its robustness and reliability and safety certification and to produce the technology in sufficient volume to bring the cost down so that it becomes increasingly useful and viable.

    2. Open more simple versions of the technology that can allow Universities, Research Institutions and importantly given the history of this technology allow individuals and backyard researchers to investigate the phenomena and develop it in novel and new ways that may not be obvious to the larger companies and institutions. It can also engage the wider open community in all the ways we have seen here.

    As well as world class scientist and engineers, I wonder if one or two world class Philosophers or Sociologists could look at the ethics of the technology and the distribution and application of the technology in ways that help most where it is needed and can help and discourage hopefully its development in less ethical ways.

    • LarryJ

      The scope and potential effect of this technology is so new and so vast that I am sure all of the ideas you outline will come to pass. Nobody has even heard of it yet and look how far it has come. Imagine the effect and the focus it will receive once working products are in the market. The resources both financial and human that are directed towards cold fusion will be mind boggling.

  • georgehants

    For all those reading these pages remember that Admin gives us a lot of time and effort in keeping ECW going.
    A simple way to repay that kindness is to take out a small monthly subscription.
    Little cost to be following the birth of a technology that could be the savior of mankind.
    I wonder if maryyugo who certainly reads these pages daily pays a small sub?

  • HS61AF91

    You may feel as I do about what the E-Cat will ultimately do… replace(substitute for) money. Damn great new world around the corner.

  • Warthog

    I asked for historical examples, not theoretical communist babbling.

    “Imperialism” died with the demise of its last bastion, the Soviet Union, although apparently Putin and ISIS want to resurrect it.

    And competition between businesses is not “war”, and is almost never by violence….though I’m sure there have been some very rare incidents.

    • orsobubu

      No, the whole world economy today is imperialistic. The 5 characteristics, as described first by Hobson and then established scientifically by Lenin, are: monopolism, capital export, financiarization, fight for conquer of markets, fight for expand the influence sphere. All the exact description of current economy. For example, the turbulence in middle east are provoked by failure to impose an imperialism there by arab nations, also due to imperial interference by US, Europe, Russia and now China. It is not the poor orsobubu saying that, it is Kissinger, Kagan, Kupchan, etc. US are obliged to sustain a big war for each generation of young americans, to maintain their grasp and avoid a decline. You can read “No one’s world”, or “World order” by Kissinger. But “Imperialism” by Lenin is way better to start with.

      • Warthog

        I repeat, historical examples….not communist theoretical bafflegab.

        “Monopolism”…I see lots of competition going on, at all levels.

        “Capital Export”……this is a BAD thing?? Seems to me that “capital export” is how historically poor countries increase in wealth, which is what the data show.

        “Financiarization”……never heard the term.

        “Fight for conquer markets”…..Where???

        “Fight to expand the influence sphere”…again, where??

        The “turbulence in the Middle East” is about the establishment of a global Islamic state, and has zip to do with capitalism.

        Communism FAILED (and fails). It has failed on both the small and large scales (although attempts at small scale establishment can succeed for a while, especially if a religious component is involved). This is the historical record based on FACTS.

        The whole “money is evil, let’s get rid of it” schtick is simply ludicrous…”Man” (as humanity) has had “money” ever since the development of specialization of labor, and dates back to when Ugh the Cro-Magnon flint knapper traded some of his stone knives/axes to Grunt the Cro-Magnon bead maker for a necklace for Ugh’s girlfriend.

        Capitalism has brought about the highest standard of living ever
        enjoyed by the human race, and will likely continue to do so into the
        foreseeable future.
        It will soon expand beyond the earth, and make the resources of the whole solar system available to humanity (Falcon 9 and Blue Origin both successfully flying of a reusable booster stage).

        “Something” beyond capitalism may develop in the future, but it will be an evolutionary development FROM capitalism, not some theoretical communist fantasy system.

  • US_Citizen71

    Ultimately it is due to two civil wars that have merged. There are essentially five sides to the conflict ISIS, the Kurds, Iraq, Syria and the Syrian rebels. To end it all five will need to agree on a resolution not likely to happen at least yet. To end it now via military force will require a huge deployment of troops, something that the west is not willing to do after their previous 15 years of fighting in the region. Even if it is done it will only create relative peace while the boots are on the ground. As soon as they would leave it would ignite again in short order. Lasting peace will only come when all sides are tired of fighting and dieing and are willing to come to the negotiating table.

