New Brilliant Light Power Patent Application Filed.

Thanks to Lou Pagnucco on the LENR-Forum for posting a link to a new patent application filed by Brilliant Light Power with the US Patent and Trademark Office for  “Photovotaic Power Generation Systems and Methods Regarding Same”. The link is here


A solid fuel power source that provides at least one of electrical and thermal power comprising (i) at least one reaction, cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos, (ii) a chemical fuel mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; one or more reactants to initiate the catalysis of atomic hydrogen; and a material to cause the fuel to be highly conductive, (iii) at least one set of electrodes that confine the fuel and an electrical power source that provides a short burst of low-voltage, high-current electrical energy to initiate rapid kinetics of the hydrino reaction and an energy gain due to forming hydrinos, (iv) a product recovery systems such as a vapor condenser, (v) a reloading system, (vi) at least one of hydration, thermal, chemical, and electrochemical systems to regenerate the fuel from the reaction products, (vii) a heat sink that accepts the heat from the power-producing reactions, (viii) a photovoltaic power converter comprising at least one of a concentrated solar power device, and at least one triple-junction photovoltaic cell, monocrystalline cell, polycrystalline cell, amorphous cell, string/ribbon silicon cell, multi-junction cell, homojunction cell, heterojunction cell, p-i-n device, thin-film cells, dye-sensitized cell, and an organic photovoltaic cell, and an antireflection coating, an optical impedance matching coating, and a protective coating.

As usual for BLP, this is a very extensive patent application which is far to complex for me to comment much on, but I do find it interesting that the patent mentions the need for atomic to form hydrinos. We have had some discussion here about the role that atomic hydrogen might play in the E-Cat, especially in the light of Sergio Focardi commenting that he believed that atomic hydrogen was necessary in the E-Cat because it would allow hydrogen to “penetrate into the nucleus”, and that a catalyst was needed to allow for the creation of atomic hydrogen.

Now in this patent we have Randell Mills stating that a source of atomic hydrogen and a catalyst are required in order to form hydrinos, which produce an energy gain. It makes me wonder about how similar principles might be operating in both systems.

  • hunfgerh

    Heavy food.
    My extract: Hydride ions and high current density play an essential role.

    • One of the forum friends Wrote this resume:

      Also I find this breakthought for LENR: (from experimental test)

      For maximum COP the nickel with atomic hidrogen need electrical current and a magnetic field:

      Electrical current in one direction and magnetic stimulation at larmor frequency a little below or above 90 deg.

      The polarization of nuclear spin axes with static magnetic field does not affect nuclear beta “decay” rates, but the addition of a perpendicular high frequency alternating field at the Larmor frequency, does. with maximum stimulation, does not occur exactly at 90deg nuclear spin precession, but at some angles a little below and a little above 90deg….

      This is the source:

      “I just tried a Xelement disk with a static magnetic field of X Gauss and a perpendicular alternating field of XkHz.”
      “Beta particles generated in this experiment are very energetic (well over XMeV) which gave me problems containing them in a disk of that radius because it required a static magnetic field over X Gauss for circular confinement, which I was not prepared to generate.”

      “Upon discovering my ability to answer his questions with ease, he replied, ”

      “I am quite satisfied that there is a model for these interactions after all.””
      “Legacy science leaves me completely out in the cold when I do these experiments. For example, I can easily find the “decay energies” for the unstable element X, see here….but I cannot find anywhere the expected “decay energies” for element X2 (the most abundant stable isotope) under NMR excitation, because it is…well …”stable”. Without knowing the speeds of these beta particles it is very difficult to calculate the expected cyclotron radius in a given magnetic field.”
      “Does your model allow for the calculation of beta particles coming out of the element X nucleus? ”
      “Also, I am still struggling to understand, really understand mechanically, why the polarization of nuclear spin axes with static magnetic field does not affect nuclear beta “decay” rates, but the addition of a perpendicular high frequency alternating field at the Larmor frequency, does.”

      “I sent him more nuclear diagrams to show exactly why the direction of input was important, and
      informed him that I could also calculate the energy of the beta particles.”

      Thanks, for your input. Since last time I wrote my experiment became more complicated. I was able to
      confirm a double-extrema function for the intensity of stimulated beta decay vs. NMR excitation pulse
      The existence of two maximums suggests that you were correct in predicting that maximum stimulation
      does not occur exactly at 90deg nuclear spin precession, but at some angles a little below and a little
      above 90deg….”

