Rossi: Demo Postponed, QuarkX Broken and Repaired

For those of us who were looking forward to a demo of the QuarkX in February, the timetable has recently shifted. Andrea Rossi reported that when he was in North Carolina with his legal team, he had been informed by his people in Miami that there was an unspecified problem with the QuarkX.

Soon after he made this post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
January 20, 2017 at 5:00 PM
Jude Rabalais:
It depends upon the amount of work we do for the litigation, that in these last days has escalated enormously. The organization of a demo well done takes a lot of time and work.
Probably we will have to delay the presentation of the QuarkX until after the verdict of the litigation, that is expected by July. I matured this thought today returning from Raleigh, where work for the litigation has been made.
The presentation of the QuarkX must be perfect and to make it perfect I have to work on it with maximum focus, that now I have not. I am under too much pressure. I must first win one battle, then make the next and the litigation is now.
Probably we will start in March to receive visits of experts to make together with them closed doors measurements and tests.
This is the idea I formulated today examining the situation.
Warm Regards,

It seems that this problem was the catalyst for Rossi making the decision to put off the demo. When asked what the problem was with his reactor, Rossi stated:

Andrea Rossi
January 22, 2017 at 9:10 PM
Patrick Ellul:
The latest issue is related to the overheating, therefore to the control.
I think we have understood and we are ready to restart. Tonight , in this very moment, I am working on it with the engineers of my great Team. We will win also this time. We have to.
Warm Regards,

Today I followed up with some questions of my own on the JONP, to which I have added Rossi’s answers:

Frank Acland
January 24, 2017 at 1:44 AM
Dear Andrea,

When you say the QuarkX is acting a ‘little different’ now, does this mean:

1) You had to repair the reactor AR: yes
2) You had to adjust the control system AR: yes
3) The power output is lower AR: no
4) The COP is lower AR: no
5) The QuarkX is less stable AR: no
6) You had to start over on your quest for Sigma 5 AR: yes
7) Something else

So it seems clear that the reactor broke, apparently due to overheating, and the progress towards Sigma 5 has been halted, and it would appear that he will have to reset the clock and start again. The last test had run for approximately 10 months, and he said he was at around a Sigma 3.5, so there could take a long time to get to Sigma 5, even if there is no breakage this time.

As far as the closed-door meetings he mentions, I would expect they would be all under NDA, which means we would get no reports out of them, so it seems we are in another waiting period — something we have become very used to here! Rossi says he wants to have a perfect demonstration after the trial is over. According to the court papers, the trial is to be held in June of this year, and the judge seems to want to keep to that schedule since she denied IH a request for a 60-day extension. So maybe we can expect a demo at the earliest in August or September. I suppose, also that will depend on the outcome of the trial.

  • DrD

    Sigma doesn’t increase with time, only the reliability with which it’s known (due to increased sample size) UNLESS ongoing improvements are being made and I believe that is the case.
    Also, the variation seems to contain a component with a long time period. Such would require a long sampling period to give a reliable mean and sigma.

    In fact according to his recent answer to Tom, he has indeed just made what appears to be a (another) significant improvement so we ought to anticipate an immediate increase in sigma.

    Start quote:
    Tom Conover
    January 24, 2017 at 6:13 PM
    Dear Andrea,

    May I inquire if the heat transfer again had to be increased? Thank
    you for your answers to Frank, and the many others that openly try to
    encourage you in your work.

    Andrea Rossi
    January 24, 2017 at 6:15 PM

    Tom Conover:

    Yes, we found a very brilliant solution.

    Warm Regards,


  • Zephir

    How the Quark-X reactor can get broken?

    So far I presumed, R.Rossi develops many of them (if nothing else, than because of miniature size of this device of diameter not larger than pencil).

    • Rene

      It popped. Remember that pesky control issue that seems to not have been solved? Pop!

