Mats Lewan Article on LENR/E-Cat Published in Pulse Magazine

An article by Mats Lewan titled Cold Fusion An Impossible Invention has just been published in Pulse Magazine, which is produced by the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement. Mats informs me that the article was written in February, so the latest news and information is not included.

Pulse magazine is not published electonically, but the images below contain the text.×1024.jpg



  • Bruce Williams

    As usual, an excellent well-written article in perfect English from Mats. Well done sir !

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Gerald

      Probably the 12 indicators. So US university’s can do more basic research funding wise? Its almost black humor they need some old Italians bringing light in their educational darkness…

      • Alan DeAngelis
        • Gerald

          Lol, but sadly true. Lets hope the curtain opens quick. 😉

          • Ged

            Well, it is a very pretty looking front page :).

        • kdk

          Maybe to show people because they feel guilty about keeping it secret and doing it, maybe because of malfunction. I think people have a right to know that people are spraying stuff in the skies, and as it turns out, aluminum nano-particles are quite hazardous to health, and as it turns out crops (see Monsanto alumina resistant strains of crops).

  • pg

    Test countdown!!!!!!!!

  • kdk

    There are videos online of them turning the nozzles on and off, and also ones that go into detail about how to tell the difference between contrails, vortex trails, and chemtrails, so probably a CV of somebody honest who wants to be able to say “I was one of those people trying to tell you guys about all of this stuff.”

    I dare you to watch all of it, I know I learned stuff from it. I always kind of wondered about the air trails that fighter jets made when they were doing fast turns.

    On this one you only have to wait a few minutes to see some chemtrails.

    Oh yes, climate change is indeed serious, and Cold Fusion quite necessary.

    • Albert Nilsson

      Those arguments were on the same level as some of the ones sometimes being made for LENR, “It’s a warm day in May so of course the vapour can’t be freezing, even at 10 000 meter…”, and a reason why I often have a hard time taking the field seriously.

      • kdk

        You can see when they have the nozzles turned on and off. “It’s a warm day in May so of course the vapour can’t be freezing, even at 10 000 meter…” Nobody said anything about that, the chart shows that the temperature is like -50 or -60 but the humidity is equal to or lower than 20%. Do you remember these happening 20 years ago, if you can remember that long ago, or around where I live like more than 10 years.

    • HHiram

      Chemtrails are the worst example of uninformed tinfoil hat conspiracy theory nonsense. They don’t make sense on ANY level. If you wanted to poison people you would do it via the water or food supply, not by “secretly” packing civilian aircraft with thousands of gallons of stuff and spraying it in the stratosphere, and then expecting every Tom Dick and Harry in the gigantic international supply chain of aircraft equipment, maintenance, and security to fully participate in the conspiracy when they have zero motivation or incentive to. It’s just completely absurd. Having these sorts of folks associated with LENR is a major reason why the scientific won’t take it seriously. LENR may be real, but chemtrails are a joke to anyone with a functioning brain. We do not need that nonsense on “our side”.

      • kdk

        Did you bother to watch them turn the spray nozzles on and off in any of the videos? It’s one of the modern miracles of CIA psy-ops for you guys to actually buy stuff like “It’s a warm day in May so of course the vapour can’t be freezing, even at 10 000 meter..” You see I have friggin memory and don’t remember it snowing when it’s 55 degrees outside. If you actually watched them you’d see that they were getting measurements and paying attention to things like humidity in the various portions of the atmosphere. Further, it isn’t secret. Tons of people have leaked photos. Like everything else, to some people it isn’t real until the talking heads on television tell them it is. That’s how serious global warming is to them. Not everyone is in the know, and you really ought to do some research into for example the Manhattan project to see how the very first large scale secret was kept from the public. Here’s some news, the methodology has gotten better not worse, like Rossi’s devices.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    And followers of that conspiracy theorist Isaac Newton (Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica).

  • kdk

    They’re doing it because of global warming, and haven’t thought through the consequences. But hey, if you research it, it’s a bona fide fact that they have sprayed germs to research the dispersal of bioweapons and infection rates on people in cities.

  • kdk

    Don’t let me get in the way of explaining when the nozzles are turned on and off.

  • kdk

    The guy in Suffolk you can see the nozzles across the entire wingspan being turned on and off, in the second video you can also see the nozzles being turned on and off. It is plain as day.

  • kdk

    Here’s a vidcap for you shortly into the 2nd video.

    That occurred in the span of a few seconds, not ascending or descending. Full on denial mode man. It isn’t like cloud seeding itself is even a new idea or something.

  • kdk

    Sunlight and ozone destroying things like sulfur and aluminum is new to me.

  • kdk

    I’ve said more than once already that I think they’re doing it because of global warming, not to intentionally poison people (though yes if you also can bring yourself to use google, you’ll find out lots of testing and thought has gone into using weather as a weapon, not any sort of speculation from people watching on the sidelines but from bona fide documents, and look them up yourself, I’m not your nanny, thank God). It turns out that it does poison people, trees and plants, and it’s horrible for the ecosystems which ALL life on Earth needs. Kind of like how the government, along with Russia, increased background radiation levels on Earth multi-fold with excessive above ground, especially atmospheric, testing of nukes. And how tons of people were getting cancer many years after because they were right in the way of the fallout and nobody knew any better, or cared.

    Now I’m here to telling you, they should know better because people are telling them about the dangers of geoengineering, especially with nano-particles like aluminum. And here we are talking about the fix for global warming.

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