"Nature's Energy" — New Video Introducing Brillouin Energy

Thanks to Mats002 for pointing out this new video that has been produced by Brillouin Energy Corp titled “Nature’s Energy”. It provides an introduction to Brillouin and features members of the Billouin team talking about their technology. The features speakers are:

Robert Godes — Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer
Robert W. George — CEO
David Correia — Chemical Engineering Mangager
David Niebauer — VP Business Development, General Counsel
David Firshein — Chief Financial Officer

Here are a few interesting quotes from the video:

“It’s a reaction of certain metals: nickel, palladium with hydrogen”
“We’ve patented a control system that actually starts and stops the reaction”
“We bring pressures, gases, temperatures, heat transfer into one machine so that we can accurately measure excess power”
“Pieces of the hypothesis have been simulated at Northwest National Labs and shows that electron capture actually can be driven”
“We’ve developed an ability to actually control the reaction with our Q-Pulse technology. By doing that, we’re then able to consistently produce an excess amount of heat”
“What is currently an R&D stage will become a much more go-to-market, direct business rollout of our technology”

Brillouin_Energy_Corp_Intro_Video from Brillouin Energy on Vimeo.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It seems that Dottore Rossi maintains his lead. Brillouin Energy can produce electricity with their industrial variant and heat with their home units. Their units do not yet scale down.

    Dottore Rossi’s units scale and can produce light heat and electricity for home use.
    Run Dorrore, run they are on your heals. To market!

    • Publius

      I’m afraid the majority of comments on this site have become so skewed they are no longer useful. Maybe Rossi has something, maybe not, but groupthink on here has lead to irrational and dysfunctional conclusions centered on Rossi being right and everyone else is either wrong or ripping him off. Anyone playing Devil’s Advocate or expressing an expert outside opinion is immediately attacked. The best way to prevent groupthink is express less personal opinion and to critically examine other alternatives, such as, maybe Rossi is wrong and others (Brillouin) are right.

      Groupthink is what has held CF and LENR back, so let’s not repeat this error.

      • Warthog

        LOL. And you think the skeptics sites are less skewed?? The only difference is in the direction and intensity…with the skeptics sites far worse than here. I’ve seen plenty of “cautious skeptic” postings here. As long as they stay polite, they are tolerated.

        The same is NOT true of the skeptics sites.

    • Obvious

      Rossi so far is winning a race that almost no one wants to win. No believable proof and biggest client suing him. His happiest customers are his lawyers, the newer the better. Even one his lawyers, maybe two, are feeling the heat.

  • Pathoskepticism aptitude test:

    Do you see?

    a – a startup’s engineering and leadership team
    b – people who do not exist
    c – actors hired for a group photo
    d – 13 co-conspirators preparing for their next round of scamtastic fundraising.

    10 points for d; 5 points for c; 0 points for a; b = seek help immediately

    • Ophelia Rump

      Do you think they are in China? The architecture seems small.

      • Says it’s their Berkeley team, so I assume California.

    • Private Citizen
      • I’m thinking the number of ties may be the key to understanding LENR.

      • SD

        Compared to the Brillouin picture, the Defkalion group doesn’t look like people who would get their hands dirty doing experiments.

        • Obvious

          Of course the Defkalion group got their hands dirty. They had (claimed) up to 1000 reactors being tested simultaneously (making well over 1MW) inside their factory. (Lucky for them they sent the excess heat over to heat the police station next door).

      • Timar

        That’s an 8:0 for Defkalion (in terms of ties).

        • Bob Greenyer

          One doesn’t wear ties in the valley

      • bfast

        Just because Defkalion seems to have disappeared, doesn’t mean they were a scam, a sham or anything negative. In the process of succeeding it is usual for many to try and fail. Such is the risky nature of R&D.

        BTW, I personally went down to Defkalion’s Vancouver office. They didn’t even give me an opportunity to get scammed.

  • Gerard McEk

    AR has said more than once that electron capture does not play a role in the Rossi effect. Question: Would it be possible that there are more LENR processes, that are fundamentally different in how it works, but all causing transmutation, fission, fusion, excess heat, etc.?

