LENR Energy Harvesting (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil.

The following discussion is a suggested value added line of business for those LENR based developers that want to make plasma phase LENR reactors more efficient and productive. It seems to me that a small fraction of the energy produced by a hot cat class reactor is generated as heat.

Other energy formats carry more energy away from the LENR reaction than does heat. These other energy formats are RF, visible and UV light, electrons, and magnetism. We know from comments made by me356, and Defkalion, that their reactors produce intense RF radiation. Rossi tells us that his Quark reactor produces intense light, electrons, as well as heat.


For a savvy value added LENR developer, a lucrative and robust technology can be developed and productized that harvests and extracts a large fraction of the energy output of a LENR reactor via rectenna and like photo voltaic means.

First of all, this errant RF radiation must be shielded to meet the requirements of the federal communication laws in many countries. It would be wise to convert that RF energy into direct current via highly efficient rectenna technology.

An antenna system can surround the LENR reactor to absorbed the RF signals rectify them and load the resultant DC current into a super capacitor. A similar antenna system can be integrated into the antenna cover to convert the visible light and heat into DC current. This can be done using newly developed nanotube technology just on the verge of commercialization.


First Optical Rectenna Converts Light to DC Current


A wide spectrum energy harvesting system can be formulated using fractal rectenna technology which integrates a high efficiency rectenna system over the entire EMF output range of the LENR reactor. The industry leading developer will produce a highly absorbent single fractal rectenna system that converts the entire range of EMF emissions generated by the LENR reactor, rectifies it though a comment wave to current conversion mechanism and stores the DC current into a supercapacitor.


The real money to be made in the emerging LENR market place is not in the LENR reactor itself, but in the energy conversion systems that make the energy output of the LENR reactor useful. Only a small fraction of the energy produced by the high temperature LENR reactors is heat. Most of the energy is in other EMF wavelengths and is currently wasted.

A rectenna system is a cost effective replacement to the pipe choked steam generators housed in a large 40 foot container. The light weight and highly efficient rectenna conversion system will make automotive power plant development easy and open up of huge highly profitable energy market for the LENR reactor.

For those skilled in the electrical engineering arts and nano-technology, if you are wise and want to profit from the upcoming LENR revolution, if you are really good at what you do and can produce a dominant product, formulate your ideas now and instantiate them into IP and hardware as fast as you can then submit your patents before the rush begins.

Axil Axil

  • Axil Axil

    I don’t get the original business setup between IH and Rossi in terms of licence fee determination.

    The cost of the wafer and the control system is a small fraction of the total manufacturing costs of the 1 MW steam reactor container. All those pipes, wires, valves, and insulation have to be where most of the production costs were to go. I assume that IH was responsible for the manufacture of the container including the steam related components, and Rossi just supplied the wafer and control system. It seems that Rossi had a sweet deal going where his cost of manufacturing is very small and IH’s cost were very large. Rossi was to get 5% of the total cost of the selling price of the reactor even if IH provided the major cost of manufacture.

    Was Rossi restricted to sell his wafers to IH only, or could Rossi supply his products to other system’s integrators, say a turbine engine manufacturer. That is to say that IH was the only source of LENR products? If IH was not the sole LENR product vender, IH would be at a great marketing disadvantage.

    Or was IH permitted to manufacture the wafer and sell it as an OEM to other LENR applications?

    Or even worst for IH, Rossi can also sell this reactor to other value added people as an OEM.

    Rossi’s new marketing plan to be the OEM to multiple value added venders of his product covering many and varied applications seems more advantageous to the LENR marketplace since many companies can innovate and compete.

    For example, the company who manufactures the Energy harvester with integrated Quark reactor would blow the steam container with wafer right out of the water: no contest.

  • Axil Axil

    It might be possible to use Rossi’s “too cheap to compete against” reactor manufacturing strategy to undercut Rossi. If Rossi sells reactor product at a rock bottom price with a small markup, by adding great value to the proprietary final LENR product, IH will receive most of the profit margin from a LENR product.

    The Quark reactor will become a commodity much like a PC processor chip and its standardized interfaces will make it applicable in many value added applications.

    For example, if a turbofan jet engine that uses Rossi’s product is sold, the majority of the profit would go to the engine manufacturer and not to the manufacture of the heat generation reactor chip. Likewise, if a automobile engine uses Rossi’s Quark reactor at very high efficiency, then most of the selling price for that engine would go to the engine manufacture and not to buy Quark reactors, that is, not the subcomponent OEMs: Rossi. The real money will be made not in the IP for LENR reactor IP, but to the block buster value added IP applications that uses the LENR reactor.