      Habakkuk 2:14: “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. as the waters cover the sea.”

  • sam

    Comment from Axil.

    My argument to refute the hydrino theory is based on huge power density produced by the SunCell. At 5.00 into the latest BrLP video, Mills states that the power density of light production in a few cubic millimetres of volume is 20 million watts: a trillion watts per liter. There is no why that a chemical based source of power can produce that power density. That extreme level of power density must come from a nuclear source. Think LENR.

    • Dr. Mike

      Assuming that BPL is able to get 200 times the combustion energy of hydrogen in their reaction as they claim, then they will be able to get 20MJ of energy from the hydrogen contained in about 6.5ml of water. We will probably have to see a working SunCell to verify the claim that they really are getting 200 times the combustion energy of hydrogen from their reaction, although they do have some measurements to show they are achieving this energy output in their SunCell.

  • Dr. Mike

    BLP has probably already filed a revised patent application to this one dated 9/2/2016 as this one doesn’t appear to cover switching to liquid silver electrodes. I’m sure they will update this patent application to include all possible liquid metal electrodes in addition to other things that are found to be required to achieve a functioning SunCell.

    • Rene

      This patent has suffered a lot of revisions and claims cancellations (almost half the claims have been cancelled). Around claim 27 it encompasses just about any process for LENR, the last claims narrow the patent to exactly the BLP device (sans the liquid electrodes, which will be added ASAP no doubt). When I see patents like that I see a tiny spot of IP. It seems odd to me this is so narrow since it suggests any small deviation can work around the patent. Mills must be confident that there are no other possibilities in his process.

  • sam
  • Rossi Fan

    Patenting cold fusion like taking out a patent on food. If somebody is hungry they will ignore your patent and grow their own food and eat it and rightfully so.

    • cashmemorz

      I understand patents to cover production and or use of that which is patented to restrict it from commercial production and or use. For personal use there is little restriction usually. It can be seen as educational purposes, even if that purpose ends up as personal use such as to cut corners in saving money, time, convenience etc. that the patented item provides as compared to a similar thing pre-existing the patented version. So go ahead, and use it as a one of for personal private use. If you are able to make it by yourself for yourself. Once you get others involved that is where patent law can get after you.

      • Rossi Fan

        Several aspects of this are ridiculous. First as I and others have mentioned the thought of using a solar panel to capture cold fusion energy has got to be a red flag to everyone. What’s wrong with this picture? Secondly, how exactly do you see this playing out? All 7 billion people in the world are going to pay this company a portion of their income in order to use this device?

        • Omega Z

          I’ll be generous and allow that R. Mills has overunity.

          However, this conversion approach to electricity will never do. It is limited by the PVC efficiencies and the number of panels that can be positioned in close enough proximity.

          Also, the amount of waste heat would quickly be included in the Global Warming argument and a tax must be paid. Regardless, The Global Warming scheme will never go away as long as the elite can make a profit off of it.

          • cashmemorz

            Silly, silly, silly, no end regarding the premise that is built on. The elite, if they have brains can see that global warming would affect them as much as everyone else. So, according to that premise, they are endangering themselves and their own kids because of what? To make their life easier or more powerful despite the danger they are allowing to continue?

            The waste heat will, if LENR is put in place, will all be radiated out to space when, by using LENR , there will be less and less pollutents in the air. The LENR devices will displace polluting methods, Fossil Fuels.

          • Omega Z

            A few weeks ago, a dozen very wealthy people including Elon Musk went and talked to Trump. They told him he needn’t believe in global warming, only that they (the Elite) had already invested over a Trillion$ in to it and that he needs to apply the carbon taxes so that they can obtain their ROI. It’s about the MONEY…

            As to, Don’t burn fossil fuels and stop the CO2. That does nothing to alleviate the Natural gas caused global warming which is even worse then CO2. So on it goes and merely a different tax. Should people solve that problem which I doubt, then it falls to the biggest global warming gas of all. Aerosols. Evaporated water. Who new that rain is bad???

            A Scientist claims we should compost our vegtable wastes and such at home in our back yards, because when it is dumped into landfills, it decays and produces natural gas. SERIOUSLY???

