A Stellar Electric Bill for the Mysterious 'JM' (Hank Mills)

This post has been submitted by Hank Mills. Note, since Hank Mills first posted this as a comment on An Impossible Invention, Andrea Rossi has denied that Johnson Matthey is the customer, saying “Your comment contains a big mistake: Johnson Matthey has nothing to do with us. We bought from them some materials but that is all. Please do not diffuse false information”.

Since Mats Lewan has acquired the power bill of the manufacturing facility that utilized the 1MW E-Cat, Let’s look at the power consumption from another perspective — that of Industrial Heat and Thomas Darden.

We will start with the figure that 20 kWh was consumed by the plant every hour and there was no other source of electrical input power. This is probably a high figure considering that other equipment used in the manufacturing process consumed at least *some* power in addition to lighting, people’s personal computers, etc.
We will now assume that zero excess heat was produced. This means that in the best case scenerio the amount of electrical power converted into heat will be less than 20kWh, because there will be losses throughout the system. We know this because the plant itself required AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT to be installed. This means thermal energy is being LOST to the environment. Also, the air conditioning used up some portion of the 20kWh.
At least point we have far less than an average of 20kWh worth of heat output being directed to the manufacturing process.

On average, we are told the manufacturing process required one megawatt of thermal power. Even if a full one megawatt was not *always* required, we know that substantially more than an average of 20kWh was needed to keep the manufacturing process operating at a particular rate. This is because the customer knew exactly how much electrical power was required to produce the thermal power. My understanding is that the plant’s thermal power was being used to maintain vats of water at a high temperature near the boiling point. Johnson Matthey* is a huge company that has produced Sponge Nickel for a very long time. There is no doubt they had used vats of the same construction before, used electricity to heat them, and knew how much power was consumed.

To be very conservative, let’s assume that there were times when far less than the average of one megawatt hour per hour (1000kWh) was required for the manufacturing process. Let’s go down to 500kWh.

To be as conservative as Donald Trump, let’s also assume that the steamy hot weather of Southern Florida, Andrea Rossi’s sometimes fiery and scorching personality, and the burning constant glare from the representatives of IH somehow helped maintain the temperature of the vats so even less thermal power was required. For this purpose, let’s drop down to 250kWh of heat being required, on average.

250kWh divided by 20kWH equals 12.5.

This means that the customer was only obtaining 1/12.5 of the thermal energy required to maintain the rate of production.

Another way of looking at the numbers is that they were achieving the desired rate of production with only 8% of the normal required thermal energy.

Now, Industrial Heat can either assume one of two things, if they steadfastly refuse to believe that any excess heat was produced:

1) Johnson Matthey* was testing out a radical new sponge nickel manufacturing process and only pretending to require thermal energy. This new process could be worth billions of dollars and be worth investing in, ASAP. In this case, we would know why they didn’t want to pay Rossi 89 million: they wanted to invest in Johnson Matthey!

2) Johnson Matthey* is in league with Rossi. This would mean something truly shocking: an established global company with a billion dollars annually in sales would willingly risk their reputation to protect a deluded crackpot of a scientist that was costing them money every single month. Instead of immediately closing the plant after a couple of months in which buying electricity from the grid would have been more cost effective, they allowed the scandalous inventor to keep supplying them with enough heat to maintain only a tiny fraction of their full production.

Either way, from the point of view of Industrial Heat, they are onto something HUGE.

Or, perhaps from the perspective of many of us who have been following this saga from the beginning, the plant did indeed produce massive excess heat, the customer’s manufacturing continued right on track near full capacity, and like Rossi has indicated they want to purchase three more plants because the E-Cat technology has SAVED THEM A FREAKING TON OF MONEY IN TERMS OF ENERGY COSTS!

Regardless who ends up being correct, this is going to be a media sensation.

What seems more logical of a scenario to you?

*Note: Since Rossi now emphatically denies that Johnson Matthey is involved, I will openly state I could be wrong about the customer of the heat being produced by his plant. According to Rossi, I am absolutely and totally wrong. However, you could use any established and reputable company in my article and the same would be true. No global company based in the UK with multiple manufacturing sites throughout Europe would allow for one of their production lines to slow to a crawl because a deluded cold fusion nut was not producing the amount of heat he said his device would produce. Regardless who is the chemical manufacturer involved, the fact they allowed the plant to remain open for a YEAR is truly STELLAR evidence the Rossi Effect works.

