UK Government Department Position on Rossi's Work — "Unverifiable"

Thanks to JNM for sharing the following response from the British Department of Energy and Climate Change to an inquiry he made regarding LENR. It does indicate that they are aware of what is going on.

“Thank you for your email, dated 30 March to the Prime Minister, about low-energy nuclear reactions. This Department’s position on low-energy nuclear reactions and the claims of Professor Rossi is to maintain a watching brief. Should the effect Professor Rossi describes transpire to be genuinely reproducible and to have a nature along the lines he describes, it would likely be the UK’s research councils, and not DECC, that would lead on development of skills and research in this area in the UK. However, given this, we feel that Professor Rossi’s experiments would be more credible if they could be independently verified (e.g. through experimentation that is peer reviewed). This would require the duplication of his experimental method and results by others, which is currently impossible, as he has not yet disclosed details of this to the scientific community. We understand that attempts by others to replicate his process, based on what information he has released have not yet yielded reproducible results and until such time as they can do so, we have no choice but to view his claims as unverifiable.

“I hope that this is helpful.

“Yours sincerely, DECC Correspondence Unit”

  • Gerard McEk

    Well, that’s fair, AR has never been open to reveal his secrets. I assume that some company in the UK will buy a unit of AR with government money, when things start to look positive.They will do tests and disassemble it to see how it works. No country in the world can afford running behind with this. I am sure that behind the screens things are already happening. A positive indication that the E-cat works will start an enormous effort all over the world to unlock the secrets of cold fusion.

  • DrD

    Typical brush off.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      It seems to be an official, defensive, position.
      Another reader may find it – between the lines – aware and cautious.
      Not innovative.

    • GiveADogABone

      It is not really the science that is at issue; it is the independent verification that the technology safely delivers that really matters. If we wait for :-
      1: the reluctant scientific establishment to sort this, or
      2: the end of the court case,
      it will go on for years.

      That will suit the vested interests just fine and in the meantime the patent period runs down. What is the delivery strategy?

  • Jarea

    What about MFMP results, Parkhomov and the Chineses? Are they not independent enough? Are their papers not good enough?
    What i don’t understand is why do they spend a lot of money in investigations where maybe there is no any possible result and they dont want to risk investigating cold fusion?
    It would be worth to build a team in a University that tries to reproduce the results with little amount of money. Just a small percentage of what is invested in the always “10 years away hot fusion” projects.

    • Simply said: they are not conclusive.

    • Billy Jackson

      Our beliefs and the things we are willing to accept are not the same as hard proof and verifiable in the least. unfortunately MFMP, Parkhomov and the Chinese have not really produced anything more than whats already known. some are more open than others but none of them are playing in the same ballpark as what Rossi is claiming.

      Cold Fusion / LENR has political baggage around it.. the stigma that was caused 25 years ago is going to stick to it for a while, as such its very easy to see why you got a polite “we are aware of the ongoing debates” instead of hard commitments we all want to see. Just know that this letter is but the tip of the iceberg there is much much more going on than they are willing to share or publicly commit to..

    • f sedei

      You are correct. And, one can bet the governments were well aware of Rossi and LENR from day one. They could verify Rossi’s claims in little time…if they wanted to do so. This scientific breakthrough is too big for the governments to handle at this time. The possible impact of LENR upon world wide economies could be devastating. More time (how much?) will be needed by the political powers before societies will be allowed to benefit from LENR. In the meantime, you can also bet that the US Government is working like crazy to take full advantage in advance of the other nations. Just my humble take on the situation.

      • Omega Z

        ->”you can also bet that the US Government is working like crazy to take full advantage”

        Somewhere is a place that no one will even acknowledge exists, a shadow agency has done LENR 40 plus years ago. They have developed all kinds of technology and kept it locked up. There are published LENR papers dating to 1962. 54 years ago. 27 years before P&F.

        Those Evil Evil people.
        No, I don’t think so. They merely withhold this knowledge until they think society is ready or capable of using it somewhat responsibly. Kind of like how your parents gradually allow you more freedoms based on how mature and responsible you are.

