Rossi: 'Exponential Progress' at Leonardo Factory In Florida

Thanks to a reader who sent me this interesting post from Andrea Rossi today.

Andrea Rossi
February 20, 2016 at 12:53 PM
Pietro F.:
Yes, the new factory of Leonardo Corporation in which the E-Cat X will be manufactured is in Florida. I must repeat F9, but I can add that in these very days we are making exponential progress. We are very close to be ready to make 1 million pcs/year, technologically speaking. From the moment I will decide that we are ready to start to the moment in which we will start the production line, it will take not more than 3 months. All is already organized. Now that I can give to this concern my full time, we are advancing very fast.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi has said that can’t and won’t say anything about the results of the test until the results are delivered until he has received the report from the referee. Rossi has said that he has compared his own test results with those of the referee over the course of the test, and they have been close — so I’m sure he has a very good idea of what to expect from the referee.

Rossi has also said consistently that the industrial phase of the E-Cat’s development would begin if the 1MW plant test was a success, so maybe his obvious excitement about his new-found freedom from the container, and activity in the new factory is an indication that things went well.

  • artefact

    Nice 🙂

  • bfast

    Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

    • спаситель русских

      This discovery of a new era

  • Sylvie Cemoi

    I don’t understand, he speaks about the production of the e-cat X, right?
    But he just made a 1 year long test of the 1 MW e-cat plant and is waiting for the results, so why isn’t he talking of the production of 1 MW e-cat plants?

    He got a patent for an e-cat but which one? Is it the 1 MW or the e-cat X? Or maybe both?

    Is he planning to make a 1 year long test on the e-cat X?

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Yes, he speaks about production of E-cat X. He isn’t talking about production of 1 MW old-tech plants because that is taken care of by a different team. Rossi thinks that the patent covers also the E-cat X. No, he’s not planning a new 1-year test.

    • DrD

      He gave a categoric “NO”.

  • Okay, when they are now setting up a factory for mass production, this really indicates a positive result.

    Didn’t Rossi say that they will only begin the manufacturing preparations when the test results are positive??

  • Frank Acland

    Maybe the funding for the production will only be released after a positive report is issued by the referee.

    • pg

      Think so too.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi
    February 20, 2016 at 12:39 PM
    No, we are not collecting pre-orders, because all the pre-orders we got from the E-Cat will be automatically turned to the E-Cat X.
    This is why we are programming a production of 1 million pieces in the first year of manufacturing. F9.
    Warm Regards,

    • NT

      Hopefully this includes the Home Units that have been preordered over these past years?

      • LarryJ

        The ecatx core reactor will eventually be used to power the domestic units but he is still working on their safety certification. I assume the initial production will be for his high temperature industrial reactors. He does have certification for those.

        • NT

          Hmmm, you interpretation does not fit as I understand his message as quoted ” because all the pre-orders we got from the E-Cat will be automatically turned to the E-Cat X.”

          • LarryJ

            Many of the pre orders are for industrial plants.

          • NT

            One million of preorders for industrial plants is wishful thinking at this point in time IMHO, but who knows for sure except Rossi and his corporate insiders. Rossi sometimes speaks in riddles which leaves much to be interpreted by his followers…

          • LarryJ

            Rossi has never given a breakdown of order types. It is likely that domestic units ordered would outnumber industrial units but the dollar value and reactor cores required for industrial units could outnumber that for domestic units.

          • NT

            I repeat LarryJ – Rossi say’s above that ” because all the pre-orders we got from the E-Cat will be automatically turned to the E-Cat X.” I assume ALL means all (both Industrial and Home units)…

          • LarryJ

            My point was that just because he is converting all pre orders to ecatx does not mean that any of the first years million pieces of production will be used for domestic units as they are still uncertified.

          • NT

            Home units not YET certified, understood!

          • TomR

            It is very possible that they are certified but it hasn’t been announced.

          • LarryJ

            Exactly what I said from the start. Understood!

            “The ecatx core reactor will eventually be used to power the domestic units but he is still working on their safety certification. I assume the initial production will be for his high temperature industrial reactors. “

      • Michael W Wolf

        yes, that is what Rossi was implying. I think.

