Some Orbo Updates (Update #10: New Ophone Use Update, Q&As With Steorn)

UPDATE #10 (Feb 12, 2016)

A week 2 update from Rachel Wallace (ogirl) on her ophone use.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”480″ height=”300″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Some questions and answers between FB readers and Orbo on the above page:

Interesting Q&A on Facebook about the Ophone (latest update on its use here:… — which according to Steorn here uses a capacitor:

Michael Waskosky: I’m still unsure if this means that the phone is gradually charging the battery all the time or if it has to run out all the way to fully recharge. Or if it is from talking on the phone for a long period of time that causes it to drain all the way, in which case I wonder how long that period if time is?

Orbo: The capacitor that keeps the ophone charged is constantly being charged by Orbo. But during extensive use the capacitor may drain below the level that can power the phone. To fully recharge the capacitor can take several hours, however enough charge to power the phone back on can typically be achieved within several minutes.

Orbo: Hi Darren, the ophone contains a capacitor that directly powers our phone. During extensive use this capacitor may become discharged, however this capacitor is being constantly trickle charged by Orbo. So after a period of time the capacitor will be recharged and the phone will be functional again. In essence the phone is charging itself.

Darren: So the battery meter on the phone is a representation of the charge in the capacitor?

Orbo: Yes

Charlie Stout: How could the battery meter show a full charge after a power down and restart over a period of only a few minutes? If it came back up after a few minutes of trickle charge wouldn’t it only show a low charge?

Orbo: Hi Charlie – the charge characteristics of a capacitor are very different than those of an LI battery. The battery indicator on the ophone is designed for an LI battery, hence it can show fully charged even when the capacitor is not fully charged.

UPDATE #9 (Feb 10, 2016)

I received a copy of this email which was sent by Steorn to someone who had ordered an Orbo O-Cube

“Hello, firstly we would like to apologize for the delay to shipping your ocube. As we are sure you can appreciate, bringing the ocube to production has been a huge task for us all and we are grateful for your support.

We have shipped two ocubes and have received reports back that the lithium ion battery in the devices is charging to somewhere in the region of 8V, which is well in excess of the safe level of 4.2V. As a result, we have had to halt any further shipments while we address this. We are currently testing a new configuration with a battery charge controller; these tests are expected to take another several days. Once we are satisfied that the units are operating as they should we will provide another update concerning shipping etc.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.

Best regards
The Orbo Team”

Many readers are aware that I have received an Ocube myself, but it is one that does not apparently have a Li-ion battery inside (it has a capacitor instead). I did not order that version, and Steorn says they will be sending me a Li-ion battery Ocube free of charge, but it looks like I’ll be waiting along with everyone else for it.

UPDATE #8 (Feb 5, 2016)

First one week update of Ophone use from Rachel Wallace:

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UPDATE #7 (Feb 4, 2016)

There’s a new person who’s shown up on the Orbo Facebook page with a video testimonial of Steorn’s “never-die” Orbo Ophone. She’s Jen Roe, a manager of a bar in Dublin who’s been given a Ophone by Steorn to test. She says she’ll be giving weekly updates. Today is her first day of using it.

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UPDATE #6 (Jan 31, 2016)

On the Orbo Facebook Page, there’s a video of Rachel Wallace (aka Ogirl) in the first of what she says will be a weekly update using an Ophone — Steorn’s Orbo-powered battery that they say never needs recharging.

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Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy posted this closeup photo of the Ophone on Facebook earlier this week.

UPDATE #5 (Jan 20, 2016)

Readers here might be wondering what’s going on with Orbo Ocube that Steorn has put on sale (one of which I have ordered). The invoice I received said that the expected shipping date is Jan 24th which is coming up. Today on the Orbo Facebook page someone asked when the expected shipping date would be.

The response from ‘Orbo’ was: “Hi Hans, we expect to have shipping clearance by the end of this week or early next week.”

So hopefully it won’t be too much longer to wait now. I have been preparing for testing the ocube by assembling various items to charge and to measure with. I hope to document the process thoroughly to give an idea of whether Orbo is the revolutionary energy technology Steorn claims it to be. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll be documenting use of the Ocube, so we should have a good body of evidence in the coming weeks and months.

UPDATE #4 (Dec 22, 2015)

Steorn’s Orbo webstore is now live at Currently they are selling just the Ocube and the Ophone, however the Ocube now says ‘sold out’.

UPDATE #3 (Dec 9, 2015) Shaun McCarthy has posted a new video on the Orbo Facebook page in which he does a more in-depth demonstration of the Orbo powerpack using an oscilloscope showing that as Shaun McCarthy claims: “Orbo really is is an energy generation technology”

[fbvideo link=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Transcript courtesy of Esa Juhani Ruoho on Vortex-l here:[email protected]/msg106369.html
Here’s an excerpt:

“Probably the most interesting aspect to demonstrate that the Orbo power cell is not a traditional battery is that if you short out a traditional battery for an extended period of time, ultimately you drain all or virtually all of the electrochemical energy that’s stored in it. And so, if you short it out and leave it for an extended period of time, remove the short and then measure it, you’ll find that the voltage is either significantly below it’s inherent voltage, or if it’s left long enough, it will be zero. So, in order to demonstrate the fundamental difference between an Orbo power cell and the traditional battery, what we’re going to do is short it out, and we’re going to leave it shorted out approximately 30 minutes, and then demonstrate that the voltage in open-circuit immediately bounces back to this 2.5 odd volts.”

UPDATE #2 (Dec 9, 2015): A project has been announced on a Finnish website called (Shadow Camera) to get hold of an Orbo Ocube (purchased through crowd funding) and try and find out how it works.

In an article on their site they state: “We are looking for a funding to our research project. Our goal is to find out how Steorn “free energy device” works. We are collaborating here with researchers from Aalto University, Finland.”

The research team involved is listed:

Shadow Camera: Timo Tahvanainen, Founder of Shadow Camera
Shadow Camera: Jukka Lantta, Science Editor
Esa Juhani Ruoho: Free energy specialist
Jyrki Kasvi: PhD in Engineering from the Helsinki University, (
Mikko Möttönen: PhD at Helsinki University of Technology, Postdoc at UC, Berkeley (USA) and UNSW (Australia)
Tapio Ala-Nissilä: Professor Aalto University Department of Applied Physics Multiscale Statistical Physics, Science Department of Applied Physics

It looks like their goal of raising 1200 Euros has been exceeded.

Here’s a trailer produced for the project accompanied by the Camembert Quartet playing “Steornhemian Rhapsody” (from 2006):

UPDATE #1 (Dec 8, 2015): An new article has been published in the Dublin Inquirer here, an online magazine featuring Dublin news, which includes an interview with Shaun McCarthy about the latest developments with Orbo. Here are a few quotes from the article:

SM: “If I was looking from the outside in, I’d say it was absolute horseshit,” said McCarthy. “I’m a trained engineer and if I wasn’t involved in this, I’d say it was total rubbish . . . I know that there has been a lot of stuff written about us on the internet, but that’s just a part of it,” McCarthy says. “This whole thing will be a self-resolving controversy. When the products are out there – it won’t take people long to say whether they work or not.”

SM: “I think what might be happening is that we are splitting time. I know that sounds absolutely nuts but I think that we are using the differences in the magnetic fields to manipulate time and that is leading to the creation of energy.”

“There was one guy working on a steam-cleaner which, McCarthy says, is actually part of a completely separate company called HephaHeat, which is licensed to use Orbo technology in the heating sector.”

SM: “I’d be the worst scam artist in the world,” he says. “I’m always either here in the offices or in Slattery’s. I’d be too easy to find.”


I have been keeping an eye on the Orbo website — which is actually the Orbo Facebook page — mainly watching the questions and answers that are going on there between readers and Orbo staff. There’s not a huge amount of activity there, but there does seem to be some interest, and unsurprsingly to be quite a bit of incredulity among people who are reading Steorn’s claims about Orbo technology.

In some of the responses from ‘Orbo’ (an unnamed Steorn staff member) there are a few new nuggets of information about the technology. Here are some examples.

Q: Could you put the Orbo tech into a flat form-factor and incorporate it into a smartphone case?

A: Currently Orbo does not have the power to volume ratio to support smart phones, we expect to have a smart phone in the market towards the end of 2016

Q: Does this phone [The Ophone] come with a camera? A microphone. Those would be nice.

A: Nope, just basic call and text functions

Q: Hey! What’s the reason ? That it will never die? Or never need to charge?

A: You will never need to charge an ophone

Q: Why? What’s the reason behind it?

A: Orbo is a completely new type of battery based on the electric field rather than traditional batteries that are based upon chemical release of energy.

Q: Why are you making it so difficult to make a purchase?

A: Hi Joe – a web store will be opened in the next couple of weeks. Until this time orders will be taken via [email protected]

So Steorn is not watering down its very bold and unusual claims, and now they have entered the commercial phase you would expect that any rational company would have to be confident in their technology to make such claims publicly while they are offering products for sale.

So far there are no user testimonials on the Orbo FB page, but as the technology starts to get used, I am sure there will be. As for my own Ocube order that has been generously supported by some ECW readers, there has been a delay in getting payment and shipping information from Steorn, but I have finally received an invoice today, and I hope that I will be able to place an order this week.

  • Thanks for the update, Frank. This is pretty exciting!

  • SG

    Thanks for the update. I doubt Paypal or any merchant account provider will touch this with a 10 foot pole. In addition, they keep a significant “reserve” for high-risk products, which can cause cash-flow problems for the merchant. I’m guessing Orbo would fit into the high-risk category. For those who want a first Orbo, bank transfer will probably be a requirement. If it turns out that Orbo is real and gains some acceptance as such, then Paypal and the merchant account providers will follow. That’s just the world we live in.

  • JosBos

    If it is a scam you would want to price the product such that a relatively small number of orders produced a significant amount of money but not price it too high so people come after you when the scam is exposed. I would price the product at about 1,000 pounds.

  • SG

    Splitting time? That is certainly an entertaining conjecture. But I’d have to agree with Shaun himself, it sounds absolutely nuts. I appreciate his straight-forward admitting that they are engineers, not scientists, and that while they know how to harness the effect, they do not necessarily understand the science behind the observed effect. That will come with time.