        When they decide it is time, they start providing R&D funding to that technology. Why not just turn over what they? Because people get very upset finding you withheld the technology for years.

        Less you think this is stuff of conspiracy, keep in mind that stealth technology(F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning), are 50+ year old technology. What do they have now?

        You can’t keep this stuff secret!!! Yet a couple 1000 people are transported in and out of Area 51 and Groom lake daily for decades. Nothing but Silence.

        • Eyedoc

          Yes, unfortunately people can be very strange in positions of ‘power’.

  • Julio Ruben Vazquez Turnes

    Well. At least we know that all the government are aware about Rossi. This could lead to much more speculation.
    But there is one thing that is not speculation. If the government is aware of Rossi, then the market is. So, the more i read about this, the more i believe that the Saudies are moving away from petrol due to the E-Cat.
    Even as speculation, this reinforces my theory that IH wants to stall the development.

    In about 10 years i hope we could look back and see the whole picture. It would be nice if the e-cat is fully implemented then, with Rossi getting his merit, also Celani, Parkomov and others.
    And also to see that there were multiple attacks – China trying to get the E-Cats to copycat them and not paying for the license, the Saudies trying to buy the IP or the licenses, the Oil companies trying to stall it… and so.

    It would be the perfect scenario for a really incredible film.

    • Eyedoc

      Sorry I’ve already claimed the story rights long ago 😉

  • Billy Jackson

    I can respect that stance. cautionary wait and see is perfectly acceptable when we talk about governments. They are aware of the ongoing debates at least..

    • Julio Ruben Vazquez Turnes

      Yes, they are following the latest development with interest. And this is the key.
      If it were a fraud, then they would know it already.

      I hope that we get more info soon

      • Alex Fenrick

        Julio…how would they know its a fraud?

  • Montague Withnail

    You would get exactly the same answer if you asked them about Blacklight (or whatever it’s called now). Someone could give it a try and report back.

    My preference for UK Gov is to push them to fund research based on what open science there is out there. Guys like Peter Hagelstein in particular have some credibility in this field, they should be the starting point.

    We won’t get any kind of official DECC recognition until there is a genuinely credible independently reviewed and totally publicly available verification. That is only right and to be expected. That’s my biggest issue and source of doubt over Rossi, why wouldn’t he just use SGS or someone? It would have cost $100k tops, they would have signed a confidentiality agreement, and (if it’s real) he would have about 100x more credibility right now.

    • clovis ray

      Don’t you worry, Dr. R is not concerned with credibility, he’s fighting for his, cat.
      Honestly, if you can’t see, all the vultures lined up on the wire, well ‘you are being deceived
      Dr.R can’t peacefully work on very important things that will make our lives better,
      when he has to deal with this kind of well” ,a waste of time, and he values his time as he should.

  • DrD

    If it doesn’t work they can always demand a refund and who knows, it might save them that postponed Hinkley point investment:

    • GordonDocherty

      Exactly. Basic risk management.

    • Montague Withnail

      There is such a thing as credit risk. Maybe if Prof. Rossi were willing to keep the payment in Escrow it could work.

      The simpler thing however would just be to get a credible validation done. Until that happens, you really have to ask why anybody else should be getting involved.

      • Billy Jackson

        i think you were right in your first point above.. they are elected officials. and as such.. they are not willing to give their opponents ammunition to use against them when they “bet” on cold fusion. I wish it was as simple as a guaranteed money back situation..

      • NT

        I believe Rossi’s company uses the Escrow method on purchases for the 1MW plants until the customer is satisfied, but I could be wrong. I believe blogger Engineer48, here on record, has the correct answer as he claims to be in the process of purchasing one for a client…

  • hunfgerh

    Usually a product takes the following steps

    1. Development

    2. Independent confirmation (especial for unknown functions)

    3. Production approval for mass production

    4. Operating Licence for the public sector

    Even you take step 1-3

    4. Will be never approved due to nuclear concerns for the private sector.

    • DrD

      Ah but it’s not nuclear. We have it on the good authority of the high priests of the ruling scientific community and the USPO or at least they used to and no doubt not a few still do.

