LENR Cities — Company in Liquidation

Thanks to georgehants for sharing a link regarding LENR Cities which appears to confirm that the startup which has tried to build an ecosystem that will help commercialize LENR, is now in bankruptcy and that the company is dissolved.

The link his here: https://www.shabex.ch/en/co/lenr-cities_sa_en_liquidation_CH-645.4.111.722-2.htm

The information here does look very final; a Google translation of the page states that court action has been taken to dissolve the company and it’s status is listed as bankrupt. Officially the name of the company is now: “LENR Cities in Liquidation”.

I’m sorry to see this development, as LENR Cities was making a serious attempt to bring LENR into the commercial domain. LENR Cities was not in the business of developing LENR technology, and so far commercial-grade LENR is not available in the marketplace and it’s hard to build an actual commercial ecosystem around just the hope and promise of LENR. I don’t know how you can get buy-in from clients in this situation.

I hope that the people involved are somehow able to keep involved in the field and somehow help with its emergence and development.

  • hunfgerh

    There was/is a connection to CNP in Lugano.

    Does anybody know what happens with that Company.


  • georgehants

    Morning, in answer to all the happy people who have replied to me below, not one has in any way disputed the Facts that I produced.
    Silly attacks avoiding the topic seems very common.
    Would anybody like to put up Evidence, of the most basic of Rossi’s claims being openly, repeatably and competently published for others to follow in five + years.
    If I am wrong then show your Evidence that MFMP and many others can follow and Cold Fusion should be proven beyond doubt very shortly.
    If not then my point is indisputably made and the sad people that simply cannot except Facts and resort to childish attacks of opinion when, if I give an opinion in my comment it is clearly marked and the opinions of others is fair but in no way invalidates mine.
    Yes I am very open-minded on every subject, who, instead of blindly attacking would like to check with me the Truth of my statement, choose your subject.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      You’ve convinced me comrade. He’s a shameless capitalist.


      • georgehants

        Alan, that is certainly one of the possible answers that fits his actions.
        Would you agree with that opinion, or have you another possible reason that fits all the Facts

    • BillH

      A company that built its image on a fanciful projection of the development of LENR. It’s often nice to speculate on the future but it’s no a reliable foundation to build a company on. It’s not surprising that it’s attempts to garner support has run out of steam( steam, geddit?)

      George, I tend to tune your comments out when you keep revisiting the same themes. You can’t blame individuals for all the World’s ills, or you can, but only if you blame everyone….

      Children dying is a sad thing, adults dying is almost as bad, putting all the blame on a somewhat eccentric scientist is hardly fair. Blame people for pollution the water, blame parents for not finding their children clean water, blame governments for not providing for their countries, blame the World for not being how you would want it to be. Take it as given that we are all in some way to blame and move on. Try a new more positive approach?

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