A Petition for the Publication of the 350 Day E-Cat Report (Hank Mills)

The following post has been submitted by Hank Mills

If an E-Cat in a shipping container produces a megawatt of power for a year and the parties involved don’t publish a report about it, did it really produce a single BTU of excess heat?

The answer to this question depends on who you are and how closely you have been following this saga. If you are one of the tiny minority of human beings on this planet who have intently tracked the development, evolution, and replications of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, the answer is that the plant undoubtedly did produce massive excess heat.

This is the only logical conclusion for those of us who have studied repeated test reports documenting kilowatts of excess heat production, long periods of self-sustained operation without input, and “melt downs” (during intentional destructive trials) in which high temperature ceramic reactor casings melted. Independent replications of the effect (via Alexander Parkhomov, Songsheng Jiang, and others) also demonstrate the enormous power production that results from heating a properly processed mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) to high temperatures in a suitable vessel. Knowing all of the above, since Andrea Rossi has told us he is pleased with the results, we can conclude the plant functioned as expected.

If you are a one of a fairly small number of skeptopaths suffering from an obsessive compulsive yearning to twist reality in order to denigrate, belittle, and dismiss the technology, a comprehensive report signed by all parties involved would not persuade you to change your opinion. You will continue to maintain that the E-Cat isn’t real; Andrea Rossi has perpetuated a massive con; everyone else involved is simply ignorant and deluded. You will not only seek to thoroughly naysay the E-Cat in all it’s variations into obscurity, you will probably continue to perform character assassination against everyone who provides any support towards moving the technology closer towards the marketplace.

However, if you are part of the mainstream of humanity and have yet to be introduced to the E-Cat technology (or only have a shallow knowledge of the LENR field), the withholding of publishing of a comprehensive report signed by all parties involved will have an important impact your opinion of what took place in that shipping container over the 350 day test. The lack of a report will keep you ignorant of the subject, or make you wonder if Rossi’s statements hold any weight at all, by themselves without any third party verification by Industrial Heat, the Customer, or the ERV (Expert Responsible for Validation).

Most likely, the lack of a report would keep you cruising forward on the same course you are today; if your interested in alternative energy sources, that means you will probably continue to follow solar and wind power. Cold fusion/LENR would remain an unproven or discredited field in your view, where most grandiose claims are rarely backed up with adequate evidence. Conversely, a positive report jointly released by all parties involved would make you take notice, however.

If Rock solid proof of a dirt cheap source of portable, compact, and clean nuclear energy would come forward, you would be at least enough to entice you to investigate – perhaps even contact the parties involved. Before long, you’ll be spreading the word and telling others that a true breakthrough in the energy field has taken place, and that the E-Cat has shattered the existing energy paradigm.

If a verified report is brought forward to the public, it will confirm that what happened in the shipping container is truly world changing.

Andrea Rossi has stated that he has received and is very pleased with the report. In response to one of my questions, he agreed that he would not be so if radiation had been detected from any of the reactors, any unstable transmutation products had been found in the used fuel, or the COP had been under the long-term goal of six (6).

Basically, this tells those of us who have been following this story that this technology is ready and set of broad and widespread adoption. Cold Fusion, once labeled as nothing but snake oil and pseudo-scientific “woo woo,” is ready to start terraforming the entire energy landscape of planet Earth. Oil, coal, natural gas, bio-fuels, photo-voltaic, wind, and every other energy technology is now as obsolete as the caveman’s wood burning camp fire.

With the capability to produce electricity directly (perhaps via acting as a thermionic generator) the very near term potential of the E-Cat rivals the warp cores and fusion reactors of science fiction movies. The time travel enabling Mr. Fusion from Back To The Future and the anti-matter deuterium power plant of the Starship Enterprise now have a counterpart in real life. Not in the twenty fourth century, not elsewhere in the galaxy, and not in some futuristic timeline only accessible with Doc Brown’s Delorean: but here on our planet today in 2016.

The truth that the E-Cat exists, works, and is ready to quench human civilization’s ongoing thirst for energy is something everyone deserves to know about. I hereby urge Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corporation, Tom Darden of Industrial Heat, the third party ERV, and the customer (in whose factory the one megawatt plant operated) to release the most full and unedited version of the report they possibly can, immediately.

The report should contain all data and information that would lend credibility to the reality of this technology.

The report should be signed by all parties involved with the test in order to enhance its clout and credibility. By having all parties sign on, the false rumors of a “rift” between any of them could also be put to rest. Almost as importantly as proving the reality and functionality of the technology, showing a unified front of organizations working jointly towards the common goal of industrializing the E-Cat would send an important message to the world.

I now present a challenge to the E-Cat World and LENR community as a whole. The obvious truth is that all the parties whom are involved in the report read this site – most likely on a daily basis. Please show your support of my request by making a comment below. If you want the report to be released immediately, in the least redacted form possible, signed onto by all parties involved, and with at least a description of the “Rossi Effect” to help and motivate replicators, then please show your support.

Together, we can politely, respectfully, yet boldly raise our voice by making this article the most commented on in the history of E-Cat World. If you want to see the report released soon, let’s prove we’re capable of producing some heat of our own.

Hank Mills
Publisher, The Energy Mill

  • Bruce Williams

    Hank is right !! let’s get on with it !

  • Andrew

    Just as IH published earlier this month. The data needs to be check , re checked and then checked again to avoid any possible balks as was done back in 1989. LENR cannot afford a repeat.

    But yes I would like to see something too.

    • Gerard McEk

      Please, publish this ERV report ASAP. If the earth is in danger due to CO2, this is the sole answer and remedie to solve this. Obviously I am also technically VERY INTERESTED.
      Good Action Hank!

      • LilyLover

        Air flows. CO2++=>Plants++; never a bad thing. SOx, NOx & non-carbonaceous particulates are the real problems.

        • LarryJ

          This report will receive scathing criticism just like all its predecessors. For starters, the report was commissioned and funded by Leonardo and IH and I think it is highly likely that the customer has a relationship with Cherokee Investments. This report is a necessary step in moving the technology from the lab to the store shelf. The skeptics, ours or the publics opinion of it is irrelevant.

      • Michael W Wolf

        Earth is not in danger. From all the scientists I have listened to, the scientists that deny man made co2 is causing a climate change, get attacked by the very same establishment that claims LENR is junk science. Which is why the reason they should love LENR, is what will take their issue and funding off the table. Not only does LENR overturn known sciences, A whole political class becomes irrelevant.

  • f sedei

    I firmly support this endeavor. And, I would surely wish to know if, why and by whom the information is being suppressed, or not forthcoming. Good idea, Hank.

    • LarryJ

      Nothing is being suppressed. The report was commissioned to assure the contractual obligations between IH and the customer were met, to assure the investors, already in the wings, that the technology is worthy of the massive investment required to bring it to market and possibly to assist the certification initiative. It was never intended to convince the public. Rossi has been adamant that only products will convince the public.

      • SG

        LarryJ, while I understand this point of view, and agree that working products on sale will be the ultimate arbiter of truth for LENR, bear in mind that there is a genuine justification to ask that this report be made public and that IH be forthcoming and open. This is not a typical business startup venture. Millions of impoverished people living in absolute misery and slums, with children going hungry every day, thousands if not millions being sicked by pollution, millions being oppressed by their despot leaders, all call for an expeditious and open rolling out of this technology.

        Only IH can make this happen. Mr. Rossi is already quite willing. We as the informed LENR community can make our wishes known loudly and clearly. And we can be gracious and thankful when and if IH moves to a more open posture.