  • AdrianAshfield

    It would be great to have more details of the test. We know he had at least three Quarks and one presumes only one of them failed.
    I would be surprised if Dr. Rossi didn’t have more than three and was not continuing to develop the device. He likes to keep busy and just watching a Quark under test doesn’t fill up the day.

  • atanguy

    The end never end…

  • Bob

    “……I am working on it with the engineers of my great Team.”
    Same ol’ same ol’. Deja vue all over again!
    Well, we know Fabiani is in Russia. Penon is no where to be found. Johnson is an attorney. Bass seems to be a figure head with a phony business card. Who is his team?
    Since there is no customer involved here and the engineers are Rossi’s own employees, how about Rossi giving some deserved exposure to his team. They are working on one of history’s greatest inventions! They deserve some recognition and applause!
    Do not think that exposure will hinder them! Fabiani was well know to work on the eCat and it caused him no problems.. (Except for the lawsuit that is!) These engineers deserve their spot in history! Rossi should let them take a little of the lime light! He should give them credit where credit is due!
    OR…… they are just like the 1 year customer….non-existant! 🙁
    Where is he working out of? His condo? Certainly not at the Doral facility and not at the N.C. lab! He should give his fan’s a few shots of the lab and his great team. Even MFMP displays their test setups. We know the people involved at MFMP. They are not being hounded by the “hurricane of the blogo sphere”! No problem for them, they actually welcome input! We know Brillioun is working with SRI and SRI confirms it. No problem for them being known. Come on Mr. Rossi, show some lab photos, with real engineers and real equipment!
    Can we believe anything he says anymore?

    • Bruce__H

      As you have pointed out before, this team is not just working on the Quark-X but must also be busy churning out the Ecat systems that are apparently being assembled in roboticized factories and sold to various customers. The team must be large and talented!

      I think it would be charming to have an interview with one of these people. After all they are contributing to the cutting edge of a greener tomorrow and must be proud of what they are doing! They must have wonderful things to say about Mr Rossi’s imaginative leadership in the field. We don’t need to know technical details — I’m sure that these people would all be sworn to secrecy anyway — we just want to join in the excitement!

      I wonder how may employees Leonardo Corp has right now. Is this a matter of public record?

      • Frank Acland

        Rossi has said they have only made 3 QuarkX so far. I don’t think there is any mass production taking place.

        • Brent Buckner
          • Omega Z

            Keep in mind that a small fabrication shop in Rossi’s terminology can be called a factory. That would likely be the situation in the case. However, Rossi has also looked in to a manufacturing facility in Sweden that would fit our description of a factory, But it is not in operation and wont be until Rossi works out the issues and is ready for mass production.

          • Rene

            Rossi nomenclature:
            Factory means lab bench in spare bedroom
            Team means himself, maybe another person
            Robots means lab bench clamp

          • Obvious

            There is a team of Rossi on JoNP…

    • Omega Z

      Few people would want it to be known they are involved. The only reason people became aware of Darden/IH when they did was because someone found a Chinese publication about it.

      Seriously, No one wants to be followed around or pestered by people digging for info. Early on, there was a few people who were privey to some details. After a few minor leaks, those people are no longer around. They were shut out.

  • HiggsField

    With BLP recently catching everyone’s attention, and with the lawsuit, Rossi has got to be feeling pretty down. We are now seeing the limitation of a suck it and see approach to science performed by a one man band. I’m sure if one could look under the hood you would find very little there. Sad. A man mixing powers together like the alchemists of old. Without a team he will likely make little or no further progress and will be eclipsed by events, cast on his own “isotomic” ash heap as it were.

    If Rossi genuinely believes he has something he should go for the recently announced ‘Forbidden Energy’ Xprize, and let other take up the work. Afterall he did get $10M out of IH. Imagine the progress that could be made opened sourced.

    • sam

      Or if it works like a competitive Market is supposed to BLP success
      will be driving A.R. all the
      harder too succeed.

