For Rossi, It's the E-Cat X All the Way Now (Update: Developing Low Energy Models, On/Off Switch)

Now that the 1 MW plant test is over, it seems that Andrea Ross now has the freedom to concentrate on what he is really excited about: the E-Cat X. This is the new version of the E-Cat that he reports runs at very high temperatures and is able to produce electricity directly. It was clear that while the 1 MW plant was running that Rossi was paying a great deal of attention to the E-Cat X. However he still had to keep the plant running, so he couldn’t devote his full attention to the new reactors.

UPDATE (February 22, 2016)

Here’s a post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today with some more information on E-Cat X development:

February 21, 2016 at 10:23 PM
Dr Joseph Fine:
It is impossible for me now to give the characteristics of the E-Cat X, because we still are in a preliminar R&D phase.
This having been said, I can add that we will make low energy modules, to be able to assemble systems able to cover all the specter of the possible utilizations; the temperature is not an issue, since the energy is used by means of heat exchangers, so that the external T can be modulate .
We also are resolving the issue of the switch on/off in short time.
Yes, the new laboratory is well dimensioned.
Warm Regards,


Now things have changed. Here are some of his most recent comments regarding the E-Cat X.

About a new team:

The people working on the E-Cat X is different from the people that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat. I made a new Team specific for this, because the approach is different, even if treasures the experience made with the former E-Cats. I needed an epochè, a revolution of points of view. The Great Team that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat will continue the work on this kind of technology. F9 for both technologies

On his focus:

Yes, now I am working on the E-Cat X: the best technology for me is always the next, I can’t help to rest.

On making a product and the timing:

Now I am working in the laboratory where the E-Cat X is being born. Soon we’ll have an industrial plant in operation based on this technology.

I want an industrial E-Cat X in operation by the end of the year

Now, at 04.51 a.m. of Feb 18 2016, I am working on the E-Cat X: I want to present this product in operation in an industy within 2016. It is extremely promising.

On testing:

Italo R.:
Thank you. Waiting for the Report with the results, my focus is totally on the E-Cat X; next week will be a very important week for the E-Cat X, because we will make a very important test in a new factory.
Warm Regards,

It sounds then, like a great deal of energy will now be put into the E-Cat X. And that is not very surprising if it can do what he says it can. Direct production of electricity from the E-Cat would bypass the whole issue of turning heat in to electricity by intermediate means such as steam turbines, Stirling engines, thermoelectric devices and the like, which would add extra expense and engineering complexity.

I suppose one of the challenges they will be looking at will be how to handle the high temperatures that the E-Cat X needs to operate. Rossi has said that it runs at around 1400 C, and that they have had to develop new materials to withstand such temperatures. But there are many instances where cogeneration of heat and electricity are desirable, and Rossi’s New Year’s “dream” spoke of providing both heat and electricity for a residential area.

Presenting this technology to industry this year sounds like a major challenge. We’ll see if he can achieve it.

  • cashmemorz

    No comments yet? So when there was any doubt everyone took sides and talked and talked a lot. Now that everyone with any ability to search out the exact status of the truth, knows the truth, there is nothing to debate. Did I get it right? By the way I have found all kinds of data to support the positive side regarding LENR, Rossi and others.

    • Buck

      la petite mort

    • Roland

      Meta analysis of LENR research from flaky sources such as the Defence Intelligence Agency, DARPA, SPAWAR and NASA that support LENR have been in the common domain for sometime; it hasn’t helped dispel the deeply intrenched ‘cold fusion is a joke’ meme.

      Your assessment that the extant literature solidly supports LENR reality is, of course, correct. Reversing the existing meme will, however, require undeniably functional commercial products, as Rossi has always foreseen.

  • I guess this is related to the IP that was sold to IH.
    Rossi has done his job for the low temp ecat.

    IH will bring it to market now. There is no more work for Rossi.
    Now there is only “simple” engineering and design work to be done. Both are not the profession of Rossi.
    The core technology of the low temp ecat has reached a stable state.