  • theBuckWheat

    As LENR becomes commercially viable, it will substantially perturb the current world power dynamic. Entire nations in the Arab world depend upon the sale of oil to pay for the very food they cannot grow themselves and must import. Just yesterday, Zerohedge carried an article about the collapse of the Ruble being due to the collapse in oil prices. The Saudi government is a socialist wealth distribution scheme that requires oil to be at least $65/bbl just to break even.

    LENR can easily be adapted to large-scale uses of oil. Many power plants burn liquid petroleum fuels. There are also railroad locomotives, over the road trucking, ships, and industrial process heating applications. At least one third of petroleum consumption is almost immediately vulnerable to being converted to LENR. In this case “immediately” would be over a decade, which is shorter than the planning horizon for many of the large capital projects of the petroleum industry.

    Such a drop in consumption and the resulting reduction in payments to oil producing nations, will throw that part of the world into utter chaos. We have a foretaste: one of the factors that triggered the “Arab Spring” was the drastic rise in the price of bread in Egypt due to the need to pay for importing basic foodstuffs. And get this- part of the dynamic of grain prices is caused exactly because of the push for biofuels forces the price of food grains to be coupled to the world price of oil.

    In the US, we grow so much corn because of the government mandated blending of ethanol into gasoline. LENR destroys the weak justification for ethanol, and thus for the government distortion of the value of farm land. And so it goes.

    But this is not bad. LENR will reduce costs, which is beneficial. Just be careful to stay out of the way of all the creative destruction its introduction will cause. And let us hope that it will not trigger a war.

    • MikeP

      Desert lands are fertile lands … they just need water (and proper long term management). LENR can provide the first in a number of different ways (e.g. desalinization and transport). The problem is going to be the time lag between when people realize that LENR is coming (causing oil prices to drop) and when the infrastructure for water and other necessities can be created.

      In northern latitudes, one should be able to locally grow tropical foods like oranges, mangos, and avocados by protecting the plants from winter cold. I don’t think food is going to be the limiting factor for a very long time.

      • bkrharold

        The main difficulty will be in overcoming the resistance of the entrenched powers controlling the economy. They have successfully delayed LENR for over 25 years.

        • LarryJ

          Nobody can stop technological progress. You might temporarily slow it but you can’t stop it. The only effect the resistance to cold fusion has had is a small temporary reduction in the exponent describing its exponential improvement in power production vs size. With Rossi’s latest discoveries the value of that exponent is right back on track.

          I believe that part of the current convulsion we are seeing in financial markets is due to the entrenched powers re-positioning themselves for the new reality. Most followers of this site are aware of the richest man in the world’s recent interest in cold fusion. If you think Bill Gates is not adjusting his portfolio then think again. He understands technological progress like few others.

          Saudi Arabia is well aware that they hold a large interest in what could easily become a stranded asset and so they need market share above all else. Their intention is to become the last standing major supplier of crude oil and for them that is a very sound policy and price be damned.

        • Omega Z

          I think people overplay the entrenched powers theme. There are only a few, tho powerful entities who will resist.

          With zero outside interference, Fossil fuels will become economically unsustainable within 40 years. LENR will merely extend how long these resources are available for other uses.

          The Military will welcome it. Yeah, some for the obvious usefulness. But also, It makes Oil 1 less thing that can lead to War.

          Big business will love it. Banks will make a fortune from the economic growth. Wall street will fall in love with it.

          That leaves only the few powerful entities who will resist against the many powerful who will have their own financial interests in seeing this technology come forward..

          • bkrharold

            They have already done irreparable damage, delaying implementation by over 25 years. During that time the USA has fought at least 2 major wars over oil, costing the lives of lost thousands of our brave men and women, and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and $trillions of taxpayer money. The climate has changed dramatically creating floods and forest fires, damaging storms, causing mass extinctions and spreading tropical diseases to North America and Europe. Had LENR been accepted and implemented immediately much of this global catastrophe might have been avoided.