  • Billy Jackson

    then very simple question.. how much energy does it take to run the same vat at the same temperature with no e-cat involved? no more test required…

    1. Temperature = 200 degree’s (fake number) .. with ecat = ??? kWH
    2. Temperature = 200 degree’s (fake number) Without ecat = ??? kWH

    you don’t even need a year long test for that, a week or two works. end of story.

    • SG

      Yes, if IH are to believed, then 1) IH either knew early on there was a problem and strategically didn’t raise a stink, or 2) IH are incompetent.

      That said, I think the purposes of the 1 year test were three fold: 1) prove the effect, 2) prove that the effect is reliable over relatively a long period of time, and 3) meet the obligations within the contract. So in other words, the long-term nature of the test was due to more than just a need to prove the effect.

      • GordonDocherty

        and, don’t forget, add weight to the evidence that the effect is “safe”. I’ve noticed elsewhere now the test has concluded – and there is a good chance the test is positive – the spectre of “safety concerns” has now been dragged out of the cupboard, just as was (sadly) repeatedly predicted would happen over the last 5 years plus… one of the aims of the test was to run the system and for those involved to still be alive and well at its conclusion (hence the focus on the “health” scare a couple of months back that was quickly established not to be radiation poisoning…). Clearly, that part of the test was passed.

        • It would also have been important commercially to know exactly how long a ‘charge’ was going to last under load conditions. But as you say, creating a record of safe extended operation may have been the primary aim of the test (I’m slightly surprised that UL, TUV or similar were apparently not involved in the testing as part of an initial certification process – I had expected the ‘ERV’ to be an employee of such an agency).

        • akupaku

          Certainly adds some weight to the evidence of being safe and reliable but still not really a satisfactory safety or reliability test in my eyes. LENR reactions might still run amok or even produce dangerous radiation if some border conditions are reached. The test only proves operation under “normal” conditions. As long as we don’t know the precise theory behind LENR, i.e. what is actually happening, such dangerous border conditions might exist and the 1 year test never reached them. For example if the reactor is controlled by software and LENR reaction for some reason goes to unknown never before seen territory, the software might lose control because it does not know what to do or does the wrong thing.

          Brillouin seems to be in better control of this aspect as they claim that they have a theory that explains their LENR reactions. Although I am not aware if they have published any details, neither has Rossi.

          • cashmemorz

            Has anyone else verified Brillouin’s theory? What I am trying to say is that Rossi also has a theory of how his devices work but it is not verified as far as I know.

      • psi2u2

        Right, it was to demonstrate practical utility and safety in an industrial setting over an extended time period. Those who condemn it as “irrelevant” seem to miss this point.

    • Thomas Kaminski

      Rossi: “I needed COP 6, got 50”
      IH: “You needed COP 6, got 1”

      An even simpler test can tell who is statistically more likely to be correct.

    • DrD

      And if the fuel only lasted 6 months?

  • SG

    When Mr. Rossi states that “Johnson Matthey has nothing to do with us,” one possible interpretation is that Johnson Matthey has nothing to do with us because it was JM Products with whom we had the customer contract. Now, I’m not saying that is the correct way to interpret Mr. Rossi’s words, but wanted to point out the statement has some ambiguity, and may be a way for Mr. Rossi to take pressure off of Johnson Matthey while still being technically truthful in his statement.

    • Axil Axil

      Rossi is now into lawyer speak…It Depends on what the meaning of the word is is …

      • SG

        IH are pros at ambiguous statements! Perhaps Mr. Rossi has learned a thing or two from them after all.

      • Billy Jackson

        Rossi has always had a way with words..that lesson was learned when the 6 month test became a 31 day test.. he never lied. .but he never corrected us on our interpretation of his words either… so yes.. he’s very good sometimes at leaving things out that he does not want revealed.

