Next Big Future — E-Cat Test a "Failure"

The Next Big Future website is reporting on the latest revelations from the court documents and media reports and have posted an article with the title “Rossi 1 Megawatt Energy Catalyzer is a failure after 3 years of testing by Industrial Heat”

The information in the article comes from the court documents filed by Rossi and media reports which have been discussed here at length in other posts here. There’s no new information presented in the body of the article that would support the headline, which takes a very definite position and comes to an interpretation of the events that could certainly be challenged based on information that has been published.

If Rossi and the E-Cat are going to be judged in the court of public opinion, then reports from non-LENR focused websites like Next Big Future could have a lot of sway.

The fact is that noone has seen the report yet, so it is extremely premature to declare it a failure (it was not a three-year test anyway), especially given the court filings which say the test was a definite success, so I would definitely discount the conclusion presented by Next Big Future here, unless we have further information.

  • Barbierir

    The title is a shame, it’s harder than the very IH press release and ignores all the rest

  • Snobben

    I think Rossi have to move very fast now if he want the world to belive in him… two months maximum, after that he is fried, and will never come back…

  • Do you believe every thing you read?
    No! Mr Rossi has Valid case Maybe.
    Who gives a cuss,If the E-X-cat Works
    If it does we all benefit, If not business as usual.

  • gdaigle

    NextBig Future is feeling some wrath from readers. I hope that the Huffington Post does a fifth article on the E-Cat once the ERV report comes out. I trust their balanced reporting will cut through this legal morass and get to the most important issue, which is reporting on whether the technology works or not.

  • psi2u2

    My thoughts exactly, Frank. The more I read the more convinced I am that the greatest risk in this instance is premature judgement about anything. I as much as anyone else credited Rossi’s association with Darden as a key indication of Rossi’s reliability. But I now see, also, that there are still many credible reasons to think that Rossi, and not IH/Darden, is the wronged party. This looks to be a very complicated legal and scientific and economic situation. You have to add the “economic” because of the world-historical implications of the LENR revolution. And one thing that seems very clear or should be clear to everyone is that that revolution is real, whatever the case happens with Rossi — and in those conditions it seems better to say that we need more facts to form a reliable conclusion than are now in evidence.

    • MasterBlaster7


  • Heath

    Honestly, I really can’t stand NextBigFuture because of Brian Wang and his biases. He favors only positive stories about communist China to a fault and finds it neat to report a lot on military advancements by Russia and China. But when it comes to substantive stories, his reporting comes off as sociopathic and disconnected to everything that is covered which has made me skip his website altogether. If you want information on innovation, there are many far better alternatives.

    • Winebuff67

      Brian Wang is just another hack out there doing his best at disinformation and irresponsible reporting. Surprise surprise!

      • roseland67

        Wine buff,
        Brian Wang is not a hack,
        I find most of his postings worth reading.
        However, he has stimulated interest and conversation by doing what he did and that, after all, is what journalists do now.
        They most certainly do NOT pursue the truth or just report the facts, that is boring and doesn’t sell ads.

    • MasterBlaster7

      Hey Frank…

      You said

      “If Rossi and the E-Cat are going to be judged in the court of public
      opinion, then reports from non-LENR focused websites like E-Cat World
      could have a lot of sway.”

      Did you mean “like E-Cat World” or “like NextBigFuture”

      …cause isn’t E-Cat World LENR focused…or am I reading something wrong.

      • Frank Acland

        No you are right, my mistake. I will correct.

  • Shiv Singh

    I am willing to believe IH, if they say that they are giving back that 60 million they took from the Chinese, they are breaking the bond with Brillouin, and they are retracting their patents.

    I can tell you that they are doing none of that.
    They are basically saying that they reinvented the device. While Rossi’s device does not work, their does.
    Darden should be sent to jail.

    • kdk

      I’m leaning towards your interpretation. I would want to know more before shipping anybody off, though.

    • psi2u2

      You should be a prosecuting attorney.

  • Oystein Lande

    Rossi says commercial sales will start this year, and one or more e-cat heat plants will be delivered to Europe.

