Rossi Addresses Health Concerns (Update: After "Hundreds of Measurement Campaigns, No Ionizing Radiation Outside E-Cats")

In recent photos of Andrea Rossi some have mentioned that he is looking leaner than usual, and have expressed concern over his health, especially since he has been working a grueling schedule of 16-18 hour days inside a shipping container for the last year without a break. Rossi has mentioned that since the ending of the test he has been getting some health check-ups, and today a question on the JONP today was posted asking Rossi about his health:

How are going your clinic check ups ? We need you. If something goes wrong, is there people able to go on without you?

Andrea responded in a candid way:

Jed Orwell:
I continue to lose weight and we do not understand why. As I said, the 16 -18 hours per day for 352 days and nights in the plant came at a price. I am going to make a lot of “scopies” you name one, I scope it, but I feel well and work my 12 hours per day on my E-Cats; today another important loophole with the E-Cat quark-X.
Anyway: yes, I am ready to pass to my Team all the skills necessary to make without me, just in case. But I never in my life worked as well as I am doing during these days. Obviously, the faster we go, the better. Until the horse is good, better ride him.
Warm Regards,

That he continues to lose weight does sound like some cause for concern, but it sounds like Rossi feels welll and continues to work at a hectic pace, and it sounds like important progress is being made. It is hard to even think of the E-Cat without its inventor in the picture. Rossi seems to be the kind of person who will work as long as he possibly can, but of course he knows, and we know, that he cannot be there forever, and making plans to pass on his knowledge is a critically important thing to do.

I hope and pray that any health issues Andrea may have can be treated successfully, and that he can continue to do the work he lives for, and that can bring important benefits to all of us.

UPDATE: (Mar 8, 2016)

Today Andrea Rossi wrote this:

Andrea Rossi

Dorthey Kasky:
I am very happy to answer, because today arrived all the results of the analysis and I made two very important visits to see carefully through the critical issues: the results are totally good. I have nothing SERIOUS. As I was convinced of, I am perfectly healthy and now that I work normally I will recover my weight too.
I was worried, so today has been a good day.
Thank you for your concern,
Warm Regards,

UPDATE: (Mar 9, 2016)

Rossi responded to a question about whether he was a ‘Guinea pig’ in these tests:

Andrea Rossi
March 8, 2016 at 11:01 PM
Blake Woge:
The E-Cats are safe and I have not been a Guinea pig.
Since the beginning of the collaboration with Prof. Sergio Focardi, he teached to me how to work safe with this matter, and I never exposed myself, let alone my teams, to any risk. Not a single person of my teams in all these years had any problem to his health due to our work. All the measurements made to our plants have always confirmed that we do not have ionizing radiations outside the E-Cats and in the environment around above the background; we made hundreds of measurement campaigns on the E-Cats.
The problems to my health turned out to be due by the tremendous stress I passed through, working day and night and now I am rapidly recovering my normal status.

  • Rossi might consider that a primary symtom of chronic radiation exposure is ‘failure to thrive’ such as losing weight without reason. There are very possibly/probably some strange radiation emissions that accompany cold fusion. Very few cold fusioneers have the misfortune of being exposed as very few produce the effect in abundance. Those of us who do receive the exposure. It is the price paid for success in tickling this peculiar dragon. If Rossi wants to talk about this he knows how to reach me.

    • Rossi has conducted many destructive tests of the E-Cat to see how much stress and power they can take. At those moments of reactor explosion perhaps he was exposed to radiation. E-Cats working properly under normal conditions are easy to test, and they claim the tests show no radiation escaping the reactor. I don’t think there are any new Twilight Zone forms of radiation out there. During the destructive tests, however, maybe he got some powerful short bursts. I certainly wish him well and hope this is not the case and that his weight loss is not a sign of serious disease. It also could just be just stress and overwork. His adrenal glands must really be working hard. Adrenaline makes you lose weight. Working as hard as he does would kill a normal man. Rossi lives for the E-Cat, and he cannot stop working. I hope he gets more rest and relaxation in the future.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        I understood that the destructive tests were done in some underground bunker, Rossi being outside. Mainly to contain any explosion, but the bunker also shields from radiation.

  • Axil Axil

    LENR could be producing a form of stealth radiation; radiation that damages structure and tissue but does not produce a reading on a radiation meter.

    John Fisher has detected 1.5 MeV alpha particles radiating from a central point of causation. Yet a gamma is not detected that should be there when that alpha particle hits the CR-39.

    It is well known in many LENR experiments that helium is detected without the generation of gamma radiation. This implies that alpha particles are produced without the generation of the gammas that usually accompany the alphas.

