Brilliant Light Power Announces Advisory Board (Press Release)

A press release has been published by Brilliant Light Power website announcing the creation of an advisory board.

Brilliant Light Power, Inc. Announces Today the Appointment of the Company’s Advisory Board

CRANBURY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Advisory Board consists of senior industry executives and includes Colin Bannon from BT, Bill Maurer from ABM Industries, Ray Gogel, former President of Current Group and US Grid Co., Matt Key, CEO of everynet and three additional executives from Telecoms, Finance and Legal professions.

“We searched extensively to identify Advisors that can help us answer some of the big questions to support our SunCell® commercial launch next year” said Dr. Randell L. Mills, Founder, President and CEO of Brilliant Light Power, Inc. “This is a team of senior executives from future customers, partners and advisory groups that will help us shape what we offer and how we offer it as we prepare to go to market”.

Bill Maurer, SVP from ABM Industries Energy division said “it’s a great opportunity to be part of the team that will launch the technology that will change the way we think about energy in the future”

Matt Key, CEO of everynet said “Brilliant Light Power has put together a very sophisticated advisory group and they have given us some big questions to consider. The SunCell® technology is an incredible invention and we all look forward to helping the Company in achieving its full potential by transforming the worlds energy markets as we know them”

The Advisory Board will meet monthly and will be advising Brilliant Light Power on its the commercial offerings, launch markets, potential customers and organizational structure the Company will employ to deliver them.

Two of the companies represented on the advisory board are everynet and ABM Industries.

everynet is an Internet of Things company. From their website: “Our network is made up of billions of devices, all over the world. They talk to each other. They solve problems. They fix things, before anyone knew they were broken. They make your world more connected, more efficient, and more secure. With everynet, you can do more. You can do anything.”

ABM Industries, according to Wikipedia, is a company with 100,000 employees that “performs facility services, building maintenance services, and facilitates the outsourcing of services for companies. ABM Industries Incorporated primarily provides its services for commercial, industrial, government and retail clients across the United States and international locations.” So they would be a company that companies and organizations contract with to provide such services heating, lighting, electricity supply, maintenance and cleaning.


  • Jamie Sibley

    If this still ends up being a giant scam, maybe they should win an award for that? The time, effort, money and dedication BLP has put into this performance, deserves some serious recognition. Or it’s real.. that would be better.

    • Bob Greenyer

      But, where is the bar girl… oh right, yes, that was something else.

      • Omega Z

        I could call and ask about the bar girl, However, my never need charged phone appears to be dead…

        • Bob Greenyer

          simples, just charge it with you OMG where has it gone cube

        • wpj

          Did Frank ever get the money back?

          • radvar

            Yep, people with that much industry experience, seniority and visibility would not tolerate the unapproved use of their names and quotes, nor would they want to be associated with woo-science. However, there’s always the guy behind the curtains…

    • builditnow

      With this level of sophistication BLP could be considered over Bernie Madoff for the award. Madoff made off with about 18 billion, but, perhaps we could give BLP the crown if he could make it to a billion and show us some more welding sparks before larger adoring audiences.

      I’m hoping that BLP is real, it’s just that when I watch the video’s, my scam alert go off very hard when I see how submissive and deferential the “independent” researchers are towards Mills. Also the way that Mills keeps making statements along the lines of “all the hard problems are solved, we just need some off the shelf plumbing parts and we are ready to go in a few months”, year after year.

      But, if I can convert my welder into hot tub heater and power the house with solar panels lit by the arc, I’m in. I’ll invite Bob and his bar girl, around for a soak. It’s in a few months, when I get time to go buy a few plumbing parts 🙂

    • Job001

      You’ve inappropriately mixed your metaphors, IMO. Let me explain;Fundamental science research typically has a low probability of success. It is up to special investors, sometimes called sharks or VC venture capitalists, to evaluate and they limit and spread their risk across many projects so the net result meets their typically high and very successful required ROI(return on investment).

      Secondly, sophisticated science work itself is not ever a scam. Science already has built in skepticism which allows anyone to challenge any theory, including all prior science theories. Even Einstein’s general theory of relativity, published 1916, is still routinely and, as of yet, unsuccessfully challenged.

      Science challenge involves making a null hypothesis, doing science planning, testing, observations, and statistics followed by either accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis.

