Rossi: "I Confirm the [Industrial E-Cat] Production is Started" [Update: Production Currently in USA, Sweden "Soon"]

Andrea Rossi has answered some questions over the last few days on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the production of E-Cat plants, and I thought it might be useful to put all the questions and answers together in one post to give as complete a picture as possible of what he is saying about the state of production.

  1. Are you confirming that the production of the industrial E-Cat is already started, or you had to stop it for some reason? — I confirm the production is started.
  2. These are low-temperature E-Cat plants? — yes, so far
  3. The design has been finalized for these plants? — not exclusively
  4. How many plants are currently ordered? — confidential
  5. Can you build more than one at a time? — I prefer to reserve the answer
  6. When do you expect the first of these plants will be completed? — I prefer to reserve the answer
  7. When do you expect the first of these plants will be installed? — I will give information of it when it will be working
  8. How many workers are involved in building these plants? — enough
  9. Are you personally involved in production process, or have you delegated this taAre the workers involved in the construction of the industrial plants to others? — I am personally involved
  10. Are the workers involved in the construction of the industrial plants
    A from 1 to 5
    B from 5 to 10
    C from 10 to 15 — B

The picture I am getting from these responses is that the production is underway in a rather small-scale way, with R&D still going on. Rossi’s answer to question 3 above makes it sound like the final design of these plants has not yet been decided upon. Perhaps they are building reactors and other components first, and are still determining some of the details.

It doesn’t sound like QuarkX plants are being built yet, but the answer to question 2 makes me think that they would like to use it in the future. If there are only 5-10 people involved in building the plants still we are talking about a small-scale operation, certainly not the “massive” production levels that Rossi has said is his goal.

Still, this is how many new inventions are developed. Expensive, time-consuming handmade models are the first to make it into the market, probably with immature designs. Rossi has said his first customers will be pioneers who are prepared to deal with products that might develop problems that require fixes from his team. It will be a big day if one of these plants is publicly announced as being in operation and the current levels of deep secrecy are lifted.

UPDATE (Aug 4, 2016):
I followed up on the Journal of Nuclear Physics with questions about the location of the E-Cat production activities:

Has your production started in one country only, or in more than one location? (you have mentioned you would have production in the USA and Sweden)
Andrea Rossi
August 3, 2016 at 2:04 PM
Frank Acland:
Now is started in the USA. Soon will start also in Sweden.
Warm Regards,

Thank you for the answer regarding Sweden — does this mean you have made progress in securing a factory location there?
Andrea Rossi
August 3, 2016 at 4:02 PM
Yes, thanks to our fantastic Swedish Team.
Warm Regards


  • Barbierir

    He probably refers to the 3 further plants ordered by the customer, still mostly an handmade work

  • Robert Munson

    Off tooic, did anyone notice we have nothing from IH yet??

    • Ged

      They got an extension till Friday the 5th. They could still publish before then, though.

      Either way, I am very hopeful for some good data, which could have profound impacts. At least make things interesting.

  • theBuckWheat

    The credibility of this issue will soon be settled for better or for worse. The more E-Cats that are produced the sooner the details of one will be leaked. If the E-Cat works anywhere near as advertised, then we are on the verge of one of the most disruptive advances since the electric light bulb or the gasoline engine. It will also change the world power dynamic in ways we cannot now predict. Just look at how much of the US defense budget is justified in order to assure the free flow of oil.

    The entire nation of Saudi Arabia, not to mention others, is a giant oil money redistribution scheme. What happens to the House of Saud when they can no longer buy off groups that strive to be the guardians of Mecca and Medina? What happens when oil money is not enough to pay for all the food and supplies that tens of millions of people need?

    • Ged

      We’ve kinda been seeing that happen with the repeated crash of the price of oil (like today). But, if the ecat (or any other disruptive new energy technology) works as advertised, it will still take many years to wean off oil; probably well more than a decade. That’ll give time for oil nations to transition, or rather continue the transitions they have already been force to begin due to oil’s crash, such as we see in Saudi Arabia.

      We will also always need oil even in such a future, for plastics and tires and more, but not nearly at the volumes as today.