    How could this be possible, that alpha radiation can exist without the detection of gamma radiation? It could be that a general state of multi particle entanglement between the alpha particles and their center of causation… let us call that cause an exotic neutral particle (ENP)… transfers all gamma radiation through a quantum mechanical pathway to the ENP.

    However, the damage that the alpha particle produces through kinetic impact still occurs. Also, there is evidence that the ENP and float in the air. If this is in fact true, this particle can be taken into the body where it can catalyze nuclear reactions in tissue… and here too the gamma radiation is hidden.

    This possibility entered my mind when Mark LeClair claimed that he and his research partner were sickened and entered the hospital after a experiment with a cavitation based LENR system. Could LeClair have taken into his body a large number of these ENPs.

    It is important to understand how ENPs work if they exist to protest the thousands of replicators that will be getting into the science of LENR.

    Like Marie Curie, Rossi might have sacrificed his health to the unknown dangers that one must face in the LENR science.

    • Nixter

      That theory is disturbing and makes a good case for using lab animal surrogates to test for exposure damage.

      • Zephir

        The common gamma ray detectors may not be sensitive enough for low energy gamma radiation or this one emitted in narrow range of wavelength.

        • Zephir

          Also Rossi experienced some neutrino bursts during runaway tests of his reactors Neutrons are shitty particles at any energy.

          • Obvious

            Neutrinos pass through us (and right through the Earth) all the time in stupendous amounts.
            Do you mean a neutron burst?

          • Zephir

            Yes, neutrons – not neutrinos. You may want to save AVI file to your hard disk and run it from there (until you have PC with Windows)

          • Obvious

            I just did the Win10 upgrade a few days ago, so all the extensions might not have settled to their programs maybe.

          • Zephir

            AVI is native extension of Windows multimedia files. Just try to drag&drop it on to Windows Media player…

          • Omega Z

            I doubt this has to do with some unknown radiation. Rossi is only 1 of several people exposed during the 1 year test. It likely has to do with his long hours and eating habits.

            Anyway, the certification process included looking for any such radiation, so we should know soon enough.

          • Gerard McEk

            I guess you are right.
            I think that the stress of the publication of the 1MW plant test results may be the main reason. If the results are indeed as the rumours predict, the stress would cause sparks between my ears and my stomach would constantly be irritated if I was the inventor. 🙂

          • Owen Geiger

            Good point. This year-long test was a make it or break it moment for Rossi in some ways. If it worked satisfactorily (which it apparently did), he knew he could get tens of millions in funding to launch the commercialization phase and make his dream come true. Obviously the stress has been enormous.

          • Mark Underwood

            I’ve heard some scientists expecting mortality to continue to decline into the near future, and others expecting it to soon increase. I tend to agree with Omega Z, that mortality rates for older people might be on their way up for various reasons.
            The following link shows mortality rates for older UK women is beginning to increase, and men it is now only holding steady.


      • jimbo92107

        Guinea pigs around the lab? Or canaries?

        • Nixter

          Lab mice would be the least objectionable due to their ubiquitous nature.

          • Gerard McEk

            Very good! I am happy for Andrea and hope he will start to live a bit more healthy.

    • Valeriy Tarasov

      I agree about existence of exotic neutral particles (ENPs), even though very likely in small number. In h-space theory such particles as dineutron, tetra neutron and other combinations exist. But, again probability of their formation should not be so high.

      I hope that Rossi decreasing weight is a stress effect (not enough sleeping and nervous tension).

    • Zephir

      Rossi did work with carcinogens and toxic chemicals most of his life. In Petroldragon he tried to build factory for pyrolysis of waste – apparently in very unhealthy environment. And he was always very enthusiastic about his work, which implies come carelessness about potential risks.

  • Hi all

    There is some work on the effects of Terahertz radiation,

    From some of the discoveries MFMP made; placing water and perhaps other shielding between replicators and their experiment may be a sensible precaution.

    Kind regards walker

    • e-dog

      placing lead between replicators and their experiment seems to be the important thing

      • Hi all

        In reply to e-dog

        If we are talking terahertz radiation then water is fine.

        If it is Axil’ ENP then as Axil suggests exhausting the air, via fans or conducting the experiment in a fume cupboard may be needed.

        Kind regards walker

      • A thin, earthed mesh sheet may be all that’s necessary for microwaves and similar.

    • Axil Axil

      MFMP and replicators should think about exhausting the air that is heated and coming off the reactor to remove any strange dust that may be coming off the reactor. I am thinking about LENR activated hydrogen.

      • Ted-X

        I support it (the ventilation idea). If carbon is present in the reactor, nickel carbonyls will form. They are highly poisonous (even at a few ppm), although they decompose in fresh air in about one minute.

