Interview With me356: Rossi Effect "Is Reality"

The following is an interview conducted via email with European LENR researcher/replicator who goes by the name of me356.

What first motivated you to get involved in LENR replication work?

From the beginning, I was interested in an alternative energy sources. I wanted to be completely independent from the current power plants. Later, with appropriate knowledge, I have started with a replications such as Joule Thief Ringers, static electricity capture, ground batteries, etc. With more or less success. One day I have saw LENR and work of Dr. Andrea Rossi. I was immediately impressed, but there was not too much time for a closer inspection. Finally replication of Prof. Alexander Parkhomov appeared and I knew I will replicate it. This was the motivation.

Can you say something about your name: me356? What is the reason you are keeping your identity non-public?

It took me about 2 seconds to create such nick. There is nothing hidden. Used only in LENR-field. I was aware of many reasons why it is better to stay in anonymity. I was sure that one day, it will work. It was just a matter of time. And for some people it will be a problem.

Can you tell us a bit about your experimental process — how much time do you devote to this work, and how frequently do you do experiments?

My business is taking me approx. 16 hours each day, including weekends. I can work always, if I want. There is nothing like finished work. It must be constantly improved – competition doesn’t sleep. This is giving me enough money for everything I could ever need. But without free time, it is very hard to do anything else. So I have to work even longer if I want to do something else or to make compromise (which has always negative impact). From the beginning, LENR experiments were pure hobby. Now I am spending a great amount of money of my company to buy everything necessary (especially materials).

Because we have very good experience in a worldwide business, we are working on a new products, we can potentially introduce also something different. Something such as LENR-based reactor. I am not relying on any investor or any donation, so I can spend more money on the research and if there is success and room for the product, it will become reality. If anything will fail, there is nothing to worry. We can work on the rest as usually. In this way, I can really realize what I am dreaming about.

When your talk about your business — What kind of business are you in, and is your LENR work part of your business, or separate from it?
I can’t reveal these details. When needed, additional workforce can be engaged. Soon fully working prototype will be finished, then the situation could change.

What is your motivation for continuing your work?

Cleaner planet, better world, no more fossil fuels, interest.

What are your thoughts on the “Rossi effect” (Ni-H-Li LENR)? Do you think it is real? If so, why?

There is no doubt about it, at least for me. I was sure it is working from the time I have heard about it. Recently, I have made many and many reactors that given strong answer where everything else was excluded (multiple times). I can’t be convinced more, it is reality. If this is not true, than something in the universe is really weird.

It sounds like you have replicated it, can you give a brief summary of what you found (temperatures, reactor type, COP, etc.), or maybe a link to a document?

Temperature (core) in range of 600 – 1500°C depending on the reactor. Reactor type – at least 4 different designs. There are advantages and disadvantages of each one. One is perfect in high temperatures, one in the COP, one can yield different kinds of products, one has very good heat convection characteristics, etc. COP – it is above 2. I don’t know the upper value, because very often reactor is melted in a few seconds. It could be even 10, but it is just guessing.

The first notable replication of something like an E-Cat was the work of Alexander Parkhomov in early 2015. It got a lot of people interesting in trying to replicate. What do you think of Parkhomov’s work, and why do you say for replicators not to waste time trying his technique?

Replication without knowledge of the process is nearly impossible. It is easy to build and very, very easy to fail. It is completely blind shooting. It is good for Mr. Rossi, but not good for replicators.

What do you think is an easier method than Parkhomov’s to get positive results?

Already published reports, that are not based on the work of Mr. Parkhomov. Unfortunately completely ignored. No one I know about tried to replicate it.

Can you provide references to the already published reports that you refer to?


Basically each report that was published is useful. I don’t want to point to any particular.

You have said that there are two critical parameters that are keys to have successful replications. Can you explain what those are?

Unfortunately no, at the moment.