  • Rene

    This is getting quite sad. It is a classic Hype Cycle, well past the peak of inflated expectations and far too long in the trough of disillusionment. Projects lingering in the trough often end up in the trash heap. What is sad is that there is quite a bit of evidence for low level LENR. Only Rossi seems to have (we’ve been told) generated LENR+, high COP. But, no real reports, ultra secrecy, years long major problems with reaction control, and a dubious stretch of the word ‘team’ I find his effort is headed to a null end if he doesn’t get some real help. I’ve run out of popcorn.

  • LindbergofSwed

    Is there a Rossi effect at all? What prove is there?

  • georgehants

    Well Mr Trump has just passed the oil pipeline construction that will help
    destroy more of the environment.
    I think it is fair to say that if Mr Rossi is genuine and his discoveries had been openly published six years ago, it is quite possible that such damaging and wasteful projects Worldwide could be bypassed.

    • sam

      I have wondered were A.R. Technology would be today if
      he had stayed with hydro fusion in Sweden.

      • Omega Z

        A.R. is still connected to hydro fusion. i.e. I think hydro fusion is a part of Leonardo. Thus also the Swedish factory plans.

        • sam

          Thanks for the information.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      Compared to trucks and trains that de-rail to delivery energy? Pipelines are one of the best ways to deliver energy. You think the gas to your house is better delivered by truck? Sure, let’s have trucks deliver water and gas to your house – that makes sense! ????

      Most of that pipeline is built. I mean, we have what 2.5 MILLION miles of pipeline – and now a paltry 1000 miles of one pipeline is some big threat to the environment?

      I suppose if you are the Middle East, then yes the pipeline is a threat. I mean, why develop energy in the USA when you can purchase blood oil from the Middle East? After all, since 99% of terrorism comes from that part of the world, why develop domestic energy when you can enjoy trucks on the nightly news running over women and children? Why such support for women and children being run over? Why such support for terrorism? Why do you love seeing children being run over, and people with bombs strapped to their backs blowing themselves up? You are free to support policies that DIRECTLY support terrorism like the anti-pipeline people, but it really is a policy of wars and death.

      The 2.5 million miles of pipelines deliver water, gas, and energy to the hungry people of the nation – and it enables a high standard of living – and does so with the least impact to the environment. So from a cost and energy and environmental point of view we should be building MORE pipelines – not less.

      The REAL question is why at the stroke of a pen is this pipeline getting done, and why was it delayed for so long? The millions of legal dollars and fighting that pipeline could have fed millions for years, and provided many jobs – jobs that pay for schools and allow people to get a education.

      Of course given that the USA government was accepting millions in donations from the Middle East, is it any wonder?

      If you saying that LENR could reduce the need for pipelines then I am 100% with you. Until such a time arrives then pipelines are the way to go unless you going to declare in public that you stop using pipelines for your water and gas consumption for heating. Are you REALLY going to stand outside your building today and hold a sign that you against the pipelines used to deliver water and gas to were you live? Inquiring minds would love to know if you actually use pipelines on a daily basis and when do you plan to stop using pipelines on a daily basis? After all I would not want you to be a hypocrite here – would we now?

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • georgehants

        Albert D. Kallal,as usual pages of ridiculous rhetoric completely missing the obvious and simple point made.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          You have to explain what your point is then?

          The way I read your point is that if we could get LENR out the sooner the better and the less impact to the environment will occur? At least that’s what I thought your point was – do clarify if it was some other topic given that readers here can’t read your mind.

          Given that we not likely to see LENR for some time, then the obvious answer is we better start building lots of pipelines since such pipelines are the LEAST impact way to distribute energy until such time we have something like LENR.

          In other words, since it looks LENR not coming soon, then I would assume people of intelligence would welcome that we adopt and build pipelines as they have the least impact on the environment and will keep the cost of energy delivery down until such time LENR arrives on the scene.

          It fair to point out that delaying LENR will force us to continue to use conventional energy – but since that is obvious to anyone here with a functional brain, then logically one would assume that building pipelines is the best choice we have since pipelines are the best way we CURRENTLY have to deliver energy with the least impact on the environment.

