MFMP Features Video with György Egely on Transmutation and Cold Fusion in Dusty Plasma

There’s a new post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Facebook page in which they announce a new series of interviews with Hungarian scientist György Egely who has been interested in the subject of transmutation and cold fusion in ‘dusty plasma’.

Egely has recently had an article published in Infinite Energy magazine, titled “Transmutation by Dust Fusion” (see: in which he reports on experiments he has carried out that show elemental isotopic changes in materials used.

Here’s the abstract of the article:

Test results will be shown for transmutation experiments. The simplest is the so-called Oshawa chain when only carbon and air are the initial materials. However, the heavier isotopes also take part in the reaction chain. The heaviest end products, as Fe, Cu, Zn, are not found in all test results, but Si, Ca, Al are abundant.

When zeolites were tested no new materials were observed, but their ratio changed significantly. The radioactivity of uranium salts was also influenced. The gamma radiation decreased, but beta radiation increased during the tests.

Egely says that he is not the first person to see these kinds of experimental results; he says that similar discoveries have been found by other researchers going back as far as with Nikola Tesla, and that the the effects have been seen on a cyclical basis, when someone new ‘rediscovers’ the effect, and for some reason the subject gets dropped again.

Egely also says that so far he has not really tested for excess energy creations in his experiments on dusty plasma.

More information can be found on the MFMP Facebook page here, and on the MFMP’s Quantum Heat page here.

The MFMP say that they will be co-operating with Egely to bring light to his work. Part 1 of Bob Greenyer’s interview can be seen below.

  • Builditnow

    Hi Bob, I saw this or something similar on youtube, I think it was about 2011 – 12. Open ended quartz tube resonator in a microwave. Carbon became magnetic. Good to see the work has progressed quite a lot.
    Thanks for investigating further.

    • Zephir

      I attended the Egelly’s demonstration in Prague in person. He’s kind and humble person, but his demos looked unconvincing for me

      It’s well known that heated graphite becomes ferromagnetic from lattice defects.

      The isotopic analysis looks better but it still deserves carefull replication because of possible erosion of magnetron reactor with sputtering. It would be better to cover the interior of the reactor with inert insulator.

      • builditnow

        Zephir, Nice to hear you saw it in person. I wondered if the effect might be a magnetic form of carbon rather than an isotopic shift. Yes, contamination is possible, temperatures are very high, the quartz could have some elements that migrate. Still, it is worth researching further especially considering the isotopic analysis. Also, is there enough iron in the resultant carbon to explain the magnetic effect, which is quite large.

        Presumable Egely has gieger counters and the like as this “reactor” could be running fairly high temperatures and different from LENR.

        Egely is suggesting very high accelerations (in my quick scan), suggesting that conventional nuclear physics could be occurring, in which case the radiation could / would likely easily be dangerous or deadly to people close by to produce the isotopic shifts reported in sufficient quantity to show the magnetic effect (again with just a very quick read). Seems it would require a substantial amount of iron is a short time frame.
        I would not write it off, definitely worth looking into, especially with the reported large quantities of iron showing up (tons / day?) in a commercial arc in Japan, reported at the last conference. Very odd. I’m only skimming here.

        • Zephir

          Unfortunatelly for Egely the nuclear reactions are extremely exothermic and the transmutation of iron in large quantities at single place wouldn’t evade the attention not only mainstream scientists but even layman public.

          For nuclear reaction 26C12 + 2 8O18=26Fe56 + 2He4 C12 binding energy 8.9 x 10^12 Joules/mole, Fe56 has 4.749×10^13Joules/mole, the difference is 38.6 x 10^13 Joules/mole (56 grams).

          The transmutation of 56 grams of iron would therefore generate about 107,2 Megawatts, one ton of iron even 18.000-time more… It would vaporize the whole factory multiple-times..

  • Bob Greenyer

    Egely did not invent this, thankfully he does not have a dismissive – but inquisitive mind. Sometimes people that are open minded are willing to investigate things that others choke over.

    As part of my due diligence, I sent him some things that I consider out of the park and asked what he thought about them, I am pleased to say that he responded critically.