        • LarryJ

          I don’t disagree that there is a burning need for this technology to be rolled out. But I do disagree that public knowledge of this report will have the slightest effect on that goal. I also don’t believe that we in the peanut gallery have much sway one way or the other over the business decisions made by the parties involved. Clearly Darden, Vaughn and Rossi have a common goal in seeing this happen as expeditiously as possible but their decisions are unlikely to be affected by our comments or feelings on the matter. There could also be very valid reasons for IH to want to remain below the radar because if they don’t it might ultimately delay its introduction. We are not in a position to truly know any of the issues they are wrestling with so our uninformed input doesn’t matter.

      • f sedei

        If what you say is true, there appears to be no harm to publish. That is suppression.

        • Frank Acland

          AR today in response to Peter Gluck on the JONP:

          Dear Andrea,
          I think your exchange with Peter Metz
          ERV synopsis in TENTHS of days is definitely NOT for your hypertensive friends. Perfect for your enemies. My impression is that from now the delay is useless inutile. It replaces the question of your enemies re the independence of the ERV with the question of your friends – how independent are you?
          Let’s forget even the executive summary or synopsis of the report- what harm could do if the basic data global COP, power density – typical will be known?

          Andrea Rossi
          April 3, 2016 at 7:42 AM
          Peter Gluck:

          Thank you for your attention.

          Our decisions do not depend from the vane rants of our enemies, whose importance for our development is, as it has always been, equal to zero.

          Whatever we do, they will always say stupidities. Besides, at this point what counts is not the discussion mumbojumbo- tango, but the massive production of the E-Cats; the report, in essence, is more important for us, for the investments decisions and the strategy of production, than for the public, who needs products, not papers.

          This having been said, I am sorry to be necessarily bound to answer you that the publication of the report will be made only after an agreement between the involved parties. About the synopsis, that is easier and will be published. I am not independent, because I depend on the contracts I have signed and the related NDA. The NDA says that I cannot give data, does not make a jerarchy of confidentiality or a distinction between what I can say and what I cannot. The breach of the NDA can have consequences.

          Again, you are too intelligent not to understand it. Nonetheless, I sympathize with your curiosity and passion on the topic.

          Warm Regards,


          • Frank Acland

            Seems like we will get a synopsis, at least — but it’s not clear when. What’s included and not included in the synopsis will be important.

          • Michael W Wolf

            If they don’t have safety certifications, why would they put a dime into production? As I think about it, only public knowledge can have any sway on certification process. It has been years and safety certification has failed without public support. Now it has run safely for a year and still no certification. What Rossi is saying about production set up before certification can’t be right. But yet he says no certification yet. I am worried. Something does not smell right.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            They have certification for industrial products, although not for domestic ones. The same factory can produce both.

          • Michael W Wolf

            But not in the US, right?

          • Pekka Janhunen

            The certificate we have been shown was only for Europe, but it wouldn’t be surprising if a similar one exists for USA too.

          • clovis ray

            Very funny Linda,
            Release your inner communist, i my self do not worry, the E-cat is in the good hands , Dr.R knows best.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Haven’t we learned by now that Rossi is no fool? He knows how to plan a campaign.

          • sam

            I hope he plans it so his followers are not beaten and sent
            to prison like Gandhi followers.

          • Teemu Soilamo


            -Concerned citizen

          • Hank Mills

            Thank you for signing, Teemu Soilamo.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Actually, I think we’ve arrived. We heard the “Please, May I have a cup of tea?” jokes for 22 years. They came to an abrupt end when Rossi came on the scene in 2011.

          • Michael W Wolf

            This was a 1mw prototype, it either worked or it didn’t. If it didn’t, they would have known very quickly and the contract with Rossi would have been void, unless they were incompetent. Which makes it have no comparison with P&F announcement.

          • Obvious

            And then end up …less intelligent that they might have been… due to be iodine deficiency.
            Too bad income is pitted against health in the salt making trade.

          • LCD

            It may be published after tax day but I don’t think there is any connection there.

          • Michael W Wolf

            I agree my fear of government intervention is less likely. But I do still think time plays a factor. Do you see a scenario where the delay hurts the prospects of ecat becoming available to the average consumer?

          • LarryJ

            It is my understanding that UL and other certification standards are a requirement of the insurance industry. They depend heavily on actuarial tables to determine risk and a product with no history is risky indeed. If an ecat burns your house down, they are on the hook if the device is safety certified. If the device is not certified they will in turn sue the product manufacturer and will most likely win.

            Industrial products are easier to certify because they are operated and maintained by trained staff.

          • f sedei

            So! Andrea is the one suppressing the report info. He apparently believes his loyal followers are not a factor concerning the matter. Disheartening, but it is his right to do so.

          • Brent Buckner

            Only to the extent that “suppressing the report info” is “not breaking a non-disclosure agreement”.

          • LuFong

            Which he signed and, who knows, may have insisted.

          • Michael W Wolf

            UN is evidence their goal is a one world government. How close do you think they are? So when I say government, I am assuming since they all rely on fossil fuels and have pretty good control over it, they should be seen as the same when it comes to their threat to LENR.

            All governments have to much power over the people now. They will together want to maintain their growth and power. LENR definitely threatens that. So yea, government. You do realize most every problem the world has, the government is responsible for? They have not represented the people.

          • Hank Mills

            I do not think Andrea Rossi is suppressing the report. If he had his way, I think it would have already been published (with certain technical information removed). For the record, I also doubt that IH, the ERV, or customer is suppressing the report. However, before it can be published all parties involved must come to an agreement. Basically, we are dealing with bureaucracy. I’m personally for everyone involved having an extended conference call to decide what can be released. I simply don’t think releasing the report is high on their agenda — except maybe for Rossi.

          • Agree. But I wouldn’t say bureaucracy. It’s about different business strategies and conditions.

          • Frank Acland

            I think a positive ERV report would raise the profile of the E-Cat very significantly. If your business strategy is to keep the E-Cat on a low profile (for now at least), then it might not be desirable to have it released.

          • As Torkel Nyberg (Sifferkoll) has pointed out well, IH has good reasons to wait, in order to prepare customers and investors, before having to deal with the fierce attacks from people and organisations whose interests are threatened by LENR, when the report is released. Meanwhile they can use the report in communication with customers and investors. Rossi, on the other hand, can only gain credibility and increase his possibilities to do business in Europe.

          • Frank Acland

            I would think that Rossi/Leonardo would face the same obstacles and opposition as IH, but he seems very happy to be upfront and public about his work and progress. Two very different approaches.

          • Right, And Rossi is already used to handle external attacks…

          • Frank Acland

            IH has always seemed content with the low-key methodical approach, but I guess now they are feeling pressure from all kinds of places: investors, observers like us, potential competitors, AR, other LENR researchers they have funded, etc. I would expect these pressures will grow as the profile of the E-Cat increases. I am sure they are aware of that and getting prepared for it — but maybe not on the timetable we would hope for.

          • Hank Mills

            If it were not for various snakes and enemies of A.R. going around the internet and making up every false argument they could to belittle his work, illogically repute every test result using flat out lies at times, and attacking his character by bringing up unrelated events from his past, I believe the E-Cat would already be a regular topic on the mainstream news. They did more than anyone knows to establish a barrier between the E-Cat technology and the mainstream. This report could go a long way towards breaking down that barrier and pushing these goons into obscurity. Rossi can proceed forward with industrialization regardless what they continue to say, but they continue to spread disinformation and vitriol that harms the entire community.

          • LarryJ

            Reality can be so annoying

        • LarryJ

          How can you be sure there is no harm in publishing the report. You have no idea what information it contains or how that information might be used by competitors or opponents. You can only guess at the issues they are dealing with and your guesses are based on a total lack of information. The report was privately commissioned and paid for and is in no way independent of them. They own it. It would only be suppression if someone else, say the government or the oil industry, prevented its publication.