          So one should say:
          Given we have to continue to use conventional energy – then we better build lots of pipelines since that is the least impact on the environment to deliver energy in the meantime.

          Did I get the above right? And if I did not, do feel free to what you point was then?

          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • georgehants

            If you cannot understand my point on your own I am afraid I cannot help you, it is so logically basic, I did look to see if I could reduce the number of syllables for you in my comment but it is already at a minimum.

          • Omega Z

            George, you just don’t grasp the scale of the task to change our energy systems. Even if Rossi started manufacturing Quarks tomorrow for the market, it’s going to take several decades to build enough factories to supply 2 or 3 trillion quarks every year. In the mean time, we will need oil, gas, and coal to survive.

    • Alan DeAngelis
    • Matt Sevrens

      Also note that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones who has Trump’s ear is a proponent of LENR:

      Not sure if this makes things better or worse…

  • HS61AF91

    Reading your comment the thought came to me of why IH would hire such top-notch procrastinating lawyers, if there was nothing there to grab and run with? The doctore did get himself a US Patent, maybe something tremendous is there and IH wants it.

  • sam

    Steven N. Karels
    January 26, 2017 at 7:36 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    Do you see the likelihood of the QuarkX demonstration being delayed until 2018 because of the current legal action?

    Andrea Rossi
    January 26, 2017 at 8:26 AM
    Steven N. Karels:
    I think that the trial will end between July and September 2017. The work with the QuarkX is continuing in our facyory, so, if the trial will end, say, in September, the presentation of the QuarkX will be made in 2017.
    Warm Regards,

  • sam

    I have ran into bullshiters also
    and some of them successful.
    A.R. Is a sometimes charming B.S. and he
    still could be successful.

    • Zephir

      Anyone who believes or ignores A. Rossi will fail. Too many people here adhere on BW thinking.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    I have been asking myself the same question. That said, we know very little what AR is actually doing.

  • Mark

    It looks like to win/lose a lawsuit is more important that to save Civilization. Ha-ha!!!

  • pg

    See you all in September.

  • LilyLover

    People have had more patience for the glimmer of hope from EEStor.
    They can show 1000X patience for what the QuarkX will be.
    Patience don’t work in a linear manner, so I’d expect people to carry the hope for about 20 years.
    Somehow I am sure, things will happen this or the next year.

  • Philip James

    Hard to continue to support Rossi at this point. Others have said the same, and stronger. I only come to this website these days once every week or so– disillusioned with Rossi.

    • Vinney

      All evidence is still in favor of Rossi having the goods.
      Although sad for no February demo, but it seems his legal advice must be that he can expect a substantial settlement (from IH) and more with a jury.
      This is a ‘high stakes’ game, Cherokee a US$billion holding company playing with shells, and Leonardo (only everything Rossi owns).
      I don’t think Cherokee knows a tenth of what Rossi has, or can do with the E-cat.
      The contract was a set of milestones to ascertain whether Cherokee was a suitable commercialisation partner.
      Their gripe of ‘in-sufficient’ transfer of know-how, doesn’t show in their behaviour. Had they found a customer and site for the 1MW heat, they would now know a lot more on the E-cat’s performance, and would have been more knowledgeable on the composition of the E-cat.
      The QuarkX dimensions means he can store all the equipment for a demo in a carryon suitcase.
      Should the Judge insist on a demo, she can have one on the spot (in court). He is a genius.
      Still 100% in the Rossi camp.

      • Obvious

        “All evidence is still in favor of Rossi having the goods.”

        What evidence?

    • Omega Z

      So your opinion is as it always has been…

  • sam

    It have to admit A.R. does test my patience.
    But I will probably keep
    following along.
    It is like following a book
    or movie you want to go
    until to see how it ends.

  • Omega Z

    The Keystone will transport crude mostly to refineries from the Canadian border to the Gulf. The Dakota pipeline will transport product(diesel, gasoline etc…) to distribution points mostly in the midwest from the refineries. These pipelines can actually be repurposed and many are for short periods of time. They are even used to transport fertilizer.

