Mats Lewan Covers Conclusion of the 1 MW Plant Test

Today on his An Impossible Invention blog, Swedish author and journalist Mats Lewan has written a post about the conclusion of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat Plant, which was announced today.

Mats’ full post can be read here:

It seems that Mats knows people with some familiarity with the test as he writes:

“The report from the one-year trial, which has been controlled by a major independent third party certification institute, will be released only in about a month, and until then no official information is provided on the test result. However, multiple sources have told me that the test has been successful…

“I have also been told that the total amount of fuel—mostly harmless elements such as litium, hydrogen and nickel, according to Andrea Rossi’s granted patent on the technology—was in the range of tenths of grams. And supposedly the charge has never been changed during the year.

That might be as much information as we will get until some official report gets released. Andrea Rossi says that he cannot comment on the results of the test until the Expert Responsible for Validation (ERV) delivers a report to him. According to Mats above, the ERV is a “major independent third party certification institute”, and if that turns out to be the case, there should be quite a lot of new interest from people who have heretofore either ignored or dismissed Rossi’s work, since there have been very few influential people or organizations who have taken it seriously.

If the results are “clearly positive” then Mats’ New Energy World Symposium will go ahead in Sweden this June, and if it does, I hope that Andrea Rossi will be one of the speakers there.

  • Buck

    A reminder: March 23, 1989

    The notable date of the Fleischmann and Pons news conference

    • GreenWin

      Indeed Buck. Our friends demonstrate a wonderful affinity for numerical symbolism. 7-4-1776 has yet to find its place. But makes a fitting option.

      • Buck


        How do you see the balance between the two choices of either announce or don’t announce on the anniversary? Which choice makes more sense for Rossi/IH?

        Of course this assumes there is something to say.

        • GreenWin

          Buck, I think the date has established itself. For example, my evolution from bio and chem alternatives was catalyzed by the SPAWAR presentation on 3/23/2009 at ACS:

          A brilliant commemorative choice then, and I think appropriate now. As much as I support the technology – I am dedicated to correcting the record for P&F. Allowing special interests, ego and collusion to monopolize knowledge is self-destructive. It is perhaps MORE important to expose the fraud that has retarded cold fusion than cold fusion science itself.

          Technical progress without commensurate spiritual growth likely results in an extinction event. IMO :<)

          • GordonDocherty

            If it’s on March 23rd, perhaps that can be celebrated in the future as “LENR-Day”? 🙂

    • TomR

      Probably a good choice, Buck.
      Now it will take about a month to know the results from his report.
      No more information about the 1 MW E-Cat that made the tests from now until the publication of the results will be allowed.
      Warm Regards,

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • GreenWin

      You read well Alan. And find the best of the best!

  • “Industrial Heat has acquired the right to produce and sell E-Cat based technology in, as far as I have been told, North, Central and South America, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

    This tells me that some of the BIG investors in Industrial Heat are from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Who else would even think of or care about those tiny little markets?

    “I have also been told that the total amount of fuel (used up) —mostly harmless elements such as lithium, hydrogen and nickel, according to Andrea Rossi’s granted patent on the technology—was in the range of tenths of grams.”

    This reminds me of the movie, *Starman*, when Jeff Bridges asks “How can car need energy so soon?” 100,000 miles without refueling is coming soon (relatively) to a car dealership near you. Honda will claim 100,000 miles in commercials. Toyota will claim 120,000 miles. Volkswagen will claim 200,000 miles, but they will rig the test. 🙂

    • GreenWin

      Love the Starmen!

    • psi2u2

      Thank for that report, as I’ve been wondering what the IH deal was with Rossi. That makes sense. The connections to SA and the Emirates is fascinating.

      “Volkswagen will claim 200,000 miles, but they will rig the test. :)”


  • mcloki

    Tenths of grams. – That’s crazy.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Not if it was a minute thin/’thick’ film of Ni62 physically vapour deposited on the 2 heat exchanger outer plates in each wafer stack. You need very little mass of Li and H for the rest – this is E=MC^2 after all.