  • pg

    Ok, What about a petition for the publication of the photos of Darden giving money to A.R.?

    • cashmemorz

      That can be staged/photo shopped. The actual way the money reached A.R. was by way of a check from the lawyer of Cherokee Funds to the lawyer of A.R. into the hands of A. R. So what you would need is several pictures at the various stages. Very boring.

      • Zephir

        Andrea Rossi promised in March 29, 2016 to release synopsis of the report “within a tenth of days, anyway”. So we can just wait for five days without problem, if we already managed to wait so long…

        • Hank Mills

          One thing we have learned in this saga is five days can turn into ten days, then a month, and then multiple months. We need to make it clear that we respectfully request the report be published immediately. Every day the report is not published is another day in which the human population remains ignorant of this miracle of a technology. Also, by signing onto this petition, you are requesting that the report be signed on by every party involved and in full.

          • Zephir

            OK, but we are still asking for private report from privately funded testing of privately developed technology of private subject. I presume, that the ECat supporters aren’t commies by their very nature and that they can respect the Intellectual property of private subjects.

            I just hope that Industrial Heat Ltd. understands, that the transparency and lack of delays in presentation of results would increase trustworthiness and value of his technology at the future market – but in this moment this is everything what we should wait for by now.

          • Hank Mills

            Asking isn’t being communist. Getting the government involved and forcing them to reveal the information would be. There is nothing wrong whatsoever with organizing people to influence industry. What’s immoral is using the force of government to make private companies behave in certain ways.

          • Zephir

            IMO we shouldn’t expect the original report with many details of technology tested anyway. Now this original report must be forked for publics – and this work (internal censorship, actually) will also consume some time. IH undoubtedly will not allow the repeating of mistake from premature release of Lugano report, which leaked many details of E-Cat technology.

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            In theory, any government should be ‘super partes’, above all parties. Industries notoriously tend to spontaneously organize in cartels, thereby lobbying and influencing governments – which by definition should protect the weakest interests, such as, for example, the environment.
            In pure theory, governments should exist to regulate private companies in such a way as to prevent the destruction of public resources (air, fresh water, soil use, etc), or to guarantee sustainable development through the same.

            Because of the grand scale failure of governments to prevent the destruction of world resources (human beings mostly seek to satisfy self-interest), we are left with public outcry – which, acting as the end consumer, might influence the industry through numbers.
            I would not define the use of government for regulation ‘immoral’ per se; it is the use of this regulation by government functionaries (or high end industry executives) at any level who, with impunity, act privately and for self- or clique-interest, that is immoral.

          • Give them some time.

            If they really just got the report, Industrial Heat will read it and analyze it carefully.
            When IH itself concludes the test was positive, they will prepare their internal infrasturcture.

            This could take some days or weeks.
            I guess we will not hear of them earlier.

          • clovis ray

            Hank, Dr,Rossi, does not like people that try to force him to do something.
            you had best back off, you will not succeed.

        • LarryJ

          Peter Metz
          April 2, 2016 at 3:17 PM
          Dear Andrea Rossi,

          Regarding a synopsis of the ERV report when you wrote, “Yes, I will
          publish it within a tenth of days, anyway.” what exactly did you mean?
          Did you mean within ten days, or within tens of days? Still on schedule?

          Peter Metz

          Andrea Rossi
          April 2, 2016 at 4:29 PM
          Peter Metz:

          I meant within tens of days.

          Warm Regards

      • Brent Buckner

        Hank Mills wrote: “If a verified report is brought forward to the public, it will confirm that what happened in the shipping container is truly world changing.”

        OTOH, perhaps Hank Mills might have written something similar about the Lugano report before its publication.

      • Axil Axil

        Some news:

        Two seperate production lines.

        Deborah Landin
        April 2, 2016 at 9:49 PM

        Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:

        Somebody says that the E-Cat QuarkX is an excuse to delay the production of the E-Cats: is it true ?

        Andrea Rossi

        April 2, 2016 at 10:57 PM

        Deborah Landin:
        No, because one thing is the production line of the 1 MW E-Cat tested for one year, one thing is the E-Cat QuarkX.
        They are two different lines of production and the first does not need the second.

        Warm Regards,

  • deleo77

    Of course it would be great to see the paper, or at least parts of it. I wonder if the ERV and/or customer want their names out there. The name of the customer could be redacted, but the author of the report has to be on there.

    But even if we do not see the report, the money/investment dollars will tell us the story. Will IH and Woodford invest in Rossi’s robotics line? The Lugano report (despite its flaws) got Rossi the investment he needed to do the 1 year test, but it is the ERV that will determine whether or not they invest in full commercialization. Either we will see real steps towards commercialization take place or we won’t. Whatever happens with that will tell us the story. Darden will invest if he sees an opportunity with the e-cat, and the ERV will guide him on what that opportunity is.

  • LilyLover

    I strongly oppose this endeavour. A campaign, several years ago, saying “Don’t kill Rossi!” would have done some good. But he’s the kind of guy who suffered alone and survived the toughest time. Now any campaign to ask for the “report” is practically cheerlagging after the victory. Now, let him do per his plans. A campaign for, “If everyone back-stabs you, we will pledge $3000 each to get the product to market.” will be better. will be meaningful.
    Also, staying shut-up will allow the MSM to keep ignoring Rossi until the products are sold. & That is a good thing. They’ll suffer the maximum damage to the “openness” and tall ivory towers will collapse. Thus, silence on the report will sow the seeds for open Science. Let MSM/Sc look bad. Let’s not do their work.
    Let’s make a pledge to pledge meaningful resources to Rossi as redundant back-up. Let’s pledge to buy E-Cat Xs only from Rossi-authorized channels. Let’s make knowledge about inventor synonymous with patent.
    Let’s not pester Rossi. Let’s buy his products even before cost parity is reached.
    Let’s promise to not use oil even if it became virtually free.
    Therefore, noise today is merely noise without much purpose. Distracting.
    Noise earlier would have made Rossi’s life a lot more bearable.
    So, sit back, relax but be ready to be a warrior-for-Rossi should the need arise.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Yes, better to leave it to them to decide when and if to publish, if not for other reason but out of respect towards the man.

  • Michael W Wolf

    Yes. Remember we were told there would be public access? There is a patent in place that Rossi says applies to the 1mw reactor. If they got energy, They should announce it asap.

    The report may need organizing, but to produce energy that is cheap, safe and nonpolluting and not make it public is irresponsible and self serving. The statements they made in the past should be made good on. They may not owe it to me, but they do owe it to many of the players on this site, especially Frank.

    He has literally put Rossi in the spotlight. As if he worked for Rossi without pay. His efforts have kept many people in Rossi’s corner and Rossi needs to thank him/them for their service by saying they have a working prototype of a new energy source. It ran for 153 days. And announce it as a paradigm shift in science.

    • Brent Buckner

      IH made no such statements about making anything public, and may have the right to keep the ERV report private.

      Rossi has said he has a working prototype of a new energy source any number of times.

    • LarryJ

      This report will not produce energy. Only products will do that and organizing an infrastructure to do that takes time and money. It will happen but these reports are only important for the audience for whom they were intended. In the case of the ERV’s report, that intended audience is not and never was the general public.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Yes, please release report per above. This would be consistent with Mr. Darden’s stated reasons for being involved in LENR. “To remove coal as source of energy”.

    • Brent Buckner

      Yes, although let’s go with *delivery* by any of Leonardo’s licensees.

    • LarryJ

      Coal will not be removed as a source of energy until there are commercially alternative energy sources in the market. This report will not play any part in eliminating coal as a source of energy. It is just one more necessary step towards that goal.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Larry J….How can it “not play any part in eliminating coal as a source of energy”, and at the same time “is just one more necessary step towards that goal”? (:

        • LarryJ

          Point Taken 🙂

  • pg

    F..k that!!!

