Woodford Management Comment on Industrial Heat Investment

Neil Woodford and others of Woodford Investment Management LLP, the UK investment fund that has invested around $50 million in Industrial Heat LLC, recently held a Q&A with investors and interested persons regarding their investment portfolios. A couple of questions came up regarding their investment in Industrial Heat, and in both cases the questions were answered with the same statement from Paul Farrow, one of the site moderators:

We are patient capital investors. Industrial Heat is currently working with numerous scientists and is acquiring both the technology and teams required to maximise the potential of new energy technologies.
The company recently said that it is willing to invest time and resources to see if this technology might be an area of useful research in its quest to eliminate pollution. We share this quest for what we believe will be a significant development and exploitation of new energy sources.


Neil Woodford himself did not respond to the questions about Industrial Heat, and it looks to me like this statement was prepared ahead of time to deal with questions about IH. It reads rather like the recent Industrial Heat statement in its blandness and lack of specificity. There’s not even a mention of LENR here, let alone the E-Cat.

  • Bob Greenyer


    • Observer


      In your experience what is their intent with this statement?

      Avoid controversy and criticism?

      Lower immediate expectations?

      Safe Harbor?

      • Teemu Soilamo

        Bob, while perhaps savvy to PR management from work experience, is decidedly disqualified from making judgements on this due to his obvious bias toward the positive.

        • Observer

          You are focusing on the wrong question:
          Instead of obsessing over “Is this true or is this false?”,
          you should be asking “If this is true, what are the ramifications?”,
          and “If this is false, what are the ramifications?”.

          • Teemu Soilamo

            Oh, I have thought about the ramifications. Trust me.

        • hempenearth

          If Bob was biased towards the positive he would have announced excess heat about three years ago.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Maintain confidence in their investment portfolio

      • Michael W Wolf

        I was thinking the same thing. If ecat didn’t save much on electric, it may be why they delay.
        But isn’t 1kw saved a world changer?

    • Hi Bob,

      did you get some news from SKINR in the meantime?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Today they hope to go to 1250ºC – I am hoping they can take it near to the boiling point of Li as per the recipe.

  • Bob Matulis

    I infer LENR from the boiler plate response. What stands out most to me is the “putting your money where your mouth” by Woodford. $50,000,000 is a LOT of money to deploy.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Someone should send for a prospectus.

    • Nigel Appleton
    • Nigel Appleton

      I actually slung a few grand of my ISA pot into the Woodford Patient Capital Trust. If Rossi/IH do indeed have that which many of us believe they have, the value of IH and thus the value of WPCT will rocket.

      Such stuff as dreams are made on…

  • blanco69

    What is interesting here is that Woodford anticipated these questions enough to prepare a very measured and bland response. Like a “There’s nothing to see here” type message. When you’re confronted with one of those it’s usually in your interest to see exactly what’s going on.

    • f sedei

      $50 Million investment says it all. No need for further discussion.

    • timycelyn

      “These are not the ‘droids you’re looking for.

      Move along……”

  • winebuff67

    We need some red meat thrown our way about now! Somebody please….

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    To Mary Yugo, Ocasapiens and the rest of the venomous pathoskeptix: beware of jealousy: it is the green eyed monster, which doth mock the flesh it feeds on…

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    “Mary” is a paid disrupter

    • US_Citizen71

      I think that Mary may be something like the Dread Pirate Roberts from the ‘Princess Bride’ a handle used by many over the years. The original one use to hold court with his entourage on a side forum of a porn promotion server. This was around the time of Rossi’s public demo of the plumbing parts reactor. I wish I had saved screenshots from back then. His choice of venue has always left me with the impression that the alias has everything to do with a hairy eastern european woman posed provocatively on the hood of the world’s worst made production car.

  • Michael W Wolf

    I know what you mean. Just tell the world how much electricity was saved. They should have had that number on day 350. Why are they increasing skepticism by going past yet another deadline? I am so frustrated. I feel the way orbo made me feel. 🙁