At some point, will you share with the public what the critical parameters are — if so, when will you do that?
Yes, I would like to share details that will allow successfull replication, at least of the E-Cat technology. The main concern is safety. When I will be certain, that what will be revealed is safe, I will publish these details. LENR has so big potential that we can’t imagine it. I believe that it will be used everywhere.

What do you think is the key to a successful E-Cat style replication?

Patience and time.

What other types of LENR reactions are you attempting, and what results have you seen?

Current results are very good, but because of this, there are technical difficulties I have to solve. It is quite hard, but once all are solved, it will be just perfect. Then it can be dimensioned for 10W units but even for 10kW without any problem. Progress is very fast at the moment – it just takes a long time until required parts arrive to finish some improvements.

I am spending hours just with thinking about solution. Then days with realization to find, if it was really good. It looks like there is not a good solution at all. There is one prototype that I am very satisfied about, can be extremely cheap to produce, will offer stable output, but there is overheating issue in areas that can’t be too hot.

If there are things you are not ready to disclose, can you explain your reasons for not wishing to do so?

Safety, safety, patents, risks, many things to lose.

  • John Littlemist

    “Already published reports, that are not based on the work of Mr. Parkhomov. Unfortunately completely ignored.”

    I think he might be referring to Etiam Inc. paten application… 😉

    • Zephir

      Me356 referred to Rossi and Bolotov reactor in his own words. Ukrainian inventor, Profesor Bolotov. has developed a cold fusion system that utilizes the transmutation of zirconium into other elements to produce energy. He claims that with one version of his system, sixty watts of input could result in twenty kilowatts of output. Bolotov reactor was formed by rod of zirconium alloy inside a solid metal tube. This tube has been placed in a bigger tube made of material me356 is working with now – and fuel to Rossi reaction should be placed between those two tubes. Bolotov’s reaction is induced by strong “nanosecond” pulses of electric current and gives 3.6 COP. 3.6 X 3.6 = 12.9.

  • Stephen

    Thanks Frank an Me356 for sharing this interview

    • Zephir

      This stance is somehow anectodical, because the whole article lacks the substance completely. Someone (we don’t know who) makes an experiments (we don’t know which ones) with some result (…don’t ask me anymore..). These reactions just reflect the attitude of LENR community, which doesn’t differ very much from attitude of mainstream physicists after all. They also follow the cold fusion news closely (and I’ve multiple evidence for it) – but nothing on the world will convince them to do some experiments on their own.

      This situation just illustrates the incredibly scarce experimental basis of LENR, which gets followed with millions of people – but nobody gets actually engaged in it. Under such an situation every half-blind experimenter can become a king and a subject of thoughtful hopes of the whole civilization. Because, to be honest, what new we really got from the above article? The EM stimulation did Piantelli already, A.Rossi did it, Defkalion also placed sparkplug in its reactor and so on – we have dozens of patents about it..

      The me356 was just the first amateur, who happened to try it too.

      • Bob Greenyer of MFMP knows me356’s identity and vouches for him as a skilled experimenter.

        Also me356 has shared earlier (unsuccessful) experiments publicly.

        So there is a non-negligible thread of trust from us to MFMP to me356 and a history that shows he didn’t just pop up out of nowhere like some troll trying to prove how easy it is to trick us.

        • Zephir

          I don’t doubt in me356 experiments at all, I just doubt we get some more relevant info about it in foreseeable time.

      • LuFong

        This stance is somehow anectodical, because the whole article lacks the substance completely.

        I agree with what you are saying but not too long ago me356 did do things very openly (video etc) in the style of MFMP. I was impressed with what I saw (not too hard!) and his ability to implement was impressive. MFMP has also worked directly with me356 and have supported his efforts. Based on this I’m giving him the benefiit of the doubt for a while at least.

        • Zephir

          /* but not too long ago me356 did do things very openly */

          Well, in the same way, like Karnauchov did – until he wasn’t sucessfull, he just waited for public feedback and advices.