  • Mike403

    Get this out there ASAP!

  • Fibber McGourlick

    The world and its human population has been and is being poisoned by hydrocarbon products. Look around at all the tens of thousands of children with asthma in cities where there used to be so few. Look at the increased suffering and death from lung diseases. The e-cat is the antidote. Do not keep the knowledge of its reality secret any longer. To do so would be a crime against humanity.

    • LarryJ

      Only puny secrets need protection. Big secrets are protected by public incredulity.

      Marshall McLuhan

  • Mike Henderson

    It is time for this tadpole to emerge … publish the full report, warts and all, and let the arguments fly.

    • LarryJ

      But the arguments will only fly here.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Sorry to have to say this Hank but No, you are incorrect. I have followed and I do not know. I will only “Know” when the product has reached either general distribution or general acceptance as a reality.

    This could be the internet’s grandest prank ever. If LENR and the E-Cat were not real, it certainly would be the grandest prank ever. I know nothing and believe in much, I cannot say I endorse a petition, I think our presence is petition enough.

    • cashmemorz

      O.R., you are one reserved, patient and cool-headed individual. You show the other side of gratification. The longer we wait for the official way of getting the message the more realistic the message will appear to be.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Thank you.

    • Hank Mills

      There is no way this could be a prank, hoax, or con.

      Multiple third parties have conducted or partcipated in tests of E-Cat modules. When there is not a mechanical or technical issue (resistor breaking, pipe being clogged, etc) the reactors work. In fact, in some tests, they have produced spectacular results. For example, the test Dr. Levi performed on an early E-Cat module that self sustained for eighteen hours producing between 15 and 130 kilowatts. It actually began to “run away” at one point and hydrogen had to be vented! We also have multiple successful replications by Parkhomov (several successful tests), another Russian team, Songsheng, and others. Ampenergo and Industrial Heat also performed due diligence before getting involved with the technology. There is no doubt whatsoever the technology works.

      This is the most significant breakthrough in energy since the internal combustion engine and the world needs to know about it.

      • LarryJ

        I don’t think there are many here that would argue about the significance or reality of this technology but most of us have seen reports come and go without so much as a ripple in public perception. The only report that will change things is the one that says you can now buy one for your home or business.

  • SG

    Having read Matt’s book The Impossible Invention (a great read that I highly recommend), I am aware that quite some time ago Mr. Rossi was offered hundreds of millions of dollars from a U.S. agency for acquisition of all rights in the e-Cat. Mr. Rossi refused the offer. Instead, he eventually accepted a much less lucrative deal from the Industrial Heat folks, but stated publicly that he had now associated himself with enlightened individuals, who had sincere interests in advancing the human condition.

    This is a critical moment in history where the IH folks have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are just that–and to bring the knowledge of the reality of LENR, and specifically the e-Cat technology, to a broader audience. I echo Hank’s sentiment. Publish the report and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Hank Mills

      The knowledge of reality of LENR is the key. Until the technology is considered as real as the solar panel by the pundits on CNN and Fox News, it might as well not exist. I’ve talked to many people about Cold Fusion, and a large number of them say, “If this is real, why aren’t they talking about it on the news?” The more earthshattering a technology the more mainstream coverage people need to believe it.

      • sam

        They are to busy covering the $ 186000000
        Paris climate change conference that is mostly talk.

      • Brent Buckner

        You wrote: “The knowledge of reality of LENR is the key. Until the technology is considered as real as the solar panel by the pundits on CNN and Fox News, it might as well not exist.”

        We’ve seen publications that perhaps should hold as much weight as an ERV report (e.g. DeChiaro et al.). To convince some folks that something is as real as solar panels may well take installed commercial products.

      • LarryJ

        No report, no matter how well performed or validated will have the slightest effect on the public perception of this technology. Especially when it is opposed by the mainstream physics community who stand to lose billions in fusion research funding. Without mainstream science support the media will not touch it with a ten foot pole. This is a paradigm shift and only products in the market will change public perception. Your faith in the power of this report to have any more effect than the previous reports is greatly overstated. IMHO.

        I will be elated by this report, but my family and friends will continue to regard me as an interesting but misguided eccentric. A dreamer.

  • psi2u2

    “In response to one of my questions, he agreed that he would not be so if radiation had been detected from any of the reactors, any unstable transmutation products had been found in the used fuel, or the COP had been under the long-term goal of six (6).”

    O wow, Frank, you da man. Well done!

    • Hank Mills

      We know that the test was successful. However, those of us who have followed this saga from the beginning and studied all the test results don’t have to be convinced. The vast majority of scientists, engineers, politicians, and journalists who still think Cold Fusion is snake oil and pseudoscience are the ones that need to read the report. If everyone involved signs onto the report, I think it could help bring this technology to the mainstream.

      • psi2u2

        Yep. And arranging that may take some time. So I suggest we be insistent but also patient. We don’t know what all the considerations are.

        • Observer

          There is power in knowing something before everyone else.

          If your end game is only “I told you so!”, then you are not leveraging your advantage well.

          • Hank Mills

            The basic formula for this technology is simple. Songsheng has proven that a combination of nickel powder (not even carbonyl) and LiAlH4 can produce hours of self sustaining heat at over 1300C. The reason there are not more replications is two fold: ninety nine percent of scientists and engineers don’t know this tech even exists and there are aspects of the fuel prep we do not fully understand. I think once we learn how to properly process and load the fuel, the number of successful replications will increase. This means the “power” of the E-Cat will spread everywhere.

          • SG

            Many (if not all) MFMP replications to date have not enclosed the fuel in PB or W, and therefore no trapping or thermalizing of gamma. Parkhomov used stainless steel at least, which probably had some effective thermalizing occurring, although probably at a lower degree. Not sure how Songsheng contained the fuel. MFMP is now building experiments with PB or W shielding as they realize it is a key component of Rossi’s design, and have published their thinking loudly for the LENR community to consider. I think this might have been one (of not the) missing piece all along.

          • Mats002

            Are you aware that Brian Albiston just ran an experiment with a Pb (lead) jacket?

            See http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/03/29/live-lenr-test-by-brian-albiston/

            No clear excess but possible some anomaly events if both radiation and heat.

            I still think that replications is the best way forward for advancing LENR / E-Cat.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Yes Mats002, Brian is the first to use lead, though it is not directly coupled to the reactor chamber (there is a heater coil and another ceramic in-between) he claims that off a less than perfect calibration he saw COP 1.25 – which is in excess of GS 5.2. Also having lowered the pressure to 0.25 bar – he re-charged with fresh cool H2 and saw a approx. 2.5X rise in Geiger counts over 15 seconds – which, given all the shielding and the extra distance in in-line with our 2013 Celani wire experimental findings.

            In addition, me356 has recently taken delivery of a scintillator and is seeing counts and spectra in one of his plain Ni+H reactors (Celani MAX / *GlowStick* mashup style) repeatedly only when stimulation is applied – he is investigating if there is another explanation.

          • clovis ray

            HI hank, if you think dr. r will give away his hold on this tech, you can forget it, they will not just hand his secret sauce over to everyone that wants it,
            and if anyone tries to produce a product with his formula, all they will get for their effort will be a huge fine, or jail time. so if you are still trying to duplicate his tech , you are wasting your time, what will anyone do with the replication, that does the same thing as Dr. Rossi’s E-CAT. just because you know how something is made don’t mean it’s your’s to do with as you please. sorry I vote no

      • Zephir

        We know that the test was successful – and the skeptics will laugh every private test instead. So we actually have nothing to wait anyway, until some E-Cat technology will be finally launched at the market. I’m just saying the things, as they are.