            If their trying to save landfill space, they should just say so. If these scientist believe this cockamamie story their telling, they aren’t scientist and should have their credentials pulled. Whether composted in the landfills or my back yard, it’s going to produce natural gas. At least the landfill has the means to capture it and make use of it.

            As to above, Evaporation and rain cycle is part of earths cooling mechanism. A remediation of the problem, not a cause. It accelerates the rate that heat is removed from the earth and is transported to the upper atmosphere to dissipate into space.

          • Rossi Fan

            Exactly. Common off the shelf solar panels are just not set up to harness that much energy in a small amount of space. One meter square = 1400 watts. That’s the theoretical limit. The most efficient solar panels around today get roughly 30% efficiency. I do not know what the melting point of solar panels is but I suspect that if you started increasing the light energy to such a scale as these guys are suggesting the darn thing will turn to ooze and ash.
            The equation BLP is using here is A => B.
            A = cold fusion is real
            B = solar panel to harness A
            Showing gullable investors that they have a patent and setup for B might lead someone to believe that it must mean they have A down pat.

          • piper
    • Liberalism is a disease

      “Patenting cold fusion like taking out a patent on food”, Yeah ok…..
      You must be a socialist, what’s yours is mines. Mills has only spent most of his life and money working on this. Years of college, years of being chastised by fellow scientists, and because he filed a patent to protect the work that he and his team has done, you give a typical thieves excuse to take or have free access to something. No one says other companies can’t license the tech, or come up with their own method. You are what is wrong with America. Mills brings you something that has never been invented, and before he even brings it to market you want a freebee, or at least the ability for other companies to steal the work they’ve done and profit from it. Without the patents you know they will. You want but you don’t want to work for it. When somebody else works and puts in the blood and sweat you want a free piece. Damn you, damn your ideology, damn your existence. You wouldn’t have half the technology out there that makes your life so easy if it weren’t for the incentives “financial reward” that could be had in a capitalistic society. Most people don’t have the time or money to do things just because. Yes capitalism is great! Not perfect, just great. Best system developed so far. If you think different just look at the world, all the other systems suck and people are poor, hungry and hopeless. Good luck with life Rossi Fan

      • Rossi Fan

        Your statement smacks of McCarthyism. My way or else you’re a socialist. How convenient.
        I am all for capitalism. I believe that the way new high-tech inventions and innovations are addressed in the United States is defective and can be improved.

        • Capitalism is absolutely disgusting in the current 21th century form. While it’s the fastest method of increasing wealth, it’s also the most inequality increasing. And by far the “coldest”. We’ve come to the end of the exponential growth and exploitation of people.

          Expectancy of growth is the main issue. When 1% owns more than 99% and 0.1% more than poorest half, it’s obvious that the system is completely jinxed and rigged.

  • doug marker


    Interesting paper.
    I note in that paper they refer to Potassium Carbonate being used in the process. I keep coming across references to Potassium as being relevant to the hydrino process. IIRC it is one of the preferred catalyst elements capable of capturing the precise energy to allow a H atom to drop to a 1/4 H Hydrino state.


  • Omega Z

    I used over unity only in that it produces more energy then is used to keep it operational. Similar to am ICE engine which uses fuel besides that battery that starts it.

    A million people misuse this word and it’s overlooked and I use it 1 time and POW!!!
    he he he

  • radvar

    Frank, the name user name “Liberalism Is a Disease” is patentedly (heh) inflammatory and offensive and should be barred from use on this site.

    And under any user name I question the propriety of anyone posting the phrase “Damn your existence.”

    This is not civil discourse. Such language is unnecessary and off-topic, and there are many other sites where people with such inclinations can express themselves.

  • disinterested party goer

    Frank, the user name “Liberalism Is a Disease” is patentedly (heh) inflammatory and offensive and should be barred from use on this site.

    And under any user name I question the propriety of anyone posting the phrase “Damn your existence.”

    This is not civil discourse. Such language is unnecessary and off-topic, and there are many other sites where people with such inclinations can express themselves.

  • radvar

    I took the “rightfully so” to mean “rather than let the people around me starve in the cold and dark, I would violate intellectual property laws.”

    The only remaining questions pertain to one’s personal criteria for minimum number of people and geographical range of “around”.

    I would choose “1” and “within 8000 miles in any direction”.

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