Airbus LENR Patent Application Published by US Patent Office

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting a link to a Patent application published on the USPTO website filed by Airbus for “Energy Generating Apparatus and Energy Generating Method and Control Assembly and Reaction Vessel Therefore”. It looks like this is the US version of a European patent that was pubished in 2013 — see here.

Link is here:

From the abstract:

An environmentally friendly heat energy source suitable for the transportation sector, includes an energy generating apparatus for generating heat energy in an exothermic reaction in the form of a metal lattice supporting hydrogen process, advantageously an LENR . . .

  • Scam.

    • Monty


      • Fraud.

        • Ged

          Everyone knows this Airbus person is just pulling a fast one. Who would believe someone with such a name anyways, sounds foreign.

          • Airbus is on the same continent as the University of Bolgna AND Lugano.

          • Ged

            No way this is a coincidence!

          • I have it on good authority as well that their engines are usually only half full. I’ve seen the data directly, though I can’t say where I got it nor share it with you.

          • Ged

            I heard they spin them backwards, too. Or at least someone somewhere said so, so it’s definitely true!

          • wizkid

            They use the wrong type of meter to check their locations. The craft get lost all the time!

          • Jas

            Perhaps due to the fact that the world is flat 😜

          • Buck


            don’t discount man’s ability to be creative in their expressions . . . have you ever walked down the grocery aisle and counted the number of different branded water products? 😉

          • Gerard McEk

            Yes, that’s indeed my thought too. I doubt Airbus can show a LENR device that actually produces heat as they claim.
            It would be good when exceptional claims of something that cannot be explained by any theory (yet) are scientifically verified (maybe as a Black Box) before a patent application can be done.

  • Omega Z

    No joking or sarcasm involved. I would be very surprised if this patent is granted and I’ll explain why.

    NOTE: Industrial heats unauthorized patent app. Non-final rejection Jan 16 2016. This usually results in final rejection.

    What does Airbus and Industrial heats patent apps have in common that Rossi’s Granted Patent does not?

    They both carry the kiss of death that was absent on Rossi’s patent. Under the Publication Classification code is the CPC= “COOPERATIVE PATENT CLASSIFICATION” and you will notice G21B 3/00

    Follow this link and go down to where these codes are defined.

    G21B 3/00 … Low temperature nuclear fusion reactors, e.g. alleged cold fusion reactors.

    While Rossi’s patent tells of an exothermic reaction and more energy output then input, it makes No mention of LENR of Cold Fusion. It focuses on the reactor design and other processes. The Patent inspector doesn’t have to concern himself about the other implications. Merely the design of the device and certain fuel preparation process.

  • Axil Axil

    Who still remembers what MFMP said about the Cannon patent? The spark driven IP that AirBus is patenting is now open source. So Sad,