          • Frechette

            Never hurts to seek advice from peers. Even P&F worked as a team yet their results were eventually replicated by Michael Mckubre at SRI and others. Main stream physicists were trained in high energy physics. Anything which is outside that real they reject out of hand.

          • Zephir

            Of course, I’m not even judging it – I’m just drawing the conclusions.

      • bachcole

        I was not taking me356 very seriously, but now I am. Of course everything that he is saying may be a complete fantasy, but I doubt it with the pictures. AND the fact that he is putting in so many hours per day shows focus, sort of like the focus of Newton who also did 16/7 for months focusing on a single problem. me356 said patience and time, but both of these presume focus. Given his resources and focus, I am expecting great things from him. (:->)

        • clovis ray

          Yep,resources and focus

  • Ciaranjay

    Taken at face value on the plus side this is hopeful and encouraging.
    On the minus side more secrecy and vagueness (albeit possibly for good reasons)..
    And apparently the Parkhomov experiment is not available for replication.

    As I have commented before, LENR is a very fractured area of research with various
    parties operating with limited resources and often in secret. This is a poor
    way to advance any technology.

    The only way I can see a conclusion to the waiting is by a product on sale, or a peer
    reviewed and replicated process, perhaps by open source such as MFMP.

    • Also on the plus side (assuming honesty), me356 is at the prototype reactor stage and has the means to commercialize the technology through his company. Plus a commitment to share information and help the open science teams.

      Another player!

      I hope he goes public soon. We are being strangled by secrecy (but I understand his concerns about safety and anonymity).

      • One interesting additional question is, if he’s working alone or is working with some of his employees.

        This could cut the time needed for replications/new design implementations enormoulsy, when organzied.

    • Mike Rion

      Think how much better off Fleischmann and Pons would have been if they had maintained anonymity instead of going public when they did.

      • SG

        F&P are truly the sacrificial lambs of LENR and should be extolled not only for their intellectual honesty but also for their courage. I sincerely hope that Mr. Pons is considered for and awarded a Nobel prize before we lose him. He is now in his mid-70s.

  • Curbina

    His writing style, even if he is writing in English, gives me the impression that me356 is French, anyone else agrees?

    • tuder

      Eastern Europe

    • Zephir

      Yes, its has been noted, that English is not his native language.

    • LuFong

      Maybe Alainco can chime in?

  • Ophelia Rump

    This seems excessively optimistic, heavy on hype and light on substantiation.

    • Zephir

      Someone who isn’t willing to cooperate enough to share the most basic of information on how to produce successful replications doesn’t deserve a forum to broadcast his success. It would just make this forum less trustful & competent than it already is. We can just wait for commercialization of me365 research in similar way, like at the case of another subjects working on LENR in secrecy with no information given (Piantelli etc).

      • SD

        MFMP lent equipment to me356 last year IIRC.

      • Thomas Kaminski

        I guess that I could raise the same issues as we hear from the anti-LENR crowd: Was it independently verified? What did the researchers do to collude? Was their instruments properly calibrated? One of the researchers was thrown in jail (this actually happened to a fusion energy researcher at UW-Madison).

  • Private Citizen

    ” When I will be certain, that what will be revealed is safe, I will publish these details.”

    Playing that safety card hard. What about all the people who might hurt themselves continuing to research based upon guesswork? And is the research community so stupid that if you say “Here is what i’m doing, not sure it is safe. Be careful,” that there will be some kind of mass incompetence suicide by foolhardy LENR researches? Very compassionate of you me356.

    Until we have specifics, this sounds like a Rossi impersonator enjoying 15 minutes of anonymous fame 🙂 Your “few days” are already up.

    Now the faithful have a new savior. Let the apologists commence with the apologies.

    • LuFong

      He detected neutrons three days after and experiment ended.

      • Private Citizen

        “He detected neutrons three days after an experiment ended.”

        He says he detected neutrons on one flavor of secret reactor, which may not even have released excess heat. He says the other secret reactor, without the alleged neutrons, melted.