    Which would mean Rossi being a Fraud or not should easily be revealed long before any Court case starts between him and IH.

    May be IH got a better deal with Broullioun and plan to become a Rossi competitor….

    • kdk

      It would be kind of ironic if everyone thought the market was going to decide but instead it was a courtroom demonstration. If it takes a year to get something like this heard at trial or not, I don’t know.

      • Omega Z

        A “courtroom demonstration”
        I don’t think so…

    • roseland67

      Again, “Rossi says”
      Hopefully this goes to court asap and the facts,
      Whatever they are, are brought to light.

      Again we wait

      • Oystein Lande

        Or it could take years:

        Interesting info on Florida litigation process:

        “The Defendant has to answer within a certain time (usually about three weeks). The Answer says what portions of the Complaint, if any, the defendant admits to, what the Defendant contests, what defenses the Defendant may have, and whether the Defendant has claims against the Plaintiff or any other party.”

        “If the Defendant doesn’t answer the Complaint, the court may enter a default judgment against the Defendant. If the Answer contains a counterclaim or a third-party complaint, the party against whom that claim is made also has to answer within a certain time.”

        “It’s hard to say how long all these steps will take in your case. The entire process can take from as little as six months, to as long as years. In the case of witnesses, you can be called to testify at any time from shortly after the event to the better part of a decade after it happened. Generally speaking, the less money at stake, and the more issues that can be resolved before trial, the smoother and faster the lawsuit will go.”


  • Harvey Hamel

    Where do you suppose someone like Brian Wang got the test result data that would encourage him to release such a negative article?

    • kdk

      Cold fusion is bunk, and IH is a big company, therefore it must be a fraud.

    • Anon2012_2014

      “Where do you suppose someone like Brian Wang got the test result data that would encourage him to release such a negative article?”

      From the IH response on PRN Newswire to the Rossi allegations.

      Is it not obvious.

  • Anon2012_2014

    Rossi’s lawyer started this media circus by unnecessarily filing a PRN-Newswire at the same time he filed the law suit. We wouldn’t have found about this suit but for a number of weeks normally, except that Rossi’s lawyer was advertising for financial support. Look at the headline “Cold Fusion Verified – Inventor Sues Industrial Heat”. It’s an advertisement!

    The press release from Rossi’s lawyer, like the complaint, was one sided — Rossi’s side.

    Of course IH was going to file a formal answer to the complaint.

    But once Rossi decided to air this out in public by placing a PRN-Newswire advertisement (which cost several hundred dollars), IH had no choice but to respond also on PRN to say that the allegations are baseless, i.e. their side.

    The fact is that this case should never have been adjudicated in the court of public opinion if Rossi actually cared about saving the world from a CO2 energy apocalypse.

    So what we get is negative press for the entire field of LENR while these two fight it out in public.

    It’s all bad for LENR. What did Rossi expect?


  • Dr. Mike

    Did anyone notice that there was not word in the body of Brian’s article to support his headline? Perhaps Brian should review his high school journalism classes to see how to write a story that supports a headline?

    • MasterBlaster7

      Brian isn’t a journalist…he is a blogger. And, I think his article spotlights the perfect contrast between the two.

      Brian only read the chapter on “sensationalism” in his high school journalism class.

      Oh, and he also read a pamphlet on how to get blog clicks.

      • psi2u2

        These two posts perfectly summarize the thinking man or thinking woman’s response to shoddy displays of pseudo-skepticism from those parrotting the commonest opinions they can find.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Thank you Mats Lewan, for the good article below: Rossi should release the report immediately, before IH has time to influence the court to make it illegal to publish. Rossi must not let IH’s publicity gang overwhelm him or be silenced by the court.

  • jimbo92107

    I have challenged every god or magical being with a name to a fistfight, and still not a single one of them has showed up. Nor will they ever. Anybody care to bet?

    Now it is time for Andrea Rossi to show us his god. Bring out your 100-Watt Quark X powering a single 100-Watt incandescent light bulb all day long, a thing no battery could possibly do. We all know this could be arranged quite easily, no more excuses. Rossi himself claims to have plenty of resources. Can he power a light bulb?

