Controllable SunCell Operating at 3000C Demonstrated (Video)

The following post has been submitted by Optiongeek. The video is from the Brilliant Power Light website here: with this caption “Video excerpt of the SunCell® testing of the recyclable oxide source capable of operating controllably at greater than 3000 °C in a commercial design. The camera attenuation was up to a factor of 10,560 times to avoid saturation.”

Brilliant Light Power has posted a video showing a SunCell unit operating in controlled mode and capable of 3000C operating temperature. The video is fuzzy due to 10000x attenuation of the brightness. At that temperature, the device can easily be shown to be throwing off over 100kW of light power. The integrated CPV is not yet attached and therefore there is no electrical power being generated.

  • Kim G Patterson

    If this is real then… Houston we have a problem.


    • Rossi Fan

      If this is real then the question du jour is what is the source of the light? I suspect we are not seeing light at all. Several countries in history have had rampant inflation problems. The solution was to cut off three zeros from their currency and reset. The concept is quite simple. Our 3 dimensional reality depends on a rate of spin. Speed it up and you have to add energy to sustain it. Otherwise our 3D reality will disintegrate. Slow it down and you have an excess of energy. It is an unusable by product. Perhaps this is the energy we are seeing in this BLP demo? Of course I could be wrong. I’m just a B engineer from a regular local state college.

      • Veblin

        Is this the Star Trek – Wink of an Eye theory?

        • Rossi Fan

          No, it’s the work of a certain rain man. I was working on a project with a retarded Yale physicist. Has aspergers or something. He took off the shelf trig equations. Substituted energy for space in some parts of the equation. Guess, what, it works! I am a B engineer. I inherit his algorithms and try to figure them out. I’m looking at this and saying it is not supposed to work, and yet it does. Go figure?

          If you think it’s star wars take a trip to the desert. You have Crescent Dunes. Powers 100,000 homes. Next comes Sandstone. Powers 1,000,000 homes. Same power as a nuclear plant.

          The project transforms energy in 2D (a plane) into energy in 1D (line) into energy in 0D (a point).

          If you install a single 1D line of mirrors that is not going to heat the salt. Two lines, not yet. At 6 degrees granularity, maybe. At 1 degree granularity, for sure. At 0.1 granularity, overkill, the salt is already melted. Voila, excess energy. Or so it seems. You do not need the extra to do the job at hand.

          Now consider this. If the sun is hot enough 1 line of mirrors emanating from the center in an outward direction will melt the salt. So as you decrease the granularity of mirrors going round and round the circle you can substitute more energy to get the same job done.

          If you think this is star trek wink of an eye theory take a look up in the sky and tell me why the moon is round? What is gravity? Ask Caltech to help you if you don’t know the answer. It’s a constant force. Energy. Just like the sun provides energy for Crescent Dunes we are subject to constant forces in the universe.

          That said, here’s another experiment you should try. Hang out in a cave for 10 days with only a candle or tiny led. Exit the cave and the world will seem extremely bright all of a sudden. Same world. What’s going on??? We do not see things. We see things in contrast to their neighbors.

          Click the agriculture button on this page. Can you see the 5/64 hole in the apple? You cannot see a hole. You can only see everything around it.

          My gut hunch is no energy is being created or destroyed here. We might just be able to see light that we would not otherwise be able to see.

      • HiggsField

        More like a C or a D grade engineer!

  • Kim G Patterson

    Also if you have free energy then you have no way
    to control people to the “current” definable reality concensus

    like money=energy


    • Gerard McEk

      Epi, I think that all of us want Mills to succeed. The issue with Mills is that he hasn’t shown excess energy during long periods yet. Mill is prommissing to have “nex year” a working device for many years now. That makes many of us quite critical. Further, he always talks about power (during a millisecond or so), but he should talk about COP: energy_out/energy_in. Talking about short duration power is misleading if the sole purpose is to generate energy. BTW I do not believe that his SunCell will ever be able to generate a Mega Watt Electrical photovoltaic continuously, without interruption.