    • Jas

      Thats happening already with Norway. Their vast reserves of Oil wealth that they have saved since the 1970’s are having to be dipped in to as the revenue has lessened with the Oil crash.
      They have one of the highest GDP’s in Europe but that will be under threat if the price of Oil will not rebound.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It also sounds like he is performing customization where desired.
    I wonder when will we see someone come forward and say look at this my company has purchased this miracle and it works. Can you imagine the bounce to the value of that company? It will probably require a publicly held company before this happens. Private companies have no motivation to share their secrets to success.

    • Andy Kumar

      // Private companies have no motivation to share their secrets to success. //
      OR, are you saying that Rossi is working with a small private company using $1000 a day of heat. The company has such a great advantage that they won’t reveal it. The benefit of secrecy far outweighs the fame that comes with pioneering a whole new era?
      OK, I will grant you that. But what is in it for Rossi. He is sitting on a zillion dollar invention, you say he is conspiring to let just ONE small company have a small advantage? Really? Doesn’t he have other projects to finance – like saving kids with cancer.

      • wpj

        If, indeed, these metal catalysts are being produced they are commodity products with producers in China who seem to have different cost economics to the rest of the world.

        The major cost input into making these is power; if a manufacturer can reduce its power costs to one 20th- one 50th, then they would have a major competitive advantage. Clearly, they would like to maintain this as long as possible.

        It’s possible that there is some clause in the purchase of the new units which prevents AR selling to competitors (as a quid pro quo for the test)

        • Omega Z

          I doubt there would be such a clause as you mention.

          However, I think it’s possible for a clause such as the customer ID being kept private in exchange for other clients being allowed to visit a working plant. All under NDA of course for a period of time.

          It’s also obvious that this would all leak out sooner or later.

        • Andy Kumar

          // It’s possible that there is some clause in the purchase of the new units which prevents AR selling to competitors //
          I don’t get the wild speculations just to keep the hope alive. Who has ALL the cards? A small time buyer is telling a new found messiah NOT to save the rest of the world?

  • sam

    Does anyone have any ideas on what
    type of worker,Engineers,Skilled trades,
    for example would be needed to build the Ecat.
    How would they go about building it.

    • GiveADogABone

      The four main disciplines in power station building are :-
      1: civil
      2: mechanical
      3: electrical
      4: control & instrumentation

      1: civil put up the building structure. Think of the E-cat container as a pre-fabricated building. Buy you pre-fab and put it in your factory. Modify to drawings.

      2: Fit any heavy mechanical kit, particularly the frame that holds the E-cat reactor slabs. Fit heavy pipework (not as easy as it sounds because of thermal expansion issues). Fit small bore pipework and fittings.

      3: Start fitting heavy electrical cabling. That needs junction boxes, cable trays and all mounting points. Fit light electrics. Most of this stuff gets hung on the container walls.

      4: At that point you probably load the reactor slabs themselves and bolt in place and join up to pipework. Fit lagging.

      5: C&I gets put in last and after the heavy mob have left.

      6: Once built you start on commissioning. Energise electrical supplies. Bring up systems in the right order and check. Filling the operating circuit with water might be a longish process of internal cleaning and leak checking before a final overpressure test.

      7: With all systems checked, approved and certified you can think about starting to heat. If everything heats up OK then shutdown and connect to a dummy load.

      8: Raise power to full electrical power and check all pumps and controls. You are dumping heat in the dummy load at this point.

      9: I have assumed that you can do all the previous steps without the Rossi Effect starting. That would clearly be the case if the fuel cartridge was a dummy. In that case you shutdown and fit the active cores.

      10: First startup to go active. Raise to full power.

      11: Argue about who was responsible for all the mistakes and who pays.

      • sam

        Thanks for your knowledge and
        giving it a go.A.R. should look you up to join his team.
        Step 11 is where the test Ecat is and it’s a headache.

        • GiveADogABone

          Frank has got my email address.

          • sam

            You should send A.R. your
            They said Steve Jobs had an
            eye for talent and would hire
            them without a job interview.
            Maybe E.R. has that skill to.

