2017 ‘Probably’ The Year of ‘Something Important’

Another year has come and gone and E-Cat watchers are still looking for the breakout of an energy source that would seem to have the potential to change the world of energy in very significant ways. We don’t know for sure what’s in store for 2017, but here are signs that Andrea Rossi is planning some kind of rollout.

He has said recently that it is ‘very likely’ to be a presentation of the QuarkX, which he has apparently been testing for almost a year now. And yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he wrote this:

Andrea Rossi
December 31, 2016 at 11:23 PM
Thank you, the sustain we got from you all has been extremely important and nobody more than me can feel how responsible I am toward you.
This 2017 incoming year will probably make true the dreams of the year 2016.
Something important is probably going to happen, but much work is still to be done.
I hope God bless you all,

I take that as hopeful, but still a maybe — there are no promises here. Anyway, regardless of what happens with the E-Cat, I do hope the 2017 is a good year for ECW readers!

  • Ged

    Happy New Year all! Hopefully this year will turn out better for everyone! And thank you, Frank, for yet another great year of this site under our belts.

  • Jonnyb

    You never know, I really hope the Cat is out of the bag soon. Happy New Year to you all.

  • Ciaranjay

    I am very hopeful that, with recent developments in LENR, BLP and the EmDrive, 2017 will be the year when we finally find out what works and what doesn’t.
    I hope we will see at least one revolutionary technology confirmed before the year is over.
    Best wishes to all for 2017.

  • georgehants

    Nixter has put up a link on the always open thread
    Brilliant Light Power’s SunCell Announced on CNN International

    • tlp

      Certainly the year of something important!

  • Jimr

    I do hope we hear something positive from Rossi in 2017, but i question it, since following from Feb 2011. I think Rossi is in severe financial straights, with his legal costs, etc, it has taken a toll on his other developments, with only three quarks being tested and doubtfuly any activity on the old cold cat. I’m pulling for BLP of late, they may be our only hope for some years.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Unless you have seen his accounting, that is pure imagination.

      • Jimr

        Ophelia, you are correct when you say its my imagination (opinion)., but after following for six years we must read between the lines, for ex: the year long test that was going very well and later stated he had 172 failures in the first 8 months. Does anyone think that his quark test have run without problems thus far. Yhe quarks have onlybeen in operation for about one year, it would be normal to have several problems, however he never states that fact.

      • Rossi Fan

        Accounting has nothing whatsoever to do with how inventions are introduced in the only market in the world that counts to the buyers: US.

        The only thing important that can happen to Rossi or any of the other LENR wannabes is that a big company buys them out. After the IH debacle GE and Toshiba is going to think twice and measure three times before they offer Rossi any up-front cash.

        The LENR audience and groupies is just free advertisement for them. Look into Rossi’s shop and I seriously doubt you could find one straight screwdriver if your life depended on it. If he would let you. That’s why he will not let you. So all this talk about manufacturing or getting ready to manufacture is nonsense.

        • Rossi Fan

          Speaking of new year, I looked at Rossi’s Wikipedia page. Nothing about his US citizenship status. With Donald Duck coming into office in 10 days I am wondering if there is anything he can do with this US market abuser? He is in this country for one reason: individual states do not set their own rules. Europe is just a huge a market but it cannot be adequately gauged because every nation sets it’s own different rules. Asia has the 123 rule. 1. buy from your own country. 2. if no can do 1, only after giving 1 a chance buy asia 3 if no can do 2, only after giving 2 a chance buy abroad. Trump can go up to Rossi and make a deal. Show us what you have under your kimono or go spend your $10M laugh cash from IH on some caribbean island not here.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      That he has only three quarks in testing was indeed not very encouraging to hear. If one wants to look at it in positive light, maybe he (thinks he) has solved the problems of manufacturability and repeatability, but is not satisfied with the control system and is working on developing it. Maybe the unit is so simple from the inside that there is almost no scope for variation of its internal parameters, hence the only R&D that can be done at this stage is on the external control system. This is natural in the sense that at very high temperature, the engineering design space is limited because only few materials survive the conditions.

    • Rene

      I believe he has run into some big roadblocks being unable to reliably control the reaction dynamics. Time is running out for him.