    • Gerald

      Hope mine from 2011 is still valid. The video of Rossi and Focardi speaking about the phenomena was for me the prove. That were real people talking about something amazing.

  • спаситель русских

    Bravo Maestro. This discovery of a new era

  • Bob Greenyer

    American Physical Society to hold Meeting on Cold Fusion/LENR in Salt Lake City

    3:30 PM–5:18 PM, Saturday, April 16, 2016

    Sveinn Olafsson
    (Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland)

    Leif Holmlid
    (Atmospheric Science, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, SE-412 96 Goteborg, Sweden)

    • Alan DeAngelis
    • Stephen Taylor

      This really is MAINSTREAM huge. Let’s hope it goes well. Seems it is not directly a discussion of the most important recent work but will certainly be an opportunity for informal discussion of same.

      • artefact

        The LENR engines are preheating.

      • Stephen Taylor

        Reading again the abstract leaves open the possible discussion of most recent and exciting experiments. I cannot find the link to Holmlid’s most recent papers. Does anyone have it at hand?

        • Buck

          Heath . . . . Wow ! ! ! !

          If there is truth in this quote about ITPR#1, then as far as I’m concerned Pres. Obama was made aware of ITPR#2 and this recent 1yr Pilot Plant test.

          Pres. Obama is very willing to communicate using the leverage of symbolism . . . this only increases the probability of an announcement on the F&P anniversary.

          Time will tell what happens.

          • psi2u2

            My sources suggest that Obama has been well informed for some time.

    • Alan DeAngelis
  • Mats002

    Noticed 🙂

  • Bob Greenyer

    Its cold – what can you say – the right place for this kind of research!

  • David Taylor-Fuller

    I so SO wish I could upvote you more than once.

  • GreenWin

    The APS Meeting is a rather clear indicator that Dr. Rossi is poised to humiliate essentially all of consensus science. Ding Dong… one witch is (nearly) D E A D.

    • bachcole

      What is an APS Meeting, but do so like the sound of what you are saying.

      • fritz194

        The _A_merican _P_hysical _S_ociety announced a meeting regarding CF in April…

        • clovis ray

          HI, Henk,
          I think he is as usual ahead of our thought process, and has been building thing for a great long while, in preparation for his product .

  • passerby

    That is more how Europe works than the USA. In europe when you put out a product, say, a cosmetic made with some novel chemical, you need to prove it is safe beforehand. Here in the US it is the opposite, the same chemical needs no approval and is assumed safe until proven otherwise. It is a much more lax regulatory environment.


    How many units will take to reduce the earths co2 levels?

    • Pekka Janhunen

      One should define “reduce” and depends on their power, but of the order of billion.

    • Gerard McEk

      If you want to REDUCE CO2, than you need to take the CO2 out of the atmosphere, not only reducing the outgas of cars and heating devices. Plants are the most efficient CO2 collectors. So use the E-cat also to produce sweet water, grow many, many plants and the the CO2 may go down, the earth will be more habitable and hunger may reduce. If less CO2 will also reduce the global warming, is to be seen.

  • Axil Axil

    How and when will the DOE change the nuclear reactor program, or will it be business as usual with taxpayers money.

    • Certainly will be here in the UK – our nuclear obsessed tory politicians won’t let go of this particular toy until it is prised from their slavering jaws. Fortunately the whole plan seems to be falling apart under its own weight, as other similar schemes in France and Finland meet terminal safety issues and the French company concerned (EDF) faces huge financial problems.

  • gerald

    Did he?? 😉 For sure one of the most amazing persons ever in science..

    • Bob Greenyer

      Time will tell – perhaps it is just an open microphone session – but it is a long way to travel for the researchers if no one is expected to listen.

  • Karl Venter

    I am surprised that at this late stage we dont know what an e cat x looks like
    If i were to buy one how would it fit into my existing hardware
    If i would like 50% electricity 50% heat can I have that
    I know I will buy whatever he has got but it would be nice to know what its going to look like
    Does it give off DC or AC — Inverter required?
    what will its power ratings be
    Surely thats not in the NDA
    If I were going to be making a million a year ( 10kW or 5kW) I would like to be sure that the Million are to be installed into Houses quite easily?