    And the most important observation by Shaun in this article: “This whole thing will be a self-resolving controversy. When the products are out there – it won’t take people long to say whether they work or not.” That, my friends, is what we’ve been waiting for from Steorn for a very long time.

    • Mark

      sounds like Rossi’s gameplan – the proof is in the pudding as they say 🙂

    • Bob

      One major issue to “they know how to harness the effect, they do not necessarily understand” is that while is it not to unusual for someone to “stumble” across some process or phenomena, it is extremely difficult to improve and advance it without an understanding of the matter. So if Steorn does not understand how the device works, it will be unlikely that they will improve upon it greatly.
      An example is the airplane. Previous to the Wright Brothers, fixed wing gliders were certainly around. It was determining how to control the flight direction that was required for powered flight. The Wright Bros. did much experimentation and finally came up with the “Warped Wing” concept, which gave them minimal control and thus success..
      However it was not until aerodynamics were much better UNDERSTOOD that flight really took off! Within a few years, those that came to understand aerodynamics went away from warped wings to foils, ailerons and rudders. Planes went from being impractical to weapons of war. (Unfortunately).
      Same with Rossi, He evidently discovered a way for a high power LENR device with assistance from Focardi. He did not understand how it works, so the control and improvement advances were questionable. At least random. He may or may not have a working theory now. If he does, then engineering control and improvement has been reduced to materials, implementation and testing. I am unsure if he has a full understanding or not. Hopefully so.
      If Steorn does not have an understanding of their device’s under pinning workings, it is unlikely that they can make large strides of improvement. Possible, but history indicates unlikely.
      At least with Steorn, we are certainly closer to proof one way or the other and from someone I had pretty much discounted! I cannot really see how they will either be confirmed or proved conmen within the next couple of months. I see very little way out now.
      As with Rossi….. we continue to wait…..

      • Ryan

        That’s the thing though. Once you have a proven concept, especially if anyone thinks it can scale in the Orbo’s example, you will have other groups falling over themselves to develop it, figure out how it works, why it works and then improve upon it. It’s sort of like what happened to the Wright brothers. They figured out a way to do something and then other groups jumped in, took over, and left them in the dust, leading us to develop better and better aircraft over the ensuing decades because lots of people got involved. Its the mentality of hoarding your knowledge and keeping it to yourself that leads to far slower developments. Get more eyes and minds on something and you will see breakthroughs, at least after you’ve convinced enough people that its real and can be a game changer.

    • GreenWin

      That, my friends is what we’ve been waiting for from the hot fusionists for 60+ years at a cost to taxpayers of $250Billions. To date not ONE much less 10 Watts useful energy.

  • Agaricus

    A Canadian experimenter called John Hutchison claimed during the ‘eightees to have made ‘crystal batteries’ that tap into the Casimir effect by removing virtual electrons from crystalline interfaces before they can be ‘reabsorbed’ into the quantum field. His devices seem to work, but as the claims are bold, and the inventor’s behaviour can be quite strange, no serious reearchers seem to have bothered to follow up on his discovery (or any of his others, mostly connected with ‘electrogravitic’ effects involving powerful RF fields).

    There seem to be strong similarities with the Orbo battery in that the manufacturing process involves ‘locking in’ some form of differential field during cooling and crystallisation. The low power ‘batteries’ have apparently been widely replicated and seem to work indefinitely, although there is some discussion as to whether they are truly quantum devices, or are simply tapping into ambient EM and thermal energy.

    Some videos:

    • georgehants

      Morning Peter, another link below that brings in the anti-gravity from Hutchinson.
      Another Cold Fusion?

      • Agaricus

        Hi George. Thanks – fascinating stuff. Hutchison is almost certainly a genius or at least a savant, but unfortunately also seems rather loosely wrapped. I suppose the two often go together.

        • Sanjeev

          This is now #1 on “Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies” list on PES wiki. Rossi is on #5…

          • That is sort of like using Daffy Duck as a reference.

          • georgehants

            Another very open-minded, uncensored quality Website that makes the normal establishment hugging science comics look like the the old testament.

          • Zephir

            I’d definitely rate A.Rossi E-Cat technology higher than Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over in terms of trustworthiness. Mr. Sterling did huge amount of useful and systematic work in collecting of results of free energy research and he deserves eternal credit for it – but he is also a strange lunatic

          • Omega Z

            Ronnie, The Name of the game is Cheap Energy.

            What you’ll have here if the Orbo works is convenience. Not Cheap Energy.
            Any energy storage device is an energy cost multiplier. The only thing in question is what percent is the multiplier.

            Orbo products will find a market where people consider convenience far more important then cost.

          • ecatworld

            At this point the Orbo products are definitely not cheap, and they provide convenience at a very high premium.

            However, to me the price is really beside the point because of what Steorn is claiming: that the Orbo power units inside the products are not electricty storage units, the are electricty generation units that require no input and no additional fuel, and that Steorn claims can theoretically continue to generate a constant output for centuries before the materials degrade.

            If that turns out to be true (and this is my reason for wanting to test the O-Cube thoroughly), then we are looking at something extraordinary. If it works, then I am sure this material will be mass produced much more cheaply than it is now.

          • Tom59

            And on top of it, their product – if real – would break with the most fundamental laws of physics and would the first perpetuum mobile working.

          • Zephir

            I don’t think this device breaks the “most fundamental laws” of physics, it does only violate seemingly the laws, which contemporary physical establishment considers principal. This is indeed a difference.

          • Anon2012_2014

            No, not perpetual motion machine anymore than a solar cell + battery + light is not perpetual motion. It gets its energy from somewhere. Maybe it acts like a lens and focuses E&M energy on its antenna. No physics has to be violated, it only needs to use the physics in a clever (inventive) way.

          • Tom59

            I cross fingers that it works! Happy holidays and new year!

          • Omega Z

            I fully understand & appreciate your aim of testing this.
            I’m just thinking for 1200 euro’s, I can carry an extra battery with me. 🙂

            The thought a wireless mouse would be nice without eating batteries, but then I think about-

            Hey Where’s the Mouse.

            Understand, I have a girl friend that walks off with the Sat remote and leaves them(I have 3) in other rooms. The receiver only has up/down. 200 channels. Aurgg! 🙁

          • Sanjeev

            They probably got it produced locally in quantities of a few thousand only. That’s not going to be cheap obviously.
            Once proper automated factories are set up, and in proper places like Taiwan or Vietnam, that spit out millions of these ocubes, the prices are going to fall to the floor.
            Not counting the million other cheap clones, once its reverse engineered. (Which should take a day or two, for those skilled in the art, if it works as advertised).

          • ecatworld

            McCarthy said they had the first 10,000 powerpacks that fit inside the Ocube manufactured at a factory in China — and that all those units were made in one day.

          • Sanjeev

            In that case euro 1200 is not a fair price. But I have no idea how much the materials cost. Probably they need to mass produce the raw materials too, especially the magic electret.

          • ecatworld

            He said that the whole cube cost them 500 Euros to make, but in time they think they can get that down to 70 Euros

          • Brent Buckner

            You wrote; “In that case euro 1200 is not a fair price” How the heck would Steorn recover their years of research costs, then, if they didn’t charge a premium out of the gate? You previously wrote that there will be cheap clones forthcoming from folks who didn’t put in those years.

          • Sanjeev

            I was thinking from a customer point of view. Perhaps from the POV of steorn its a fair price. Honestly, I do not know their business plan and how and when they are going to achieve a break even. But my best guess is, it will not be by direct sale of products, but by licensing fees or royalties etc.

          • passerby

            So did ECW get a unit to test before they sold out?

          • ecatworld

            Yes, I got my order in. Now just waiting until it’s shipped.

          • pg

            I beg everyone not to mix this “creation” with the real objective of this blog. It lowers its credibility (not to me, but it does). Frank, could we let Rossi know, of course he knows but nonetheles, that we expect something to be reported in 38 days from him ? Apologies in advance.

          • SG

            I’m pretty sure Frank can run his blog however he wants to and has addressed your type of concern in the past. In some ways, Steorn can be verified (or refuted) more easily and in a shorter period of time than Rossi’s e-Cat. I would encourage all to have patience and curiosity, withholding judgment until evidence that either confirms or falsifies the claims can be established. There is absolutely no harm in entertaining without embracing, testing without jumping to conclusions, and exploring without fearing some supposed credibility cops.

            Also, I don’t think Rossi owes us or anyone else (besides maybe his investors) a report in 38 days. If he and Industrial Heat happen to choose to share with us and the world their findings, with permission from the customer, then so be it, and we can be thankful.

          • pg

            In here we are all curios, patient, open minded, and forgiving. But at some point, we need something. That’s all.

          • Roland

            Do, please, learn to say “I” when you need something I don’t.

          • ecatworld

            The countdown clock runs out at the end of the day February 29th. It’s rather an arbitrary date which I reckoned could be about when the test could be ending based on the best information we have been given by Andrea Rossi. The test could end sooner or later.

            As far as what gets reported and when, that’s up to AR and Co. I am sure they know there is a lot of hope and expectation, and I hope that we get a thorough report, but don’t know when that will be published. I expect it will take some time after the ending of the test to compile it all together.

            Regarding Steorn and Orbo, I am very comfortable covering that topic on this site. I see it as another potential revolutionary energy technology, which seems to be ready for the market (not the case for any LENR product yet), and it’s something we can get our hands on and test.

            If I worried about credibility I’d shut this site down today. I don’t think this site has much credibility in the eyes of the world. I think most people would think I’m living in a fantasy land publishing what I do here. Rossi is not credible to most people, and Steorn even less so.

            Still, I try to be true to my inner convictions regarding what I cover here . I’m always grateful I don’t have any boss telling me what I can or can’t write about! So I’ll do what I think is best, and take the consequences.

          • NT

            Right on Frank, please keep up the good work and information you and others provide here…

          • Omega Z

            Some are apprehensive about Frank posting about Orbo due to credibilty. I am not. It is merely discussions. Not promotion. And on a very positive side, Frank will actually be able to test this product. It’s all good.