          • GiveADogABone

            Leonardo Corporation can be reached through email: [email protected]. Tried that and no joy.

            Tried the inquiry form at No joy.
            Should I go for snail mail?

          • sam

            Peter Gluck from Ego out
            will help you out.
            You can e mail him.
            [email protected]

    • Guru Khalsa

      Sorry but it sounds to me like your the bullshit and deep down you know it. That guy from Australia was definitely full of it. Where do you come up with these imaginary plants that have been running for years now. I have not heard about them and I have been following this story for years. And of course the only possible reason for anything you don’t understand is fraud. Confidentiality serves a real purpose when you are trying to protect IP. The worse thing Rossi can do today is ship a product that is not 100% reliable and that doesn’t happen without a lot of work retesting redesigning and have friends or confidential customers test it for you in real world conditions. If you are keeping your options open in a fluid situation or don’t have control over all the parameters and variations then that is exactly how you answer such a question lest something changes and your critics seize on it to say he lied he lied I knew he was a fraud

  • Frank, what is question ten about?

    and the paragraph after that is incomplete too.

    • Gerard McEk

      Number of people working on the E-cat plant(s): 5-10

  • sam

    Frank Acland
    August 3, 2016 at 2:01 PM
    Dear Andrea,

    Has your production started in one country only, or in more than one location? (you have mentioned you would have production in the USA and Sweden)

    Thank you,

    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi
    August 3, 2016 at 2:04 PM
    Frank Acland:
    Now is started in the USA. Soon will start also in Sweden.
    Warm Regards,

  • MasterBlaster7

    Given the adversity lately, I am pretty pleased with the progress. It is just Rossi, 10 guys, and 10 million dollars; give or take. He just keeps plugging away with limited resources; I can’t fault him after today’s announcement.

  • Karl Venter

    What happened to the ecat x / Quark etc ?

    • DrD

      Still in R&D he said (F8). I think he has some issues to resolve. Minor i think and he mentioned the possibility of improving the % electric.

  • Michael W Wolf

    There is an order of 3 1mw ecats that will take 6 months I think Rossi said.

  • Mats002

    Tell Andrea ‘soon’ is not good enough ^^

    • sam

      in or after a short time.
      “everyone will soon know the truth”
      synonyms: shortly, presently, in the near future, before long, in a little while, in a minute, in a moment, in an instant, in a bit, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, before you know it, any minute (now), any day (now), by and by; informalpronto, in a jiffy; dateddirectly, anon
      “we’ll be there soon”

      • Mats002

        Ok I see, this is true for common understanding but what is ‘soon’ in Andrea Rossi context? Many months or years from what I’ve learned.

      • Alan DeAngelis
  • Barbierir

    One day left for the next cliffhanger in this story: IH counterclaims

  • Andy Kumar

    // I am positive that LENR+ a la Rossi is real. I am positive that Rossi has made great strides. //
    If so, the +ve conclusions are solely based on Rossi-says, give or take F9. Then that should be a happy place to be in Rossi enclosure? Wait for tomorrow, when he gets hit with serious counter charges.

    • Dms

      this is like being on the Trump train. Not sure how anyone can be positive of the strides being made. It is all words and no evidence.

  • Omega Z

    The info is around the internet if you choose to spend the time looking for it. Mills had burned through about $80 Million before his last round of funding drive started about 2 years ago.

  • Karl Venter

    I must say I am leaning a little towards aland here
    I am sure most people including me would have stood on a high mountain and shouted look what I have here
    There are always sceptics in all aspects of life and you cant pay them much attention otherwise you wont get anywhere
    but you need demos to sell it ( BLP) – A new thing is always difficult to sell – let alone a complete radical new technology like this. Some say there are customers lined up – sell to them?
    I will buy 100000 x 10kw units tommorow ? no certification required.
    I just hope Rossi wins his case -otherwise I dont think he will survive it.
    Lugano we all thought this is good – some doubts have crept in there
    1 year test with a customer we all thought this was it – some doubts there too ?
    You cant improve the product for ever – at some stage you have to say – “Here is my Version 1/Beta ”
    Where is the Coup de Gras for Rossi ?