    • Mark

      Surely Mat has made a typo here. Isn’t it tens of grams as we were lead to believe each reactor had at least about a gram in it weren’t we? Mat can you double confirm? 🙂

  • GreenWin

    Great article by a good friend to humanity. Frank, our indefatigable Admin adds this thought:
    “… since there have been very few influential people or organizations who have taken it [LENR] seriously.”

    Which begs the question: why have so few taken this work seriously? If not the result of (regular meme) the holographic universe – then why? The answer is difficult. On one hand lack of interest by mainstream science suggests all of humanity has suffered a lobotomy. Or the PTB are so thoroughly misanthropic as to ignore individual intelligence and its ability to seek, find, and report truth.

    Perhaps it is comforting for overseers to paint humanity as they prefer it – warring tribes of simian primitives. Or the unfortunate result of not so smart genetic tinkering. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the wall of ignorance is “splained” to the public. The advent of LENR demands militant house cleaning. The American house has gotten rubbishy the last 70 years. And it’s always healthy to take out the trash.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      One thing is that there is an explicit lack of ways to act. If one believes in Rossi, starting one’s one competing primitive LENR effort sounds futile from both science and business perspective. Better to seriously wait and see until he brings it to market so that anybody can buy and analyse it.

    • There will be no cleaning.
      The comment from people, even those who were most critical, will be, as Arthur C. Clarke put it (quoted in my book): ‘I always said it was a good idea.’
      And they will all get away with it.

      • First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
        Mahatma Gandhi

        We have the fight to come next, which will determine who ends up controlling the technology – the developers or the energy cabals. It could turn out to be a pyrrhic victory, with the nuclear industry gaining control on spurious safety grounds.

      • psi2u2

        I don’t know about all of them, Mats. Some of them, especially those directly involved in the P & F fiasco will have difficulty explaining away the well justified opprobrium of the public and historians of science. But you are right, I bet, about most of them, who have not been deeply involved and have pulled strings behind closed doors. They will get away with it. It will be the same in my own field of Shakespeare studies, which is undergoing a similar but more slow moving paradigm shift. Most will say they knew the answer all along.

  • QUESTION for Frank

    Am I correct in believing that the 250 kilowatt units used in the test were essentially Hot Cats made with steel, not alumina?

    • Frank Acland

      I don’t know what they are made with, Christopher, but I don’t think they are Hot Cats. AR has said this plant is a low temperature plant making steam of about 100-120 C

      • But it does not use bottles of hydrogen gas,…right? The hydrogen comes from lithium aluminum hydride,…right?

        • Alain Samoun

          See his patent…

  • Gerrit

    “All this might be confirmed by the third party institute, that has been controlling the heat plant 24/7 with video cameras.”

    The pathological disbelievers will demand to watch the full video footage before they will … suddenly disintegrate.

    • psi2u2

      Perhaps a little like the melting of the wicked witch, Mary Yugo, in the Wizard of Oz?

      • wpj

        Seems like MY has already decided; a firm response that it is a total scam and that ML has been taken in (again). Posted on ML’s blog posting.

        • psi2u2

          Thanks for the report. Nothing new here to see or think about. We’ll have to wait for the “I’m melting….” line. Or maybe it will be more like “you have already melted but haven’t notice yet!” — ????

    • Andreas Moraitis

      “Well, I have no time watch these videos…and as long as I did not watch them, all the claims are unproven and therefore of no interest.”

      • Gerrit

        “And I do not need to watch the videos, because I already know the ecat is a scam”

        • LilyLover

          “I would have watched the videos but what’s the point, they are fake anyway!”
          “You see, if they can fake a device, they can easily fake a video.”

          “La La La La La La La La”

          • Gerrit

            The the moon landing videos were also fake.

  • pg

    Mats do you have an idea of some companies/billionaires that have had access to the plant?