    Rossi now has the time to work on the next generation while the guys of IH will work on mass production of the stable generation.

    • Axil Axil

      The important advance for LENR is when LENR reactors go into service to produce power more economically then oil or gas.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Are you sure IH owns the IP, that is not how I understand the situation from Rossi says.

      • Hi Bernie,

        no I’m not sure that IH owns the IP, but at least some marketing rights.

        I think IH had/has a contract with Rossi, in which Rossi had first to show a working plant for at least 350 days.
        This was first to show IH that this thing really works, and second that it is economically usable. And also to find some issues only occuring on long term runtime under load.

        Now everything is clear for IH. They know it works, it seems to be stable and they know how to fix a lot of issues.

        The remaining problems are now not related to the core LENR technology. It’s more marketing, sales, engineering and so on. Simply said: Work “around” the reactors.

        That’s my oppinion.

      • Sceptic

        So there are anonymous team and lab for Ecat, anonymous “top notch team” and lab for Ecat x, Anonymous factory ready to manufacture 1 mln big Ecat Units. ( Should be bigger than that of Musks Gigafacory ) Anonymous “certification authority”

        • radvar

          On top of that a complete dearth of context information. It’s a wonder anyone stops by the site at all.

  • Rene

    Rossi talks about the materials challenge of 1400C for the e-cat X. Fuel cells run near that temperature. The cermet cylinder in SOFC units run at 800-1000C (sintered nickel). though they seem to have most of the issues resolved for a 10 year operation cycle, that extra 400C pushes into material limits, specifically the ohmic resistance climbs, not good for something that is supposed to collect electrons.

  • PD

    A quote supposedly attributed to Henry Ford – “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

    Rossi now needs to test his vision against reality, and that means industrial and consumer products need to brought to the market ASAP. The E-Cat X is the faster horse that will allow Rossi’s partner companies to keep ahead of the competition following the launch of the first generation products.

    • Axil Axil

      I believe that the E-Cat X is more controllable than olders designs. It takes a lot to get the X to melt down. I did not think that a meltdown of the X was possible, but Rossi got at least one to meltdown in the stress tests.

  • HS61AF91

    seems all the good Doctore ever needed was a team behind him to develop the concept he sees in his head, and the wherewithal (IH) to bring the work to fruition. If only Tesla would have been so fortunate! We’d be zapping through the universe by now, freed of controlled resources and fractional reserve banking economies. With free energy it’ll just now take a little while longer. Love of humankind and an abiding faith, coupled with genius, am I glad there are ‘Rossis’ in this world who get past the obstacles.

    • Axil Axil

      Tesla was a loner. Tom Edison had a team of developers who worked for him as does Rossi have now.

  • Axil Axil

    The production of excess electrons that exceed the limitations of the conservation of charge limitations involves the production of a meson precursor whose decay chain produces electrons. This also involves violation of the CPT symmetry.

    This requirement from the constants of the standard model points to the decay of the proton and neutron as the source of the mesons. I wonder if Cook will consider this in his E-Cat X LENR causation theory.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Please explain how it is possible for there to be so many theoretical potentials for how LENR works, and yet the institution of physics can maintain that it is impossible?

      These two values appear to be diametrically opposed.

      • Axil Axil

        I agree with Ed Storms that the many experiments in LENR show that this strange process is basically produced among other things by imperfections in the lattice structure of transition metals: cracks as Ed terms these imperfections.

        Ed Storms is postulating that a new form of hydrogen is central to the LENR process. I suspect that this is correct.

        The way this newly recognized type of hydrogen is produced is through the application of high pressure. Hydrogen has a complex state diagram that shows how hydrogen can evolve from a dielectric gas into a metal through the application of high temperature and/or pressure. More broadly, I suspect that there is a yet undiscovered mode of chemistry that exists at high pressure which produces LENR active chemical compounds.