  • artefact


  • sam

    • Updated: 2017-01-01 18:30:06.568347Z
    Vance Neitzke
    January 1, 2017 at 10:49 AM
    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
    In 2016 you published here your New year Eve dream: what did you dream during this New Year Eve night?

    Andrea Rossi
    January 1, 2017 at 12:53 PM
    Vance Neitzke:
    This New Year Eve night I didn’t sleep, too many issues to think about, but, during that limbo status between to be awake and to be sleeping, I attended this dialogue by two characters: Galileo (G) and Andrea (A).
    G- what the heck are you doing ?
    A- testing the QuarkX
    G- what is it ?
    A- not your business
    G- don’t worry, I am not a spy, just curious: what is it for ?
    A- make heat
    G- not much of an invention
    A- make a lot of heat
    G- still not much of an invention
    A- make a lot of heat with a bit of energy respect the heat produced
    G- now, that’s interesting
    A- yep
    G- for example, how much units of heat with , say, ten of the same units of supply ?
    A- more than one hundred
    G- that’s crazy: you kidding ?
    A- nope
    G- how did you invent it ?
    A- mainly try and error, lot of work
    G- I know the feeling
    A- what do you do in the life ?
    G- my life in this Earth is long past. At those times I discovered that the Earth was orbiting around the Sun, not viceversa, but most of all I estabilished a new scientific method to make science, based on experiments instead of speculations
    A- that’s nice
    G- official science tried to roast me for all that
    A- I know the feeling
    G- what do you dream to do with that gadget ?
    A- make billions of them to make energy without pollution and with strong economic advantages: also, to reduce the global warming
    G- what the heck is the global warming ?
    A- forget it
    G- when do you think you will start to produce that gadget, to start the route that will bring to make billions of them?
    A- in this very beginning year, this is my very strong dream right now
    G- how are going the experiments ?
    A- well
    G- do you know the theoretical bases the gadget works upon ?
    A- working on that, I got good ideas, but I privilege the experimental activity
    G- I know the feeling. Fire has been used for thousands of years before its chemical and physical theoretical bases have been discovered
    A- yeah, but you know what Dante wrote: ” fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtuta e conoscienza”
    G- all right, good luck and beware not to be roasted
    A- you bet

    Andrea Rossi

    • cashmemorz

      Love t! Rossi has much humor, and with Italian flavor, even sleeping.

      Take care not to be roasted in any way. This means get the Quark
      fully tested and get the sigma 5. Don’t leave any stone (or powder)
      unturned to see if there is ANYTHING that could go wrong at your
      demonstration. It would tear my heart out to have the media eat you
      alive if anything goes wrong. I hope your co-workers are critical
      people with the best of intentions.

      I’m not Italian so I
      used the Babylon free online translation to get the English
      translation for what is attributed to Dante:


      “fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtuta e conoscienza”


      “You were not born to live as brutes, but to follow virtuta and knowledge”

      Have a good year.

      • HS61AF91

        tks for the trans

      • Elizabeth Brown

        virtuta is a latin word that my S3 translates as power, not virtue

  • Buck

    It prompts me to wonder if and how Rossi will respond to BLP’s advantage.

    With the information we have available, it seems that Rossi is much closer to answering specific questions focused upon actual operational experience including COP, $/kw, and $/kwh. How will he structure his hoped for February demonstration?

    • TVulgaris

      What I’m wondering is whether “by February” means by the first or the 28th of the month.

      • Buck

        I am thinking the 28th . . .

  • Veblin

    Link to the video on the CNN site. You need to turn ad blockers off and watch a 15 second ad before the video plays.

  • Ciaranjay

    The AI thing worries me a lot. I tend to agree with the Sam Harris TED talk.
    We need to carefully work through this to figure out how to proceed.
    Instead we are in what is effectiviely an arms race between governments and corporations to be the potential “winner takes all”.
    The greed of the winners and the fear of the losers make for a very risky path with the potential survival of humanity at risk.

  • sam
  • Veblin

    Press Release
    Berkeley Clean Technology Company Announces Breakthrough for LENR Power Devices
    Controllable-on-Demand, Reproducible, Transportable, Scalable LENR Validated in Third-Party Tests of Brillouin Energy’s most advanced Isoperibolic Hydrogen Hot Tube™ LENR Reactor

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