    • LilyLover

      Rest assured – the in-person visits don’t matter. They have full reporting available at their fingertips. It’s a battle of choice between enrichment through perpetual US hegemony or joining the global NWO. Nobody wants to be the first to be back-stabbed by the other group. Hence, the Dragon wins. Not Lion, not Elephant, not the Python, but the old, wise, ambitious and enigmatic dragon wins.

  • Dr. Mike

    My guess is he report will only attempt to cover #1 of your listed items, although I certainly agree that a report covering all 7 of your items would make for a much better report.
    Dr. Mike

  • psi2u2

    Terrific. Thanks for the news, Mats and Frank!

  • Michel Vandenberghe

    Hello Mats, Franck, y 2 cents opinion 🙂 I think what is the most important is not the technological proof but the market proof. What would unleash investment will be the proof that there are effective manufacturing agreements with China, US and some others. If there is manufacturing agreement there’s working product. What is important is the core technology, not the product. Core technology cannot be protected and msut not be protected. I bet that the LENR law will soon such as “effective power density will double every 6 months” Thus will decrease size, weight, raw materials costs, enable wider integration and so on… The only way for any company with a as usual business model is to be in a position to propose a return on investment short enough to get customers to invest in the product. Do not forget how much value this technology will destroy at first…

    • Alain Samoun

      Salut Michel:
      Even at 1 million a piece made in the US or in Europe, the 1MW thermal plant is currently competitive with the other types of energy – No need to make it in China. For example: I checked the solar panels price for my home it’s now about $15,000 If we are 300 households sharing a LENR Plant in a collective financial structure, we will pay 1,000,000/300 ~ $3,300 each – about 3/4 years ROI. The solution is political,the economy is already settle, we will need to get rid of the powerful interests who will try to keep the status-co. Anyway that is in my opinion.

      • Michel Vandenberghe

        Hello Alain, you show that investment in LENR is cheaper that Solar as In both case, energy usage cost is 0. For a given value (energy usage cost drops from X to 0), and considering that LENR investment will decrease quickly for a given need, ROI will be faster and the only way for the industrialist to stay competitive will be to reduce its product life cycle, in fact to move at the end… to a Green consumer products business for Energy… With siginificant investment in engineering there’s some chance to validate the ‘LENR law’ during the first 5 years 🙂 Then how to design a serious business to be a key player of the emerging LENR industry…

        • Alain Samoun

          Well,the coming changes in the economy and the society at large are going to be so huge that, at the end, I wonder if we will still in a market economy… We will see

          • Michel Vandenberghe

            Yes. being a key player of the emerging LENR industry requires to think how to engage with such market transition that is to say with an business model designed in order to develop the technology in a way to transform the whole old world to fuel the transition 🙂 In other words, and in practice, a true alliance between the innovators and the established companies…. We have the same kind of issue with the blockchain technology and with some other prospective disruptive technologies. run or to die…

          • Alain Samoun

            “established companies” I’m not sure that will be the right way to proceed as the established companies are used to certain habits and most will consider LENR disruptive to their way of life – making profit the easy way – Even in China the system will resist to changes. It may be better to appeal to the small businesses or individual end user directly: Buy your system on amazon if it is possible or go to communities as suggested by Tom Kaminski above.

          • Michel Vandenberghe

            some companies will understand the message : “Disrupt your own company – Before LENR disrupts it for you”

      • Thomas Kaminski

        You also have to factor in the cost of building the thermal distribution infrastructure to calculate ROI. I suspect that the costs of the “steam tunnels” will exceed the cost of the thermal plant in existing suburban neighborhoods. On the other hand, for high-rise dwellings housing for 300 families probably already have central distribution networks for heating and cooling.

        • Alain Samoun

          You are right,at first the existing infrastructures will be used. But of course with an E-CatX the same scenario will be simplified, no pipes, and maybe individual source of electricity in household?

