Bioo: The Plantpot that Charges Your Phone (Kiko)

The following post has been submitted by Kiko

The Bioo team claims to have developed “the world’s first plant pot that charges your phone with electricity from plants’ photosynthesis.”

Look at these numbers:

Allows 2 to 3 phone charges per day. Power: 3.5v, 0.5A. Night and day electrical production, 21x11x11 cm size, 99€!

Another size 1x1m: 3 to 40 Watt generation.

Now they have gone for crowdfunding (now 118% of 15.000€). They are also funded by one of the largest Spanish enterprise, Repsol (oil company). This make me thing it is not a joke or scam.

They say with a 10x10m backyard grass they could support a whole house, about 5.000€ (four orbos?). They use bacteria.



  • Ged

    Probably from the root system. Plants have to have put in a Lot of energy to separate ions across their root cell membranes. Like our neurons, this charge separation could be trapped to produce energy, as if the roots were an electrochemical battery. It’s amazing the plants are ok with this, but I would expect they would be more sensitive to dry conditions than plants not being tapped. It takes a ton of energy to make a root cell more osmotic than soil so that water can flow in and keep the plant from dehydrating.