    • Let’s hope that such precautions aren’t necessary, both for Rosi’s sake, and because the emission of almost any harmful radiation will absolutely ensure that CF becomes the monopoly territory of the existing nuclear establishment.

      • Axil Axil

        When Rossi says that the “Mouse” tickles the “Cat” something must be coming off the Mouse that causes the Cat to go LENR. It could be more than just heat. This Mouse excitation is something that MFMP must soon find.

        • Hopefully it is just an EM or electrostatic field, but if it is something like microwave or ‘terahertz’ radiation then all researchers are in some danger. Cheap Chinese-made detectors for soft radiation are easily found on ebay.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            “..if it is something like microwave or ‘terahertz’ radiation then all researchers are in some danger.” But only if there happens to be no metal between them and the reactor. Any thin metal foil stops terahertz, 1 THz skin depth for aluminium is 0.1 microns.

          • Omega Z

            I’ve heard rumor of ‘terahertz’ being part of the E-cat technology over several years.

          • Dennis Letts would love that, but I suspect from all the story that it is simply temperature and temperature change.
            One of the recent finding of Edmund Storms is that the key condition/parameter to LENR in PdD electrolysis is not current, but temperature, not loading but hydrogen breathing.

            anyway triggering of many kind (pulses, breathing, Thz, laser, magnetic field) accelerate and control the phenomenon (as Letts, Brillouin, ENEA have shown)

        • Axil Axil

          I suspect that this remark about Rossi’s health is the last one that we will hear about. This speculation about radiation danger does his product no good. He would like to keep this type of discussion to a minimum if not discussed at all.

      • GreenWin

        Agaricus, we may find Dottore’s prolonged focus on E-Cat caused elevated metabolism, leading to weight/mass loss. However, should the loss of mass be on the same order as mass -> energy conversion in his LENR reactor – we can rest easy. As we will (apparently) come to know, E-Cat’s conversion of mass to energy requires only fractions of a gram of fuel. Treatment for mass loss in USA?? Two McDonald’s Happy Meals, and a super size chocolate shake a day.

        • That’s a recipe for an early coronary! If Mrs Rossi isn’t with him, perhaps he should hire an Italian cook to keep him supplied with a range of tasty bucatini, lasagne and spaghetti dishes, and plenty of wine with every meal.

          • Axil Axil

            I am interested in twisters these days.

          • Rossi is playing tennis this weekend and he still has hair on his head. Those are both very good signs.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            I resemble that diagnosis.

          • Mark Underwood

            references a study among Danish men that showed no correlation between baldness and longevity.
            Note: studies like this should be taken with a grain of salt or two.

          • I was referring to the well known fact that one of the first symptoms of radiation sickness is dramatic hair loss. I was not referring to ordinary male pattern baldness.

  • Admin – my post here has disappeared for some reason.

  • georgehants

    Just best wishes to Mr. Rossi.

  • Gerard McEk

    I hope it is nothing serious. I wish Andrea Rossi good health!

  • Julio Ruben Vazquez Turnes

    Reading this makes me think on two things. One good, the other bad.

    The good one. If the weight loss is caused by some kind of radiation (maybe not when the reactor is working but when he removes the ashes from the reactor they still emit some kind of low radiation as the process could be still on going but low enough to seem that it stopped) So if that is the case it would be hard to think that this all is a scam where he puts his own health at risk.

    The bad one is that he may end as Marie Curie.

    One thing is for sure, if the technology proves to work and even with him wanting to use it for his own profit. The involvement he is doing on it should make him owner of a novel prize in my oppinion.

    • radvar

      “The destiny of mankind is not decided by material computation. When great causes are on the move in the world, stirring all men’s souls, drawing them from their firesides, casting aside comfort, wealth and the pursuit of happiness in response to impulses at once awe-striking and irresistible, we learn that we are spirits, not animals, and that something is going on in space and time, and beyond space and time, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.”

      • GreenWin

        Excellent quote radvar. In this case that ‘duty’ is not a call to arms. Rather, it is a call to our higher selves. To set aside our childish ways and… “Now [in] faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

  • Dods

    I hope he’s ok. Being locked up for a year in that tin can and not getting a chance to sneak off to the pie shop for fear of sabotage (its got to be this). Take care of yourself Rossi.

  • theBuckWheat

    LENR research as a weight loss plan? Who knew? Should make it madly popular. This could be YUGE!

    • Brokeeper

      I thought it but didn’t want to say it. 🙂

    • Mike Henderson

      Rossi says he doesn’t understand why he is losing weight. Umm. It is because the amount of energy being input into his system is less than the amount of energy that is being burned, so his system is consuming reserves.

