Rossi: Leonardo Corp has New Factory Dedicated to E-Cat X Production

It seems that Andrea Rossi is increasing in confidence about the potential of the E-Cat X to be a viable mass-market product. This week he has talked about certain events taking place that he thinks will speed up

at 08.27 a.m. of Thursday Feb 11 2016:
1 MW E-Cat stable
E-Cat X operating and still very promising.
Surely we will work also in France. F9.
The E-Cat X is now developed in a new factory wherein Leonardo Corporation will dedicate its production.
We are already preparing the structure for a massive production, F9. I am working with a US engineer expert of the involved matter indirectly in contact with aerospace concerns. He is not involved in the 1MW issue. He is in the scientific commettee of Leonardo Corporation.
Warm Regards

Rossi has said that he is working in the Miami, Florida area both with the 1MW plant and the separate location where the E-Cat X testing has been done. I’m not sure if this factory is the same location as where the initial E-Cat X work has been done but it’s a possibility. He also has said recently that there are separate teams working on the 1MW plant and E-Cat X now.

As far as the timing of getting the E-Cat into the marketplace, here is another Q&A that gives an indication of Rossi’s confidence in getting the E-Cat to market speedily:

Q: 49% chance that the E-Cat will be industrialized by 2016: is it too high a figure?

Andrea Rossi
February 10, 2016 at 9:32 AM
No, it is not too high a figure.
Warm Regards,

We know that Rossi has very often been optimistic in his projections about the speed at which things happen, so I don’t think we can hang too much on what he says here, but it does sound like he’s going all out to reach his lifetime goal of being a revolutionary energy industrialist. I think we should consider that he is in the latter part of his working life (not that I think he’ll ever stop working), and he surely has the motivation to work as hard and fast as he can to realize his lifetime goals.

  • I do not care where he is .
    Just when can I take delivery of my E-cat.
    I hope it does not get lost in delivery or have a missing battery.
    Or will I just go back to my Hendershot device.
    Hey-ho! zero point patience here I come.

  • Thomas Baccei

    Let’s all chip in and hire a PI to find Rossi and these factories. Has no one ever even seen him in the past few years? In all seriousness Mr. Rossi’s claims are more and more concrete of late. Why has no one searched public records for such factories. Any sign of talent recruitment? There must be something. For sure, if Mr. R is at all telling the truth, there must be a mob of spooks watching him. Can you imagine the defense and security cartels not?

    • US_Citizen71

      ISIS would probably donate to help get the E-Cat on the market. Can you think of a better way to get the west out of the middle east? Now the oil producing countries in OPEC might have other ideas.

      • Christina

        ISIS is not into politics only; it wants to destroy the West because we refuse to become Muslim–their kind of Muslim.

        • mike wolf

          A little simplified, but yea. They lost the world wars twice. When Israel went back their homeland, nothing much became of it. When Israell turned that desert into an oasis in the desert, that is when cries of them occupying Muslin land began to resonate. After all their people witnessed this wealth of the people and they were in poverty. The Leaders depriving its citizens of oil wealth needed a Reason for this.

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          • Frechette

            Next you’ll be telling us that if the US doesn’t support Israel unconditionally God will punish the US.

      • mike wolf

        It ain’t about getting us out of the middle east. Terrorist attacks go way back. We are the infidels, has nothing to do with where we are. We never were there until sadam tried to annex quwait. Remember the 435 day hostage crisis during the Carter administration? Islam. Oklahoma city was Islam. The first world trade center attack was Islam. We actually helped osama and the muzsha hadeen repel Russia in afghanistan.

        The radicals come from the oil rulers in the mid east. They deprive the people of oil wealth and tell them the infidel is why they have nothing. Up pops radical Islam. We really should look at the big picture. OIL did this. Make no mistake about it. We need LENR to strip these tyrannical regimes of their wealth, which will strip their hold on their people. No one wants fossil fuels to lose their hold on the planet more than the people here. We are so few. So many people in the world thrive on oil. LENR is a serious threat to a lot of powerful people in the world. That war hasn’t even started yet.

        The resistance to LENR from establishment science is the tip of the iceburgh.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        ISIS is financed by Middle East oil money.

    • sam

      Keep a eye out for his 2016 Cadillac when in Dade county.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Rossi has been known to use the word “factory” for an R&D shop.
    I believe he is located in or near Dade County, Florida.
    May be selling heat to cement manufacturer.