    Do watch this story develop and then pass judgement later.

  • Bob Greenyer

    By the way, I have had long email exchanges with Konstantin Meyl – I’d like to crowdsource translating his book into English.

  • georgehants

    Best Christmas wishes to everybody at and on ECW, to everybody in our
    World especially those waiting for Cold Fusions cheap energy to help
    with their everyday suffering.
    Hopefully 2017 will bring more to celebrate next year.
    George & Jackie.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is more complicated than that. We have not stopped our replication attempts of published Rossi material – we have been trying to get to a point where we have monitored neutron detection and that, along with Mathieu loosing his lab has held us back somewhat.

    I am planning to run our next *GlowStick* with Alan and Mark in US at end Jan – start Feb – the coordination and finding slots in everyones schedule takes some matching up. I had made myself available to me356 about 6 times through the year, but he was not ready to be observed. Bob Higgins is nearly ready with his set-up.

    It is far easier to do a replication when you are able to have direct cooperation with the claimant (as we found with Celani) and you have nothing else to care about, even then it is not easy. We do not have that with Rossi. The whole field is held back by lack of repeatable evidence of transmutation, large excess or radiations. The radiations we have seen have been sporadic and anti-correlated to excess, in addition the soft UV and X-Rays are hard to observe, because the beryllium window x-ray detector that we have cannot get close enough to a hot reactor to see the emissions without rapid structural and functional failure.

    The Physics department at Aarhus will not assist us until we prove one of the above 3 aspects repeatedly. Since Ohsawa reactions have been demonstrated by many parties even before P&F and before Dr. Egely got involved – and Egely has apparently got it to a high level of repeatability – this may allow us to overcome the barrier to entry for our other research and that of others.

    Furthermore, Piantelli in his latest patent version claims that microwaves are his preferred way to activate the hydrogen. Clean planet are using electrical discharge as is the recent German patent and Bazhutov/Parkhomov patent – all of this is in the same area. In fact, as I have said before, I believe that the E-CatX is something like MW/RF excited or dielectric barrier discharge driven. Here is a tip, MW are of a scale that would be resonant in a sapphire tube whose inner diameter was sub millimetre – and do not think the tube length is irrelevant also. Only in this optimised resonant EM / discharge stimulated way could you get such high localised temperatures with such low input power.

    Also, as I have discussed before, we discovered Ni dissolved in the Li+ H- Al in “Bang!”… that is why in GS 5.2 we cycled at high temperatures, to super saturate the molten metals and then cause precipitation of nano clusters of Nickel… combined with the Li+ H- Al, this system acts as a dusty “plasma” in the form of an ionic liquid.

    This is sticking to Ni-H LENR, by enabling understanding. It is so multidisciplinary that these things can appear separate, but they are related in many ways.

    I don’t have a lab, I do have a family and need to support them, when I cannot be in a lab I think – I am actually quite annoyed that I have spent so much time over more than 4 years and missed the great work of Ohsawa, how many times it has been replicated and how it fits into everything. The thing is that Ohsawa never patented his work so even he decided not to pursue it commercially.

    Dr. Egely has been learning from history, something I have focussed on these past few years – moreover, he is working directly with us to open up his findings and given that IH claim they could never see excess heat when having a direct connection with Rossi, perhaps we should work with the willing do discover routes to functional embodiments.

    • Frederic Maillard

      Thanks for your reply and your action.
      Hope Me356 will be ready soon.
      Best wishes

    • Zephir

      You shouldn’t waste your limited research capacity for projects, which are of
      limited usage, credibility the less – instead of it, you should focus to replication of
      Quark-X/me356 experiments. Those who are everywhere are nowhere.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Perhaps you missed the bit where I don’t have a lab – or the bit where Aarhus physics department are willing to help when we have proved transmutations.

        There is near zero material evidence in the public domain one X/me356.

        It may be difficult to see it now, but they are all related.

        Ask yourself how Cerium gets into the Ash of Parkhomov’s latest reported data – then correlate that with past replications of Ohsawa that observed Cerium in their experiments.