      • HiggsField

        The game changer for me was the self sustained plasma. I think this was in Oct/Nov?? Mills has said that they are working on a control system, which I would guess is to maintain this state of operation. The latest video shows very smooth running. Bouy have they come a long way from the pop-pop-pop arc welder. If this is achieved, which I’m confident could be by April when they integrate the CPVs, then the only input power once up and running will be for the cooling system and fuel input. The COP will be enormous. Rossi is old tech much like coal for large scale energy production.

  • Veblin

    I would like if I may, give an award to one of the most miraculous reappearances in E-Cat World history. Kim G Patterson disappeared from E-Cat World posting a few days shy of 4 years ago. Now Kim is back with an absolute blitzkrieg of new posts. All I can say is.
    What’s up?
    Where ya been?

    • Veblin

      Oops. I was wrong. Someone named Kim did post a couple times a couple years ago on a BLP Hydrino thread.

      All I can say is.



  • Gerard McEk

    Well, I hope they demonstrate a COP>1 during a considerabel time soon. (COP is about energy not about power).

  • Mills has produced an interesting device that no one in the history of planet Earth has even imagined. Does it actually produce more energy than required to run the device? Luckily, we can easily and exactly test and compare input electrical current with output electrical current. If Mills ever gets one completely assembled without it exploding or melting, the evidence one way or another will be certain and attained quickly. It seems no one on planet Earth has any exact way to measure excess heat, so Mill’s device will be a cake walk to test and gain recognition, either positive recognition or negative recognition.

  • Job001

    Your allegation of BLP scam screams major hallmark of lazy non-science bias, perhaps your FF investments or job or attachment to old science theory. BLP COP best energy theoretical balance indicates 200 to 1 max with lower levels depending upon efficiencies achieved, read his GUTCP physics theory.

    Rather than being biased, lazy, and slandering what appears to be a good scientist(his spectroscopic work is excellent!), read the studies and reports!

    Do the science! Science requires replication and analysis. Yelling scam is absolutely NOT science but is an indication of bias or laziness because study and self education is time consuming and tough and cognitive bias is much more common than science scams on the frontiers of science.

    Being a skeptic is super, all science theories(new and old and yes BLP) should be viewed with skepticism. However, you have no money for fundamental research at risk, so you have no basis to slander or yell scam. Sharks who fund research will and are doing a fantastic job of minimizing their risk. If they are unconvinced, they wisely do not invest! Some are wisely investing based upon the admittedly low probability of success offset by tremendous payback potential!

    I apologize for my strong science opinions. Science is the only knowledge field that self corrects by replication and challenge. I like that, I really do.

    • US_Citizen71

      It looks like out of focus christmas lights with the sounds of a white noise generator being used for the soundtrack. Not really an impressive display by Mills.

      • Gerrit

        A scene from a movie where the character falls down waterfall in a jungle and gets knocked unconscious, but miraculously survives and then when he tries to open his eyes he sees the bright sun through the foliage with the waterfall thundering. Soon the wild animals or the cannibals will appear.

        Try it by running this youtube video together with a jungle sounds youtube video. Adjust the sound levels a bit and enjoy. 🙂

        • Pekka Janhunen

          Awesome! Just hoping I didn’t get jungle fever.

        • Zephir

          /* The video is fuzzy due to 10000x attenuation of the brightness */

          Umm, the previous videos of BL were attenuated in the same way – and still sharp.
          Are we facing the evasion for classification?

    • Mylan

      Concerning the hydrino theory, the problem is, there is no independent research. Mills himself is an author of nearly all the papers.

      • Job001

        One can always claim no independent research. Given opposition from concentrated wealth and concentrated publication ownership, the best currently independent research available is 2 Executive summaries, 4 validations reports, and of the excellent EUV spectroscopic reports, 3 validation reports, Hydrino signature by DSC, 2 independent studies, and 6 validation resumes and reports. Admittedly, it is not 1000 independent studies, but for LENR not even 3000 reports has swayed critics.

        Some very respectable scientists are in this list, and we scientists should refuse to slander scientists because slander is absolutely not the scientific method but rather reveals our own personal cognitive biases.