    • Observer


      Is there anything usual about any aspect of this story?

      • Billy Jackson

        outside of the cold fusion angle.. most of the pains that we are witnessing are self inflicted. Rossi has a right to protect his invention.. but he has made major mistakes along the way that have delayed or caused angst among his supporters.

        what i think Rossi needs is a firm business manager or project manager. from everything i have witnessed those just are not his area’s of expertise and as such we have to watch him stumble at times.. this process wont be without pain for us or him.

        • Jerry Soloman

          Top level manager on board is critical for Rossi at this juncture.

  • hunfgerh
  • Engineer48

    So the gov will not issue patents to protect LENR inventions but expects the inventors to fully disclose so anybody can replicate & they get nothing for their invention.

    Nice try but don’t think it will fly.

    • Jerry Soloman

      Correct the predator companies step in to create havic for the inventors and leave doors open for corporate machines to abuse the system.

    • Mike Henderson

      The alternative would be for the inventor to hand over a sealed device and allow others to evaluate that system’s inputs and outputs ony. A non-disclosure agreement forbids peaking inside the box. The contents of the box can remain secret, but the COP and any emissions (alpha particles, helium, gamma rays, neutrons, etc.) would be revealed.

  • Montague Withnail

    You know that our government is run by politicians who are elected right?

    We also have transparency laws so that anything like that would have to be made completely pubic. They would be slaughtered in the media, it’s way too risky a thing as a government, but it wouldn’t hurt to have our academics do some research. All they need to do is put the funding out there, the faculties will soon come round to it.

  • Alex Fenrick

    Evidently the British Department of Energy and Climate Change is on my team of skeptics lol!!! But seriously it is interesting to see they share the perspective that us skeptics have been beating the drum over….just allow your tech to be independently verified…that’s all we ask. Nothing substantial at all here of course…just another interesting perspective.

    • Rossi Fan

      Get lost with this British Department of what-not. Government is a major part of the problem not the solution. Look at their response. They passed the ball over to the player next to them. Ciao amigo! Ask a synecure a silly question you will get a cover your behind response.

      Either way there was talk of e-cat producing some sort of radiation once in a blue moon. In Europe each and every country has a different health system which means you can’t sell the device in Europe until you go through the process N times. N = number of countries in the European Union. The funny thing about Europe however is they trust the US FDA to do a good job. Say you have US FDA approval and you have a green light in Europe. For this very reason these kinds of devices which produce radiation are certified with government officials in the United States first. Then European permission becomes a formality.

  • Alex Fenrick

    No offense, but that is just ludicrous to suggest that the British Government should buy a new controversial unproven technology on one man’s word. Even if they made a ridiculous leap of faith …do you honestly think Rossi would refund them not only for the plant…but the massive infrastructure and staffing cost etc etc?? There are so many other problems with this perspective..we could go on for hours…

    • Robert Dorr

      Do I think that Rossi would refund the money for the plant? Yes. Would he refund them for ancillary cost? Probably not. Do I think the British government has spent massive amounts of public funds on silly and stupid ideas. Absolutely. Do I consider Rossi’s 1 MW plant silly and stupid? No. Massive amounts of infrastructure and staffing to use a 1 MW thermal plant, now that is ludicrous.

    • cashmemorz

      True. Government, at this stage of non-acceptability of LENR, would have to do many things to make procurement appear to be acceptable. It is simpler to wait until the acceptability of LENR has risen to a certain, shall we say realistic, level in the market place and then procure one thru normal channels.

      • Omega Z

        Wait until a realistic, level in the market place.
        At which time it is pointless.

        Anyway, Governments aren’t usually very objective.

  • wizkid

    This is why you cannot drink Coca Cola in the UK ! Nobody has replicated it, so it does not really exist. yada yada yada. Do our trolls under the bridge here secretly drink Coca Cola? Or perhaps they simply wait for travelers to cross the bridge so they can eat their brains …

    • jimbo92107

      You want them to buy what’s in the bag, but you won’t show them what’s in the bag.