        The pressure exerted by the chemical bonds surrounding the voids in the lattice structure of transition metals could become high enough to produce high pressure formed chemical compounds that demonstrate the LENR effect. Other quantum mechanical based mechanisms add to this probability that high pressure LENR compounds will form. One such added pressure amplification cause is a pressure shock as suggested is required by Piantelli.

        In a completely independent line of evidence, one indication that high pressure chemistry is active as a source of heat is the evidence of the completion of a number of NASA planetary mission probes that has shown unexplained heat sources in the cores of celestial bodies of sufficient mass to produce high pressure chemistry at the centers of these objects. These include the Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Ceres, and various other less massive bodies in both the Kuiper belt and asteroid belts. Such chemistry might even be at work within the Sun as indicated by the new solar probes fielded by NASA.

        In addition, evidence derived from the high pressure conditions produced by collapsing cavitation bubbles indicate that other high pressure chemical compounds besides hydrogen might also produce LENR effects. These compounds include but not limited to water, liquid metals, and molten salts.

        There is also a theory that high pressure chemistry might be the basis of the effects expected by dark matter. Holmlid, Mills, and Shoulders have speculated that the chemical compounds produced by high pressure/EMF are dark matter. The characteristics of these compounds indicated that they absorb EMF energy in a dark mode and gain mass/energy through the absorption of catalyzed nuclear binding energy to form WIMPS (in particle physics and astrophysics, weakly interacting massive particles are among the last hypothetical particle physics candidates for dark matter) These particles convert catalyzed energy derive from nuclear binding energy into thermal energy through quantum mechanical means.

        These particles in their natural state have not yet been detected as dark matter because they are only produced by the high pressure conditions inside large celestial objects and exist in a metastable condition. Because these particles are metastable, these exotic neutral particles (ENP) will decay in time if their stores of energy are not replenished in an ongoing process.

        The final connection is the mechanisms involved in the generation of fusion effects produced by pyroelectric crystals.

        Pyroelectric fusion refers to the technique of using pyroelectric crystals to generate high strength electromagnetic fields to catalyze deuterium ions into a metal hydride target also containing deuterium with sufficient energy to cause these ions to undergo nuclear fusion. It was reported in April 2005 by a team at UCLA. The scientists used a pyroelectric crystal heated from −34 to 7 °C (−29 to 45 °F), combined with a tungsten needle to produce an electromagntic field of about 25 gigavolts per meter to ionize and accelerate deuterium nuclei into an erbium deuteride target. Though the energy of the deuterium ions generated by the crystal has not been directly measured, the authors used 100 keV (a temperature of about 10^^9 K) as an estimate in their modeling. At these energy levels, two deuterium nuclei can fuse together to produce a helium-3 nucleus, a 2.45 MeV neutron and bremsstrahlung.

      • jimbo92107

        The Coulumb barrier’s got nothing on the Institutional barrier.

        • Obvious

          Dress like a Coulomb, talk like a Coulomb, and act like a Coulomb, and you can just walk right in.

          • jimbo92107

            Ah, Rossi’s great secret. Guard it carefully, my friend!

      • LarryJ

        I think it has something to do with research funding. Once cold fusion is widely recognized it is hard to imagine the resources that will be focused on its research and those dollars initially will be pulled from somewhere else. Scientists have mortgages too.

  • Christina

    Wow, Dr. Rossi.

    May God bless your efforts with your desired results.

    Thank you for your very hard work.

  • Axil Axil

    IMHO, it is important to not get too high or too low with regards to the progress being made in the development in LENR. Steady wins the race.

    Rossi has always liked the next new breakthrough in LENR. This is his nature either for the good or ill.

    • Omega Z

      All of the info from the certifying entity will be available to all the investors in due time. The key word here is investors. So we will hear only what they allow us to hear.

  • Axil Axil

    It has been shown that metalized hydrogen is superconducting at least room temperature, but I believe that this stuff stays superconducting at any temperature.

    This superconducting nature is central to the elimination via thermalization of gamma radiation.

    • clovis ray

      Thanks Axil.