      • Brokeeper

        -1.5 COP

  • After the announcement of the end of the 1 year test Peter Gluck said (18th of february) that he expects a leak/publication of the executive summary of the test within 12 days. Today is the 15st day.

    Has anyone heard of it?

    • Frank Acland

      No, I asked AR on the JONP if he had any idea when results would come and he said “absolutely not”, but said he didn’t expect it before the end of March.

      • Okay, thank you Frank.

        For me the statement of Peter Gluck sounded like he thought of an inofficial publication (leak).
        So some people seem to have this summary already.

        • Ged

          The more positive the results, the less likely the leak, as now would be the time for those in the know to be getting business positions prepped before the competition learns of the results. A leak of good results before the insiders are ready would be bad for business.

          • Maybe people like Brad Pitt and all the other companies have seen it already 😉

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Absolutely. This information would be worth millions if it were first released to an exclusive circle.

      • sam

        March Madness.

  • Jonnyb

    My advice to Andrea, for what it is worth, is to maybe cut down to 8 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week, then delegate to others you trust. Only use your time for the most valued of tasks, it is better to be at the helm for a short time than to push too hard and be there none of the time. Hope you are well.

  • Axil Axil

    I don’t understand yet what is happening in the Holmlid experiments. There are shiploads of subatomic particles produced in the Holmlid reactor and Holmlid says that hot fusion is happening (which I doubt) and yet there is no gamma radiation coming out of all that chaos. Would the powers that be at CERN let their personal walk around the ATLAS detector when it was in operation producing Kaons. I don’t think so. Does muons catalyze fusion inside the body if muons are injected? What happens to decaying Kaons inside the lungs. Should LENR experiments be done inside a Hot Cell just in case?

    • Ecco

      As far as I understand from recent reading, fast muons will go through your body without doing any damage. This occurs all the time with muons from cosmic rays, which reach the ground in the several GeV energy range. However once they’ve been slowed down enough, muon capture with the atoms in your body could occur. This process creates new unstable atoms with one less proton and one more neutron than the original atom. These atoms are in an excited state and must also de-excite somehow, which can (although not necessarily) take place by the emission of a charged or neutral particle including neutrons, protons, deuterons, α-particles, etc, which can in turn also cause secondary nuclear reactions. Source: page 2 here

      This doesn’t sound very healthy, provided this is what it’s actually occurring.
      I don’t know about the health effects of other subatomic particles.

      • Ecco

        Russ George points out on Vortex-l that while the muons are being slowed down bremsstralung (beta) radiation would be produced as well.

  • clovis ray

    Hi, Guys,
    Sorry to hear Dr.R is not feeling well, hope he feel better soon, he is our best hope.
    In obtain a working model of e-cat, i know this is one of his main, objectives. is to get the e-cat-x home unites out to his customers, i don’t worry about Dr. R to much he is a very wise individual, and is very health concuss . Dr R, is wise enough to know if he is being poisoned, by anything. don’t worry he has everything in control, unless he says so, it is my belief that there is NO dangerous radiation of any kind being produced by his kittens..

    • GreenWin

      barty, I’m going out on a limb but… aww hell why not? After all, it was imagination that got this LENR ball rolling in the first place.

      Peter Gluck’s number is most likely correct. Not only because he does have some inside knowledge but because like much knowledge, it’s been ‘hiding in plain sight.’ Not only does Peter’s COP 21 jibe with 1M E-Cat kWh estimated hours energy. Curiously it coincides with the world’s latest climate conference – the titular COP 21 held in Paris.

      Goodness! It’s all falling into place! As if… as if… we’re living in some kinda computer simulation!!

      Wonderful Day!

      • artefact


        • sam

          I wonder if A.R is finding it difficult to adjust to
          normal 8 hours sleep needed to rejuvenate.
          A product called hibermate that blocks out sound and light might help if so.
          You can order it on the Internet.

  • Fedir Mykhaylov

    Perhaps Mr. Rossi is sometimes subjected to the action of cold neutrons
    during the one-year operation unit 1 MW. Register cold and ultracold neutrons difficult.

  • John

    He is Italian ! I think he refuses to eat American “Food” , pizzas, chicken, Chinese stuff hamburgers and Kebab’s Doctors P’s and else other drinks inside in a container. Naturally he is loosing weight… Take care Mr. Rossi keep the good work but don’t stress yourself beyond limits 🙂

  • wpj

    I once re-plumbed a house on a 2 week break from work and managed to lose 10lb (4.5kg) as a 32 year old, so it is no surprise that he has been losing weight. I’m sure everything will be fine once the stress of overseeing the test is finished.

