Brilliant Light Power (Formerly Blacklight Power) Coming out of the Shadows (Becktemba) UPDATE: Sterling Allan Attended and Reports

UPDATE: Sterling Allan of PESN has reported what he can of the meeting here on PESWiki:

He says he was restricted about what he could report but did say this:

The BrLP website points out something that was demonstrated yesterday. They have achieved solid state operation using an electromagnetic pump to spray the molten silver between the electrodes for the 1000/second continuous pulsing for continuous power production.

The following post was submitted by Becktemba.

After 10 months of near silence and a name change the company formerly named Black Light Power now Brilliant Light Power is seemingly coming out of the shadows. Last night the company posted a public demonstration invitation slated for January 28th.

It appears that anyone in the public can request an invite via e-mail (

Also, the website seems to have posted previously unseen plasma videos (

I’d encourage all e-catworld readers who can obtain an invite to attend and report on what they see.


  • tlp

    Also there are very detailed pictures and design drawings in
    Some additional information also in
    like patent applications, latest filed just 01082016.

  • Zephir

    The BLP did some public demonstrations already – they did show some sparks at the monitor screen for two seconds

    • tlp

      The world is full of hydrinos as dark matter. The vacuum pump removes hydrinos and oxygen from the reactor.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        I guess they would escape anyway since they are expected to be extremely small. That’s a potential problem from a methodological point of view (you could not collect them in a bottle) and might be a reason for safety concerns.

      • Zephir

        This just doesn’t give sense. The nuclear reactions inside the Sun core are well mapped: any alternative source of energy would cause a huge discrepancy in existing models. The scientists for example measured very exactly neutrino flux, which is corresponding well the solar heat flux (when the neutrino oscillations are taken into account).

        • Andreas Moraitis

          If I remember it correctly, Mills does not state that hydrinos are generated in stars. In order to produce them you need atoms (hydrogen and a ‘catalyst’), not just nuclei. Thus, in an extremely hot environment where electron shells are mostly removed hydrino generation would possibly not work.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Besides, although Mills’ hydrino reactions release more energy than chemical reactions, they are less effective than nuclear reactions (the ratio comes to about 1 : 10^3 : 10^6). So even if they could happen in stars one might not expect to see a significantly different energy balance.

          • Zephir

            But the surface of Sun and interior of large planets (Jupiter) exhibits just the conditions, which Mills claims to use for hydrino and energy production. The surface of Sun or Jupiter undoubtedly remains composed of atoms.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Yes, on the surface of the sun it might work. I read somewhere that the spectrum of the “SunCell” plasma equals that of the solar spectrum, so there may be a connection. However, the released amount of energy would likely be small, compared with the energy that results from nuclear fusion in the sun’s core (see also my post below).

  • Fyodor

    We’ll see-they said in mid 2014 that they were only six months away from a prototype and still…nothing. Just the same videos of five seconds of random sparks. This is on top of repeated statements over the last ten years that they were just about to release a commercial prototype.

    Someone posted a link to a technical presentation below that looks like it has a picture of a system prototype (p. 30) though I don’t see any solar panels. I guess we’ll see if they can actually get it running for any sort of extended period of time and/or show self-sustain mode, etc.

  • GreenWin

    Interesting timing. We wish Randell Mills et al lots of luck with this new venture. Next month should be eventful.

  • bfast

    From :”Brilliant Light has engineered a modular, scalable 250 kW electric generator that is a fraction of the weight and size of an internal combustion engine”

    Oh, 250 kW is equivalent to 335 hp. Lots to run a car!

    If this is true, we are crisin’! There’s got to be a tight relationship between what is going on in Mills’ lab and what is going on in Rossi’s lab. I cannot conceive of two truly separate kinds of near-free energy sources being discovered at the same time.

    • ecatworld

      They say they have ‘engineered’ this generator, but I wonder if they have built it.

      • Fyodor

        They use a lot of suggestive terms to describe things that they just have drawings and spec sheets of.

    • Axil Axil

      Rossi was bound to stumble onto the black light (XUV) flavor of the LENR reaction sooner or later. Mills has been at that type of reaction for years. I wonder who is going to get the patents for it in first. The game is afoot.