      • GordonDocherty

        No, take the bag, look in it, examine it, and if it is what you’ve been told, buy it, otherwise give it back. If we’re talking about bags, that is.

  • psi2u2

    What are the criteria for a “conspiracy theory”?

    Just wondering.

  • sam

    It was likely stupidity that stopped
    Fleischmann and Pons.

    • Omega Z

      No, It was big physics bucks that stopped P&F

  • They only discussed Rossi, not the other multitude of interest who have replicated LENR on commercially viable levels. Besides, the government will only respond after the UK bankers do.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      That’s the problem.
      Likely the “inquiry” was about Rossi, and NOT LENR in general. This is unfortunate,
      as the context should have been LENR. So their position on Rossi having a
      working LENR device is “narrow” minded, but as such their response is correct
      as they are talking about Rossi, and not LENR.

      No question DECC LOVED being able to make this response, and I can well assure such departments are WELL aware of the ramifications of this technology – it is a nightmare for
      them! In fact they can dump the climate change part if LENR is real!

      Taking a position against LENR is far more difficult, and DECC should have been challenged not on Rossi’, but on LENR.

      However, if the inquiry was about LENR and they did a bait and switch to Rossi, then that’s just a downright disgusting response.

      So it would be interesting to “note” how the inquiry was worded and asked – as context about Rossi is everything here.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Billy Jackson

    Right off the top of my head since i am at work.

    His handling of the fuel for the Lugano test.
    The choice of independent evaluator for the 400 day test.

    both were bad choices and do nothing but cast doubt about the independence of the test itself.. (remember i am a rossi fan also so i am not blasting rossi from a skeptics point of view. but i am attempting to be realistic and try to see this from a point of view of someone who demands proof)

    • Omega Z

      I agree Rossi has made some missteps,

      On the otherhand,

      Look how far he has come and still standing.

    • Owen Geiger

      I disagree. Rossi clearly does not trust many people. Can’t blame him. IH turned out to be a pit of snakes. He’s up against trillion dollar industries, so obviously they are going to throw things at him to slow him down or stop progress.

      Also, some of Rossi’s actions such as the ones you’ve mentioned can be partly explained by his desire to cast doubt in competitor’s minds. Of course he could do 100% verifiable test if he wanted. However, that might get him killed. Rossi is still in the game and I trust his approach. Everyone loves to second guess Rossi, but I haven’t seen anyone smarter. No one else has accomplished what he has.

      • Billy Jackson

        Trust has been a major issue for Rossi. I think when you look at the potential of this technology all of us can understand why that is. IH and Rossi’s story does not match up, and the onus is on IH to prove what they say in my eyes. At some point Rossi is either going to have to sell a device that is public and works, or own up to a true independent evaluation that he’s no where near.

        I am a fan, I have much respect for Rossi and what he has accomplished so far. It rips at my heart what IH is doing to him. I refuse to dig into conspiracy theories without solid facts, not deductions or theories.. but solid verifiable facts.. so the challenge is to remove our emotions from the equation and see where things stand now. where did they go wrong, and what road do we see to recovery to move forward.

        The world needs this technology, in that i think we can all agree.

    • DrD

      and the one he just admitted to:

      In past you already had written in this blog that you were working to
      make a massive production factory. It was more than three years ago.



      Andrea Rossi

      April 24, 2016 at 7:52 AM


      True. Then talks with Cherokee began in spring 2012, they were very
      serious and I changed strategy, because at those times I was convinced
      that Cherokee was really intentioned to make a big production concern,
      not a financial speculation. I was wrong.

      Warm Regards,


  • Omega Z

    Leave him alone.
    He merely forgot to include trademark. 🙂

    • Clarity in thought is exhibited by clarity in its expression …

  • GordonDocherty

    Instead of “unverifiable”, that should be “not yet verified”. Unverifiable means it can never be verified, whereas not yet verified means it can be – in fact, the UK government could buy an e-Cat system or two and do just that: the cost of two 1MW e-Cats is loose change out of £18Bn – £24Bn (£18,000,000,000 – £24,000,000,000). £100M is between 0.42% and 0.556% of the cost of Hinkley Point C, or 0.42% of the £24Bn being paid for Crossrail 2, or 0.3% of the cost of the Trident replacement – and they would likely have to pay a lot less than that. Or, they can lose any competitive advantage and miss the boat. They only need to be brave. Oh, dear…

    • Brokeeper

      It’s unverifiable if holding a sack of gold in both hands.

