"Nature's Energy" — New Video Introducing Brillouin Energy

Thanks to Mats002 for pointing out this new video that has been produced by Brillouin Energy Corp titled “Nature’s Energy”. It provides an introduction to Brillouin and features members of the Billouin team talking about their technology. The features speakers are:

Robert Godes — Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer
Robert W. George — CEO
David Correia — Chemical Engineering Mangager
David Niebauer — VP Business Development, General Counsel
David Firshein — Chief Financial Officer

Here are a few interesting quotes from the video:

“It’s a reaction of certain metals: nickel, palladium with hydrogen”
“We’ve patented a control system that actually starts and stops the reaction”
“We bring pressures, gases, temperatures, heat transfer into one machine so that we can accurately measure excess power”
“Pieces of the hypothesis have been simulated at Northwest National Labs and shows that electron capture actually can be driven”
“We’ve developed an ability to actually control the reaction with our Q-Pulse technology. By doing that, we’re then able to consistently produce an excess amount of heat”
“What is currently an R&D stage will become a much more go-to-market, direct business rollout of our technology”

Brillouin_Energy_Corp_Intro_Video from Brillouin Energy on Vimeo.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It seems that Dottore Rossi maintains his lead. Brillouin Energy can produce electricity with their industrial variant and heat with their home units. Their units do not yet scale down.

    Dottore Rossi’s units scale and can produce light heat and electricity for home use.
    Run Dorrore, run they are on your heals. To market!

    • Publius

      I’m afraid the majority of comments on this site have become so skewed they are no longer useful. Maybe Rossi has something, maybe not, but groupthink on here has lead to irrational and dysfunctional conclusions centered on Rossi being right and everyone else is either wrong or ripping him off. Anyone playing Devil’s Advocate or expressing an expert outside opinion is immediately attacked. The best way to prevent groupthink is express less personal opinion and to critically examine other alternatives, such as, maybe Rossi is wrong and others (Brillouin) are right.

      Groupthink is what has held CF and LENR back, so let’s not repeat this error.

      • Warthog

        LOL. And you think the skeptics sites are less skewed?? The only difference is in the direction and intensity…with the skeptics sites far worse than here. I’ve seen plenty of “cautious skeptic” postings here. As long as they stay polite, they are tolerated.

        The same is NOT true of the skeptics sites.

    • Obvious

      Rossi so far is winning a race that almost no one wants to win. No believable proof and biggest client suing him. His happiest customers are his lawyers, the newer the better. Even one his lawyers, maybe two, are feeling the heat.

  • This Confirms Ross’s Nickel technology works.

    • LuFong

      In my mind there never has been a question of whether Ni-H LENR works. Forcardi/Piantelli among others showed this. The big question is, how well does it work–5 years and still waiting.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        This is exactly where my concerns rest. Many replications and examples of Ni LENR exist – the only question is how well do these Ni based systems work.

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • LuFong

    Brillouin Energy Corp could have made this video 2 years ago. What’s changed? I would love to see something with more detail about the performance of their technology (there is some on their website if you dig) and/or a commercial product.

  • Warthog

    “you don’t supose I/H, showed them how to build Dr, Rossi’s reactor, and Brillouin supplied their own brand of an off/on switch .

    Which, since IH has legitimate licenses for both technologies, is a completely legitimate thing for them to do. Godes and Brillouin directly offered Rossi access to the Q-pulse technology years ago, when it was obvious that Rossi was having control problems, especially on startup. Rossi turned them down.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    He had better get the low temp reactor on the market

  • Rossi Fan

    Play on words. If we could get the technology to work on “every” vs “virtually any” business basis.
    These guys say they have it but they can’t show it because they are busy commercializing it and getting it ready for prime time. How long can we be stupid and believe this line?

    • Ciaranjay


  • Albert D. Kallal

    It’s a good video. It’s mostly PR but does show that Brillouin wants to get their story and word out. In other words they are not sticking their heads in the sand. They look to be a serious LENR
    contender and that’s great for LENR community in general.

    The video points out their story – that story is they consistently stated for some time how they are able to turn their reactors on and off at will. And the video also points out they developed a qualify LENR control system that works consistently.

    It’s not clear why they are increasing their awareness now, but this “desire” to get their LENR story out at this point in time is a good sign.

    Given the poor track record of LENR replications, then their story is a good one, and a welcome one to the LENR field.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • James Andrew Rovnak

    I’m somewhat worried by the IH connection here? Does this bother anyone else? Wonder if Oil interests are at work here like Koch brothers for instance via IH? Read Jane Mayer book Dark Money she spent four years writting & documenting a few wealthy people with huge net worth buying Our Nation at all levels since 70 as they were defeated at the poles in 1980? They want a monopoly on all energy sources! This has happened in the past with TV & Fm radio for example & Charles Koch was trained as a Nuclear & Chemical engineers!