Is Today the DAY? (Tom Conover)

The following image was sent by Tom Conover who writes: “A tribute to Andrea Rossi for his passion to help mankind.”


  • Paul Smith

    That image insn’t really real…

  • fusionrudy

    Great vision, Paul. I hope it materialises.

  • sam

    I hope a small picture of Sven Kullander is also on the cover.
    A.R. gives him a lot of credit for his success.

  • cashmemorz

    Hail Caesar Rossi !?! If only Rossi could make himself Caesar of the energy world as easily as I can fudge an extra day via Microsoft Paint.

  • Paul Smith

    Quella pagina è uno speranzoso fotomontaggio. In quanto ad essere scettico, ognuno ha il diritto di pensarla come vuole. Dal mio punto di vista, io sono invece molto fiducioso.