Popular Mechanics Covers Rossi/IH Conflict

David Hambling has covered the LENR story over the years, previously writing articles about it in Wired UK. Today he has written an article about the latest developmens that has been published in Popular Mechanics titled “In Cold Fusion 2.0, Who’s Scamming Whom?”


You will see some now-familar facts and claims (to people here) connected the lawsuit in the article, along with some familiar names quoted (including yours truly). I think Hambling has done a very good job of highlighting the important aspects of the case and help people not familiar with the details get up to speed.

It does give an indication that something is going on with cold fusion. All the money now involved in the affair does suggest that there are well financed people, countries and organizations willing to at least place a bet on it.

  • Private Citizen

    If PM admits that “something is going on” in LENR, then the official Propaganda Ministry might be making its move. PM seems always to mouth the govt. line, once going so far as to deny Area 51 even existed.

  • psi2u2

    Overall, a very fair summary.

  • Mats002

    I am glad they included MFMP and replicators in the artice!

  • I don’t understand why he didn’t mention the patents Industrial Heat has filed or that Brillouin Energy is another company that claims to be using “Cold Fusion” too. The media only seems to focus on Rossi and not the other millions of dollars being invested by serious people totally outside his sphere of influence. This type of article makes it appear that Rossi is operating without competition. Also, very little information is provided on IH. Its clear to me that some powers that be want to remove Rossi from the competition. Steven Krivit is unnaturally fixated on Rossi. If Rossi was really a fraud there would be no reason for Krivit to hate him so much, just ignore him and let him implode on his own. Money talks, IH investing 11 millions dollars into Rossi was not mistake on their part.

    • kdk

      He mentioned all of those briefly, if not dollar amounts. The barely contained, at best, prejudice against Rossi is going to be in all of the Mainstream coverage.

    • Anon2012_2014

      “I don’t understand why he didn’t mention the patents Industrial Heat has filed or that Brillouin Energy”

      It is called journalism to sell page hits. Writing about Rossi gets a crowd reaction — it is a no brainer. In the old days it was called yellow journalism. Writers focus on what sells ad copy. No surprise, just journalist acting in their rational self interest.

    • SG

      I actually think the article could have been much worse for Mr. Rossi. All in all, for a mainstream article, it gave a pretty balanced take. Now, as known among the LENR community, the patents filed by IH on e-Cat technology speak to a significant contradiction in IH’s public statement and apparent behind-the-scenes attacks on Mr. Rossi. But for a more general audience, maybe the author felt it was too complicated to delve into. It will very likely be, however, a central issue in the litigation.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    What a relief! I was waiting with bated breath to hear from someone from ITER.

  • Andrew

    I love how krivits comments are large font and bold yellow. To me it seems the author is actually mocking him.