Terraforming and LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil

The mastery of LENR will allow the development of technologies that will free mankind from the constraints and destruction of nuclear energy. With LENR mankind can take a constructive path and turn dead planets into thriving vital ones capable of long term human habitation.

For many years now, I have been concerned about the limitations imposed on us by are limited technologies with the application in terraforming Mars. The recent understanding that we have now gained involving how metalized hydrogen is the basis of the LENR reaction and the source of the internal heat generated by LENR within the cores of most celestial bodies in our solar system has now granted us the opportunity to someday remake and tame the hostel desert surface of the Red planet: Mars.

The lack of a planet wide magnetic field produced by the circulation of molten material generated by an internal heat source will eventually allow the Solar wind to stripe off any breathable atmosphere and water oceans that the terraformers had the foresight and opportunity to produce. The solar wind must be diverted from the habitable surface of Mars. A shield from the solar wind will allow agriculture and animal husbandry to develop to support the population together with a shield to protect that population from mutagenic development of cancers. There is also the need to produce an ocean on Mars but that ocean would soon evaporate to space without the protection of a planet wide magnetic field to keep the Solar wind at bay.

The first job that those who would terraform Mars must accomplish is to setup a robust, perpetual, vigorous and self-sustaining internal heat source on Mars strong enough to get a current of molten material moving. LENR will allow this ambitious project to be accomplished. The key to getting this job done is manufacturing a generous amount of metalized hydrogen that can be pumped deep below the surface of the red planet to get a huge LENR reaction going in the heart of that planet. This material will setup the fusion of hydrogen that seems to be missing from the current internal planetary mechanics. We must think about how to transform the core of Mars into a huge LENR reactor.

Once the center of Mars is melted, volcanoes will develop, and plate tectonics will proceed bringing with it the perpetual recycling of wastes and sediments to the atmosphere and the oceans thereby keeping Mars a fresh an vibrant world.

The amount of frozen water and atmosphere already present on Mars must be evaluated and if required asteroids will need to be move from the asteroid belt to Mars to get the percentage of area covered by oceans up to 70% of surface cover.

The next job that we must undertake with the help of LENR is the reformatting of the moons of Mars into a single large moon to stabilize the rotation of mars to make the Marian seasons stable.

Mars’ moons are among the smallest in the solar system. Phobos is a bit larger than Deimos, and orbits only 6,000 km (3,700 miles) above the Martian surface. No known moon orbits closer to its planet. It whips around Mars three times a day, while the more distant Deimos takes 30 hours for each orbit. Phobos is gradually spiraling inward, drawing about 1.8 m closer to the planet each century. Within 50 million years, it will either crash into Mars or break up and form a ring around the planet.

Phobos and Deimos must both be raised in their orbits and combined into a more massive single moon. To add the required mass to our new moon sufficient to stabilize Mars’ rotation, a large asteroid and/or dwarf planet such as Vesta and/or Ceres now lying in the asteroid belt might also require relocation to the obit of Mars.

This could be done by setting up a array of monopole engines on the surfaces of these moons.

In detail, HRM as dark matter generates a monopole field that keeps it from destruction by the huge pressures and heat produced inside planets and stars. This field can be used to produce the LENR based energy required to move celestial objects around the solar system.

The monopole is the analog of a chemical catalyst. It is an agent provocateur. When the monopole field irradiates matter it stimulates proton decay and nuclear breakup without being changed itself. A single monopole field can do this over and over again as rapidly as it can find its way into successive protons or nuclei. And with each such event, a quantity of energy is liberated which is far greater than that released in uranium fission. The implications of monopole catalysis are enormous. All matter, be it garbage or junk or gold ingots, becomes a source of unlimited energy. Given a suitable supply of monopoles the energy needs of the world are limited only by the supply of matter to be catalyzed into energy, This is LENR. The monopoles field produced by HRM will be of incalculable worth for physical research and for energy production.