  • The capacitors shown on the “prototype” seem to be there to smooth out the energy output. Check out the powerpoint posted below. The PV utilizes the light created and since the light isn’t constant the capacitor will capture what is produced so it does not need to be a constant stream of light.

  • BOb

    Anytime someone is going to demo something it should be a positive…
    If they have the real goods, then the demo should be positive and open the door for more acceptance and advancement of the product.
    If they are all hype, it will prove out negative (or possibly useless) and this is good also. People will know what the reality of the situation is.
    I would much rather have this than secret customers and lots of posts. (My preference, not that secret customers with lots of posts is inherently bad).
    Given BLP’s past history, I have my expectations very low….. I hope that I am greatly surprised.
    As usual, I keep waiting…. at least for 17 more days…

  • Axil Axil

    Competition is good. Miles might help Rossi get off the schneid by giving Rossi some incentive to get product out into the marketplace. If Rossi had his druthers, he would tinker with this X Cat until the cows come home. The SunCell could evolve into a very fine product that converts LENR energy into electrical production in a solid state product.

    The SunCell may give that hydrino nonsense some standing in the LENR sweepstakes race that will follow the release of a successful product. This hydrino malarkey will slow LENR science down considerably.

    But one great advance that the SunCell will bring to LENR engineering, will be the activation of the LENR reaction directly from the proper application of electrons as opposed to heat as per Rossi.

    • Gerard McEk

      Although the plasma looks impressive, I am still waiting for a practical proof to show that it works and more power is procuced than input from the capacitor banks. I am not so much interested in evaporated metal, it’s just dirty stuff. Maybe it can be used for sputtering nickel and iron layers for Rossi’s wafers? 😉

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Plasma may look impressive, but it can be easily produced by everyone. Just put a grape into your microwave oven:

        As you correctly say, only the energy measurements will count.

    • Omega Z

      Axil Axil

      I would bet Rossi want’s to bring this to market as fast as anyone else. However, you need a dependable product before you bring it to market.

      Business doesn’t just look at what a device can save them. They look at what it will cost them as well. If they have a Million$ of product going out the door every day, that’s a Million$ a day they lose if it is broken down. If it’s not dependable, they will stay with their current device. The 1 they can count on to work…

      • Axil Axil

        Being dependable did not stop Microsoft from achieving hegemony of the software industry.

        • BLP’s demos have been a complete letdown.They are to me the boy who cried wolf only without the wolf actually showing up at the end.

          • Winebuff67

            A friend of mine is headed to the demo. Looking foreward to his opinions.
            He has seen a lot of suspect tech over the years working for many energy concerns.

          • I’ll try and keep an open mind Winebuff. Keep us posted.

          • Ditto.

          • Winebuff67

            Can’t wait for some first hand info. Let u know when I get a report.

        • Zephir

          I don’t want to play a devil’s advocate here, but Google or Apple is behaving in the same way – just at another markets. Also Rossi with his patent wars behaves in the same way at the cold fusion market.

        • Omega Z

          There is a difference between business software & physical product out of the customers door. With business software, a pen and paper may substitute.

          If I’m dealing with perishable product, this can be devastating as much of it is time sensitive. I lost a million$ in sales as well as a million$ in product. I also risk losing my customers who also may not be able to open their doors for business. Perhaps they will look to find a new supplier. Someone dependable even if it costs more.

          Business doesn’t think about just the savings. They consider the consequences as well should it not be dependable.
          Industrial processor to Customer: I can’t supply your product on time because my E-cat heater is broken down. Maybe tomorrow.

          Customer to Industrial processor: Not My Problem. If you can’t be dependable, perhaps you shouldn’t be in business. Deliver on time or I will find someone that will….

          This is not conjecture, but a real life scenario I’ve seen play out. I have in fact isued such a statement. I can not stay in business without product nor will my customers accept this. They will go elsewhere if need be.

  • Axil Axil

    There seems to be a connection between the character of the electric excitation that is applied to the LENR catalyst and the character of the LENR energy format that the reaction produces.