  • sam

    I would sign one say in a months time but not this soon.
    Roger Green who invested his life savings in the technology
    said A.R has taught him patience.
    He says he progresses slowly but surely.
    Has anyone started a petition in any Country to get there
    Goverment to invest in Cold Fusion research.
    Or did they say there will be a man getting out of prison
    soon that is going to solve that for us

  • Obvious


  • Seems you’re jumping the gun a bit. Rossi said he said he send along the report in 10 days and that was 4 days ago. Let’s wait and see what he does by Thursday.

    • sam

      I found this quote from A.R.
      “I am delighted to see that you noticed that I always do what I say. It has been, as I already said, the most important lesson I got from my father: ‘Think well before saying a thing, but once you said it you have to do it’. “

      • Alan Smith

        Patience, Hank. The report needs to be read, understood, and agreed (and probably redacted in parts) by a bunch of people we don’t even know before it can be released. The lawyers, stockbrokers accountants and the dictates of market timing are now the key deciders. A petition from here just makes us look like petulant kids. ‘Are we there yet, Daddy?’

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Yes, it’s on its way. I don’t think it would have been a
          good idea to release the report on April 1st.

          • Michael W Wolf

            It would have been the best day to release it. Depends on who you see as the fool.

        • psi2u2

          Sometimes its nice to know that the kids care about getting there.

        • Michael W Wolf

          They owe it to the world. Announce it. The report will speak for itself in due time. If they wait, the government may deem it a national secret and no one will see it for a long time. If they announce it now, the cat will be out of the bag. Pun not intended.

          • LarryJ

            If the government tried to withhold it they would give up the USA’s commanding lead in what is about to become the next mega tech. Say what you want about the States, they are business savvy. I think your concern is unfounded.

          • Omega Z

            Rossi’s patent was reviewed for National Security concerns and was not withheld. There’s no need to be concerned.

        • sam

          Mr Mills first heard of cold fusion
          when he was a child.From his
          Father discussing it with people
          in the Church Yard.
          So it has been a long ride for him.
          But you are right we are almost
          there so be patient.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            I’ve been waiting since March of 1989 [I sent a May 15, 1989
            letter to Chemical & Engineering News.(page 3)]. I can wait a few more

    • LarryJ

      Rossi commented today that his earlier comment that he would try and publish the report in tenths of days actually meant tens of days. It could well be a month or more before we see some version of the ERV’s report.

    • artefact

      On JONP:

      “Will Meier April 2, 2016 at 9:39 PM
      Dr Rossi:
      Congratulations for the positive report after the one year test of the 1 MW E-Cat.
      Is it possible that in Sweden you will announce the producton of the E-Cat QuarkX ?
      Godspeed, Will

      AR: Yes”

      • Michael W Wolf

        Isn’t Sweden having an energy press conference in 17 and one half hours?

        • Michael W Wolf
        • Michael W Wolf

          A public announcement will suffice for me. The report can follow at the pace they want. Skeptos won’t believe anything. But we will believe them. And have the comfort of knowing the report will come.

  • Eyedoc

    Just keeps getting more interesting. I’d just love to have the movie rights to this whole story. The strategies being used behind the scenes will make history. …..Just got bunch of Woodford in my IRA, so just kick back and enjoy. ….AR knows if there is ever anything he needs from us EcatWorlder’s , we’ll be there for him

    • LilyLover

      How to go about establishing a new business is very well taught by our dear Dr. Andrea Rossi compared to all top of the line business schools put together. This shows how commerce trumps academics and how academics can be employed in shrewd manner to further commerce and public good.
      Strategy teaching by Dr. Rossi is the most relevant business coaching for today’s world!

  • LarryJ

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. If every person on earth was forced to read the ERV’s report most would still not believe it.

  • Roland

    The strategically successful deployment of a technology that has the potential to alter the current trajectory of our global civilization, and possibly our future as a species, vastly outweighs my desire to know the details of Rossi’s work.

    • Axil Axil

      LENR will follow the path of superconductivity upon which it shares so much. It will be produced, utilized, recognized, and intensely studied but barely understood for many decades to come.

      • Roland

        The rapidity with which design iteration is proceeding suggests, to me, some grasp of the fundamentals involved, as does the control of output modalities.

        In the absolute sense I would posit that the cosmos we inhabit is a minor expression of an underlying order that is vastly more complex, energetic, nuanced, plastic, hierarchical and interconnected than is currently apparent to our senses, instruments and ideations.

        The recognition of this underlying order is in its infancy and a profound empirically based understanding of our own consciousness, in all its manifestations, will likely be the window through which this broader reality will be accessed and the physics of our current continuum more fully understood.

        This is, of course, wildly speculative on my part and exceedingly unlikely to contribute the development of LENR, regardless of its conceptual merits, in any useful timeframe.

        All which is to say that I agree that a complete understanding of LENR, and a host of other phenomena, will continue to elude us for decades or centuries or, possibly, millennia.

  • Alain Samoun

    The reluctance of IH/Rossi to publish the report may be because it is not completely convincing. After all it’s still a prototype, that had some technical problems during the test? but whatever the reason(s), I agree with Mills,publishing the report now will be positive for the technology. The first airplanes of the Wright brothers crashed as the first Titan/Saturn rockets that later reached the moon.

  • DrD

    Kandace Bushnell
    April 2, 2016 at 8:18 PM
    Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Bravo for the positive exit of the 1 year test of the E-Cat.

    Are the 1 MW plants already for sale ?


    Andrea Rossi
    April 2, 2016 at 10:59 PM
    Kandace Bushnell:


    Warm Regards,

    • Axil Axil

      The ONLY thing that really matters is a LENR product on the market. Nothing else will do.

      • Mike Ivanov

        Exactly. NiH reaction had been proven by bunch of researchers, so it is matter of maturity of e-cat technology, nothing else.

        • The report though needed is not the way to prove LENR.
          I think Mr Rossi is well aware of that.
          So he has plan as I see It is to get the commercial plant out to the business world.
          The 100 watt cheap X-E,cat out to the public.
          Who could turn down a 100watts of power 24/7for £10.00 for year?

      • Michael W Wolf

        The government can stop it by deeming it a security risk by being too disruptive to society.
        I hope I am wrong, but I smell a rat.

        • clovis ray

          Hi, mike.
          What government are you talking about, there are many governments involved.
          i sorry brother, but the cat is already out of the bag, ever tried to put one back in a bag–, lol

          • Michael W Wolf

            I hope you are right Ray.

  • Billy Jackson

    I think a petition at this stage is a bit harsh.. it implies a lack of trust and good faith. I do implore them to release the report in a timely manner as many of us have been avid followers awaiting the results. I think they will release it.. i think its better to be patient and give them a bit more time before we try to push them to release it.

    • Michael W Wolf

      You may be right Billy, but there are bigger things to worry about. It should have been announced the day after the prototype run. What if the ERV was a government official? Public ECAT may be stopped. The government can force everyone to shut up, the skeptopaths will say it was a fraud all along and it will go away as if it never happened. Anyone complaining will be called a conspiracy nut.

      • Billy Jackson

        Just so there is no misunderstanding. I support hank in his desires to see the report and all its implications that come with it. I just think that its not quite the time to be doing petitions just yet. if mid may rolls around and we still don’t have anything about a release or upcoming announcement then sign me up on the dotted line.. i just think its a bit premature right now.

        • Michael W Wolf

          I know, that’s reasonable man. But it is hard not to be selfish when you have waited so long. My emotions can get the best of me.