Beyond their utility as producers of energy, HRM as analog monopoles could probably be used directly in a spaceship engine. There have already been studies by Robert W. Forward and others showing that antimatter annihilating with matter in a magnetic “hemi-bottle”, an intense magnetic field pinched at one end and open at the other would serve as an extremely efficient spaceship drive. The problem is that the needed amount of antimatter fuel would require a truly staggering investment, because the antimatter would have to be manufactured by earth-based or orbiting “antiproton factories” of monumental size.

The same basic scheme, however, could be applied using the monopole catalysis. The “fuel” would then be atoms of normal matter caused to explode because their protons and neutrons undergo catalyzed decay as a flux of monopoles is passed through them. The hemi-bottle magnetic nozzle then provides the dual function of guiding the charged nuclear fragments from the exploded nuclei out the exhaust port of the engine and at the same time collecting the monopoles at the pinch point for re-use in the next engine cycle.

These monopole engines can be mounted on the surface of the objects that we want to relocate and the mass from the object can be converted to the power we need to move the object to where we want it to go.

When we fully understand what LENR can do, we can remake our solar system in the way that suits our purposes the best. It’s just a matter of time.

Axil Axil

  • Axil Axil

    The dwarf planet Ceres is yet another small body to show internal heat produced by an unknown cause. The white spots that show up around the surface of Ceres are salt deposits produced by the upwelling of liquid brine onto the surface of Ceres. Ceres has an atmosphere of ionized water coming from the dissociation of this brine that is happening in an ongoing process. Water vapor has been detected above some of the larger of these white spots.

    The Dawn probe has shown that Ceres may have a liquid ocean under its surface.

    The Dawn space probe is orbiting Ceres at an altitude of 240 miles. Ceres is the largest body inside the asteroid belt

  • Axil Axil


    How do you dig Ceres hollow and what do you do with the water? What do we do for sunshine?

  • LilyLover

    First Sahara, then Moon, and then Jupiter would be my sequence.
    But I’m sure the masters of the moon will prevent our ambitions unless the entire Earth evolves to wrokless, prisonless, happy life-lovers.
    That requires military and weapons eradication, morality in politics, non-cowardice in general populace. … Too many things to ask. All of that can be achieved the sooner the parasitic oldies die-out. Negative interest rates is a nice first step.

    • Axil Axil

      If a person with the resources and goals that Elon Reeve Musk has had the appropriate tools at his disposal including LENR terraforming forming and rocket propellant tools , things could be done outside of the political system to push humanity further into space.

      • LilyLover

        Things could be done and things would be permitted to be done are two different things.
        Perhaps our differences stem from belief and lack of belief in peaceful alien overlords.
        They see us as a curable cancer and want us to stay contained unless we purify ourselves. Why pollute the rest of the Universe?
        There is no point in becoming universal demons. Yes, we will benefit in the short term but the universe is wiser and smarter than our petty demonism.

        They, therefore, will not allow even the Musks and the Bransons of the world to engage in what you suggest unless we leave behind savage mentality.

        • Axil Axil

          If the overloads show themselves and express their agenda as you suggest, there is a way to placate the overlords and allay their fears about our demonism. We could create an artificial intelligence that is acceptable to the overlords. To decouple ourselves from our fallen nature, we could submit this AI for approval and certification based on a specification of behavior and intention in our application for a licence to expand beyond the solar system, .

          • LilyLover

            Very nice placating mechanism and viable alternative except for one big problem: AI.
            Unlike most people that believe AI will rise against humanity, I believe, if it could exist, it would be good towards humanity.
            As of today – AI does not exist.
            Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon may have “AI” departments, but AI doesn’t exist.
            To hide this fact, they are coming up with new idea: “We are taking efforts so that AI does not rise on it’s own and overthrow humanity.”
            The truth is – “No matter how hard we tried, we could not create AI of even an amoeba.”
            And therein lies the deception of AI-ivory-tower hidden under layers upon layers of misinformation and marketing jargon.
            “Working on AI” pays for baby-food; I wish “rescuing Unicorn” were deemed viable endeavour. That would be more palatable than the today’s direction of AI research.