    • sam

      I hope A.R. makes a video on
      the quark X like he said he might.
      Mark Saker
      September 9, 2016 at 5:33 AM
      Dear Andrea,

      Thank you for saying that you will try and get a picture of the Quark X to us. I have a great idea for a picture!

      With the quark X being so small, surely it is now small enough to fit in a kettle and boil some water to make a cup of tea with it. I believe that has been the long standing request to any LENR researcher! 🙂

      Even better a video showing the quark x in a kettle along with input power readings from beginning to end as the water boils! It won’t do anything to quiet the skeptics but it will make a great story.

      I will settle for just a picture though. hehe



      Andrea Rossi
      September 9, 2016 at 4:38 PM
      Mark Saker:
      I will see what I can do.
      Warm Regards,

      • Gerard McEk

        Hope he will do an interesting demo!

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Are there any isotopic shifts in the transition metals?

      Just the senile disinhibition kicking in again.

      H(1)~Ni(64)~H(1) > Zn(66)* > Ni(62) + He(4) 11.79 MeV

      And the tritium, H(3). Can’t think of an exothermic reaction.

      H(1)~Ni(64)~H(1) > Zn(66)* > Cu(63) + H(3) -1.8 MeV

    • Stephen

      I wonder that too. Could it be that being able to maintain a nucleon sufficiently close to a nucleus for sufficient time in a particular environment and state allows a range of interaction types and physical processes, that woul be otherwise very unlikely or forbidden.

      • psi2u2

        I’ve thought for a long time that what has been discovered is not one reaction but a multitude of possible decay pathways that release energy with different end products through transmutation, like a whole new physics.

        • f sedei

          I continue to believe from early experimentation this is a new physics. The LENR discovery and implications are so astounding and still unimaginable to many we that we must conclude we have just scratched the surface of the new energy phenomena. Such drastic, powerful reactions of different metals to each other under certain conditions need much further exploration to ensure if and whether other avenues could could result in similar, new possibilities and findings. Is LENR a naturally occurring happening? Can other metals and yet undiscovered type cathodes be used to obtain satisfactory results? Surely, a significant number of scientists and Engineers must already be exploring these and many other similar questions (Maybe Rossi Team?) If so, I haven’t heard. But, I expect this is happening now. The result of such further exploration will certainly result in an offshoot and ever expanding discoveries we don’t even contemplate at this time. LENR is just the beginning, and we are the patient (?) fortunate to be witnessing and participating in it’s birth and eventual fruition.

  • Tom59

    I am missing Mike McKubre on the group picture at the end of the video. Worries me…

    • sam

      I read somewhere that he retired.

      • TVulgaris

        His LinkedIn page lists SRI “1992 to present” as 24 years. If he retired, it’s in the past few months as he commented when the 1-year eCat test finished.

        • TVulgaris

          Then again, maybe he is sucked into some new venture and has gone dark.
          I hope it’s his preference, rather than response to external input.

    • TVulgaris

      Brillouin was an independent effort that came to SRI/him some years ago- he never was part of the company.

  • This Confirms Ross’s Nickel technology works.

    • LuFong

      In my mind there never has been a question of whether Ni-H LENR works. Forcardi/Piantelli among others showed this. The big question is, how well does it work–5 years and still waiting.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        This is exactly where my concerns rest. Many replications and examples of Ni LENR exist – the only question is how well do these Ni based systems work.

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • bfast

    Nice to hear from Brillouin again. They made a slick video — short on detail, but slick. There are two missing pieces of info that I am craving, their COP and their estimated time to roll out (at least to letting the world openly examine their technology.)

  • Ophelia Rump

    Oh, I would never suggest such a thing Clovis Ray. Not explicitly.

    But that is certainly an interesting perspective you bring up.

  • LuFong

    Brillouin Energy Corp could have made this video 2 years ago. What’s changed? I would love to see something with more detail about the performance of their technology (there is some on their website if you dig) and/or a commercial product.

  • Warthog

    “you don’t supose I/H, showed them how to build Dr, Rossi’s reactor, and Brillouin supplied their own brand of an off/on switch .