  • LCD

    I think the irony or sillliness of this whole saga is that if this report is real, the tech is real, etc, then there should not be another fission plant, coal plant, or any other type of power plant really, or any more new oil wells, or new fracking methods, or new types of vehicle gasoline and diesel engines planned for its opening/creation etc. But there are. And that in itself represents a massive amount of resources, many of which can’t be reclaimed, being used in completely the wrong way. And that in itself is NOT unethical?

    • psi2u2

      Well, it may be unethical but is probably also unavoidable. Information takes time to move, and those who pay for information to protect their large assets will usually get it before the man on the street.

      This is another reason I’ll bet the report is not being published or announced in a major way yet. I cite the Aramco fire sale and the Saudia Arabian announcement, which has suggestively fallen during the interim between the news of the report’s existence and the publication of any part of said report.

      Big players are moving behind the scenes, it would seem. And if you could get back your investment on that nuclear plant, you would do it, I bet, and it would be perfectly ethical for you to use any legal means to do so. Its hard, for me at least, to even begin to imagine the magnitude of the disruption that could happen here, but the Saudia Arabia announcement was a portent if I ever saw one.

      • Michael W Wolf

        If alien contact is made, the government has decided it would be TOO disruptive to society, therefore it has decided to keep it from the masses. What if LENR is considered TOO disruptive? They had better get this public before that realization by government.

      • LCD

        For the most part I agree with you. I don’t however think there is an organized effort to suppress. I think that is just happening because of human nature.

    • Michael W Wolf

      You are darn right it is unethical, and dangerous, if the government swoops in before the information is made public.

  • sam

    Hello Hank
    I have listened to your interesting interviews
    and videos.I think you are a member of the
    A team supporting LENR and Mr Rossi.
    Because of that it would be good if A.R.
    let you be one of the first to see the report
    and you could explain it to the B team
    supporting A.R.

    • Hank Mills

      Thank you. I’ve been closely following the E-Cat saga ever since the JONP opened. My one primary goal is for the E-Cat technology to be considered every bit as real by the mainstream media and scientific community as photovoltaic technology. Once that happens, we will be in for an amazing show! I would love to be able to see the report — if I’d be allowed to write openly about it.

  • psi2u2

    LENRespect — Hank Mills should be thanked for raising this important issue and channeling the community’s energy around this discussion. In response you make the critical point that all of those who are directly working to prepare this transition are doing Herculean work and we should respect their wisdom and judgement for the release of the report according to their own more detailed calculus of the risks and opportunities. This is a fair response to a call for a petition and a reminder of the virtue of patience. But I’m still glad that Hank put out his “petition.” Maybe it shouldn’t have been called that, but the idea does express I think the widely shared desire, humbly expressed, for further particulars from the test.

    • Michael W Wolf

      If not anything, hank’s proposal has created some great activity on Franks site. It is just what the doctor ordered, at least for me. 🙂

  • Michael W Wolf

    Yea, the supporters have been one big free commercial for Rossi. If he wanted to keep it secret, he did not have to say a word until he had a working prototype. But he needed people to know, that is how he was able to have enough people know to get funding that he didn’t have. So respect and thanks goes both ways. We did wait the thirty days, nothing. What happens when nothing comes in ten more day? What happens if the government decides that it is too disruptive to make public? They need to announce it before it gets quashed. At least with an announcement, it will already be public and less a chance of being confiscated for security purposes.

  • LuFong

    Don’t forget the ERV report is a marketing tool. Investors value information that nobody else has because it gives them an edge. I can see the ERV report not being published in whole and not even in part for this purpose only. It looks like the synopsis is coming but if it’s just Rossi says and typical Rossi-speak that nobody knows what it really means and changes every other day along with no action or words from IH then it won’t mean much to me.

    • LarryJ

      The ERV is not and was never intended to be a marketing tool. It is a privately commissioned report intended to referee a contractual agreement between the customer and IH and to assure investors already involved that the technology will fly and is worthy of further investment.

  • clovis ray

    Marclrvin, hi.
    i like your version of cold fusion— cold fuel– as we do not know if fusion, was even generated, cold fuel, is a much better, name

  • Kim G Patterson

    Tens of days?
    0-99 ?


    • Brokeeper

      Or tenth of days.
      0-1000/10 = 0-99 🙂

      • Hank Mills

        Every day the report is not released — signed by all parties and in the least redacted form possible — is another day that…

        – The pathological naysayers can use the delay to fill the internet with more noise that confuses, distracts, and perplexes both people new to the LENR field and those who have not followed this saga closely. The fact is that the successful test has proven Cold Fusion (LENR) has matured into a source of cheap, pollution free, portable, and unlimited heat energy. The noise creates enough FUD to obfuscate that.

        – The politicians, business leaders, and leaders of this world must continue making decisions on how to spend money on energy without the knowledge the E-Cat represents a total energy solution for the next hundred years or beyond. Long established dirty technologies (oil, coal, traditional nuclear) and ordinary renewable technologies (solar, wind, etc) will continue receiving subsidies and funding when they shouldn’t: because a much more advanced technology exists.

        – The people of this planet will continue onward without a clue that a total solution to the energy crisis exists. More than anything else, the E-Cat represents hope for a better world. Unlike any other technology that exists today, it represents a huge massive breakthrough. Literally, if the Starship Enterprise arrived today they couldn’t offer a better energy solution — unless maybe we wanted to tinker with anti-matter. Literally, this is the equivalent of an extraterrestrial species coming to Earth and declaring, “Here is the solution you need to produce all the energy you’ll ever need without depleting your resources or destroying your environment.”

        – Those of us who have been following this saga have to hang in torment waiting for what we already know is real to be validated to the world. Many of us talk to people about the E-Cat all the time and often receive skeptical feed back. We deserve to be able to have the results of the test to distribute to everyone we know.

        For the record, I do not advocate “forcing” anyone involved in the test to reveal anything. We don’t have that right. But we have the freedom to ask anyone for anything we want. They may say no. If they do, we can keep asking politely, respectfully, but boldly. If nothing else, maybe it will make the conference call (if they are going to have one) in which they decide what can be released happen a day or two sooner. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment. But when a technology is this significant days matter.

        • Thanks for your all your hard work on this Hank and your thought-provoking and prescient newsletter. These are exciting times indeed. The implications are way beyond anything that we’re used to or even our the scope of imaginations.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          But the real question is how come we don’t have LENR right now?

          And the real answer is unfortunate and sad:

          It is the job of the DOE, NASA and those leaders of our country to promote this technology and run with it.

          In December, we saw 50,000 delegates at the Paris climate summit. Read that number again:


          They had shortages of limousines, and aircraft parking was also maxed out due to all of the private jets.

          At this summit governments and their representatives while dinning on French wine and food were asking for money! Lots of money to solve the worlds supposed greatest problem called man’s output of CO2 and how to tax people!

          Never did by the way figure out how they morphed CO2 into that of carbon taxes. Since when is CO2 to be called carbon?

          We happy obliged these CO2 tax scammers with billions of pledges of funding at that summit.

          Guess what? NOT ONE of the 50,000 people mentioned that LENR is a solution to the “supposed” greatest threat to mankind! Worse, you think “some” of the 50,000 delegates could have used the internet as opposed to flying, and staying at 4 star hotels?

          Of course no one mentioned LENR at the conference, did they?


          Any one of the 50,000 people OPENING their mouth about LENR just throws cold water on the NEED to spend billions on global warming. And no such person opened their mouth about LENR since you would not even need the climate summit anyway!

          Same goes for the European hot fusion project (ITER). On the other hand, you would be CRAZY to mention LENR when the JUST handed you a 15 billion dollar check!

          Once again, ONE OPENING of your mouth and their goes your days of cushy job riding around a golf cart in some cool huge underground institution! Not only do you get great pay, but food is provided at a nice cafeteria again curtsey of the taxpayers dime.