  • Wholewitt

    I agree with you and only occasionally read the site here to see if anything real has come out. Try “news that confirms progress”. 🙂

  • Axil Axil

    Rossi looks on the 1MW plant as a mediocre quality interim design that he can now far surpass.

  • 2016 is a seminal year, politically, culturally, and scientifically. What if the world finds out LENR is real and cheap. On top of that we have new battery technology that can be used in conjunction with LENR to make LENR powered cars, boats, airplanes, etc. Then imagine if EM space drive becomes a NASA success story when combined with NASA developed laser LENR. Then “what if* on top of all of that when the Chinese turn on their giant F.A.S.T. radio telescope in September 2016 they find that the universe is teamming with intelligent life, and we pick up high definition television signals from multiple planets? That last part is a big stretch and a long shot, but it is not impossible. The new telescope really is a revolution and like nothing we have now. I smell a movie script.

    See the telescope story at

    • Roland

      Have you considered that signals propagated in the ‘communications’ spectrum may represent a very brief window in the evolution of information transfer technologies and that, for that reason, the radio telescope approach to detecting other advanced civilizations will prove, as it has to date, fruitless?

      There is no shortage of solid evidence of advanced civilizations in our own, literally, backyards for anyone who makes a genuine effort to discover that as highly sceptical (on this subject) author Colin Wilson attests after being strong armed by his publisher to investigate the field and write a book about his endeavours.

    • Axil Axil

      It seems to be that in many ways LENR makes life around the universe possible. Remember bio LENR.

  • TomR

    Rossi said the people working on the E-Cat X is different from the people that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat. I hope he takes Fulvio Fabiani with him to the E-Cat X team. I think they need each other.

    • NT

      Yes, I was/am hoping the same thing – a proven big asset for Rossi IMHO…

    • Omega Z

      Fulvio Fabiani is employed by Industrial Heat for the soul purpose to be Rossi’s right hand man. Unless there is a falling out between Rossi & Fabiani, I doubt this will change. It appears that Fabiani is the conduit between Rossi and the rest of the team members of various projects including the X-cat.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Now that Rossi can produce electricity, perhaps he could make

    Star Trek type starships a reality by powering a TT Brown electrogravitic propulsion system (another impossible invention) with an E-Cat X.

    • Axil Axil

      Holmlid has produced a monopole engine(IMHO) where a short burst from a 100 milliwatt laser produces mesons and molecular neutral fragments that expand outward from the point of ignition at half the speed of light.

    • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turns out that the orbo ‘capacitor’ is linked in some way to Brown’s work. The bit in the lecture (around the 8 minute mark) about polarisation of the dielectric layer in opposition to the applied field (leading to loss of the electrogravitic effect) seems particularly relevant.

      The whole lecture is well worth the 100 minute investment of time.

  • Gerrit

    we do not know if Industrial Heat has also licensed the new ecat-x, or only the 1MW plant ecat technology.

    If the ecat-x delivers electricity directly, maybe Rossi is going to (or already has) license this one out to a new company possibly named “Industrial Electricity”. Hence the whole new team.

    • Omega Z


      Industrial Heat is merely an LLC investment vehicle/tool.
      The E-cat technology belongs to Leonardo.

      Leonardo would be the entity invested in by IH.
      The BOD of Leonardo is made up of the investors including Darden.

      Leonardo owns the technology.
      The investors own Leonardo.

      Now all of Darden’s & Rossi’s statements are reconciled.

      • GreenWin

        I’m not sure this is correct as both Cherokee Partners and Woodford Funds are invested in Industrial Heat LLC. And Rossi tells us Leonardo is owned by a U.S.-based “Trust.”

        • Omega Z

          Familiarize yourself with Consortium’s in it’s various forms.

          Each entity within the consortium is only responsible to the group in respect to the obligations that are set out in the consortium’s contract. Therefore, every entity that is under the consortium remains independent in his or her normal business operations and has no say over another member’s operations that are not related to the consortium.