          • Axil Axil


            By 2029, a $1,000 personal computer is 1,000 times more powerful than the human brain.

          • LilyLover

            Programmed data processing is different from understanding ‘meaning’.

          • Axil Axil
          • LarryJ

            Future AI will not be programmed data. It’s intelligence will be modeled after the one working model in our possession. Our intelligence. It will learn as we learn, albeit at a much accelerated rate.

          • LarryJ

            It is quite possible that AI might regard us as indispensable in some future circumstance. Even strong AI will not be able to foresee the future. Humanity will always have certain characteristics that AI will not be able to mimic with true fidelity. Together we will be stronger and if AI is truly strong it will recognize this, especially in view of our role as its creator.

    • LarryJ

      Human nature will always ensure an ample supply of all personality types. There will be wrokless, prisonless, happy life-lovers and there will be doers, explorers, cowards and heroes.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    The solar wind erosion of the Martian atmosphere is a negligibly slow process nowadays, and the rate of the process is almost independent of the surface pressure. If one makes a 1 bar atmosphere on Mars, the upper atmosphere lifts up by few tens of kilometres which changes the gravity field on top of the atmosphere only negligibly, hence the efficiency of the escape process does not change.

    The role of the solar wind in evolution of planetary atmospheres is often exaggerated in popular science media and also by some scientists, probably in an effort to get more funding to their field. It’s one of the real urban legends of science. Refereed original papers usually do not propagate such distorted view, but popularisations and press releases routinely do.

    If Mars wouldn’t be capable of keeping its atmosphere, it would have lost it like Moon and Mercury. There is no reason why an escape process would have stopped just shy of completion.

    • Axil Axil

      There is a connection made by professional science that the solar core fusion model and the neutrino flux detected on earth are connected by cause and effect. This connection might very well not exist.

      If LENR produces the neutrinos in the Sun, LENR can occur anywhere involving many and varied elements, not just proton proton fusion.

      The neutrino production
      theory of solar fusion simply adjusts the solar fusion theory to fit the neutrino flux data. They are just backing into the theory that fits the measurements.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        This video is a good example of what I said. The scientists who are interviewed don’t say anything factually wrong, but the journalist takes the sentences out of context and adds his own narrative to make up a completely different story.

        What you wrote is right, except the inference that water went into space. We know that a lot of the H2O and CO2 is still there, in frozen and possibly liquid form under the surface and under the polar caps. Even if there was significant escape, the solar wind is not the only option. It could have been e.g. due to large asteroid impacts, which we know have occurred because we see the craters, and it is likely that there were also earlier ones whose craters are no longer recognisable.

        If one wants to erode Martian volatiles by the solar wind over 5 billion year history, modelling shows that one then needs to assume that the solar wind was some thousand time stronger when the solar system was young than what it is today. One perhaps cannot count out such possibility, but also there is no positive evidence for it.

    • Leonard Weinstein

      The solar wind process is slow, but finite. It does contribute to edge of atmosphere removal in the absence of a magnetic field, but over millions to billions of years. However, it is the molecular gas weights, and thus thermal velocities that cause lower molecular weight gases to escape fastest.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        The measured present-day escape rate is less than 1 kg per second (incidentally, almost the same number on all terrestrial planets Venus, Earth and Mars), which is equivalent to one metre global water layer over 5 billion years. It’s about thousand times too small to cause removal of oceans.

        If one can break H2O into hydrogen and oxygen so that the oxygen is somehow chemically bound in rock, then the H2 can escape over billions of years. This is possibly what has happened on Venus.

        • Axil Axil

          Venus which is a massive as earth has little water in its atmosphere due to the lack of a protective magnetic field.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            If H2O would have escaped by that route from Venus, why didn’t atomic oxygen which is lighter? CO2->photon->CO+O.