            Moving on, I’m sure others like my self have wondered,
            What will happen to ECW should the (F9) be positive?

            I’m certain some think they will return to life as usual. The show is over.
            Frank has even said he aims to branch out. This may be premature.

            Here’s Why. Should (F9) be positive, it is just the beginning. Then there will be the E-cat Jet engine, The E-cat car, the E-cat ships, and many other things to follow. Just don’t expect everything to be an open book. There will always be NDA’s and (F9’s). However, they will be less frustrating then the current (F9).

            However, if (F9) is negative, even that doesn’t spell the end. It will depend on why it was negative.

          • ecatworld

            Here’s a new site that has been set up by another person who is expecting an Ocube and who will be reporting his results:

          • Bob Greenyer

            I like that little USB power monitor.

          • ecatworld


            “Likewise I e-mailed Steorn asking about my OCube’s shipping status and any tracking information, and was told the following:

            “[A]pologies, there’s been a mountain of paperwork, logistics, packaging etc to work through and we’re still refining the process which is unfortunately taking longer than we’d anticipated but we should be getting orders out the door soon so please bear with us a little longer.

            “In my case, I was not even given a tracking number.”


          • US_Citizen71

            It happens, I went in on a Kickstarter for a portable photography studio cube. It is basically a large piece of cut and folded corrugated plastic with LED lights and rare earth magnets to hold it together. It shipped 4 months late due to similar problems.

          • Blue Energy

            Frank – it’s been 3 days now since you got your tracking number. Has your Ocube moved yet?

          • ecatworld

            No change in the tracking info yet.

          • Leonard Weinstein

            Using a small photocell to continuously recharge a Li-ion battery would give the same result claimed even if the concept were valid. However, I won’t believe the claims for this device until several long term test are complete, but even if it is valid the concept is of very small value. Paying over a thousand dollars seems a bad investment.

            I think I understand how they get a small amount of energy (you never get it free). They have an inductive pick up that generates a small current as it moves through the Earth’s weak magnetic field, and the energy is stored in a Li-ion battery. This would always limit the power generated to a very small amount, and is no new concept.

          • Sanjeev

            So have you crunched the numbers? If yes, please let us know, I’m curious.
            Curious because if a cell phone can run solely on earth’s M-field, why no one has done it yet. Even can’t find a small watch that runs on earth’s field. It would become a multi billion industry overnight if that can be done.
            Do the guys there at Steorn say that you need to keep it moving to make it work?

            I remember when I was a child, I had a calculator which ran on tiny PV cells built in there, never needed batteries and worked even in night under light bulbs. That was almost “free energy”, but then the hardware evolved and solar powered stuff disappeared.

          • SG

            Therein is the mystery. Current electret and “energy harvester” circuits produce tiny amounts of power. If the Orbo tech is real, and the price can come down with mass production, this changes everything.

          • Sanjeev

            I still want someone to crunch numbers.
            How much can you get from earth field, sunlight and ambient heat (at room temperature) ?

            Use the size of “Orbo” core shown in the disassembly video or use the total size of the “skull”.
            Where are the numbers?

          • txt29

            I posted an analysis of the available ambient energy available for harvesting (including some references to scientific papers discussing the topic) for example here: (post number 36). You can get by far the most with photovoltaics (assuming the device is exposed to the direct sunlight). All other sources (vibration/acoustic, EM/radio/WiFi, thermal,…) are several orders of magnitude lower under common conditions (typically microwatts or units of milliwatts at best). And you cannot harvest anything at all from the terrestrial magnetic field, unless you move through it, and even in such case it would be very little.

          • Sanjeev

            Thanks a lot txt29, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

            As suspected, all the ambient energy sources combined cannot deliver 0.4W, not even 0.4uW. That’s what make their claim interesting as well as unbelievable. I find it strange that so many people are blindly jumping to conclusion that it can be a harvester without checking any numbers. Now they can check it….and lets wait for thorough tests. It can take 2-3 months.

          • ecatworld

            I agree, Sanjeev — my thanks also to ext29. This linked document will be very helpful too:

          • SG

            I appreciate your analysis of the numbers and have been stating the same around here for a long time. Ambient energy simply cannot explain Steorn’s Orbo claims.

            That said, you seem to jump directly to scam as the only plausible explanation. I understand that tendency, but it might be premature. In any case, as soon as one *purchased* unit is *shipped* and delivered, this controversy will finally be resolved one way or the other.

            If the purchased units never ship, then unfortunately, we will be stuck in the unresolved state indefinitely. Some might argue that that was Steorn’s plan all along. But that conjecture seems implausible to me as well. I must say, Steorn has been one of the most enigmatic companies of all time in my book.

          • txt29

            Name a single reason why would you believe that Steorn ever had anything producing energy. Please note that although understandable, a wish does not count as a valid reason.

          • Blue Energy

            Well… it’s been a long time, but my understanding of the original ‘Orbo’ technology, the magnetic motor (the same one that was reportedly used to power the well in the remote African village…) was that it took advantage of the difference in the number of atoms in a ‘resting’ magnet that were aligned along the N/S line. The claim, as I understood it, was that a percentage of atoms were naturally *not* lined up in that direction but became aligned when that magnet came under the influence of the field of another magnet. So, as two magnets approached each other, there was a delay between the moment their fields interacted and the moment that all the atoms aligned along the N/S axis in each magnet. Whereas, once having been aligned, it took longer for them to go back to their original un-aligned state. As a result, the force required to bring two magnets close together is smaller than the force that would push them apart. The difference between the approaching and departing magnets resulted in a net gain in energy.

            I found the theory compelling until Dr. Mike actually measured the effect, in an experiment he did that was reported upon on the Steorn forum, which concluded that there was no more energy expended on the way out than on the way in. Since then, I’ve been dubious and with each subsequent Steorn failure – more so.

            But, I didn’t pay Steorn to become part of the SKDB and so have access to information that wasn’t generally available to the public. It’s possible that one of those former members *were* supplied with information that could explain the apparent discrepancy. In as much as the non-disclosure is no longer in force, maybe one of the folks could pipe up if such information exists?

            Moreover, this new Orbo has nothing at all to do with what I just described and, to my knowledge, Steorn has never revealed it’s working.

          • mike wolf

            Steorn doesn’t know why. Did the right brothers know why? In a lot of things, the theory came after the discovery. Problem with the world group think mindset is that you are not allowed to discover until you have an agreed upon theory. It’s like wiping your butt before you take a dump. All it is doing is protecting paychecks instead of changing the world. Talk about a few reaping the rewards while the world crumbles.

          • Blue Energy

            I get it, Mike. It’s a fine line but there are differences. Steorn has gone through 29 million dollars worth of other peoples money over the past ten years. The Wright brothers only used their own. The Wright brothers demonstrated flight. Steorn has consistently fallen on it’s face every single time, for a decade now, when attempting to show any positive results. Steorn claimed to have a working Orbo magnetic motor operating a well pump someplace in Africa ten years ago but yet they have never been able to demonstrate a working magnetic motor actually doing work to anyone else and now they’ve apparently abandoned it – a motor powerful enough to be capable of hauling water out of the ground forever for nothing – altogether. And now they have a new idea they want to sell us and it’s completely different. You make it seem as if everyone who doubts Steorn does so because their ideas are strange. In reality, it is because they have seemingly been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes for all these years – why would this time be different?

            But, as someone said, all that’s needed is the provin’. If Steorn actually ships out a product that works this time – more power to them. But if they don’t: shame on us for letting them do it to us again – and let it leave a mark on us so we’ll never pay attention to them again.

          • Gerard McEk

            @Delay of delivery: Quite strange that Steorn hasn’t found that problem before. That does not give a good feeling about their preproduction development capabilities. I hope they quickly recover from this very disappointing event.

          • Zephir

            Well, the Steorn is tech development company, not a production company. It apparently has no experience with quality control, packaging, evidence, etc.. McCarthy already said this – he wants to sell production licences, not the final material stuffs. The OrboCube sales serve only as a case study, which will enable the further selling technology for companies, which are already experienced in production of actual goods.

            If Steorn really developed an usable perpetuum mobile of any kind, I can heartily ignore all his failures on this route from this perspective.

          • mike wolf

            Because he and others said so. Why are you risking that which doesn’t have to be risked? In other words, why imply fraud when the man has working and sold units available. Now in a few months if it works and people start coming out with testimonials, you will have no credibility left. That makes you religious. I mean are you that sure nothing new in the universe can be discovered? And why not this? Did you spend money on it? Let’s just sit back and watch what happens. But i have a feeling you’ll have to start fresh on another board. My hope is you will have learned your lesson.

            Me on the other hand only hope it is “real”. And if not, I can hope for the next new thing. You see hope is much better than bitter futility. Think about it.

          • SG

            I don’t. I’m a fence sitter. I have my reasons to sit on the fence rather than cry scam. How long and how close have you followed Steorn? Just curious what the depth of your knowledge is with respect to this story.

          • mike wolf

            Well they may be harvesting something different. Why don’t you guys pitch in and get one and help the creators figure out where the energy comes from? You have doers and complainers. Don’t be a contrarian before you know. You just rather call people liars than doubt what you know. How are you supposed to learn anything and advance? Maybe that is why technology is at a virtual stand still. More people telling you what is impossible rather than figuring out what is possible. This skeptopathic mentality is literally killing people.

          • mike wolf

            why are you complaining about what others spend? You know the government spends 600 dollars for a hammer? And that’s your money. But you want to rag on the price of a never die phone? The implications are stupendous, even though it’s initial use is not spectacular. Go and post some messages to your government that you don’t want them wasting your money. Its like complaining about what someone pays for a phone, while you just paid 400 dollars for a hammer. Should you be angry with the hammer manufacturer? NO. You should be angry at yourself for worrying about petty things while your government bilks you.

          • LarryJ

            All new technologies are expensive and unreliable when first introduced. Remember those first cell phones. They looked like one of those phones you would see on a world war II movie battlefield. As time goes on new technologies become inexpensive, reliable and ubiquitous.

          • Omega Z

            Reality is cell phones are merely an advanced technology 2 way radio such as seen in WWII movie battlefields.