    Surely they have a plan. They have no competition and they dont want to tell us their plan?

    • LarryJ

      I think from what Rossi had said, predisclosure of any feature is a serious issue. Once Rossi gets his patents filed he will be able to say more.

  • LarryJ

    It could be years before we have a well tested theory of how this works. All they have to prove is safety which was one of the primary goals of the one year test. Do you seriously believe the US will abandon its commanding lead in the market waiting for a bullet proof theory?

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi February 21, 2016 at 5:01 AM
    The E-Cat’s industrial version will see expanding its commercialization independently from the E-Cat X if the results of the 352 days test will be positive ( remember that the results could also be negative). We have to wait about one month now for the final report.
    The E-Cat X so far is in an R&D phase, which is very promising, but it is not yet a product. I am very optimistic about the fact that one industrial E-Cat X will be sold and put in operation within 2016, but I cannot guarantee it, because the R&D we are making could reserve bad surprises that could delay the program.
    These two lines of productions are independent and also the Teams dedicated to them are different and work n different locations, so far.
    The state of the art in this very moment is that both lines of products could fail. Nonetheless, we are working as hard as we can not to fail, but, again, much work has still to be done.
    Warm Regards,

    • Gerard McEk

      I think that if the 1MW test fails, Andrea will have huge difficulties in getting sufficient intrest in E-cat X. It could also have impact on the contract between AR and IH. These two E-cat systems are strongly related, technically but also commercially. So let us hope that the reports are clearly and undoubtely positive. The world is suspiciously watching.

      • wondering

        The test could fail in the area of *reliably* producing heat but still prove the technology to be working, the factory would surely notice 1MW extra energy being added to their energy supply even if not reliable. So it would require further refinement.

        For E-Cat X, if real and it really can produce electricity directly in excess of the output, that would be a much easier claim to prove to attract new interest. Much easier to measure produced electricity than heat.

  • LarryJ

    I don’t think Tesla ever lost his marbles. He was always an eccentric and an extremely imaginative free thinker as well as an incredibly poor businessman. Over the course of his life he had many crazy ideas and many of them actually worked. Towards the end he was broke, stubbornly independant and enjoyed feeding the pidgeons but then again so do a lot of seniors.

  • It does pay to read Rossi’s words very carefully.

    We are very close to be ready to make 1 million pcs/year, technologically speaking.

    So the technology for making a unit every 30 seconds or so is nearly available. Well, yes, adapting modern automated production methods make it possible to manufacture almost any fairly simple gadget at this kind of rate.

    From the moment I will decide that we are ready to start to the moment in which we will start the production line, it will take not more than 3 months.

    And from the moment Rossi decides to begin production (which could be any time at all from months to years) it will take about 3 additional months to actually begin production – which is probably not unreasonable, IF safety certifications and some kind of distribution network are already in place.

    But that doesn’t actually seem to be the short term plan:.

    The E-Cat X so far is in an R&D phase, which is very promising, but it is not yet a product. I am very optimistic about the fact that one industrial E-Cat X will be sold and put in operation within 2016, but I cannot guarantee it, because the R&D we are making could reserve bad surprises that could delay the program.” (underlining mine)

    This sounds very like the 1MW plant story to date. One unit is sold to a ‘customer’ who then tests it under field conditions for some extended period, and then (F9) if all is well a report is drawn up, and then safety certification tests begin, and then, at some point, Rossi decides to begin production – assuming no mods are necessary and the loop just repeats.

    Rossi seems to be inviting his followers to be drawn into another waiting game with no tangible evidence, and I for one intend to more or less ignore further vague ‘updates’ on ecat-x, and to continue to follow the progress of the 1MW industrial plant (as far as possible, given that information could well dry up at this point).

    • These two lines of productions are independent and also the Teams dedicated to them are different and work n different locations, so far.

      According to this latest comment by Rossi, the plans to mass production of the “low temp” ecat, which was used for the 350 days test, are still up.
      But it is done by anotber team.

      I guess it’s in the responsability of industrial heat, while the ecat x is propelled by Rossi’s Leonardo Corp.