  • Warthog

    Heh–who is going to bother with planets?? With working LENR and even “reaction” engines powered by LENR, it will be MUCH easier and faster to simply build habitats. And once the foibles of habitats are worked out for long-term habitation, you automatically have “generation ships”. Then it is “Ad Astra” for the human race.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Perfectly agreed. And not only easier and faster, but also scalability. There is enough small body material in our solar system to make habitat 1g,1bar, radiation protected surface area worth of millions of earths. That is, the expansion potential of habitats win planets million to one, similar ratio as nuclear wins chemical.

      By the way, this consideration may also have implications for SETI search strategies.

      • Warthog

        Actually, I think I remember reading that scientists searching for habitable planets are adding the ability to search for “habitat clouds”, which should be detectable by an inordinate brightness in the infrared (waste heat) spectral region.

  • Axil Axil

    Monopole flux tubes keep quarks confined in the nucleus. This is accepted science.

    Abelian monopole or non-Abelian monopole responsible for quark confinement


    Monopole magnetism is the strong force. If monopole magnetism is disrupted, the strong force is disrupted and the proton and the neutron is disrupted and then the nucleus is disrupted.

  • Axil Axil

    LENR could allow for the creation of a natural earthlike sulf-sustain geological cycle that recycles gases that have accumulated in the surface of Mars. Currently, Mars has no plate tectonics to recycle gases absorbed into the crust back into the atmosphere through volcanic activity. Without the melting of the core of Mars, whatever level of terraforming is achieved would have to be maintained artificially. Without LENR, Mars could not simply reach a required self-sustaining level, then turn off all the processes and expect the artificially created ecosphere to carry on as it does on Earth. With LENR, all geologic process would be self sustaining into the distant future.

    A LENR space engine technology could make real the McKay/Zubrin proposal of dropping ammonia-rich asteroids on to Mars. The asteroids would be artificially diverted from their natural orbits, and then their immediate effect, on hitting Mars, would deposit volatile gases and heat onto Mars.

    The McKay/Zubrin proposal also requires that we have the ability to literally move mountains – which we could do with LENR.

    Comets diverted to hit Mars would raise the level of volatiles in the Marian atmosphere. LENR could action artificially changing the orbits of stable bodies in the solar system. This includes saving Deimos and Phobos from hitting Mars.

    McKay and Zubrin are enthusiastically in favour of terraforming Mars – if for no other reason than to show that it can be done. LENR gives us the option to do this. With a sufficiently powerful space engine that can burn any matter at E=MC2 as fuel at little cost, moving any objects around the solar system is possible,

  • Axil Axil

    The Holmild experiment is the evidence. Holmlid is seeing mesons produced in his experiment which can only happen if the proton and neutron are disrupted.

  • Gerald

    ot: Tommorow big news expected from the sience field: Scientists to provide update on the search for gravitational waves. From the rumours it going to be big news. So maybe 100 years after Einstein predicted the wave, it is going to be proven..


  • Warthog

    The whole flaw with your communist fantasy is the idea that the “huge potentialities of mankind” need to be “managed”. Such management, of course, to be done by brilliant communist theoreticians such as yourself, who, in fact have never managed anything at all.

    ALL experiments tried to date with communism have thus far shown it to be far less capable of such “management” than capitalism, even with a system as small as our single planet.

    In fact, the real future system will be one that does not even attempt any such management, but attempts merely to assure honest business dealings, because future systems will be so large and diverse that “management” will not be possible.

    • orsobubu

      Hi Warthog, capitalism needs absolutely to be managed, and there are plenty of business management schools. The laissez faire economy ends badly, purely for mathematical reasons. And really, after XIX century, economy is more and more managed, year after year, with all the sorts of contradictory economic theories. And there is an underlying contradiction, because every one of these theories starts with the premise: “In free market conditions…”, where there is absolute evidence of lack of this freedom. I already reminded to you that “communism” was state capitalism, instead, obviuously strictly managed by respective bureaucratic bourgeoisie. On the contrary, communism is a transtional phase before anarchy, a necessary phase to reorganize the society after the capitalistic era; then, in anarchy, your auspice of “future systems so large and diverse that management will not be possible”, will become reality.

