Faking LENR With Thermite? (LookingForHeat Video and Report)

There’s a new video by Alan Smith on the LookingForHeat.com website in which he gives a demonstration of how thermite behaves under various conditions, and whether it might be used to ‘fake’ a LENR reaction. Some people have suspected that heat events that some researchers have reported may not really be LENR reactions, but simply chemical reactions.

There’s a full discussion of the issue at this page: http://www.lookingforheat.com/thermite-in-lenr/, and the video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N9ZuQWYNBA

A file with a complete report of the LFH thermite experiments is here.

  • artefact

    “Now I moved into the metal workshop and set up a few grams of .. he he he thermite” 🙂
    I love your videos!

    • Mats002

      Me too, especially the (not) hold backed he-he-he! ^^

    • Ged

      Just wait till they try Marmite!

      • pg


  • Billy Jackson

    This is called grasping at straws.. Thermite burns at much higher temperatures (4000 degrees+), its also not going to burn for days. as you see.. half a gram lasted less than a second.. now explain how 2 or 3 grams is going to last for days (or months) as the reactors put out continuous steady heat.

    Sorry all the evidence both in the video and over the course of several of the tests.. Thermite does not fit the profile nor is it long lasting enough to enhance any LENR effects beyond a brief burst of heat that is short lived, unsustainable and outside of all the profile readings that we have seen on the reports.

    • Sam

      The experiment was never run with slow thermite encapsulated in a reactor. We might try that someday as well. From a safety point of view, it could be valuable to study.

    • Alan Smith

      Hi Billy. This is an experiment to prove what CANNOT be done. The series of experiments isn’t finished yet- and if you read the PDF you will learn more about what is possible. You will be surprised! BTW – Slow Thermite can be made (probably) – that is the next video in this series.

      • Billy Jackson

        I wish you lots of luck with it. the video, the thread were hinting at the possibility of thermite being involved hence my statement. I have been wrong before, all to frequently to be honest 🙂

  • hunfgerh

    A ready Thermit-mix (Fe2O3 + Al) burns down after ignition within a short
    time. But, has e.g. Al formed before by upstream reaction, time is determined by
    this upstream reactions. See my comment

    Always Open Thread!

    hunfgerh a year ago

    Rossi (hot cat) and Parkohomov -reactor
    A powder mixture of Ni and LiAlH4 (9:1) is electrically heated in a closed Al2O3-tube by a heating coil.
    The temperature of the reactor tube increases to values of about 1400 – 1600 oC. The energy balance yields E(out) > E(in). That means the external power source (heating coil) must an internal energy source (?) added. The origine of the additive energy sources is in the dark.
    Attempt to explain it
    Up to 800 oC the following endothermic reactions dominate (source Wikipedia)
    150 – 175 oC) 6 LiAlH4 = 2 Li3AlH6 + 4 Al + 6 H2 H 3,46 KJ/mol
    220 – 270 oC) 2 Li3AlH6 = 6 LiH + 2 Al + 3 H2 H 14,46 KJ/mol
    585 – 606 oC) 6 LiH + 6 Al = 6 LiAl + 3 H2 H 34,39 KJ/mol
    6 LiAlH4 = 6 LiAl + 12 H2
    600 – 800 oC 4 Al2O3 + 12 H2 = 8 Al + 12 H2O H 813 KJ/mol
    About 800 oC the following exothermic reaction can complete
    8 Ni + 8 Al = 8 NiAl H >-1000 KJ/mol
    All reactions added
    3 LiAlH4 + 2 Al2O3 + 4 Ni = 3 LiAl + 4 NiAl + 6 H2O
    The extra power comes from the reaction (Ni + Al). The industriell use see


  • Ophelia Rump

    You can eliminate all such chemical reactions but discounting first events. Fuels do not burn twice.

    • TVulgaris

      A true-believing skeptic could point out some reversible pathway to allow for such fraud. They would be totally blue-sky, well beyond the reach of any except very well-funded industrial or institutional labs. It is always much more straightforward to opt for an explanation involving image and data processing.

  • Zephir

    It’s just me – or the LENR community gets a bit desperate/bored from the lack of more enlightening news?

    • Or indeed ANY real news. Inevitable I suppose, given the legal mire and ongoing suppression that have enveloped cold fusion.

      • Ged

        Well, who can blame people for wanting an excuse to play with thermite?

      • MasterBlaster7

        We are all just waiting Rossi to get those factories up and running. I think those are the only updates that really matter right now. Waiting for product.

  • nb: a russian post that I caught (don’t remember where, vk I think) explains “à la parkhomov/e-cat” heat with reversible chemical reactions involving LiAlH.*For him it would store heat, and make burst apear when strored energy is released.

    However he propose high energy electrin triggered reactions (like Me356 says, or like some description in rossi patent)

    no idea if it is solid

  • Mats002

    Agree. Also it was before they started with prior baking procedures which gave COP>1 and some radiation bursts.

  • Pekka Janhunen

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      • Pekka Janhunen

        If such procedure is in the city fire department’s red book, then no debate occurs. Of course, any building collapses by gravity if a fire weakens it for long enough, but how symmetrical such natural collapse is, is another question.

      • Ged

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    • Omega Z

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  • Alan DeAngelis