      • Yes, that’s another implication that can be drawn. If so, then given IH’s not exactly gushing communications with observers like ourselves, the pickings seem likely to be rather slim from here on in (other than another year or so of pronouncements on JONP concerning ecat-x).

        • Yes, but with a well known and experienced company like Cherokee in the back, I’m sure IH will act very professional.

          If now everything is in IH/Cherokee’s hands, I’m sure we will see a successful market entry, even when it is not this year. They have the financial power and business knowledge which Rossi lacked.

          • I don’t doubt that, but I do doubt that we will be able to follow the story from now on. I suspect we’ll be as surprised as the rest of the world when news of commercially available cold fusion reactors (industrial only of course) finally leaks into the common awareness.

            Unfortunately, between now and then we’ll have no idea of whose hands the technology has ended up in, and therefore on whose timescale it will be introduced. IH is just Cherokee’s investment vehicle for this purpose, and actual manufacture and disrtibution will be carried out by whoever they sell or lease the IP to.

            While this could be a manufacturing company or companies, my bet is on a major player in the energy market – a multinational of some kind, probably one needing to replace nuclear fission as its core activity. Any such concern will ensure that the introduction doesn’t interfere with existing profit streams other than as they decide will be the case.

      • GreenWin

        Indeed. Beneath such plumage one finds the brain of a bird. 😉

    • GreenWin

      “1 million pieces/year…” Are potentially reactor cores; some number of which will be assembled into a system making a final unit. Why build capacity for E-Cat X – a new tech not yet piloted? Is he referring to volume production of E-Cat LT cores? Suggesting annual output of some 100k complete units?

      This Rossi post appears to address different items.

      • A fairly classic tactic of his, but I think he must be referring to ecat-X – at least if Barty has correctly ascertained that IH will now work towards a commercial version of the 1MW ‘LT’ ecat, while Leonardo (i.e., Rossi) works to develop ecat-X.

        • Rene

          I agree. I parse his statements as he is working out how to simplify the manufacturing process of the e-cat x so that once he has that figured out, then in three months he could set up a mass production factory line. That approach is eminently practical as it converts construction from custom or complex labor methods to automatic machine assembly. This is how one lowers the price of any technology based product.

          • As well as simplifying and optimising construction of e-cat x (if that’s what this part of his answers refer to) he also has to be thinking of applications. Presumably the main focus will be on electrical generation, but he will also need to work on the best ways to extract the heat component, if only to stop the things melting.

            It may become necessary to design a number of variants for different purposes, although hopefully a 10kW(e) + 10kW(t) CHP box will be among the first.

      • Axil Axil

        Goes Rossi mean 1 million CatX modules that are less than 20 KW?

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    Gerard McEk February 21, 2016 at 6:26 AM
    Dear Andrea, I have some questions if I may, all assuming F9 = positive.

    1- You said that IH is licensed to produce E-cats for the Americas and China. Does that also include E-cat X’s (in the future)?
    AR: yes

    2- Is it right to assume that the rest of the world will be supplied by the Leonardo Company?
    AR: yes

    3- I believe you mentioned that Sweden will have a production plant for Europe. Do you intend to produce E-cats at more locations in Europe and Asia?
    AR: eventually yes if opportune

    4- You work strongly together with a jet specialist. Do you expect to test an E-cat jet this year?
    AR: yes

    • artefact

      Rossi changed the answere 3!!

      “Andrea Rossi February 21, 2016 at 9:42 AM
      Gerard McEk:
      1- yes
      2- no, Industrial Heat has also other Territories in the license agreement
      3- eventually yes if opportune
      4- yes
      Warm Regards, A.R.”

      • MLTC

        Don’t you mean answer 2?

  • LarryJ

    The experiment I think you are refrrring to was cancelled by his corporate sponsor before he had a chance to complete it. We will never know for sure how it might have turned out. It might have failed but there is no proof the idea was any crazier than cold fusion.