        Even if he did detect neutrons, tell us what you did and those who want to replicate should exercise due caution.

      • Zephir

        IMO he wrote, he observed radiation, which is common behavior of neutron activation – especially if he used a tungsten electrode, as he claimed.

    • Robert Dorr

      I appreciate safety but too much safety will give us what we have now, chemistry sets that advertise the fact that they contain no chemicals. If we had all the safety concerns that we have now in place in the 18th century we would not be using: process machinery, steam engines, cars, airplanes, rockets, computers, etc. Please safe but not too safe.

      • timycelyn

        Safety mania is the ball and chain on mankind’s advancement.

      • Sanjeev

        Perfect analogy.

        • Rene

          me356 may or may not have achieved a working LENR. Because he has chosen the secrecy path, like Rossi’s claims, they are nothing more than unproven chatter. For both of them the only rational choice to take is to wait for them to put something out in the market.
          There is really no point in following them, or paying much attention to their naked claims until working units are made available. Will be nice if it happens. In the meantime, another bag of popcorn to watch the LENR entertainment channel.

          • Ciaranjay

            Depends on what you want.
            Some people enjoy the game. Personally I am only interested in the final score.
            LENR is only useful to me when I can actually use it rather than reading about various unsubstantiated claims for year after year.
            Actually that cannot be entirely true, otherwise why am I spending time following and commenting 😉
            I suppose even if Rossi turns out to be a fraudster it will still make a fascinating movie.

          • Zephir

            /* Some people enjoy the game.*/

            Such a people should wait for nuclear war after then. The energetic future of human civilization is too serious thing for popcorn entertainment, I guess…


          • Rene

            “The energetic future of human civilization is too serious thing for popcorn entertainment” – this reads a lot like the if you don’t like it or don’t believe, then leave remark.
            The people creating the entertainment channel are Rossi and now me356. Enough of the unproven tantalizing tidbits. They need to put up or shut up. The data they have released is not particularly useful because they hold back the information that achieves strong LENR.
            To date, there have been a few weak LENR positives. That they are weak positives exposes them validly to instrumentation error challenges. When results are weak it is difficult to ensure errors do not creep into the measurements. What is different about Rossi and now me356 is their extraordinary claims that they see strong LENR (outputs magnitudes greater than input energies). Such huge positives should be straightforward to let others replicate and prove. But no, secrecy keeps that from happening. I can understand why the secrecy path is taken – there is a lot of profit potential. But if that’s the way they have gone, then any statements from those people are nothing more than market position statement attempts. It is tiresome manipulation and it has to stop.
            Rossi and me356 need to work out an arrangement with a 3rd party, like the MFMP team, to perform a solid replication. That, or make good on a marketed product or even a limited beta release.

          • Ecco

            At this stage black-box or NDA-covered testing will only serve to reinforce the marketability of the claimant’s [future] products and do nothing for advancing science&knowledge. I’m not looking forward to seeing such tests be performed.

            Those who choose the commercialization path should walk on their own feet.

      • Sanjeev

        I guess the safety issue is just an excuse to buy more time. Me is up to something.
        I guess he announced the success, and then the response of the community overwhelmed him. When everyone started demanding the recipe he decided (for some unknown reason) to keep it to himself. Commercial opportunity can be one of the reason, so far it seems most likely from his statements about prototype and production etc.
        I won’t mind if he produces a prototype for the purpose of raising funds etc. Only concern is that he should not end up like AR and others….

  • LuFong

    You must use emails? Sometimes you can ignore users (like Disqus) but I think on lenr-forum you cannot do this. Sometimes too you don’t want to be rude to someone who is well intentioned. Whatever works I guess.

  • BillH

    I’m not sure I can follow a new experimenter who’s English and grammar are as convoluted and cryptic as AR. You should note Frank, that putting a quote from someone in your subject line doesn’t make it reality, it’s one of those cheap contrivances that many on-line new sites use to say something they want you to hear that has no real substance. It’s only me365’s opinion and should be given no more or less weight than anyone else’s.