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Axil Axil

      Lucrezia di Antonio di Sandro degli Ubaldini da Gagliano was Michelangelo’s stepmother: she lived to cook. What a mismatch.

      • Omega Z

        It is highly compartmentalized. Thus minimizing the chance of leaks.

        • Bruce__H

          Also minimizing the detection of fraud. That is a worry.

          • Omega Z

            Rossi designs the reactors. Others actually build and know all the components within them. Doesn’t mean they understand the specific purposes of design characteristics of it.

            Rossi determines the electronic characteristics he wants. Others actually build the electronics and write the programming control software regardless of whether they understand it’s effect on the reactor contents.

            Rossi mixes and refines the NI/H fuel according to the specific reactor and inserts the charge. That everyone doesn’t know the exact composition doesn’t matter. It is only a couple grams.

            Combined, Rossi’s team can build a complete E-cat setup minus the Fuel, but as individuals they can’t, because it is compartmentalized. Thus minimizing information leaks of any significance.

            Rossi’s combined team knowing all that’s in the device including the size of the fuel charge, as well as the precise energy input and power output would be aware if there was fraud.

            As to the fuel composition, that would only be known to a very select few.

    • Omega Z

      When I had a major task to accomplish, I would work 12 hour days without eating. Only sucking on hard candy(jaw breakers, lemon drops etc..) through out the day to curb the hunger pains.

  • malkom700

    The publicize health problems is quite perplexing because it can give space to other attacks as well. On the other hand, the public is also some protection if the inventor would be exposed to a deliberate attack.

  • Brokeeper

    When you reach our age, you begin to prepare for the inevitable though you may have another 20-30 years. Just normal process. Unless you forget how old you are – right Roger?

  • Axil Axil

    The key secret in the Rossi tech is how to make the fuel. The same was true for Jo Papp who destroyed all his fuel before he died. Papp was an SOB.

    • Bruce__H

      So he prepares all the fuel and the machines himself instead of directing technicians? No wonder he is tired!

    • Jonnyb

      Great News!

  • sam

    A.R. is the tradesman with
    the best skills that’s for sure.

  • Anon2012_2014

    “I continue to lose weight and we do not understand why.”

    Calories in vs calories burnt. If he is working for 17 hours per day, even at a desk, he needs 2200 calories to break even on food energy, and not take from the fat and protein in his body. I suggest he is only eating say 1700 calories per day so is short 500 calories per day. It is 3500 calories per pound of excess body mass, so he is losing 500 calories = 1/7th of a pound per day or 1 pound per week.

    Unless he has a cancer (unlikely) or some other disease that is eating his food energy (also unlikely), or unless he has become inefficient at absorbing the energy from his meals (also unlikely), I suggest that he is simply working too hard and not remembering to eat enough. He needs a break and then he needs a support system to ensure that the meals he needs are available and he needs to eat them. I don’t know where he is, but many cities have a nutritionally complete prepared meal service delivered to his door in a small cooler for $30 to $40/day.

    If one of you are friends with the good Dr. Ing., please suggest that.

    • radvar

      “he needs a support system to ensure that the meals he needs are available and he needs to eat them”

      amen that

      Geeking out on a technical development initiative is a common phenomena; roll image of office littered with fast food containers.

      Rossi clearly has more discipline than that, however, there’s no wisdom without knowing that wisdom is housed in a body.

      • Anon2012_2014

        He’s working 17×7 = 119 hours per week. No one can sustain that without exercise and nutrition. It is unwise.

    • Axil Axil

      With respect to Rossi’s weight loss Mats Lewan said on vortex-l

      Yes Axil,

      I spoke to Holmlid, and one thing that he underlined was possible large amounts of muons from the reaction, and that muons were hard to detect. He said that that he suspected that also LENR reactions could have this effect, without LENR experimenters knowing it.

      Like neutrons, very low energy muons could be hazardous. I have ask the experimenters many times to check for sub-atomic particle generation from LENR experiments. That means the experimenter must use a cloud chamber or a cell phone based particle detector.