    • GordonDocherty

      forgot to mention restoration and renewal of the Houses of Parliament – estimated cost, £6Bn. If only they had some money to, you know, improve the world or something, like £11.4Bn in overseas aid, then they could even use some of that – cheap electricity, heat, clean water for all. Ah, well, if only…

      • bkrharold

        The hot air coming out from the Houses Of Parliament could be a new source of limitless energy for Britain.

    • DrD

      All very true and what about the Hot fusion research budget?
      I think “unverifiable” is more correct though, considering how many verifications have been made and found to be not acceptable. For something so “earth shattering” the opponents will always manage to find grounds for objection. AR is right, just mass produce but it still worries me “they” will find a way to stop or delay it.

  • Eyedoc

    Hope you’re right Clovis

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “British Department of Energy and Climate Change”.

    Which definition of change are they referring to here?

  • Robert Dorr

    You say fringe, I call it a thermal plant, plain and simple, albeit a new type. It’s 10 million dollars, government chicken feed. How about the 12 billion pounds the British government spent on the NHS I.T. system that was never implemented. When you speak of Rossi’s 1 MW thermal plant, it’s in a single shipping container. How many hundreds of workers can you put in a shipping container? You would simply be interfacing the plant into an existing thermal plant. How many hundreds are going to be needed to stand around and watch that in operation. You can say it would take a ‘massive’ amount but I disagree.

  • toodorky

    What else is to be expected from an entity still glued to the oil and gas industry

  • cashmemorz

    Its not the monetary costs but the political costs. Its too early to be risking anything like party image by latching into something as obscure, controversial and unproven as LENR. Here is where “getting used to the thought of something as revolutionary as LENR” starts.

    • DrD

      That but more so is the disruption and repercussions of replacing (or scrapping) all the existing systems and infrastructure, especially oil based. Just imagine the losses if we no longer needed nuclear or oil or coal, solar or wind. All those careers and investments down the drain. What about the pension funds.

  • Timar

    They may be aware of it, but the obviously don’t pay any closer attention. Otherwise they wouldn’t address Rossi as “professor”.

    • That honorific seems to creep into a number of ‘free energy’ blogs, so these are apparently the main source of information for the DECC.

  • Mike Rion

    And also by people not effected positively by the results. Never underestimate the negative influence of those who can be damaged by the outcome. I have personal experience with this phenomena dating back nearly 35 years in Los Angeles with one Dr. Gerald Schafflander and Consumers Solar Electric Power Corporation (CSEP).

  • DrD

    1) It’s unverifiable.
    2) Even if it is verified we wouldn’t dream of using this “miracle” to replace fossil fuels and other nasties so we’ll bury. We’ll pretend were interested and give it to the SRC to play with for 15 years.
    They might publish some interesting papers and who knows, they might even invent cold fusion.

    I mean can you imagine what we’ll do with all that investement in coal, oil fired, nuclear power stations, Hot fusion research, and the 25 years of SOLAR PV and wind grants that we’re commited to oh and then there’s the unemployed tanker drivers and —— OH DEAR, BURY IT!

    • Civil service pen pushers/keyboard tappers. Do what the Minister says, and don’t rock the boat. Against that background, their utterances on CF are positively enthusiastic!

    • Montague Withnail

      Where do get point 2 from? That’s the opposite of what they said.

  • I agree. The UK government is unlikely to play any significant part in Rossi’s story. However, as far as the response to JNM’s enquiry goes, we should remember that they will be receiving many similar enquiries, and the response is just a neutral ‘boilerplate’ they have developed over the years to indicate that they are aware but won’t get too excited until proof is served up to them on a plate.