    • Mats002

      Me356 is a friend of a friend of mine. I have plenty reasons to believe he is for real. I guess you are a newcomer here. Welcome and enjoy.

      • BillH

        Only new to me356, as you probably know, if you have been paying attention.
        Guess again.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      If you criticize someone’s mastery of a second language, you should be the first to get possessive pronouns correct (that is grammar).
      Whose = belonging to whom.
      Who’s = who is (relative pronoun introducing its clause, and verb).

      Just not to be ‘the pot calling the kettle “black”‘….

      • BillH

        Duly chastised, can you now do the same for me365’s answers. Good luck.

        I do really want to understand what he is saying.

        • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

          I wish. The English grammar is far more accessible and less interpretable than quantum physics LENR experiments…

  • DFarwell

    I am following ME356 with an open mind, I just hope my inkling of Rossi-esque secrecy does not happen after reading some of his statements. While we have no right to demand anything from ME356, he has definitely put himself in the “hot seat” (excuse the pun) of question and speculation. Grabbing a new box of popcorn as my other one has turned stale….

  • LukeDC

    Only once Bob G verifies this will I take it seriously.
    You need to remember that not all experimenters are posting their results for public consumption. Some are bound by their investment in experimentation, employer agreements, or perceived commercial gain.

    • Sanjeev

      I wouldn’t put the responsibility solely on Bob’s shoulders, it has to be a group effort. When there are many pair of eyes checking something, the chances of error reduce. This is exactly the philosophy of live open science.
      Of course, I totally support Bob taking the lead. I don’t know how open ME would be, but the news of his falling ill just before the date of their meeting causes a bit of worry.

      • James Andrew Rovnak

        Just one great experimenter, love to watch his work evolve & his unique approaches.

  • LookMoo

    Can somebody give links to the reports “me356” is refring to??

  • Well. That is my opinion in any case. If the e-Cat is real, then there is no excuse whatsoever for not utilizing this miracle of an technology on massive scale, of not even making it available to more than a handful of people. Rossi presented the e-Cat in january 2011 promising to have products on the market in a matter of 3 months… now we are in 2016 and still nothing has changed, no product, no big customer(like Apple, Google, GM, NASA) that can openly vouch for the technology, and the reports from the few tests that have been permitted have not stood well against scrutiny. I am not saying Rossi or me356 or others should neccesarily be giving the technology away for free, but just keeping it to themselves is in my opinion a very wrong approach. If this was real, it would be so easy to get massive funding. I am sure that the U.S. governement(or any government for that sake) would absolutely love to massively finance further research on this, if the effect was proven to be real. If it was real why in the world would IH throw away their golden goose that they could make billions with, because of a measily $89 million dollars(would be peanuts if the e-Cat works as promised). Well, maybe it just isn’t real..?

  • Steve Savage

    Snakes and Clowns … funny YOU should bring that up

  • psi2u2

    Having the advantage of all the comments the conclusion is pretty clear to me. Thank you to Bob, once again, for filling in critical details to clarify the facts. It would be nice if others asked more questions and did less speculation, it seems to me.

  • psi2u2

    Very witty. I hope you are wrong.

  • psi2u2

    It’s 1. Its just a fact. ; )

  • LCD

    Lol, i like the attitude but honestly maybe a bit too early for an interview. I mean what was the point?

  • This is how we know me356 is worthy of significant attention:

    From Bob Greenyer below:
    “I have designed and conducted experiments with him, slept in his lab, ate with his extended family and visited him Physically 3 times over the past year. We supplied materials, loaned equipment, including our Optris and Power Analyser for more than many months when they would otherwise not have been used and I provided many of our best insights to him, insights discussed elsewhere publicly, even here, but not acted on by other parties.”

    • psi2u2

      I agree, this is a strong statement of Me356’s sincerity, preparedness, and character. We anxiously await further evidence.