      We must understand what is coming out of these reactions at the least for safety sake.​

      [quote]Any radiation detector that works on the principle of sensing the charge liberated in matter is going to detect muons directly. Geiger counters, ion chambers, scintillators, toy cloud chambers, and pocket dosimeters all work on this principle, and all respond to muons. In fact, all these detectors are very sensitive to muons: if a muon passes through or is absorbed in the detector, there is a very high probability that the signal it creates will be “counted” by the instrument. The question from a dosimetry standpoint is how to interpret this signal in terms of human health impact and that is what I will get to in Parts 2-3 below. Continuing briefly on the issues of muon detection, although the common types of electronic radiation detectors are sensitive to muons, they are not selective toward them. To selectively detect muons against a background that also contains alpha / beta / gamma radiations from terrestrial radioactive decay, one exploits facts such as the exceptional penetrating power of energetic muons (which barrel through with a mean energy at the Earth’s surface of ~2-4 GeV, if we are talking about cosmogenic muons), or the particle’s characteristic half-life (1.5 microseconds). One approach to detecting muons and only muons is to look for coincident signals in two or more detectors that are separated by shielding, a flight path of some length, or both. In large, dense detectors, there is a reasonable chance of stopping the muon and detecting subsequent decay in accordance with the 1.5-microsecond half life. Finally, neutron detectors also respond to cosmogenic muons. This is because the muon and its daughter radiations have enough energy to tear apart stable nuclei in spallation and photonuclear reactions with the liberation of neutrons. If you stack lead bricks around a neutron detector, the count rate rises rather substantially. Muon interactions in the lead are responsible for the secondary neutrons being generated. (This effect is generally a nuisance, a source of irregular background in low-level neutron counting work.)

      2. Dosimetry of muons

      Muons can kill. In principle, they–like all ionizing radiation–can rip apart the chemical bonds in the DNA in your cells, causing malignant cells to form and multiply, with the result that you die of cancer. (And in large enough doses, they could kill you by deterministic effects like acute radiation syndrome.) Radiation dosimetry is concerned with calculating the risk of such outcomes. Typically, radiation detectors used for dosimetry measure the electric charge released in the detector material by the radiation. This measurement then must be used to calculate a dosimetric quantity of interest. Sometimes we are concerned simply with absorbed dose, which is the amount of energy the radiation is depositing in our bodies on a mass basis, and energy released in matter is related to charge released in matter in an uncomplicated way. However, the risk of death by cancer is related to a concept called effective dose–the deposited-energy-per-mass dose weighted by a biological factor that accounts for how the particular radiation interacts in the body. The weighting factor depends on the type of radiation, its energy spectrum, and how densely it ionizes material in its path. Muons are interesting in this regard, because they are like little explosive-tipped artillery shells. They cause some damage passing through your meat, but they do more damage if they are stopped within your meat and “explode” (undergo decay, usually to an electron that carries off a substantial fraction of the rest mass energy of the muon as its own kinetic energy.) What this means for effective dose calculation is that the biological weighting factor is HIGH for slower muons that are more likely to stop in your meat, but not too different from the weighting factor for radioactive decay gamma rays at the high energies that we normally experience in the cosmogenic muon flux at Earth’s surface. Dosimetric instruments that are designed to measure dose from gamma rays are therefore ballpark-accurate in measuring dose from muons. A well-made, calibrated, properly-used dosimeter that reads in effective dose units like rem or Sievert has some quantitative credibility when measuring cosmogenic muon radiation.

      3. Your risk of being killed by muons (muicide)

      Let’s consider an average person living at sea level. Googling “muon flux at sea level” returns a number of reasonably-authoritative sources putting this quantity at 1/(cm^2 min) = 0.017/(cm^2 s) = 170/(m^2 s). The mean energy is in the range of 2-4 GeV; this is important because I am about to make an assumption that there are few muons below 0.1 GeV in this spectrum. (Muons of <0.1 GeV energy, as mentioned above, tend to decay within your body and cause more damage, so their weighting factor is higher.) The other piece of information we need is a flux-to-equivalent-dose conversion for muons in the energy environs of one GeV. This datum can also be found trivially using teh Google, on p. 55 of The Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation, Vol. 3 by Gerard Meurant: 40 fSv m^2. Multiplying the flux by the the conversion factor, we get an effective dose rate at sea level due to muons: 40*170 = 6800 fSv/s = 0.21 mSv/year. A dose of 1 Sv confers a 5% excesschance of fatal cancer. Multiplying 0.21 mSv by 5% gives us a 0.001% excess chance of fatal cancer per year due to muons in the environment. Generally, your chance of kicking the bucket due to cancer as opposed to some other cause is about 25%, so the 0.001% excess is an absolute chance of 2.7E-6, and there is our answer: about one person in 370,000 will bite the big one due to muon exposure received in the course of one year. This is broadly about as risky as driving 100 miles. But, unless you want to live your life under a glacier, in a mine shaft, or in a submarine, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from these little extraterrestrial bullets. All you can do is sit back and bewail your unfortunate lot in life, destined to die some day–perhaps done in by the flying remains of some ancient supernova.