      • Slad
  • Hank Mills

    You are right. Rossi was not truthful when he denied there was a rift between IH and Leonardo Corporation. To be blunt, he lied. However, he was doing so to abide by a contract and NDA he signed. This doesn’t make it right, but it does show he doesn’t lie simply to be nefarious. If Johnson Matthey is the customer — perhaps there could be another chemical company based in the UK that has factories across Europe that produce metal sponge — then he would have a reason to lie.

  • SG

    If it were me, I wouldn’t “lie” about it, I’d state exactly what Mr. Rossi stated, because technically, you could still be truthful while accomplishing your objectives.

  • It can be fantastic, and in that case IH should only moan on
    – the quality of the report (for example if Rossi have removed test apparatus installed by IH, making the result dubious)
    – the IP transfer (for example if Rossi did not give enough data on the SSM or the E-cat X, which are derived IP covered by the license)

    -> this is what I hear.

    Or simply JMC is a dummy company producing warm water…
    -> I hear that too.

    We have to wait for the trial.
    Maybe it is trivial problem that can be solved around a table.

  • Michael W Wolf

    It was based on the assumption that water was being boiled.

  • sam

    I think he met what he said.
    He sounded upset.

  • Curbina

    The test was performed in JM chemical products Inc. Premises, and Rossi will stick to it, Who owns this shell company is another complete different issue so technically Rossi could be not lying.

  • Warthog

    On the contrary. It is ultimately the ONLY thing that is relevant. We know that “the customers” normal process used both natural gas and electricity. We also know that this process was set up specifically to use ONLY electricity and NOT natural gas, probably in order to simplify the overall measurement environment.

    I suspect that there are two KWH meters involved, one on the electrical energy feeding the e-Cat installation, and one feeding the customer’s process. “If” they chose to use recording KWH meters, the evidence should be completely obvious, irrespective of any other instrumentation

    • Axil Axil

      When it comes to getting a jury to see it your way, keep things simple.

    • roseland67

      Are you for real?

      • Warthog

        Absolutely for real. Want to compare credentials?? Or point out errors in my post or logic??

        • roseland67

          Already done that Warthog

          • Warthog

            Really, and where exactly did you do that??

  • SG

    I’m not sure about the fake user conjecture. I read all of the postings on his blog. There are many English-as-second language posters, several from Italy. Many posters dating back years have echoed the “Rossisms” such as “test on course” and the like.

    • Alex Fenrick

      There is no question in my mind that those users are Rossi…exact same misspellings as Rossi…same use of space before and after parenthesis…same vitrol and rhetoric with the same verbage etc. You can easily search on his forum and match up what I am saying…

      • Charles Twain

        There’s a suspicious user on Mats blog now as well. Username is randombit0, 3 comments so far. Empty wordpress account created yesterday just to comment there and very Rossi-ish commenting style Hint: Look up the 2 comments by the user BertAbbing

  • akupaku

    Hank Mills presents a very interesting 10 point hypothesis on Mats Lewan’s blog at https://animpossibleinvention.com/2016/04/20/lets-join-forces-to-bring-out-the-truth-on-rossi-ih-affair/

    Could very well be true, let’s hope not. And if it is true, let’s hope the evil guys fail.

    A conspiracy! I love it, LOL! ;o)

    (just meaning I love conspiracy theories, they are so exciting, epic battles between good and evil, best entertainment on this planet, lol.
    Especially if they turn out to be true)

  • SG

    I’m not sure I buy it. Like I said when responding to you before (as you have posted this conjecture in quite a few places), there are many English-as-second-language speakers posting on Mr. Rossi’s blog and elsewhere. People are following this saga from around the world. In addition, if you look closely at the posting history on Mr. Rossi’s blog for the past few years, many posters have taken up the “Rossisms” and have echoed those in their posts. One example is “test on course.” But there are many others.

    Finally, even if Mr. Rossi is doing this himself (which I view as a possibility but an improbability), how does that make it any different from what Mr. Weaver has been doing?

  • SG

    I also see that you are a relatively new Disqus user–as of March 2016. Welcome to the melee!

    • bachcole

      This is a very civilized website, even if it is still a melee. (:->) But go outside this website, something I very rarely do, it is more like the Vikings versus the Genghis Khan.