      Rather than doing bad science and bad investing, I recommend this;If you wish to do science, then do science! If you wish to do investing, then do investing! These are different things.

  • Frost*

    I see Colin Bannon is on the board. BT is British Telecom btw. Here is a small profile of him

  • optiongeek

    $32K is for a 250kW unit. A car would be quite happy with a small fraction of that, especially when paired with battery storage. I think 25kW would be more than sufficient to keep the battery charged during long drives. Would you pay $3k for an engine that ran for the car’s lifetime while burning only water condensed from the atmosphere?

    Oh, and the battery unit would probably be about 10% of the size of a Tesla’s. No need to plan for long range, that’s provided by the SunCell.

    • TOUSSAINT francois

      That would be cool !!

  • optiongeek

    A few more reputations at risk than just CT. But regarding CT, I have heard them describe their direct experience with power density from the reaction that is not possible with any type of conventional chemistry. The military has been looking for a long time for technology that can vaporize tank armor (i.e. molybdenum) in seconds like has been done by SunCell prototypes in CT labs. It’s OK to start believing in it.

  • Ciaranjay

    Ditto. Watching with interest.

  • Job001

    Good point about environment, one must choose what to use where, of course. The latest solar prices are the best to use in a rapid exponential decline, not an obsolete average. Solar $/w costs have declined two orders of magnitude with three orders of increasing sales. y=45.44x^-0.295 with R^2 = 0.9703. Another view is Swanson’s law which shows 81% progress ratio. Either accurate correlation, illustrates dramatic reliable exponential progress not unlike Moore’s law.
    Wind is ahead of the game due to somewhat less intermittency costs and progress using lower wind speeds in the last 10 years and having been used long before in history. Long term however, solar and storage will beat wind due to better improvement potential at lower scale. This conclusion becomes clear when wind and solar are plotted together, solar will inevitably provide lower cost energy.
    Thus the point that BLP needs to get busy while energy costs still remain significant in spite of rapid decline.

    • tlp

      Solar costs decline is also reducing BrLP costs, as most of SunCell cost is solar panels.
      It is way better to have your own mini sun, in your car, bus, train, boat, ship, aeroplane, all kinds of flying gadget etc.
      Also in the north, during winter.

      • Job001

        Initially BLP costs are not structuring for personal vehicles. The costs assume 50% operate time or more. My car is used less than 4% of the time, 15,000mile/yr/50mph/8000hr/yr = 3.75% operate time.

        Maybe after the huge buildout for non-intermittent applications BLP will get the costs down sufficiently to support economical intermittent operations.

  • sam
  • sam

    Comment from Lenr forum

    User Avatar
    Dec 24th 2016+1
    axil wrote:
    The Defkalion system was the forerunner of the suncell. The R6 reactor was a plasma based reactor that failed because of material meltdown problems. The liquid electrode approach solved this problem in the SunCell. Mills has succeeded so far because he is able to amass capital for engineering R&D whereas Defkalion ran out of money.

    Mills has succeeded because he has a theory that he has used like a map to find the correct design. The breakthrough in power density came in Nov. 2013 when Mills realized that the ionization of the catalyst was creating a charge build up that was rate-limiting. The solution, brilliant as always, was to induce the reaction within an arc current. Why an arc current? Because an arc current has negative resistance in the conditions prevailing in his plasma. With negative resistance, ionization of the catalyst actually *lowered* the voltage instead of increasing it. Lower voltage leads to even faster catalytic reactions and you have a powerful positive feedback loop. BOOM. Without the theory, especially the part about the ionization of the catalyst, none of this can be predicted. No theory, no device. Before you, again, attempt to assign your own pre-conceived theoretical notions on to Mills’ success, please educate yourself on his theory. He’s already explained that the reaction is independent of the type of hydrogen being used. It can’t be a nuclear reaction.

    In fact, all you need to do to convince yourself that Mills is right is to look at solar flares. Solar flares can produce as much power output as the entire sun for limited periods. However, the matter density in these flares is vanishingly low, far too low for the power source to be from fusion. There *must* be another primary power source in solar flares. And, of course, there is. Solar flares are the dark matter generators of the universe. The conditions for hydrino production are perfect, just like in the SunCell.
    Post was edited 2 times, last by “optiongeek” (Dec 24th 2016).

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