  • Mats002

    Those who write the report can count on that skeptics will question their personal interests and characters. They can’t possible be trustworthy, they are only individuals in a large company who are not part of their personal endevour, right?

  • What we need is a news conference with a representative of the testing company explaining in general terms what happened. That would be VERY IMPORTANT for American politics and it is needed NOW to reshape the debate over energy policy.

    • LilyLover

      What we need is pre-requisite of quality-PhDs in Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Medicine etc. for someone to even be eligible to “run” for any public office.
      Simplification needs to be done BY them. NOT FOR them.
      …Hence the ruin of American / Global future.

  • Christina

    At the power Mr. Lewan states, will this facilitate our becoming space-faring in this solar system, Frank? I ask this, because the only time the U.S.A. seemed to really pull together an everybody-has-a-job-who-wants-one economy was when the space race was on.

    I still consider Mr. BTE Dan’s idea to be good because it advocates building permanent platforms in space.

    Thank you for answering. 🙂

    • Frank Acland

      I’m sorry, but I’m not able to answer your question, Christina. I don’t think there’s enough information out there yet. Remember that this plant is old-style E-Cat technology, and Andrea seems to have all his attention now on the E-Cat X.

    • LION

      Christina-you may find the following link of interest– The Space Industry is going through Huge change, development and innovation, with many players contributing. For sure Andria Rossie’s technology will have a huge impact.

    • LilyLover

      You remember those old Russian jokes about space shuttle and bread lines?
      With present day political apathy amongst people, they’ll hope to achieve something like – Round trip to Jupiter – 2 hours. Ticket price – $100. Ticket purchase permit security check 3 years + $50,000; Permit to “click the buy ticket button” 6 months + $3000; Passanger license temporary permit $1,000,000; Military “Keep your children safe and happy” surcharge – $500,000 + 20 years of bonded “service”. Yea, not far off.

    • Roland

      The major impediment to becoming a space faring culture is that we live at the bottom of a gravity well that imposes a very steep tax on every kilo lifted to orbit with our current technology. Once out of the gravity well there is abundant energy in the form of photons and much more energetic particles that never reach earth’s surface.

      There are a number of emergent technologies that could, potentially, be piggy-back on LENR in space; notably Ion Drives and EM drives which both require electricity and rail guns arcing up remote equatorial mountains to which freight is delivered by modern dirigibles and lifted to orbit with a 100gs of acceleration powered by capacitors recharged by LENR.

      Constant acceleration, the holy grail of near future space commerce, even at rates as low as .05gs leads to startling good numbers for reaching the Ooort Cloud to do a little prospecting; and at a continuous 1g (half way out to a turnover point and decelerate at 1 g) times to Jupiter are just under 2 weeks.

      Currently ion drives are powered by plutonium and make about .005gs till the propelled matter, you’re kicking polarized particles out the back at fairly high speed, runs out. Newton would understand perfectly.

      The not yet built EM drive’s designers hope for .1 g and no propellants. Would E-cats help? Yeah. Would Newton approve? I think he’d be a little confused.

  • LilyLover

    That’s called “internal audit”, “pending investigation”, “people familiar with the matter said”, “the best in “class*” according to consumer research* of 2016*”, “policy aligned with our vision statement to integrate ethics and law with the delicate mandate for profit”, “purple heart award”, “I didn’t do it… I don’t know that woman…”, “…in the best interest of America”, “…American Exceptionalism…” … If you are still not satisfied … I can put the Energizer bunny here to finish my sentence with unlimited examples.

  • I was thinking more of avoiding throwing more billions down the drain on worthless biofuels, windmills, and solar cells. I don’t think the pipeline will be built anyway because of economic conditions that exist right now. Why pump expensive oil from Canada when we have the cheap stuff right here and surpluses in Saudi Arabia soon to be joined by Iran’s new happy-fun pumping party. Canadian oil from the tar sands requires higher oil prices to make money.