        Excellent scientific method allows anyone to do the replication science. If vested interests ignore and do not do the science, then Mill’s theory stands unchallenged until replication science proves otherwise. Muttering, slander, and handwaving by old geezers is absolutely not science, and has an abysmal history of failure!

        PS: The scientific Method first and foremost does not endorse unconditionally any theory (old or new, including BLP GUTCP). All theory is “fair game” for scientific method replication and challenge.

        • Mylan

          Validation reports on the SunCell are in no way prove of the hydrino theory! I must admit that I doubt that the SunCell works as advertised, but I would gladly be wrong. Anyway, even if it works, this does not mean that the hydrino exists.

          I find the data on the hydrino less convincing than on the SunCell. It is incorrect to say that Mills’ theory stands unchallenged unti proven otherwise. As to my limited understanding, Mills’ hydrino theory is contradicting to some aspects of the quantum theory. That does not automatically mean that it is wrong, but current theories of quantum physics have been experimentally proven over and over again. It would not be meaningful to give this up on the very limited results of Mills and colleagues. If Mills’ theories are correct, they will be accepted over time, as more data is collected that supports his thesis.

          • Job001

            In my view skepticism is always useful since science never delivers unconditional proof but rather statistical results, i.e. R square confidence. What most folks ignore is A point of faith that all science is challengeable and valid to no more than the prior limits of the local limited observational science statistics.

            This means that the FUV(Fraction of Unexplained Variance) is always more than zero i.e. nothing is absolutely proven, i.e. it is challengeable! FUV = 1- R^2.

            It is somewhat worse than the formula however, because, sometimes different names/models/explanations work for different instrumentation. An example is quantum slit experiments that show either particle or wave depending on the instrument. Another example is the recent Higgs fiasco, first claimed valid to 6 sigma or only 1.973×10^-9 probability wrong, shortly later oops wrong due to experimental noise!

        • doug marker

          Very well put, but sadly a lost message that won’t reach its target. But as said, very well put !.


          • Job001

            Thanks Doug. I’ve been supporting scientific method understanding for a decade or so. Admittedly it is a slow process. I find a little personal reward promoting science understanding.

            Science should remain a true exception to the general distain for philosophy, politics, business, ethics, and religion because science has a good process for correcting theory and knowledge. Defending that One Good Thing is worthwhile, win or lose!

    • Zephir

      /* Science requires replication and analysis.*/

      This is just the problem with Randell Mill – it’s still one man show and what worse – he even avoids the attempts replications under legal threat:

  • Anon2012_2014

    “They had 3 minute runs last march and calculated the energy and the gain. 3 minutes is enough to get an impression of the energy output and not only the power output”

    Please link a ONE specific report with energy in and energy out over a 3 minute period.

    I.e. Joules in and Joules out.

    Thank you.

  • Axil Axil's_paradox

    “In economics, Jevons’s paradox sometimes the Jevons effect occurs when technological progress increases the efficiency with which a resource is used (reducing the amount necessary for any one use), but the rate of consumption of that resource rises because of increasing demand. Jevons’s paradox is perhaps the most widely known paradox in environmental economics.”

    In the R. Mills energy economy to come, one hydrogen atom will produce 27 ev worth of energy. That reaction will remove that hydrogen atom forever from our world. A molecule of water will produce 54 electron volts.

    Mills says that since fuel is free then conservation an efficiency is not important. Only ten percent of the energy produced by the SunCell is used. So every water molecule will produce 5 ev of power and 50 ev of waste heat.

    The IEA estimates that, in 2013, total world energy consumption was 9,301 Mtoe, or 3.89 × 10e20 joules.

    That comes to 2.4285712855e+39 ev.

    So the amount of water molecules that will be consumed is on the order of 10e39.

    The density of water is 1g/(cm3) so in 1 gallon of water ( about 3.785 Liters or 3785cm3) the mass of the water is, 3785g. 1 mole of 6.02×1023 molecules of water is equal has the mass in grams equal to the molecular weight or 18 grams per mole. so 3785 grams corresponds to about 1.265 x 10e26 molecules of water.

    The water consumed will be 10e39/10e26 or 10e13 gallons of water.

    or 378.54 cubic kilometers of water/year.

