LENR for Dummies — A Beginner's Guide to Cold Fusion Research (LookingForHeat.com Video)

Here’s a new video published by Looking for Heat titled “LENR for Dummies – A beginner’s guide to Cold Fusion Research”. According to LFH the purpose of the video is provide an introduction to what LENR/Cold Fusion is and to show the LFH “Model T” experimental testbed setup.

  • cashmemorz

    Who will be the first to admit being a dummy? ..Oops….

    • Brokeeper

      ‘Know thyself,’ and ‘Nothing too much’ – Socrates

    • Mats002

      IT professionals admit. We have many books of xyz for dummies.

      It is a challange to describe complicated matters in a simple way.

  • Alan Smith

    Sam and I hope and believe you are right, Zephir.