    “Syncrude Canada Ltd, a joint venture project in northern Alberta at which mined oil sands bitumen is upgraded into refinery-ready synthetic crude has a break-even production costs of C$57 ($43.46) a barrel, according to a presentation from Siren Fisekci, vice president of investor and corporate relations.”

    Global warming hysteria + E-Cat technology = an explosion of technological progress.

    So, I repeat, please Mr. Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC, do have a press conference.

    • LilyLover

      Treat solar cells with respect. They are like an old grandma.

      • Solar cells are great for pocket calculators, weather stations, and off-grid cabins. Otherwise they have been a destructive, costly failure that amounts to corporate welfare for the Chinese companies that make them. Solar, wind, and biofuels have turned into corrupt , greedy, dishonest special interest groups that demand money from government like baby eagles chirping to be constantly feed. The supporters of the renewable energy fad are among the most dishonest people in the world. On one hand they falsely claim that solar is now “cheaper than coal” while on the other hand they cry out for more mandates and subsidies. Truly cost effective energy systems do not need mandates. The free market will decide which is the best product at the lowest price. Big brother energy policy does not work and has a body count in the millions, causing more avoidable deaths of innocent people than war and terrorism combined, and that is just the biofuel scam alone. The wind and solar scam crushed Spain and Greece economically, and rich Germany wasted billions of solar schemes that are so inefficient it is truly absurd. I love my photovoltaic pocket calculator. Use the right tool for the right job!

        • LilyLover

          You have distorted view of price and value. Won’t go in detail today. Solar has saved more lives than US Military has killed.
          Gets lesser subsidies than oil, corn and sugar.
          Lumping wind with biofuels with solar is immoral.

          • Solar has saved lives in the form of weather and communications satellites. That is using the right tool for the right job. Per amount of usable energy we get back from solar, the subsidies and mandates are outrageous and far more than subsidies for oil, coal, and natural gas . Oil is keeping us all alive, and those who vilify oil are slandering a product that created modern industrialized civilization. We would not have even been born without oil, and we would not have modern medicine or transportation or enough food to feed over 7 billion people. That said, I oppose all subsidies and mandates across the board. Those who have made windmills and solar schemes a religion have done great harm. Some of the biggest crimes of world history are conducted by people with good intentions, but who lack a proper and honest understanding of what they are doing. High energy prices kill jobs, make people poor, and increase misery. Most environmental groups don’t care about about of that. They live in a dream world and they refuse to face the real numbers. After all the hype and billions of dollars thrown down the drain, solar energy provides less than a half a percent of US electricity.

          • Alain Samoun

            Here you are again Christopher… Wanting to replace fossil energy and atomic fission by clean green energy, not polluting our air and water, like with Solar panels,wind mills and soon,we hope, LENR, is obviously necessary. In fact people like you will benefit of it like the rest of us. Forget your stocks in oil and coal, it’s not worth it 😉

          • Roland

            Renewables, wind and PV in that order, constituted 68% of 2015s new electrical production in the USA. What do you know that seems to elude those brain dead US electrical producers?

          • You are talking propaganda. Sure, Obama, Jerry Brown, and other politicians are wasting huge amounts of money forcing up energy and food prices requiring and subsidising “renewable” energy schemes that cannot compete in the marketplace on their own merit. It’s like a beauty contest when all the judges are bribed and have guns pointed at their heads telling them to vote for the Mafia Don’s daughter. You are bragging about how much new money is being wasted on window dressing energy schemes that do not work. The real test is what technologies produce the most efficient electricity at the lowest price. The current marketplace winner is natural gas. Legacy hydroelectric is the all time king, but we cannot build many new Hoover Dams. LENR has the reliability and energy density needed to replace fossil fuels. The renewable energy religion has been destructive because zealots have been trying to replace a reliable and energy dense energy source with an unreliable and highly diffuse energy source that goes on and off by intrinsic nature. When you have emotion but no reason you fail when it comes to energy production. All the Hollywood stars like the emotional, feel good energy sources because emotion is all they know.