          Even better is the ITER does not even have to work, or do anything useful! Hey, no pressure folks! Ya man, groovy government dole job this is! Where is that golf cart – lets go for a drive today!

          Better not mention LENR that would stop the above party on the government’s dime right mates?

          Be it hot fusion, or that of global warming, our governments are selling us out for money.

          And this story goes all the way back to Pons & Fleishman. P & F were among the MOST respected electrochemists in the world.

          The simple matter is people’s credibility, their careers etc. did NOT matter. Government funding wagged the dog’s tail and that tail was more important than clean energy, more important than P&F, more important than the people the government supposed to serve.

          Why give up billions on energy funding?

          In fact money spent on global warming is now EQUAL of Cancer. (about 20 billion annually). So people riding around on boats and at nice cozy institutions don’t speak out about LENR, since that technology will eliminate the need for that institution, or at least “reduce” their
          funding such cushy jobs.

          And we see the same from the USA military
          – an endless stream of propaganda papers on global warming. Since when did the
          military start setting climate policy? Such papers and political views by the military
          MUCH helped to kill projects like the keystone pipeline. (it called national
          oil security!).

          The result? Well, now you have to justify HUGE military budgets to romp around the Middle East all under the banner of keeping the world’s oil supply going. In other words with a TRUE
          ground breaking technology like LENR, you don’t need those big fat military contracts
          to keep our presence and troops in the middle east and other oil hot spots, do

          One simple statement from NASA, or from the DOE would fix the LENR credibility issue in about 3 seconds of time. Once again, satellites to study global warming etc. represents one of NASA’S very large gravy trains of funding – in fact one of their LARGER line items. (as much as

          The ERV report will do next to nothing among the skeptical crowds – we need NASA and DOE to reverse their positions and start serving the people, not running those institutions in such a way that people serve them!

          The sad unfortunate part is our governments and major government institutions have ON PURPOSE turned a blind eye to this technology because LENR actually DOES serve the people – not the government!

          Governments are not only turning a blind eye to LENR, but are activity running the P&F’s out of town!

          Just ONE SINGLE government department from NASA to DOE to the military speaking out in the past 27 years would have resulted in all of us drinking a cup of tea heated by LENR.

          We need a hunger games style revolution!

          It is not Rossi that we have to direct this displeasure to, but your local politicians who sold us out for 27 years in a row, and worse are MORE willing to do so now!

          I don’t believe some ERV report going to change NASA, the DOE, the military etc.

          Our efforts have to be directed to politicians and those institutions that have sold us out.

          So like the hunger games, we need to join a cause, and that cause has to turn up the heat on governments and their public funded institutions who ignored LENR for far too long.

          So the question is not the “right” of asking someone like Rossi, but WHO WE SHOULD BE ASKING to come clean on LENR.

          We not only have a right to ask our governments to change their tune, but it is a fundamental part of the normal political process.

          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • SG

            As much as I’d love to see Western governments quickly get on board with LENR, I’m afraid they will not until their hand is forced by the East. In the meanwhile, the heavy burden is on private industry to break the glass ceiling, although with tremendous financial upside and incentive for being the first to thread all of the needles.

          • their hand will be forced this is all we need to know.

          • -scientist believe in what they are paid for
            -you cannot expect someone to solve the problem which justifies his job.

          • mcloki

            Exactly , Until LENR starts putting foods and school tuition into the mouths and hands of people. This is just an exciting experiment. I hope it changes and it will when the dollars start rolling in.

        • LarryJ

          So far the ecat cannot be used for any kind of planning because it is not something you can put into play. It is fine to say that you should not plan any more nuclear reactors or pipelines or energy mega projects or starve any more people because cold fusion will make it all a waste of time, money, suffering and environment. The world won’t stop turning just because cold fusion is waiting in the wings and is “almost” here. Almost, just doesn’t cut it in the world of planning.

          I think your true motivation for this petition is your second last point about your hanging in torment. I do share your pain on that one. I have been regarded by the people who matter to me as an eccentric wingnut for way too long but that is just the price you pay when you decide you have the courage to stand up and declare that your reality is different from everybody else’s. That is where courage and daring to be different comes in to play. We definitely don’t “deserve” anything for simply seeing a different reality and having the courage to say so. Being honest with yourself about what is real and what is not is its own reward. If you wanted quick and easy vindication you should have accepted the common reality and got on with your life. That’s what the rational people do. No courage required. One day, regardless of petitions, our reality and the common reality will merge. Then you will be vindicated, not before. There is light at the end of this very long tunnel, so be strong.

    • sam

      It will mean by April 8th or before.

      • Michael W Wolf

        yea the 8th is what I thought.

    • LuFong

      I would expect 20 days or so otherwise he would have said within a month. But I also suspect he originally meant within 10 days but it’s taking longer than expected. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Hank Mills

      We live in a world where communication technology has exceeded all others. Our level of communication was not even envisioned in the “Back to the Future” movies. My dream would be that they have a multi-way conference call through the night and decide on what parts of the report they can publish first thing tomorrow morning.

    • LarryJ

      I think the June symposium would give it the greatest exposure and utility in terms of supporting Rossi’s press conference.

  • Zephir

    The communism could work only if the people would be all unselfish creatures, which they aren’t. I’m not happy from the way, in which cold fusion develops in the way of international energy corporations, but it’s better to have implemented it somehow first, the distributed implementation of E-Cat may come later, once the pluralistic barrier in cold fusion acceptation will get broken. You shouldn’t forget that once the first E-Cat unit will be sold at the first market, then its technology will be essentially made public.

  • nietsnie

    Those of us who have been watching this saga transpire from the peanut gallery have a lot of accumulated psychological commitment that demands fulfillment.

    Let us be honest. That is our primary unspoken motivation that the details of the year long test be revealed immediately. There may be some that have some financial impetus – books, symposiums, or their own research. But, for the majority of us, it is as if we have been watching this movie for years now – and we just want to know: WHODUNIT? But, we don’t say that because we know that argument carries no weight and is incredibly selfish.

    Instead we posit that Rossi owes it to humanity to reveal all the details of the results of his life’s work RIGHT NOW! Or we imply that there are mere seconds left on the clock before the planet outright dies and, like some reluctant movie hero, only Rossi can save it – by publishing the results of his latest test sooner rather than later. But, we’re not being honest.

    As to the first argument, Rossi owes nothing to us. We’ve supported him, and he’s probably grateful for that, but, like the Little Red Hen, he’s the one who has done all the lifting while we sat on the sidelines debating and posturing. He wants for LENR to become the revolution that will change everything for the human race and for the planet. And, he’s earned the right to determine how he attempts to accomplish that next. And if he fails – there will be no-one left in the peanut gallery to pick him up again. We will desert him like peanut shells under bleachers.

    And, as for the second, the most important outcome in all of this is that e-cat is encouraged and allowed to proliferate. If that happens the fate of the planet, in terms of whether we will destroy it, becomes less certain. We in the stands can debate what path will most surely lead to that adoption. But, to say that we should have some say in how it is accomplished is ridiculous. The ones who have done the work and the ones who have invested millions of dollars in this idea get to do that – just like every invention.

    It doesn’t always happen, but in this particular case what is best for adoption of e-cat is also what is best for the investors making money. If they are successful at making big money – that also means that e-cat has become commonplace and, by extension, that fossil fuels are being sidelined. To those who have a financial stake in this, the revelation of the results represents an opportunity to sway opinion and they will want to maximize its effect for their benefit. They will want for the timing of the reveal to be in harmony with all the other details of their production, sales, and marketing plan. Bringing out a new product is no small feat. A successful technology can still fail if some aspect of its presentation is botched. There is a lot on the line for them and they can’t afford to screw up this last mile. And our fervent need for this plot line to finally be resolved isn’t even in their list of priorities – nor should it be.