          • Omega Z

            At about the same time F&P came on the scene, you had the wall come down & the end of the cold war. ITER/Hot fusion had a lot to do with keeping a lot of physicists busy with large budget increases, as there was a great concern that some of them would go off & build nuclear programs in not so stable countries. I agree, there was some suppression, but only by a few powerful interests.

            Beyond that, Many still tried to develop LENR but their results were miniscule & hard to replicate. Technology was just not yet advanced enough in the 90’s to be able to understand what was taking place.

            It’s only been the last dozen years that technology has advanced enough to begin to understand what’s taking place at the nano level & what they seem to be finding is much different then expected. It is hard to say how long LENR was really delayed, But I think far less then 25 years.

            And make no mistake, there are still those few trying to delay LENR. However, after untold Billion$ invested in Hot fusion with nothing to show after 60 years & still as always 20 years in the future, They are losing their politcal support. Even the biggest boondoggle needs to show some kind of results at some point and time. Hot Fusion hasn’t done that and the political scene is changing.

      • Omega Z

        Desalination will be a slow build. Before power comes the brick & mortar that is itself very expensive & runs into Billion$.

        The desalination plants themselves also need some major design changes before a major build out. They need to come up with a new intake design as the current systems kill billions of sea creatures and the return pipes mainly need to have a larger dispersal setup to prevent creating dead zones.

        Recovering prior but parched unusable farmland wont be a problem. Should you start looking at what’s considered natural desert will land you in the legal system for eternity. Reasonable people could work this out. Environmentalists are seldom reasonable.

        That said, there’s a lot of recoverable farmland & and land that could be far more productive if it had additional water resources.

        For what it’s worth, Today’s state of the art desalination plant produces potable water for 1/3rd cent per gallon. For drinking purposes, this is cheap. For overall bulk purposes, it’s expensive. For ground water through a normal water treatment/processing plant, it is 1/9th of a cent per gallon.

        Note these prices are deceptive. Distribution adds a whole new layer of costs.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          There is also possibility to use electricity produced by E-cat X to run a heat pump to cool a surface to collect atmospheric moisture.

          • Omega Z

            The problem with that is the quantity.

            The Carlsbad desalination plant in San Diego is to produce 50 million gallons a day. About 7% of San Diego’s daily water use. I don’t think atmospheric moisture collection would be feasible to meet the demands & probably not economical even with E-cat energy.

            Note I think they are projecting a cost of half a cent per gallon to the consumer with this desalination plant. E-cat energy could probably lesson that by 90%.

            14 years and 15 environmental lawsuits and 3 years to actually build. It is finally about to start operation.

    • Adam Lepczak

      I really feel bad for lazy wahhabi spreading Saudis who will be forced to buy energy from infidels and apostolates…NOT
      Roast lazy bums!

  • Omega Z

    This statement from Mats interview with Fulvio Fabiani would seem to imply that Fabiani is employed by Industrial Heat to assist Rossi. Not employed by Rossi.

    “To be more precise I am bound by an agreement with Industrial Heat, and I’m available for Rossi to be his right arm. I cannot give any more details due to an NDA”.

  • LarryJ

    But so far all those robots will require human resources to guide them. Technology always improves productivity. If you have 1 person able to do the work of 100 by controlling a cadre of robots it does not mean that jobs disappear. It means that the amount of work being performed in total increases enormously. Malkom700 above says that cleaning up the oceans will provide 300 years of work but I think it would be more accurate to say it might take 3,000,000 man years of work which with the assist of robots guided by a few thousand people will take 10 years elapsed.

  • georgehants

    E-gatto, yes do see his name there often, he still cannot accept that having an open-mind and only following Evidence is scientific.
    The same applies to the Orbo etc.
    I am sure as GreenWin points out below he can sign-in here as a guest to let us know that he fairly pays a small sub. for all the years of reading he has enjoyed, or hated as the case may be.

  • Axil Axil

    This drone capability exists already. Cold fusion is not applicable to the nuclear club in any way.

    • Observer

      Either a population is sustainable or it is not. Standard of living has nothing to do with it.

      We have 7 billion people on earth because we can feed 7 billion people. If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t.

      Those who decide not to pro-create will be replaced by the offspring of those that do.