  • deleo77

    Not sure if Peter Gluck has any inside info, but this is what he wrote today about the 350 day report:

    It is about some > 8000 MWhours energy a great bill for electricity. The bill of the Customer vs the bill of Industrial Heat. Daily, weekly, monthly, global, maximum, minimum values of COP.
    The Report – probably somewhere between 1500 and 2000 pages is for the parts of the deal and for accountants. We LENR-ists are much more interested in the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY that is already circulating 1 front page plus appendices but the essential is shown in less than 20 sentences.
    My prediction is that this executive summary will appear on the Web in less that 12 days.

    • artefact

      interesting …

    • Rene

      I thought the same about your remark clovis. That “I told you so” remark is exactly the kind of trolling that can ignite the flames. Let’s keep it substantive.

    • Rene

      I think it is premature to assume it is all happening quickly. I have been waiting patiently for 5 years (as have others) for a domestic e-cat. I am happy that in that time he has improved matters to eventually switch away from the early e-cat design, which was a finicky low grade heat generator, to the refined e-cat X design, which generates both heat and electricity. That will be a product that can outcompete fuel cells, and it has good fit in domestic use cases (water heating plus electrical power bill reduction).
      As for factories immediately producing anything very soon, it does not make sense to me. His e-cat X design was a recent invention. Even if it is working to perfection, the most difficult part of the continuum, from discovery to practical application, is the mass production phase. There are as many hurdles in that final phase as are in the entire previous phases. It may take some years to see it for sale.
      I am fine with that, just ordered a 1KW fuel cell, which when the time comes to replace it in 10 years will be a perfect swap out with a mature e-cat X unit.

  • Zephir

    Thermoelectric I guess – this is also the technology, which A. Rossi is most experienced with. The electricity output will not be very high though, due to low efficiency of heat to electricity conversion. Rossi himself estimated it to 250 – 400 W from 2 kW X unit.

    • DrD

      Can’t be thermolectric. If it were he wouldn’t be so excited.

      • Not only that but the whole thing derives from some inspired experiment that Rossi tried over Christmas, rather than a planned test of new/additional equipment. The obvious possibles seem to be that either he simply put a meter across some parts of his ‘layer’ reactor (the steel plates?) or he placed an induction coil near to some part of it and found current – but the reality may not be obvious at all.

      • Zephir

        On the contrary, he gets excited just because it’s his pet technology.

        But I cannot swear to it, indeed…

        • DrD

          On the contrary — you will soon see it.
          As Peter said below, this technique was conceived over Christmas. Thermo electrics was not.
          Nor could it form the energy miracle that Bill Gates spoke of because without it LENR is only a lot of heat from a little electric. I’m sure that with thermo-electrics it can not 100% self sustain.
          Not even Rossi could be excited over thermo electrics nor is it HIS pet technology, it’s ancient and simple and inefficient.
          If it is not a big mistake ( I can’t believe it is) this is going to be the beginning of a paradigm shift.
          All will see it, very soon in Rossi terms.

          You will see it.

  • Axil Axil

    It is about the production of Kaons as Holmlid has shown.

  • Rene

    We definitely do have several ideas about what Dr R. says would happen and what did not happen. It can be all rolled up into this: despite his amazing invention and his amazing progress in switching from research to practical, he’s not a good at estimating schedules. Look back at everything he wrote about schedules and estimates. Go look it up, it’s recorded here and in JONP. All have been far too optimistic. That is not an unusual thing for emerging technologies.
    There is no doubt this can be a world changing device, that is not at question.

  • e-dog

    THE BILL GATES INTERVIEW: “”An energy miracle is coming, and it’s going to change the world””

    • DrD

      I am a little surprised at how many influential people seem to be watching this, despite all the oposition. Till now I think many have feared to speak out. Do they post here I wonder.

      • Axil Axil

        These people can watch this without seeing it at all. The eyes see what they want to see and disregard the rest.

    • Axil Axil

      Gates and all his billionaire buddies will lose all those ill informed investments in all those alternate energy companies: how sweet it is.

    • DrD

      “He has invested heavily in TerraPower, which is developing a form of
      nuclear power that aims to be safer, with less waste and lower capital
      costs. But Mr. Gates said it will be nearly 10 years before a prototype
      will be built and at least 2030 before such reactors are available for
      commercial deployment.”