    As in the SunCell, high DC amps and low voltage produces light. As in the DGT system, the Brillouin system, and Mizuno, low DC amps and high voltage seems to produce heat.

    • Axil Axil

      Great. Let’s Go. I would like to keep the conversation public.

      Part 1

      I like the defkalion design. THis design is also used by AIRBUS. DGT used the nickel foam as a holder for the nickel particles so that they would not jump around when high voltage DC current was applied to the particles. As you will find, without the nickel foam, the particles would jump around when the 24 KV DC spark fires. I think that the DC spark passed through the nickel foam to charge the nickel particles with Rydberg Hydrogen Matter(RHM). DGT had a spark plug on either side of the reactor, one positive and one negative, that produced a spark down the axis of the reactor. I think that using high voltage and power DC spark is important to produce RHM as done in the Safire experiment has shown. The spark also produces a shock wave which generates a pressure pulse that produced RHM. Using lithium, to cover the nickel reduces the pressure that is required by 400%.

      Sintering nickel in air may produce whiskers If done in air.

      The sintering shold also be done to the ncikel foam after the nickel particles as placed inside the foam near the central channel where the spark passes through. The sintering will weld the particles to the nickel foam.


      I believe that whiskers on micro particles are ideal to form Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP). The whiskers provide a one direction superconductive current flow that will inject power into the lithium and/or hydrogen nanoparticles that are produced by the spark on those whiskers.

      I remember, the DGT spark consumed just over 800 watts of power.

  • Axil Axil

    Part 2


    IMHO, a special type of nanoparticle must be fabricated with a structure comprised of many serially connected graphite plate like planes. These particles survive in terms of time as a function of their length: long particles last longer than short ones do.

    Rossi’s reduced power output from some of his Tigers may be a result of this LENR particle deterioration half-life.

    These particles are mobile and can escape the reactor if not confined. These particles are highly magnetic and electrostatic. As Such, steel or even better iron is a good structural reactor material to keep these nano dust like particles inside the reactor.

    As in many past cold fusion experiments, using an open glass beaker is not good at keeping these special particles inside a reactor during electrolysis.

    Many combinations of elements can combine to form this specially shaped particle. Aluminum might be as good as lithium: at this early juncture, who can really say for sure. But hydrogen seems to be an important part of such a particle.

    This particle must carry a surface charge of surface plasmon polaritons(SPP) which activate it as a LENR producer. These particles are highly magnetic and electrically charged. A EMF stimulation process must be part of the nanoparticle activation process be it light, heat, or RF.

    For Rossi, the function of fuel preprocessing is to generate this special particle.

    DGT did everything in one step,

    More to come describing the fuel load.


  • Axil Axil

    Part 3

    fuel mix.

    I contend that it is more efficient to produce a long high voltage spark inside the reactor tube that passes through the fuel package. The high voltage DC spark will produce a full range of EMF stimulation including heat and UV. WHen not sure do it all. As used in Holmlid’s reactor, iron oxide powder, also powdered graphite powder is used to supply a crystal layered template for the formation of Rydberg matter. This material is mixed with the other powdered material by mortar and pestle grinding. LiHCO3 50% KHCO3 50%: this eutectic salt mix will liquefy at about 500C after hydrogen release. Potassium from this salt will dope the iron oxide powder. Lithium Aluminum Hydride – this salt provide hydrogen, lithium and aluminum to the reaction.

    As used in Holmlid’s reactor, 1 gram 99.996% Iridium Ir Metal Powder – $23.64. Any metal powder in the platinum family can be used. The six platinum-group metals are ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum. Iridium is preferred because of the results produced in the Holmlid experiment.

    When combined with graphite powder, potassium, lithium, and UV light, this produces Rydberg Hydrogen Matter.

    After grinding, the fuel bundle should be held in a nickel foam as done by Defkalion. The spark passing down the axis of the pipe should pass through the center cavity of the fuel bundle(nickel foam). The fuel bundle should be centered in the center of the iron pipe.

    A nickel foil should cover the inside surface of the iron pipe to condense the ionized iridium, carbon , etc and keep the iron open to absorb oxygen.

    Two screw-on and hydrogen tight sealed iron pipe caps that hold spark plugs with iridium tips produce the high voltage spark.