            Which makes another point. Cell phones didn’t suddenly happen over night. It took many decades to become mainstream.

          • LarryJ

            April 3 1973 by Motorola

            However the speed with which new technologies improves also improves exponentially. Look at the lifetimes of vinyl records, magnetic tapes, Floppies, CDs, DVDs and now thumb drives.

          • Omega Z

            Yes, It appears we need to greatly improve the primary technology.
            The Human Gray Matter component. 🙂

            As to data storage. We’re creating the conditions for the perfect storm.
            One huge EMP from a solar flare & we’re screwed. Decades of knowledge lost. The written word is still the best storage medium.

          • Zephir
          • Jas

            Read an interview with Shawn Mcarthy from October 29th from
            The Orbo cubes have a one in four chance of not working according to Steorn. They are keeping back 300 units as replacements out of the 1000 units they have had manufactured. If the device gets favourable reviews then they plan to make 50,000 more. Eventually they plan to licence the manufacturing out.

          • Omega Z

            Maybe Darden is already confident in the technology & it is not an if it will work but when it will be ready to manufacture. Regardless, papers were signed & likely has provisional language included.

          • Anon2012_2014

            Phone is ugly. Model is just another pretty face. Seems like pulp fiction marketing. No information here.

          • wonderboy

            but it’s a really pretty face 😉

          • Someone said the first batch of orbos were shipped on friday 29th of january.

            So this week will make the decision.

          • Curbina

            We will start gradually seeing much and much more talk about Ocube and Ophone, I’m sure of it.

          • georgehants


          • jokuvaan

            Talking Orbo in a positive tone here will increase their sales.

            Long time ago I mentioned a certain battery tech www-site in a certain USA forum as that tech seemed credible in a quick look. Years later I noticed that inventor was mentally mad and whole thing a scam. Investors lost all their money, some investors were from the USA and I personally feel guilty that I mentioned it and basicly advertised it.

          • georgehants

            ECW in no way endorses the Orbo but keeps a scientific open-mind, if other people are silly enough to buy without waiting for Evidence then that is clearly their own fault.
            In the old days when people where a great deal more sensible the common Maxim was, let the buyer beware.

          • LarryJ

            My bet is this thing is part of an oncoming paradigm shift (i.e. the real thing)

          • ecatworld

            Thanks FC, but I can’t go anywhere with the link you provided — maybe i don’t have permission to go to that page.

            I hope we can find out whether Orbo is an energy generating technology (which Steorn claims it is) as opposed to an ambient energy harvesting tech like ADGEX says they have.

          • FC


            I’m sorry about the link. It’s a comment on Free Energy Truth’s Facebook page, under the post on Jen Roe’s video. I hope you can find it now.

            Regarding the difference between energy harvesting and energy production, I believe in the Law of Conservation of Energy, i.e. energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed. Under this law, the concept of energy generation is not allowed, only transformation is (whether by active methods that require some energy input, or by passive ones that don’t). But this is a philosophical argument that can be dealt with in another post. 🙂

          • ecatworld

            Thanks, got it now.

          • that link does not work for me either. Steorn / Shaun McCarthy have claimed that Orbo is not an energy-harvesting technology, like the ADGEX ELFE flashlight which harvests radio frequency energy and other wave energy. I’ve ordered my ADGEX ELFE on the 29th of October 2015 but have been informed that my flashlight will be shipped at the end of January 2016. @ecatworld:disqus

          • txt29

            I do not want to disappoint you, but there is a video on Youtube of a Russian guy who got the ADGEX flashlight. He disassembled it (had to cut the body), and all he found inside were three ordinary AA cells that lasted 10 hours. On the positive note – the flashlight kept lighting the 10 hours without any charge, so it is not too bad for a $99 torch.


            Note: if you do not understand Russian, turn on the English subtitles in the video settings. The machine translation is far to be perfect, but it lets you understand the substantial things. Also use Google translation for the comments – they are in Russian too.

            If you search information on AGDEX, a lot of negative information comes out on Russian websites about the founders Victor Uzlov and Igor Dubatovka, so I would be really extremely cautious towards any of their claims. They clearly invested a lot into their websites, but no evidence about their business results can be found anywhere, except of their own websites (which are numerous).

          • Well, txt29, I guess I’ll just have to wait till my ADGEX ELFE arrives. Let’s hope it comes this March. However, wasn’t this Russian video from around November? ADGEX did claim that they have re-done their work and improved upon it..

          • Who is “Igor Dubatovka”? Anyway, I got a tracking code, it’s been sent from China on the 9th of February (Tuesday) and is already in Spain. Fingers crossed it could arrive to Finland tomorrow (Friday) so I could finally have a look at it. After all, that video is from the 26th of November 2015 – and ADGEX ELFE apparently switched their subcontractors who were building them poorly. Maybe it was a scam from the subcontractors. Maybe the video is a scam.

            But you know what? I asked the contact I have at ADGEX about the video today. Let’s see what he says. I said I have no time to watch it, I don’t understand Russian, and why are they sending it to me and what the official ADGEX opinion is about that video. Maybe the video itself is a scam? 😀

          • ecatworld

            Yes it does — a li-ion battery that is trickle charged by the orbo pack.

          • ecatworld

            Today I got a tracking number for my ocube shipment.

          • mike wolf

            I am not a skeptic Frank. But I am no fool either. I sure hope you get your ocube before orders are taken for the ophone. I am very excited as this would be momentous. And you my friend will be at the tip of the spear. Thanks for all you’ve done.

          • ecatworld

            Thanks, Mike.

            You can order the ophone already on the store — Steorn says they will be shipped 12 weeks from ordering. I haven’t ordered one myself though.

          • Bruce Williams

            Bravo Frank! I totally support you.

          • LarryJ

            You could always put your question to him directly. He answers one and all if the question is posed politely. He has stated that he cannot know when the test will end because he cannot know how the reactor will perform between now and then. He has also stated that publication, if any, is not his decision alone to make.

            Personally I think they will say nothing beyond “It succeeded or it did not succeed”. He has made it clear that if the test succeeds they plan a massive production which I assume would be intended to cause as little disruption in the market as possible. Publicity at this point could only be disruptive. If everyone has quick access to the technology then no one will gain an unfair advantage. Based on his comments I believe he hopes to have product in the market late this year or early next.

          • gdaigle

            If the spontaneous generation of a current without loss in a film was isolated to Steorn then you might consider their claims not credible. However, with this study reported in Phys Org, it appears that researchers of the quantum Hall effect have also shown such an effect, albeit at lower temperatures:

            Who knows if this is the same mechanism as Steorn is reporting with it’s film, but the point is that the possibility might be closer than we think since the researchers cited are also trying to understand how to produce this effect at room temperatures.

          • Barbierir

            As if they didn’t already tried hard enough to make it look like a scam, the webstore seems made by their 14yo grandson instead of a professional. Yet I think I’ll order an Ophone, I can afford to lose that money and in case it does work it will be worth much more in future.

          • Barbierir

            in fact it’s done with Shopify

          • wonderboy

            so were you able to order?

        • GreenWin

          One might wonder why it is the “curiosity instinct” endemic to real scientists, somehow disappears around certain kinds of phenomena. Is there some metaphysical prevention that dulls the wits of these researchers – or the dulled wit of consensus suffering cognitive dissonance?

  • georgehants

    Wonderful to be on a scientific Website that follows scientific principles and lets the Evidence speak for itself, without the incompetent usual uneducated scientists using their extremely limited vocabulary, consisting after years of brain damaging establishment “education” of about nineteen words, like crackpot, snake-oil, tinfoil, I’m an expert, UFO’s don’t exist etc.etc.
    Any competent scientist would be happily holding his breath in the hope that the Orbo not only displays an unusual method of harvesting energy, but involves an unknown science beyond the unprofessional Dogma preached to it’s unwary students.
    If not then nothing lost, but science is not made to look even more foolish than it already does.

  • georgehants

    International Business Times
    Australian experiment may have opened the doors to time travel
    By RENU RANGELA on December 09
    Using single particles of light, scientists from the University of
    Queensland, Australia, have shown that a photon can pass through a
    wormhole to interact with its older self. The quantum experiment was
    aimed at simulation of time travel by quantum particles.
    The latest experiment, simulating Deutsch’s CTC model, has been
    conducted by University of Queensland physicist Tim Ralph, along with
    his student Martin Ringbauer. He points out that though the theory of
    general relativity predicts strange paradoxes (apparent and logical
    contradictions) in time travel, such paradoxes seem to disappear when
    time travel is considered at the quantum level.

    • GreenWin

      George, have you not considered that Australia is a nation populated by decedents of criminals and con artists?? Such rabble are not likely to know their way around an Erlenmeyer flask, much less spacetime distortions allowing time travel!!

      • georgehants

        Morning, now, now, if today the West had to get rid of it’s corrupt criminals from establishment and capitalistic society we would need somewhere far bigger than Australia to put them.
        I am going to say the Aussies are just as good and clever as anybody else including the moderate Muslim society if not driven to extremes by the West.
        New Theory Claims Quantum Weirdness Only Exists in Our Imaginations

  • Teemu Soilamo

    “I’d be the worst scam artist in the world”. <– Looks like Shaun's looking for a title when he retires to the Bahamas in two months.

    • Roberto Siquieros

      I quite like the look of Slattery’s. If it doesn’t work, maybe we can form a lynch mob any go and get him, then have a nice pint of Guinness!

    • hempenearth

      They do have police, television and computers in the Bahamas, Shaun’s face is well known and Steorn have already raised over 20 million euro. They have been working on this for 15 years. Shaun doesn’t run, he stands and fights.

    • GreenWin

      Teemu Soilanto raises a valid point. The sovereign State of the Bahamas apparently welcomes “The worst scam artists in the world” because… well, umm, Teemu says they do.