          A consortium of independent organizations may form up to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service; “they set up the trust in the hope of gaining a monopoly”

  • Frank Acland×768.jpg


    February 19, 2016 at 7:22 PM
    Dear Andrea:
    In the last post of the blog in there is a photo of you flying in a private jet: do you use a private jet for your business travels?
    Flying regards,
    Jay Jay

    If I have to.
    Warm Regards,

  • Umesh

    Hi Frank Acland,

    First of all I wants to thanks you a lot lot for providing time to time updates. I is really nice to see that how innovations are going forward to change the world even we can say save the world. Here I want to request you to keep eye on Manoj Bhargava’s team work also. Can you please bring some update on their progress for the project of graphene cables for geothermal energy.

    Project video :

    • Pekka Janhunen

      The geothermal heat power is estimated to be 47 TW which is only about two times larger than our present energy consumption. Without considering whether such scheme would be technically possible or not, if one would conduct a major part of that 47 TW to the surface, it would reduce the geothermal heat gradient almost everywhere, that is, it would cool down the upper part of the crust. That might have serious consequences, because at worst it might lead to stopping of plate tectonics. Plate tectonics enables the long-term circulation of carbon and is thought to be necessary for the long-term habitability of the planet.

      • Axil Axil

        You forgot about the generation of the magnetic radiation shield that makes life on earth possible. That geoheat keeps that shield up.

  • Michael W Wolf

    Frank, is the 1mw ecat still running? I mean if is saving IH money, why would they stop it?

    • Frank Acland

      After the test was over, Rossi said it was being refueled for continued use, so I assume it will continue to be used.

      • Bob Greenyer

        For me that is the clearest indication possible it works

        • I sent Cherokee Investment Partners an email yesterday with my reasons why a major, big league press conference was essential for the growth and implementation of LENR. I suggested that a spokesman from the independent testing company must make a public statement about what happened. I addressed the note to Mr. Tom Darden, who is the CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners, and to the staff of Industrial Heat LLC.

          If you have something thoughtful and polite to say to them, they can be reached at the following link.

          • Axil Axil

            Cherokee wants to keep the clowns and snakes to a minimum. A big league press conference would make you feel good but cause a lot of grief for Cherokee. I am sure they do not lack for customers.

          • The clowns and snakes are already here in huge numbers. Cherokee needs to consider the greater political picture. Politicians and the voting public need to know that LENR works and is not just a false hope of science fiction.

          • LarryJ

            The public does not really need to know that LENR works and a press conference without products in the marketplace is a meaningless gesture. Once there are products in the marketplace it will simply be a fact of life for the public and at that point public opinion will start to matter.

          • I disagree 100%. The public absolutely needs to know that LENR works so they will drop their destructive fascination with LOW ENERGY DENSITY wind and solar and murderous biofuels. A press conference with a spokesman from a respected testing agency would help dramatically. Short run tests can be criticised for a million and one reasons. A year long test that saves a for-profit company money would be difficult for anyone to find fault with. The hard line physics establishment cannot explain away that much continuous excess heat as a measuring error.

          • LarryJ

            What is the point of the public dropping their fascination with low energy density power sources when there is no other real world alternative.

            This upcoming report will not have any more credibility than the earlier reports. Probably less because Rossi the master fraudster was in the container the whole time up to who knows what kind of trickery. He’s fooled them all again. Your argument that a long term test is somehow immune to criticism is just wishful thinking. A long term test can also be criticized for a million and one reasons. Until there are products (ie real world alternatives) that the public can get their hands on and employ in their lives and businesses there is nothing for the public or politicians to talk about. It will be perceived as just more pie in the sky mumbo jumbo about how great the world will be one day, just like the other miracles in the offing they hear on the news every day. The latest is a proven gene therapy cure for leukemia but oh yeah, don’t forget the results are still very preliminary, yawn.

            The main stream hard line physics establishment will keep their heads firmly buried in the sand and call it more of Rossi’s scientifically impossible rubbish and that will keep the mainstream press at bay. The customer and the ERV if they are identified will be claimed to be either in cahoots with or fooled by the conspiracy of the century.

