Rossi v. IH — Site Inspection and Depositions Scheduled

A new paper in the court docket for the Ross v. IH case shows the defendants (IH et al) will get a deposition from an expert witness in the Dominican Republic and also there will be a site inspection with that witness. It’s hard to figure out what kind of site inspection might take place in the Dominican Republic connected with this court case, since Rossi’s work has mainly been in the United States and Italy as far as is publicly known.

Here’s the text from the court order (see document 148 here)

THIS MATTER is before the Court following an informal discovery hearing held before the undersigned on February 21, 2017. Having held a hearing in this matter andfor the reasons stated on the record, it is

ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the defendant is permitted to question the witness set for deposition in this matter on February 22, 2017, in the Dominican Republic. The plaintiff shall provide the defendant with the name of the attorney for the witness who is scheduled for deposition in the Dominican Republic. It is further

ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that if the defendant’s expert is available after the conclusion of the deposition in this matter taking place today locally, the site inspection shall occur today after the conclusion of that local deposition. If the defendant’s expert is not available to inspect the site today after the conclusion of the local deposition in this matter, unless the parties agree otherwise, the site inspection shall occur on 2, 2017, at 9:00 AM.

It’s a bit confusing to me as to where this site visit is taking place. I would have thought the natural place to have a site visit would be at the Doral facility where Rossi’s test took place. But if the expert is in the Dominican Republic, and is being questioned there, do they mean that the site visit will be there, since the order states that the expert will also participate in the site visit?

Other court papers published discuss further depositions being taken, (including one for Boeing) so the discovery phase is well underway, and Rossi has said that the court case is set for June, and he expects it to be over by September at the latest.

  • bfast

    I hear the Dominican Republic is a lovely tourist destination. Maybe Rossi wants to take a much needed vacation, so he arranged for this unusual meeting place.

    • Vinney

      They are both giving the blogs (IH and Rossi) not much to chew on.
      Whoever loses, definitely deserves to lose.

  • Ged

    Considering the deposition is in DR, and the site inspection will be the same day if the witness is available… (“if the defendant’s expert is available after the conclusion of the deposition
    in this matter taking place today locally, the site inspection shall
    occur today after the conclusion of that local deposition.”) it does sound like the site must be located in the DR as well? Unless they can fly the person out to Doral in the same day; it is only ~1500 km. Wonder who it could be who is in the DR and a witness? Penon getting some sun?

  • CWatters

    Found this passage in doc 145….

    “WITH RESPECT to Plaintiffs’ production of documents:
    . Plaintiffs and Defendants shall meet and confer to determine whether documents requested by Defendants (specifically, testing data) has not been produced by Plaintiffs.
    Plaintiffs’ counsel must remind Plaintiff Dr. Rossi that to the extent that Plaintiffs intentionally fail to provide testing data, Dr. Rossi will be sanctioned by the Court. gTr. 49:24-50:161.”

  • US_Citizen71

    The expert witness in DR is Rossi’s. The expert witness that is going to tour the plant is IH’s. Two separate people. For those that are confused reread the quote from the legal document above again very carefully.

    • wpj

      DW and ABD say that it’s Penon that is there.

      Strange how it has gone from “Rossi says” to “Weaver says”. He also say that there was no site inspection.

      • Mike Rion

        Yeah, it seems most of the posters on LENR Forum are converts to the new religion called Dewey Weaver, who is nothing more or less than a paid shill of IH.

    • Ged

      Makes sense, thank you!

  • wpj

    146 is also interesting as it asks for Deep River ventures communications (DW) with IH.

    • Mike Rion

      Weaver seems to have gotten very testy over on LENR Forum. Maybe he’s feeling the heat that IH claims they never got.

      • wpj

        Seems to be something to do with an email that was posted on Peter G’s website by some commentator which then got onto LENR Forum but was subsequently deleted by PG.

        • Mike Rion

          Yeah, Peter posted a long message that was from his Ego out blog. It sounded very threatening in a poorly conceiled sort of way. It also sounded very much like the way Weaver writes. I wasn’t sure though until Weaver came back with another angry post accusing Peter of placing a private email on the forum. Peter claimed it wasn’t a private email, but something posted on his public blog, but withdrew it just the same. He never came right out and said it came from Weaver, but said it might sound familiar enough that we could guess. I suppose Weaver’s angry response confirms it.

    • Ged

      I am not so sure. Look at the passage I quoted. Both disposition and inspection are for “today”, but inspection will happen “today” only if the DR expert is available after desposition concludes “today”. Seems all the same day to me.

    • Ged

      Guess Weaver is even more involved than just being an investor.

      • Mike Rion

        Apparently he is director of Deep River Ventures and as such has been under contract with IH for quite a long time.

        • Omega Z

          Deep River Ventures LLC appears to have been created (Late 2012) for the purpose of investing in Industrial Heat. Listed as operated by 2 individuals of which 1 removed himself in mid 2016 (name Paul) leaving only Dewey.

          • Mike Rion

            Thanks Omega Z, even more interesting.

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