  • GordonDocherty

    Measuring how voltage varied according to the movement of an Orbo device within a strong magnetic field (or, of course, a stationary Orbo in a moving magnetic field) and electric field would be interesting – if the voltage remains constant, this would perhaps suggest the origin of the energy was not through tapping into “ambient” electromagnetic fields, but something deeper. Likewise, a study of temperature variation on the device (say, -25C to 225C – a range of 250 degrees) and even below/above if the apparatus exists would also be interesting. Finally, different em frequencies – say radio to soft X-ray, could be applied. If the Orbo voltage remains impervious to heat and em variations (although does start to vary as em wavelengths increase), this would indeed suggest a more exotic source of energy, like ZPE.

    Having said all this, even as it is, this device should be useful in an urban environment.

  • bfast

    The first thing I want to know is IF it works. I thought a bit about how I would test it. I would make a battery pack at least as big and at least as heavy as the orbo. I would find the best lasting battery I could locate. I would run identical loads on both the orbo and the battery pack. If the orbo runs two, three, four times as long as the battery pack, then we have our proof.

    Once we know IF it works, then we can put energy into finding out how it works. Don’t need to know how, to find out IF.

    • GordonDocherty

      you may be interested in:

      You will see the basic unit is small indeed – so, it wouldn’t take too long to exhaust a battery – in the video, he also shorts out a capacitor as a load and then lets the device charge the capacitor, indicitive that the device does not contain a hidden energy store such as a battery or another capacitor…

      • tchernik

        That’s enticing evidence, but given the broad implications and impact of this phenomenon, if proven true, IMO it would be better to stick with the good ol’ empiricism, and only believe it when you did the same experiment with your own hands, with your own scope and on your own device, seeing it with your own eyes.

        • Sanjeev

          Interesting that the voltage adds up in series just like a normal battery. Potential for scaling is here. You need a grid of only 10×10 to get 250V. However no idea how much power it can deliver. I guess it depends on its internal resistance.

          • Curbina

            That would be for the hand made, the professional one is 5V so it would get 500 V. We got a hint on the power of a single professional made cell, and I don’t have good news, tho. I don’t feel free to share it here. Perhaps Frank could ask if we can tell.

          • Sanjeev

            I guess in the latest video he says that the professional version has two cells in series. This is done for cellphone related applications (the Li battering would need that much voltage to charge). The single one is still at about 2.5 V, as the scope shows.

            In another video (I forgot which one) I recall faintly, that he said that the power output depends on its surface area. So a carpet sized cell (rolled up perhaps) should be enough for one house. But there may be some catch that prevents scaling up. Time will tell.

          • Curbina

            I had a confusion about the manufactured cell and the hand made cell, anyway, the current output is small (in the miliampere range), so the Li Ion Battery is a must for now.

    • Zephir

      There is still nonzero possibility, that the voltage is generated with electrochemical reaction, despite the (usage of) solid electrolyte. I’m somewhat confused with need of different metals for electrodes, IMO the electret itself should be enough for generation of voltage effect.

  • US_Citizen71

    I think a good test of the Orbo would be to hang a platform with thin chains or other low vibration transmiting material with rubber O-rings on either end attached to the platform and a frame with rubber feet or other shock/vibration cancellation material. Then put the frame into a medium to large safe and close the door. The safe should sheild EMF like a Farraday cage and block sound to prevent vibration.

    • Curbina

      Well, congrats to Esa Juhani Ruoho for being in the project, some of us SKDB former members remember him from the old Steorn Forum.

      Now, regarding the “time splitting” that’s something that stems from the idea that the Orbo Effect is a “violation” of the time invariance of energy transactions (Noether’s Theorem), in the sense that in magnetic interactions time invariance can be avoided. How exactly that happens is a huge unknown, but that it happens is the whole idea, at least AFAIK as how Orbo does work.

  • Agaricus

    For 42€ you could have a couple of truck batteries sent to Germany from Ireland. That seems a tad greedy to me. I hope it doesn’t mean that the charger requires a special welded steel table (optional extra) to stand on.

  • David Taylor-Fuller

    So putting asside questions of whether or not his power generation cell works. Based on what I have seen on the orbo facebook page one of their current generation professionally made power generation cells outputs

    5V at 2.1 amps (Please be aware the only source I have for the current is from a comment made on the face book page by what seems to be a non orbo person who was responded to by someone from orbo but was not corrected. So I am assuming the 2.1 amps is accurate)

    that means one of these power generation cells spits out a consistent 10W’s of power. So assuming my interpretation of orbo’s claims are accurate then the real question we should be asking ourselves is what would you do with that power. for example 100 of them gets you 1KW.

    • Slad

      Yes, but it can only produce 10W for a short time, every so often…

      • David Taylor-Fuller

        Why would it only do that for a short time? what variable am I missing? I am assuming that at any point in time their professional power generation cell outputs 5v’s at 2.1 amps. which is 10watts.

        • Slad

          It trickle charges a reservoir battery which can be drained with a 10W output (they claim)

          • David Taylor-Fuller

            I remember that claim from their video. but I dont think your interpretation is accurate. If it is then at the very least their power generation cell is not pushing out a continuous/constant 2.1amps. Which would make sense given what they said in the webinar your referencing.but if they are pushing a constant/continuous 2.1 amps at 5 volts then the output of the power generation cell is 10W and that 10W is what is being used to trickle charge the battery.

          • Slad

            “If it is then at the very least their power generation cell is not pushing out a continuous/constant 2.1amps.”

            I don’t really want to watch their video again, but IIRC they claim 0.2W trickle charge

          • SG

            Shaun has consistently said .4 to .5 W continuous trickle charge for the O-cube. The 5V 2.1 A values refer to what the lithium ion battery outputs.

          • David Taylor-Fuller

            Hmmm that sounds more reasonable. Though Shaun also says that the professionally made power generation cell in the short demo outputs 5V. So I suspect the truth lies in the middle and the power generation cell outputs 5V at about 80-100mA assuming your .4-.5W is accurate.

            Could still get to 1KW of continuous power you would just need a more complicated circuit.

          • Zephir

            Thank You Esa very much for your contribution!

          • ecatworld

            I agree. There is the potential for great disruption with Orbo, if it works and power density can be improved. Back in 2009 Shaun McCarthy said: “The availability of free energy will change everything, the availability of free energy in the form of Orbo is even more significant since it can be engineered directly into devices, i.e. no grid connections are required. So Orbo will impact every aspect of our lives.”

          • Bruce Williams

            Hi Frank : I seem to have completely missed out on any technical explanation as to how this thing is constructed or how it works. Are there any readers who can point me in the right direction ? Thanks.

          • ecatworld
          • Bruce Williams

            Thanks Frank, very interesting !

          • Sanjeev

            If one cell produces 0.4W then you need only 25 cells to get 10W. Given the thickness, a grid of 5×5 cells should fit on a palm. This can power a CFL and light a room forever.
            IF I get a CFL or LED lamp which remains on without consuming even a milliwatt from the grid, I wouldn’t worry about form factor or power density.

          • georgehants

            Admin, exciting times for us, thanks again for covering this topic.
            Many other topics out there that need bringing into awareness.
            One jewel from a hundred failures is very good odds that unfortunately has been lost on science.
            Absolutely no disgrace in keeping an open-mind on every subject, much disgrace in denying any possibilities.

          • Isn’t tesla using such AA akkumulator cells in clusters to build their battery packs?

            If an orbo could do that….

            But I’m highly sceptical about this whole orbo thing…
            Something says me that it’s either scam, or a absolute trivial, old and known technology, just sold for a huge price.

          • FC

            Tesla automobiles use around 7,000 lithium-ion batteries (model 18650), which have a maximum power density of around 2.5 kW per liter. That’s why developing Orbo power cells (to increase their power density) may be the quickest way to pull humankind out of its current situation.
            Right now, Orbo cells only have a power density of around 2.5 W per liter. But since an electrect’s power is a function of the contact surface area between the plates (and not their thickness), Orbo cells have an almost unlimited potential for improvement. It’s only a matter of applying more sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            Surely a slightly more palatable advertising technique… Would a marketing psychologist be able to assist?

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            Well, to put it nicely, there is so much going for
            A) the technology
            B) the innovation
            that they could have gone a little further, intellectually.
            The bar owner/manager using it for work, and giving weekly updates on its use, is already a step forward.
            One actually sees the ophone and thinks about the ophone in the latest video! Hello!

          • You’re welcome, Zephir.

      • Sanjeev

        Nothing unusual in T&Cs.(Like an escape hole or something fishy)
        Thanks for keeping us updated.

    • Ronnie Johnston

      The OCube outputs 5v at 2.1A but that is from the lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery is trickle charged from the Orbo cell. Best estimate for the Orbo cell is a constant output of about 0.4w.

      • Bob Matulis

        ok, so you need 2000 of them to get a 1 KW. What’s the problem? 😉

        • SG

          The manufacturing process will likely improve to the point where these are made roll-to-roll not unlike today’s thin-film photovoltaics. When that happens, the price will come down significantly. Then interesting possibilities open up.

          • David Taylor-Fuller

            From what shaun is saying it sounds like the key to scaling is in surface area. Which makes me wonder if this could be built similar to a metal foam. You can get way more surface area via 3d geometry than sticking to 2D geometry.

        • ecatworld

          My O-Cube order has been placed. I’ll keep you updated.

          • ecatworld

            I remember my first cellphone was a big bulky Nokia dumbphone with a fat battery, and one charge lasted days. So it will take some time running these phones without recharging them to be able to know if there is something unusual about them.

          • Forget this phone.

            If you received your ocube and this device is able to give continuous power, then we could expect that also this phone is “ok”.

            But this delay tactic with poor arguments is annoying.

          • Curbina

            Barty, the delay in ocube deliveries was not Steorn’s fault at all. They outsourced the delivery to a professional and well known logistic companies in advance, but when the moment came to describe the product being shipped, the lack of proper classification for a new kind of product stopped all the process for a good while. So it was bureacucracy and regulations what happened, and nothing that Steorn could resolve faster than it did.

          • @Curbina I like this explanation – and it makes sense, of course. However, which company, and when did Steorn/Orbo state this publicly?

          • Can you find a non-mobile version of that link and re-post it?

          • Zephir

            As usually, the Russian did come into first for to remain completely forgotten later. On February 12, 1980 on MOIP physics section at Moscow State University (MSU) Zajev N. E. made the message about cooling of some dielectrics the changing field with energy generation.