    The majority of the profit produced in the manufacture of a car does not go to the manufacturer of its pistons, but to the final assemblers of the car especially if the car contains highly innovative and sought after proprietary innovations,

    • Observer

      And that is how the Quark X is going to stimulate the economy. Everything will need to be redesigned and rebuilt. Just as when transistors replaced vacuum tubes, the first generation of products will just swap Quark X’s for the current heat/power source, and the second generation of products will be designed specifically for the Quark X’s.

      • Axil Axil

        Rossi wants to use the Quark as the basis of any LENR product development. The wafers and powder are obsolete tech.

    • Ophelia Rump

      That is the ideal solution for Rossi.
      To make a small cut on every product in the word, and do that with as short a delay as possible. One cent on every dollar of the global gross cost of everything.

      • Axil Axil

        The point is that Rossi has not though of everything. He is only one man and the applications for LENR is huge, Value added development that uses the Quark as a base will be as profitable as the reactor itself.

        The Quark needs to be upgraded to produce direct electric power. The production of steam is a complete waste of the power of the LENR technology.

        The person who develops that technology will also make a profit on each Quark sold and that profit margin will be grater than what Rossi can make.

        • Steve Swatman

          Axil I seem to remember Mr Rossi saying that he at least 60 patents in the pipeline while working on the Quarkx,

          Maybe he has thought of everything, and is just beavering away to get those patents filed and proven before he hits the markets.

          Leonardo Corporation and its CEO &
          Founder Andrea Rossi have filed the applications to extend the US Patent
          in all the world in accordance with the received PCT from WIPO october
          2015, (ref). Besides other 60 patent applications related to all the
          improvements of the technology are pending.

          • Axil Axil

            IMHO, the production of heat in the Quark reactor carries a small fraction of the energy produced by that type reactor. Rossi has never said that his reactor produced intense RF radiation. We know this fact from me356 and Defkalion.

            Rossi has never said that he is converting the EMF output (x-rays, UV, visible light, RF) into direct current. This is what R, Mills is doing in the SunCell. Mills uses photovoltaics to convert heat into DC electric current. Rossi has just wasted a year building a steam plant, a poor way to use LENR power.

          • DrD

            I think we may find that he has in fact been concentrating very heavily on the production of electric current. As you say, unlike Mills and others, he claims he is not going to do it by converting (“conventionally”) any of those energy forms. If we take him at his word, the output can be chosen to be DC electric with very little else and with no intermediate energy conversion.
            We’re all intrigued to learn how he’s doing it and I’m sure you have you have a good idea already.
            I also was of the impression that IH was to have been responsible for the manufacture of the entire unit. He boasted about how they had, under his guidance, built the reactor core including the fuel.
            Maybe we will know a lot more by the end of the week. More realistically, it will emerge in dribbles over a much longer time scale. After all, he isn’t going to simply give away his most valuable secrets.

          • Axil Axil

            I beleive that the LENR reactor converts protons and neutrons into mesons. The Quark reactor will become electrostatically charged as we have learned from Rossi’s blog. Rossi just drains that charge to produce current.

          • tlp

            Mills next demo is 28th this month, in about three weeks we know much more about SunCell development.
            In the January demo Mills allready talked about direct electric generation from x-rays using blu-ray laser materials, but said that it is the next phase after this fist phase thermal photo voltaic conversion.

          • Axil Axil

            I wish R.Mills the best of luck. LENR needs serious competition to get its act together.

            With a successful product, Mill’s tech will come under intense study and replication. The truth will come out.

  • Fedir Mykhaylov

    Rossi did not say anything about the radio emission from the surface of the reactor ” quark ” . What is the efficiency you expect to get in direct conversion ?

    • Axil Axil


      RF conversion has been shown to reach about 80%

      Visible light, UV, x-rays conversion efficiency might reach 90%. Currently PV conversion efficiency has reached 40% and above,

      Keep in mind, there is a tradeoff between efficiency and cost of the device where the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

  • Axil Axil

    I suspect that the Quark produces Muons. Rossi might have a way to confine the muons which would produce more muon catalyzed fusion reactions and therefore more heat.

    But if Rossi allows the muons to escape the Quark, they decay into electrons and not available for the fusion reaction. Its just a working theory.

    A muon is a heavy electron. It can be confined magnetically and/or electronically.

  • Axil Axil

    I beleive that the Quark produces a large number of subatomic particles(muons) and electrons. The energy needed to do that is very large.

    Muons have a mass of 105.7 MeV/c2, which is about 207 times that of the electron.

  • Fedir Mykhaylov

    Apparently it is advisable to multi-stage conversion. The radiation in the optical range using photovoltaic, antenna or thermionic converter. Then, thermal catalytic decomposition of water vapor using hydrogen in fuel cells. The last stage, the use of superheated steam in the Rankine cycle in a steam turbine.

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