    Andrea Rossi, you are now on the same waiting list as Jehovah, Allah, Thor, Santa Claus, and Wile E. Coyote.

    • timycelyn

      Dear Jimbo, may God bless you and in your endless travels, may fruit spring from your loins.

      This is old, tedious, and not helpful.

      • jimbo92107

        Yours didn’t show up, either.

        • timycelyn

          Keep taking the tablets, there’s a good chap…

      • Andy Kumar

        Pray tell us why it is *tedious*. Nothing could be *simpler* and more helpful than lighting a 100W bulb. Is it that your belief system only thrives in the darkness and won’t survive the first ray of light?

        • The constant skeptic refrain of ‘show me’ is tedious – and that is all jimbo92107’s comment amounts to, even though it takes him three paragraphs of blather to get there.

          • timycelyn

            Precisely! I think what is especially wearing is the hypocritical disengenuinity.

    • Obvious

      My brother witnessed a man threatening God to fight like a man, whereupon the man fell from the roof.

  • roseland67


    As Mats Lewan sees them,
    Hopefully he is right

  • Argon

    I just divorced from NextBigFutere via twitter. Simply too many failed shots on that site. Maybe lack of time to check backgrounds in hunt of news – and clicks.

  • catnv

    In all of this I am very curious why we have heard very little from Brillouin. Ever since their demonstration they seem to have gone silent.

    • US_Citizen71

      Cease and desist letter from Rossi’s lawyer, maybe?

  • Albert D. Kallal

    Like it or not, many sites that were “skeptical” of Rossi’s ecat, but were waiting with “open”
    minds for (what they consider) credible information about the ecat.

    With the press release from IH, then many a sites are publishing this statement along with the
    ecat being dead.

    The popular and well run (and well respected) Watts up with that also posted and took IH’s press release at face value.

    E-Cat crumbles: “Industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the results …
    without success.”

    It is a bold position to take in pubic that IH not been able to validate the ecat, and unfortunately
    it is a blow to Rossi. Either IH is very correct, or very wrong. This would suggest that IH’s feels the ERV means nothing (was not valid), or some other reason exists for their position.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Barbierir

      The amount of bias, ignorance, hate, arrogance and trolling never ceases to amaze me and it’s also a little frightening. I’ve already seen it at work in other debated fields and I’ve become acquainted with that mindset. I’m glad that for once in a while the matter is going to be definitely settled by a product on the market.

    • cashmemorz

      Could PR and crisis management firm APCO Worldwide influence the story on and other sites?

    • Anthony Watts is in the impossible physics camp of the Rossi device. He grudgingly gave me permission to write a couple of posts on it, and revoked that until a truly independent review is made. (I agree with him that too many people involved with the Lugano report had earlier ties to previous work.)

      I don’t know if Anthony knew that Eric Worrall was writing an E-Cat post, or if Eric was aware of my earlier posts.

      I and others manage to tack in a few E-Cat notes and news in comments on other posts, especially Anthony’s “Open Thread” posts.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        Well, first, it does help if one been following this story since Rossi arrived on the scene. This bread crumb trail of bits and parts is what allows one to string together a reasonable story to believe in the ecat.

        In other words, one document, one statement, one press release etc. is NOT enough to make an informed decision on the ecat.

        The lack of independence on such statements and the ERV is an HUGE stumbling block – and I rightly respect that position.

        This “string” of tid bits DOES bode well for the ecat, but THESE tid bits take much time and research. And such tid bits taken separately are not independent testimony that can satisfy skeptics.

        The ERV report (at this point in time) is not independent enough for by-standers on this issue. In fact right now its hardly independent enough for me!

        And the chemical company and plant from Europe? Did they already have a working factory here, or did they build one? So time for assembling such a plant does seem short. So the mystery surrounding this “industrial plant” using the heat is another sore point.

        I can well understand such a company wanting NDA, and not wanting to be public. Once again this requirement plays into the hands of skeptics.