    • Alain Samoun

      How do you get LiHCO3 50% KHCO3 in solid form?

      • Axil Axil

        Decomposition of the bicarbonate occurs between 100 °C and 120 °C:

        2 KHCO3 → K2CO3 + CO2 + H2O

        Lithium hydrogen carbonate decomposes by heat; the reaction is represented by the balanced equation:

        2LiHCO3 (s) ——–> Li2CO3(s) + CO2(g) + H20 (g)

        • Alain Samoun

          Thanks,but it is not exactly an answer to my question: LiHCO3 seems to exist only in solution,when you add KHCO3 to the solution of LiHCO3 do you evaporate the water and get the mixture of the two salts in solid form?

          • Axil Axil

            I believe that the iron will remove CO2 and H2O by absorbing oxygen from the mixture and only elemental iron oxide, K, Li, H, and C will remain at very high temperatures, but I am not sure…experimentation is required.

  • C’mon Roger, it might be interesting.

    It might blow up.

  • Anon2012_2014

    BLP “Public” Demo…

    Has anyone here in the public, i.e. strangers, actually received a confirmation from the request link. Try it yourself.

    This Jan 29th 2016 event isn’t a public demo, its a demo to _selected_ non-technical potential investors.

    If this demo was actually public, they would take all takers, not just some. Caveat Emptor.

  • Could someone ask Sterling Allan if they have a timeline for when they expect to reveal their actual product?

    • artefact

      In the comming week Randy Mills will upload a video of the demonstration (or whatever happend there). I hope that will give some information.

      • Like energy in vs. energy out as measured – rather than as calculated by Mills.

        • mike wolf

          Yep, axe to grind. Which means your judgement is clouded.

          • Omega Z

            Only partly tongue-in-cheek. Mill’s did say there would be another investment seminar. He just didn’t give a date. Mill’s is still reaching out for investors. Mill’s plan is very similar to Rossi. Farming out add on technology to those more skilled like in PV’s etc…

            Rossi is just the mouth piece of a consortium. Apparently Darden is fine with this as he doesn’t like the public spotlight(Says Darden). Rossi/Lepnardo is also going to farm out most of the add on work focusing on the reactors themselves.

            Rossi says he wants to market the technology as cheap as possible. I’ll take his word for that at this time. However, I welcome a competitor. It keeps them honest of producing a cheap energy source. When one has a monopoly, they can do as they please.

  • Before they were using copper and moisture as fuel, now molten silver? It still sound like they are producing an ordinary lighting effect from high voltages.

    • Mark Underwood

      With copper the voltages were low, but with silver the voltages are even lower: merely one quarter of a volt. It’s the current that is high.

  • georgehants

    Wonderful to see the possibility of BP still going.
    One can assume that any professional investors will do due diligence or if not and it is not genuine, then they are still within their rights to take a gamble.
    After seeing the now almost 30 years of corruption, incompetence and secrecy regarding Cold Fusion it is very easy to keep a scientific open-mind on BP.
    Good Luck to them and thanks to Sterling for the update.

  • pg

    You might want to bring some substance to your accusations before anyone gives this any credit.

    • What Rip Kirbyian said is true and has been posted on Allan’s website. It’s not a big secret. I still check out his website occasionally, but I have never trusted the webmaster and most people view the site as a joke. I don’t think ECW is endorsing Allan’s site, just passing on one small tidbit of information. Allan did expose the Solar Hydrogen Trends fiasco, so occasionally one can learn something of value from it despite the fact that it is usually about 95% a fiction/fantasy site.

      • LarryJ

        Another mean spirited comment without a link. What you say may or may not be true but if you are going to possibly slander someone you should do them and us the courtesy of substantiating it. Otherwise it makes you a possible character assassin. A person nobody would respect.

        • You don’t understand the history of his website. These are not rumors. These are things he admits and writes about himself on his own website. The link is his own URL.

          • LarryJ

            Give us a specific link. I have followed his site on and off for years and have seen nothing of what you describe. Put your link where your mouth is. So far the only persons of questionable character here are you and Rip Kirbyian.