    The current standard response has at least moved on from the 2012 verson that was published on this blog ( ). I received an almost identical response to another enquiry a year later.

    Officials at DECC are aware that there are a number of reactor designs and technologies proposed for operation around the world however industry has not indicated that they would be looking to deploy them in the UK. Ultimately, it is for industry to decide what type of technology or fuel to use in its future reactor systems and as yet no proposals or arguments to develop cold fusion technology have been put forward.

    We understand that both Industry and a majority of the scientific community view the claims of the University of Bologna with some significant scepticism, particularly towards whether a nuclear process is taking place. Guiseppe Levi, who arranged a demonstration of Andrea Rossi’s experiment at Bologna, has concluded that more experiments are needed to ascertain what processes are occurring.

    We will continue to maintain a watching brief on this and a number of other technologies but we do not see this as a priority area for research, in the context of constrained budgets.

    Gordon Docherty received a slightly more personal response from the then Energy Minister, Ed Davey in Jan 2015, which was also copied here ( ).

    Some people in government are a little more active though, and the DECC is currently collecting submissions from the public and interested parties about ‘disruptive’ energy technologies, to be passed to a parliamentary committee for investigation. This was briefly covered on this blog.

    As there is still no conclusive evidence for Rossi’s devices, I submitted some information about the GEC GeNiE reactor, which uses a LENR ‘core’ to trigger fission in sub-critical nuclear fuels such as depleted uranium (no response received).

  • DrD

    Well said!
    But eloquent? haven’t you noticed the contradiction?
    They will do nothing until it’s verified and if it is then they won’t use it. They will give it to the Science Research Council. Hmmm isn’t that a bit late for the SRC once it’s proven technolgy, I mean now is the time for any research group to be working on it, not afterwards and isn’t it patented?

  • georgehants

    What an insane situation, if Gates or any other so called benefactor gave a damn about people or the World then he would give Mr. Rossi one billion dollars/pounds to publish every detail about his Cold Fusion etc. (if genuine)
    Throw any stupid patents in the rubbish and just care about people.
    Set him up in a fully equipped laboratory for all his future open work.
    Set Cold Fusion free for all to benefit now.
    All this wasted talk, talk, talk, as if the situation should be taken seriously.
    It simply reflects the insanity of the system that we have allowed to rule our lives.

    • cashmemorz

      Complex systems evolve in strange ways. Our (human) history is very complex and depends on a multitude of factors, man-made and environmental, most of which we are barely beginning to come to grips with. To say it should be otherwise ,at this time is mostly wishfull thinking. We seem to be given to aggression and so have wars, adverserial court systems, highly competitive commerce, the list goes on.

      • georgehants

        cash, so True and some of us work for change, even as you say that may be no more than ” wishfull thinking”

      • bkrharold

        So basically what you are saying is that it is human nature at the root of these problems, and that nothing will change until we evolve spiritually.

    • radvar

      No funds for unicorn powered treadmills, either.

      Rossi did take money, and it ended up in a squabble. Since he’s critical path, giving him more money won’t speed things up either. You can only get so many people around a rugby ball.

  • psi2u2

    According to Wikipedia, the term “conspiracy theory,” as used in America, was had a neutral connotation until the early 1960s, after which it became a term of dismissal or contempt. Hmmm…..In my other real life, I study a prominent historical question (my PhD was in the New York Times and the Chronicle of Higher Education), having published approximately a hundred articles (and one book) on topics related to it, about twenty in standard journals and the remainder in “movement” journals, one of which I edit.

    I am routinely and often very aggressively termed a “conspiracy theorist” by people who have not lifted a finger to really inquire about the issue.

    My interest in LENR partly comes from following the dynamics of controversial subjects involving potential or actual “paradigm shifts.”

    You are correct that little direct and unambiguous evidence connects the recent highly-highly publicized Saudi market moves to LENR. The best that one can say is that they would be consistent with some inside knowledge of LENR or other emerging tech. that is hastening the end of the Oil Age.