   It is worth paying attention to the patent RU No. 2390907 in this respect.

          • Curbina

            This information is available to some of us through a closed forum we mantain in Facebook, in which Shaun McCarthy takes place. It is comprised mostly of former SKDB members.

          • How nice, a closed forum comprising of SKDB members. Guess I won’t be getting access in a hurry. Here’s 47 images from my visit to the Dublin Waterways centre during December 2009.

        • Barbierir

          Frank, did you already pay for the device? Did you get an estimate shipping delivery? I enquired for an Ophone and they answered that the lead time is 12 weeks and to follow their page for updates. I hope that once the Ophone gets available there will already be independent tests of the Orbo, so I can make a decision

          • ecatworld

            Yes, I sent funds via bank wire (the only means of payment until the webshop opens). On my invoice it says shipping date to be January 24th.

          • Barbierir

            Good, I hope there will not be delays

          • Agaricus

            Is that the right way round? If the O-cube delivers 400mW, the power available to the phone (stored in a lithium battery) should be much higher, although for a limited period. Mobile phones typically need several Watts to transmit to a distant tower. Perhaps 40mW is the standby power requirement?

          • Zephir

            /* it’s logical to assume that O-cube must contain 20 such cells */

            Yes, it really looks so – compare the size of cells


            with the size of O-cube power unit (on the right bellow)


  • georgehants

    Mikke J., morning can I assume you are an establishment scientist.
    You also seem very religious in that you believe you have direct contact with your god that personally informs you that —
    “Sorry, they are all bogus.”
    Could you be kind enough to ask your god who will win the 3.30 race at Doncaster on Saturday for me.

    • David Taylor-Fuller

      Anyone know why he hasn’t shown or talked about the current put out by the power generation cell

      • Redford

        Some people seems to expect somme proof from that vid but to them it’s probably pointless. Once they ship, blogger and ppl on internet will be the proof. BTW I expect the haters to order some and bash it event (especially ?) if it works.

      • Curbina

        By now and from the information revealed so far in the videos released and some other gathered from Shaun’s FB interactions, I get that the power output of a single professionally made power pack (which contains two cells) is 0,1 watts at 5V DC (that would mean that an Ocube has 4 powerpacks in it). So, the current is 0,02A. As Frank quotes Shaun stating that already 10.000 power packs have been manifactured (in one day), if assembled in series they could generate 1000 watts or one Kw continuosly. So, the power density is nothing to brag about yet, but this is just the beginning of the revolution, I just can dream what will Orbo power density be as the product gets scaled up/improved.

  • Private Citizen

    Glad to see a more scientific demonstration, with direct measurement of the voltage (if not the amperage, for some reason).

    While hopeful they will actually deliver a product that works as advertised, a company folding on a magic magnetic motor only to re-emerge with a magic solid state energy generator is a little like a known art forger telling you he magically just found an original Rembrandt in his basement. Could happen, i suppose.

    • FC

      Regarding Update #7 and Jen Roe’s video, it appears to me that Steorn are using a fresh face with a clean background, now that they have blown Rachel Wallace’s and Alex Cordero’s credibility.

      I hate repeating myself: this is all very nice, but what we really need is for Steorn to start delivering their products to the public.

      • FC

        Oh, and another thing.

        Considering that Steorn now dub Orbo as a self-recharging battery (and they can’t get rid of the secondary Li-ion battery yet anyway), I suggest that they change their slogan “the battery is dead” to “the battery is alive.” It has much more positive and non-confrontational connotations.

        • SG

          Just FYI, you can edit your original post without replying to yourself.

          • artefact

            That only works if you are logged in with an account. FC has grey letters so it does not work.

  • Roberto Siquieros

    They have two cells in parallel, Sean explains this in the latest videoon Facebook. Also it takes 12 hours for it to charge up its internal mobile phone battery. What is the Wh rating of the battery in your smart phone?

    • Zephir

      In serii, I think You wanted to say. Sean McCarthy demonstrates 2.5 volts at his scope, whereas his power pack generates five volts at the output. The time of re-charging 12 hours corresponds the nominal 0.4 Watt power claimed.

      • Roberto Siquieros

        Yes in series. Thx for that Z

  • Ronnie Johnston

    After watching the leaked video where they talk about the manufacturing process and then reading up on how electrets are made the two approaches sound almost identical. Both use a type of resin which is first heated then has an electrical current passed through it while it cools and sets. When cooled it continues to carry an electric charge with a positive and negative which remains almost indefinitely. I couldn’t find any info on the typical output from electrets but I’ve heard people say it’s an order below what Orbo can produce.

    I appreciate there is only limited info on the Orbo but could anyone with some knowledge of electrets please comment on the differences between Orbo and a standard electret.

    • Zephir

      The Orbo material is dark, whereas the common electrets are white or transparent, after all such a material has been presented with McCarthy himself during his first webinars. My speculation is, Orbo cube utilizes the electret mixed with graphite flakes – it not only increases the energy generation effect, but it also makes it more conductive. The theory for it you may find for example here

      The principle of energy generation in Orbo Cube is otherwise easy to demonstrate: charge the aluminium electrolytic capacitor to a high voltage and discharge it with brief shortcut. You’ll see, that voltage at the capacitor will raise again to the nearly original value, which cannot be explained with any electrochemical effect. Such a spontaneously charged capacitor can be discharged again and again…

      • Ronnie Johnston

        Thanks for the info and link, I’ll check it. My first thought on how they might boost the effect was tiny magnetic particles within the electret mix which I thought might align under the applied current and possibly add to the effect. Anyway, thanks again for the info and ideas.

        • Zephir

          A similar concept: Carbon nanotube rectenna directly converts light into electricity.
          If they work for high frequency visible light, they could also rectify
          the infrared photons and/or voltage fluctuations from piezoelectric
          material forming the Steorn’s electret. The graphite platelets may also
          form a charged capacitors, which will generate voltage spikes when its
          plates vibrate due to thermal fluctuations – in this sense they could
          act like the array of electret microphones wired in serii. Every
          microphone generates an inherent noise due to Brownian movements of the
          molecules of diaphragm and backplate: we can just rectify it and we get a
          power source.

  • Anon2012_2014

    “and we’re going to leave it shorted out approximately 30 minutes, and then demonstrate that the voltage in open-circuit immediately bounces back to this 2.5 odd volts.””

    Sounds to me like a solar cell. This tells us nothing.

    How many watts can it put out for how long? No answer. Just smoke and mirrors.

    Has anyone seen one of these work in the dark?

    • SG

      Well, it does tell us *something*. It does not behave like a typical battery, which would have experienced voltage degredation after being shorted for 30 minutes. It looks nothing like a solar cell so I highly doubt that being the case. But I do agree, that in that specific test, it behaves in a manner akin to a solar cell.

      • Dave Lawton

        It behaves like an electret.Electrets like being shorted out.

      • mike wolf

        Yea, they did sound more like they worked for the company. But you should also give them the benefit of the doubt, instead of insulting people you don’t even know. That is a bad starting position to evaluate people you first meet.

        • WayneM

          The ‘benefit of the doubt’ is the domain of opinions; as in politics. Science and technology is the domain of evidence.

          It’s important to know the difference. This world is replete with a lot of nice, kind, decent people who don’t know that and get upset when you point out the distinction.

    • Curbina not logged in

      If you Hear and read carefully everything that has been released so far, you’d know that the power output of the orbo energy pack within an Ocube is 0,4 watts, continuous, and allegedly for hundreds of years. Not To be confused with the power output of the Li ion battery that the Ocube contains.

      • Anon2012_2014

        I heard and read everything as carefully as possible.

        Please refer me to the page or video that shows 0.4 watts continuous power output forever without light, i.e. 160 mA at 2.5 volts. We can speculate if it is not a solar cell that the power output is from either RF energy harvesting (whatever band), discharging current from the earth’s electric field, or a dynamo like device that works off of magnetic field fluctuations. I don’t get more than 40 mW from those hypothetical devices, but I am willing to give Orbo a look if there is any real data beyond speculation.

        • Curbina

          If you check this link:

          you can see this figure:

          The webinar is over now — it lasted 20 minutes. I missed quite a bit trying to keep up, but will try to review.

          There is some Q&A going on, but I can’t tune in for some reason. Here are some scraps from the Q&A:

          0.4W continuous power,

          alloy case,

          non-radio active,

          works in a faraday cage.

          • Anon2012_2014


            My thought is that if this is real, it uses some known physics in a manner that is unexpected.

            Faraday cages are usually though of to keep out RF influences. They can also (because they are made of metal) keep out electrostatic.

            Maybe ULF magnetic variance can penetrate these as the typical faraday cage is made of copper or some other similar non-magnetic conductor.

            I am still not sure that this is not a photovoltaic cell; and I am still wondering how an electret could theoretically take energy out of changing magnetic fields.

            400 mW continuous pretty much blows it as an RF energy harvester — its about 10x too much power. 400 mW would be VERY useful even if the size of an orbo brick. It could be a 40 mW harvester with a 10% duty cycle battery, but it would be using a different band that gets through a faraday cage.

            Can’t wait to see Frank get one of these and it actually works! I am conservative by nature, but if they ship it, we will see, so what’s the point in guessing. 9 weeks 4 days to go!

          • ecatworld

            I hope sooner than that, Anon. The O-Cube was given a shipping date of Jan 24th on the invoice I was sent.

          • Anon2012_2014

            Good work Frank. We’ll see what it can do.

          • Zephir

            “We had endless battery technology 50 years ago” says U.S. Govt. anonymous


          • Owen Geiger

            Have you watched the video Who Killed the Electric Car? A brilliant engineer with lots of patents invented a battery that’s far better than those currently on the market. Some big company (Chevron?) bought him out and his super efficient battery was shelved — locked away in some vault.

          • Zephir

            /* but it is metallic, hence any EM field inside of it would be perfectly shielded */

            Only electric component of field may be shielded and if it’s just a metalized plastic, it will not shield anything.