            I hope I am wrong but history tends to repeat itself.

          • timycelyn

            Larry – I’m afraid you make a very poor argument here. You use a number of descriptions that most of the readers of this blog will find unlikely and offensive eg. ” Rossi the master fraudster was in the container the whole time up to who knows what kind of trickery. He’s fooled them all again….”


            If you believe that, you have either not been paying attention or need help.

            Tip: think three times, then post….

          • LarryJ

            You misunderstood me. I was being facetious and saying what the opposition would and have said. I am Rossi’s biggest fan and have been for many years. My point is that we have already had two extremely important reports and they have been totally ignored or ridiculed by the opposition. This report will be no different.

          • Warthog

            The “workaround” has nothing whatsoever to do with publishing, duplication or confirmation….it has to do with how reactors can be routinely changed out without shutting the entire plant system down.

      • We should dig a little deeper on this topic.
        It would be, as Bob said, the clearest indication that the customer is fully satisfied.

  • jousterusa

    /”by the end of the year” is too long for me. Were we subtly being told to forget about the 1MW pllant? this is beginning to look like a “bait and switch:’ scam!

    • georgehants

      jousterusa hope you are well, Mr. Rossi has always maintained that a commercial success is needed to “prove” Cold Fusion beyond any doubt.
      If in approx one month this “proof” is not clearly forthcoming for purely reasons of profit and greed, then my respect for Mr. Rossi, despite never taking away the many outstanding attributes he has shown, will fall to the level of respect I have for the average banker, politician etc.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Profits give Rossi the autonomy he needs to conduct his research and development.

        • georgehants

          Alan, in this society yes, I am putting forward a clear point about this society that you must address in any reply

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Does Rossi look like a man whose primary motivation is to make a profit?

          • georgehants

            Only time will tell, I have simply put my view.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            OK. But George, with all do respect I think Rossi knows what he is up against. He had the benefit of seeing Fleischmann and Pons eaten to the bone by a school of piranha. He’s a man on a mission to save the world and
            he can’t go off into a pack of wolves half-cocked.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            ..all DUE respect..

          • georgehants

            Alan, I agree with all you say but you are referring to the exact problems I am suggesting should be changed for the better in society.
            Regarding Mr. Rossi, he would seem now to have achieved the Wonderful discovery of commercial Cold Fusion, a fantastic achievement for which we must campaign for him to receive a Nobel Prize, even if they have to create a special one just for him.
            My only point, opinion, is that he should be very well rewarded, but Cold Fusion must belong to all the people of the World not as with drugs etc. where millions are dying yearly because of patents and profit.
            It is just my opinion but based on clear Evidence and Facts.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            So, instead of Rossi having a billion dollars to work on his R&D that money should be redistributed so that everyone on the planet has ten cents to research LENR. I just don’t get it.

          • georgehants

            I don’t think I suggested that, but a different way, to avoid the few having obscene wealth while many in this World suffer.
            You are of course perfectly right to opinion that many should die and suffer so that the few can be very rich

          • Axil Axil

            Rossi said that he would give his profits to support sick children around the world: remember.

          • DrD

            I for one do not begrudge him wealth, epsecially if he uses it philanthropically, as I believe he will. If he gives 1%, 50% or 100%, his greater success will greater benefit the world.

      • Jarea

        I agree with you georgehants. Well said.

      • LarryJ

        Commercial success means products in the market. The upcoming report might not receive any more notice than Lugano did. It is just another report. You can’t heat your house with it. Your expectations seem a little unrealistic.

        As for Rossi’s integrity, he is dealing with real issues in the real world and working flat out to bring us a miracle. I think that is worthy of high respect even if he commits the unpardonable sin of making a buck off his efforts.

      • Axil Axil

        Profit makes for a successful technology if it is put back into the business.