    Which, since IH has legitimate licenses for both technologies, is a completely legitimate thing for them to do. Godes and Brillouin directly offered Rossi access to the Q-pulse technology years ago, when it was obvious that Rossi was having control problems, especially on startup. Rossi turned them down.

  • Nixter

    Commercialize is the keyword here, that is the goal to reach in order to be taken seriously, Rossi is correct when he says the best demonstration is to have a commercial product functioning and working in the marketplace,… I agree. As we have seen in the past, anything less than that will be ridiculed and picked to pieces by critics.

  • Eyedoc

    Hi Christoph….What / Where is Seashore Research ?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    He had better get the low temp reactor on the market

  • Publius

    I just like a healthy dose of skepticism to keep me from
    joining a warped groupthink. It’s a known psychological phenomenon.

    I don’t see Rossi working with SRI International (the gold standard for measuring LENR excess heat). I don’t see Rossi presenting to members of the U.S. Congress. I don’t see Rossi with independent reports of tritium production from Los
    Alamos National Laboratories and an independent validation of excess nuclear heat from Michael ‘Rocket’ Halem, BA in Physics, Harvard and peer reviewed by peer reviewed by Dr. Antoine Guillemin, Masters in Nuclear Physics and Ph.D. in Building Physics. Brillouin has done all of this and more.

    Come on, Brillouin is more out in the open than you chose to believe. I also don’t see Brillouin engaged in endless disputes with others and fighting off court actions alleging fraud. If you don’t have a healthy skepticism for what Rossi and his cohorts are feeding you, then you just might want to
    change your diet.

    • Michael W Wolf

      We are such a small community of people. We don’t know, we see evidence, we see others witnessing what they saw. It is not group think at all. Now take quantum physics, so many people, so little progress, so much defending of the status quo. I think that is truly group think, whether wrong or right. But what if it is wrong? This so called group think you see here is harmless and we all know it may amount to nothing. But what is the cost of the group think that keeps funding from the discovery Rossi may have made?

      I am very skeptical of Brillouin, which has no working prototype. I would say they deserve your skepticism, much more than Rossi. Basically you are telling me that the people you believe are more valuable than the people I believe. But the people you believe have a conflict of interest. The people I believe, have been working on the discovery itself. You say they have no credibility and that I/we should wait for the approval of the people you believe. Peer review is corrupted and bias, it has all come down to funding and has ruined science.

      I am not saying you are wrong. But maybe your skepticism goes so far, it may only serve to hamper any progress. Not yours personally, but the skepticism that has put up walls that prevents new ideas and scientific advancements. In a sense, you are part of this group think. For it is their apparatus in place that has trained you to support them and be skeptical of everything else. You are waiting for them to say they found it, but they may not find it for the same reason a thief can’t find a cop.

  • No.

  • Rossi Fan

    Play on words. If we could get the technology to work on “every” vs “virtually any” business basis.
    These guys say they have it but they can’t show it because they are busy commercializing it and getting it ready for prime time. How long can we be stupid and believe this line?

    • Ciaranjay


  • Albert D. Kallal

    It’s a good video. It’s mostly PR but does show that Brillouin wants to get their story and word out. In other words they are not sticking their heads in the sand. They look to be a serious LENR
    contender and that’s great for LENR community in general.

    The video points out their story – that story is they consistently stated for some time how they are able to turn their reactors on and off at will. And the video also points out they developed a qualify LENR control system that works consistently.

    It’s not clear why they are increasing their awareness now, but this “desire” to get their LENR story out at this point in time is a good sign.

    Given the poor track record of LENR replications, then their story is a good one, and a welcome one to the LENR field.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Maybe off-topic, but Washington based The Daily Caller, with 16.5 million unique visitors per month, just published this story:

    Feds May Have Made A Huge Breakthrough In Cold Fusion

    • From the front page:

    • From the front page of The Daily Caller:

      • I suppose any publicity is good publicity, but this article is kind of all over the place.

        Instead of a quote from Mosier-Boss, for example, that could have emphasized how painstaking the work was, they quote some random Fermilab physicist who has concerns.… about cosmic deuterons, LOL.

        And the role of DTRA is not clearly explained. He makes it sound like they ‘discovered’ cold fusion but are electing not to pursue it. 2xLOL.

        Oh well. Whenever one of these kinds of articles appears I wonder if somebody somewhere has switched a red light to green and things will start to roll.

        • Sure. Very confused news report with little relevant facts. But 16.5 mln visitors is a lot. Maybe it raises some interest somewhere.

          • Still waiting for your 10-part special in the NY Times, Mats. Are you holding out for more money? ; )

        • Jarea

          Yes the quote of the Fermilab physicist out of nowever was pathetic.

  • James Andrew Rovnak

    I’m somewhat worried by the IH connection here? Does this bother anyone else? Wonder if Oil interests are at work here like Koch brothers for instance via IH? Read Jane Mayer book Dark Money she spent four years writting & documenting a few wealthy people with huge net worth buying Our Nation at all levels since 70 as they were defeated at the poles in 1980? They want a monopoly on all energy sources! This has happened in the past with TV & Fm radio for example & Charles Koch was trained as a Nuclear & Chemical engineers!

  • blanco69

    It may be a Hyperion spark plug.

  • Yet strangely all your assumptions are wrong. I ‘grasp’ and agree with all three points.

    If you think there aren’t pathoskeptics lurking around you haven’t been paying attention. I don’t lump you in that category if it makes you feel any better. Healthy skepticism is not looked down upon here.

    • Bruce__H

      You are making an argument that the fact that a group has more than one or two people in it, it must be working on something real. This is demonstrably false.

      Of those who post here and tend to be skeptical of Rossi or other parts of the LENR community, I can’t think of any who I would say are pathologically skeptical. Can you suggest someone?

      • I’m making the point that those who believe each and every player in the emerging LENR+ reactor business is a fraud must necessary believe that most or all of the people in that picture are co-conspirators, aware of and actively participating in the fraud.

        I’m not going to drop any names. They know who they are.

        • Bruce__H

          There is no emerging LENR+ reactor business. There is a lot of basic research going on in which it is easy for people to go down the wrong road. This was my point 1) above

          Because of the big dreams involved it is also a field that attracts speculators, fraudsters and conspiracy theorists in abundance. Every small advance is supposed to bring us to the threshold of a new world order and every reversal or skeptical thought is seen as due to the dark machinations of paid agents.

          • The commercial entities that claim to have reactors in some stage of development include Leonardo, Brillouin Energy (the video says commercialization is nearing), Lenuco (now associated with Industrial Heat, as a shareholder of IH’s holding company), Clean Planet (showed pictures of their prototype reactors at a recent ICCF), Nanortech (in the form of Nanor wires; COP 80!), and Etiam Oy in Finland. Throw Brilliant Light into the related bin.

            Mitsubishi and Toyota have related transmutation devices. Airbus has related patents.

            Additionally, non-commercial entities and individuals entities not currently involved in a commercialization effort but who claim to have working reactors (to some extent) include SPAWAR, MFMP (gammas, neutrons and weak XHS), Parkhomov, Chinese researchers and me356 (identity known to Bob Greenyer but not the rest of us with a track record of reporting failures before successes and continual progress).

            Now, there is a healthy dose of basic research going on within that spectrum of entities, sure, but the big picture is of a nascent industry currently stuck in death valley, between R&D and successful product launch. You can of course choose to believe that all those entities are fraudulent or misguided, but I believe you would be foolish to do so.

  • They are commercial entities.

    Leonardo Corporation
    Brillouin Energy Corporation
    Lenuco LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)
    Clean Planet Inc.
    JET Energy Inc. (Nanortech)
    Etiam Inc.
    Brilliant Light Power Inc.

    On Planet Zero there is never any hope, companies are not commercial entities and any evidence that points toward real science, real engineering and real business developments must be nullified by any means necessary.

    If we sometimes seem overzealous in countering the arguments of skeptics (patho and sincere) it is because many of them refuse to acknowledge the absurdity of their positions on issue after issue.