  • Thomas Kaminski

    I think we agree. I am perhaps a bit more sarcastic in my presentation. The Atom Bomb research led to the construction of fission-based nuclear power plants. They are now showing that theory reduced to practice might have some unforeseen economic consequences. The hydrogen bomb might have given fusion credibility, but the economic cost of reducing it to practice on a commercial scale is yet to be shown. Numerous experiments have shown that F&P were correct. LENR is in the state of development that is on the verge of economic significance. My point was that since both fusion (via the hydrogen bomb) and LENR (via evolution of F&P experiments) are true, why is it that fusion research (via ITER and other hot fusion experiments) get the funding and LENR does not? Also, why is it that LENR demonstrations are attacked because of experimental inconsistencies, but hot fusion is deemed to be true? I think it has more to do with politics and entrenched researchers who vigorously defend their work. Also, a bit of collective shame that weapons of destruction could not be re-manufactured into tools for societal good.

  • Rene

    Oh my, this is the classic “If you are not of the body then leave” believer response with a selective out of context quote. To bring back the context I also wrote “…For both of them the only rational choice to take is to wait for them to put something out in the market.”

    I am here because there appears to be a strong possibility of LENR and their are others here working to uncover the means to make it happen, openly. BUT, I am not going to be a true believer. They chose secrecy, fine, now they can deliver product because they are not helping the common good, Until then, what they say is unsubstantiated hoo doo. It is better to support open science.

    • bachcole

      Rene, Frank deleted my response, and after reading your whole comment, I am glad that he did delete my response. I apologize.

      I do not know any true believers here. I also do not want to be a true believer. But faith has to come into one’s thinking somehow. I have faith that my wife is coming home tonight and my son will be home before 2:45 p.m. like I told him. I believe the 2013 Lugano and 2014 Ferrara (sp?) reports. Rossi has delivered (for me) in the past. So I tend to have faith in him. (My son just got home in time.) But Rossi’s latest magical and wonderful E-Cat X is just one miracle too far for me without confirmation, particularly in light the age related physical decline I see in his pictures. But I am utterly and deliberately neutral with regard to the E-Cat X; my credibility meter is deliberately stuck at exactly 50% until we get some independent confirmation. But you seem to be saying that it just ain’t so, and I do not see that the evidence warrants that position.

  • : ) We know with certainty that me356 is not Elon Musk. It may be the one thing we actually know.

  • Roland

    Thank you for remaining circumspect, ME356, as apparently little attention was paid to what I think is a critical phrase; to quote “because very often reactor is melted in a few seconds”

    Prior experimentation has noted significant releases of non-ionizing radiation attending this threshold event. The reaction going exponential (in addition to providing the experimenter with a vivid testament of the reality of LENR) till the apparatus melts down is broadly considered to be the gateway to realizing the necessary conditions governing controlled reactions; reaching this stage also entails obvious risks for the poorly prepared.

    Your placement of safety, safety at the head of the your hierarchy of values, and that you appreciate that this admonition applies to more than the immediate physical risk, speaks wisdom to me.

    • Roland


      In a massive public relations exercise, widely thought to be instigated by the People’s Liberation Army, the well known PR firm APCO has demanded that all the data, designs and methods related to contemporary LENR research and products be immediately conveyed to the PLA as proof of the reality that LENR apparatuses with a COP of >1 exist.

      With the ability of the Chinese economy to establish global hegemony through economic means alone thrown into doubt by the eminent collapse of their financial sector and the prospect that the build out of the PLA’s next generation strategic hardware might be limited by available funds the CCP, it has been widely rumoured, turned to APCO to secure the technology that will insure that the PLA will prevail in the upcoming military conflicts over the South China Sea that many observers believe will determine the long term survival of the CCP.

      When reached earlier today a PLA spokesperson denied any commercial relationship with APCO.

      APCO representatives were unavailable for comment before press time.