          • txt29

            “Only electric component of field may be shielded…”

            Yes, you are perfectly right, but the magnetic component is so weak (fluctuations in the range of ~1nT/s), that it does not offer any meaningless energy for harvesting. In contrary 8 μW from ambient EM radiation can be indeed easily and cheaply done, so that would be no wonder device. The problem is the scaling though – because to achieve kW ‘s, you’d need to scale it billion times. In reality much more, because only the surface of the device can be used for harvesting EM field. Hence their kW range home ELFE Accumulator would have to be several kilometers large at this efficiency.

          • Zephir

            /* but the magnetic component is so weak (fluctuations in the range of ~1nT/s) */

            But the FM radios play with ferrite antennae as easily as with these dipole ones. This is because the ferrite antenna “sucks” the signal from wide neighborhood of it effectively. What I saw in the YT demo from Petersburg above linked corresponds quite well the draining of environmental EM noise. The lantern got most power just in proximity of cables from electric grid in the walls, etc.

            But I can agree with you, that both electric, both magnetic noise in common environment can hardly explain the performance of Elfe flashlight, not to say about Orbo Cube.

          • catfish

            AM radios typically use ferrite core antennas. FM radios generally use partial-wave whip antennas.

  • SG

    From the photos that have been revealed in various places, it appears they have the parts in hand for the O-cubes but are in the thick of assembly and testing. As for the O-phones, they state outright that they are pre-orders and if not willing to accept a 12 week delivery horizon, then not to order. This isn’t a large mature manufacturing company. I say we give them a little slack to implement their plans (at least 12 weeks) before calling them out.

    • SG

      It is an OEM phone packaged together with the Orbo tech. Steorn have never claimed to be in the business of making the actual components that make up the phone itself. The CGI images of the overall packaging were released first followed by a photograph of the finished prototype.

  • Omega Z

    I hope that should it be negative, Rossi will provide some answers.
    However, I don’t count on it. All he’s stated on JONP is that R&D would continue until they can get it right.

    I’ve posted before that we can’t be certain of an announcement even if it’s positive. That we would need to watch for clues as to what Industrial heat does. Kind of like the China connection. I don’t think it was intentional for that info to come out. It was discovered by an ECW follower & brought to our attention. I can envision product being built and shipped before any public announcement were made by Industrial heat.

  • Albert D. Kallal

    I not sure such a test shows anything beyond what we see in a normal car battery. You crank your
    starter motor until the battery is near dead. Come back a few hours later, and you often find the car can now start.

    In other words, shorting out a battery does not necessary drain or remove all of the chemical energy.
    You find most batteries “come back” after you let them sit for some time. So I not sure “why” such a common effect of batteries is used of some proof?

    Why go to all the trouble to short the battery? Why not JUST SIMPLY remove the battery, and show
    the current flow?

    I guess I don’t like such a common effect (but little known to consumers of a battery is being
    used as some “proof” that this effect is not chemical? Why EVEN bother with a battery at all in any demo?

    I await more testing when the Orbo is shipped, but the above test is a poor test and

    For what reason is the battery not complete left out of the picture here?

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • ecatworld

      I’ve had that experience with car batteries, Albert – dead, then after leaving it a while it has enough juice to crank. If the alternator is working there’s usually no lasting damage. But if you don’t charge the battery up again, the trick won’t normally repeat easily.

      So we’ll have to drain the orbo cube all the way and see how strongly it bounces back and for how long — and how often.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        Right, but if you restrict the chemical output, then you can achieve this effect many times. And shorting out the device may very well damage the device – gas builds up around the electrodes. I don’t out of the box recommend shorting out the device – you likely kill or damage the device, and then what can you test?
        I would simply draw current at the rated continues output – see how long it goes. As noted, I still think this is a chemical battery, but will “be most” happy to be shown otherwise!
        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

        • ecatworld

          Well I don’t want to break the Orbo or do anything to void the warranty, so normal operation will be probably what we’ll start out with and see how it operates. I’ve been told you can open it up without voiding the warranty, so it will be interesting to see what’s inside. Hopefully there’ll be some creative things to try without causing damage, and of course I’ll be open to suggestions.

        • Omega Z

          The battery will never fully recharge and after a couple times, you will find there is not enough juice to even turn over the engine. Lithium batteries will actually lose about 1% of it’s energy everyday just sitting on a shelf.

          Lead acid batteries will do the same, but I don’t know at what rate. Several decades ago Lead acid batteries were dry charged by the manufacturer and shipped without the electrolyte. The mechanic would fill it with electrolyte at time of sale & usually top off the charge at that time if needed.

          Another thing to note. Batteries will find an equilibrium. Two 1amp batteries, 1 fully charged, the other dead connected together will balance at about half an amp each minus some percentage of loss.

          Regardless, it shouldn’t be that hard to determine whether the Orbo does as claimed.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      An advertisment that women – also telephone apparata purchasers – might, too, find appealing. This looks more like a beer ad. Sorry.

      • Doesn’t matter. Show me other Free Energy -type device adverts that have 1) been created 2) are better or worse than what Steorn/Orbo are doing.

        I’d be interested to see what you think qualifies as a FE Advert. Because I can’t remember any, off the top of my head.

        • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

          You are right.
          We are all bombarded by advertisements, so everyone will make up their own mind on this one.
          For example….why not get a group of diverse professional people who might receive the Ophone free, in exchange for regular opinions and reviews on the way it works? True, it could get ripped to pieces, but it might actually spark discussions about FE.
          The human mind is always a wonderful discovery…

          • Well, I’ve always hoped that I’d get to eventually be a public face as an electronic musician, running a device that keeps my laptop charged – which I promptly then play with at electronic music festivals. If the device could be stretched into powering the sound-rig/PA at the festival, that’d be damn convincing.

  • FC

    That’s very nice. But what we really need is for Steorn to start delivering their products to the public. They’re already late.

  • Barbierir

    If they have start shipping, the first ones should be arriving at the nearest destinations by tomorrow

    • ecatworld

      There’s no ETA provided, and it doesn’t say that it has left Ireland yet.

      • FC


        First of all, congratulations. That’s excellent news.

        Excuse me for asking, but can you tell us what exactly did you get?

        1. An email from Steorn with a tracking number?
        2. An email from Steorn with a tracking number and the name of the courier service?
        3. An email from Steorn with a pdf copy of a courier service voucher?
        4. An email from a courier service?
        5. Something else?

        Thanks in advance.

        • ecatworld

          I emailed Steorn to ask about shipping status and if they could provide me with a tracking number. They replied giving me the name of the Courier and a tracking number. I went to the courier’s site and punched in the tracking number and saw the details about shipment.

          • FC

            Thank you very much, Frank.

            And could you please share with us the information that you got back from the courier’s tracking service?

          • ecatworld

            It has the place of origination (Dublin) and the destination where I am.

          • FC

            That’s not very much, is it? 🙂

            Does it at least say that it is already in the hands of the courier, at some intermediate point between those two ends? Or is it still waiting for pick-up?

          • ecatworld

            No, none of that so far. It could still be waiting for pickup.

          • FC

            Thank you, Frank.

            So technically speaking, your OCube hasn’t been shipped yet.

            I really hope that it gets shipped soon and look forward to your updates in this regard.

            Thanks again for your efforts and for your patience in responding to our questions.

          • Sanjeev

            Its a matter of time now. I see no reason to say that it won’t be shipped. However as a pathoskeptic might say, he may still receive a nicely packed rock instead 😀
            So I’m waiting for the unpacking video now.

          • FC


            I totally agree that it is a matter of time now. I’m just trying to figure out how much. 🙂

            I admit that I’m becoming a little impatient here, but I truly believe that the rollout of Orbo could the most important event I will ever witness in my life.

            I’m sure that Shaun McCarthy and his team feel the same way too. And I hope that’s the reason why it’s taking them a little longer than expected to deliver the goods, because they’re making very sure that nothing goes wrong this time (apart from trying to protect their IP by potting the cells).

          • Any progress at the tracking site of your shipment today?

          • ecatworld

            No, I just have the tracking number which provides my shipment details. Seems the package is still in Ireland.

          • FC

            These are the kinds of things that make Steorn look like scam artists.

            Like back on Nov. 20, 2015, when both Rachel Wallace and Alex Cordero posted on Facebook that they were already using OPhones. And now we find out that Rachel’s OPhone has just been delivered. (Or has it?)

            Steorn sure know how to use social networks to raise hopes and gauge the market, but it makes them look terrible.

  • georgehants

    Dispatches From the Future
    Good all round report on the Orbo

  • FC

    Exactly. According to Shaun McCarthy, the OCube can charge 2 smartphones or 1 tablet per day.
    Since opening up the OCube now seems like a messy proposition (due to it being potted), initially we may have to settle for a simple energy density calculation, to rule out the possibility that it is just a good battery. To that end, first we need to measure the OCube’s volume (which, from the photos, I reckon is around half a liter). And then, we need to account for the energy transferred from the OCube to whatever device that is being charged.
    Now, the energy density of the most sophisticated batteries in the market is around 500 Wh per liter. Since the OCube’s volume is in the 0.5 liter range, any charge above 250 Wh would confirm Orbo at least as a novel technology. That should happen after around 15-20 smartphone charges. That’s why Shaun also says tongue in cheek the if the OCube lasts for one month, it’s a very good battery; if it lasts for two months, it’s almost magic; and if it lasts for three months, it’s magic.

  • ecatworld

    I just checked, Esa — no. Still no movement.

  • Matt

    OCube customers should prepare to say goodbye to their 1200 Euros.

    • LarryJ

      This story has been running for too long to be a scam. I mean talk about your long con. Someone said that they are potting the OPhones and maybe they made a last minute decision to do the same with the O Cubes. Just a guess but who knows. After so many years whats a few weeks.

  • Barbierir

    The only reason I give it a chance is that no scammer would try so hard to make it look like a scam, if I was trying to part people from their money I’m sure I could make it look more professional. Maybe they actually found something and just don’t give a s*** about the impression they do.

    Really looking forwards to Frank’s and other independent tests.

    • SG

      Of all of the theories I’ve seen, this one actually seems plausible to me. Good scammers are very meticulous. In some ways, it seems that Steorn really don’t care whether you believe them. In fact, Shaun has always maintained that he is uncomfortable with others believe their claims given that publicly available evidence of a sufficient quality does not yet support such a belief.

