Russian LENR Seminar Reports

Thanks to Peter Gluck on his Ego Out website we can see the list of presentations made at a recent seminar held on November 24 at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow, Russia.

Peter lists the program as follows:

Program of the day:

1. 16.00-16.10 Alexander Alexeevich Prosvirnov (VNIIAES- All Russia Scientific Researh Institute for the Atomic Electrostation) News in Cold fusion and LENR
2. 16.10-16.50 Stepan Nikolaevich Andreev (Dr. Phys-Math, Inst General Physics, Moscow), Alla Kornilova,(Dr. Lomonosov State Univ), Vladimir Alexandrovich Koshcheev (All Russia Scientific Research Institute for inorganic Materials named after Bochvar) “Non-linear quenching of radioactivity of Cs-137 in biological systems and at laser ablation in liquids”
3. 16.50-17.20 Yuri Nikolaevich Bazhutov(Dr. Phys-Math, Kurchatov Inst, Moscow) Thermal Generator based on plasma elctrolysis giving more than 200% excess energy
4. 17.20-17.50. Alexander Georgevich Parkhomov (Dr. Phys-Math, Moscow) Low Energy Nuclear reactions in nickel-hydrogen systems”
5. 17.50-18.20. Anatolii Ivanovich Klimov (Russian Academy of Science, Moscow) Plasmoidal sources of energy and the transmutations of chemical elements.
6. 18.20-18.50. Discussions of the experts

More information on Ego Out, with links to individual presentations can be found here:

A link to the original report in Russian is here:

I am at a disadvantage here because these presentations were all made in Russian, but I hope we’ll be able to get some help with that from both Russian speakers and computer translations which will help us get a better idea of the content of the presentations.

  • georgehants

    Wonderful to see these reports of ongoing work around the World as we wait for that first open repeatable conformation.
    Good luck to our Russian friends.

  • Axil Axil

    A comment on the The Andreev paper

    using laser ablation for quenching the radioactivity of Cs-137.

    This experiment lays out the cause and the mechanism that underpins LENR for all to see. LENR is a process that depends of the huge amplification of the weak force through the catalytic action of coherence. A laser can induce temporary superconductivity in the material that it irradiates and that superconductivity amplifies the weak force.

    The other factor that induces LENR is coherent spin. Laser irradiation of nanoparticles produce coherent spin and the spin of the laser based photons are reorganized by the laser light induced nanoplasmonics of the nanoparticles.

    Without nanoparticle interactions, laser light alone will not induce the LENR reaction.

    Using laser light conversion to a coherent magnetic field through the interaction of coherent laser photons and gold nanoparticles shows how the LENR reaction works.

    The LENR reaction is mediated by an greatly amplified weak force. The production of a coherent magnetic field through the use of laser light irradiating gold nanoparticles greatly strengthens the weak force.

    LENR is a consequence of the amplified strength levels of the weak force that existed at the beginning of the cosmos where it reaches grand unification strength levels. At these immense levels of strength, protons and neutrons decay into strange matter mesons.

    Andreev has replicated the experiments of A.V. Simakin.

    A.V. Simakin has also produced a full range of laser based irradiation of gold nanoparticle experiments that show accelerated weak force activity including stabilization of radioactive isotopes, fusion and fission.


    Fusion and fission are produced as a secondary reaction mediated by muons, a produced of weah force decay.

    • Alain Samoun

      They seem to use a YAG laser wavelength of 1064 nm.
      Axil: Do you think that the wavelength is a factor in this LENR mechanism?

  • radvar

    It seems like there would be a conflict of interest between Russian LENR and the Russian oil industry.

  • sam

    “Theory that challenges Einstein’s physics could soon be put to the test”

    • Omega Z

      This just doesn’t work- E(variable)=M(variable)C(variable)^2(variable)

      Many Scientific constants at the time designated were known to vary. They were set out of necessity. Overtime, this variability becomes less known or forgotten.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      In particle physics on usually uses units where c=1 so it’s not very clear what non-constancy of c would mean. One also has to remember that in Maxwell’s theory c=1/sqrt(epsilon0*mu0) where mu0=4*pi*1e-7 in SI units so that non-constancy of c would mean non-constancy of epsilon0, which would imply non-constancy of the fine-structure constant alpha=e^2*sqrt(mu0)/(2*sqrt(epsilon0)*h). Because one can define space and time intervals in different ways, instead of speaking about non-constancy of c one should probably rather speak of potential non-constancy of the fine structure constant. Alpha is a dimensionless number and therefore its value does not depend on the system of units chosen; it is a true physical observable. Then it is a matter of definition whether the non-constancy is thought to be in c, h, epsilon0 or e.
      But thus far spectra of distant galaxies show the familiar ratios between different spectral lines which is consistent with alpha being constant across the visible universe.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Yes – I apologise, I made and errata, reactor BB3 was not Mass Flow Calorimeter based – I was reading on a bus – feeling motion sickness and just wanted to get the isotope data out.

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