    One can calculate the approximate jobs created short term by allowing $100K per labor year with the understanding that even materials and equipement are made up of various forms of labor. Note a bookkeeper will argue himself blue in the face that materials has nothing to do with labor cost.

    Hoe many jobs longterm depends on ones bias. We can speculate about how many jobs are retained or increased at the refineries and al kinds of things like those people buying houses, cars etc creating more jobs. Bottom line is energy is the foundation of or society. Without the energy, society as know would collapse.

    These 2 pipeline projects will not create that many short term jobs. The Dakota pipeline is all but completed except for the river crossing. I believe all but 1 leg of the Keystone pipeline is also completed. Both projects are more about maintaining the current operations.

    I’m pro pipelines. I just have issues with leaks. In this day and age with todays technology, there shouldn’t be any unless someone blows it up, crashes a plane into it or an act of nature where the earth opens up a 50 yard wide crevice. That an inspector says a pipeline is in perfect shape only to experiance a serious leak tomorrow says someone just isn’t doing their job.

    Time for a robotic inspector connected to the cloud. Hooked to the cloud just to make sure the supervisor also does his job. Corporations are already held accountable for costs. It’s time to make the individuals who make the decisions accountable also.

  • Omega Z

    LARGE Screen- OLED TV/Monitoes will be on the market within 5 years and so cheap you’ll have 1 in every room and you throw them away instead of repair them when they break down.

    20 Years latter, Large Screen- OLED’s are available. NOT even close to being cheap.

    I have no doubt Rossi has the goods.

    If and when he works out the issues/problems is another question.
    To disregard Rossi would mean you should disregard everyone working with NI/H that has shown results as they have tried to replicate Rossi’s work. The key words are tried to replicate as they haven’t enough information to do a precise replication. They are probably where Rossi was in 2008 before any of us were even aware of Rossi.

    If doing the impossible was easy, we would all be doing it.
    Since it’s not easy, we should keep quiet and stay out of the way.

  • Omega Z

    Involving the best Scientific minds the world has to offer, 10’s of Billions of dollars and 50 years. Still 20 years away and Billion$ more to go and not even reaching breakeven. How’s that Hot Fusion working out???

    Had Rossi been running a scam, he already obtained $11.5m dollars and last March, he could have walked away owing no body nothing. Maybe an opps I was mistaken.

    The only question is does Rossi have something that is or can be brought to the market?

    Currently the answer is No…

  • Tobben

    you’re sounding very silly when you state sceptical komments like you do. Me myself have defended Rossi and hes right to develope and pressent hes invention in hes own way. I have written more than 2000 comments in favour of Rossi at the Swedish forum But of course me like everyone else must draw a line some where. And i did draw my line here. I do belive Rossi loves the attention he gets and earn some money on the way. And i hope he reads this and he don’t deserve people defending him. If he has something, show it ore start a new scam.

  • Tobben

    I answered but was rejected, the conclusion of my answer was not an offence to anyone. Just an opinion that very well can be true

  • sam

    January 29, 2017 at 6:32 PM
    Dear Dr Rossi:
    Can you explain better the calorimetric measures you are making with the QuarkX, after your quite essential answer to maria?

    Andrea Rossi
    January 29, 2017 at 7:56 PM
    The QuarkX is a very small thing with a rating of circa 20 W.
    It is inside a heat exchanger where a fluid exchanges heat with the QuarkX. The fluid remains in the liquid phase, no steam to make it easier. The amount of fluid heated is measured with precision.
    The difference of temperature obtained in one hour is measured with a precise thermometer. The energy consumed by the QuarkX is measured with precision. A dummy is measured in parallel.
    Warm Regards,

  • sam

    Hi Clovis
    I hope you get the first invitation
    to the QuarkX demonstration.
    I think you are A.R. number 1
    fan and you give me hope.

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