      • Axil Axil

        A magnetized iron shield is highly promising for bending muons away from working areas. This method of shielding would be very effective for low kinetic energy muons that can be easily diverted magnetically.

        • e-dog

          axil daaarling … you need to chill … and take a step back.
          love you!

        • GreenWin

          So, we talking something like the shield used by Avenger, Captain America? Maybe if we put a few neodymium supermagnets on the outside

    • Mark Underwood

      According to
      the average 60 year old (averaged between male and female) in the US can expect to live to 83, given things continue as they are.

      • Bruce__H

        Great link. Thanks!

        I recently attended a retirement seminar and was told that for planning purposes the actuarians are using 88 years for males and just over 90 for females. This may include some extrapolation as opposed to actual observations. Also, I live in Canada so there may be a difference there too.

        Of course if you are wandering around exposing yourself to excess radiation I don’t know what will happen.

        • Mark Underwood

          Interesting. Perhaps that 88 year old estimate was somewhat qualified. For instance it may have been based on 60 year old men who were not suffering from any preexisting potentially life threatening conditions.

          • Omega Z

            All things staying the same, Life expectancy of next generation is expected to decrease by about 10 years and continue decreasing with additional generations.

            Where previous generations use to work themselves into an early grave, next generations will leisure themselves into an early grave. While medical advances will be used to belay this, it will be cost prohibitive.

            That said, the blood lines that find balance will continue to extend life spans, but the majority will not. The average life span will decline. This is just nature at work. Survival of the fittest.

          • Mark Underwood

            I think in the long term life expectancy will increase, but in the short term there might be a dip. The availability of poor quality food and high quality television 🙂 as well as bacterial resistance to antibiotics, among other things, may drive a temporary decrease in longevity. But in the long term things we’ll adjust to those things and live longer, especially with medical breakthroughs like widespread personalized medicine.

            About survival of the fittest, that applied to previous generations perhaps but hardly to this one. One only has to survive long enough to bear and raise children, and that’s it. Survival into old age hardly matters anymore, since grandparents are not actively involved in increasing the survivability chances of their young grandchildren as they once were in more tribal like societies.

          • GreenWin

            …high quality television” has an opportunity to educate viewers, better than conventional education – reason for writers guild people to be informed either by personal interest or union programs to raise awareness. There is a new Golden Age of Television underway and IT can have remarkable influence on the average viewer (4-6 hours TV/day) here in the West. Just as the conversation on ECW can raise awareness of healthful diet – by concern for our key man Dottore Rossi.

            GreenWin’s motto: Change the world one excellent script at a time!

          • Mark Underwood

            I agree, TV presents an excellent opportunity for the advancement and elevation of our culture through education. The potential risk of couch potatoes syndrome comes with it so it will require some self discipline.

        • LilyLover

          Ironically, those planning their deaths, tend to live longer for natural irony that the death will avoid them. Plus, they are rich and can afford such luxuries after having everything else taken care of in their lives. So, 88 & 90 are not average numbers, they are average numbers for upper middle class onwards.
          Fortune favours the bravest! + Parasites tend to be the bravest! -> I.e. Mother nature doesn’t always side with justice.
          Thus the families of thugs and goons have riches and live longer and happier life while the rest of the world slaves for survival.
          Moral of the story: Children – be parasite. Hard work is laughed at.
          I disagree but that’s what supported by the evidence.

  • bachcole

    Conventional American medical doctors will prove to be useless. He is “suffering” from the usual aging associated with getting older. It starts in the gut with less effective assimilation. By looking to the health of the gut he can stem this process greatly and even reverse it to a large extent. I have been able to do it with myself. To prove it to you-all, I, a former cripple, will be running today 1 mile without stopping. And some of you remember on this forum when I complained bitterly about lower back pain so bad that wiping myself was excruciatingly painful. I used to shop using a scooter. This is how I healed my accelerated aging:

    Probiotics, prebiotics, DIY kefir and/or yogurt, no wheat, low carbs, super-foods like spirulina and chlorella. There is no magic bullet; there is only a magic conversion to a diet similar to the one I listed above. There is no magic bullet or bullets, but some pills would help. Magnesium supplementation would be very important. Cod liver oil liquid (not capsules) and vitamin D3 pills would also be strongly recommended, even if he lives in the US South, since he is working inside of a box literally all day.

    Expecting a conventional medical doctor to stem and reverse this decline is exactly the same as looking for a magic bullet.

    • jimbo92107

      Probiotics, and Costco has a full cheesecake for $13 bucks. One slice per day, and soon Rossi will be as fat and sassy as yours truly.