  • jimbo92107

    I’m pretty sure what you’re claiming can be analyzed statistically. It’s also possible that a public forum has members from all parts of the world, and people of similar cultures do make similar mistakes in English grammar. Anybody here know how to do a statistical analysis of writing styles? Or how to trace IP addresses?

  • jimbo92107

    What makes little sense is that Rossi would continue to withhold the identity of his customer. Revealing the ratio of power cost versus power required for an industrial process would be a great way to bolster the credibility of his technology without revealing a thing about what’s in the box.

    I can see how Con Man Rossi would want to keep the game going, as con men do, by stringing everybody along with a series of increasingly wild and fabulous teasers, while withholding information that would verify his claims. Sadly, this is by far the simplest scenario.

    How does Honest Rossi benefit from this strategy? Explanations for that take us down a more and more convoluted, complicated path of skullduggery and conspiracies.

    A couple of simple steps would resolve this issue quickly. Release the ERV’s report, and reveal the identity of Rossi’s customer for the 350-day test. Between those two things Rossi could remove at least 90 percent of the unavoidable skepticism we see here. For the last 10 percent of skepticism, let’s see his match-sized 100 Watt Quark X powering a light bulb.

    • SG

      IH could release that information as well, at least the ERV report. It seems that IH would have known the true identity of the customer, but this part seems a little hazy. In any case, let’s hope that the justice system can shine some sunlight. It seems that both Mr. Rossi and IH are ready to let the case take its course. I do have some concern that one side or the other will attempt to file information under seal, although judges in the U.S. tend to prefer unsealed filings over sealed filings.

      • jimbo92107

        Haze is indeed the problem, and relying on a single point of communication failure named Andrea Rossi.

    • Omega Z

      Rossi has laid claim that IH breached the contract.

      However, there has been no court ruling as such. Hence, all agreements and NDA’s are still in force if only the contract has been paused. So unless exposed in the court proceedings, niether side can release the ERV report or any other details. To do so would put that party in breach of contract.

    • DrD

      How come you don’t know the cutomer identity? It’s no secret.

    • Warthog

      Perhaps the customer wishes to be kept anonymous. In which case, Rossi has no choice but to accede to those wishes. But why speculate?? It will all come out in court soon enough.

      • jimbo92107

        No need to speculate at all. This very website has contact with people that are attempting to replicate Rossi’s claims. As soon as they succeed, we can all celebrate. Before that, there is no reason to conclude anything, other than that resolving this question is taking a lot longer than any of us want.

        • Warthog

          I’m not concluding anything at all. But I do find it interesting to see a “handle” I have never seen on this forum before suddenly appear with a large number of negative posts.

          It is a pattern I have seen before, and very typical of skeptopathic behavior I have observed on other forums covering LENR…..but nowhere else on the internet.

          • jimbo92107

            What “handle,” me?? I appeared on this forum a few months ago after stumbling upon the youtube videos of the MIT colloquium recorded a couple years ago. I watched them all, looking for signs of bogosity. Didn’t see any. Peter Hagelstein impressed me as a sincere and dedicated scientist and a great theoretical physicist. His partner physicist invented the Nanor and Fusor devices, which I believe they are still trying to commercialize.

            From there I did a quick Google search for LENR, and guess what site popped up? This one. When I read that some guy named Rossi was actually testing a LENR reactor for almost a year, I was thrilled. As the Countdown Timer marched towards Zero, I hinted to friends that the age of Big Oil was about to end.

            And then the Big Report was delayed, for an unspecified time.
            And then Rossi said he was developing an electric Quark X.
            And then I heard that the “neutral” ERV was actually a buddy of Rossi’s.
            And then Rossi tells us about the impending lawsuit.

            We are now in the land of WTF. It is a large land with plenty of room for speculation. One of the few things I do know is that I miss the quiet, unassuming sincerity of Peter Hagelstein.

            You’re right that I’m a skeptic, but to label me a “skeptopath” is itself a sign of problematic credulity. You wouldn’t be the first one fooled by a clever scientific quack. Even if LENR is real, that does not protect a nacient technology from the manipulations of ruthless con men. Skepticism is not, as you suggest, a pathology. It is a vital tool for everyone that seeks to separate reality from a world full of baloney.

