Randell Mills to Give Public Lecture on “Powering the Future” at Arizona State University,

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this announcement of a public lecture being given by Brilliant Light Power CEO Randell Mills on March 1, 2017 at Arizona State University Polytechnic campus in Mesa, Arizona.

The announcement reads:

Attend Powering the Future talk with Randell Mills, March 1

Posted by Fulton Schools on Feb 23, 2017 in Events

Are you interested in learning about atomic physics or dark matter? Join the Technology Entrepreneurship and Management Program as they host Brilliant Light Power’s CEO Randell Mills as he discusses those topics and Brilliant Light Power’s entrepreneurial journey which will then be followed by a Q&A session.
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Noon–1 p.m.
Picacho (PICHO) 150, Polytechnic campus

Link here: https://innercircle.engineering.asu.edu/2017/02/23/attend-powering-the-future-talk-with-randell-mills-march-1/

  • Chris Marshalk

    He hasn’t powered anything yet. Bring the product to market already. What’s the hold up???

    • sam

      Bringing a product to market that
      people think is Scientificaly impossible is no easy feat.

      • Anon2012_2014

        “Due to overwhelming interest and limitations of the facility capacity we regret to inform you that we are unable to fulfill your request to attend our Irvine roadshow presentation. ”

        Translation: BLP doesn’t want independently minded scientific types in the audience asking difficult questions. Brilliant Light refuses to put in public enough detail so that their extraordinary claims can been validated. No true independent lab ever gets their hands on a unit, only paid consultants. All we the public see are carefully orchestrated demos. Go ahead — call them up, tell them you are an investor, and tell them you want to trace out the connections to their experiment to validate energy in vs energy out. The result: “Due to overwhelming interest and limitations of the facility capacity we regret to inform you that we are unable to fulfill your request to attend our [demonstration or talk].” It’s a tautology.

        • sam

          If I was one of those investors I would be feeling
          pretty good right now tests
          or no tests.
          But I get your point.

        • Have you, Anon2012_2014, done your due diligence by, in part, reviewing Brett Holverstott’s book covering the history of (multiple) developments by Randell Mills?

          You do realize, too, that his book is heavily footnoted with references?

          It would seem to a rational individual interested in investing THAT Brett’s book is the starting place and NOT attendance at a demo (otherwise, how do you recognize what you are looking at?)

        • MorganMck

          Actually, you are wrong abut this. Seats for the Irvine roadshow were offered and given to outsiders as long as space was available. In fact, most of the audience was made up of these type folks. When did you make your request?

          • MorganMck

            Really wish I had know about this. I live about 10 min. from this campus. I did not see this publicized anywhere on the BrLP site or elsewhere. Oh well.

    • Epi

      This talk is about atomic physics and he brought these results “to market”. He can calculate atomic and molecular properties with greater accurracy than quantum mechanics just with fundamental constants and analytic equations. That is nothing we wait upon – these results are out since 2008 (??) and earlier. This is huge and more important than the suncell. Physics is the foundation of all of mankinds engineering. Having a better theory that gives better results on a much wilder scale and explains the origin of mass and gravity is a huge step forward.

      I started an independent validation of Mills claims – I invite you to join me:

    • Jas

      If you have been following the developement of the Suncell then you would know that they are now in a new phase. The guts of the device works as planned and produces the light. Now they have to harvest that light and turn it into electricity. This is the phase they are in. That is your hold up.

      • Chris Marshalk

        Thanks for the update. I have lost interest in this website but visit not as often as i would like. I hope this technology is arrives in the near future. It does look very promising.

  • roseland67


  • sam
  • MorganMck

    I am cautiously optimistic about the SunCell even though I think the engineering will take much longer than anticipated. That being said, Dr. Mills has not done himself any favors by making so many claims of eminent commercialization of his tech only to be followed by one disappointment after another. This time seems different with the SunCell. I hope so as I think BrLP credibility will suffer a great deal if they do not come through with something pretty impressive after all the hype of this talk and the many roadshows.

    • MorganMck

      Very interesting. Do you have a link to this info.

  • sam
  • cashmemorz

    If the electron in the hydrino as well as being at lower orbit also takes the form of a negative sphere will thereby be antigravitic instead of gravity forming and thereby give the atom a less than normal “weight” versus the mandatory mass. This imbalance between mass and gravitic weight may be responsible for pushing the hydrino (coupled proton-negatively spherical electron) to be negatively affected by the positive mass in its surroundings and thereby rise to the top of all mass similar to the way stones rise above a level field of smaller particles. This phenomenon allows farmers to more easily gather the larger, but less dense on average, stones by their rising out of the ground. Ergo the halo of dark matter surrounding galaxies. Hydrogen or rather hydrinos that still have mass but are gravitically separable due to their negaive gravity configuration. Thereby your scenario of filling vacuums may be actual but transitory as the hydrino, also over time in my scenario, tends to move away from positive gravitic atoms having “positively spherical” electrons.

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