      • Warthog

        Yes, the economy is “more managed”, to the detriment of economic performance, and basically at the behest of the crony capitalists in their desire to eliminate competition by force of law instead of innovating to produce better products.

        As far as “reminding” me….your point is simply the typical socialist/communist debating trick of changing the meaning of terms if reality doesn’t match your fantasy. Those societies (Soviet Union, China, N. Korea, and more) called and understood themselves to be Communist, exactly as defined by Marx and Lenin, not “state capitalism”.

        You need to spend some time studying real history instead of theoretical communist fantasies. Societies that have called themselves “communist” HAVE descended into anarchy, over and over and over…..but the end result has never been the fantasy “pure communism” of your imagination. Said process is occurring right now in Venezuela.

        • Julio Ruben Vazquez Turnes

          I have to agree that communism so far has achieved nothing but problems.

          The problem with capitalism is that it evolved to consumism where the big sharks only want to make profit making us spend more and more.

          That is caused by the greed of some individuals (and there are a lot of these) wich are rich and/or have a strong influence in how things work in the world (like politicians or business men)

          The problem with that way of thinking is based on growth instead of development and it would create a big crack like the 1929th. We almost saw it with the last global crise but somehow they managed to evade it this time.
          It is expected that it would happen again in the near future and i doubt that they would be able to evade it this time.

          Returning to the economic system. A capitalism based system may work as long as the people realizes that personal belongings doesnt provide us anything. What are worth are the experiences we live.

          So as long as we have clothes, food, a few technology (TV, computer, mobile) and a way to move ourselves around the world. We have more than enough.

          There is no necessity to buy clothes each season if you already have anothers at home. You dont need to buy a new mobile phone each year.. and so.

          If people starts to realize on that. Then people wont need to work so much as they do today. They would be able to enjoy their lives with single things like walking under the moon, going to the beach, having a dinner with the person they love, reading a book, studying about anything they want, etc.

          That change of paradigm is what the world needs (in my oppinion) and that can only happen when individual ones start the change themselves.

          The key is that if people stops of being greedy about belongings, the big companies would need to adapt to the system forced by the circunstances and that eventually would create the improved version of capitalist in wich people gets money based on they efforts and enjoy their lives.
          Also if that change hapens, it should affect to the companies so they would evolve to another kind of companies more respectful with the environment and with their enployees (These kind of companies already exist but they are too little right now)

          • Warthog

            “There is no necessity to buy clothes each season if you already have
            anothers at home. You dont need to buy a new mobile phone each year..
            and so.”

            The problem is “who decides”. You are correct that the change must happen at the level of the individual, but if some individual chooses to work harder or smarter because he wants a bit more, the government can’t step in and tell him he cannot. That is why the phrase “free enterprise” is better than “capitalism”. The main role of government should be the prevention of fraud/dishonesty, and the stopping the establishment of “crony capitalist” enterprises into monopolies. Nobody talks about Theodore Roosevelt much any more, but I tend to think his focus on “trust busting” was headed in the right direction. The idea of enterprises “too big to fail” is ludicrous.

            Those advocating communism and socialism here are simply “religionists” of a different sort, replacing a “supreme being” with a “supreme philosophy” in their belief system, despite much historical evidence that says their particular philosophy simply does not work in the real world.

      • Warthog

        Here is what a communist country collapsing into anarchy actually looks like:


  • LarryJ

    If you can’t go big go home.

  • Warthog

    There is nothing even remotely “scientific” about communism. It is totally based on the imaginary wishes of dysfunctional personalities. Each and every time it has been tried as a social means of governance in the real world, it has failed, usually with tragic results for those unlucky enough to be caught up in it. This has proven true both on the small scale (Shakers and similar religious groups) and the large (Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, North Korea, and now Venezuela). But we can take it up further on your “provisorial space”.