            This is way off topic to this website. The above is just one link. Do a Google search yourself for the rest.

          • LarryJ

            Thank you for finally providing a specific link. I followed it and what I found was a contrite confession from a man who has publicly admitted a problem with pedophilia and who has publicly outlined his efforts to deal with that problem. Pedophiles are born, not made and as a result a certain percentage of the population are born with this affliction and live amongst us in all walks of life. Nobody asks to be a pedophile. The important thing for a person so afflicted is for that person to admit to having the problem and then taking steps to deal with it, which based on the link you provided, Mr. Allan appears to be doing.

            As to whether yours and Mr Kirbyians comments are way off topic is partly true and partly not. Mr Allan was an attendee at the recent Brilliant Light demo which makes him a person of interest here. What I fail to understand is how your connection between his personal problems with pedophilia and his long standing interest in new energy technologies is relevant. I would point out that you introduced this side of the topic not me. I am the respondent here and am simply addressing what appears to be an unjustified and irrelevant intolerance towards a person trying to deal with a difficult personal issue that has nothing to do with his credibility on the issue of the Brilliant Light demo.

            You also commented that most people regard Mr. Allan’s site as a joke but once again you neglected to include a supporting link for your view. All I know for sure is that you think it’s a joke and I don’t.

            Mr. Kirbyian also appears to have a problem with religious zealots and you have supported him in that view. Again, what is the connection between Mr Allan’s religious views and his attendance at the Brilliant Light demo. I have no personal love or hatred for zealots of any kind but if we discounted all zealots (including us free energy wingnuts) we would eliminate a lot of interesting opinions.

            You also suggest that I do my own Google search for dirt on Mr Allan. I would suggest you do a Google search for dirt on Mr. Rossi. Anybody, including you and Mr Kirbyian, with an axe to grind can post to the internet. That doesn’t make it true or relevant.

          • I did not start this discussion and have no “axe to grind” against Sterling. I simply came to the defense of the original poster because you were unaware of the real situation and the many crazy posts that Mr. Allen has made himself. I have no special interest in the topic at all, and the “dirt” comes directly from Mr. Allen’s own writings, which are off the charts crazy by any standard. I also came to the defense of ECW for posting the information about Sterling’s visit to Brilliant Light. You are misrepresenting what I said. If you believe in fuelless perpetual motion machines developed in places like the Phillipines and South Africa, then his site is of interest to you, but not to me.

          • Axil Axil
  • Mark Underwood

    Randell Mills is brilliant and has very good reasons for using molten silver. Perhaps his technique for extracting power from hydrogen will change yet again from using silver, but if it does it will be yet another … improvement.

  • deleo77

    FYI – here is a post from another forum by someone who attended. And it sounds like the videos from the demo will be on-line next week. While there doesn’t appear to be a working SunCell to demo just yet, I still believe that this company is on to something that could turn out to be a big deal. The bigger question to me is not if but when.

    I was there. It was great. Randy explained the various iterations that led to the current version of the SunCell. He also went into great detail as to how the cell works. The design is amazingly creative and functional and the results are stunning. Without question, what BLP has accomplished is “brilliant.” Congratulations Randy. The demo that was done replicates what is on the website and demonstrates control over the reaction. The PV has not yet been integrated so this demo was meant to show the great progress that has been made and is not intended to reflect a final commercial embodiment. I am sure there will be critics who emphasize that the unit is still not operating in a self sustaining mode, but I think it was obvious to everyone present the tremendous energy being generated and that the next steps will not require the same level of incredible ingenuity and innovation that was involved with the ignition and recharge systems. Not to say there are not still challenges ahead, but they will not be the same type of unprecedented, complex engineering that has already been solved. Randy indicated that, while they are continuing to work on new iterations, he believes that his company’s work on this version is largely complete. The will continue to work on integrating and advancing the PV, but the SunCell is ready for partners to take it to the market. Several of them were present at the meeting and seemed ready to do so. The next several months should be very interesting, but I would expect we will only hear of progress as new milestones are reached.

    • Roland

      Thank you for the update; I agree that this is very interesting.