    • Oystein Lande

      It could be a relevant question, bit when Rossi recently where asked If the “old e-cat” now are obsolete with the progress of e-cat X, Rossi answerred : “no, the 2 versions will be fit in different contexts”…

      • Jarea

        We all wait but we are waiting many years already…

    • Steven Irizarry

      agree…spread the word

  • WayneM

    Agreed. This continued ‘over the top’ secrecy is getting old. Other inventors, with a meaningful process, go out of their way to advertise and are eager to share the details of their work – particularly after they have had their patents accepted (and published).

    Randall Mills and Robert Godes are great examples of this openness after the necessary secrecy at the start of their projects. This is why there are no code phrases like ‘Mills says’ or ‘Godes says’. There is no unnecessary (and absurd) wrapping crumbs of information around legal boilerplate like ‘results may be positive or negative’.

    This is the reason Dr. Rossi continues to be perceived as a crank. His secrecy belies his statements about getting this technology to help others and appears to be just another fame and money grab. I hope I am wrong.

    BTW my spellchecker says that ‘bachcole’ is not a word either. But there is real meaning attached to his words.

    • GreenWin

      Indeed the ‘over the top’ secrecy is typical of highly compartmentalized military black projects. Y’know like cavitation-proof sub screws, Area 51, and particle beam weapons. If only the public knew where their tax dollars were going…

      “We know it’s gone. But we don’t know what they spent it on,” said Jim Minnery, Defense Finance and Accounting Service.” CBS News

    • Pekka Janhunen

      At least I am sure that you are wrong. When I look at what Rossi does, I see a very consistent picture and a very fast and rational development strategy towards the market.

  • Jarea

    Some are man made. The man made are probably orchestated or encouraged by agencies (disinformation) to avoid panic. However, there are many crop pictures around the world and not all are done by persons. There are some studies about that and looking into the crops you can notice the difference.
    The human made pictures (with the pedestal) break the crops because they do that by contact (pedestal pushing the crop). The “other ones” the ones that the people think are done by UFOs are different. The crops are not broken in any way. In fact, the crop is bended because the plants itself has some exponential grow on the base. After some experiments these grows seems to happens because of some kind of radiation. I think there is an episode even in History Channel with that typical serie “Ancient aliens” explaining that.
    They guess that the UFO comes and just draw the picture using a radiation beam that produces these effects. Other more simple are done by the shape of the UFO and their radiation not by contact with the UFO itself.

  • artefact

    …and may have serious electricity output to run devices. If this is not all about industrial reactors.

  • Axil Axil

    Simply said, LENR destroys protons and neutrons inside the atom and what eventually comes out of that distribution is electrons and heat.

    • Michael W Wolf

      That is incredibly simplistic. Imagine when they can do this at will and fully controlled.

    • Mark Underwood

      ??? Even fusion in the sun doesn’t destroy protons and neutrons.

  • Gerard McEk

    Update 22 Feb.: Two issues:
    1. I wonder what the energy size of these ‘low energy modules’ will be. Smaller energy packages will be more effective in heat exchange, I guess. That may be good for the jet development.
    2. I was not aware that this ‘short time switching on/off’ was an issue. I assume it is needed to give a multiple E-cat unit a larger energy output control range, I guess that the energy output control range of the E-cat X is quite limited. Both issues seem strongly related.

    • DrD

      Well I always wondered how long it takes to warm up to 1400 deg C. certainly not ms. It’s rather a drawback for some applications. If you want a quick get away in the car you either leave it running and dump heat or rely on eg a battery. You need some power source for starting anyway (maybe a giant Orbo).

    • Omega Z

      Your assumption on these smaller devices transferring energy more efficiently or much faster is likely correct. Having these fingerlings within compressed airways would be comparable to burning fuel and providing similar thrust.

      The ‘short time switching on/off’ issue is known, but apparently discussed before you became an ECW fan.