    This perspective will probably disappoint people who are hoping to get something for nothing and think of that as a utopian ideal. The sort who believe that all recorded movies and music should be free to steal and have dreamed of doing the same for their energy. But, they will not have the final say in this case. The latest big reveal for e-cat will happen when it is most advantageous for the people who own it, and not before.

    • Rene

      Now this is silly “We in the stands can debate what path will most surely lead to that adoption. But, to say that we should have some say in how it is accomplished is ridiculous.” Here’s why.
      It is Rossi who continues to make extraordinary claims. That’s fine. But when a person makes claims like that, repeatedly, publically, he has to back them up with solid evidence. Saying “it’s working great, I am pleased F9” does not cut it anymore.
      Now I agree, as I imagine everyone would, that having Rossi disclose the means and methods to his accomplishments pre-patent approval is totally not expected. That is not the issue. The issue is backing up those wonderful claims with evidence. A report need not disclose the means, just the results. Quite frankly, not disclosing the evidence which backs up his claims just fuels the pathoskeptic fires. It’s a bad move.

      • nietsnie

        >But when a person makes claims like that, repeatedly, publically, he has to back them up with solid evidence.

        Or… what? Although I am sympathetic with your frustration with this situation, I disagree with your conclusion. In point of fact – he doesn’t have to back them up. All he gets from you is the potential of your continued belief. What is that worth to him? He has to balance your, and others, continued belief in him and his ideas against whatever advantage there is to him in withholding the information for the moment. He may figure that losing you for now is worth the business tactical advantage of not revealing it.

        But, for that matter, you could make the case that he has already backed up his claim with the Lugano report – plus the several partial replications done by others. I don’t think there is much doubt that LENR is real now. The question is how much and is it safe? For that – we’ll have to wait until he is good and ready.

      • LarryJ

        Maybe you would prefer that he made no claims at all since that would require no confirmation and in your opinion would make him a better person. Personally I like to hear these claims because I have watched him closely for years and feel I have a measure of the man. So far he has never let me down. When he makes a fabulous claim my heart soars. I like that feeling, so I support his making fabulous claims because I know the hard evidence will follow.

    • Omega Z

      Do it for the people. Do it for the Children.
      Actually, screw that, the truth is, “I” want to know.
      10 up votes for pointing out the truth….

  • Physicsonboard

    There’s two questions here, one of “real” and one of “sharing.” If one discovers a new technology that could literally save lives, then it is the duty of that person to share it. Any other choice is literally acting against the survival of the planet. To keep it from the world would be liking withholding the treatment for cancer. So if it’s real, share it.

    • Frank Acland

      Dear Andrea,

      I would think that the ERV report would be helpful in your sales and marketing strategy, as it would show an independent measurement of what E-Cat technology is capable of. Do you intend to use it in this way?

      Andrea Rossi
      April 3, 2016 at 7:13 PM
      Frank Acland:
      A good product doesn’t need any report, but the pass parole of the Customers. The Report is important for us, for our decisions, for our evolution. Our Customers will be indirectly benefitted from it, though.
      Warm Regards,

      • Tom59

        Then it depends on the credibility of the customer and further customers confirming the effect. Probably also on science confirmation (what happened to the Kimmel institute?). Maybe the idea behind is to let the news sink in slowly rather than with a bang. Orbo is out and still not earth shattering. Otto Lilienthal used a glider to fly – all well documented at the time – and wrote a book on the technology – but took many years to progress after that. But the technology is over the hill and in the hands of capable engineers and entrepreneurs. It is not stoppable any more.

      • Gerard McEk

        Strange answer. Why using then an ERV company what you can do also yourself and much cheaper? I doe believe that a creadible ERV company would be very helpful to convince future customers, especially when you start up. Now AR has to relay on this single customer to spread the word and is this customer creadible?

        • LarryJ

          The ERV has nothing to do with marketing and neither does the customer. The point of the test was to determine the reliability and viability of the technology to see if it warrants the large investments needed to bring it to market.

          Rossi already has a large backlog of orders both industrial and domestic to more than justify his first production run.

          • Gerard McEk

            Yes, but would you invest a million bugs in something AR says it works? You would want more conformation of different parties: The customer, IH and a credible ERV company would surely help.

        • Frank Acland

          Earlier yesterday he wrote: “the report, in essence, is more important for us, for the investments decisions and the strategy of production, than for the public, who needs products, not papers.”

          I think the report has already met some internal goal which has allowed for further investment. Rossi says he is now moving ahead with getting production facilities set up.

        • Brent Buckner

          You wrote: “Why using then an ERV company what you can do also yourself and much cheaper?”
          cf. http://www.e-catworld.com/2013/10/26/always-open-e-cat-world-thread/#comment-2606731161

      • LCD

        I don’t see how it would be that much different than the two lugano reports.

        All three combined should start making a dent in the main stream media, but will it?

        It might be up to the customers but it is literally in the best interest of every customer to keep it a secret.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      In an ideal world, I would say yes but that’s exactly what
      Fleischmann and Pons did. Here is what happened to them.

    • LarryJ

      There is also the duty to ensure that the world gets to actually benefit from the technology. It is fine to want to share it but sometimes practical considerations require the inventor to take actions that may not be popular but which the inventor believes are necessary to ensure it gets the widest dissemination possible thus benefiting the greatest number of people. He may or may not be right but he is the inventor so those hard choices fall to him.

  • Hank Mills

    I am not entitled to anything. None of us are entitled to anything. But there is nothing wrong with us asking politely, respectfully, yet boldly. What would be wrong is using the power of government to force a business to do something against their own wishes. For example, how some people want governments to impose carbon taxes.

  • Alain Samoun

    Any scientist, whatever his personal accomplishment and discoveries, could never have done these discoveries without the knowledge of the work of other scientists.That the way the human specie has evolved to the point where we are now.

  • GordonDocherty

    To quote a well-read source:
    “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or
    under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come
    in may see the light.” – Luke 11:33

    “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put
    it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” – Matthew 5:15

    In other words, there ain’t much use in an idea or a discovery – or, in this case, a report – that is not shared, especially in a world full of competing ideas, claims, counter-claims, and discoveries.

    This report does not need to be published, but there is a significant cost associated with that, namely that those charged with making decisions about energy policies – from individuals to nations – will remain largely ignorant of the e-Cat option (including e-Cat QuarkX) and so fail to “buy into the concept” or invest in it (Hinkley Point C here in the UK being a wonderful example of just how ignorant decision makers can be): unlike inventions, people – and hence attitudes – can take many years to persuade and change. Failure to publish this report will act only to slow or even stop the introduction of the e-Cat (including e-Cat QuarkX) and other LENR technologies, serving no one in the long run.

    So, for the sake of educating and preparing the market, I implore those involved with it to please publish the report before it is too late to halt or reverse environmental degradation, the destruction of species who have no voice and, ultimately, of our common humanity and we, humans, as a species.

    • Omega Z


      The report was never for us. It was for those invested(Industrial heat, Woodford investments, etc) to determine if the technology is ready to move forward.

      You know it is easy to keep something of this nature from the masses, but we know that people in high places are aware. As when Emails were sent to certain agencies, they respond that they were aware and monitoring the situation. So when you bring up Hinkley Point C, you should ask those making the decisions, WHY?

  • JohnOman


  • LCD

    I’d be that worried if it was just Rossi, but at this point it’s not just Rossi.

    However I’m not 100% sure about anything yet. To paraphrase… I’ve heard from some credible people the Wright brothers did fly an aero-plane even if I have not seen it myself.