        To be fair, the ERV report was not really for public consumption, but if parties involved were made public, the we are able to judge the value of this report. So what the factory does and who owns it is rather important.

        Most damming however is IH dragging its feet on finding a test customer. This issue is simple since such an action would start the clock on payment of 90 million. So Rossi was quite much forced to push this issue and find a suitable partner. I mean, after one month of running, the parties likely knew the plant was a success (or was not.). I suspect Rossi stayed in the plant not to run it, but protect it from theft! I mean, what factory runs 16 hours a day? A standard factory shift is 8 hours, so why run the plant for two shifts? (again, if a standard factory, then sure, two shifts makes sense, or Rossi was simply guarding the plant!).

        We don’t (yet) have details of the ERV and where the ecat reactor been running for the last year. Such details will add or remove credibility to the ERV report.

        During the yearlong test Rossi on occasions stated the customer is very happy with energy savings and Rossi stated several times that the plant is running very well. And statements about long SSM modes again supports that the plant was achieving a high COP. So once again, “bread crumbs” suggests that the plant was working well.

        In regards to WUWT? I have great respect for that site and the vigorous work they done exposing the global warming fraud. However, I do think Anthony been too cautious on LENR, and the irony is if LENR is real then we might not need his site anymore since LENR absolutely kills the global warming scare! So there is some irony here!

        Anyone not having spent large amounts of time following Rossi simply cannot (and should not) believe Rossi – it is that simple! So to outsiders Rossi is a no go (and this makes sense).

        On WUWT I dare say my surprise comes from so many not accepting LENR – that’s a 100% separate issue from Rossi. A simple bit of research and one can rather easily conclude that our man’s output of CO2 is not causing some warming problem, and that same amount of research will allow one to easily conclude that LENR is the real deal.

        In fact I find it astounding that so many still cannot wrap their heads around that LENR is real.

        I wish Rossi would toss us a bone and setup an ecat-x running on some table at an news organization – with a web streaming camera.

        Rossi’s need for security is hurting public acceptance of the ecat, but for Rossi that is of zero matter – delivering a working product is key, and nothing else really matters.

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Just doing the job he was commissioned to do, I imagine. A bricklayer, not an architect.

  • Zephir

    Fabiani works for IH. He said “it” worked. We know Fabiani was talking about the 1mw reactor. Their own lead engineer says the 1mw reactor works. Why won’t they just say what you think they said? Industrial Heat wouldn’t struggle to patent the failed technology on its very own, as Andrea Rossi objects by now… The true is, I still haven’t see these patent applications, though…

    • Please, m for milli (10^-3), M for mega (10^6)

      (And it’s W and watts – first capitalized, second not.)

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “Although there does seem to be solid evidence of low levels
    of excess heat from cold fusion, the larger claims of commercial levels of energy seem to clearly be fraudulent.”

    Aye laddie, she’s just a wee bit pregnant.

    • There goes another straw – quick, grab it!

  • timycelyn

    Either disingenuous or not paying attention.

    “Show us!” they cry.

    So he shows them.

    “Wow, it really works, how clever of you!” They all say

    Except a couple who have had it off on their legs out the back door as fast as they can go to the patent office…

    In addition, there is no faster way of invalidating your own IP if still in draft than prior disclosure.

    Of course, he could cobble together a demo of yesterday’s technology, say lying fully within the scope of the granted patent.

    WTF should he?!!

    He already has clients out the whazoo, queuing down the street and around several blocks, even for the industrial unit. What would he get?:

    1. Lots of applause from the peanut gallery (like he really needs that). I doubt he would even give a monkey’s if it was a route to a Nobel Prize – he doesn’t care about that BS.

    2. All the pathotards would still be unconvinced, and for those of us in the blogosphere we would still have to read their ever more improbable conspiracy/magic circle drivel.

    3. Extra pressure to deliver more product than he can hope to manufacture. His automated plant may be big, but we are talking about potential demand on a world-wide level. The LAST thing he wants is to steepen the climb of the demand curve any more than it is already.

    • Yup, spot on. We need to assign the above to an F-key..

  • Obvious

    I can’t be the judge of that.