          • Roland

            SRI completed an exhaustive analysis of the ‘harvestable’ global wind energy at the 280ft. level above ground, the height of typical turbines, over 15 years ago.

            The conclusions, in their report, were that the total instantaneous power available from wind was on the order of 60terawatts continuous, current total global energy demand is 14-15terawatts electrical equivalent.

            Furthermore they concluded that if wind turbines were manufactured like automobiles, instead of hand built like aircraft, that the capital costs would plummet and wind power companies would be able to produce electricity, Capex included, for $.01/kWh.

            Talking to you about the verifiably obvious is akin to discussing the merits of the ex USSR with George, or arguing with Flat Earthers. As you can see I’ve taken one aspect of Trumpism to heart by renouncing PC, previously known as common curtesy, and calling ignorance as I see it.

            Try reading more and regurgitating Koch sponsored disinformation less.

          • Wild speculative theory and reality are two different things. End all energy subsidies and mandates across the board and let consumers decide what energy systems they want. If consumers want wind and solar, let them have it, but they must pay for it themselves with their own money. Get the politicians out of the equation. The USA is supposed to stand for “freedom,” which means free choice and free markets. Big Brother energy policy does not work.

          • Roland

            Politicians are in the equation, Warren Buffet purchased a utility in Nevada and lobbied the state legislature to reverse legislation that allowed householders to sell electricity into the grid. Musk’ companies, you see, were having an impact on business.

            On a Global basis government controlled electrical utilities vastly out perform private utilities, to the chagrin of those who offered privatization as a panacea to public investment in infrastructure. The same corporate arc occurred in public water distribution where various third world governments, and the local populace, at every level suffered significant system impairment and radically escalating delivered costs by drinking your Kool aid.

            You want more unpleasant, to you, facts? I’ve got lots…

          • Local energy companies and states should not be forced by the federal government to favor any energy system. That is obviously what I am talking about. I hope LENR will provide low cost and reliable energy. Just because I hope that does not mean I want the federal government to force consumers to buy LENR products or subsidise LENR products. I am not a thug. What are you?

          • Roland

            Thoughtful and relatively well informed.

          • I wonder If it was the oil or the coal industry that put out this video.

          • It is my video that I made for zero dollars on my home computer. I find the church of renewable energy is very predictable. They don’t understand issues; they can’t debate effectively because their ideas are obviously faulty, so they almost always resort to condemning non-believers as working for the devil, aka oil, coal, and natural gas. Their basic problem is none of them think for themselves. The tape recorder function of their brains work, so they can pass on the same propaganda from one person to the next, but they never themselves analyze the numbers and the facts and the history of energy production and put it all into a coherent picture. I put it into a short video. I also have a video on the biofuel scam. Google *The Global Biofuel Disaster*. Obviously, as I am praying that LENR is a big success, I am also hoping that LENR will make burning fossil fuels for energy obsolete. If I owned stock in fossil fuels, that would obviously go against my financial own interests. But when people just react without ever thinking for themselves, they don’t even have the ability to figure out such simple things, let alone the basic problem of trying to replace a banquet with a potato chip, which is what the renewable energy religion is all about. Only HIGH ENERGY DENSITY, reliable, 24-7-365 capable energy systems can replace fossil fuels. But “green” people cannot even understand that one simple sentence.

          • I appreciate that Christopher, but your video seems highly biased. Many of the wind turbines you showed are away from houses which eliminates a lot of the problems. Lager turbines spin a lot slower than they used to killing less birds. Perhaps they will find a way to lower the amount. Don’t write them off yet. Where I live individual towns are making a profit off remote wind turbines, plus you made the statement “They will ALWAYS require fossil fuel back-up.” That’s why your video sounds like something sponsored by Exxon.