            If you still think I’m some sort of nefarious plant on one side or the other of this particular issue, then do the simplest thing – search my handle on google. Sorry to inform you, I’m a liberal that likes baseball. For your sake, I really hope that doesn’t seem sinister!

          • Warthog

            HONEST skepticism is not a pathology. It is what real scientists do.

            However, there is also “skepticism” which is dishonest (i.e. propaganda). Also sometimes called “pseudoskepticism”, it is rampant where cold fusion is discussed.

            The ultimate goal of skeptopath-ism is to shut down both discussion of and research into cold fusion.

            And I’m a conservative who can’t stand baseball.

          • jimbo92107

            But I can prove baseball exists. It’s a pretty important difference.

  • SG

    Nah. Most forums are populated by “fake” accounts. I have no idea whether you are “Alex Fenrick” or not. The Internet is pseudonymous by nature. It is not a crime to make a posting on the Internet under something other than your legal name. Just because you can track an IP (which in some cases, is not possible depending on the sophistication of the user), does not make pseudonymous posts in and of themselves illegal either.

    • Alex Fenrick

      While you are correct on the surface there with your perspective…I think it falls apart on a few fronts. First we are not talking about just some random internet troll…we are talking about the actions of the key figure in this “circus”…that is a significant difference. Next we have the point that Rossi himself is the one that adds much of the fuel to the fire in the “court of public opinion” that has evolved…so it causes it to look very disengenous. Then we have the issue that most of these fake user shenanigans he is playing is on his OWN site to push his agenda….you can’t cause a more shady perspective than that if you tried. Like it or not….in 2016….online forums are way more than what they used to be in human psyche…online communication and interaction is nowadays starting to overshadow that on non-online….this stuff really does matter nowadays. Trolls are one thing….what he is doing is a different animal. Again I have stated more than once that this is not a smoking gun or anything even close in this case….but it should be of interest when looked from the outside perspective. A good forensic analysis of ANYTHING absolutely takes things of this nature into account. Plus I never ever said it is illegal…not by a long shot…I said it looks shady and causes so much more reason for justified distrust in Rossi.

  • jimbo92107

    “…is that because you are paid to have a one sided opinion…”

    Dude, get a grip on reality. Andrea Rossi’s incredibly frequent comments don’t mean squat until after he as proved that he actually has a product that works. All I know about Rossi for sure is that he makes noises like somebody that might know something, which unfortunately fits the profile of how a con man behaves.

    Elusiveness is the one of the characteristics of a con man. His worst fear is getting caught red-handed faking what he claims, because that means jail time.

    Another characteristic is extravagant claims. What claim is more extravagant than limitless, dirt cheap, non-polluting energy? Maybe a pill that prevents all disease? No, we’re too smart to fall for that one, other than maybe all those multi-vitamins…

    Add to that the internet, a perfect environment to run a long con. The internet allows you to take advantage of all the factors that make a rumor work so well: A fabulous claim, an urgent need, no way to definitely confirm, and a wonderful way to amplify your bullshit with websites, email, and cheap graphics. Wanna see my private jet? Wanna see the skyscraper I built last week with just a spoon? Did you know I look just like a super model? I have pictures!

    I don’t want Andrea Rossi to be a con man, but his behavior fits the profile. He is very elusive, his claims grow increasingly fabulous, and I have yet to see anything that definitively proves his claims. Meanwhile, he uses his “Journal of Nuclear Physics” as a personal propaganda outlet.

    Please don’t get me wrong. LENR may be a real phenomenon, I just don’t know. It sure sounds neat, and it could represent the awesome source of power our species could surely use. But every time Andrea Rossi has a chance to show me his inventions are real, he finds an excuse to not show me. The 350-day test was supposed to show me, but now he won’t release the ERV report, written by a buddy. The contract with IH was supposed to produce a factory making e-cats, but now that’s all up in the air, while Rossi claims he’s going in a bold new direction with his all-new pure electric Quark X. 100 watts from a match stick! Fabulous!

    Show me!

  • roseland67

    Really, from you? Really?