Me356 Claims COP Close to 2 With Celani-type Wire System

Independent LENR researcher “Me356” has been posting on the LENR-Forum about obtaining a COP of close to 2. Here are some quotes from this thread:

“Today I was able to get excess heat again with COP near 2, then reactor failed due to a bad sealing that started to melt. Reactor was much bigger than previous time thus produced energy was in range of 1kW.
This time I was able to trigger excess heat from 350°C external, then temperature increased to ~700°C external just in 4 seconds. Internal temperature was higher . . .

“Today I think that sort of SSM was achieved, altough lasting just a few seconds. During this period power was zero yet temperature was rather constant – then suddenly decreased because of reactor failure. I was testing also a new radiation detector Si-14B and I must admit that beta radiation was elevated by 2-3 times. Development was rather not dependent on the excess heat production, but I have to investigate it more.


“If you are getting clear excess heat while input power is zero and reactor is still strongly glowing I think that the result is clear. Definitively I am very satisfied altough a lot of work must be done . . .”

“I can promise that I will share all the information needed for successfull replication in very near future.”

It’s interesting that he is working with wire rather than powder and getting positive results, and it’s encouraging that he says he will be willing to share information to help other replicators.

As far as his identity goes, although publicly he is anonymous, Bob Greenyer knows who he is, and has worked with him closely, so I think that adds a strong element of credibility. I am sure there will be continued interest in his work as he seems to be the active replicator who is getting the most positive results these days.

  • Allan Kiik

    As almost everybody here, I hope this is true, but in the previous post “Me356 Video Shows Claimed Moment of Excess Heat” we saw utterly unphysical “heat” with no heat transferred to reactor coil system and no reduction in electric power through coil.
    This can be some kind of stage magic or childish joke, not a reactor with excess power. Maybe he just tests our gullibility?

    • Monty

      Where do you take ur accusations from? U realize u r accusing him of fraud arent u? Is Allan Kiik really a name or is it just a sock puppet name? And what the heck is unphysical heat?

      • Andre Blum

        he’s not accusing. He is mentioning the possibility. That possibility is there, but not a likely one for people who have been following me356, and not likely in the context of many other reports of excess heat in similar setups. I mean: me356 is working on a reproduction of something that worked in the first place.

      • Allan Kiik

        Accusations? Where are they?
        Did you see the video? Did you read what Me356 wrote about it?

        There is steel tube heated to bright glow in seconds, this can be done only with enormous power generated inside the reactor but Me356 tells us that
        a) temperature remains constant because of feedback regulator at work
        b) power through the heater coil remains also constant.

        This is so obviously unphysical that my best hypothesis right now is gullibility test of observers…

        • Andreas Moraitis

          Did he really say that he used a feedback regulator? Couldn’t that be a misunderstanding?

          • Allan Kiik

            Yes he did say that, also that he has more than one source of temperature signal for better accuracy.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Sorry, but I cannot confirm that. He says that he uses different reactor models, and here


            he states that there are also different options for power control. From where do you know which method has been applied in the particular experiment you are referring to?

          • Allan Kiik

            Two sources, discussionon lenr-forum and here Franks post:

            “Key quotes from me356:

            “Can any skeptic explain me, how this can be achieved (other than
            with some source of heat) if you have no heater inside? And to maintain
            this for at least few minutes…?

            Note that the glow was even 2 times further from the heater during
            the highest COP. Normally glow ends just under heater due to thermal

            Also note, that temperatures of the heater are very same in both cases.

            Power was also very same.”

            Same temperature (stabilized with controller) and same coil power, strong overunity heat source apparently does not add any heat. Not possible in my book of physics.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Two (theoretical) possibilities:

            1 – The reaction occurred in the periphery of the reactor but did not last long enough to transfer enough heat to the core.

            2 – Energy was released in the core but mostly the periphery was heated up. This would be typical for nuclear reactions, where the energy is often radiated away from the reaction site before it gets thermalized.

          • Sanjeev

            Better to go and ask him on the lenr forum, he answers fast.
            The “temperature of the heater” will remain same if the power is same. I think its a true statement logically. The heater will produce more heat only when the power is increased and vice versa.
            Now the question is where were his thermocouples mounted? If they were very near to the heater (external to the reactor), then possibly, they will not register the heat coming from the core for some time.
            But eventually the heat will show up in TCs if the reaction is held for a long time. So probably he kept it on for a few seconds. I still think its better to get your doubts cleared from him rather than misinterpreting it based on just two words.

    • kdk

      You guys ruin whatever you touch.

      • Allan Kiik

        This must be a joke, right?
        I am not a genius-inventor, just an engineer with related experience and physics is for me like a toolbox which I have used for 35 years. If I see a clearly unphysical claim, I can recognize it.
        I have designed a lot of gadgets and they work just fine, thousands of them are done so for decades, nothing is “ruined”.

  • Karl Venter

    Well Done ME 365
    Keep going for all of us

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Well, what we have seen was light, not heat… Obviously, there are too many information gaps at the moment – so let’s better wait until me356 provides a comprehensive description.

  • Zephir

    Cellani’s setup doesn’t use lithium at all, isn’t it true?

  • Andreas Moraitis

    There are ways to produce light beyond incandescence. No stage magic required.

  • Private Citizen

    Me356 used to comment on this site.

    Hope he comes clean on what he claims soon. It’s highly doubtful he has something that isn’t already under patent anyway, so he’s likely not going to get rich playing the Rossi tease game.