    On the other hand, banks have been divesting oil assets at a remarkable rate over the past three or four years, and surely the Saudi move is tied to this. So, when we look at the bigger picture, there is, imho, quite a bit of evidence of underlying shifts in the market that portend something like LENR. That’s why I would not automatically reject the idea of a connection with terms like “conspiracy theory.”

    But thank you for your candid and thoughtful response. I always appreciate your comments.

  • bkrharold

    If so they would probably have said just that. LENR proponents have little influence and no political power. They British government has no need to make any concessions. I take this statement at its face value, which is actually quite positive. We already know that the US government has done secret work on LENR, but has refused to endorse it, or even admit their own findings. You may remember a government researcher who spoke out of turn a few months ago. He was quickly silenced, and no more has been heard from him. He is probably in Guantanamo now.

  • No-one has taken the UK government’s advice for several decades – least of all the people of the UK.

  • psi2u2

    I see. Your list of sins is long, my son. 😉

    I agree that a lot of the things you name, including that the precision stonework in both new and old worlds, poses serious challenges to our conceptions of what these people were able to do or how they could do it.

    My master’s is in anthro so I have a pretty good understanding of a lot of the standard academic theories as well as the heretical alternatives.

    At the risk of being banned for off topic discussion, do you follow Posner’s
    “outrageous” astronomical dating for Tiwanacu? Or do you know that side of it?

    • Alex Fenrick

      I know the name…but have not come across any specifics on his dating of Tiwanacu. I guess I need to check that out for sure! My views are obviously and admittedly stuck right in the middle of the academic views and heretical….which is where I find it most fun and enjoyable to be! haha I must say I am jealous of your background in anthro….I went the engineering and physics route….

      • psi2u2

        He was one of the most serious early archaeologists on the site and determined by alleged archaeoastronomic alignments that the site was something like 20,000 BC, which is more than 15,000 years too early for any standard chronology. The “standard chronology” is based on radio carbon dates. This is, to me, like trying to date the great pyramid based on your discovery of a candy bar wrapper in the sand.

        Well, maybe not quite, but you get the point.

  • Please move on!
    Nothing to see here.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    or let them play too…

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    Our western world democracies seem to be quasi-bankrupt.

    Talking about the world’s political equilibrium, Torkel Nygren’s Sifferkoll has a sombering closing comment in his blog: “What is the use of owning a cheap eCat if we are all off fighting world war 3.”

  • e-dog

    If only Roosi could get his act together, every day he doesnt share his knowledge erodes away at my belief that he has something. His caginess and unwillingness to release his technology (then suit for royalties if users of his ecats dont want to pay him license fees) is potentially harming the planet.

    Climate change is real and its going to hurt more or less because every day counts. I dont think Rossi has a solution at all, because no real caring human being on this planet could with-hold a secret that could save the world, could they?

    What was that bit in the bible about snakes and forbidden knowledge?
    Roosi is treading a fine line here, angels and demons, which will he choose to be?

    Enough ranting. .. one more thing, I wish there was a world wide law that if anyone copied his tech or improved his tech and then made money off it, they should be expected or made to pay fair royalties to him. Its only fair. But I really dont think he has anything… otherwise he would have proper investors and ecats out there right now.

    • Montague Withnail

      Why doesn’t he just conduct a credible verification? That’s all it would take, he wouldn’t have to reveal any secret sauce, just energy in v energy out, small scale (a few kw would be ideal) for as long as it takes to show definitely not a chemical reaction (should be a few days at most).

      – Simple calorimetry.
      – Properly independent and properly credible adjudicators
      – Fully videoed and documented
      – Zero interference from Rossi. Just a sealed reactor and a set of instructions.

      That’s all it would take, very simple stuff. For me he has zitch until we see that, but I’m a huge fan of MFMP who take the polar opposite approach.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    The Netherlands has just followed Belgium in its decision to
    supply the entire national population with iodine pills.
    Is UK to follow suit?
    Is this really going to be the best governments can do to protect people?

  • roseland67

    If they are referring to Rossi’s experiments being @unverifiable” than I understand completely.
    Otoh, if they are referring to LENR, then I think
    They may be doing some misinformation