    There is 1.332 billion cubic kilometers of water on the earth

    Since water is free, we can assume that the water consumption by SunCell will rise to 1,332 cubic kilometers per year due to Jevons’s paradox.

    So we will have about million years of water to use before it all is gone.

    But long before that water limit is reached, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere will become dangerous.

    How much atmospheric pressure can you and yours take? Venus, here we come…

    • tlp

      Your numbers are wrong. I didn’t check those other calculations, but first of all H to H(1/4) is about 200 eV (not 27, where did you get that?), but it is possible that it gets then to H(1/17). H to H(1/17) is about 2000 eV. And it may go even further.

      • Axil Axil

        How does Mills know that he is using the deeper hydrino levels? Does he have control of the levels that he can reach?

        • tlp

          Theory and confirming measurements.

          • Axil Axil

            How does Mills calculate the hydrino levels reached in the SunCell?

          • tlp

            Used catalyst, nascent water molecule HOH leads to 1/4 hydrinos. Those can transform to 1/17.

          • Axil Axil

            OK. 400 ev/ molecule so the oceans will last 20 times longer or 20 million years at current energy usage levels. But now we have 360 EV of waste heat per water molecule.

            I see the energy usage level going up by 20X because all the 20 billion people in the future world will use 5X more energy than does the average 1st world user.

            So we are back to my original estimate.

          • tlp

            4000 eV/molecule. 40-50% is converted to electricity. 50-60% is not always waste heat, it can be used for heating purposes.

          • Axil Axil
          • tlp

            Fine simpified explanation on that page, but not exact. 1/17 is about 4000/molecule.

          • sam
          • cashmemorz

            I don’t understand the part “when you have too much power from solar voltaics.” When that does ever happen? There is so little of it currently, compared to Fossil fuel power and power from PV is all used up whenever it is available. That is the way it works in order to get away from FF. until the time in a few decades, there is more than enough PV in the grid. That seems to be a long ways off. As long as the sun is is visible, it seems to me, all the power produced by PV , is going into the grid. When there is not enough sunlight to convert to electricity via PV, then back up FF has to be used. I can’t see when the PV will ever be in excess of what is demanded. Will there be times when FF is used instead of PV even if the sun is out. That is not sensible except in unusual circumstances. Then excess PV is a rarity and not much worth investing. Anybody see when PV can be in excess within the next few years?

          • HiggsField

            If the SunCell works as advertized and proves reliable and safe, Hydrogen fuel cells etc will go by the way side for mass consumer application. On the issue of PV verses FF, the SunCell makes possible 24/7 local power generation will in time filter down to the home. FF will go away as will wind farms and PV arrays.

          • R V

            All in good time and that will be many years after a commercial SunCell. People aren’t going to just throw away investments in energy production.

          • Zephir

            The production of wind and solar voltaic is small, yet it already makes a big problem for grid stability and balancing, as most of energy gets produced in time, where no energy is needed and vice-versa. We definitely need more reliable and less dilutes source of energy and the BLP SunCell process could be one of answers.

          • cashmemorz

            I think I understand that part “most of energy gets produced in time, when no energy is needed and vice-versa”. Sun is out and the PV are able to produce power, but during sunlight much less electricity is needed than at night. An unstable situation that forces the controllers to play with the on-off switches for the various backup sources and PV to get a balanced grid. That perforce makes PV and similar sources such as wind an interim and costly power source until LENR or something as powerful and reliable takes the place of every other source of power. That is until something is found to be negative about that. I’m not saying that will happen definitively, but given the track record of how every seeming improvement is just another fly in the recipe of power. Simple fire-place with a pot seems the best according to long term history of power. It was human scale for thousands of years and simple stupid. Each upgrade made the environment worse. That is all due to too many people with too much power. I feel like going out to look for a cave with my woman in tow by the hair.