      This is not only an issue for home CHP systems, but would be criticle to jet engine operations. There are YouTube videos that shows the results of being even 50 yards behind a jet engine at full throttle. Needless to say, the ability to ramp the power up and down at will is a requirement for this to work…

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Hybrid solution where one has kerosene engines for takeoff and landing and LENR for cruise would also be possible. In that case, long startup time could be tolerated. But if and when E-cat X can start up fast, the issue seems moot.

        • Omega Z

          Heating up these tiny cigarette sized reactors will likely be possible in minutes. The more drawn out part will be designing aircraft specific to a new energy source.

          With your background, likely you know better then I how interrelated aircraft & engine designs are. We are many years from anything practical coming to market.

  • Heath

    I believe that Dardon mentioned in Sept. that there would be no more public statements until the yearlong test is complete and the results certified. We may here from them very soon.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Frank Acland
    February 22, 2016 at 11:26 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    How is progress going towards safety certification for domestic E-cats?
    Many thanks,
    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi
    February 22, 2016 at 12:15 PM
    Frank Acland:
    In progress. The report of the ERV will help a lot, if the results will be positive, because we had a safe operation for 352 days, 24/7. Results after such a long time of tests leave no doubts, because the period is too long to doubt about the results. The safety issues, exploited by top level specialists, will help a lot.
    I think the results from the test, if positive, will accelerate the certification for the domestic apparatus, but, of course, this is just my opinion, for the worth it can be granted…
    Warm Regards,

    • Omega Z

      Of major safety concern would be radiation emissions of any kind. Especially for general consumer products.

      The certifying entity(ERV) having expertise in the Nuclear industry could greatly alleviate these concerns paving the way for consumer products by certifying there are none outside the reactor nor any radioactive ingredients used or produced..

  • Jimr

    The report from the ERV will not be a public document, it will be restricted to involved parties, per Rossi on JONP.. I duon’t like.

    • LarryJ

      Rossi has always said that publication of this new report is not up to him and he has not said anything recently contrary to that but recently his comments have more or less implied that we can look forward to seeing something. I read on another blog that although the report will be over 1000 pages which will not be made public there is a good chance we will be shown the executive summary.

    • LarryJ

      If it happened here it can happen anywhere. Your numbers are based on our very parochial and primitive view of an infinite universe and have a 1 in 2^39,899 probability of being meaningful. We’ve had workable electricity for about 140 years and you are supposing we now understand how and where life can happen well enough to put meaningful numbers to it. Such hubris defines our species.

  • Ophelia Rump

    I predict that the automobile of the future will be electric and will sell power to the grid when it is not on the road. Fast starting is probably not a concern.

    • Omega Z

      “sell power to the grid”

      Actually, the question that comes to mind is “How Much” will “You Pay Me” to take that worthless electricity crap off your hands?

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Yeah, if E-cat X is fast to start/stop and is scalable down to few watts, electricity isn’t worth much, after transition period.

      • DrD

        Currently they pay me about 3.5p/unit and I pay them about 17.5p/unit. Post LENR I expect they will take it off my hands for a small fee.

    • DrD

      But you’ll need a big fan blowing when you leave it parked even if you can find an electric drain point. Pedestrians watch out. Seriously though, I think Rossi will alleviate the problem, might still need a small battery.

    • Rene

      The grids do not want your electricity – it lowers their profitability. This has already happened with photovoltaics. Net metering is being abandoned in more states in the U.S. This is also why SolarCity has developed the powerwall since several states not only pay a very low diferential, they also charge you to push power onto their grid.
      That LENR car will end up just powering your house, which is fine.

  • LarryJ

    Rossi is not a scientist. He is a philosopher, inventor and entrepreneur, in that order. He has already commented that they need to come up with a better way to manage the refueling.

  • georgehants

    Hopefully the same will happen quickly with Cold Fusion
    Chinese phones go global after pushing aside Apple, Samsung
    “The Chinese smartphone
    vendors have a very unique feature—it is the price,” said Shu On Kwok,
    editor of AndroidPIT, a website that tracks Android developments. “You
    get the same features as an LG or a Samsung smartphone has
    hardware-wise, but for a lower price.”
    Read more at: