Brilliant Light Power Announces ‘Roadshow’ Events in Washington, DC and London

Thanks to Francois Toussaint for providing a link to the following announcement posted on the Brilliant Light Power website today:

Here’s the text of the announcement:

Brilliant Light Power will be staging roadshow events on December 6th in Washington DC at the offices of Fried, Frank, Harris, Schriver & Jacobson LLC at 801 17th St NW, #600, Washington, DC, 20006 and London, England on December 15th. The company will present the SunCell® commercial prototype design, SunCell® commercialization timetable and Go-To-Market strategy to an audience of partners, customers and suppliers.

The way I read this, it doesn’t sound like there will be an actual demonstration of the SunCell in action, which would be hard to do in an office setting, but rather showing a prototype and discussing its design and BLP commercial plans. Still, it does seem to indicate more movement towards commercialization, and that they are reaching out to potential partners, investors and customers.

Wikipedia states that: “Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP is an international law firm with offices in New York City, Washington, DC, London, Paris, and Frankfurt. The firm was founded in New York City and currently employs 468 attorneys worldwide.”,_Frank,_Harris,_Shriver_%26_Jacobson

  • Mats002

    Yeah! (Friday night in Ft Lauderdale, FL)

    • Eyedoc

      Whats that ??

  • Owen Geiger

    Sounds like they’re putting the cart before the horse.

  • Haven’t they been half year from commercialization, for like 15 or 20 years? Of course I would love to see a real product or real proof that they have something, but I wouldn’t exactly bet on it.

    • Mark Underwood

      The Cubs won the world series. Trump won the presidency. Yet you still doubt, oh you (plural) of little faith!

      • Hahaha, I said Trump would win since the day that he announced that he would be running. I also recognised that Obama would become president already when I heard his DNC speech in 2004. 😉 I don’t have a clue about American baseball though. I hope Rossi and BLP will be successful, but that hope is starting to feel quite unrealistic.

        • Mark Underwood

          Very impressive!
          Re Rossi and BLP, although you lack some faith at least you have hope. Better than the cynicism from some here.

        • suhas R

          I thought we are all here for sharing some serious discussions -for or against-about the tech and expts- that we and others are doing

          Can u predict ? Now I make LENR announcement in my country and I can be the next Prime minister????

          • Haha sorry, I am not actually psychic(surprise). But good luck with your LENR announcement. 😉

  • So they are trolling for investment money again?

    A roadshow? What the what?

    • atanguy

      Old stuff…

  • atanguy

    To ask for more…

    • Eyedoc

      That somehow reminds me of a Hot Fusion theme!

  • Gerard McEk

    ‘We can make multiple million Watts during a micro-second and we only need 7.5 kW to drive it. We have made a power multiplier, please invest in us’.
    Sorry BrLP, I may invest if you have made an energy multiplier and have proven it with a prototype, Gerard

    • Ophelia Rump

      Their website says they expect it can produce 125 kW.

      The top of the second paragraph.

      “BrLP subsequently held an invitation demonstration event on June 28, 2016 for about 50 guests from industry and academia wherein BrLP presented live demonstrations of the enormous power density and power gain by multiple methods. BrLP also presented an engineered SunCell® prototype having no moving parts that it believes is capable of producing 125 kW of electricity. “

  • Ophelia Rump

    I thought they just recently said that they have a stable running unit.

    All they need to do is run that and use the profit to make a couple more. It’s like printing money, isn’t it?

    Do they just want to share the investment opportunity out of generosity?

    • artefact

      They also have to make the control electronics.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Well if they put about a hundred of them in a warehouse, the first fifty might pay for the overhead.

    • Mark Underwood

      The unit that can run for hours, showing the intersecting streams of liquid silver and the light coming off, is actually very low (not useful) power and near vacuum pressure. The first working prototype will be running glowing hot and about 14 atmospheres at last word. That won’t be ready until early 2017 if I recall. Things are evolving so fast that information from, say, July, might not apply anymore.

  • AdrianAshfield

    It is a big step to get from their low power demonstrations to something where the graphite container is under pressure and running at 3000C. The last road show forecast for this was in January 2017. I thought that was optimistic and I doubt they are running ahead of schedule.
    At best we can expect to see the prototype and some videos of lab tests with it running red hot. Some output from the PVs would be icing on the cake.

  • MorganMck

    I have been very critical of BrLP (BLP) over the years for continually breaking commercialization promises/forecasts while continuing to collect investor dollars. It would have been easy to cynically dismiss this latest round of announcements/meetings as just more of the same. But I was sucked in by a few elements of the current BrLP activities that make it appear more real than in the past including: (1) potentially viable reactor design, (2) the longer running reaction times, (3) more advanced state of prototype designs, (4) existence of credible (if optimistic) schedules, bills of material, etc., (5) involvement of quality and credible development partners (Masimo & Columbia Tech),

    I still think they are being very optimistic and will encounter many engineering challenges along the way with the attendant schedule slips (mostly with CPV integration). On the other hand, I can see them getting their Black Body reactor running (sans CPVs and cooling) for extended periods allowing credible measurements of light/heat energy, thus showing tremendous potential.

    Bottom line for me is that if they need to raise more capital to advance their commercialization plans, this time I won’t be too cynical about it as they finally appear to be making real progress toward that goal and have somewhat credible plans and partners to get there.

    • There is enough smoke this time around to pay attention, I agree.

      Fingers crossed.

  • sam

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