  • Zavod

    Meat, eggs and dairy products should be viewed as toxic in any but the smallest amounts. I am moving in a vegan direction and will use those things like condiments. Eat like the bonobos eat and you will be as healthy as you can possibly be.

  • radvar


    Chicken soup.

  • clovis ray

    GOOD SHOW,as the Brit’s would say, and here in Oklahoma, we just say, yahooo,
    this should answer any question, about his E-kitty’s emitting bad, radiation,
    Good going Dr. R.

  • Zavod

    Yes, it was Dr. Greger’s presentation of the facts that just recently convinced me to move in that direction. It has only been a couple of weeks but I think I feel better. I doubt that I will totally go vegan but will eat enough cheese and eggs to get the b12 I need, which is not much. Jobs was a vegan due to his Zen beliefs and probably lived as long as he did due to that diet. Search and find the vid from Dr. MacDougall about that.

  • Anon2012_2014

    He needs to eat more calories. Typical absent minded professor who forgets he has a body when he is distracted by work.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yes, but don’t go for the thin mint.

    • Axil Axil

      In the age when Marie Curie absorbed all that radiation, doctors could not help her because radiation sickness had not occurred before.

      Today, the same is true, doctors don’t see radiation sickness and they don’t understand the symptoms. Does Rossi’s doctor recognize the systems of radiation poisoning when he sees it?

      • Winebuff67

        What this tells me is he better stop fiddling around or he won’t see the fruits of his labor which would be a shame. My fear is he is so skittish that he will take his secrets to the grave. It’s happenend many times with inventors that are so secretive.

      • Omega Z

        Some people tend to disassociate themselves from a task & the stress and suffer no effects from a situation while others will obsess and eat everything in sight. And then the other that reduces their food intake and suffer weight loss.

        Rossi’s weight loss would only be of concern if it effected all involved with the 1 year container living. Rossi will recover now that the task is complete.

  • GreenWin

    I just got me a giant bottle of NB probiotic 10 caps – due to gut pain. So far so good. But there is another avenue being pursued – life extension. Aubrey de Grey PHd argues that the prepoderance of suffering on Earth is due to the aging process. His approach is to extend healthy biological function so as to slow the aging process and thereby ward off disease enabled by slow cellular division; specifically he is targeting the teleomearase failure that inhibits healthy cellular division. Already there are human trials underway which use a vaccine to prevent the failure of cellular division in ageing humans. It works in lab mice (living 40% longer than controls) IF he succeeds in this pursuit, we all might live longer and healthier as normal cellular division continues even into old age. Hallelujah! God dpeed Dr. De Grey!

  • Lars

    so this confirmes there is x rays inside

    • Mats002

      He says “ionizing radiation” – Gamma rays, X-rays, and the higher ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum are ionizing, whereas the lower ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and also the lower part of the spectrum below UV, including visible light (including nearly all types of laser light), infrared, microwaves, and radio waves are all considered non-ionizing radiation.

      • LindbergofSwed

        judy Werth

        March 9, 2016 at 6:43 PM

        Dear Andrea Rossi:

        What is that makes the difference between X-Rays and Gamma Rays ?


        Andrea Rossi

        March 10, 2016 at 9:21 AM

        Judy Werth:

        The wavelength and, consequently, the energy: the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy. X-Rays have an energy up to 50 keV, Gamma-Rays above 50 keV; around the border of 50 keV the distinction between the two is not precisely defined.

        Warm Regards,


  • GreenWin

    PIP PIP and all that rot! (Limey expression of congratulations, 1940s)

  • GreenWin

    Rog, you might offer your health consulting services to the Dottore – and then we’ll have a ECW insider… a double WIN since LENR requires its inventors to live a healthful lifestyle.

  • GreenWin

    Some time ago Rossi announced a partner had built an entire reactor without his intervention. Some speculate that partner is Segway inventor Dean Kamen of DEKA Research, Bedford NH.

  • Alain Samoun

    E-Cat vs fission:
    A 1GW fission nuclear reactor uses 100.000 Kg d’uranium in about 5 years or 20.000Kg per year. So to produce 1MW the same reactor will use 20 Kg of uranium in a year, and produces then half of the radioactive waste of the Hiroshima bomb.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yes, I agree. With modern agriculture we probably don’t get all the trace elements we need to stay healthy.

    • Alan DeAngelis
    • Owen Geiger

      Yes, I think the topsoil has been depleted of minerals in many cases. I heard of a study about nutrients in vegetables from 50-75 years ago. The same vegetables grown today have far fewer nutrients.

  • GreenWin

    your personal success is good evidence. And you are passionate and honest – as is the Dottorre. I believe in you Rog.