  • Mark Underwood

    Like Schrodinger’s cat, Rossi’s E-Cat seems to be in a superposition of alive and dead states.

    • Perhaps our collective expectations will resolve the duality in e-cat’s favour.

      • Mark Underwood

        Hehe, well like Schrodinger I’m not not really a fan of the superposition of possible states type of theory, just using it for some levity. To me the cat is either dead or alive in that box before it is opened. And I anticipate that the e-Cat is alive and well. Heck I downright believe the e-Cat is alive and well in that box.

        • I have a feeling that the superposition will be collapsed fairly quickly – at least that seems to be Rossi’s intent now.

          Levity definitely seems to be in rather short supply at the moment, even if speculation isn’t!

  • Omega Z

    I can’t judge if God is really that “petty”. I do know he gave man free will so I guess indirectly, you could blame God for the man drinking a fifth of whiskey before climbing up on the roof.

  • Omega Z

    I will Not annul the divorce as there was never a wedding.

    NBF is mostly a place of fantasy entertainment.

  • Argon

    Actualy I would not. He has been very effective digging news from various publications, but I got frustrated long ago on him publishing many early discoveries with bold statements without weighting viability or importance of them. I surely understand that his main goal is merely to do lots of updates to gain more clicks.
    IMO Rewarming rarely works if you asked 🙂

  • Not well respected? Certainly not in some circles, though some of its critics also respect it. Nor popular? Only when compared to different subjects, e.g. Taylor Swift or the Kardashian family sites. Within the climate change community WUWT gets far more page views than any other site.

    As for propaganda, please take a look at and point out what offends you. The best articles to look at are my historical pieces, my favorites are and

  • Albert D. Kallal

    Not popular?

    WUWT is BY FAR THE MOST visited climate site on the internet – and BY A COUNTRY MILE in this regards.

    How can you possible stand here and make such a statement?

    If WUWT is not a popular climate site, then PLEASE TELL everyone what climate site is popular and EVEN CLOSE ND IN THE SAME BALLPARK as WUWT?

    WUWT is more popular then discover magazine!

    And discover magazine is NOT a climate only site

    WUWT is clearly the GOLD standard when it comes to climate issues and global warming.

    WUWT been voted the best science blog 3 years in a row 2011, 2012, 2013. And that was with fair and open competition.

    It is OF VERY LITTLE use to argue facts like 2 = 2, or in this case that WUWT is not a popular climate site. The fact that you willing to state otherwise in public suggests some serious shortcomings on your part.

    Now something being popular or not does not make such a site MORE wrong, or MORE right. However, facts are facts, and by any metric and by any REASONABLE intellectual thought process, WUWT is popular and has HUGE traffic compared to climate sites.

    I would suggest you spend some time reading on that site and posting. Unlike most climate sites that censor opposing views, you are free to engage in debates there. In fact in the past few years a good number of climate sites promoting global warming have shut down due to lack of interest where as WUWT remains top of the mountain in terms of traffic.

    You have to back up your claim of NOT popular by telling me what climate site(s) are more popular? (there are none).

    The traffic and popular of that site DWARFS all other climate sites combined (on either side of this issue).

    You conclusion does not fit based on readily available information and data.

    MORE important LENR holds a set of keys to ending the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming debate.

    In fact it was my interest in climate and WUWT that brought me here. LENR can kill the whole CO2 debate and nully the whole global warming movement.

    So work by Watts and Ric Werme etc. brought me to ECW.

    In fact, in a strange way, if LENR is true, then you don’t need IH and Cherokee investments anymore do you?

    Since we ALREADY have a clean energy, then for what reason would you invest in a green fund promoting clean energy when we already have such a solution?

    With LENR you don’t need green environmental energy funds anymore and it is the end of the line for IH and et al.

    Anyway, please do back up your public claim that WUWT is not a popular site.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada
    [email protected]

  • GordonDocherty

    If the e-Cat doesn’t work, why do IH want to hold on to their claim about “owning” the IP? Let me guess. They know a way to “fix it”. Yeah, right.