LENR Fuel Mixing (LookingForHeat Video)

This video is has been produced by LookingForHeat, the company that has been set up to provide LENR researchers with materials and equipment.

In this video Alan Smith demonstrates the mixing of fuel powders in preparation for LENR testing, and also a mixer/shaker that they have built in-house for the purpose of getting a thorough mix of the materials. Alan tells me there are 5mm ball bearings inside to help with the pulverizing of the powder.

He says there’s about 7.5 g of fuel in this batch which he plans to divide it up into 5 cores, a few of them with additives like carbon and iron oxide. A future video will show how they seal the cores with high-temperature cement under hydrogen.


  • US_Citizen71

    If you added a little zirconium to the mix you could process in a safer nitrogen environment and still end up with a vacuum inside the core after initial heating.

    • US_Citizen71

      I have thought of doing this myself as any experiment I would undertake would likely be a completely sealed without the benefit of a vacuum pump and processing in a hydrogen environment makes me uneasy due to the low humidity and high static environment in the area I live. Zirconium’s getter ability would seem to be inline with MFMP’s published protocol as it would free any trapped hydrogen at 800C and remove O, N, CO, CO2 and water from the environment.

      Read its listing about halfway down the page:http://www.emissionlabs.com/articles/GETTER/getter.htm

      • Alan Smith

        You read my mind! Lookingfor heat has (funnily enough) just taken delivery of some Zirconium foil. I prefer rolling a cylinder from foil and putting the fuel inside it (think ‘spliff’) to mixing Zirconium powder – with potentially unknown side-effects – with the fuel itself.

        • US_Citizen71

          I was thinking a small coil of wire dropped in after the fuel was loaded as only a few mg would be needed for the volume. I agree mixing as a powder might be problematic.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Nice video Alan.

  • pg

    keep refreshing the New Planet Energy website. Feel like an idiot. Can’t stop.

  • Bruce Williams

    Alan, this is a very good piece of work : BRAVO !

  • Zephir

    The work with inert atmosphere isn’t IMO necessary (Parkhomov also didn’t bother with it): just mix the lithium hydride with parafin oil and you can work with it safely. There are also theories, that the slight oxidation of nickel increases the surface of reaction and makes start of cold fusion easier.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Hi Alan, last year, I had some thoughts about using a solution of LAH in tetrahydrofuran (commercially available).