  • Omega Z

    “300g of gold drops on the ground”

    WAIT- Don’t pick it up. From which end did this drop.

    Even fertilizer has a value, but should this be gold, you may want to analyse it’s food source. Perhaps you’re feeding it gold dust. To know for certain, we need to study it.

    Being skeptical is good, but to discard something without studying it is being closed minded. You will learn nothing. Even if you disprove something, you have learned something.

    Discovering something that seems to break the laws of physics merely means there may be more to learn about physics. To think we know all there is to know about physics is being closed minded and arrogant.

    We only see 5% of what makes up the universe and only understand a small portion of that. According to science, the other 95% is dark matter & dark energy. We have no visible evidence of it, but just what appears as influences of it. There is Much to learn.

    Perhaps someone will stumble across a method to harvest dark energy. It would be a shame to discard it because it wasn’t studied or it didn’t fit with known theory. Many discoveries begin this way. By accident while looking for something else.

    Only small discoveries come from studying the known. Big discoveries come from the unknown, The fringe.

  • No, not the videos.
    But the latest announcement that there is a lot of paper work to do before the ocubes can be shipped.

    • why wouldn’t there be a lot of paperwork to do before they can be shipped? Here’s a side question though, have you ever mailed 200+ packages out to the world? Sure, we now know that Steorn managed to send out two Orbos before they figured out the overcharge problem and now scrambling to fix it, but for instance FreeEnergyNews are being sent an Ophone due to Ocube delays. So, maybe we’ll get to see some test results on the Ophone too.

  • Zephir

    BTW The first samples of ELFE flashlight lamp from ADGEX also arrived already.

    This flashlight utilizes somewhat different overunity technology, which depends on actual location of flashlight. For example according to ADGEX demos this flashlight gets recharged faster, if you will keep it in your hands.

    The decadent mainstream physicists will face hard times…;-)

    • txt29

      I am curious whether it will end up like this one (turn on the English subtitles):

      Try letting it on overnight, so that we see whether it ever comes back.

      • Zephir

        ADEX explicitly states that “Be aware that If ELFE is used continuously for more than 12 hours; he will be restored to full power within 7 to 14 days. The rate of recharge may vary depending on a range of geographic and environmental factors”.

        Apparently, this flashlight is designed for occasional/emergency usage. But we could easily fit six of these AAA batteries into the “miracle flash light”, which would give six fairly bright LEDs for up to 4 months.

  • Zephir

    Also U-Plug Green generator goes into production – and this is really big thing, even in comparison with Steorn ORBO. U-Plug was developed by Tim Slavings from U-plug Products LLC PO Box 268 Irving, IL 62051. Before seven years he noticed an odd occurrence while working on another energy saving system; he then played with the idea for a few years until he made the demonstrator model. In 2013 Tim presented this new technology to other investors.

    According to FAQ page rare earth magnets provide power to the U Plug Generator, working in
    groups to initiate and maintain constant, continuous energy. The U Plug Generator comes fully assembled, and already operational for output 120 volt, 17 amp power, rated at 2000 Watts. The U Plug Generator is warrantied to run continuously for three years, and it generates a constant and continuous flow of 120 Volt, 17 amp power. The U Plug generator will be sold at $1,795 MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), plus processing and handling, and tax where appropriate.

  • ecatworld

    My tracking shows the Ocube has now cleared customs. It was on hold pending payment of customs duty which I just paid. Delivery will be today or tomorrow.

    • FC

      That’s great news, Frank. 🙂

    • SG

      What a pleasant surprise! I was really starting to wonder. This is really a momentous event, more so than most in this world realize. Of course, those of us here know how important it is. Because finally, FINALLY we can resolve the Steorn enigma within the next few months at the most.

    • Sanjeev

      Good news…
      Today or tomorrow, well that’s quick. Would you like to do an unpacking video for us ?

      • ecatworld

        Yes, I’ll do two, in fact! (See my most recent post)

        • Sanjeev

          Yes, I saw it just now. What a surprise !
          Sorry I posted the same question there (for better visibility.)

  • ecatworld

    Yes in the USA. I paid $56 which I think included a processing fee.

  • fritz194

    I´m quite interested how they manage to charge a single LiPo Cell to 8V.
    The cell should be dead and blown up with 8Volts.
    The only situation I could imagine would be a scenario where they permanently unload the o-cube and never checked what happens during storage. Having a LiPo without a proper charge controller is very dangerous – and and in my mind not compliant with the “CE” mark on the bottom.
    A shipment to a US customer might be highly dangerous due to liability issues.

    Another possibility could be that they used an LDO regulator to get a fixed maximum voltage of 4.2V out of up to 8V primary from the electrets. In that case the power [email protected] could kill the LDO – and you would end up with a “disconnected” LiPo Cell.
    (I think this is what happened)

    Following the statements in that email or what was communicated with Frank makes no sense and would be highly suspicious.

    • Grrrr…I hate capitalism! People are always so worried about that proverbial “other guy” taking their customers that they try to rush their products on to the market before they’re ready. It almost always seems to be the same basic story. First it was Rossi, who rushed his E-Cat onto the market so far before it was ready that he had to turn down a number of customers because, in large part, at least, his plant was not ready for the market, and, judging by the test, it still is probably not ready. Also, despite being on the market, technically, for the past couple of years, we have yet to see a customer go public. Then there was Keshe, who put his energy generator on the market, but he had to call it back and make adjustments. Then the Adgex flashlight went out to customers, and it also had problems that caused them to have to make adjustments. Now, it’s Steorn with problems with the oCube. This is getting really annoying.

      • Zephir

        /* who rushed his E-Cat onto the market so far before it was ready that he
        had to turn down a number of customers because, in large part, at
        least, his plant was not ready for the market, and, judging by the test,
        it still is probably not ready */

        Rossi never threw E-Cat at the market. His customer was actually his main sponsor at the same moment.

    • passerby

      Even if it is just keeping the battery charged to 100% all the time that will kill the battery. In order to fulfill their ideal of a never-die appliance it would need smart charger functions turning off charge going to the battery once it reaches 80% of capacity and also setting the LVC at about 30% capacity. That is not exactly done cheaply. Though I guess if they are charging a thousand bucks each they can afford it..

      • fritz194

        Fully agree.
        If you keep in mind the limited number of recharge cycles of a LiPo – and assume daily usage – you need a LiPo capacity which is capable to preserve the charge of view days. Otherwise it will promptly die after 2 years operation.
        If I interprete the available information for the o-phone, I assume they are using two LiPo´s – with one getting charged while the other one is in operation.

        • txt29

          Customers opened the ELFE lamp, just to find three ordinary AA cells and an LED. Nothing else, no miraculous technology. This is well documented for example here:

          • Matt

            Right, now let’s wait and see what’s inside the OCube. Maybe the similarities between the stories will continue…

          • snowvoardphil

            Technically we should be getting a new weekly testimonial tomorrow (friday 12th) unless some unforseen, yet verry likely to happen delay, comes up.

    • Rene

      Anyone who claims their product let a Li* battery voltage rise more than a few millivolts over maximum ratings is highly suspect. Lithium batteries require using a certified charger which handles all the safe-zone issues, And too, lithium batteries must never be constantly trickled charged. They have tohave positive disconnect when they reach 100%. Good chargers have charge hysteresis too, not charging until the battery drops below usually 85% of charge. This prevents drastically shortening the battery’s life time.
      LI* batteries all have temperature and overcharge fuses. A battery charged out of spec will often blow those fuses; that or burn itself up. I can easily imagine that the voltage and/or power coming out of the Orbo magic thingie is not sufficient to run a standard charge controller, so they likely made something up entirely. Scary thought.

      • Probably a DC-DC amplifier circuit of some kind, necessary to step up from the electret output voltage to the 5V+ required to charge the lithium buffer battery. These are commercially available now on various ‘chips’, and may or may not incorporate voltage limiting arrangements.

        It’s possible that the presence of such an intermediate amplifier circuit (in addition to the test capacitor) is what is making it so difficult to get meaningful data from the USB pinouts, especially if it has already been damaged by overload due to the absence of a buffering battery.

  • Its never easy, is it? Murphy always shows up.

  • I just got a tracking code for the ADGEX ELFE delivery. Origin: China, delivered on the 9th of February 2016. says here:
    2. 10.02.2016 – (SPAIN) MAILED

  • Anon2012_2014

    “open your eyes, the whoke thing isnt right,”

    I am afraid it is right — a very low powered energy harvester using some conventional physics; with poor production planning and a heavy dose of marketing.

    A 1 mW battery charger doesn’t beat a solar cell of the same area — if the Orbo face which is about 110 cm^2 in area was covered with solar cells, it would make about 1.65 watts when in the sun, and maybe 1.65 mW when in your home.

    True the Orbo charges its battery all the time, but at a very low rate. Whether it is harvesting thermal energy, vibrational energy, or electromagnetic energy, or Shumann resonance magnetic energy, is almost immaterial — it will not revolutionize with those areal power densities.

    • passerby

      They claim it will scale up to greater power and that this is being sold as a sort of proof of concept to get it into the hands of people who would test and validate. I am sure part of that validation will involve being put inside a faraday cage and other experiments to block outside energy.

      Maybe people should put down their pitchforks until at least a month has passed. If production delays were a sign something is a scam then damn near every kickstarter in existence would be a scam.

  • wondering

    What a strange way to run a company. Otoh it it’s fraud, Irish law apparantly has maximum jail sentences of 7 to 10 years. So if it’s all a hoax, they’re running quite the risk risk being such by now well known figures.

    • BillH

      Just to clarify, Ireland or should I say The Republic of Ireland isn’t part of the UK so your link doesn’t apply. The Republic of Ireland has it’s own legal system, their fraud department is part of the Garda, their police force.

  • ilk

    Thanks for your interesting reply. This discussion is way off topic, so I would invite you to post in the Always Open Thread if you would care to continue.

  • mike wolf

    Another thing I was thinking, who wants a phone that just shuts off on you? They have to work some things out before this is accepted.