    • theBuckWheat

      The global accretion rate of extraterrestrial materials in the last glacial period
      estimated from the abundance of micrometeorites in Antarctic glacier ice

      “…The estimated accretion rate to the whole Earth ranges from 5300×103kg/a to
      16000×103kg/a. However, the lower end of this range probably represents lower limits due to possible loss of solar noble gases during long residence in the glacier ice. Hence, we estimate that the accretion rate of micrometeorites 27–33 kyr before present to be in the range between (11000 ± 6600) × 103kg/a and (16000 ± 9100) × 103kg/a. These results, as well as the other estimates, suggest that the accretion rate of micrometeorites in the last glacial period was comparable to that in the present….”

      Loss of hydrogen atoms due in the coming Mills Economy: not a problem.

      • Steve Albers

        This extraterrestrial dust though may not have that much hydrogen. If it did, water on Earth would be steadily increasing on the million year time scale. It seems our planet would also still be growing at a rapid pace.

      • Nicholas Cafarelli

        “We have a conundrum – estimates of how much dust comes in vary by a factor of a hundred,” said John Plane from University of Leeds in the UK. “The aim of CODITA is to resolve this huge discrepancy.”

    • Private Citizen

      Axil, enjoyed your bit of pushing the implications, even if the exact figures can be disputed. So often we embrace half an answer and don’t think about what ie a world with a billion internal combustion engines might look like later on.

      Perhaps if Mills’ tech is real, we can use it to manufacture more solar, wind, tide, geothermal, grid storage and efficient grid transport to supplement hydrino power. There are probably unforeseen issues with massive build out of this tech too; fundamental problem is too damn many people.

      • cashmemorz

        If there really are too many humans doing too much in terms of energy use then, use that energy to hurry up and get us dispersed out there far from this planet. Mars, moons of giant planets, artificial colonies from mining asteroids and later other stars planets. Going underground and converting heat into other kinds of energy or just beaming it outside the atmosphere might work in the short term.

      • Steve Albers

        Or simply have slightly fewer children?

    • Steve Albers

      Nice analysis. The oxygen would become dangerous mostly for the increased combustibility of the atmosphere rather than increased pressure. Just a 5% increase in oxygen would greatly increase things like forest fires, and probably other ecosystem changes.

    • Alain Samoun

      “million years of water to use”
      A long time for finding another source of energy… Not to worry if Mills really has something working now.

    • Steve Albers

      Interesting that the rate of sea level drop with a million year draw down is about the present rate of sea level rise due to global warming. So that would neutralize the effect in the short term. Over a few centuries though, we might once again have sufficient changes for some environmental concern.

    • tchernik

      It would be monumentally stupid to start using our water in such amounts as to endanger the supply in any meaningful time period. And after some time and use, we really should impose some restrictions to ensure Earth never needs to resupply.

      But 1 million years is a lot of time, and we won’t replace all energy sources at once. Nevertheless, the replacement period would be very short compared to 1 million years, if the technology shows to work.

      The good part is that before then (or before the oxygenation problem kicks in) we can certainly find other sources of hydrogen. Specially in places we don’t currently live in.

      The gas giants have a lot of hydrogen, but they are very harsh gravity wells. Asteroids and low gravity moons are a better, more accessible source.

      And the outer Solar system has much more water than we could possibly need. This is in fact a very valid reason to create self replicating robots for water mining and towing in the outer solar system.

      Because of course, besides of being a potential energy source, water is good for a lot things more.

    • That isn’t my calculation.
      According to Mills, a litre of water gives us 3000 miles in a car (say 5000km). Let’s say there is a billion vehicles travelling 20000 km each year.

      So that is 4 billion litres of water. We will multiply by ten to incorporate all other energy uses so 40 billion litres of water. We will multiply by 10 again to allow for dumped energy/inefficiencies. So 400 billion litres of water or 4*10^11 litres. There is 1*10^12 litres in a cubic kilometre of water.
      So we will use up one cubic kilometre of water every 2 and a half years.

    • Observer

      With the question of eventual depletion, what can be made of this excerpt from 2009?

      ““The advanced version of the solid fuel is very efficient at liberating
      energy from forming hydrinos and requires essentially no energy to
      reverse the chemical product back into the initial fuel. Regeneration
      was achieved simply with heat. This is enabling of continuous
      generation of power using simplistic and efficient systems that use heat
      liberated by forming “hydrinos” to concurrently maintain regeneration.
      The system is closed except that only hydrogen consumed in forming
      hydrinos needs to be replaced,” said Dr. Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO
      and President of Brilliant Light Power, Inc.”