  • Axil Axil

    Copper can be used instead of silver but the solar cells needs to be adjusted to pickup more red light and less blue and green light. This type of solar cell engineering is possible.

    When the silver ash produced by the SunCell is assayed and transmutation produces are detected, the jig will be up for the hydrino theory. This reaction is LENR absolutely.

    • Roland

      Interesting, do you dispute the data that confirms hydrino formation; if so on what basis?

      • Axil Axil

        I believe that the 10 nm XUV light that forms the basis of the hydrino theory experimental proof is being produced not by hydrinos, but by photons confined in a whispering gallery wave of a polariton soliton.

        • Mark Underwood

          Axil there are many wavelength cutoffs (not just 10 nm) depending on the particular hydrino reaction that is achieved. This is observed, and Mills’ theory *predicts* these cutoffs exactly.

          • Axil Axil

            The same mechanism is true for polariton solitons. As the solitons gain in photon energy, the wavelengths of the photons inclosed withing the whispering gallery wave is decreased from infrared to visible then to XUV and finally to x-ray frequencies.


            In order to fit the photon wave inside the whispering gallery wave, the photon wavelength is reduced in integer increments because of the nature of waves.

            Mills is confusing the behavior of a quasiparticle with that of an electron with a subunity angular momentum.

            Such quasiparticles with less than unity charge are produced by magnetism in the fractional quantum hall effect.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Now that’s interesting. I have always asked myself if there are alternative explanations for Mills’ EUV/X-ray spectra. This might be a possible candidate. The data would have to match quantitatively, though.

          • Axil Axil

            Jack Cole: Looks like they made a video available of their welder-sun demo. 😉



          • tlp

            Next year driving on the streets!

          • Mark Underwood

            Axil I don’t understand why you are implying Mills believes in electrons with subunit angular momentum. The electron’s angular momentum is conserved and remains at h bar.

          • Roland

            Ta da; theory predicts specific result, experimentation confirms prediction, theory validated until exceptions emerge…

            Science in action.

            The application of Mill’s grand theory to chemistry is also revealing as one can now purchase software that predicts isomer topographies and bonding in not yet created molecules, and then verify these predictions by making a hitherto non-existent molecule and subjecting it to analysis.

            Heady stuff really.

            To beat a familiar drum; more ‘hidden’ order.

            I’m with Axil Axil in this way, I think we’re, as a species, at the doorway to the next paradigm; a paradigm that elucidates Bohm’s implicate order and reveals fresh wonders.

            How does entanglement work exactly?

            Why is entanglement instantaneous?

            How virtual are virtual particles?

            No shortage of interesting questions.

            Unfortunately, we’re still at the stage of filling in data points of the Mandelbrot Set with a slide rule trying see the ghost of the underlying order in all its beauty and infinitely recursive complexity.

            Given the totality of his work I think Randall Mills deserves the benefit of the doubt on the existence of hydrinos until he is proven experimentally to be incorrect; that is, after all, how the science game is supposed to be played.

    • mike wolf

      He has admitted to being a pedophile and mentally ill. But all he does is report alternative energies advancements. I think until he is charged and convicted of any crimes, let’s not claim anything he is doing is not legitimate. If it wasn’t for Allen, I wouldn’t have known about the ecat and ecatworld, or orbo, brillion, or even the newman motor. Just saying.

  • Axil Axil

    This system has been produced before however with a more simplified design.

    The worlds fair search light.

    “Gen. Flagier believes that the searchlight will be very useful in the coast-defense forts at the large ports, and it is with the view of ascertaining utility of these lights that the present apparatus is to be bought and experiments conducted at Sandy Hook proving ground. The system comprises the light proper, with mirror about 60 inches in diameter, furnished with a horizontal arc lamp. The mechanism must be capable of giving the light a rotation in a horizontal and vertical plane, and a governor must be provided to permit of electrically training the apparatus from a distance. The dynamo must produce an intensity of light of about 200,000,000 candle power, while the energy consumed in the lamp must not exceed 150 amperes by 60 volts. The makers of the light must keep it in operation for eight successive nights at Sandy Hook before it is accepted by the Government, and must instruct the force of operators who are chosen by the Ordinance Office.”