    • interstellar hobo

      but Celani was never replicated successfully, yes?

      • Bob Greenyer

        We observed 12.5% apparent excess heat. This was close to his real figures for that generation of wires when accounting for errors in is NI Week and ICCF17 apparatus.

  • Bob Greenyer

    No Parkhomov is respected in Russia, he is well supported and liked and has very good connections. Russians take a very different view to seeking truth in nuclear research – they are not trying to protect vested interests all the time. Russians look at the whole gamut of applications from isotope synthesis to nuclear waste remediation in addition to the more obvious energy applications.

  • Tadej

    *** Merry Christmas, lots of peace and happiness in 2017 ***

  • Zephir

    Egely’s experiments are very easy to replicate with common soft graphite pencil and microwave oven from your mom’s kitchen and Egely does it routinely at his public demos. The resulting powder really is ferromagnetic, so it should contain iron in significant degree. All the rest it takes is to dissolve in an acid and to add some reagent proving presence of iron – ferrocyanide (blue color) or thiocyanatane (red color). Everyone can make sure, that the resulting powder contains no traces of iron.

    • Dave Lawton

      You need to make sure you pencil is not magnetic.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I did challenge him on this point, however, he said he analysed the starting materials.

        Of course, this will be a major point for us to watch.

        • Dave Lawton

          Thanks Bob it was the one point that concerned me.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Yes… from the analysis of the Indian sourced leads in that paper – most of the elements he has observed were present in small quantities except Copper, Zinc and Phosphorous. Of course, we do not know if the lead pencil core source was the same.

            Note, Dr. Egely only observed Phosphorous when using Zeolites, so this must be considered also since it might be in the Zeolite. In the case of absence of observed Phosphorous in carbon / lead pencil initiated experiments, Dr. Egely provided the valid explanation that it would have volatilised out of the ash.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Well – he has shared the drawings for the last two generations MW resonant chamber with us. He has also shared the circuit schematics for his 100Hz and multi-frequency, multi power magnetron driver circuit – and has asked for nothing, if he is scamming, he is not doing a very good job so far and he can be in no doubt how we operate, that is openly. We would very quickly reveal that it did not work if it did not and then where would he be.

    Can you point to evidence of his scams, for instance, legal judgements or otherwise, I have heard the same thing said about Rossi and Mills.

  • Zephir

    IMO scalar waves are also involved in EMDrive device and at many other places

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks Max, Again, this looks like a un-optimised dusty plasma set of experiments.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Zeddicus23.

    I asked and pressed him on contamination and this will obviously be a major focus point.

    I shall come onto this point about the acceleration potential and energy concentration – but in one of his publications he writes this

    “In the dusty or complex plasma we have developed, nuclear processes take place with the help of tuned acoustic and electromagnetic resonances at low atmospheric pressures up to 2-3 bars, thus gaining useful extra energy compared to the input energy. A considerable field amplification process takes place on the surface of dust particles, which is one of the bases of our processes. The local electric field can be amplified up to 10^48 times on the surface of micron and nanometer-sized particles. (Details are in Kathrin Kneipp, Physics Today, 2007, Nov, pp40, or Mark I. Stockman: Nano Plasmonics. Physics Today, Feb. 2011, pp39-44.)”

  • “Dusty plasma” as in , is that the ‘dusty plasma’ being alluded to? Been there done that, it just works!

  • Bob Greenyer

    Particles in Motion – NASA discovers why dust particles on the moon and more levitate – could this have implications for dusty plasma?

    From the article:

    “The study found that the strange properties of Moon dust combined with UV radiation or plasma from the Sun can loft single particles – or sometimes even large clusters of dust – up above the surface.

    This is due to the reaction causing an emission and re-absorption of electrons inside ‘micro-cavities’ formed between neighbouring particles, which can generate unexpectedly large electrical charges and intense repulsive forces.”

    Imagine what kind of repulsive forces are being experienced in Dr György Egely’s ‘Dusty Plasma’ reactor!

    Could this be one reason why LENR reactions have been reported to be stimulated by UV and LASER light?

    Original report:

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