  • Job001

    Projections 30% beyond the timeframe of science have no statistical validity. 30% of 6000 years is 1800 years at best or 30% of 500 years or 150 years at worst, depending upon what considers a valid science base. The point is, millions years projections is silly, especially given deep learning AI.

    AI will dramatically change our world, even to the extent that energy from solar, wind, fusion, perhaps hydrinos or MSR will make energy essentially a negligible concern. The big concern is how humanity shall survive herself and not self extinct, Given our shortcomings.

    • cashmemorz

      How much auto or self realization will be a part of AI would be the central concern of that tech. First, is hardware as we currently understand it, capable of consciousness or self realization. If so, can the designers control that aspect to minimize ill effects of the resulting strange entity. If not then control should not be an issue.

      Based on the little understood about consciousness, I am betting on my personal concept of a biological brain being capable to house the ghost in the machine. That ghost being an entity unto itself very much like a soul apart from physicallity. Making a hardware version to do the same as a naturally evolved “meat” compartment may be far in the future if at all possible.

      Too soon to make sound predictions for my lifetime or even my kids.

  • tlp

    Yes it is, stop adding hydrogen -> reaction stops.
    By burning hydrogen you get about 2 eV/molecule, in SunCell about 2000 times more. Everything changes then, no need to fill up hydrogen, it can be get from the water in air.

  • NCY

    BUT AT WHAT INPUT POWER? I can get a welder up to a really high temperature too, it doesn’t mean the temperature is useful or can be used for energy production.

    • HiggsField

      This is purely a guesst, but I’ve been thinking about this for several days, and I think we are looking at the plasma is self sustain mode. In which case there is no input power. The reason I say this is how smooth and continuous the reaction appears to be. I’m going a lot off the noise here. I broke my rather expensive microwave making plasma balls as a party trick. Once you have heard the noise they make, you will not quickly forget it.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Oh dear… my advice, by a second hand microwave for $20 or a new one for $60.

        More how-too is coming.

  • Zephir

    the sqeezed state of electrons within superconductors leads to chaotic wild motion, which could utilize the quantum fluctuations of vacuum. On similar principle the fractal wave trains drain energy
    from their environment during ocean storms. In similar way many systems of hot plasma can behave, because they’re also composed of wildly moving charged particles. The hot corona of Sun or even upper atmosphere of large planets can be heated with this mechanism into account of dark matter energy. The superconductivity is already subject of many overunity technologies –
    for example Superconducting generator of Andrew Abolafia could work as a Nassikas drive.

    It could explain the overunity of many plasmatic reactions, which are otherwise difficult to classify as a LENR (including the R. Mills SunCell reactor). These reactions predate the LENR finding by many years (see for example J. Papp’s Plasma Engine, Petronov’s Plasma battery or Chernetski Plasmatron, which belong in most tabooed inventions of modern era). Therefore the SunCell reactor Mills may not utilize any hydrinos or even cold fusion reaction for its heat production at the

  • Bob Greenyer

    That is the basics yes – but you can total a standard microwave as you have discovered – did you get it on video?

  • Zephir

    My point is, that no details of experimental arrangement are visible anymore.

  • sam
    • Bob Greenyer

      One of the reactor designs allows for vacuum/controlled gas selection

  • Bob Greenyer

    I have discussed this with George when I was with him last year and he said it is on the cards to do – but you have to be very controlled and only a very little since it is easy to destroy the plasma.

  • cashmemorz

    First, Rossi’s ash is a pollutant that will be recycled. But we still do not know how much recycling and how much discard. Its in the same area of “non-pollution ” that ITER’s hot fusion promised but still has issues of storing inner parts of their tokomak for long periods. Although not very long as compared to fission plants inner parts. The closer we get to a working device in hot or cold fusion the more problems come up. This is what keeps setting back the time for a perfected device including Millls’ sun cell. New tech has this built in two steps forward and one step back all along the road to a finished ready for market device.

  • TOUSSAINT francois

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