Anthropocene Institute Publishes LENR Investing Report for 2017

The Anthropocene Institute has published a long document which they call ‘Lenararies’ which is described as follows:

” In this new survey report – LENRaries – over 100 entities actively engaged in LENR discovery are profiled.  More than 50 of those are identified as commercial R&D entities having reportedly raised more than $250 million as scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs work to tackle the development of low-carbon technologies.”

The document can be accessed here:

  • cashmemorz

    According to the number of entities researching and/or developing LENR devices, the time to a device on the market should be no more than one or two years away. Unless someone starts suing someone for getting in the way, or playing with a bad deck of cards. If, by then, there is no device to be bought, then there are only two possibilities why. One, is that there are too many false developers, only going after money without anything really there to invest in, or those who will be disrupted by such devices, are doing a good job of fighting back by hindering the progress of LENR. It’s about time some one got something in the market. It is starting to get too long too wait. In about 10 years the temperature and CO2 parts per million may have progressed too far for even LENR to mitigate the ill effects. Longer than 20 years and we can start considering kissing our asses goodbye. Saving a few bucks on energy will be the least of our problems.

  • Gerard McEk

    I think this is a good and balanced report, but I just wonder what authority this Institue has. Does anyone know?

  • cashmemorz

    Your ignorance of the LENR history shows. Also Al Gore was probably not into LENR at the time, as very few people were serious about LENR or cold fusion, 20 years ago. He must be by now and jumping for joy that a solution is on the way. Have you studied the LENR time line and the many places working on it? Doing so will be an eye opener, as it has for several high powered physicists who were out to discredit the field but then turned to successful Researchers. Such as Mitchell Swartz

    • Navdrew

      I was referring to Algore’s prediction twenty years ago that global warming would doom the world in 20 years. Not LENR!! His prediction was a farce as is your current doom and gloom prediction.

      • psi2u2

        Moreover it was based on lying about the science, since warming precedes Co2 increase in the geological record by ~600 years. In other words, Gore’s “correlation” is real but he confused cause and effect. Warming heats the oceans, which release CO2 into the atmosphere. We have many environmental problems. “Global warming” is by no means the most serious and is more like a manifestation of popular madness of crowds.

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