          • You cannot back up windmills with fission nuclear energy, and it is very difficult with hydroelectric power. You need a backup source that can be turned on quickly and dialed up and down in power levels easily. Normally, natural gas is used to backup windmills in the USA. The be more exact, windmills are used to save a little natural gas in the USA. So we spend huge amounts of money and increase electricity rates significantly and all we do is save a little bit of natural gas. That is economic insanity, and even the federal government’s own National Research Council found that solar schemes and windmills have not significantly reduced CO2 emissions. So why do it? If you end all subsidies and mandates for wind power, how many new industrial wind turbines will be built? The free market is much smarter than our politicians.


    • Omega Z


      break-even production costs of C$57 ($43.46) a barrel-
      With E-cat heat taken into account-
      break-even production costs of C$5.70 ($4.35) a barrel-

      Eventually, little will be used for energy production, but Oil, N-Gas, and Coal will all continue to be used. They’re all used as feed stock for various purposes and as the price of these feed stocks decline, they will be used to a much greater extent and in products that current prices prohibit..

  • Roland

    UL is a third party certification institute. The likely party, in this case, has been mentioned previously in these threads and is based in France; if I could produce the name from memory you’d have it. Suffice it to say that there are a number of these organizations internationally that primarily provide safety certification for all manner of products, most of which is demanded by insurance companies as an aspect of determining liability for claims payments.

    For example if you have a house fire caused by a non certified device your insurance company will refuse to honour your policy, hence the UL, or other, certificate on relevant devices sold in the first world.

  • Roland

    Exactly; I doubt Rossi picked a targeted production cost of $.005/kWh out of a hat, he knows that he and LENR aren’t the only pony in the race.

  • Barbierir

    It’s almost touching how Maryyugo and others stand firm in their conspiracy theories.

    • Roland

      Perhaps Frank would hold a poll and query our insights into MY’s CV, motivation, identity and vulnerability to hacking revealing all.

      My first question would be:

      Is Mary Yugo a woman?

      Secondly; are her opinions for sale?

      Is he or she driven by unknowable inner demons?

      Is this ideology or merely obdurate obtuseness?

      If, in a couple of years, a salesperson drops by her house will he sign up for leased E-cat that integrates seamlessly into her electrical and H/VAC at 25% of his ongoing costs?

      Will a clever hacker discover our girl’s true identity?

      The possibilities are nearly endless and would give us something to amuse away the dry spells.

      • Bob Greenyer

        If I was Rossi and I had what I claimed – it would be a good idea to have someone like MY on my payroll.

        • I’d consider suing MY for libel.

        • GreenWin

          Even were MY ‘a convicted felon?’ Spooky.

      • Obvious

        Perhaps we could try that out on you? And certainly poking a stick into the hornet’s nest is unwise anyways.

        • Roland

          Once upon a time I would have agreed with you, now I think that time has passed and MY has become a spent force in service to a dying cause.

          P.S. My name is actually Roland and I have absolutely nothing to hide.

          • Obvious

            Roland, I am glad for you that you are happy to be as public as the world wants. Not everyone would share that view.
            Perhaps it is the future of data availability anyways…
            I have noticed that the generation born with easy internet as a “normal thing” seems to feel that way about an open internet life.
            Not that I am profiling you in any way, although maybe you would be OK with that…

          • Slad

            General (forum) etiquette also precludes anonymous slander

          • Obvious

            That’s right. And gets people booted from this forum. And others. Note that they usually don’t try to sneak back in.
            What they might do elsewhere, and what someone might want to do about it, well that’s trickier. One could go be a vigilante web stalker. Essentially becoming what one didn’t like in the first place, but from one’s own superior point of view…

      • Slad

        No, No, Yes, Same thing, ???, Already happened:[email protected]/msg62587.html

      • Jarea
        • Roland

          Fascinating, thank you.

  • psi2u2

    Indeed. Good point. The larger context, as well as the individual lab results, all point to a real phenomenon, poorly understood in the days of P & F, but now increasingly replicable and understood, partly anyway, on theoretical basis.